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A small-c catholic preaching to the unevensong choir.

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Options April 23, 2017: Falling Leaves

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Artist Track
The Beach Boys  'Til I Die (Alternate Mix)   Options
Carla Dal Forno  Dry in the Rain   Options
Chinese Instrumental Ensemble  Thinking of the Beloved in Autumn   Options
André Popp & His Orchestra  To Ava Gardner: Picasso Blue   Options
Moonlandingz  Theme From Valhalla Dale   Options
Paolo Conte  Song in D Flat   Options
Lou Harrison  Air for the Poet   Options
Ellie Greenwich  You Don't Know   Options
Arboretum  Fall From an Eyrie   Options
Roy Orbison  It's Over   Options
Bridget St. John  Silver Coin   Options
Bachelorette  Grow Old With Me   Options
Alastair Galbraith  As in a Blender   Options
Sam Cooke   Lost and Lookin'   Options
Elvis Presley  I Need Somebody to Lean On   Options
Weekend  A View From Her Room (12" version)   Options
Tamba 4  Chant of Ossanha   Options
Lynn Oliver  Lynn's Groove   Options
Dizzy Gillespie & the Double Six of Paris  Emanon   Options
Nat Adderley  Sack of Woe   Options
Marvin Holmes and the Uptights  Scratch   Options
Blue Stingrays  Goldfinger   Options
Tom Recchion  Out of the Dunes   Options
Natacha Atlas  I Put a Spell on You   Options
Robert Wyatt  Solar Flares   Options
Bobbi Humphey  Smiling Faces Sometimes   Options
Spring Versus Pez  Skool Bus   Options
Les Baxter  On a Warm Night   Options
Stereolab  Pinball   Options
Slapp Happy  The Secret   Options
Dory Previn  Lemon Haired Ladies   Options

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:04pm melinda:

Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:05pm Gaylord Fields:

@melinda: How-do?
  Sun. 4/23/17 8:07pm cheri:

hi and welcome back Gayorld, it sure is great to hear from you again!
  Sun. 4/23/17 8:09pm sugarwolf:

Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:09pm Gaylord Fields:

@cheri: Hi!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:09pm Gaylord Fields:

@sugarwolf: Hi!!!
  Sun. 4/23/17 8:09pm cheri:

Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:10pm gal_x:

Good evening Aloha. Thank you! :)
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:11pm Gaylord Fields:

@gal_x: Aloha, friend!
  Sun. 4/23/17 8:14pm cheri:

we missed you very much last week, Gaylord.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:14pm βrian:

A beautiful weekend on the isthmus.

I'm Kitchen Concubine this evening. Umami is my theme, so the music fits right in.

(Well, not the Beach Boys, but still...)
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:20pm Gaylord Fields:

@βrian: I think the Beach Boys can sometimes be quite umami, especially post-'60s.
  Sun. 4/23/17 8:25pm cheri:

well Gaylord, I don't want to get into trouble so I better quit while i'm ahead, you know? night all
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:31pm βrian:

I think "Arboretum" would be a most excellent password for a speakeasy.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:33pm melinda:

this is beautiful.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:35pm Little Danny:

Ahhhhh Bridget St. John
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:36pm Gaylord Fields:

@melinda: Breathtakingly so.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:36pm Gaylord Fields:

@Little Danny: Hi!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:37pm Little Danny:

Hello sir, glad to be here!
  Sun. 4/23/17 8:37pm Stevel:

Guessing Brian is in Madison.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:38pm Little Danny:

Also, hi Melinda - nice running into you here!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:38pm melinda:

hi LD!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:38pm βrian:

@Stevel: The one and only. Where is your neck of the woods?
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:39pm Gaylord Fields:

@Little Danny: I'm privileged to have a colleague such as yourself listening in!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:40pm Cooh John:

Hello Gaylord fellow voices in the unevensong choir. Got my diet of Beach Boys cuisine Friday by seeing/hearing Brian, Al, & Blondie.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:40pm Little Danny:

Oh man, Gaylord, you're too kind. But thanks! Also I'm three songs into listening and have already had my mind blown (that Bachelorette!), so thanks again!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:42pm Uncle Michael:

I'm lost and looking for my DJ.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:42pm Gaylord Fields:

@Cooh John: That's a pretty strong lineup, as far as BB component bands go.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:44pm Uncle Michael:

This is definitely the road not taken by Elvis.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:44pm gal_x:

Elvis sounds so smooth and nice.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:44pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: Little Danny can be found here!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:45pm melinda:

It would have been an interesting road.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:45pm sweeks:

What an Elvis gem ya found here
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:45pm Uncle Michael:

Gaylord, at this hour, you're my DJ.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:46pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: And what a shame, and what a loss for us. He could have made for a pretty good jazz-pop vocalist.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:47pm Uncle Michael:

Peter Guralnick on that song:

" Here you get a glimpse not of the life he led but of the things he felt and the movies he might have made.

