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Options October 10, 2013: Thee Dusty Show

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Listener comments!

  Thu. 10/10/13 6:03pm Clay Pigeon:

Hello Pigeonnaires!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Shutdown/Brinksmanship Street Interviews!

Hello Clay and all you lovely Pigeonnaires out there!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:03pm sFrances from VA:

Hello hello hello!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:04pm Clay Pigeon:

Matt and Frances. My stalwarts. Thank you for attending.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Close it up, close it up, Boehner's gonna shut us - down!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:05pm davex:

Hi Clay - good to hear you again live...
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

And hello again, Stalwart Frances!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:05pm Clay Pigeon:

Hope not, Matt!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:05pm Clay Pigeon:

davex - welcome my friend!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:06pm dale:

upstate listening. first fire in the woodstove of the season, too. popcorn and vodka in hand, dusty show - perfect nite
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:06pm sFrances from VA:

Hey Stalwart Matt, I'll be at the Maria Bamford show in DC on 11/9
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Defaults are serious biz, I hope they pull back from that threat too.
I haven't come up with lyrics to go with, but last week I felt (for some reason) that Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up" should be redone as the "Shutdown Boogie". Not sure why, but that tune is great.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:07pm Clay Pigeon:

Hope the leaves are still there, dale.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:07pm sFrances from VA:

Clay: you keep us stalwarts on a steady course during these troubled times, eternal gratitude~
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey davex and dale!

@Frances: All right! I'll check my schedge! :)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:08pm northguineahills:

*sniff* That's beautiful Dale!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

FRED??! Who was THAT?! :D
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:08pm sFrances from VA:

@Dale: mmm, woodstove. Flying Dog Raging Bitch beer for me, tho I do wish I had whiskey instead to take the damp chill off....
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:08pm davex:

Thanks Clay!

Hi Matt, Frances, everyone...
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:08pm Clay Pigeon:

I like that Marvin, too, Matthew. Thanks Frances! I know this political stuff eliminates a certain audience percentage. As will this Arcadia.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:08pm John:

Thanks for being honest
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:09pm Clay Pigeon:

north guinea. your presence calms.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@davex: Speaking of Meetups, how'd the Berlin Meetup go?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:09pm chocolate monk:

forget the shutdown, is there gonna be a shout out for DLR on his bday?
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:09pm Clay Pigeon:

John! We named the men's room after you here!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:09pm sFrances from VA:

Even if the fed employees get backpay (as I've read rumors of possibly happening) , that doesn't help all of the non-fed workers who depend on the fed for an income as well....feh.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:10pm Clay Pigeon:

chocomonk - do you mean David Lee Roth?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:10pm sFrances from VA:

Oooh, I love this Arcadia track, is that who the mellow clip was by?
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:11pm Clay Pigeon:

Yes Frances. Last track on the LP.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:11pm kat330:

Hi, Clay! Yo, Frances & Matt! [eating dinner here, but listening]
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:12pm sFrances from VA:

i've heard nothing by them, now i must seek them out, thank you!! Spontaneous Human Happiness!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:12pm chocolate monk:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:12pm dale:

sFrances - coming home yesterday i saw a stack of hardwood pallets with a sign that said FREE - best fast, hot fires ever!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:12pm Clay Pigeon:

Kat is baaaack. Indiana wants me!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:12pm sFrances from VA:

hi Kat!!!xo!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:12pm Clay Pigeon:

Stick around choc-o!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:12pm davex:

@Matt: Thanks for asking - the Berlin meet-up was just the three of us, but it was a good time.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Kat! Shout out to Philo, and to satisfying dinners!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:13pm Clay Pigeon:

Berlin ... as in Terri Nunn?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:13pm kat330:

@Clay: But most certainly you don't want Indiana -- not in these dark, Pence days.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:14pm sFrances from VA:

@dale: free pallets are always the best! so many uses...our heat is currently dead (pending repair next week) and i have no fireplace or wood stove. i am bundled & hot flashes keep me warm.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Indiana will not be disrespected! Indiana's got to get something out of this...and it doesn't even know what!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

L. Cohen?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:15pm kat330:

@Matt: Tres satisfying. Chicken roasted w/ our garden herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme). :) You got my 'Mats man note?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:15pm chocolate monk:

laughing len!!!!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:15pm Clay Pigeon:

Ha Ha Matt! A 40 statue of John Cougar in Seymour!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:16pm Clay Pigeon:

10-4 on the Cohen
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:16pm Nate:

Ich bin ein Berliner!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:16pm davex:

