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Playlist for 16 March 2017 Options | Marketing the moon

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Artist Song Album Label Approx. start time
Slide Hampton Octet  Obsession, from The Cloister   Options Slide!  Fresh Sound  0:00:00 ()
Toots & The Maytals  Take Me Home, Country Roads   Options on my premium CD, "Mood Shirt (70's Do-Over)"    0:03:42 ()
George Harrison  Awaiting on You All   Options All Things Must Pass  Apple  0:08:25 ()
Julia Holter  Feel You   Options Have You in My Wilderness  Domino  0:11:03 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bunny Kick   Options Uh-oh!  Asphodel  0:15:38 ()
Kazmi with Rickies  Preach   Options Who  Toshiba EMI Japan  0:19:29 ()
Music behind DJ:
Loving You   Options on my premium CD, "Mood Shirt (70's Do-Over)"    0:24:31 ()
Pamela Meyers  Another Hundred People, from Company   Options Original Broadway Cast  Columbia  0:28:14 ()
Flying Lizards  The Window (featuring Vivien Goldman)   Options Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)  Staubgold  0:30:54 ()
Kate Fagan  I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool   Options Waiting for the Crisis/I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool (7-inch single)  Manufactured  0:37:13 ()
Music behind DJ:
Glenn Branca 
Bad Smells   Options Who You Staring At?  Giorno Poetry Systems  0:40:22 ()
Wailers  Try Me   Options collection of late 60's/early 70's tracks  some fly-by-night label  0:44:24 ()
Chantage  Same Thing Twice   Options Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)  Staubgold  0:46:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Lew Howard All-Stars 
Hula Rock   Options Super Sounds of Bosworth (various artists)  Trunk  0:50:09 ()
Dee Dee Sharp Gamble  I'd Really Love To See You Tonight   Options on my premium CD, "Mood Shirt (70's Do-Over)"    0:55:10 ()
Britta Phillips  Daydream   Options Luck or Magic  Double Feature  0:59:33 ()
Pere Ubu  Over the Moon   Options Worlds in Collision  Fontana  1:02:58 ()
Laura Mvula  Like the Morning Dew   Options Sing to the Moon  RCA; Columbia  1:08:35 ()
Nick Drake  Hazey Jane II   Options Bryter Layter  Antilles  1:12:36 ()
The Phigg-Newtons  Have You Never Been Mellow   Options on my premium CD, "Mood Shirt (70's Do-Over)"    1:17:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
Jerry Goldsmith 
New York Skyline, from Our Man Flint   Options In Like Flint/Our Man Flint (soundtrack)  Varèse Sarabande  1:20:49 ()
Zuby Nehty  Kusy   Options Kusy  Indies Scope  1:27:43 ()
Miriam  Down Today   Options Down Today  Norton  1:30:09 ()
Vinicius & Toquinho  Samba da Volta   Options Vinicius & Toquinho  Philips Brasil  1:33:53 ()
Music behind DJ:
Shudder to Think 
pH Balanced   Options High Art (soundtrack)  Velvel  1:36:24 ()
The Sensations  It's a New Day   Options Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label (various artists)  Numero Group  1:40:09 ()
Prince  Starfish and Coffee   Options Sign o' the Times  Paisley Park / Warner Bros.  1:42:59 ()
Camper Van Beethoven  Photograph   Options on my premium CD, "Mood Shirt (70's Do-Over)"    1:46:45 ()
Miriam  Afterglow   Options Down Today  Norton  1:50:14 ()
The Soul Notes  How Long Will It Last   Options Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label (various artists)  Numero Group  1:53:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
Johnny Beecher 
Sax Fifth Avenue   Options 45 played at 33  Warner Bros.  1:56:14 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 11:25am annie:

thanks for the email reminder!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 11:49am Carmichael:

Heya Charlie and Annie.
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 11:57am βrian:

I smell the sandalwood incense ... So nice.
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:00pm Gary:

Hey there everyone ... Hope you've got your pledging trousers on!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:01pm βrian:

Does that dog in the Julia Holter video look like Station Manager Ken?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:02pm annie:

i'll be finishing up with part of my sfl pledge. joe's cutting me off soon.. :-p
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:02pm listener james from westwood:

Howdy, Charlie, Gary, and all!! And belated thanks to Amanda and DJ Guy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/16/17 12:02pm Michael:

