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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 19, 2014: Sit On Franta's Lap

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:01pm BigOak1669:

Whoot whoot
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:01pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:01pm Frangry:

Hi Weirdos!!!!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:01pm Kali G:

Oh Great Weirdo Mistletoe No, it's Frangry and Michele, the FMU Grinch's who defaulted on their on air promises last week, ( a T-shirt for being the first person to guess the right number over the phone). "Life's not Fair" was the excuse,… but you chose to be unfair, you had the power to be Just, but no,… so with that, Firiday's at 6PM is now Archive Time! So no Mistletoe for you Buster!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:01pm Just Ted:

Hello everyone!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:01pm P-90:

Merry XXX-mas, Ladies!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:02pm Marcel M:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:02pm robyn:

Sit on my... lap.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:02pm Carmichael:

Well, someone has a bee in their bonnet ...
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:02pm Marcel M:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:02pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:02pm Just Ted:

loud and clear on the internet!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:03pm davex:

We can hear you.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:03pm glenn:

oh, robyn.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:03pm P-90:

We can hear you just fine.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:03pm common:

weirdness all around
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What's up, stupid?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:03pm robyn:

Let's call in and guess the age at which Frangry stopped believing in Santa. 28?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:03pm MisterJohnny:

We need a Festivus Miracle!!!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:03pm dale:

loud and clear at 90.1 mt. hope. frangry - you found out you were in trouble before you went live?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:04pm Kevlicki:

I generally listen on 91.1, upstate at 90.1, but I'm streaming tonight
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:04pm Carmichael:

This week's topic: What's that I smell?
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:04pm rereksnake:

  Fri. 12/19/14 6:04pm Officer Pupp:

Internet listening here (UK).
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:04pm Jeff:

Sugar-free Franta.

Yep, it works.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:05pm Mr. Machine:

Hey I'm not extra weird cause I imported you guys to Wisconsin. The internet is all I've gots.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:05pm Just Ted:

It said: I'm sorry its just that I literally don't care at all.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:05pm Franta:

Ho's, Ho's, Ho's...!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:05pm dale:

since most of us aren't on-air personalities the question is kind of pointless.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:05pm Carmichael:

Sugar-free is ironic. More like "salt-filled" ...
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:05pm Mr. Machine:

I've got 2 lumps of coal for you Frangry. LOL
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:06pm Rachel:

can't hear you on the radio 91.1 does not work.. but streaming is good.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

Are we guessing numbers again???
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:06pm Just Ted:

How Frangry feels about most of my calls.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:06pm Officer Pupp:

I'm not calling from the UK. It's 11pm here, too late for phone calls.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:06pm robyn:

I want "I'm Worth It" back for Christmas
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:06pm P-90:

FUCK the raccoons! Everybody call NOW!!!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:07pm ADL:

Now you know what 7 Second Delay goes through every work
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:07pm Kevlicki:

So the weirdos upstate are fine
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:07pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:07pm Kevlicki:

Hey Madman!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:08pm MisterJohnny:

What ever happened to "Flirt with Frangry"????
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:08pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:08pm Carmichael:

The demographic woke up early this week.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:09pm Just Ted:

Lots of topics on the FB page. Everyone who suggested one could call with their answer to their topic.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:09pm Marcel M:

Man.. freaking Orlando... what a downer he always is.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:09pm dale:

not to rag on gregory, but port jervis new york has a reputation for hicks living there. "what has a thousand legs and three teeth? a parade in port jervis."
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:09pm MisterJohnny:

Is Orlando doing a character, or is he really this big of a douchebag?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:09pm BigOak1669:

Best present I ever got was a 1974 Fleetwood Cadillac when I was 16. My parents spent $400 dollars on it. It was so huge, the backside of the front seats had footrests. It came with a matching pillow and blanket for the backseat!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Topic idea: When someone gives you a gift you don't like, what great comment would you make?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:09pm Marcel M:

