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Playlist for January 10, 2000:

No hoopla following the holidays.




*Indicates a selection from my collection
Blacklight Braille "The Revolving Castle of Arianrhod" The Castle of Northern Crown
Aloha "Roanoke Barn" The great communicators, the interpreters, the non-believers
Two Dollar Guitar "Green Room" Weak Beats and Lame-ass Rhymes
Acid Mothers Temple and Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "Goodby Ice Cream" soundtrack to Ivan Piskov's "Wild Gals a Go-Go"
Japancakes "Vocode-Inn" If I Could See Dallas

*Quartet Music "Lorena" Ocean Park
Rachel's "Cuts the Metal Cold" Selenography
*Ralph Towner / John Abercrombie "Half Past Two" Five Years Later
*Maria Bachmann, violin /Jon Klivonoff, piano: Olivier Messaien "Praise to the Immortality of Jesus" Fratres: Pärt, Corigliano, Moravec, Glinsky, Messaien
Ninotchka "The Sea Blinks Back" Head in the Clouds compilation
Chris Starling "Tender" Head in the Clouds compilation

*Pearls Before Swine "Rocket Man" Beautiful Lies You Could Live In
*Mark Eitzel "When My Plane Finally Goes Down" 60 Watt Silver Lining
*Odetta "Chevrolet" It's a Mighty World
*Nick Drake "Three Hours" Five Leaves Left
*Monkeyworks "The Daphne Quiz" Monkeyworks

*Jeff Buckley "The Sky is a Landfill" Sketches for My Sweetheart, The Drunk
*The Peanutbutter Conspiracy "Turn On a Friend" The Great Conspiracy
*Montage "Wake Up, Jimmy" Montage
*The John Wriggle 11-tet "Blue Rhythm Fantasy, Var No.2: "Another Two-Party System" Live at Greenwich Music School
Tomorrow's Gift "King In a Nook" Tomorrow's Gift
Serpent Power "DOn't you Listen to Her" The Serpent Power / David and Tina Meltzer: Poet Song
Confusions "Voice from the Inner Soul" Love Peace
The Family Tree "Any Other Baby" Miss Butters

*XTC "The Easter Theatre" /"Knights in Shining Karma" Apple Venus
*New York Rock and Roll Ensemble    
The Free Design "Stay Another Season"  
*Ben Monder Trio "Flux" Flux
Marshmallow Coast "Interlude" Seniors and Juniors

*Colin Blunstone "Misty Roses" One Year
*Peggy Stern "Actual Size" Actual Size


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