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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options November 8, 2013

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
The Love Story  U$ Drone   Options U$ Drone  0:00:00 ()
David Rosenboom  In the Beginning IV: (Electronic)   Options In the Beginning  0:34:25 ()
Ursula Bogner  Metazoom   Options Recordings 1969–1988  0:46:49 ()
Jocy De Oliveira  Estoria IV   Options Estorias Para Voz Instrumentos  0:52:03 ()
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza  Untitled   Options Azioni  1:13:31 ()
The Hafler Trio  Tourist with Pendulum   Options Dislocation  1:32:15 ()
Luca Forucicci  L'Enclume des Jours   Options Fog Horns  1:56:36 ()
Yannick Dauby  Arches   Options [his homepage web site on the internet]  2:07:59 ()
Yannick Dauby  Chant de Dune   Options   2:33:08 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:08pm Ike:

Oh yeah.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:09pm Cheri Pi:

I'll stop the world and drone witchoo
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:10pm Chris from DC:

Oooh, good start here.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:10pm Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Bryce. Good vibration.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:12pm doca:

game of drones...that didn't sound cool
  Fri. 11/8/13 12:12pm nic:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:12pm Bryce:

guys, i'm just shaving my back with a contact mic
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:15pm DCE:

love it! but be sure to clean up the studio when finished...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:15pm common:

I know that sound, bryce.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:15pm tim from champaign:

I thought this drone sounded a little hairy.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:16pm Bryce:

clippers sound like headphones plugged into a wall outlet
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:17pm tim from champaign:

Bryce, do you have any Michel Redolfi? I just read about him. Like 2 minutes ago - literally. His music sounds darn intriguing.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:20pm BDR:

Seeking Bryce advice: been digging Chris Watson's field recordings - suggestion of something I might enjoy trying please?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:20pm Bryce:

i don't! underwater AND glass, nice! i'll have to poke around
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:21pm Cecile:

Bryce, how's that laser harp hunt going?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:21pm Cheri Pi:

Laser Harp removal?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:23pm YETI BOB:

BDR: the Watson field recordings are brilliant. i am particularly fond of "outside the circle of fire" although that's an older one. from that same 90's period, have you heard "the conet project" ? (irdial.com)
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:24pm Chris from DC:

BDR: El Tren Fantasma from last year (I think) is great. His recordings from a train in Mexico.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:25pm YETI BOB:

bryce, this drony blown-out track is great. jefre cantu-ledesma also comes to mind.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:26pm Bryce:

hahaaa, the hunt hasn't officially started yet, Cecile, but the brainworm is growing....

it's like fiberoptic lawn sprinkler
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:26pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Licking the floor in a cyclone of deep internal oblivion.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:26pm BDR:

Chris - yes, that's the one I've been digging, that and Weather Report. Would like to try someone else (just discovering field recordings via Bryce and Jeff Mullan and Fabio here.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:28pm Bryce:

yeah, el tren fantasma is so lovely. they all are though. i like all his cds on the Touch label a lot!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:30pm Bryce:

yeti bob, it's just a farfisa and guitar pedals too!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:30pm kirk from beer city usa:

this is really great
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:31pm YETI BOB:

never underestimate the power of guitar pedals
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:32pm Bryce:

pedals: the buchla for the rest of us
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:37pm tim from champaign:

Hey kirk!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:43pm Bryce:

speaking of buchlas.....
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:44pm Hugo:

Speaking of Rosenboom and Buchla:


Love this one ...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:44pm aaron in chicago:

sick beeps bryce
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:45pm glenn:

gene luen yang. www.casualoptimist.com...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:45pm Bryce:

hahaaa, hugo, mind-reading yet again...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:46pm kirk from beer city usa:

hi tim! damn, I'm 2 for 2 on the clicky star thing. this is great too...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:50pm Hugo:

@Bryce: Synchronicity ...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:51pm tim from champaign:

I like all the cat avatars in the playlist.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:52pm George of Troy:

Hey Bryce!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 12:56pm Bryce:

hey, george! :)
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:06pm fred:

Bryce, I'm trying to get my employer to bring Daniel Menche for a residency or something. Any recommendations in his prolific output? I already used Jugularis and Marriage of Metals to good effect, but that just amounts to a foot in the door.
The real question is whether he would even be interested, but that a shorter shot
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:13pm Bryce:

oh man, hard to recommend....he has SO much music. i've never met mr. menche, so don't know what he'd be into. A few different friends of mine know him, though -- by all accounts, he's a super-nice guy. i'd just give him holler!
  Fri. 11/8/13 1:15pm nic:

love this
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:19pm Inner Ear Detour:

Enjoyed that Jocy de Oliveira cut, Bryce.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:20pm Bryce:


hi, D!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:27pm Planet Tyler:

Love this stuff btw - thanks for playing...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:30pm Bryce:

thanks, tyler!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:38pm amEdeo:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:39pm Cecile:

@fred - nothing ventured is nothing gained.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:39pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:40pm Cecile:

Just coming off a yummy bi bim bap lunch. nom nom nom
  Fri. 11/8/13 1:40pm nic:

awesome :-)
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:41pm amEdeo:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:41pm George of Troy:

One of my favorite H3O albums.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:42pm fred:

@bryce: no issue there, just fishing for ideas: it's just a very long shot pet project of mine, most likely to yield nothing substantial. At least I did get a couple of people there to listen to his music, and they liked it
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:44pm ! I X Key !:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:45pm ! I X Key !:

The Halfler Trio has always been such a beautiful thing! Andrew McKenzie is such a beautiful artist!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 1:54pm Cheri Pi:

Jealous Cecile! We're planning on doing the Dolsot Bibimbaps this weekend, can't wait!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:00pm ! I X Key !:

! Yum all up bibimbap (o:
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:00pm tim from champaign:

You know what's even better than bi bim bap?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:00pm Crankpaw:

This is my friday show! as the weekly grind grinds down molten amoeba non-squarenothingshape space dance
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:01pm tim from champaign:

Bi bim bap with beersies!

