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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 25, 2018: SUW Census

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Frangry & Michele  shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:03pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:04pm Richard S:

Are we here yet?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:04pm Frangry:

HI WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:04pm geoff mcq:

Evening all
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Is Michele back from Portugal?
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:05pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:05pm Carmichael:

I hope she brought back a portugese kit-ten.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:05pm (laynee):

At Last
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:07pm madman:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:08pm Payton in Warwick:

Love a funky pit, but I could have done without “Put it on your finger”
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:08pm dale:

6 o'clock on labor day weekend - unofficial start of summer begins with franny and michele. and pit odor.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:09pm dale:

so trump ruined your vacation
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:09pm Phil:

Well, I hope he at least got some.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:10pm melinda:

Awesome donut time that will be
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:11pm robyn:

Princess 305 in the house????? Seriously?!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:11pm All out Scott:

Hey all
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:11pm madman:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:11pm Payton in Warwick:

What are the chances the topic will change?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:12pm βrian:

Won't everyone be 39?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:13pm dale:

i guess 47.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:13pm mrdonutsu:

Do you want average or median?
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:13pm Payton in Warwick:

You should do average, median, and mean age. Then you can both win :)
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There should be a website with a quiz where it calculates a person's mental age and then we call in with what our results are.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:14pm mrdonutsu:

Frangry will definitely nail the "mean" age!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:14pm Richard S:

Median, mean, and mode.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:14pm mrdonutsu:

(Did I say that out loud?)
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:14pm dale:

"without going over?"
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:14pm CC:

I can't participate because I accidentally gave my age away last week when I was talkin to Ken and Andy about Donna...lol...:)0(:
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:14pm robyn:

About to enter my Jesus year but I’m still young and preachin
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:16pm miles:

just got here- I'm 51
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:16pm convoy_pt2:

Wierdos cant get thru on the phone
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:16pm Payton in Warwick:

CC I heard that call! You should still call in! They are only counting calls tonight!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Download a statistics app to a phone and track data as you go.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:16pm JT:

Wont disclose my age, since us commenters are barred, but I can say that I have listened to the show atleast 10 years since The Andy Age. Feelin old now..
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:17pm dale:

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:17pm dale:

all of the suw listeners are children so the number is irrelevant.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:17pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

move it along, justed; you're skewing the average!
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:17pm Payton in Warwick:

Yeah how does someone win a t-shirt tonight?
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:18pm robyn:

Feel better Ted!!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:18pm dale:

"have a good liver biopsy"....poor guy.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Eep ... Spending a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in the hospital! What a drag. Get well soon, bud.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:18pm miles:

age is the topic?
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:18pm Ludo:

It has to be 33...
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:19pm dale:

vampires can be hundreds of years old.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:20pm Just Ted:

Well radio isn't the most appealing the the youngs.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:20pm Payton in Warwick:

@ludo they’re trying to guess the average age of heir listeners
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:20pm Fuzzy:

I am the oldest one here. I win, right?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:20pm dale:

i should call just to fuck it up.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:20pm robyn:

Can pick up a prostitute on my way home but I’m not sure that will help
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:20pm Payton in Warwick:

I mean @miles :D
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:20pm dale:

how old iz fuzzy?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:20pm Carmichael:

I'm older than you, Fuzzy.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:21pm miles:

thx Peyton
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:21pm Fuzzy:

I made my American debut the same year as the Beatles and the Ford Mustang.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:21pm Payton in Warwick:

We’re getting meaaaaannnn
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:21pm dale:

the old people are the ones dumb enough to send money to a radio station.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:21pm Just Ted:

The olds representing. Down with the O. G. Set.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:22pm dale:

i was born the same year as the edsel.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:22pm Carmichael:

I'm older than Frangry's dad.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:22pm karen:

Thirty TWO
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:22pm miles:

my 51 counts - franny= Russians
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:23pm Chi Bill:

haha, I'm 60! AND digging your show.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:23pm Richard S:

Dialed the WFMU # - got a busy signal.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:23pm Just Ted:

