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March 16, 2001
This program was made without
bovine growth hormones

ArtistSelectionAlbum   (Label / Date)
Bill Dixon Summer Song In Italy, Volume 1
(Soul Note '80)

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of

Davashe's Dream

Chris McGregor's
Brotherhood of Breath

(Neon '70)
John Butcher Almost New Fixations (14)
(Emanem 2000)
Roy Haynes Quartet Fly Me to the Moon
(In Other Words)
Out of the Afternoon
(Impulse! '62)

Ray Anderson

Portrait of Mark Dresser

Right Down Your Alley
(Soul Note '84)

Perry Robinson

Atomic Twist

The Traveler
(Chiarascuro '77)
Eugene Chadbourne No Reason to Quit LSDC&W
(Fundamental '81)
Sammy Masters Pink Cadillac Lone Gone Daddies
(Ace '56)

Ferlin Husky

A Room for a Boy...Never Used

Freckles and Polliwog Days
(ABC '74)
The Sunnysiders Across the Wide Ohio Motor City Bluegrass
(Fortune '60s)
Cliff Carlisle Shanghai Rooster Blues Volume 1
(Old-Timey '20s)
Blue Sky Boys Midnight on the Stormy Deep Songs of Love, Courtship and Marriage
(Library of Congress '64)

Brother Willie Eason There'll Be No Grumblers There Guitar Evangelists
(Document '51)
Max Roach with the
J.C. White Singers
Troubled Waters Lift Every Voice and Sing
(Atlantic '71)
Up Bustle & Out ¡Aqui, No Ma! Ninja Tune: The Shadow Years
(Shadow '95)

Bombay the Hard Way


Guns, Cars &


Paul Whiteman There Ain't No Sweet Man
That's Worth the Salt of My Tears
Paul Whiteman, Volume 2
(RCA/Victor '27)
Boots & His Buddies The Sad (Meditation) 1937-193
(Classics '37)
Memphis Jug Band Tired of You Drivin' Me State of Tennessee Blues
(Memphis Archives '29)
Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell Gettin' All Wet Naptown Blues 1929-1934
(Yazoo '29)
Rosa Henderson Got the World in a Jug
(The Stopper's in My Hand)
Rosa Henderson
(Document '23)

Joseph Bowie/Luther Thomas and
The Saint Louis Creative Ensemble
Sold Not Told I Can't Figure Out (Whatcha Doin' to Me)
(Moers '79)
Tribe Beneficent Message From the Tribe
(Universal Sound '74)

Dennis Gonzalez


Air Light (Sleep Sailor)
(Daagnim '779)
Dennis Gonzalez Drew-Do Debenge-Debenge
(Silkheart '88)

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