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Playlist for 23 March 2017 Options | Feelings

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fabric collage by listener Judy from Croton

Artist Song Album Label Approx. start time
Jeff Beck Group  Got the Feeling   Options Rough and Ready  Epic   
James Brown  Soul Pride   Options The Popcorn  Polydor  0:04:13 ()
Beastie Boys  Gratitude   Options Check Your Head  Capitol  0:08:39 ()
Peggy Lee  Heart   Options Latin ala Lee  Capitol  0:11:19 ()
Bert Lahr, et al  Courage   Options Wizard of Oz movie soundtrack  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer  0:13:20 ()
Laura Nyro  Luckie   Options Eli and the Thirteenth Confession  Columbia  0:14:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bunny Kick   Options Uh-oh!  Asphodel  0:17:16 ()
Martha Raye  Life's Only Joy   Options Voice of Martha Raye  Discovery  0:21:19 ()
The Grassroots  Feelings   Options Feelings  ABC Dunhill  0:24:17 ()
Harry Nilsson  Loneliness   Options Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him (various artists)  Polydor  0:27:19 ()
Patience and Prudence  Tonight You Belong To Me   Options 7-inch single  Liberty  0:30:53 ()
The Rutles  Living in Hope   Options The Rutles  Warner Bros.  0:32:39 ()
Nancy Walker  You Irritate Me So   Options I Hate Men  RCA Camden  0:35:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Shudder to Think 
pH Balanced   Options High Art (soundtrack)  Velvel  0:37:37 ()
AKA Gelbart  Misery   Options Please Please Me    0:41:42 ()
Kaada  Care   Options Thank You for Giving Me Your Valuable Time  Ipecac  0:43:53 ()
Tornados  Joy Stick   Options EP Collection    0:47:32 ()
Elsa Lanchester  Faith Hope and Charity   Options Songs For A Shuttered Parlor  HiFi Records  0:50:13 ()
Allen Toussaint  Fingers and Toes   Options Life, Love and Faith  Water  0:53:06 ()
Big Brother and the Holding Company  All Is Loneliness   Options Big Brother and the Holding Company  Mainstream  0:56:57 ()
Brinsley Schwarz  (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding   Options The New Favourites of Brinsley Schwarz  United Artists (UK)  0:59:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Las Comadrejas 
Oaxacatelas   Options We Are Ugly, But We Have the Music  Comad  1:03:10 ()
Al Green  Love and Happiness   Options I'm Still in Love With You  Hi  1:07:53 ()
Dolly Mixture  Understanding   Options Demonstration Tapes  Dead Good Dolly Platters  1:12:25 ()
Marlon Brando, Rod Steiger  dialogue   Options On the Waterfront (soundtrack)  Columbia Pictures  1:15:53 ()
Jimmy Durante  Smile   Options Helly Young Lovers  Warner Bros.  1:16:59 ()
John Cale  Fear Is a Man's Best Friend   Options Fear  Island  1:19:56 ()
Ruby and the Romantics  Sweet Love and Sweet Forgiveness   Options 7-inch single (originally)  Kapp  1:23:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Artie Schroeck Implosion 
Amy's Theme   Options A Spoonful of Lovin'  Verve  1:25:46 ()
Psapp  Calm Down   Options Tiger, My Friend  Domino; Leaf  1:29:48 ()
Combustible Edison  In The Garden Of Earthly Delights   Options The Impossible World  Sub Pop  1:34:03 ()
Anais Mitchell  You Are Forgiven   Options Young Man in America  Wilderland  1:37:20 ()
Land of the Loops  I Confess   Options Bundle of Joy  Up  1:41:25 ()
France Gall  Quand On Est Ensemble   Options Lounge Legends series  Polydor  1:43:19 ()
Drifters  Loneliness or Happiness   Options Rockin' & Driftin'  Atlantic  1:45:37 ()
Ray Charles  Joy Ride   Options The Genius After Hours  Atlantic  1:48:43 ()
King Missile  I Dare to Hope   Options Failure  Shimmy Disc  1:52:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Johnny Beecher 
Sax Fifth Avenue   Options 45 played at 33  Warner Bros.  1:55:01 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 11:28am annie:

i love that this piece is hand-stitched. it's my preferred method of sewng.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 11:59am Carmichael:

Oh God, not Morris Albert please ...... :)
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:05pm Charlie:

An old friend of mine, who used to do a drag cabaret act in NYC, once shared the bill with another singer-comedian-drag artist, who did a great song parody of "Feelings" sung as a homeless woman who was looking for her "earrings" that she'd lost.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:07pm Gaylord Fields:

Chaz — delicious hot, disgusting cold. ;-)
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:09pm Gaylord Fields:

Actually, equally effective both hot and cold, like All Temperature Chaz!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:09pm Charlie:

All tempa-chaz:)
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:10pm Charlie:

and warm (neither hot nor cold) greetings to annie, Carmichael, Gaylord!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:10pm Carmichael:

Gaylord, maybe the Bonzos do a version of Feelings?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:13pm Doug Schulkind:

May I request Morris Boston's "More Than a Feelings"?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:13pm Charlie:

It's worth watching the Nina Simone live performance of Feelings, all ten minutes of it...
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:13pm Charlie:

Hi Doug!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:13pm Artie Haywire:

Well that was a strong transition!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:14pm Gaylord Fields:

@Carmichael: I could only wish.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:14pm Charlie:

Beasties and Peggy Lee -- Capitol has all the hits!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:17pm Uncle Michael:

I'm feeling Luckie!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:17pm doctorjazz:

Hi all, nice start! Gets me all warm and fuzzy inside!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:18pm Roberto:

Yass Laura Nyro! Such a powerful and distinctive voice.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:18pm Charlie:

Well, are you feeling lucky?
Hi Artie, Uncle Michael, Roberto!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:25pm Uncle Michael:

For some songs, one needs a facial tissue. For Martha Raye songs, one needs a paper towel.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:26pm Uncle Michael:

Wait, no...she did the denture commercials. I'm stupid.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:26pm Uncle Michael:

Glue my yap shut with Poligrip.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:27pm Charlie:

I can play some Nancy Walker if you like, UM:)
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:29pm Uncle Michael:

"Just a Little Joint With a Juke Box" please!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:29pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: You may want to wipe up that mess you just made with Bounty, the quicker picker-upper.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:30pm Uncle Michael:

That song was introduced by Nancy on Broadway; later reprised in a revival by a very, very young Liza.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:35pm Gaylord Fields:

Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:35pm Uncle Michael:

Barry Wom?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:35pm Carmichael:

The Rutles! Barry Wom was always my favorite.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:36pm Charlie:

Yes, Barry! What about Stig, Nasty, and the other one?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:37pm Carmichael:

Dirk McQuickly.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:37pm Charlie:

Yes: Ron Nasty, Stig O'Hara, Dirk McQuickly, and Barry Wom
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:37pm Parq:

Here, I was going to post a cheerful reference to Barry Wom, but I see I'm too little too late.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:38pm Uncle Michael:

Does Chastity Bono sing?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:38pm Parq:

Far from home and far, far from talented.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:39pm Parq:

UM, that's Chaz Bono.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:39pm Uncle Michael:

Nancy...because Charlie is the quicker picker upper.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:39pm Carmichael:

Barrington Womble. They shortened his name to save time, and his hair to save Brylcreem.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:40pm Parq:

Charlie posted this entire Nancy Walker album on the blog once and I have treasured it ever since. The definitive performance of "To Keep My Love Alive".
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:43pm Gaylord Fields:

During the time Archaelology was released, I got to be in a room with all the Rutles except Dirk. It was a highlight of my rock journalist career!

So I've interviewed three Rutles and, technically, three Beatles: one question to Paul via email, which he answered on video, as well as phone interviews with Pete and his replacement in the band, Ringo.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:44pm Carmichael:

Wow, Gaylord! I guess you can die a happy man.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:45pm Uncle Michael:

I missed interviewing three Spinal Tap drummers...each by a day.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:45pm Uncle Michael:

Gelbart channeling Joe Meek.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:48pm Gaylord Fields:

@Carmichael: Indeed.

@Uncle Michael: They are volatile.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:48pm Parq:

UM, and they all mysteriously died a few days later, right?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:49pm Charlie:

Gaylord -- that's a lot of Rutles and Beatles:)
UM -- those darn Tap drummers are hard to catch!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:51pm Leonardo:

I'm looking for a little help here. On the homepage You're the Greatest line up of recently distinguished dead I've got most of them except the woman on the end of the front row next to Abe Vigoda and the ghoulish guy with conductor's baton next to Fidel and nobody in the second row except L. Cohen. Hey man, I gots to know!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:52pm Uncle Michael:

Not a woman; Alan Vega...and Alan Rickman.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:52pm Jeff Golick:

So basically, you're Alan-blind.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:52pm Uncle Michael:

Alans are hard.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:52pm Parq:

Leonardo, everybody thinks that's a baton, but it's a magic wand from Rickman's role in the Potter franchise.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:53pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hi Charlie! I just tuned in and I'm HAPPY to be here. That's my 'feelings' contribution.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:53pm Jeff Golick:

Those Alans are the hardest, I think.

Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:53pm Leonardo:

Are you sure that's Alan Vega?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:54pm Uncle Michael:

Gene Wilder, Sharon Jones...Phife Dawg.

