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Southern inspirational dada.

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Options December 19, 2013: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White

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Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:08pm dale:

we join miracle nutrition already in progress....
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:08pm P-90:

'We found the show..." Jeeez
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Happy Hearty Holidays, Human Heroes!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey, he said "double aught" spy--woohoo!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:09pm hosepipe:

Seeking unlabeled nutritive additives floating in the mason jar.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:10pm dale:

jethro bodine was the original double aught spy
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Hearty Claus!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:12pm glenn:

santa claus was probably from turkey. i doubt he was jewish.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:12pm pencil-neck geek:

OMG. First I learn Santa is black, now I learn he's a Jew. Oh the humanity!

Merry Christmas and whatever else.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:13pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Santa was Sammy Davis ?? I think I've seen that...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:13pm glenn:

santa is definitely a vampire.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:13pm Matt from Springfield:

St. Nicholas of Myra, Greek-speaker in Asia Minor. So ethnically Cappadocian or something like.
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:13pm Sammy D. Jr.:

Black Power! Here's looking at Jew, kid
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:14pm Matt from Springfield:

"Bed, Bath & Baha'i"
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:14pm P-90:

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:15pm The Rest Of The Brat Pack:

Jesus H.. Now he'll never go away.
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:16pm P-90:

Wasn't there a Cappadocian officer on Deep Space 9?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:16pm Sorry, I Meant Rat Pack:

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Or was that a Kardashian officer? I think that's their home planet..
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:17pm glenn:

Hearty, can you play Freebird?
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:19pm P-90:

I hear that Kardashian nerve pinch is a real bitch
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:20pm Matt from Springfield:

It appears Myra was in the ancient region of Lycia.

Also, he was "a patron of the Varangian Guard of the Byzantine emperors". Now THAT sounds like a Star Trek reference!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:21pm jug line:

P-90, it's messy. It's a strangulation between butt cheeks death gripl
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:21pm dale:

i was just watching some andy williams clips on youtube. horrible thing to foist upon the holiday viewing audience
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:22pm The Rest Of The Brat Pack:

@Sammy: Have you seen Molly R. lately? Dropped off the map
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:23pm dale:

but everyone seemed cleaner and happier and better fed, so i guess that's why we watched
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:23pm steve:

Genghis Khan
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:24pm Andrew McCarthy:

Forget Molly. What about Me?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:25pm dale:

i thought people only had basements in the south when a sinkhole took the back bedroom
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:25pm Whooda:

@Dale Last Night Mary Wing played a song from that same era with music from the Firestone Orchestra, yes the tire company. Nothing like the warm and fuzzy feeling of Christmas and the smell of fresh rubber vulcanizing in the oven.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:25pm Matt from Springfield:

There are prob several bad people through our ancestries--and without whom, no one would exist. Even the very good descendants. And - vice versa! ...
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:26pm sara:

ammonia smells find the cats, or keeps me back sometimes.
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:26pm P-90:

"The Andy Williams Better-Fed Musical Christmas Special" even beat Flip Wilson in the Neilson ratings one year.
'69? '70?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I guess it's true then Santa is Jolly because he knows where the bad girls live...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:27pm label scraps:

@Dale There's never enough room left in the sinkhole for a cellar 'cause all the old furniture done filled it up.
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:29pm sara:

some people aren't always in a mood to talk. maybe it balances out.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:29pm dale:

we had a ton of the firestone albums, a new one came out every year. or they did compilation of country artists xmas song
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...if too well-fed too quickly...:
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:30pm sara:

hotwire their heart?
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:30pm P-90:

"Yuletide! Where the rubber meets the road"
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Labeling "left" and "right" boobs are important, if you're getting a boob job.

I know how to pick a lock--find the one that fits your door, with the best value for the money.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:31pm beans, rice and mash:

I'll be damned! RR Santa IS Sammy Davis Jr.!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:31pm Marcel M:

@Matt Hah!
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:32pm P-90:

I hear those boob jobs are hard to find, but the benefits are dynamite. ..I hear
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:33pm sara:

would put a padlock on her corset if she had one and a saw came out.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...not to say the perks?...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Santa loves the Alexanders 'cause - yerknow - Milk...
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:36pm P-90:

@RevRab: I think I also heard something about "French Benefits"?
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Thu. 12/19/13 7:39pm sara:

what you do matters more than who you were, in most cases
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Character is Destiny. Or in the case of PhatSantas, Density maybe...
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:41pm sara:

and character can evolve daily
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Love is good to the very last drop.
Falling down however, is not...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:42pm talks to burrowing spiders:

"Fiery wreck in Moscow claims lives of three, injures eight, deputy prime minister of Dagestan is among those killed."

