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Power ballads, toy commercials, items from the buzz bin, and other happy singalong songs. The best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today!

Wednesdays Noon - 2pm (EST) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio
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Options October 16, 2013: Your Father's Mustache*
*Sorry, the archive to this show is not available.

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments New
The Blow  Make it Up   Options The Blow  Kanine    CD    *  
Summer Twins  Forget Me   Options   Burger    7"    *  
Fig Dish  Eyesore   Options split with Eveready  Liquid Meat    7"     
The Mr. T Experience  ...And I Will Be With You   Options   Lookout  1997  7"     
The Hombres  Go, Girl, Go   Options   Verve    7"     
The Tams  Hey Girl Don't Bother Me   Options Hey Girl Don't Bother Me  ABC Paramount  1963  LP     
Dr. Dre & Ed Lover  Back Up Off Me   Options     1994    YouTube   
Waylon Jennings  Amanda   Options The Ramblin' Man  RCA  1974  LP     
Bill Callahan  Javelin Unlanding   Options Dream River  Drag City    CD    *  
James Gang  Thanks   Options Rides Again  ABC  1970  LP     
Harper's Bizarre  Jessie   Options Anything Goes  WB    LP     
Gilda Radner  Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals   Options         YouTube   
Woody Herman  Your Father's Mustache   Options The Thundering Herds  CBS    LP     
Dennis Farnon & Orchestra  Why Don't You Do Right   Options Caution! Men Swinging  RCA Victor    LP     
Champion Jack Dupree  Can't Kick the Habit   Options Blues From the Gutter  Atlantic  orig 1958  CD     
Radiohead  No Surprises   Options OK Computer        Spotify   
The Bevis Frond  After You   Options Split with thebrotheregg  Totally Punk    7"    *  
Linda Thompson  As Fast As My Feet   Options Won't Be Long Now  Pettifer Sounds    CD    *  
Laura Nyro  Save The Country   Options New York Tendaberry  Columbia  1969  LP     
The Bubble Puppy  It's Safe to Say   Options A Gathering of Promises  Sundazed  orig 1969  LP     
Nico  The Fairest of the Seasons   Options            
The Bee Gees  Paper Mache, Cabbages & Kings   Options To Whom It May Concern  Atco  1972  LP     
The Blendells  La La La La   Options The History Of Latino Rock: Vol. 1- The Eastside Sound  Zyanya/Rhino    LP     
Dino, Desi & Billy  I'm a Fool   Options            
John Cleese et al  Tiger Club/raspberry/acting   Options            
Them  Gloria   Options   London    7"     
Gal Costa  Cinema Olympia   Options Gal  Dusty Groove America  orig 1969  CD     

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 11:59am Rich in Washington:

Hi Amanda! Looking forward to the show, the bright-spot and soundtrack to my otherwise grueling work day.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:01pm listener james from westwood:

hey hey, all, and good afternoon, amanda!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:04pm Amanda:

Ohai you gaais!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:04pm pacific standard simon:

It is alive.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:06pm Jeff Golick:

Hi, all. I like The Blow.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:08pm pacific standard simon:

This Summer Twins thing is more to my taste -- never heard it before, either.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:09pm Amanda:

Ya, I love The Blow too. Very excited to see the CD in the n00b bin (though it has been there for almost a month already).
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:09pm MattBelow:

Hi Nazz! Hi everybody!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:09pm Jeff Golick:

Same here, @pss. I've come to think of Burger Records as a pretty good arbiter of quality.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:11pm pacific standard simon:

Whammy bar and echo, always a good sign.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:19pm Mr. T:

I pity the fools missing this sublime radio show.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Bon Apres-Midi.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:20pm Amanda:

Why thank you, Mr. T., for that kind piece of jibber jabber.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:22pm Amanda:

Hello to everybody! Rich, LJfW, pss, Jeff G., MattBelow, Revolution Rabbit, Doug, and all future commenters!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:24pm northguineahills:

Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:24pm Nancy R:

You best do what my homie says: www.lovinglygreg.com...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

SpaceCowboys in Africa Nancy.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:26pm northguineahills:

Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Pretty Flamingo? :
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:36pm northguineahills:

If it would be anything like my life when I was 18 in 1994, I'd watch it. I'm somehow still 'sane' and alive.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:37pm listener james from westwood:

i liked a lot of things in the 90s (graduated college 1991), but through much of them i was what tom scharpling would likely refer to as a "garbage human."
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:38pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...90s flick - espresso, CD stores (remember them!) - espresso - rich girlfriend on meth - sister of somebody I know dying of AIDS - telemarketing jobs (gawd!!) - CD store jobs (...gawd!) - espresso - friend on smack - drinking more espresso to go to sleep & talk fast in my dreams
...I should watch this why - ?!?
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:40pm Amanda:

Maybe it would just be a remake of the movie "Singles."
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...poetry readings!...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:42pm northguineahills:

Harpers Bizarre!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:43pm listener james from westwood:

ah, "singles," the movie that blocked tarantino from using "my sharona" in the pawn-shop basement "deliverance" scene.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:45pm listener james from westwood:

strike that—i'm thinking of "reality bites."
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:45pm listener james from westwood:

i'm mixing my slackers.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:46pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...starting to see old CDs mouldy like vinyl rekkids have long been...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:46pm Brian in UK:

Hello Amanda. Aw schucks.Missed Summer Twins. Great POP for NOW people.
Nardwuar did an interview with the Burger Record people
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:46pm Doug Schulkind:

What does the fucks say?
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:47pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Love you Gilda.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:47pm listener james from westwood:

confirming a legit guffaw at the chicken line.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:50pm Amanda:

I apologize for the error: this piece is called "Your Father's Mustache," not "My Father's Mustache."
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:51pm Artie:

My Mom will be relieved.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:55pm pacific standard simon:

My mp3 player is looking good for later today at work: Richard Thompson live, Nick Lowe live, Nils Lofgren live, T-Bone Walker complete Capitol recordings, first 2 Leon Redbone albums...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 12:58pm Dominick:

Thanks for the Gilda
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:05pm northguineahills:

Time for lunch. Awesome set!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...man - we can't have DJ personalities w/ idiosyncrasies...we want brainless always 'up' idiotboxes w/ nothing substantial to commuicate like on corprate commercial radio...yessireee!
...the platypus stands in for us all...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:08pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I'm impressionable enuff - when/after I read something - my 'inner narrator' riffs in that style for a little while as I go about life...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:10pm Brian in UK:

The Dachshund Brothers, do not mess with them if you value your ankles.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:10pm Stanley:

Hello there Amanda.
Stuffed animal platypus = goodbye crankiness.
In my book.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:11pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

..not as interesting as dreaming about the home & room you grew up in all the time (as discussed previous week) - so whata yoo got - ?!?
- My OK Computer song was 'Let Down' - put that in the 90s flick...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:12pm Stanley:

Hi Brian, good to see ya.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:13pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...the Frond.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:15pm Amanda:

@Brian -- Also, I tend to say "The Dachshund Brothers!" to myself in the manner of Gus Fring saying "The chicken brothers!" in the Pollos Hermanos commercial.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:17pm Brian in UK:

Hey Stanley. How are your folks?
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:18pm Brian in UK:

This Linda Thompson is a real eye-opener. Back on mid-season form.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:19pm Jeff Golick:

Lovely Linda.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:20pm Doug Schulkind:

Waaaay better than The Butthead Frond.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:20pm Brian in UK:

@Amanda that's the funny thing about dogs. You would never talk to a cat in an odd voice but a dog, well......
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Lose Linda Ronstadt's voice - get back L. Thompson's?
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I talk complete nonsense to cats.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:24pm Jeff Golick:

Truth be told, The Butthead Frond's first album was pretty good. And their unreleased demos.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I think Frond write good songs - & I thot they were good @ a Terrastock I was @ - but I don't know their stuff in & out...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:26pm Brian in UK:

Nick Saloman is OK with me. Published the Telamaic Terrorscope if memory serves.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:29pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Revolution Rabbit: Does this mean you've always thought I'm a cat? That explains your comments on my playlist. I'm going to feed them to my cat today.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Ptolemaic Terrascope :
...love stuff like Jackson Browne writing for Nico that violates boundaries people have created...if it's this good, that is...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Ouch! The proprietor of such a Program has termed my input 'nonsense' !
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:34pm Brian in UK:

Been a strange day here. Thick fog with hints of red in the air. (sounds lke a paint chart) Then rain, late afternoon clear blue skies and sunshine. Think it might be chilly tonight.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:36pm pacific standard simon:

Kenzo looks really hot in those heels.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...yes Brian - but one always imagines such weather in the thee Olde World as so much more Baroue & Romantic somehow...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...you can tell this BGs is already into the 70s a bit because - erm - it's getting less good...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:41pm listener james from westwood:

bee gees! w00t!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...sorry for typos - cat is typing for me & it's hard to get him to focus & take it seriously...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:42pm Brian in UK:

Who is singing lead? Joe Cocker?
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:44pm Brian in UK:

@RR well the lamplighters have just been round. Got plenty of kindling in for the open fire. Hedgehog pie for tea tonight.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:47pm Brian in UK:

If the cat cannot focus, a visit to the eye doctor is good. Try evening classes to improve the imposition of the world on a pet, if it sees itself as a pet ofcourse.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Great Brian! - & p'rhaps someday you can visit 'Merica someday & I'll show you my MickeyMouse ears & cowboy hat & pistol collection...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:48pm Brian in UK:

Good work, Amanda. Take it steady with The Brothers.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:49pm pacific standard simon:

Er, well, time to run off to the white hell of flour & sugar bins. Good afternoon and thank you Amanda.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Ta pss.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:50pm Parq:

To be. OR! Not to -- Beeee!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:50pm Brian in UK:

Love Matching Tie.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:50pm Parq:

And, of course, inflection.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:51pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

RevRabbit: No, I have deemed cats far smarter than us.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...is this the one which has two sides on one side?
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:51pm Jeff Golick:

Hidden groove!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:52pm Brian in UK:

@Jeff No danger of that on a CD.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

In Alice - the Cat was the only who talked straight sense @ all.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:53pm Stanley:

Hi Brian, sorry got a phone call. Successful visit to France good weather and food. Folks better than last time. Glad to be back and listening again.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:53pm Parq:

RR1163, the very one.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:53pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Those who are headed my way next...playlist shall emit its wants and needs at wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:53pm Brian in UK:

But that sickly grin that remained when the cat faded.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:53pm Jeff Golick:

That LP's hidden groove [Matching Tie, that is] blew my little mind.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:54pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I love Them. Them may not reciprocate...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:55pm Stanley:

Matching Tie, was this the one that ended with 'Sorry squire, I've scratched the record' at the end?
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:56pm Brian in UK:

@Stanley glad to hear that. Got to make some grub. Take care everyone.
The records stuck (on repeat).
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:57pm Brian in UK:

World War Two Noises by The Ronettes.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:57pm G:

Caetano Veloso wrote that Gal Costa tune...
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:57pm listener james from westwood:

happy to have been here, amanda; thanks!!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:58pm Brian in UK:

Mr Parslow.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:58pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

RevoRabbit: I used to do entire shows of live remixing of Let Down.
Hi and bye Amanda!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 1:58pm Jeff Golick:

Thanks, 'manda.
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 2:00pm Rich in Washington:

Thank you, Amanda! Wonderful show!
Avatar Wed. 10/16/13 2:01pm Amanda:

Have a nice day everyone
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