Yes, I'm sure.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:54pm Jeff Golick:

Here he is in that t-shirt: goo.gl...
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:55pm Charlie:

Greetings (some late): Parq, Leonardo, Wendy, Jeff G!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:56pm Leonardo:

Oh yeah! Thanks Uncle Michael.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 12:56pm Uncle Michael:

My pleasure.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:00pm Parq:

BTW, when Ken co-hosted Sprtsy Talk on week two of the 'thon, he gave a most interesting alternative-facts version of the line-up (as it stood as of that day).
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:00pm βrian:

The pall of winter still shrouds the isthmus. Good afternoon.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:01pm Charlie:

hey there, ßrian:)
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:02pm Leonardo:

Oh yes Jeff Golick, that T shirt made me think Alan Vega was a perky Latino gym instructor who had some pop hits that went under my radar and died last year in tabloid murky circumstances I completely missed. Glad that's cleared up.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:03pm doctorjazz:

Great version of "What's So Funny..."
(always loved this song...I think Elvis C is touring again this summer, he was great when I saw him 2 summers ago).
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:03pm Jeff Golick:

Never not a good time for Brinsley Schwarz.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:05pm Roberto:

Starrin' this sucker.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:08pm Uncle Michael:

Costello's touring Imperial Bedroom (and other stuff). Sadly, a) he's around here on a Tuesday, and b) playing a venue I'd never choose to see him in. This after he's brought "Detour" to town *twice*.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:11pm doctorjazz:

Ahhh, Al, what else is there to say...
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:15pm Gaylord Fields:

Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:15pm Gaylord Fields:

Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:16pm Charlie:

I always swoon at this too -- one of my favorite songs (sigh).
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:17pm Jeff Golick:

Great and new to me. That 80s sound...unmistakable.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:18pm Gaylord Fields:

"Understanding" is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:20pm Gaylord Fields:

Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:25pm Uncle Michael:

Is it unseemly to whinge about not having any work to do at work?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:26pm Wilson K:

Yes. Yes, and yes. Turning this up to dangerous volumes.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:27pm Charlie:

UM -- just pretend!
Hi Wilson to the K!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:27pm annie:

charlie, is this the last show?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:27pm Uncle Michael:

Pretending is what I do when there *is* work to do.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:30pm βrian:

Is that what they mean by '"Fake it 'til you make it"?

I've made up projects at work that later turned into major ventures. That's kinda fun.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:31pm still b/p:

I wonder if any cabbie or company put swell Venetian blinds in the back winda after seeing them in the Marlon-Rod scene. The blinds were an improv element for hiding something or light-blocking or something like that. Ain't a real thing.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:33pm Charlie:

hiya still b/p ~)
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:34pm Charlie:

annie -- april 20 or 27 -- holding out on deciding. I'll make more of a fuss about it being the last show;)
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:35pm Jeff Golick:

"last show....for the time being," let's say.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:36pm still b/p:

I gotta leave to do some work shortly. LIfe is hard and the way is long. Glad what I'm missing is not the (opposite of debut) de-BYE!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:38pm Charlie:

yes, "for the time being"
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:38pm northguineahills:

Is this the Combustible Edison that Scanner (Robin Rinaud) produced?
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:39pm Parq:

UM @ 1:27 -- decades ago, Mrs. Parq and I were out with a colleague of mine and his wife and kid. The girl, 4 yrs old, asked her dad a question and he said "I don't know". She insisted, "Pretend you know, daddy!" I laughed out loud and pointed out that her dad and I did that all day long at work.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:40pm Charlie:

Hi northguineahills -- yes it is
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:41pm Uncle Michael:

Maybe he was just pretending not to know.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:42pm Uncle Michael:

I'd pretty much "Keyser Söze" parenthood, if I had to parent.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:43pm Charlie:

I guess it's good to make up pretend answers for the kiddos as long as they know you're pretending.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:44pm northguineahills:

Robin Ribaud.

I thought it sounded familar. I don't have access to my recs right now. I bought it back in 98ish just based on Scanner producing it, and my coworker mercilessly made fun of me for buying a Combustible Edison record. No regrets, it's a nice record.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:46pm βrian:

Charlie, you could do a series of annual "Going off the Radio" shows. As always, this year's final show ever will be the best!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:47pm Uncle Michael:

Perpetual "Going Out of Business" sale! "Everything MUST GO!"
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:47pm βrian:

Or, "Pretending to go off the radio show," if you wish.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:48pm Uncle Michael:

Catskills joke: Waiter comes up to a table and asks "is anything ok?"
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:49pm Charlie:

two words; "Farewell tour"
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:49pm Jeff Golick:

That's a good one, @UM.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:50pm Jeff Golick:

This is a fave "pretend you know" thing: goo.gl...
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:52pm Uncle Michael:

a classic
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:54pm still b/p:

Anybody heard of this très wacka-dude or the current part of the story and "record-setting" album price? ...strange read for later:
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:54pm Charlie:

yes, Jeff! Calvin's dad makes up a lot of good explanations. The one where he explains why pictures used to be in black and white is genius.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:54pm Uncle Michael:

See you all later. I'm heading out...great stuff Mr. Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:55pm Charlie:

Thanks, UM! see you later:)
  Thu. 3/23/17 1:55pm Doug Schulkind:

Busy Doing Joy Ride. Thanks, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:56pm Charlie:

Thanks Doug, and everyone for being here today, and for a great Marathon!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:57pm Parq:

Jeff @ 1:50 --exactly what I was thinking of.
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:57pm northguineahills:

Thanks Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:58pm Jeff Golick:

Charlie,. thanks for that reminder: goo.gl... - "A lot of great artists were insane."
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 1:59pm Gaylord Fields:

Thank you, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 3/23/17 2:00pm Jeff Golick:

@Parq: [nodding sagely]
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