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Polkatively Yours, Stashu.

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Options March 11, 2014: Nocturnal Cuties

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Artist Track Album Comments
Goldfrapp  Human   Options Felt Mountain   
Pharell Williams  Happy   Options    
The Detroiters  Down On My Knees   Options    
P.M. Dawn  Reality Used to be a Friend of Mine   Options    
Diss 1  Used To It   Options   Tom (Tomasz) Redfern!!!!!!!!!! 
Deltron 3030  Things You Can Do   Options Instrumentals   
Pink Turtle  Walk on the Wild Side   Options    
Ewa Demarczyk  Tomaszow   Options Spiewa Piosenki Zygmunta Koniecznego   
Sneaker Pimps  Johnny   Options    
Sade  Somebody Already Broke My Heart   Options    
Gentlemen Hall  Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe   Options   cover 
Siouxsie And The Banshees  Sin In My Heart   Options    
Ewa Demarczyk  Pacalunki (Kisses)   Options    
altered images  I Could Be Happy   Options    
Lush  Ladykillers   Options    
Otto Von Schirach  When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth   Options    
Garbage  Stupid Girl   Options   Todd Terry Remix 
Adult  Pressure Suit   Options    
Gary Glitter  Rock And Roll Part 1   Options    
Animals  Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood   Options    
Gary Glitter  Rock and Roll Part 2   Options    
Dave Clark Five  Over and Over   Options    
Vengaboys  Boom Boom Boom   Options    
Bondage Fairies  Aeppeitysken   Options    
Barbie Girl on Mario Paint       
LMFAO  I'm In Miami Bitch   Options    
The Smoke  Waterfall   Options    
Book Of Love  I Touch Roses   Options    
Ewa Demarczyk  Taki Pejzaz (Such a Landscape)   Options    
Mariah Carey  Always Be My Baby   Options    
The Detroiters  Mother On The Train   Options    
Andrews Sisters  Hold Tight   Options    
KP & ENVY  Shawty Swing My Way   Options    
Spice Girls  2 Become 1   Options    
JM Jarre  Popcorn   Options    
Ottawan  D.I.S.C.O.   Options    
Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam  Head To Toe   Options    
John Parr  Man In Motion   Options    
Snap  Riddim Is a Dancer   Options    
The Gentrys  Keep On Dancin'   Options    
Gloo Girls  Barbie U.S.A.   Options    
Amber  This Is Your Night   Options    
Robert Miles  Children   Options    
Bonde do Rolê  Solta O Frango   Options    
Steve Poindexter  Computer Madness   Options    
Purple Pie Man  I Was Born to Disco   Options    
Stevie B  Spring Love   Options    
Judy Garland  Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Options    
TLC  No Scrubs   Options    

Listener comments!

  Tue. 3/11/14 3:04am neil:

part mouse part monkey. hello dj stashu.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 3:05am Julie:

why was there no Pharell hat at the hoof n mouth????
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:09am neil:

if it feels good...do it!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:11am Whooda:

Rise up children and be happy this morning. Howdy DJ Stachu Neil and Julie.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:11am DJ Stashu:

Howdy Doodies
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:12am DJ Stashu:

Good question Julie!
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:14am neil:

do your duity. doodie dooers...tee hee hee
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:15am DJ Stashu:

Fart fart
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:15am Prashanth:

'morning folks!... great performance last two weeks...great job!.... now we can reveal...it was just a drill. The REAL pledge drive would begin in a year's time
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:15am neil:

Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:18am DJ Stashu:

I prefer KIT KATS
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:22am neil:

sharing is half thee fun. meow.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:22am Chris:

Oh boy! I arrive with Deltron playing! Thanks for the show, and congratulations for surviving the marathon!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:24am DJ Stashu:

Thanks! I did I survived. What are good ways of surviving? Just in case...
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:26am Whooda:

Rule #1: never accept candy from a stranger, not even Kit Kats.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:26am Whooda:

Rule #1: never accept candy from a stranger, not even Kit Kats.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:27am DJ Stashu:

I want more suggestions!
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:27am neil:

harmony. get in thee van. come on.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:28am Chris:

Survivalism Rule #1: THERE ARE NO RULES.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:28am neil:

wash your hands first.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:29am DJ Stashu:

MORE! Mush! Mush!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:29am Whooda:

don't jump from airplanes without a parachute.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:30am neil:

dig a hole. cover with tarp.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:31am DJ Stashu:

How does one survive... pain?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:31am Whooda:

become friends with your captors. Offer them a kit kat bar.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:33am Chris:

Liquor. Hugs. Weird combinations of the two. Also it is very weird that I recognize this Sneaker Pimps song from the Wicker Man.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:34am Whooda:

open up to the pain and accept it for what it is. Without pain there can be no relief
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:34am neil:

focus on thee sun, to figure out direction. throw small pebbles into puddles.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:35am Chris:

Whatever you do, keep the torch lit. Or you might get eaten by a grue.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:35am Whooda:

above all: don't panic
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:36am DJ Stashu:

It is... it's a cover of The Wicker Man song... in fact they do another!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:36am stavros:

tools for survival: duct tape
nuff said
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:37am DJ Stashu:

There has to be more... MORE SURVIVAL TIPS!
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:38am neil:

draw maps ov places you would like to go, then stare @ said map. keep staring till you are there.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:38am Whooda:

don't take wooden nickels
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:39am Chris:

Avoid the main roads. Strength in numbers. Travel at night. Be sure to note who in your party is allergic to bullets.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:39am neil:

pack snacks.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:39am stavros:

Cut the blue wire
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:40am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:40am Whooda:

OH NO! I meant the OTHER blue wire!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:41am stavros:

Stay awake with one eye open and then switch eyes when you sleep
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:41am Whooda:

keep your oven mitts handy
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:41am stavros:

Never trust a volleyball
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:42am DJ Stashu:

(Taking notes)
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:42am Chris:

Practice hanging out of a moving vehicle while waving a blunt weapon menacingly. Never name drop more than two names over the course of a conversation unless absolutely necessary.
Dyeless Jello is a light, handy thing to pack in a pinch. A clear plastic bottle can be used to disinfect water with sunlight's UV rays.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:43am Whooda:

never trust anyone with your Kit Kat, not even your cat Kit.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:44am neil:

global survival depends on a harmony which has been lost to humanity. we have become thee cancer. microwaves are thee answer. radiate radiation.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:45am stavros:

Look both ways before you cross Meryl Streep
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:45am DJ Stashu:

  Tue. 3/11/14 3:46am Chris:

-Have a good cry.
-Never get close to a drummer. They will always be the first to go.
-The soft spot behind the earlobe, where the jaw and skull meet, is where you put a pointy thing when you need to threaten someone and to let them know you mean business.
-Post-upheaval villages are a lot like bars. You need to be aware when they are "over" before they realize it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 3:47am Fuzzy:

Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:48am neil:

learn witchcraft.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 3:49am Fuzzy:

Find a hidden Immunity Idol ASAP.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:50am stavros:

If somebody asks you to knock three times on the ceiling, run.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:51am Chris:

Watch Six String Samurai. Get some Buddy Holly glasses. The rest will come naturally.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:51am neil:

practice starvation. bring band aids, and some good ointment. call 911.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:51am DJ Stashu:

This is GOLDEN info
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:53am Whooda:

never race with scissors, they will always take short cuts
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:53am neil:

if its bumpy. consult a doctor.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:54am Chris:

If you have a choice, opt for laminated maps. All the better for running through the rain trying to stay ahead of checkpoints.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:54am neil:

feet first first time.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:55am Whooda:

in case of fire break glass
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 3:56am stavros:

Look out for that iceberg
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:56am neil:

give a hoot dont pollute. happy birthday. happy birthday.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:58am b/wad:

Lush! Ladykiller! High school!
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:58am Chris:

Know at least one complete dance routine. Know it better than your own family. You'd be surprised how many situations you can get out of by impressive dancing.
  Tue. 3/11/14 3:58am neil:

use coupons for better savings.
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:00am neil:

scarves keep thee chill out.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:00am Whooda:

don't look for trouble unless that's the name of your dog and he ran away.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:00am stavros:

Pee upstream. Your enemies will never see it coming.
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:03am neil:

stand alone and blend in.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:03am Whooda:

if your going to be involved in a car wreck ask the driver to stop and let you out first.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:04am stavros:

Pigeons are your friend.
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:04am neil:

check under bed for monsters every night.
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:05am Chris:

Never do your own stunts. The stunt crew are paid very well to be you in those moments.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:06am stavros:

Rule number 4: Never get high on your own supply
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:07am Whooda:

Marry a Doctor
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:08am Chris:

Anyone who says "It's a victimless crime" is up to no good and should be expected to turn on you at some point.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:09am DJ Stashu:

What about surviving in the woods?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:10am stavros:

Climb a tree, tie yourself down, and hope Haymitch can get sponsors to send you parachutes...duh
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:11am Whooda:

bring a shovel and toliet paper
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:11am neil:

avoid sharks, bears an lions. <thee dreaded forest sharks> <they have dreads> <under their rasta hats> roll up thee windows.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:12am Whooda:

If you get lost in the woods follow the stream downhill.
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:12am Chris:

Well don't piss off the gnomes, obviously.
Never eat honeycombs in front of bees.
If you come across discarded pornography in the woods, make a note of its location, as it is worth its weight in gold to the roving gangs of feral middle schoolers.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:14am stavros:

Woodland fairies can only be trusted once you get to know them
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:14am neil:

flash around a bunch ov cash if u want answers.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:15am Whooda:

If you are lost in the woods call someone with your cell phone, they'll know what to do.
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:15am Chris:

Woodland animals can't differentiate between you holding a gun and you pretending to have six shooters for fingers. They will run to their bunkers until you "holster" them.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:16am DJ Stashu:

What about surviving HEART BREAK?
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:17am Chris:

Birds will pester you with record suggestions until you scare them off. Deer can be format snobs. A squirrel will beatbox if you can promise them a record contract for their sick beats.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:17am stavros:

Time heals all, so does breaking car windows
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:17am Whooda:

Hunt down the creep that hurt you and give him a good knookie on the noggin.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:19am DJ Stashu:

What about surviving GUILT?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:20am Whooda:

Do something even worse that before, that way the guilt isn't so bad.
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:21am Chris:

Ask people if you should feel guilty for things you do. They will more likely be too busy to assess your guilt properly and you will skate away blameless in your mind as well as your peers.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:21am stavros:

Guilt is for nuns and judges. Buy a black robe.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:22am stavros:

Bad advice for surviving guilt: Ask Gary Glitter
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:22am Chris:

When people ask you to recall something potentially sad/guilt laden, refuse and be steadfast about it. It's a trap.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:23am DJ Stashu:

What about surviving SLEEP DEPRIVATION?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:24am stavros:

Will I feel guilty for waking up the people downstairs from dancing to this you ask? No
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:25am stavros:

WFMU playlist commenting..
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:25am Chris:

Fight fatigue by having a constant need to pee.
For reals! A filled to capacity bladder will give you the constant, mild discomfort to remain awake.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 4:26am mauri:

wfmu repair kit should help with all of this.
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:28am neil:

ok this seems to be geting serious. duck and cover. <covering ducks with nice blankets will work too><dont use down>...
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:29am Whooda:

Refuse to sleep with Deprivation. What kind of guy calls himself "Deprivation" anyway?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:29am DJ Stashu:

All of them I guess LOL
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:30am stavros:

Get a radio show at 3am
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:33am neil:

quack. quack. quack.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:33am Whooda:

Haha ... wait a minute ... I resemble that remark!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:34am Whooda:

My favorite 45 as a child was Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Not sure if she was from Miami though.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:36am DJ Stashu:

She was most likely from Orlando
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:37am pierre:

Bonjour Dj Stashu,
bonjour Stashuians.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 4:38am Julie:

great song!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:38am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:40am DJ Stashu:

How do you survive BAD WEATHER?
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:40am neil:

i thought spring was a time ov rebirth? all is new again. thee cycle unbroken.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 4:42am Julie:

I had no reason to be over optimistic
But somehow, when you smiled
I could brave bad weather
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:43am DJ Stashu:

Oh yeah
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:44am stavros:

Always listen to your grandmother when she says to bring an umbrella. If you don't, you can be sure its gonna rain
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:44am neil:

unless you are on thee other side ov thee circle...a la our winter is the southern summer...
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:44am neil:

earth bubble.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:45am stavros:

Ask Neil Degrasse Tyson If you can hitch a ride in his spaceship
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:46am pierre:

Is That polish ?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:47am DJ Stashu:

It's Mariah Carey
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:47am stavros:

4:46 Mariah time
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:47am stavros:

Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:47am DJ Stashu:

Actually yes, that WAS Polish, but a dialect that I am not completely familiar with!
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:48am neil:

more ov a carl sagan guy. he was hip.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:49am stavros:

doo do doo duh
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:49am stavros:

If my dancing did not wake my neighbors, my singing definitely will
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:49am pierre:

Now I'm fantasizing about Mariah Carrey-hé.. Singing in polish
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:51am DJ Stashu:

She could learn...
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:51am pierre:

(Oh, yes my question was posted at the end of the polish song, therefore, confusion was created)
  Tue. 3/11/14 4:51am neil:

just sayin different perspective. inside to outside. outside from inside. reflective retrospective...
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:53am Whooda:

The Detroiters are hot in the house tonight.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:53am stavros:

weather survival tip: smack the weatherman for thinking they can tell you which way the wind blows
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:55am Whooda:

Punchline: Roy is that the cat that chewed your new shoes?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 4:56am stavros:

Andrews is actually an anglicized greek name with respect to the Andrews sisters
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:01am stavros:

How do you survive the Spice Girls?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:02am stavros:

Give em what they want, what they really really want
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:03am neil:

andro genie? harmony ov thee opposites? earth fire water air?
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:04am mk:

best spice girls song!
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:04am Seamus:

Lisa Stansfield, I Can't Find My Baby
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 5:05am Julie:

Stashu can you see me eating popcorn?!!
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:05am mk:

crazy show!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:05am DJ Stashu:

How does one survive GETTING OLDER?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:06am DJ Stashu:

YES with my internet eyes I CAN see you eating popcorn!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 5:06am Julie:

You're magic
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:06am sad saul:

the evil hour with the oral corporation home invasion Mass Irony shakedown
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:07am stavros:

Eat the soul of Benjamin Buttons
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:07am pierre:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 5:08am estimo:

yeah another normal morning with stashu! good morning!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:08am stavros:

They sing the hands up song right?
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:08am Seamus:

I can not see anything in these dinamix
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:08am pierre:

I recommend learning the moves of Ottawan
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:08am Whooda:

Swim in the natural springs of central Florida, the fountain of youth and follow your passion without compromise.
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:09am neil:

swimming is fun.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:11am stavros:

Laughter and love. Also i hear that mud masks help
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:11am DJ Stashu:

Swimming is THE ONLY WAY
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:11am pierre:

I love WFMU
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:12am Whooda:

Swimming in Florida is going to involve nudity at some point and that really is fun.
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:13am neil:

water returns to water.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 5:13am Julie:

Now I gotta brush my teeth again :(
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:14am Seamus:

nina cherry buffalo stance!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:14am DJ Stashu:

This is empowering brush your teeth music Julie!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:15am Whooda:

Julie I think somebody needs to invent seedless popcorn.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 5:15am Julie:

Yeah! Yeah! I'm a man in motion..and I got a tooth brush! No plaque for me!
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:16am Seamus:

Luv it. I'm a child of the 80's. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:16am stavros:

Next years DJ premium: Man in Motion musical toothbrush
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:17am Whooda:

Yeah I can make it I know I can, I can break free, no plaque for me, all I need's a pair of wings and dental floss string
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:18am stavros:

  Tue. 3/11/14 5:18am Seamus:

Kirsty McColl, 15 minutes!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:20am stavros:

  Tue. 3/11/14 5:23am Seamus:

Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:24am bibi:

hello resting athletes.
well, resting like listening to that gorgeous stashu mayhem.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:24am stavros:

Keep on dancin. This about sums up the last few hours(as much as one can dance half laying down with their laptop). You're killin it tonight.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 5:25am Julie:

post-mara show is always a blast, I think. It's like YEAH..MUSIC
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:25am Seamus:

Johny r u queer/
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:26am Whooda:

Happy Birthday Barbie. 50 years old and still waking up naked on the stairs.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 3/11/14 5:26am Julie:

Did you know the Gloo Girls ran their own all-woman moving company?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:26am pierre:

Should they have a name, I think I remember Scott Williams doing a post-marathon-show-hangover-thing
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:26am stavros:

true story. I listened to a lot of fmu today Julie, and everybody was great
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:27am DJ Stashu:

They finally fed us
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:27am DJ Stashu:

After 365 days of not eating
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:28am Whooda:

Agreed, for whatever reason be it celebration or deprivation the shows have been wonderful.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:28am stavros:

Stn Mgr Ken hid all the food in his smelly fat suit
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:29am Seamus:

Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:29am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:29am bibi:

they finally fed these poor lil monkeys too.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:30am pierre:

three piano keys, and massive memories flashing back at my eyes.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:32am bibi:

yeah, next step is 'enigma' ? tell me you wont !
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:33am stavros:

i frequently miss the ump ta ump ta ump ta of the 90s
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:33am pierre:

or Dahool "meet her at the love parade"
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:34am stavros:

a lot funner to dance to
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:34am pierre:

(I was a fan of house music when I was 12, where everybody was into rap, I didn't get the right path)
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:35am bibi:

dahool, oh boy. i think we are from the same generation, pierre.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:35am stavros:

I don't think liking rap and dance music have to be exclusive.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:37am DJ Stashu:

You're only allowed to like one genre of music and you are limited to only 52 songs.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:37am bibi:

teenagers are, in most cases, exclusive.
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:37am Seamus:

Neu, Sister. Ken will favour you 4 ever after!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:38am pierre:

yeah, It took me some time to realize that I could actually like several genre of music.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:38am stavros:

Do you have to stick with the genre or can it be seasonal?
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:39am pierre:

@ bibi : yeah, it would appear so. Also, I'm pretty sure that we might have friends in common.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:39am bibi:

in my high school, i could count people enjoying rap AND dance on one hand (i was not included).
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:40am stavros:

Winter-disco spring-rock summer-hip hop fall- new wave
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:40am Seamus:

Lettuce do sum Krautrock!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:42am pierre:

actually, weirdly I was enjoying Dance / Punk / and Jazz
and I had one punk fellow to hang out and share out with. :)
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:42am stavros:

perfect song
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:43am bibi:

@stavros, i try to listen to everything all the time, but i end up acting exactly like you described.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:43am stavros:

I was only openly into hip hop in HS
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:44am stavros:

its true about the little to no crossover in HS
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:44am pierre:

now I just listen to WFMU, which means everything in the best way.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:44am DJ Stashu:

How do you survive EXHAUSTION?
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:46am neil:

orange juice.
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:46am Seamus:

Shit, i don't get a heart? I gave for 15 years and now i'm broke. I feel like shit. Soooooooory FMU. I Luv all U. I hope 2 do better next year. Boom Shaka.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:46am stavros:

Step 1 Dance 13 minutes
Step 2 Station I.D.
Step 3 succumb to the exhaustion
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:46am Whooda:

Nice clean sheets, soft pillow, dark quite room and deep sleep full of restful dreams, of course.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:48am pierre:

you'd have to sacrifice some time and have a good night sleep, and wake up wen your body tell you to.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:49am stavros:

Tornadoes help too
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:51am neil:

if u dont drink orange juice you might get an orange juice jonez...
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:54am stavros:

i could smell the fat suit from brooklyn
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:54am Whooda:

I am going to test that theory about the pillow and sweet dreams. See ya on the other side of the rainbow DJ Stashu and friends. If you see me in *your* dreams I'll be Johnny Carson giving the weather report and wearing a big clown tie.
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:54am neil:

blame rainbows on the rain...
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:55am stavros:

later whooda!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:55am bibi:

no, its snowing again in NJ ? come on it's like summer now in paris !
  Tue. 3/11/14 5:56am Seamus:

Detroit Cobras! to fin the set!
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:56am Whooda:

Upstate NY forcast more than 12" on Wednesday.

Thanks Stavros! I love you all.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:58am stavros:

Good night/morning everybody! Great show Stashu.
Avatar Tue. 3/11/14 5:59am bibi:

thk you, it was a really freeform show.
  Tue. 3/11/14 6:02am mk:

gary glitter is a paedo[phile
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/12/14 2:09pm tomasz.:

i'm in this show! Stashu is magic.
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