Hamburgers are not boring haaaaaa
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:10pm P-90:

Not a douchebag, just boring as shit
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:10pm glenn:

did you have meaningless, anonymous sex with a stranger on your birthday, frangry?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Spike will bail out this horrible situation!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:10pm robyn:

@BigOak1669 that is SO good. the matching accessories are what makes it
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:10pm ADL:

Today's topic: what dental procedure would you have rather than listening to these callers?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:10pm Marcel M:

Phil Spector's Christmas record is the only one. Was rocking that last night.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:10pm MisterJohnny:

Where do you get spray that protects you from bad magic?

Could Michele buy FRANGRY spray that protects her from bad shows???
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:11pm Just Ted:

oh no the its two gifts curse
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:11pm dale:

bigoak - i had an 85 fleetwood. fucking loved it til a trucking company turned short and ripped the whole front clip off
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:11pm BigOak1669:

@robyn it was the definition of a pimp-mobile... Cost a FORTUNE in gas and handled terribly in the snow!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:12pm MisterJohnny:

Jesus' birthday fell on Christmas - fucking ripoff!!!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:12pm Carmichael:

I had a '66 Ford Galaxy in high school. It was a boat of a car.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:12pm robyn:

@BigOak1669 if you own a pimp-mobile and it's snowing outside you should be indoors anyway, making love to your lady by the fire.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:13pm MisterJohnny:

Does FRANGRY celebrate Hanukkah???
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:13pm Just Ted:

I guess people can listen on the phone, but then I don't think they could call in.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:13pm Carmichael:

@Robyn: With your Courvoisier.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:13pm Mr. Machine:

Internet views don't matter :( Just like voting.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:13pm MisterJohnny:

Did FRANGRY'S bare ass break the station???
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:13pm dale:

robyn - there's a coffee brown movie with shelley winters as a heroin pushing pimp. it. is. amazing!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:14pm Mr. Machine:

I'm listening...like Frashier Crane. I know. I'm a dork.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My car in college was a '66 Chevy Impala 4-door hardtop. It was white with a black vinyl roof. It was our old family car.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:14pm Marcel M:

You live across the street from Best Pizza?! Woah.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:15pm rereksnake:

topic: things we can do while your away for the next 2 weeks!!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:15pm robyn:

@Carmichael Hahahaha. The classiest/most phallic cognac.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:15pm MisterJohnny:

FRANGRY, speaking of your Birthday, have you had any hot flashes yet???
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:16pm dale:

this guy is masturbating
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:16pm ADL:

How about this for a topic: what's down in YOUR life? For FranMi, it's the transmitter. For Spike, it's his gums. For this caller, I worry it's his pants.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:16pm Marcel M:

Damn no one is gonna top Terrence..
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:16pm robyn:

I get the feeling Terrence wakes up on the toilet bowl every once in a while
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:17pm BigOak1669:

Still waiting on my T-shirt from last week. Really stoked!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:17pm Marcel M:

Hi Michele
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:17pm P-90:

Men aren't good at multitasking, with one exception.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:18pm Marcel M:

You should just get Terrence back on as a co-host for the rest of the show.

@P90: True, we can masturbate during anything.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:18pm dale:

if you ladies hook up with terrance just make sure you have your shots and some quell lotion at the ready.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:19pm MisterJohnny:

How about a BEST of 2014 List...
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:19pm Carmichael:

Pantsless caller!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:19pm MisterJohnny:

SUW Highlights of 2014???