Although both go very well on their own.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:01pm ! I X Key !:

What's even better, tim?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:02pm Cecile:

nice, Cheri! My bi bim bap was about as non-dolsot as can be, but was still delicious.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:03pm tim from champaign:

I get the non-dolsot every once in a while for a change of pace.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:06pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

seems like bibimbap carts have taken over downtown dc -- i haven't yet indulged but now curious...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:07pm Cecile:

It's a hearty, but pretty healthy meal.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:08pm Cheri Pi:

I like my Bibimbap bubbling over like brimstone.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:09pm tim from champaign:

OK, I've had it for the week. Who brought the beer?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:09pm Cheri Pi:

Rev-they have a tofu version I'm sure youll find quite to your satisfaction.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:09pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:09pm fred:

@Rev: when are you coming back to Paris, France?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:10pm Mike East:

@tim - someone left a few brews in my work fridge. cheersies.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:10pm Cheri Pi:

A giant OB beer with bibimbap, heaven
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:10pm fred:

Did someone mention beersies?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:13pm tim from champaign:

Where's kirk from beer city? That dude keeps a well stocked fridge.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:13pm DCE:

beer in the work fridge...paradise gained, my man...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:15pm Mike East:

life is good, DCE - if only it was something better than Coronas. Mexican tortas on the way.
Avatar    Fri. 11/8/13 2:15pm cklequ:

I'm splurging on a bottle of Rogue's Bacon Maple Ale tonight. Curiosity has finally gotten the better of me.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:16pm kirk from beer city usa:

correction, tim - we have 2 fridges and both always have lots of beer in them.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:16pm tim from champaign:

Mike, it's better than no beer at all.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:17pm tim from champaign:

I've obviously way overdue for a visit then, kirk.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:18pm amEdeo:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:22pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Actually there IS beer in the work fridge over here... best contract position evah.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:22pm Bryce:

which one?
  Fri. 11/8/13 2:23pm kim:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:23pm Bryce:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:27pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Put a comma between BUTT and LORD and you get something which is blasphemous AND very physically challenging.
  Fri. 11/8/13 2:28pm nic:

hey love this forucicci 2
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:29pm kirk from beer city usa:

yes you are, tim.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:30pm tim from champaign:

Is this what they call Ambient Dogstep?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:30pm Ike:

I had a bánh mì tofu dog at a temporary stand in Herald Sq. recently. It was very good, but expensive for the small size.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:31pm Bryce:

tho not, strictly, impossible

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:34pm Cecile:

Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:35pm Ike:

This isn't dogstep, this is dogbient or something.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:35pm βrian:

Which is "beer city?"
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:36pm Cecile:

Howl-se music.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:39pm tim from champaign:

@Brian - Grand Rapids, MI.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:39pm kirk from beer city usa:

grand rapids, MI, beta-rian.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:40pm kirk from beer city usa:

I think Asheville NC won the honor once too
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:40pm Loren:

Hey Bryce, who down at WFMU helped pick the UbuWeb top ten?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:42pm Loren:

uh, top 15...
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:42pm fred:

I thought about applying for asylum there, but the "USA" part made me reconsider. Belgium is closer, easier, and more promising
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:42pm βrian:

What happened to the furniture?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:44pm Bryce:

loren, not sure!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:45pm tim from champaign:

@fred - good choice. Although, Grand Rapids is pretty cool these days, it was still settled by many of the Calvinists who left the Netherlands because it was too worldly and immoral.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:46pm tim from champaign:

@beta rian - it done up and left a while ago.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:48pm fred:

Belgium is so underestimated: they wouldn't get Johnny Hallyday, but they welcomed El-g, TG Gondard, Le Club des Chats, and many other luminaries. They just get it, whatever it is
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:49pm tim from champaign:

I agree. If Belgium's beer, cheese and chocolate are indication, they must get something.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:50pm fred:

@tim: so the Calvinist definition of worldly and immoral involves bad beer? Are you trying to convert me?
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:51pm ranjit:

Belgium has these guys who dance naked with robots! www.logosfoundation.org
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:52pm βrian:

I spent a year in Holland, MI. Oy, was I glad to get outta there!
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:54pm tim from champaign:

If that were only true, fred. The Calvinists had a stranglehold on the city until the late 90s. I grew up in Grand Rapids and remember seeing the beer aisle at the grocery store blocked off on Sunday when I was a little kid. Fortunately, a large number of more worldly people who embraced beer culture moved to the area and over powered the Calvinists' fuddy duddy ways.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:56pm Droll:

Thanks Bryce for the lovely lurky show today!
  Fri. 11/8/13 2:57pm nic:

great show bryce ++++
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:58pm fred:

Bryce is the only DJ who made me miss a live show. It only happened once, but it happened: I just couldn't leave, even knowing it would be archived
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 2:58pm common:

bryce knows what would be funny.
Avatar Fri. 11/8/13 3:00pm Thibault:

Great show, thank you Bryce
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