There is nothing like it in any of his other films – certainly not in anything since “King Creole.” There is a moment of interiority, however stylized, a moody dreamscape to which Elvis lends himself as if he had somehow found his way into a Gene Kelly musical. But it is only when he actually begins to sing (after a minute-and-a-half of voice-over mood shots), that we sense the quiet, earnest sincerity that belies the stagy showiness of the rest of the film. Just listen to what Elvis brings to this beautiful Doc Pomus-Mort Shuman composition if you want to experience the core of vulnerability that lies at the heart of his music."
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:48pm Uncle Michael:

Now I want to hear Chet Baker sing it..dammit.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:50pm gal_x:

thanks for that post, @Uncle Michael. (^_^)
I have never heard Elvis like that before (thank you, Gaylord.)
And Chet Baker. Yes, pretty much anytime. (^_^)
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:50pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: Several years ago, Debbie D. and I met Peter Guralnick while he was hanging out at the Sam Phillips Recording Studio, and I took the opportunity to tell him what a service for humanity he did with those two Elvis bios.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hey, all. Sorry to be late to the party!
*Lays tardy slip on Gaylord's desk*
Was out throwing ball with my daughter and it is now too dark for that.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:51pm Uncle Michael:

What else could you do?
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:52pm Gaylord Fields:

@gal_x @sweeks: It breaks my heart that he wasn't allowed, or didn't allow himself, to pursue this style of singing.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:54pm Uncle Michael:

It's funny how an actor can make blockbusters to pay the bills, and artsy little films for their souls without undermining their brands, and yet so few singers and musicians seem to feel like they have that latitude.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:56pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: Exactly! "One for you; one for me..."
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 8:59pm Uncle Michael:

We need more musical John Casaveteses.
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:01pm david from ks.tt:

,,,,,Uncle M. Did You make the trip to ks. on April One,twenty seventeen? Anything interesting occur ?
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:04pm david from ks.tt:

,,I unno where that tt came from!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:04pm Uncle Michael:

I make the trip to KS almost every time my feet hit the floor. April 1 was a good road trip to KC, for sure.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:04pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: Precisely!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:04pm redkayak:

Howdy everyone - sorry I'm late :)
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:04pm Little Danny:

Killer Hoctor dance-instruction label 45!
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:04pm buddy:

What's wrong with the phones? They were out last night too -
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:05pm Gaylord Fields:

@refkayak: Greetings! I'll turn over your Delaney Card.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:06pm Gaylord Fields:

@Little Danny: I do enjoy the Hoctor dance records, and I'm glad you do as well.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:07pm redkayak:

@Gaylord - Thanks!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:07pm Little Danny:

Definitely some gems in amongst its deep discography!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:08pm Gaylord Fields:

@buddy: If I knew, I'd be making that sweet telecommunication coin!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:11pm listener mark:

Thank you Mr. Fields. My toes have been tapping all night.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:11pm redkayak:

I'm told Mercury is in retrograde. My printer has been slow too....
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:11pm Uncle Michael:

I'll call collect. No coin required.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:11pm redkayak:

Blame your local planets!
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:12pm sugarwolf:

Do you except messages via pigeon?
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:12pm unpopularfred:

Greetings Gaylord,
Enjoying tonight's program very much. Hitting the right spots.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:13pm Cooh John:

@listener mark: Enjoying the soothing sounds with the aroma of freshly cut grass.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:13pm Uncle Michael:

I've just been informed that I need a shower.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:14pm Little Danny:

Nice segue into Marvin Holmes!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:15pm Uncle Michael:

Marvin Holmes put me in mind of Melvin Sparks.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:16pm Uncle Michael:

The guitar lick on this is sort of "It's Your Thing", inside out.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:16pm Gaylord Fields:

@Little Danny: Thanks!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:16pm listener mark:

@Cooh John~~ Cis-3-hexanyl acetate, sorry just a perfumer showing off.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:17pm Gaylord Fields:

@unpopularfred: Thanks for the report! Glad to know it's working for you!
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:17pm david from ks.tt:

,,,U.M. sorry for grammar -n-username goofs but I always meant to ask You if You hadda chance to meet the late William S. Burroughs ? (no more bugging Ya ! Thanx for responding UM) All apologies Mr. Gaylord ! dna
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:17pm redkayak:

  Sun. 4/23/17 9:18pm david from ks.tt:

,,,,good stuff DJGF !!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:18pm Gaylord Fields:

@sugarwolf: Depends on which end of the pigeon supplies the message.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:18pm Gaylord Fields:

@listener mark: It's truly my pleasure!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:19pm Uncle Michael:

I never met him, but I did attend a tribute to him at the Lied Center while he was still living. It was a star-studded affair.

