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November 23, 2001
Hope your gravy was groovy

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio
JuJus: Alchemy of the Blues JuJus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways '76)


El Haris

Jazz Sahara
(Riverside '58)
Joe Henderson Water The Elements
(Milestone '73)
Billie Holiday Some Other Spring
(Columbia '39)

Talkover Music:
Freddie Hubbard
Summertime The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard
(Impulse! '63)

Lorez Alexandria Send in the Clowns

What Is Wrong With

(Jazzman '64)
Johnnie Ray (with the Four Lads) Moonlight in the Mountains High Drama:
The Real Johnnie Ray
(Columbia/Legacy '52)
David Amram Quintet Pull My Daisy There Is No Eye:
Music For Photographs
(Smithsonian/Folkways '59)

Peggy Lee

Blum Blum, I Wonder Who
I Am

Rare Gems and Hidden Treasures
(Capitol '49)
Moms Mabley It's Your Thing Live at Yankee Stadium [I think]
(T-Neck '69)

Talkover Music:
Bobby Montez


Jungle Fantastique!

(Cubop '58)


Fé Cega, Faca Amolada

(Mango '91)
Chocolat's Voltaire Pier Brasilia Carnival
(Aquarius '76)
Ismael Rivera Las Tumbas Soy Feliz
(Vaya '75)
Los Vejeranos Cuidatito Compay Gallo El Son se Mantiene Vivo!
(Sonos Latinos '81)

Mariachi Tapatío de José Marmolejo

El Borracho

El Auténtico

(Arhoolie '37)

Talkover Music:
Nicola Conte
Forma 2000 Bossa Per Due
(ESL 2001)



(RetroAfric '56)
Ramblers Dance Band Ahonka Won The Hit Sound of... Volume 2
(Flame Tree '60s)
Flash Domincii & the Supersonics Orente The Great & Expensive Sound of
the Supersonics
(Fisher Music '60s)
Amadou et Mariam Dogons Sou ni Tilé
(Tinder '98)

Pasteur Edruingi and Ndere Troupe

Obi Mudi

Songs and Dances
From the Land
of Ngaali

(Pan '93)

Talkover Music:
Rebana Desa Nyelot
Bendera Merah Putih The Music of the Lombok
(King '93)

Clifford Thornton Quintet Huey Is Free The Panther and the Lash
(America '70)
Sonny Stitt & Bunky Green The Spies Soul in the Night
(Cadet '66)
Joseph Jarman & Anthony Braxton CK7 (GN) 436 Alone Together
(Delmark '74)
Joe Lee Wilson Parting What Would It Be Without You
(Survival '75)

Talkover Music:
Paul Van Dyk
I'm Coming (to take you away) 45 RPM
(Mute '98)


Complete Affection

An Even Break
(Never Give a Sucker) (BYG '69)
Clifford Coulter East Side San Jose /
Big Fat Funky Shirley
East Side San Jose
(Impulse! '70)
James Brown A Man Has to Go Back
to the Crossroads
Before He Can Find Himself

(Polydor '74)
Marvin Preyer What Can I Call My Own When a Man Cries
(Kent '68)
Johnnie Mae Matthews That's When It Hurts All Tore Up
Sun Ra Sometimes I'm Happy Nuclear War
(Atavistic '82)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker
Stand By I Feel Good
(Jewel '71)
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