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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 14, 2017: Life's Unwritten Rules

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:03pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:03pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 4/14/17 6:03pm miles:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:04pm Frangry:

Hi Weirdos!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:04pm Cliff (temporarily not) in Prague:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:04pm dale:

where the eff are the weirdos?
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:04pm Just Ted:

You don't tug on superman's cape / You don't spit into the wind / You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger / And you don't mess around with Frangry and Michele...
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:04pm glenn:

life's unwritten rule? always put the toilet seat down.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:04pm common:

Happy Friday!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's Robot Hour on WFMU!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:05pm dale:

rule # 1 - never use a dry finger
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:05pm Paul D.:

Happy Friday
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:05pm robyn:

never call a woman handsome
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:05pm Mark M.:

Hello Ladies.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:05pm Just Ted:

Unwritten rule don't wear other peoples glasses
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:06pm SeanG:

never go stoned to the dentist
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:06pm glenn:

and NEVER lend money to friends. you'll lose both.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:06pm Just Ted:

Wash your hands after you go to the cemetery.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:06pm Jordan:

@Robyn - good one - I would never say that
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:06pm melinda:

hi folks
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:06pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Smash the glasses
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:06pm dale:

glenn close is a handsome woman.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:06pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:07pm Cliff (temporarily not) in Prague:

It is waahrm out.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:07pm Cheri Pi:

dont fart in the vet's office and blame it on the dog
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:07pm Carmichael:

I always say that, Robyn.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is this a repeat?
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:07pm Mark M.:

Cemeteries are cool.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:07pm robyn:

only borrow deodorant from your 3 closest friends; the risk otherwise is too high. your mother may offer, too, but she has sex with your dad.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It's a bit wurm, like at the Battle of Gettysburg
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:08pm Richard S:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:08pm robyn:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:08pm dale:

our cat fraidy has foul farts and we took him to the vet and he stunk up the exam room. i hd to blame the cat cus he really did it.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:09pm dale:

dot store dot com/
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:09pm adrian in mpls:

I love that shirt
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:09pm melinda:

Poor Fraidy. At least cats have no shame or embarrassment. As far as we know.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Spring cleaning tips with Frangry and Michele.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did all the time Michele spent breathing underwater fuck up her speech and pronunciation???
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:10pm robyn:

I didn't know Ke$ha made LPs
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:10pm MONEYBAG$:

I was wondering if Frangry ever bought anything at the fair
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is anybody gonna prank Frangry & Michele at the Record Fair???
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:10pm Just Ted:

You really don't want NORMAL people anyway.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:11pm dale:

fraidy has tummy trouble. he usually fills the catbox with the scoots.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:11pm robyn:

just the tip. just the "Do"
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:11pm Just Ted:

That down low tickle..
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:12pm madman:

  Fri. 4/14/17 6:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Can we spray stuff on Frangry & Michele???
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:12pm Cliff (temporarily not) in Prague:

Touched By A Werido: The Michele Diaries
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:12pm dale:

rule: wipe from front to back.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:13pm Richard S:

Unwritten Rule #146: Always wait at least two hours before you go see why your dynamite didn't explode.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:13pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Will Michele bring her VITAMIX to the Record Fair???
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:13pm robyn:

@Frangry Michele's real secret life is that we are married and have two homes in Connecticut (*filled with drugs).
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:13pm ben:

milk first
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:13pm Just Ted:

Under makes it easier to tear, but I can see how over seems more appropriate
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:14pm dale:

rule - PLEASE get your pubic hair off the soap in the shower!
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:14pm Mark M.:

What eccentric people.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:14pm JM:

Over not under otherwise the pattern faces the wall.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:14pm Salamander:

don't feed your kit-ten filet minyong
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Right hand in the bowl; left hand in the butt.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:14pm Just Ted:

@dale and the studio board.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele wants a house made of drugs...like Handel and Gretel
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:14pm robyn:

rule - don't clip your nails in public. one that APPARENTLY should be WRITTEN
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:15pm Paul D.:

Swallow or spit, don't let it sit.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:15pm glenn:

these will now be considered written rules, right?
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:15pm Jeff:

The toilet paper definitely goes over, the only exception being for homes which are infested with things which unroll the TP - like cats or infants.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:15pm dale:

frangry and michele are selfish lovers.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:16pm JM:

If you're selfish
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:16pm Paul D.:

Unwritten rule #3 Don't be a menace to south central while drinkin your juice in the hood.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Don't show up early for a dinner party, or empty handed...
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:16pm WFMUshouldruletheworld:

Milk. Coffee. Sugar. That is the proper order. It is the metric system of unwritten rules; everyone does it except Americans.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:16pm miles:

unwritten rule: weirdos dont message Frangry or Michelle
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

"We're Ladies!"