My social circle and his had minor overlap, but I never attended any of the parties James Grauerholz threw. Friends of mine did.
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:19pm cheri:

Gaylord, may I just add that this is really a glorious show and you outdo your self every week!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:20pm Uncle Michael:

I'm not bugged, David.
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:20pm Carmichael:

Heya Gaylord. Just jumped onto the airwaves.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:20pm Gaylord Fields:

@david from ks.tt: 'preciate it!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:20pm Gaylord Fields:

@Carmichael: Welcome!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:21pm coelacanth∅:

greetings Gaylord and others
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:21pm Cooh John:

@listener mark: always like to learn something new.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:22pm Uncle Michael:

This is a delightful Goldfinger.
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:24pm david from ks.:

,,,,,some really good stuff Mr. DJ !
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:24pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: The Blue Stingrays are really Tom Petty's Heartbreakers sans TP.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:25pm Uncle Michael:

But maybe I was already hearing Tom Reccchion when I said that.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:25pm Gaylord Fields:

@coelacanth∅: Hello!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:26pm coelacanth∅:

both the BS and the TR got gold in their stars.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:26pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: Yeah, I got distracted and the playlist got a little less accu than it should be.
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:27pm david from ks.tt:

,,,,Diggin this spell version !
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:28pm Eric Hat:

Haha! The intro to this song is sampled on an Andre Nicatina track. Or vice versa perhaps? Anyways, cheers and happy Sunday Gaylord and folks...
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:31pm Gaylord Fields:

@Eric Hat: Andre Nickatina sampled Robert Wyatt in this instance.
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:34pm Listener Robert:

Which was the one shortly before the mic break that sounded so much like "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"? Was that "A View From Her Room"?
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:35pm Gaylord Fields:

@Listener Robert: Female vox? If so, yes.
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:36pm Carmichael:

Now this is a vibe ....
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:37pm redkayak:

Hey Gaylord - will you ever do a "beautiful music" themed show again??
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:38pm Listener Robert:

Yes, it was, so that must've been it, thanks, Mr. Fields. (Darn, by writing "Mr. Fields" I invoke Sidney Fields on the Abbot & Costellos show!)
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:38pm jillydg:

Sublimely slick Smiling Faces Gaylord darling. Can't wait to see yours next weekend...
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:39pm Gaylord Fields:

@redkayak: I'm not planning one, but I've learned to never say never.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:39pm Gaylord Fields:

@jillydg: Can I sell you another hat?
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:41pm redkayak:

Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:42pm Gaylord Fields:

@Listener Robert: Which reminds me: You and that loafing roommate of yours are way overdue on the rent!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:42pm jillydg:

I don't know. Some pretty young coffee barister called it a Dad hat. Maybe something with grates. Perhaps some WoofMoo cheese?
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:43pm Eric Hat:

Awesome information Gaylord. I'm gonna guess it's a sample from his cover of Ivor Cutler's 'Go and Sit Upon the Grass'?
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:44pm Gaylord Fields:

@jillydg: Why has "dad" become such a scathing insult?!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:44pm jillydg:

Not that I don't love my Dad hat...
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:46pm Eric Hat:

Probably not the more I think of it...
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:46pm Gaylord Fields:

@jillydg: And not that I don't love you in it...
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:47pm gal_x:

I am catching up on comments…I did not know that connection of the Blue Stingrays and TP! Always learning and enlightened by you, my GF (great friend!)
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:49pm Carmichael:

I'm always entranced by Stereolab.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:49pm Gaylord Fields:

Then "gal_x" must stand for "gracious and lovely_xcellent"!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:50pm northguineahills:

Went outside to see some weird liquid precipitation, and could still make out Latetia Sadier, love the Lab!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:52pm gal_x:

haha! Oh you! (*n__n*)
  Sun. 4/23/17 9:54pm Listener Robert:

Loafing? He isn't even in the union!

Funny that you mention me & my roommate & "rent", because I & my roommate are both WFMU donors. We'd no idea of that when a mutual friend put us together to look for a place to rent.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:55pm jillydg:

It is a scathing insult? I hear it as an endearing term for pop's a little square (shouldn't he be?). To me, a baseball hat is a baseball hat is a baseball hat. Unless it's autographed. Then it's a crown!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:56pm Gaylord Fields:

@jillydg: I know it's not so bad.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:57pm coelacanth∅:

when i was looking for a housemate my craigslist ad said "must be open to a wide variety of music because you will hear all kinds of things".
more than one response included a reference to wfmu.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for all kinds of nice music tonight, Gaylord. Have a good week!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:58pm Uncle Michael:

Thank you, Gaylord.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:58pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Gaylord!
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:59pm gal_x:

Thank you for the show, Gaylord. Good night.
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 9:59pm Little Danny:

Thanks Gaylord, wonderful show
Avatar Sun. 4/23/17 10:00pm northguineahills:

Thanks Gaylord!
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