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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options June 21, 2018

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Nick Drake  Time Has Told Me   Options Five Leaves Left  0:14:01 ()
Nick Drake  Northern Sky   Options Bryter Layter  0:14:32 ()
Nick Drake  'Cello Song   Options Five Leaves Left  0:14:51 ()
Nick Drake  Clothes of Sand   Options Made to Love Magic  0:18:48 ()
Nick Drake  Saturday Sun   Options Five Leaves Left  0:20:22 ()
Eric Dolphy  Status Seeking   Options Here and There  0:31:12 ()
Min Bul  Champagne of Course   Options Min Bul  0:45:49 ()
Sonny Sharrock  Soon   Options Monkey - Pockie - Boo  0:54:40 ()
Derek Bailey   M2   Options Improvisation  1:02:26 ()
Peter Brötzmann Octet  Machine Gun (excerpt)   Options The Complete Machine Gun Sessions  1:12:30 ()
Jean Claude Vannier  Bombarde Lamentation   Options Electro Rapide  1:27:26 ()
Jean Claude Vannier  L'Ours Paresseux   Options Electro Rapide  1:27:42 ()
Strategy  Awesome Piano   Options Noise Tape Self  1:49:07 ()
Femme  Untitled   Options Chroma  1:49:25 ()
Ignatz  Degradation of the Best   Options They are quiet as Mice  1:55:36 ()
SabaSaba  Eden Olympia   Options SabaSaba  1:56:49 ()
Jean Claude Eloy  Banbutsu-No-Ryudo (excerpt)   Options Gaku-No-Michi  2:07:15 ()
Francois Bayle  Metaphore   Options L'Experience Acoustique  2:26:55 ()
Sujo & Sun Hammer  Fistula   Options Fistula  2:35:27 ()
Andrea Belfi  Broken Shoes   Options Between Neck & Stomach  2:44:32 ()
Common Eider, King Eider  Cell Towers, Birds and the 7 Twins that Try   Options Figs, Wasps, And Monotremes  2:45:36 ()
Vertonen  Deplete to Ruination, the Wide Shift   Options Return of the Interrobang  2:49:34 ()
Neu!  Lieber Honig   Options Neu!  2:52:58 ()
The Kinks  Waterloo Sunset   Options The Singles Collection  2:57:32 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/21/18 3:08pm ?:

this one always makes me sob
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:08pm Michael 98145:

ah, here we go •♫
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:09pm Lixiviated Life:

My favorite haunting Nick Drake song.
Not sure who's spinning records now, but thanks.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:10pm chocolate monk:

here's to draining the brain on the summer solstice.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:10pm BLCKDGRD:

Did you know it was Nick's birthday was a couple days ago or is this just a happy coincidence?
  Thu. 6/21/18 3:15pm melinda:

Hi everyone
  Thu. 6/21/18 3:18pm Johnzon:

Really digging this extended Nick Drake set, is it his birthday or something?
  Thu. 6/21/18 3:18pm nic:

  Thu. 6/21/18 3:18pm Johnzon:

Oh ok. Cool.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:19pm Michael 98145:

¶ nice
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:20pm Chris from DC:

Cool, I was hoping for this one. Thanks.
  Thu. 6/21/18 3:22pm stalvey:

Thanks for this, Fabio.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:25pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

May I hello please
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:26pm Julie:

Fabio thank you so much for the Nick Drake! He is my go-to medicinal music
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:27pm Wild Neil||Peace All:

Wow, I had NO idea Nick Drake was from the late 60's and 70's. He was on the Garden State soundtrack, I though he was more recent.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:40pm northguineahills:

Nice Dolphy!
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:40pm Chris from DC:

Yeah, killer.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hello, Fabio and friends of failure. I don't go for obnoxious sneakers. Just plain running shoes suffice for me, thanks.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:44pm Lixiviated Life:

For what it's worth, some ugly final moments in the ARG vs. CRO world cup.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:44pm Michael 98145:

seeking status usually just leads to trouble
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:45pm Carmichael:

Heya Fabs, Nick Drake! way to go.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:45pm Michael 98145:

( didn't expect that ... 2-0 Croatia )
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:46pm Lixiviated Life:

Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:48pm Michael 98145:

i appear to have liked this track in the past. and i was correct.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:49pm Lixiviated Life:

  Thu. 6/21/18 3:49pm Chi Bill:

Wow. Fantastimicio! Expedelicious! adding to my list, thank you very much!!!
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Clap clap clap for Iceland tomorrow.
  Thu. 6/21/18 3:56pm Colin & Dani in Durham, uk:

This is great. First time we’ve been free on a Thursday night. Shall delve into your archives after x
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:56pm northguineahills:

I will be rooting for Iceland!
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:59pm diciassette aka ratón:

As a proud North.. well as a North American, I always root for Mexico.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 3:59pm Michael 98145:

The Vikings appear to have populated Iceland with Celtic brides.
But i could be wrong about that.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:00pm diciassette aka ratón:

But I will be rooting for Iceland, as well (who wouldn't)
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:00pm northguineahills:

I have an El Tri jersey, and wear it for every Mexi game.
  Thu. 6/21/18 4:01pm silly person:

Thank you Fabio. Sonny is my own personal savior.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:03pm Michael 98145:

hope Mexico reaches the finals!
  Thu. 6/21/18 4:05pm Triumph:

The elevation of Jazz/Rock is this set.T.Rypdal is a must listen
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:06pm Chris from DC:

Digging the talk over music here. What is that?
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:06pm fred:

Good afternoon Fabio and listeners
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:11pm Michael 98145:

Peace Prize for Fabio
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:12pm chocolate monk:

why? why? when it is Jazz, do folks feel the need to name all the players??
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:12pm fred:

@ngh and diciassette: my only rooting interest is for any team that can get France eliminated. Wins for France mean happy drunks smashing things to celebrate. Losses mean angry drunks smashing things to blow off steam. The later the round, the worse it gets
  Thu. 6/21/18 4:18pm flashbazbo:

Artists should be credited by djs according how rich they are.
  Thu. 6/21/18 4:19pm ?jazz names:

An original American art form. Everyone desires credit/recognition?
  Thu. 6/21/18 4:21pm debt collector:

What I love about Fabio and his presence and broadcast on WFMU is his ability to and insistence in saying fuck you to the functions and forms our culture dishes up for consumption. Thank you and love from Burlington VT
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:26pm Passaic River Blues:

This was sampled to great effect by L'Orange for a recent Armand Hammer remix:

Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:28pm pinholga:

Two reasons come to mind,
1) in a collective improvisation context, all the players are sharing authorship.

2) many jazz bands are quite fluid in terms of membership, perhaps only coming together once as a unit. So if you're intrigued by someone's playing, it's useful information to know who's who if you want to track down more music.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:31pm geezerette:

Halooooo, Fabio and people of exquisite taste. :D
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:34pm chocolate monk:

"What a dump!"
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:34pm Michael 98145:

g'day, @gz'ette.

well-said, @pinholga
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:41pm Carmichael:

Maybe Lyle could weigh in on this issue.
  Thu. 6/21/18 4:42pm Reno D:

I love Woman in the Dunes! and the Metrograph.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:44pm wolfg:

maybe Bresson movies is something that's oke for a certain age
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:44pm wolfg:

u know u grow out of it ...
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:45pm geezerette:

Howdy, Michael!
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:45pm wolfg:

u know Bresson, Godard etc etc
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:46pm Michael 98145:

sad that so many never watch black&white films anymore ...
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:46pm wolfg:

i don't know is like reading dostojewski
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:47pm wolfg:

the latter is best at the age of 17/18
  Thu. 6/21/18 4:47pm debt collector:

@pinholga good answers plus jazz nerds, I.e. core fan base, want to know
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:48pm wolfg:

the same with french structuralist cinema ... 18 that's the age u do that
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:48pm Passaic River Blues:

@Pinholga: I think you've essentially nailed it.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:51pm wolfg:

I'm serious after a while ....... I now like R&B top 40 and blockbusters with political paedagogics
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:52pm wolfg:

like star trek, law and orde special victims unit ... u know
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:53pm wolfg:

u know ... Law and order svu is trying to change the world ... godard made us proud of being so tasteful and all
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:55pm fred:

Was that the French Femme, with Jo from Tanzprocesz and Arnaud Bruil from France Sauvage?
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:55pm wolfg:

Bresson helped us to feel on top of morality and absurdity
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:56pm wolfg:

we could say .... YES ... this is the world ... YES .... i am right in trying to become an artist as well u know
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:57pm wolfg:

it is a lot harder to explain to the US public that rape culture is shit .. a lot harder
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:58pm wolfg:

and far more needed than another structuralist film
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 4:59pm Michael 98145:

enjoying the musics, Fabio
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:00pm wolfg:

of course I come from Europe and all ... u know french structuralist cinema and this kind art-house shit is a lot virulent over here
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:00pm wolfg:

a lot more
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:02pm nic:

super_i've been listening to Jan M. Iversen on Spotify i think he's really great
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:02pm geezerette:

What Michael said. (It's too hot & muggy for me to attempt originality.)
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:02pm wolfg:

so, art-house cinema .... is part of your school education ... like dostojewski ... u watch it in your teenage years as part of growing up
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:05pm Marc15:

Would that be Dr. Ignatz Foonman Of Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In Fame?
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:06pm wolfg:

I missed James Last
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:07pm geezerette:

R.I.P., Koko, the gorilla. I mean that sincerely.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:08pm wolfg:

how about a bit more FAILURE of IMPROVISED MUSIC
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:09pm wolfg:

a lot of noise today
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:09pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Have missed much of the show but loving the Eloy. Total hero.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:10pm wolfg:

there was sth rather jazzy which caught my attention ... dont know what it was
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:10pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Ordered the full version of Shanti & Yo-In recently. Taking a while to digest it all. Gorgeous stuff. Gaku-No-Michi is the total favorite. Peak stuff.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:12pm chocolate monk:

I need to know who played cowbell on this banger!
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:13pm nic:

love this!!!
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:14pm Wiseass:

Less Pretense More Intense! Will F.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:16pm wolfg:

is this spiritual?
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:16pm wolfg:

is noise to me
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:21pm wolfg:

haha, east coast lefties cheer for Mexico - that's cool!
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:23pm TDK60:

Hello Fabio (who hates contemporary sneakers). I'm late again but here.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:24pm wolfg:

o, thats one of the best things about football ... the sneakers
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:27pm wolfg:

today I saw these green sneakers with some footballer .. mostremarkable green
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:27pm wolfg:

the kind of green u dont forget
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:33pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Holy crap, that set was the bee's feckin' knees. All the knees.
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:34pm Drick Nake:

You can bet that Nick Drake wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of today's sneakers
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:38pm wolfg:

the best sneakers I ever had were stolen from me on a night train from Bangkok to Penang
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:39pm TDK60:

This reminds me a bit of Tim Hecker. (Hope remindings don't cramp others' heads.)
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:40pm Passaic River Blues:

@TDK60: I hear that.
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:41pm Drick Nake:

At wofg: were you wearing them? Your dna prob. still lives on in those sneakers, cursing that thief; hobbling him/her at every turn
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:42pm Fredericks:

"Fistula" was fantastic!
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:44pm wolfg:

smile, no, I had placed them beneath the bed .... I do not curse the person who committed this hate crime ... it was a hate crime ... as u would hate a foreigner ....
I think they threw them away ....
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:45pm wolfg:

hatred against foreigners is very common in some Asian countires, subtle but common
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:46pm chresti:

this goes well with my milk steamer
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:47pm TDK60:

I only listen to music from the 2 hemispheres.
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:47pm nic:

that was great
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:48pm Drick Nake:

@ wolfg--yes, I think I have seen that. Not sure what it is--fear of "infection" or jealousy of some sort, I would imagine that it ultimately stems from some kind of insecurity. I got a kick out of the idea of the thief removing them from your feet. Velcro closures would make that easier I bet
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:51pm Dean:

Reminds me that invisible birds is doing a summer promotion on Bandcamp. Really, their records are solidly droney things.
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:52pm Foreign Ear:

None understanding of the differences in your life creates hatred
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:53pm common:

Fabio! all! finally home! beeeeeersies!
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:54pm wolfg:

it was just more like an attempt to ... u know .... hurt me somehow, like a prank among schoolkids
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:54pm khd:

Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:55pm Michael 98145:

Thanks again, Fabio.
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:55pm chresti:

did they throw them over a phone pole?
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:55pm northguineahills:

Happy thanks, Fabio!
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:56pm wolfg:

that means > dear honey (but has no connotation of loved one in German) just like dear honey (the stuff to eat)
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:56pm chresti:

thank you it was fab
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:56pm wolfg:

lieber honig = dear honey (as in the stuff to eat)
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:57pm Drick Nake:

@wolfg--yes, maybe take you down a notch....?
  Thu. 6/21/18 5:57pm Drick Nake:

sayonara all
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:59pm wolfg:

is always funny to hear u guys speak German
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 5:59pm wolfg:

is my Mother tongue
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 6:00pm common:

so Purdy, this song
  Thu. 6/21/18 6:00pm pop star:

Could Fabio do 3 hours of singles?
Avatar Thu. 6/21/18 6:00pm wolfg:

lieber honig, good pronunciation, fabio
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