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Monkeyworks is an instrumental, genre bending, electro/acoustic, seven piece ensemble which draws from a myriad of world musical influences. Melodic, dynamic, soft and loud, dark and light, the band members of almost two decades have a musical chemistry which weaves throughout its influences en route to creating their own patchwork of tuneage which challenges and engages their listeners. Monkeyworks has played, or appeared on NPR's All Songs Considered, John Schaefer's New Sounds, ABC's news magazine 20/20, Beth B film/documentary "Exposed," live on WFMU, The Knitting Factory, NJPAC, and The World Beat Jazz Series at The Guggenheim Museum, as well as many storied venues.

Most recently, Monkeyworks has been engaged in creating completely improvised interactive sound tracks for dance, spoken word, and painters painting, along with several silent films for the Studio B Productions of Frankenstein and Edgar Allan Poe in a theater setting. Monkeyworks has also created live spontaneous sound tracks to various silent films in many venues around the tri state area.

Look, Listen, Learn, Improvise, Interact, Stop, Look, Listen...Listen some more! Such is the only rule for seven color commentators called Monkeyworks!



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