Michele ALMOST puking on air???
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:20pm robyn:

From Masturbation to Tears: The SUW Story
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:20pm robyn:

@MisterJohnny "meow meow meow meow" from the dogs & cats show
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:20pm Just Ted:

Oh and BTW Michele now you if you ever get the urge to lick the headphones, your in the clear.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:20pm dale:

frangry is SPLEENLESS! it's a travesty.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:20pm Carmichael:

You're different from EVERYONE, Frangry.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:21pm BigOak1669:

  Fri. 12/19/14 6:21pm Raye:

new topic?...Last peter sarsgaard film you saw
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:21pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:22pm MisterJohnny:

Sex is disgusting, if you're doing it right.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:22pm robyn:

Frangry, didn't you lick Andy's feet or something? I don't know how you can top that.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:22pm Marcel M:

If you have a sore throat drink a hot toddy tonight! Its the best.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:23pm MisterJohnny:

Marathon Stunt - Lick Spike's Gums
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:23pm Just Ted:

Drinking a whole gallon of milk could be a stunt, but for Frangry it should be a whole gallon of White Russians.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:23pm ADL:

So is this guy grabbing pole or rack? Pick a side!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:23pm Mr. Machine:

I just instantly fell in love with Food Bed.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:23pm P-90:

Michelle just suggested a stunt...
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:23pm Marcel M:

I'm drinking one now
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

For the stunt, eat ice cream until you get an ice cream headache. The winner is the one who eats the most and thereby endures the worse headache.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:24pm Carmichael:

Do your marathon show on top of the building, hurling epithets and frozen waffles at people.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:24pm ADL:

Jesus, is some guy gonna call up and say his name is Hot Tod(die)?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:24pm glenn:

you say camel toe, i say smuggling the yoyo.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:25pm P-90:

Those pesky camel-toes
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:25pm Sam:

Frangry you should binge eat mushrooms
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:25pm robyn:

Assorted disgusting foods, served Hibachi Grill style.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:26pm Just Ted:

Leave the earwax in the STUDIO headphones not the NEW ones.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

You're just trolling for Billy Jam mix material now.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:26pm dale:

maybe the stunt could be frangry popping the zits on micheles back - it takes a special person to do that correctly.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:26pm Raye:

who needs work when you have radio
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:26pm Just Ted:

Maybe the stunt should involve Pork Roll
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:26pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:27pm robyn:

Eat your way out of a kiddie pool filled with jello shots while trying to cut each other's hair, blindfolded
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:27pm common:

work's for jerks.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:27pm Raye:

Do the whole show in Spanish and call it - el show de las bichas raras
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:27pm Carmichael:

Beersies aint for queersies.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:28pm rereksnake:

Sniffing fresh cut toe nails
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:28pm dale:

michele talked about some dude popping her zits - i assumed it wasn't on her face.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:28pm Kevlicki:

real stunt, Tall Bike Jousting!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:28pm colin:

shoot milk out of your eye
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:28pm robyn:

Take all your vodka shots during the marathon while jumping on a trampoline
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:29pm MisterJohnny:

How about a spicy food stunt???
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:29pm Sam:

Marathon stunt? You could find a guy with two dicks and double fuck him, that's kind of a no-brainer.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:29pm Smarty Marty:

The stunt should involve body painting.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:29pm Carmichael:

You should only answer Skype callers.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:30pm Just Ted:

For a stunt maybe something from the guantanamo handbook?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:30pm SometimesJasmine:

Stunt: how about giving each other haircuts whilst blindfolded? The horror, the horror.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:30pm robyn:

@Just Ted that's perfect! It could be like last year, but with rectal feeding instead of pies.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:30pm Raye:

Guy from brazil... what is your radio show... I don't understand Portuguese though...
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:31pm Just Ted:

All new meaning to food bed Robyn.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:31pm Sam:

Bath salts!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:31pm MisterJohnny:

Ball point hammer???
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:31pm colin:

matching billy joel tattooes
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:31pm Carmichael:

Play some kind of Q&A game, with the loser getting tased.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:31pm ADL:

What is this, Huffington Post Radio?
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:31pm Smarty Marty:

Favorite place names: Frangry likes Peshawar, in Pakistan. Because it sounds like "pee shower."
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:32pm P-90:

Beta-blocker bong hits!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:32pm robyn:

  Fri. 12/19/14 6:32pm colin:

you should challenge ken and andy with something for who win's more money
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:33pm Just Ted:

How about tickle torture?
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:33pm Smarty Marty:

Piece by piece, switch the clothes that you're wearing.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:33pm ass2ass:

stunt: share a dildo like in requiem for a dream
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:33pm Carmichael:

Take the ExLax challenge.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm P-90:

Now all the suggestions are gonna be about Jello, syrup, batter, gravy, baby oil, egg yolks, etc...
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm rereksnake:

a OUIJA board marathon!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm Sam:

Eat powdered jelly donuts in bed.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm Slick Goldtooth:

Blind haircuts......and eyepatches.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm Ray:

Drink your own urine.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm MisterJohnny:

Temporary Face Tattoos
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm dale:

clitorectomies is probably going too far for a radio stunt.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm BigOak1669:

Get the pizza tattoo!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm Just Ted:

Just a suggestion, but try and avoid things that can lead to Hep C
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:34pm robyn:

@ass2ass waiting for them to reach that conclusion themselves
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:35pm MisterJohnny:

Lick My Tickle
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:35pm Just Ted:

Yes but the thought to the weirdos is totally amazing.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:35pm P-90:

Tickling has possibilities. How to turn that into stunt?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:36pm Carmichael:

If your stunt will be on live video, have Ken and Andy do your show as you 2. It will freak out most ordinary people.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:36pm mike grueninger:

Cleveland Steamers!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:36pm ADL:

How about for the stunt you guys call up ex boyfriends and talk to them on the air?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:36pm Kevlicki:

I love how anti-tickle michele is!
stunt must include tickle torture
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:37pm MisterJohnny:

Tommy O'Corpse
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:37pm robyn:

The adult equivalent of tickling is goosing.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:37pm Carmichael:

Tommy O'Shea? They don't have phones in lockup.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:37pm MisterJohnny:

Tommy O'Corpse
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:37pm Just Ted:

As a premium you can offer a video of the tickle torture. I could see a new money record with that.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:37pm Sam:

And where the fuck is Spike?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:37pm robyn:

eating contest, loser gets tickled
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:38pm SeanG:

spike called earlier
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:38pm Slick Goldtooth:

I feel like Ted Bundy would be a fan of this program.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:38pm MisterJohnny:

I am a pervert, and I love to tickle...
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:38pm dale:

that last guy is trying to hard to pretend to be concerned for the well being of the ladies
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:38pm Sam:

Oh, my bad!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Spike called in about five minutes in. He had oral surgery recently.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:38pm Ray:

I love you Frangry.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:38pm robyn:

that fish is still alive?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:39pm glenn:

training cats? as if.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:39pm dale:

how about pudding down the underpants? or a kitten down the underpants?
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:40pm Vlad:

dress up like russian gymnasts and do splits.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:40pm colin:

if we give you enough money you'll do the show live!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:40pm Smarty Marty:

Sniff a strand of spaghetti via the nose and then cough it out from the mouth.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:40pm Kevlicki:

sadistic foodbed!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm Slick Goldtooth:

Falconry contest. catch your own bird of prey, train it to eat pudding....
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm BigOak1669:

Why don't you choose costumes the other has to wear for a whole day
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm robyn:

you can both do a ton of cocaine and tickle each other. that would probably feel good
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm Ray:

Drink lots of beer wearing a bikini in an ice bath. The first one to go to bathroom loses.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm ADL:

Twister with Andy Breckman. Or his personal assistant, more likely.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm Carmichael:

Bungee jump. That's it. Bungee jump.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm Just Ted:

There has to be some sort of Game of Thrones type stunt they could do. Guzzle huge amounts of wine, wait too late....
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm boo:

whiskey, hot water, cider vinegar, honey.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:41pm MisterJohnny:

How about if FRANGRY and MICHELE drink lots of water and see who can hold their pee-pee the longest???

