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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 23, 2017: Call Out Your School Age Bully

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:02pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:02pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:03pm Richard S:

Are we there yet?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:03pm common:

  Fri. 6/23/17 6:03pm Bro:

Francine were u at nba draft last night I think I saw u next to porzingus sign
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:03pm Just Ted:

If you see a bully just Parkour! your way out.
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:03pm Frangy+Michele=Cool:

What up!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:04pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:04pm dale:

hello ladies. i was absent last week - did i miss an epic show?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:04pm Cliff in Prague:

I'm drunk hi everyone
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:05pm Just Ted:

@dale all shows are epic! even if some are epic failures.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:05pm Just Ted:

KIDDING @Frangry and @Michele.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:06pm madman:

@CLIFF IN PRAGUE-------YEA!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:07pm Just Ted:

Olde time headphones?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:07pm dale:

it's true just ted. i tune in for the abuse and almost swears.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:07pm TehBadDr:

Wait,is somebodies asshole not working right? Did I hear that?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:07pm Richard S:

Do those headphones make your butt look big?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What's up, stupid?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:08pm Cliff in Prague:

Hey madman I'm 10 beers in tongiht, started at 2pm!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:08pm dale:

michele must have a nice clean colon you could eat off of!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:08pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:08pm Just Ted:

Bizzarro Weirdo. Michele is drunk and Frangry is level headed.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:09pm Just Ted:

Little and blackish are fleas, ticks get swollen up after they've feasted on blood.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:10pm madman:

  Fri. 6/23/17 6:10pm Frangy+Michele=Cool:

So here's my story. Girl I knew from HS friends me on Facebook out of nowhere. I was never on the best terms with her, but figured whatever, she's an adult now. Turns out, no. She starts to message me bringing back all this old dirt and trash talking me on messenger and saying all these awful things. This happened for 5 days straight! I was pissed off, so I took a screenshot and posted it on her wall for all her friends and family to see, then blocked her. I found out second hand that she was Facebook friends with her boss and coworkers and after seeing all that she lost her job!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:10pm dale:

frangry really is the sensible part of this show. if i was going to watch late night tv with either lady i'd pick frangry cuz there would be fewer crumbs in bed.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:11pm Just Ted:

I really never got bullied. I sort of feel left out.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:12pm joe mulligan:

top hit for "Frannie" on urban dictionary is pretty dope! "vivacious young woman who is goal orientated."
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:12pm Paul D:

I had a bully who made fun of me for being gay. Ironically the bully's name was Sal Mineo. True (albiet dull) story. HAPPY PRIDE!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:12pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:13pm dale:

i just went back home for my 40th (!) high school reunion. people who you thought were dumbasses ended up being successful. people you thought were gonna go places turned out to be fat trash. the people who hit me with dodgeballs never showed up so i don't know if they continued to be assholes.
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:13pm C.C.:

Drunk girlz are soooo sexy!!!...Roger Alan Wade comes to mind..?..hehehe...
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:13pm Cliff in Prague:

Frangry is the definitely the sensible one, she knows *exactly* when to hang up on someone when they're being too irritating

madman - it's no problem, Prague has great public transporation!!
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:14pm Home Capone:

Anyone remember those Maury show episodes where people confronted their bullies. 9/10 times when a nerdy girl was being bullied, she got all this plastic surgery and ended up looking like a stripper.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:14pm Just Ted:

I don't think Frangry gets violent because she's afraid, but Michele will cut you.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:14pm dale:

my older brother used to sit on my head and fart.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:15pm common:

My bully was named Forrest Scarbro. He beat me up after school for weeks. I was quite scrawny and not a fighter. He came to play football with me and my friends in the cemetery where we played and kept tackling me and i finally slammed his head into a tombstone so hard that it fell over. It felt great and he never bugged me again. Felt so good. But i do hate violence. So good, though.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:15pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:15pm Cliff in Prague:

Of course this dude's in orchestra class & he wears glasses.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:16pm Paul D:

Common you earned that head slam.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:16pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:16pm common:

Thank you, Paul. I agree.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:16pm Cliff in Prague:

Jimmy Longo. Pffffffffffffttttt
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:17pm Just Ted:

Wait Julisa?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:17pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:18pm dale:

my brother also pushed me into the fresh cement my father just poured and levelled for a sidewalk up to our house. my dad hit ME - i was bullied twice that day.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:18pm Paul D:

One time I was bullied by a shop keep who ripped my brother off for $200 dollars. Then one day I decided i was fed up, shaved my head inspired by Joan of Arc, and decided to wear a torn up wet suit as my militant outfit fighting for social justice in my small town. All the kids in the town banned together and we came up with a catch phrase FAIR IS FAIR!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:18pm Just Ted:

The feng shui of Frangry.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:19pm common:

Nice, Paul d.!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:20pm Just Ted:

Like and M-80 but bigger
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:21pm flashbazbo:

It's a cherry bomb
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:21pm dale:

paper wasp nests are the worst! gotta get that foam all over it.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:21pm Paul D:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:23pm Just Ted:

I have a feeling Frangry is going to be the kind of mom who uses her shoes as a weapon.
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:24pm Jaime:

I hid under the school once like a little squirrel when my middle school bully came after me. D:
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:24pm Home Capone:

Found the Maury Show thing (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2542814/) "I Was Bullied and Beat... Now I'm Hot Sexy and Sweet!"
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:24pm Berd:

Foor fook sake girls what is up? School stories really? it's your job to keep me awake for billy jam and for the past four weeks I've not managed it. Good job...
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:24pm dale:

my brother also used to hold me up against a wall and stab around my head with a kitchen knife. he was a fucked up jerk.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:25pm Just Ted:

The only guy who ever gave me a hard time was named Psycho. To this day I don't know his real name, though I could probably look it up.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:26pm TehBadDr:

Frangles and one L Michele, old ladies! Hahahhahaahahahahhahhaaha!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:26pm Paul D:

FRANGRY stop bullying people into calling to tell their bullying stories.
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:27pm Frangy+Michele=Cool:

@Frangry @Michele: Read my bullying/revenge story above!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:27pm Just Ted:

Can the comments board bully its way to a Plan B?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:27pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:28pm Cliff in Prague:

Oh come on, GIRLS DON'T FART!!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:28pm dale:

girls fart - my wife can rip with the best of 'em.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:29pm TehBadDr:

Girls don't fart! They don't even have assholes, right?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:30pm dale:

lunch was hours ago sweetheaart!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:30pm dale:

TehBadDr - they don't after you marry them.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:31pm Just Ted:

@dale maybe she's saving it for emotional processing later.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:31pm TehBadDr:

Oh so wrong @Dale, that's when they have free reign!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:31pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:32pm Cliff in Prague:

You got a good one there madman
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:32pm TehBadDr:

Madman got him a real girl.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:32pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:33pm Paul D:

this girl needs to get to the MEAT AND POTATOES OF THE GOD DAMNED STORY
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:33pm Just Ted:

AIM Frangry lived in one of those fancy houses with America Online.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:33pm TehBadDr:

But does she cuss like a sailor?
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:34pm Marki M.:

I had kids pick on me because i wore braces on my legs when i was a kid for years.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:34pm tokenware:

kids used to call me "shrimp"
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:35pm dale:

does listener david ever call this show? this dude sort of sounds like him
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:35pm Marki M.:

I was called Cripple as a kid.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:35pm Just Ted:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:35pm Cliff in Prague:

"What?? There's a theme to the show? I can't just call in and ramble about whatever?!!?"
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:36pm Just Ted:

Just. Wow.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:36pm Paul D:

jeremy spoke in... class today.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:37pm dale:

this dude's listening online so i don't want to type anything too mean.
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:37pm Marki M.:

I spent seven years in Special Ed.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:38pm howard in nyc:

Last Picture Show was set in Wichita Falls
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:39pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:39pm Just Ted:

There was a knife fight in Beat It, the whole video reproduces Wes Side Story.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:40pm dale:

when i was 5 a neighbor girl asked if she could watch me pee. i did and her father banned me from their house for a week. i had no idea how long a week was and i went over everyday asking if the week was up.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:40pm Ken From Hyde Park:

For six years, bullies in my school would wipe spit on my glasses on a daily basis. I was quite glad to graduate and not deal with them anymore.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:40pm Just Ted:

@Ken why didn't you get contacts?
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Just Ted - Pops couldn't afford a luxury like that.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:42pm Just Ted:

I wonder if Michele hung up on Station Manager Ken.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:43pm Just Ted:

@Ken Thats health care in America. Save a dime on contacts and pay for the bullying that comes of it.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:45pm steve:

standing ovation for this guy
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:45pm Cliff in Prague:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:46pm Cliff in Prague:

Good job Andrew
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:46pm Bobby:

I just heard you writing down WINNER
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:46pm Just Ted:

Bravo. Patients leeds to the best revenge.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:47pm TehBadDr:

He should have shtupped her, but no kiss!
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:48pm Geoff in Ottawa:

"and thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges."
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:49pm Just Ted:

Frangry WINS!!!
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:49pm carrots:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:49pm TehBadDr:

Frangles is a bully!
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:49pm carrots:

loser jerks
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:49pm steve:

the jerk store called, they're runnin out that guy
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:49pm Cliff in Prague:

Yeah, Ken. CALL NOW
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:49pm carrots:

  Fri. 6/23/17 6:49pm F.O.T.:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:50pm TehBadDr:

Less than one minute available now!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My sweet 7th grade niece was bullied so bad last year that her parents transferred her to the school in the next town.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:51pm Just Ted:

Its like SUW is bullying Ken since I'm sure its not an issue to get through to his show. HEY-OH!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:51pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:51pm spacecowboy:

find your bully and destroy them!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:52pm Cliff in Prague:

When has Ken ever taken calls on HIS show?!
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:52pm Just Ted:

Well there was the time 7SD hi-jacked SUW rerun callers.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:53pm TehBadDr:

So who's the bully now?
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:54pm Bobby:

You climaxed too early with the Andrew story
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:54pm dale:

drunk chain smoking lady has called in before.
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:56pm Jeremy:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:56pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:57pm Just Ted:

Wish I would have thought of that for my little brother.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:58pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:58pm Cliff in Prague:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 6:58pm Just Ted:

Excelent Show!
  Fri. 6/23/17 6:58pm Bobby:

I love that story so much.
Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 7:00pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/23/17 7:00pm madman:

  Fri. 6/23/17 7:01pm kevin:

I was a fart kid who told on another fart kid, and thus was a dead fart kid
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