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July 20, 2001
A Cecil McBee is a lovesome thing

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio
JuJus: Alchemy of the Blues JuJus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways '76)

Cecil McBee

Alternate Spaces

Alternate Spaces
(India Navigation '79)
Pete Johnson Mutiny in the Doghouse Allstar Swing Groups
(Savoy '46)

Mary Lou Williams

Zoning Fungus II


(Mary '74)
High Desert Duo 10/15/96 #1 Inside the Landscape
(Zerx 2000)

Talkover Music:
Caribbean Girl (A New Orleans
Crescent City Serenade
(Antilles '91)

Institutional Radio Choir Just a Prayer Away One More Day
(Zanzee mid-'70s)
Montgomery Express Who Montgomery Movement
(Folkways '73)
Reuben Bell You're Gonna Miss Me Shreveport Southern Soul:
The Murco Story
(Kent '68)
Fatback Band Green Grass of Home Let's Do It Again
(Perception '72)


Charms in the Arms of Love

Alice Clark
(Mainstream '72)

Talkover Music:
Samba Pa Ti Abraxas
(Columbia '70)

Steve Reid and the Legendary Master

Lions of Juda


(Mustevic '76)
Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul I Made a Promise Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul
(GSF '73)
Dillinger Killer Man Jaro The Prime of Dillinger:
Gangster,Prankster and Rasta
(Music Club mid-'70s)
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Floor Shaker Volcanic Dub
(M 2001)
Ken Parker Rainy Night in Georgia Fire Down Below: Scorchers From
Studio One

(Heartbeat late '60s)

Talkover Music:
Tommy McCook & the Skatalites
Wheel and Turn Tribute to Tommy
(Heartbeat '64)

Geoffrey Holder Pendant Moin dans l'Armee Geoffrey Holder's Steel Band
(Judson '54)
Los Alcaran Annunciation La Paramin
(Romey's '76)
Vaccines Petionville Ra Ra No. 1 Bomba! Monitor Presents Music of the
(Monitor '60s)
John Morton Outlier Outlier
(Innova 2001)
Abdulai Bangoura Fakoli Sirigi
(Avant '90)

Talkover Music:
Chicago Underground Quartet
Total Recovery Chicago Underground Quartet
(Thrill Jockey 2001)

Mil-Quinhento & Conjunto Popombo Nampula Arminda ¡Saba Saba!
(Globestyle '89)
Amina Allah Ya Moulenah Nomad: The Best of Amina
(Mondo Melodia 2001)
Oum Kaltsoum Ah Yasalam Volume III (1937)
(Club du Disque Arabe '37)
Pietro Testoni Sa Tempesta In Re In Dialetto Sardo: Music of Sardinia
(Heritage '31)

Talkover Music:
Annbjørg Lien
The Water Lily Felefeber
(Shanachie '95)

Wallace "Cheese" Read

Parting Waltz

Cajun House Party

(Arhoolie '79)
Paul Junius Malveaux and
Ernest Lafitte
Tous les Samedis Cajun & Creole Music
(Rounder '34)
Julius Sutton Single Girl Folk-Songs of America
(Library of Congress '25)
Henry Townsend She's Got a Mean Disposition Henry Townsend & Henry Spaulding
(Wolf '35)
Moses Williams Which Way Did My Baby Go? Drop on Down in Florida: Recent Field
Recordings of Afro American
Traditional Music

(Florida Folklife '78)

Talkover Music:
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Dead Dog in the Street Buck Jump (Mammoth '99)

Cheikh Tidiane Fall/Jo Maka/Bobby Few Sunflowers Diom Futa
(Freelance '79)


We Travel the Spaceways

Spaceways Incorporated
(Atavistic 2000)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker
Stand By I Feel Good
(Jewel '71)
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