At least it was a politician for a change instead of a journalist or "Hooligan" Greenpeace or Pussy Riot member.

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:43pm Matt from Springfield:

The Who should've done a Dr. Seuss Xmas special rock opera in the early 70s or before, when they were still rockin'.
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:43pm Revolution Kringle Tet69:

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh! And a Happy New Year!
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:43pm sara:

it's still unfortunate and there's the chance it was an assassination
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:44pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Horton Hears The Wh♂
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:45pm P-90:

@Matt: yeah, when Moonie was still around.....he was kind of a Dr. Seuss character anyway
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:45pm sara:

would watch
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Banh Mi, Ho Chi Minh!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Moon could play two split screen drummers in crazy dyed hair, Moon 1 and Moon 2!
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:46pm Ho:

OK, yer banned!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:47pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- my absurdist fantasy 'The Lion The Witch & the Wardrobe Malfunction'...okay, it's a sexploitation satire...always Winter, Krampus on Kampus...okay I'm lost...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:47pm Philthy woman:

I LOVE you Hearty!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:48pm JakeGould:

“Horton Hears The Wh♂” YES! GENIUS!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@RRN63: The ghost of Blockbuster has an imaginary backroom filled with those titles! Fall asleep and you're there! :)
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:48pm Philthy woman:

You have cheered me on a bad day.
'Legacy enema'
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:49pm Other Philty Wimmins:

We LOVE you too, Hearty!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:49pm Philthy woman:

You have cheered me on a bad day.
'Legacy enema'
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:49pm raku glaze fire:

“Horton Hears The Wh♂” It is genius. Moon could be the kid that makes all the racket in the racket house thing / place
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I think that's the basement where Hearty is...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:50pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Horton heard the Guess Who...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:50pm Matt from Springfield:

The *Guess* Who .. *Kitten* Stevens..
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:50pm Philthy woman:

many apropos Hearty statements for me today! thank you
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:51pm sara:

ghostpouri scares me
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:51pm village cracker:

Three Dogged all Night
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:52pm fleep:

Gertrude Stein Air Freshener would smell like a rose, like a rose, like a rose
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:52pm JakeGould:

“Ghost of Gertrude Stein came out of my air freshener…” actually has hits, yo.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:52pm Matt from Springfield:

It is a rose, is a rose, is a rose.
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:53pm P-90:

@Jake: well, NOW it does
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:54pm JakeGould:

P-90, you are more like a D-90.
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:55pm sara:

soup starter radio
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:56pm fleep:

Gruyere own.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...we must remember Cheesus @ Xmas...
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:56pm ! I X Key !:

I didn't get anything when I googled that in quotes, & it said results for it without quotes
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:56pm Matt from Springfield:

P-30, P-60, P-90 - GO!
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:56pm P-90:

I have no problem believing that Hearty used to sell cheese
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@I X: Once the playlist is closed, it will post in searches!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

"& I quote"& I quote"& I quote"& I quote"
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:57pm ! I X Key !:

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:57pm fleep:

Give them a dictionary and tell them to pick out the words they like.
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:58pm sara:

you could leave extra cookies and cakes for people at bus stops
  Thu. 12/19/13 7:59pm !:

Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 7:59pm ! I X Key !:

""The ghost of Gertrude Stein just came out of my air freshener""
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 8:00pm Matt from Springfield:

You could also bring a sheet of coupons to a store, and the ones you don't use, give them to someone who might need them! Someone might as well use all coupons they give out!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 8:00pm fleep:

Amen. Punch and bars in vestry. Thanks, Hearty!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 8:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Inoculate yourselves against hate!

Thanks Hearty for an always inspiring monologue, and thanks Heartyfolk for an always inspiring playlist! Happy Holiday(s), everyone!
  Thu. 12/19/13 8:01pm P-90:

Listen to Hearty long enough, you will develop "heard immunity"
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 8:01pm pig belly futures:

Too much vaccination makes for super bug eggs.
  Thu. 12/19/13 8:01pm sara:

maybe but some people don't have enough money to start coupon clipping, but most people like a free cake
  Thu. 12/19/13 8:02pm P-90:

@ sara: poverty sucks!
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 8:03pm wrinkles polish:

Spread the love and keep shoveling the manure.
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 8:04pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Let that cold wind hit your flubbery butt:
~~~~ CIC
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 8:04pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Thu. 12/19/13 8:05pm P-90:

@RevRab: cool visuals
Avatar Thu. 12/19/13 8:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- especially if it's *your* butt...
  Thu. 12/19/13 8:06pm sara:

thanks for putting heart on the airwaves hearty
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