Hello host Charlie and fellow listeners.
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:05pm Charlie:

hi annie -- but of course:)
hey Carmichael, ßrian, Gary (my illustrious virtual co-host!), James, Michael! What a crew!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:06pm Dominick:

Groovy baby!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:07pm Charlie:

Hi Dominick!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:07pm Gary:

Don't miss out on prizes ($20 or more) or Charlie's terrific premium (now playing, $75) ... pledge now! pledge.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:07pm Charlie:

On today's show, pledges of $75 or more automatically get you my premium CD:
Mood Shirt (70’s do-over) --
Covers of ’70s hits in unexpected and/or mutated styles — the true mood of the much-maligned decade finally revealed!
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 12:11pm Listening Out There:

I gave already at the office...
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 12:12pm Listening Out There:

George + The Crazy World of Phil Spector
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:12pm Charlie:

LOT -- if someone came to your office asking for pledges to WFMU, that person was an impostor! sorry if you got took. pledge now! ;)
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:13pm Charlie:

Phil "over-the-top wall-of-sound" Spector!
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 12:14pm Listening Out There:

Charlie, that did indeed occur. However, I successfully vanquished the assailant, who is now in custody. I contribued, in yen, online...
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:15pm Charlie:

ah, yes, good, LOT
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 12:15pm Listening Out There:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:16pm annie:

oh!!! i forgot all about meghan.!! ok, now i feel better.. and i was wondering what that music i was hearing was and why were you playing it. i looked at the popup and it was imaginary radio's pop-up.. i'm here now, breathing slightly better, thanks
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:16pm βrian:

Charlie, are you off to Montreal? Syracuse? RI?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:19pm Lewis:

Hi Charlie et al - dropping in briefly for a visit between meetings (boring day today... but the sun is shining and the university is closed tomorrow (so I suppose I will busy doing nothing tomorrow...))
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:31pm Gary:

Keep those pledges coming! pledge.wfmu.org...
  Thu. 3/16/17 12:33pm frenchee:

I just pledged to the show and I feel so FREE(form). Singing along with the cast of COMPANY!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:35pm Charlie:

frenchee! -- i conjured you up with show tunes! thank you for your pledge:)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:35pm Parq:

Haven't heard this Lizards in forever. It was the first thing I ever heard from them that wasn't one of those covers they're known for. I wish they had done more of this sort of thing.
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:36pm Gary:

It's pretty great
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:37pm Gary:

Want it? pledge.wfmu.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:38pm listener james from westwood:

Was wondering why her voice sounded so familiar!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:38pm Lewis:

I heard launderette on another fmu show this week, but don't remember where... should be a great collection!!
  Thu. 3/16/17 12:40pm frenchee:

Charlie! It's Queens now, Brooklyn is so 2008. xxo
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:41pm listener james from westwood:

Likewise, Lewis, when I was out shoveling snow (so daytime!).
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 12:42pm Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Charlie, and do nothings everywhere.
Or as they are called in Newfoundland, "Hang- a-shores."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:44pm Lewis:

Hang-a-shores - hadn't heard that one before - I like it!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:45pm Gary:

Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:47pm Gary:

Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:51pm Charlie:

thanks, Gary! what'd I say, "feld"?
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 12:54pm Gary:

Heh, yeah -- I remembered who it is -- he's famous in my neck of the woods
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 12:59pm Parq:

Are we calling this stuff Yacht Rock now? I guess "easy listening" is so Billboard.
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:00pm Charlie:

"there's a warm wind blowing the stars around" -- that's the poet talking right there!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:02pm Gary:

Pledge Time! pledge.wfmu.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 1:04pm Carmichael:

"Smooth Yacht" ...
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:07pm frenchee:

OMFG it's so not fair! You're playing too many fantastic songs and I wanna keep pushing that PLEDGE NOW button. Yacht rock on, baby.
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:11pm Gary:

Pledge to the moon! pledge.wfmu.org...
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:11pm frenchee:

this is tough. I will miss you Charlie Lewis. Meghan is terrific though, that's some consolation
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 1:12pm Carmichael:

England Dan was Dan Seals, brother of Jim Seals of Seals and Croft.
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:13pm Charlie:

frenchee -- sorry you didn't know before! I've been announcing it on the show (and in an email too). Just can't swing work/home/school + show...
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:13pm jan:

loving that Like the Morning Dew song
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:17pm Charlie:

hi Jan -- lovely, yes?!
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:17pm frenchee:

Yeah, sorry to go all public. I'm intermittent listener on Thursdays due to work conflicts. Meanwhile you just keep twistin' my heart with the great music and patter, Charlie. #latetothepartyLiz
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 1:20pm listener james from westwood:

Vocals sound like the worms from that song Hova and Belinda used to play!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:20pm Gary:

Last chance to pledge for Laura or Britta! pledge.wfmu.org...
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:20pm frenchee:

@Carmichael, thanks for the England Dan info!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:21pm Charlie:

luv ya Liz:) thanks for being there all these years! (even if intermittently;)
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:21pm frenchee:

Wasn't the WORMS vocalist Bill Mumy?
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:21pm Charlie:

james -- yes!
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 1:23pm Listening Out There:

frenchee - Bill Mumy from...The Munsters?
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:25pm frenchee:

@Listening Out There: from LOST IN SPACE and then another space opera years later
and the scary kid in TWILIGHT ZONE who "clapped" his fearful family into the cornfield if they displeased him
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:26pm Gary:

Totally true, Charlie!
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 1:26pm Listening Out There:

"Charlie MLA" --- Not "Charlie BDN"...
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 1:27pm Listening Out There:

frenchee -- Yeah, him. Thanks!
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:30pm jan:

Gee! Happy to get the prize! I was happy to learn of talent unfamiliar to me, and happier still to
get it for home use! I'm gonna miss the introductions to great artists on your program, but will have
those premium CD's going back over the years!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:30pm βrian:

Ann Arbor, maybe?
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:31pm Gary:

What language is this again? It's terrific
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:31pm Charlie:

  Thu. 3/16/17 1:32pm jan:

hello from Nikol- and she translated Zuby Nehty- "nails and teeth" and she's gonna miss you.
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:34pm Gary:

Pledge for this poptastic prize now! pledge.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:34pm Charlie:

Jan -- Hi Nikol! much love to you both:)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/16/17 1:35pm doctorjazz:

Hey, busy, but checking in, sounding great! (think Miriam listened to the Bee Gees some?)
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:37pm Charlie:

hey dr j!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 1:38pm Jesse K:

Hey everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 1:40pm Carmichael:

Where's Cliff when you need him? He lives in Prague, teaching English. Normally, you can't keep him OFF the board ...
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 1:42pm Roberto:

Ahoy nothingarians!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:43pm Gary:

Last chance to pledge! Support Charlie's incredible run at the station and this truly wonderful show: pledge.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:43pm Charlie:

Hola, Jesse! Carmichael! Roberto!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/16/17 1:47pm JtotheK:

quick stopping by to say 'hello everyone' and also thanks to Charlie - i'm a relative newcomer to WFMU and your show, but i've enjoyed it!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:50pm Charlie:

JtotheK! Thanks for dropping by and dropping a comment:)
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:55pm Gary:

Seriously last call! pledge.wfmu.org...
Avatar    Thu. 3/16/17 1:56pm Listening Out There:

Thanks, Charlie! Best o' luck with those studies....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 1:56pm Artie Haywire:

Love ya, Charlie! All the best in your endeavors. Hope you'll return in good form.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 1:56pm listener james from westwood:

Many thanks, Charlie and Gary and all pledgers!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:57pm Charlie:

Hi Artie!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:57pm Charlie:

Thanks, everyone for your presence and pledges! See you next week <3 -- c
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 1:57pm βrian:

  Thu. 3/16/17 1:58pm Doug Schulkind:

Jumping into my Gerontology and Human Behavior class, but I just wanted to say I love Doing Nothing with you, my brother Charlie!
  Thu. 3/16/17 1:58pm frenchee:

farewell, dear Charlie, happy freeformedness and welcome to LibraryVille!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/16/17 1:59pm Carmichael:

Hope you know the Dewey Decimal System, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 2:01pm Gary:

Congrats, Charlie! Thanks, everyone for listening, pledging and commenting!
Avatar Thu. 3/16/17 2:02pm Charlie:

And thanks, Gary! I missed you in my final mic break!
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