@Frangry this is on par with gum stealing.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:23pm robyn:

Old men are not gonna want to call said no listener of shut up weirdo ever
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:24pm melinda:

Aww, cute. Hazel is a great name.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:24pm Carmichael:

Close, Bill. I'll be 61 in August.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:24pm dale:

didn't suw make $30K on their second marathon show? do they think 8 year olds make that kind of scratch?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:24pm mrdonutsu:

@robyn HAHAHA
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:24pm Fuzzy:

Wish I was 8...or almost 11 even.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:24pm miles:

that 8 &11 was a distorted bit of data
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:25pm dale:

someone should call in and just saw yanni, yanni, yanni....
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Shut Up, Weirdo appeals to listeners from 8 to 80. When is Joy calling in?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:25pm (laynee):

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:26pm Carmichael:

Joy's about 80.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:26pm Carmichael:

How old is Jenna?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:26pm Richard S:

Listeners of a certain age (like me) just like listening to two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:27pm All out Scott:

how many people thought Franny and Michele were two college girls when they first heard the show?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:27pm Richard S:

Me, Scott.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:28pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

SUW demographic: old men & little girls..?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:28pm mrdonutsu:

Franny took the phones off the hook so us old men can't call!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:28pm melinda:

I did too.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:28pm GloTato:

So you're skewing older... Look on the bright side... we old folks have $ to pledge to WFMU! 20-somethings are buying overpriced drinks and paying student loans.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:28pm Carmichael:

I thought they were high school girls.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:29pm Chi Bill:

can't call in at gotta go but "old" men are 80
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:29pm All out Scott:

YaYYY Rooster
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:29pm JT:

Franny is right. Most of us have hanged on for 10+ years, getting dreams and hopes shattered along the way.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:29pm Payton in Warwick:

@scott me!! Haha and then I kept catching the show. My description of this show in the beginning made no sense.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:29pm dale:

tried calling - packed board.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:29pm Nicholas from Montclair:

Hold the phone! I get called a liar, while all of these 8 year olds who obviously are not listeners and are just being handed the phone by their parents are being counted????
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:29pm All out Scott:

I am going to see him june 2nd
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:29pm Payton in Warwick:

My husband is shocked that Rooster is 74! :)
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:30pm dale:

12 - so much sex ahead of her yet...
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:30pm Payton in Warwick:

Dude... creepy.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:31pm Smokestack:

You probably want to throw out a few ages on the oldest and youngest extremes, then find the average. Ya know--keep it scientific.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:31pm dale:

i just meant her best years are ahead of her - as opposed to the average listener.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:31pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:32pm dale:

instead of an average what about a mean and a norm?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:32pm (laynee):

Marty does not know about Kit-tens or kristin weeg
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:32pm Carmichael:

Or filet minyong.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:34pm Will from Seattle:

you could use google sheets
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:34pm robyn:

Spreadsheet radio!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:35pm Fuzzy:

Win+R calc
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:35pm dale:

"have a good one - the few you have left"
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:36pm Payton in Warwick:

I would probably have my kid call in too.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"This many!" *holds up fingers*
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:36pm Mr. Record:

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:37pm dale:

see? and frangry used to be the bossy one!
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:37pm robyn:

Three quarter sleeve?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:37pm Carmichael:

Pivot tables, baby!
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:37pm miles:

it was November 12 2017 when Michelle became a nerd officially - I marked my calendar
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:40pm dale:

chill vibe. HA HA HA ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. losers.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:40pm miles:

jUpiter diSco is for non nerds onlySORRY
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:42pm 34:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:42pm Stratos:

Greetz from Greece everybody!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:42pm dale:

she sounds like she lives in a smurf tree.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:43pm dale:

frangry - your mic is super hot.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:43pm dale:

...you are too, but that's beside the point.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:44pm dale:

not if your parents pay your rent.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:45pm Mr. Record:

Your mics are hot
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:46pm chud:

if you're rounding all the ages down, 9 months should be zero
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:46pm Smokestack:

Babies aren't actually listening...
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:46pm ?:

fucking hell am i the only one - their mics started sounding super high-volume\staticky
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:46pm Just Ted:

That .25 difference isn't goring to affect the average in a significant way.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:46pm (laynee):

yeah my ears are bleeding
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:47pm Payton in Warwick:

It might not be a round number anyway, no?
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:47pm Sean d:

I was just reborn
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:47pm dale:

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:48pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:48pm CC:

Donna did me good
better than I ever could
knew at 12 I should...
circa 1967...smile...
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:49pm dale:

a baby is not a listener - she has no sense of what the hell is going on. she poops herself!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:49pm All out Scott:

9 months is .75
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:49pm Just Ted:

Its .75 not.850
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:49pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Know It All Guy needs to call in and tell us about the standard deviation and why it's important. Also, it'd be fun to know how old is Spike.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:50pm Richard S:

I was conceived around the time when the Mets were beginning their very first Spring Training.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:51pm Will from Seattle:

you can just type onto the numberpad on the keyboard
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:51pm Nicholas from Montclair:

@KenHydePark Spike has no age. He always has been, and always will be.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:51pm Jesus:

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:52pm Richard S:

You should post all the numbers somewhere so we can do a DEEP statistical analysis of them.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:52pm Sean d:

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:52pm Carmichael:

Great radio.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:52pm Fuzzy:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:52pm streetwaves:

I thought Jesus died when he was 33
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Nicholas from Montclair - He is who is. Yes, for ever and ever, amen. He is who is.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:53pm Richard S:

....and two hard-boiled eggs.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:53pm βrian:

If that's so, Jesus couldn't have run for President.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:53pm Richard S:

Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:54pm dale:

michele isn't the station accountant, is she?
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:54pm robyn:

It’s like I’m back at work
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:54pm Will from Seattle:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:54pm Just Ted:

Its going to be like 34-35
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:54pm Carmichael:

And a baby's arm holding an apple.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:55pm Fuzzy:

Also: a tin teardrop.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:55pm βrian:

The mean is more significant, no?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:55pm Nils:

9 months is 0,75!
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:55pm adrian990:

can night people come back then
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:55pm All out Scott:

i say 39
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:55pm Richard S:

Enjoy your summer! Catch you in Sept!
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:56pm streetwaves:

What? No Summer. I call bullshit.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:56pm Jay Goges:

Oh no!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:56pm All out Scott:

good you can come out and party on the boat
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:56pm (laynee):

I am so sad. you better have a good one ladies!!!!
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:56pm Geoff in Ottawa:

I'm a teacher and I'm taking the summer off, too. Enjoy yours! See you in September.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:56pm Carmichael:

Why is there air?
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:56pm dale:

instead of 'shut up, weird' how about 'i care and i'm listening?'
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:57pm dale:

instead of 'shut up, weird' how about 'i care and i'm listening?'
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:57pm All out Scott:

that was hot
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There should be a SUW hotline over the summer so we can call in and leave messages.
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:57pm Jay Goges:

Happy you’re getting summer fridays but holy shit my lady and I will have to change our Friday routine of cocktails and weirdo right after work before we do anything for the night... sheesh :-)
Have a great summer ladies!! Love the hell out of both of you!!
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:58pm 34:

i was so close
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:58pm Just Ted:

Primal Michele
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:58pm KidProJoe:

Damn, I'm gonna miss that
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:58pm dale:

take the babies out of the mix and 53 is probably realistic
  Fri. 5/25/18 6:58pm Payton in Warwick:

Ludo was right! Haha
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:58pm madman:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:58pm robyn:

Michele you guessed my age #teammichele
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:59pm All out Scott:

Michele your always a winner to me
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What's a nine month old baby going to do with a SUW T-shirt? I don't think they come in infant size.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:59pm Frangry:

  Fri. 5/25/18 6:59pm Jay Goges:

@madman indeed! See you all next Friday. If you’re in jersey, enjoy the beautiful weather tonight.
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 6:59pm Mr. Record:

good show, tone down the ot ics...again :P
happy holidays
Avatar Fri. 5/25/18 7:01pm madman:

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