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:17pm mrdonutsu:

@Mister Johnny - Unless you're in France, then it's the rudest thing ever...
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:17pm dale:

robyn - all the hasidic jews on the subway from brooklyn clipped (or chewed) their nails on the subway. it was expected.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:17pm Mark M.:

You're ladies alright, yeah right!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:18pm mrdonutsu:

Never leave the tank on empty!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:18pm robyn:

@dale well, they're the kind of people that need everything written.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry is a modern Mrs. Malaprop!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:19pm robyn:

unwritten rule - you can watch TV and enjoy oral, but you probably shouldn't.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele only dates Sex Feinds
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:20pm Paul D.:

Poor frangles. It's just dry air.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:20pm Paul D.:

It's gonna be ok.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:20pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Cool nosebleed...
Compound word!
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:20pm Listener Robert:

Too busy to phone, but I'm like him...I'd ask. I'm just not good at non-discursive communication, as Thos. Szasz called it. It freaks me that the offer would itself be considered impolite -- and yet that failure to ask could be real trouble. It's like you're not allowed to have sex w/o permission, you're not allowed to ask permission, but you're considered cold if you just plain fail to make any advance. It stinks.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:21pm fm Mike:

Yeah dry air does that.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:22pm Paul D.:

Fragile frangry just use oxy clean on it.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:22pm dale:

i had a nosebleed that wouldn't quit a while back. you just think you have a brain cancer or something and panic.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Never ask people how much money they make, right???
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:22pm dale:

i over tip - my wife says 'no, put it lower.'
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:22pm robyn:

don't tip with change only
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:23pm mrdonutsu:

Never tell people with nosebleeds about how your dad almost died from one...
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:23pm Kayle in Toronto:

When you walk past people walking the other direction, stay on the same side you would if you were in a car!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:23pm dale:

jeesus, michele get's a gift and complains it wasn't big enough?
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:23pm Richard S:

Speaking of tips, if you're going to leave a bad/poor/no tip because of poor service, let the server or manager know what was wrong so they can fix it.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:23pm Paul D.:

Unwritten rule: never leave a voicemail. Just text.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:24pm Daisy:

Unwritten rule - watch curb your enthusiasm and what ever Larry David does dont do it.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:24pm fm Mike:

I never eat out, so I just tip pizza places and Jimmy Johns.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:24pm Just Ted:

@Michele, I haven't forgotten. I always bring presents.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:


I thought the 300 gram bars would be easier to eat ON AIR!!!

You're Welcome!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:24pm melinda:

@Robert I don't think asking is necessarily wrong, especially if you're not good at non-discursive communication.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:25pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:25pm dale:

fmu must be the station of 50 -60 year old men. women are a delight.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:25pm SPIKE:

I can't wait for the record fair.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:25pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Please eat a Marzipan right now, Michele!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:26pm mrdonutsu:

TURN DOWN YOUR FUCKING RADIO - like how many times does it have to be said?!?
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:26pm tomasz.:

this guy's high
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:26pm Just Ted:

@Mister Johnny Now you've done it. Its marzipan AND flowers for you now.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:26pm Ed Nastee:

Never ever drink out of someone else's milk carton!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:26pm robyn:

got Oedipus NAILED DOWN. haven't fucked my mom ONCE.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:26pm Paul D.:

The rules of fashion must be known before they can be broken. YAAAAAAS KWEEEEEN WEEEEERQ!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:26pm tomasz.:

marzipan is the worst
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:26pm miles:

Larry Lackawanna!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:27pm mrdonutsu:

@robin Yes, don't fuck mom!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:27pm melinda:

I love marzipan
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:27pm Richard S:

You can't "break the rules" if you don't know the rules in the first place.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:27pm Just Ted:

@Ed Nastee Yep, I never drink milk at someone else house.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Just Marzipan @JustTed
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:27pm DMcK:

Unwritten rule: a hot dog is not a sandwich.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:27pm miles:

"know it all" 's nosebleed tips
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:28pm Just Ted:

I also don't drink milk if it has been stored in a container other than its original.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:28pm Paul D.:

Rule: don't bore the listeners with long winded stories and details. Thanks.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:28pm robyn:

@Richard S now that's true.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:28pm mrdonutsu:

Speaking of hot-dogs, ketchup? NEVER
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:28pm robyn:

unwritten rule Michele probably doesn't follow - don't use drugs you found on the ground.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:29pm miles:

"know it all"'s ass wiping tips
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:29pm tomasz.:

ketchup and mustard both on hot dogs
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:29pm Just Ted:

Don't put ketchup on a hotdog sandwich in public. (I would say EVER, but I'm not a facist.)
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry, let me know which kind of MARZIPAN you like...
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:29pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:30pm dale:

ape shall not kill ape.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:30pm Daisy:

Subway on off rules is a written rule
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:30pm Ken From Hyde Pb a mb ark:

Topic variation: Rules that may be unwritten but should be: Don't leave a big pile of foot powder in the gym locker room.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:30pm Just Ted:

Don't flirt with a married woman.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:30pm Paul D.:

Unwritten rule: obey your thirst.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:31pm dale:

unwritten rule - don't change the topic mid show. LIKE YOU DID LAST WEEK.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:31pm Richard S:

Unwritten Rule for Driving: You should always be able to stop in the distance you can see.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:31pm misterpickles69:

Right shoe first, then left.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:31pm dale:

unwritten rule - shower between lovers.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Unwritten Rule - send Michele stuff because she deserves it (and can breathe
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:32pm Just Ted:

I feel that, I always take something from a hotel when I leave.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:33pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Dark Chocolate Marzipan???

Little ones or the BIG LOAF???
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:33pm Just Ted:

Along the same lines, be generous, that way you have something to take away from people when they disappoint you.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:33pm fm Mike:

Wow, I'm calling and getting outcalled by crap rules.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:33pm Cheri Pi:

i love ketchup on a hotdog
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:34pm Richard S:

Good one, Just Ted!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:34pm JM:

The shark in Finding Nemo's name Bruce
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:34pm mrdonutsu:

I know this has been divisive before here, but: It is acceptable to pee in the shower...
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:34pm Just Ted:

@Frangry: Ummm cause of Springsteen???
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:34pm dale:

my brother is named bruce. he's retarded and lives in a county funded home.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:34pm Ed Nastee:

Don't pick your nose in traffic
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:34pm Richard S:

Only if it's your own shower, mrdonutsu.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:35pm JM:

Don't run with scissors
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Be nice to Waitstaff, okay...don't be a jerk or I'll fuck with your food...
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:35pm Kevlicki:

Frangles and foodbed are you going to the Sweet Spirit show tomorrow?
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:35pm Matt Warwick:

What kind of monster would put jelly first?
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:35pm tomasz.:

first peanut butter then jelly, what does this mean? surely you just put one on each side of the bread
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:35pm Just Ted:

Yes, peanut butter on one side, jelly on the other
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:35pm mrdonutsu:

Or the hotel shower from which you are removing everything to take with you...
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:35pm fm Mike:

Forget calling, I'll just submit my life unwritten rule here.

Life's Unwritten Rule:
When making chocolate milk, pour the milk first, then add the chocolate syrup.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:36pm tomasz.:

i meant to say one on each piece of bread obviously
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:36pm Richard S:

Put the PB on one slice of bread, then the jelly on the other, then carefully put them together.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:36pm Just Ted:

Yes you can in fact tie your shoes wrong.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:36pm tomasz.:

this guy sucks
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:36pm JM:

Puff puff pass
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:37pm Kayle in Toronto:

Single knots are aesthetically pleasing + for those who like to live dangerously tho
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:37pm tomasz.:

headrush isn't a drug. that's why we have actual proper drugs
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:38pm tomasz.:

American women are alright with me
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:38pm dale:

wow - i just ate two packages of crackers from the diner.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:38pm tomasz.:

relatedly, i am still available for import
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:39pm Just Ted:

Are you kidding Frangry, how can you compare bleeding to crackers??
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:39pm Tone Loc:

@Frangry - might you have cocaine nose?
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:39pm Eric from Bellingham:

When in doubt, just pull out.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:39pm Frangry:

Nah, i dont do that anymore
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:39pm six:

Do not use your house keys to clean out your ear wax and DEFINITELY not on the subway!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:39pm Wretch:

Get it in writing is an unwritten rule. I like it.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:40pm JM:

Wow the Archie Bunker Glenn Jones copycat got on the list?
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:40pm Tone Loc:

Good for you Frangry..........
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:40pm tomasz.:

oh, that's a good one actually. never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:40pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Don't "Mansplain"
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:40pm mary:

sock shoe, sock shoe like real artists, right michele?
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:40pm Just Ted:

@JM yeah, thats an old skit.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:41pm Just Ted:

My favorite is the Kit-ten shirt.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:41pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Don't call Frangry "SWEETHEART"

She will fuck you UP!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:41pm Billy Jam:

as someone who listens very closely while recording/monitoring your every word to remix 20 mins later - like right now - I can attest that this is one of the best mic break technically on point shows u have done - no over modulating - just crystal clear sounds from 2 girls who like to have fun on a Friday night - Good job Weirdos
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:41pm JM:

Don't pee in the shower
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:41pm Kayle in Toronto:

I got a bunch of ink stains on my pizza shirt when it went through the wash but I can't ever stop wearing it
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:42pm Richard S:

Don't poop in the shower!
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:43pm miles:

the dance thing isn't a rule nor is it true
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:43pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:43pm Just Ted:

He has to keep his star talent happy.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:43pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I'll bet Michele is a better dancer than Frangry, right???
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:44pm Just Ted:

Robyn! Robyn! Robyn! Robyn!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:45pm JM:

Don't clean your ears with your car keys
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:45pm Frangry:

yeah, im the worst dancer
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:45pm madman:

YES robyn
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:45pm Just Ted:

What about filing you nails, I think thats worse. All that nail dust in the air, going into your lungs. Setting up shop in a moist bronchiole.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:46pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Everything is OKAY if you don't get caught
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:47pm miles:

no shoulder tap
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:47pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:47pm melinda:

I think people clip their nails in public because it's just nails, they're not doing intimate grooming. But the sound is irritating.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:47pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele is a Blockbuster Babe!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:47pm Just Ted:

Kick them in the back of the leg then slip on through.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:48pm Just Ted:

I always tell my mom she loves my little brother more but its OK. It pisses her off.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:48pm milkis:

Eating crunchy food in a meeting or class.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:49pm tomasz.:

lol that doesn't even make sense
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:49pm Just Ted:

The big O
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:49pm tomasz.:

i think it's "if you have to ask, you'll never know", but that's a Red Hot Chili Peppers lyric
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:49pm Just Ted:

He's talking about orgasm
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:50pm a hot dog is NOT a sandwich:

grilled cheese IS a sandwich
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:50pm Listener Robert:

I'll be cracking up forever whenever I think Light Fingers Michelle (or was it Light Fingers Frangry) who said the rule was to never leave empty-handed.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:51pm Kevlicki:

There's two kinds of motorcyclists- those who've been in an accident and those who will be
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:51pm robyn:

Michele, we know you do coke and we see through you.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:51pm Sleaze:

Depends go on before underwear.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:52pm Kevlicki:

strippers do coke
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:52pm Just Ted:

@Kevlicki How are you feeling, BTW?
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:52pm Just Ted:

@Kevlicki its more meth now.
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:53pm miles:

Michelle is pro " drugs" but anti coke? what "drugs"?
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:53pm Kevlicki:

@JT dong really good. Only a tiny bit of topical numbness
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:53pm melinda:

'It's hard to have friends when you're super-horny' haha
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:53pm robyn:

@melinda it's the lack of cleanup in the public nail clipping that bothers me. it's a weird thing to leave for someone else to clean up imo
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:53pm Just Ted:

Michele is pro-Gatorade
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:53pm Kevlicki:

Ultimate rule,
keep right- pass left
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:54pm melinda:

@robyn yeah, leaving clippings is gross.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:54pm JM:

We don't believe the hype it's a sequel
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:55pm JM:

Don't believe the hype it's a sequel
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:55pm tomasz.:

this guy's a wrong'un
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:55pm Kevlicki:

I will burn your hair in your sleep if you use my toothbrush
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:55pm Richard S:

Use a paper towel before using someone else's toothbrush
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:55pm seth:

Unwritten rule: If u get a parking ticket, do not drive around with it on your windshield.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:55pm TheRapperWithNoName:

that guy better not breed
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:55pm Kali G:

Gentlemen always put the seat down after flushing
a Lady never watches!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:55pm Just Ted:

Technically you can pass hep C that way, but its very rare.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:56pm Just Ted:

Sharing razors is more common.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:57pm TheRapperWithNoName:

smoke dank as often as possible
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:57pm Just Ted:

But what about the sign-off...
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:57pm Kevlicki:

Frangry gets to hang up on whomever she likes
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Huh...Some phone problem I guess. Never leave your shopping cart in the parking lot, put it away nice and neat.
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:57pm Just Ted:

Unwritten rule is Frangry can't do the sign-off
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:57pm dale:

frangry just set back our relations with china 50 years
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:58pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Never say "you know who you look like?"
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:58pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:58pm Kevlicki:

later weirdos
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:58pm TheRapperWithNoName:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:58pm Richard S:

  Fri. 4/14/17 6:58pm Tone Loc:

Good night Ladies!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 4/14/17 6:59pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Don't wear so many jungle keys!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:59pm TheRapperWithNoName:

Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 6:59pm Just Ted:

Great show!
  Fri. 4/14/17 7:00pm miles:

too many happening
Avatar Fri. 4/14/17 7:00pm madman:

  Fri. 4/14/17 7:00pm Tone Loc:

@Robyn - Thanks for calling in - always a pleasure
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