Neither of them seem to be able to make it through a whole show without having to pee.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:42pm Smarty Marty:

Spanking contest!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:42pm robyn:

frangry and michele can have a cooking contest in a completely dark room
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:42pm rereksnake:

  Fri. 12/19/14 6:42pm Brooklyn kid:

I can't get the fm signal? 91.1
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:42pm Just Ted:

Funny how Frangry's (you know what sound) sounds different from Michele's (you know what sound).
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:43pm shuck:

Candycane deepthroat contest
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:43pm robyn:

frangry and michele can sit in a completely dark room listening to billy joel and see who lasts the longest
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Stare down?
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:43pm Sammy:

Here's a marathon stunt. Whipped cream fight: SUW vs 7SD.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:43pm MisterJohnny:

Yawning contest? Frangry wins...
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:43pm Just Ted:

How about a silly string fight, but with Cheez Whiz
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:43pm glenn:

the ice weirdo challenge.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:44pm rereksnake:

Snake bite contest
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:44pm Marcel M:

Reminds me of high school
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:44pm BigOak1669:

peer pressure in action!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:44pm Just Ted:

Loser licks the winner clean, or the other way. Both work.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:44pm colin:

whippets are called hippy crack
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:44pm Marcel M:

In a good way
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:44pm Ray:

My cousin is a Sagittarius and she is a slut.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:44pm Carmichael:

Drop acid before the marathon show.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:45pm throwback vernacular:

that knife hand game where you stab between your fingers
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:45pm Smarty Marty:

Indian wrestling
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:45pm robyn:

LP scavenger hunt at WFMU. I wonder who would win...
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:45pm throwback vernacular:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:46pm BigOak1669:

Do something else and have the alternative to be to donate
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:46pm MisterJohnny:

What is Michele's sign??? The crow???
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:47pm colin:

the drink a gallon of milk challenge

that was a good comment Ray
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:47pm rereksnake:

Do something and the alternative is to listen to this show
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:47pm Smarty Marty:

@Ray ... We're going to need a phone number.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:47pm throwback vernacular:

you should cut eachothers hair.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:47pm robyn:

would you walk on hot cheese?
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:47pm throwback vernacular:

burn me with that hot strip tease
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:48pm Guilherme:

HEY i'm the guy from Brasil who got cut of, but i'm still listening because it's total rád show - Guilherme
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:48pm BigOak1669:

die each others hair!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:48pm dale:

they could shave each other.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:48pm Gummy Ted:

Shut Up Weirdo Bachelor/ette style contest, dates and updates around the clock. Contestants do suggested stunts requested, winner gets a t-shirt or mcdonald's coupons or something.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:49pm robyn:

if you get to frangry first, your hair won't get cut, Michele
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:49pm Just Ted:

The stunt should definitely involve CHEESE. Preferably cheese and tickling.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:49pm Kevlicki:

oooh, speed date the volunteers!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:49pm Ray:

Yeaaahhhh. Strip tease would be awesome. We can try to see you in thongs by giving the station lots and lots of money.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:49pm rereksnake:

GoPro while on the air
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:49pm throwback vernacular:

I like the cunt punt idea
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:49pm MisterJohnny:

What if Frangry and Michele make out as a stunt???

I think the listeners would love it, and I think Michele would reallybe into it...
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:50pm Just Ted:

How about you have to wear something REALLY silly to a WFMU event like the record fair.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:50pm Carmichael:

Jesus. TMI, Michele ....
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:50pm throwback vernacular:

eat my spit baby bird
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:50pm Smarty Marty:

Two Weirdos, One Cup!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:50pm Kevlicki:

30 second speed dating with the other djs
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:50pm MisterJohnny:

2 Girls - 1 Stunt
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:50pm colin:

wfmu's 2015 puke in my mouth challenge
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:50pm robyn:

Michele may be one of the hosts, but she has the heart of a dark commenter...
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:51pm Ray:

No Smarty Marty. They need an email with my info right?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:51pm robyn:

@Kevlicki that's a good one!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:51pm BigOak1669:

how about waterboarding each other?
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:51pm Marcel M:

Woah that confused me
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:51pm robyn:

@colin puke in my mouth wins
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:51pm Carmichael:

Michele is a member of her own demographic.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:51pm Just Ted:

How about you just hit each other with the orange in the stocking on your heads.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:52pm colin:

@robyn i really want that to go viral
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:52pm Just Ted:

Because you know it will deteriorate into that anyway.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Oak - 7SD did waterboarding once a couple years ago.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:52pm dale:

big oak, that's a great - yet disturbing - concept.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:52pm BigOak1669:

it's all the rage these days!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm throwback vernacular:

how many crackers can you eat in one clip without water.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm Mr. D:

You could taser each other.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm Just Ted:

Ken makeover
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm robyn:

try to eat as much cheese as possible with your hands tied behind your back
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm MisterJohnny:

Tickle Ken and spit in his mouth
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm rereksnake:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm BigOak1669:

GAW!!! a lego walk?!?!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm Just Ted:

Sword swallowing.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm steve:

give Ken a makeover +1
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:53pm glenn:

why does michelle want to punch frangry in the googootz?
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:54pm throwback vernacular:

every hundred dollars ken gets a waxed. like on his back or chest.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:54pm BigOak1669:

I thinkk I'd take water boarding over lego walk!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:54pm Kevlicki:

ooh, taser, shoot her with a taser
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:54pm dale:

bb gun? damn! michele is a freak!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:54pm robyn:

Michele can hunt Frangry through the WFMU studios.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:54pm Mr. D:

Gag contest- try to make each other gag by describing disgusting stuff- like you normally do but make stunt out of it.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:55pm Just Ted:

I have TONS of Legos.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:55pm Ricky:

Who can give a blindfolded ken a hard-on via lap dance the fastest......
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:55pm BigOak1669:

Gotta go to work y'all! Thanks for the fun!
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:55pm throwback vernacular:

electric dog collar contest.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:56pm BigOak1669:

Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:56pm Jeff:

Goddammit, those ladies are back on the air at 91.1 again.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:56pm Just Ted:

Rap Battle! FACE!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:56pm robyn:

Lick the syrup out of Ken's hair while tickling each other. Then he can have it painted and hung in the studio.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:56pm glenn:

rap battle wins.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:56pm MisterJohnny:

rhymes with FRANGRY???
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:56pm Pug:

Prepare for rap battle, Breakin 1 and 2 on repeat
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:57pm Peanut:

Spray liquid ass into a bag and huff that (instead of glue)
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:57pm colin:

@misterjohnny gangrene
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:57pm Ray:

I'd like Frangry to spit in my mouth. I would pay for that.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:57pm Frangry:

bye weirdo!!!!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:58pm robyn:

Use cheese as liquid latex and see who can cover the other the fastest.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:58pm Bale:

Prank call contest, see who can prank someone the best.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:58pm Just Ted:

I could look into getting you new microphones if you do the Rap Battle.
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:58pm colin:

Michele's got the JUICE
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:58pm throwback vernacular:

frangry letting rhymes spay got suka mc's prayin to spare they lives, she hardcore don't give a fuck if she live or die. got false cats trippin kippin flippin on they back, listeners don't know how to react. Michele be slayed and played got kicked in the cunt and spayed. word to yo mutha
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:58pm Kevlicki:

Bye Frangry Bye foodbed, Ill miss you two and the weirdos
  Fri. 12/19/14 6:59pm ADL:

Every week you perform the stunt of listening to these fools.
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:59pm robyn:

i would buy frangry and michele's rat saddles on etsy
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Happy Holidays!
Avatar Fri. 12/19/14 7:03pm madman:

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