@Clay: More Nina Hagen than Terri Nunn.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:17pm BigLankyGeordie:

Howdee from freezing cold, bleak night of England - brilliant show, love the reportage montage.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:17pm Clay Pigeon:

Neun und neunsich rot balloon!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:17pm Mutant:

I think pallets are treated with toxic chemicals
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:17pm sFrances from VA:

mmmmm Nina Hagen.......swoon
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:17pm Clay Pigeon:

Big Lanky - thrilled to have Mother England aboard. Cheers!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:17pm InBrkly:

Fucking Champs? You have appealed to my inner need to pledge.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: I have now! Clever, that last line of yours :)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:17pm dale:

i put in the stove and lined chimbley when i had money, couldn't afford it now. won't heat the whole house but a lifesaver when the power goes out.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:18pm Clay Pigeon:

In Brkly ---- thanks! I LOVE this 2LP Champs set I found. LOVE! peace to SF and pledge everyone, please.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:19pm dale:

what would they treat oak pallets with? they came from a place that sells big tubs and spas, they only were used the one time. no need for chemicals
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:19pm Nate:

Neunundneunzig Luftballons forever!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:19pm Clay Pigeon:

Creosote, Dale, by the gallon.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:20pm glenn:

i sort of know a guy who was sort of married to nina hagen.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:20pm Mutant:

Methyl Bromide
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:21pm Clay Pigeon:

a brush with fame, glenn!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:21pm BigLankyGeordie:

Vorsprung durch WFMU!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:21pm sFrances from VA:

glenn: was he sort of happy or sort of not?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Sort of married, glenn?
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:21pm Clay fan:

Bus load of nuns? Where they from?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:21pm davex:

So now we sort of know a guy who knows a guy who was sort of married to Nina Hagen.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:21pm Clay Pigeon:

MB- Mutant - the Milton Bradley of chemical compounds.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:21pm sFrances from VA:

clay: i missed the track/band, who is this?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:22pm Mutant:

Pallet talk with Clay!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay's Heroes of the Heartland again, on Pigeon Public Radio! :D
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:22pm Clay Pigeon:

SFrances - Busload of Nuns
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:23pm sFrances from VA:

thank you! now i'm imagining Nuns in gingham habits.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:23pm kat330:

@Matt: Backing up, couldn't locate any "last line of" mine that was clever. You read the "Couldn't Wait" titled one?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:24pm dale:

love that these two old guys can do harmony
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:24pm John:

Xray gingham?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:24pm glenn:

if i recall correctly, she married him so he could be in her band without weird visa issues, but i think they were also reasonably happy for a year or two.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:24pm Nate:

Musik fördert Fortschritt, in der Tat! Gingham RULES!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Acoustic folk rap???

@kat: The "'Mats man note" one!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:25pm cosmic matrix:

clay, this is SO fun. love this shit. great songs. old person rock opera! killer vibrato.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:25pm steve:

i leave for 2 minutes and come back and... where are we?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:25pm cosmic matrix:

black metal vibe.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:25pm Clay Pigeon:

Thanks cosmo - pretty lo-fi ... ultra-low.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:25pm dale:

no creosote clay, not anymore. i have a gallon of it left in old farmhouse here. should sell it on ebay.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:26pm Clay fan:

Love hearing Clay on the guitar! Do you lay it over the dialog?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:26pm glenn:

pigeonaires, you'll love this. ikeaordeath.com
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:26pm cosmic matrix:

man you can write some stuff.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:26pm Lucy:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:26pm cosmic matrix:

he's like ariel pink!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@steve: Go back 5 minutes before this on the Archive. It's just - wonderful! :D
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:26pm sFrances from VA:

poor people in the valley...sigh....no eyes....
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:27pm Mutant:

This one's really good
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:27pm kat330:

OK, Matt, that's what Philo suggested, but didn't see much clever about it. :)

OTOH, Clay is being quite clever and creative here!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:27pm Clay Pigeon:

just layer it up on garageband, fan.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:27pm cosmic matrix:

now i'm turning on the disco light!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:27pm steve:

uhaha ok
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:27pm cosmic matrix:

but you're a wonderful musician, MAN.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:27pm Nate:

Another treasure, Clay!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:28pm Clay Pigeon:

thanks you guys. i have fun doing that stuff.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:29pm Clay Pigeon:

Ha-zeus! I need a new stylus baad. $$$
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:30pm cosmic matrix:

fun is the key. thanks clay!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:30pm sFrances from VA:

this track also rocks....
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:30pm kat330:

(What doesn't jibe is your taste in music created by others, Clay! ;)
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:30pm Clay Pigeon:

ouch ... some crude edits ... time became a faktor
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:30pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:31pm Matt from Springfield:

@Clay: At least this "evil soundtrack music" has highlighted Beck's melodramatic-ness and actually made him funny! ;)
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:32pm Clay Pigeon:

That's ELP (powell) doing MArs Bringer of War from '86. Love it!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:33pm sFrances from VA:

exactly, "who cares about US?"
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:33pm Matt from Springfield:

You digging the "other P" right now?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:33pm sFrances from VA:

ELO > ELP. just sayin' : )
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:34pm sFrances from VA:

dance party!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:34pm steve:

i love shame!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:34pm glenn:

everybody knows that, sfrances.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:34pm kat330:

The Tea Baggers insisting there should be a compromise on what is already LAW is what's infuriating. And some claiming, yeah, "it's law but it's unconstitutional" ignoring the Supreme Court ruling. It boggles the mind....
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:35pm Matt from Springfield:

...and Evelyn "Champagne" King, you played her recently, but agree with that wholeheartedly! An unsung funk hero of the late 70s and early 80s!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:35pm RCinMT:

So glad to be able to tune in live. Great radio.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:35pm Clay Pigeon:

Agree Kat330
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:35pm Matt from Springfield:

@Frances: I don't think anyone on the board right now disagrees with that! :)
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:35pm Clay Pigeon:

Doubled-Down with Evelyn, Matt!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:36pm cosmic matrix:

was that a hannah-barbara jet sound?
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:36pm Clay Pigeon:

RC. Glad to have you aboard! Big Sky Country!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:36pm Clay Pigeon:

cosmic ... i think so!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:37pm cosmic matrix:

did you add it or was it in the disco track??
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:37pm sFrances from VA:

@Kat: I happened to be in DC during the very first major Tea Party rally there in 2008, infiltrated w/my camera & it was the most hateful group of people i've ever been surrounded by. so sadly, this shut down & their illogic doesn't surprise me.booooooo.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:38pm cosmic matrix:

i like the poorly spaced bleeps
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:38pm sFrances from VA:

glenn: respect! Jeff Lynne is amazing. and people don't realize how depressing so many ELO lyrics are because the music is so catchy....
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:38pm Clay Pigeon:

i added it matrix
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:38pm Clay fan:

Oops is asshole FCC ok?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:38pm steve:

sFrances... was it all/mostly old people?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:38pm kat330:

Capitalism isn't the problem; GREED is the problem.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:38pm cosmic matrix:

(what was that?)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@Frances: You posted those pics here before - absolutely bizarre and idiotic signs!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:39pm kat330:

@Clay: I think it is. I've heard it on broadcast shows.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:39pm cosmic matrix:

@clay love ya
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:39pm Clay Pigeon:

I'll roll the dice on it, fan!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:39pm John:

Must not be a FMU listener.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:39pm Clay fan:

That's why I love ya! Roll the dice!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:39pm Matt from Springfield:

@Clay fan: I believe that you can say "asshole" on the radio, as long as "nothing's going in or coming out of it"! ;)
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:40pm RCinMT:

Is the FCC even open? Let the expletives fly!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:40pm Clay fan:

Awesome @Matt!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:41pm sFrances from VA:

@steve: people in their late30s-upwards but yes, primarily in their 50s,60s,70s. i was screamed at by people younger than me though (I was 45 at the time).
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Wuh oh, look what you released, chocolate monk!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:41pm kat330:

@Frances: Did you catch the interview w/ some airheaded Tea Partyer -- I presume a Congresswoman -- on Daily Show from last night? She made Bachmann seem a Mensa member.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:41pm jeff in puna:

Aloha Clay!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:42pm Clay fan:

Ooh, that's right RTinMT! VH from Arcadia, CA!!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Well, Clay IS playing the breakout EVH "virtuoso" instrumental piece, "Eruption"! One of the best of the 70s!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:42pm sFrances from VA:

Katt: not yet, but I watch Daily Show on Hulu, must catch up w/this week!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:42pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:42pm sFrances from VA:

(i was a member of the van halen fan club in 1979)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:42pm kat330:

My 6:39 comment was meant for "Clay fan" oops.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:43pm cosmic matrix:

  Thu. 10/10/13 6:43pm Clay fan:

Oooooooooh, oooooooooh pretty woman!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:43pm sFrances from VA:

@Steve: a young, "hip" tea partier: www.flickr.com...
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:43pm northguineahills:

FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:43pm sFrances from VA:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:43pm cosmic matrix:

except this song never needed to be covered...gotta say
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:44pm kat330:

Ha, Fransces!! I finally see Clay has removed the extra "t" on Kat and now you add it back! ;)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:44pm dale:

it's roth's birthday, too
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:44pm cosmic matrix:

at should be "MEH" not "MEE"!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Say Julie, do you prefer this Van Halen version, or the original one with the Kinks and Ray Davies? ;)
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:44pm Clay fan:

Keep the rock block going until, NP! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:45pm cosmic matrix:

i meant to say: "IT should be MAY, not EE. really got MAY." any-WAY.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:45pm chris:

\m/ I may have at one time been in trouble for defacing USPS mailboxes with the van halen logo... ah, good times... #teenagewhiteboy
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:45pm steve:

Frances, wow, i wonder if that girl just wanted an excuse to dress up. she doesn't look angry enough
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:45pm kat330:

[OOps, and I add an extra "s" to your name! Ask Philo, I'm always referring to you as "St. Frances"! :)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:45pm sFrances from VA:

sorry Kat!! everyone spells my name with an I , the boy way
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Gotta reference the K.A.T.T. [from Night Rider??] some way!

"Deuce"!! One of my fave songs of K.I.S.S.!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:46pm sFrances from VA:

(ssssh, the s stands for the first letter of my first name)(but i love animals, so saint is fine!)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:46pm dale:

as scott muni used to say in a promo - turn it up and rip the knob off!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:47pm Clay fan:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:47pm brian:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@steve: Statistically, I think she was prob a young "minimal gov't and legalize weed!" fan not similar to the aggrieved old white people there.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:47pm sFrances from VA:

@Steve: she reminds me of former skinhead girls who later get into Rockabilly. Rockabilly is often joked about as the Skinhead Retirement Plan. same conservative /worshipping a certain lifestyle of the past mentality
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:48pm sFrances from VA:

(everything from the insane tea party rally circa 2008 www.flickr.com...)
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:49pm Clay fan:

Ooh, Clay! How bout a world famous rock n roll introductions up the ramp!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:49pm kat330:

Fine photo collection, Saint Frances!

Also heard on Daily or Colbert there's a rally organized for tomorrow with the demand being Obama removed from office. Are these people playing with a full deck?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:49pm sFrances from VA:

swooon for Queen too....
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:49pm brian:

Rocktober is keeping myself ALIVE!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:49pm BigLankyGeordie:

The only English queen worth having! Let's ROCCCCCk!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:49pm Clay fan:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:49pm Matt from Springfield:

"Keep Yourself Alive", *I* recognize it! A Klay Klassik played many times! I love anything Kween!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:50pm John:

How's the smoking going?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:50pm sFrances from VA:

Kat: thanks! & no, i hate to be mean, but my encounters in person were just awful and the people i spoke with just seemed guided by fear and ignorance=hate=blinding to logic.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:51pm sFrances from VA:

yeah Clay, QUIT SMOKING. please. purdy pleez.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Fuckin' kickass!!! What a kickoff to Rocktober!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:51pm Whosondephone:

It's nice hear someone not voting republican of demicrat. Do not support Evil.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:52pm Clay fan:

I have soiled myself with delight over this Rocktober set! Andy IS NOT going to be able to follow this!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:52pm BigLankyGeordie:

Hey stop playing so much amazing music! ;-) It's nearly midnight here in UK, how am I going to be able to go to bed???
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:53pm Night Al:

The Uriah Heep keyboard sounds like someones cell phone going off during a smoking guitar solo!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:53pm common:

thanks for the fuckin VH, ACDC and all!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:53pm sFrances from VA:

dang Clay, i might have to dive into some Uriah Heap after all....
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:54pm sFrances from VA:

Clay, you don't want to have cigarettes in common w/this Tea Party Smoker. do you? www.flickr.com...
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:54pm Matt from Springfield:

"Rock HAIR-itage", you mean, Clay? :)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:54pm northguineahills:

no words, thanks Clay!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:55pm steve:

that photo album is great, thanks Frances
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:56pm Clay fan:

I'll tell ya WHY! WHY!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:56pm kat330:

Thanks, Clay, and 'night all! Have a great one!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:57pm sFrances from VA:

thanks for the very kind words, steve! watch the video after you're done w/radio: i could've shot people posting in front of the Fox News van for hours, they just didn't stop....
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@Frances: Ha, is she smoking, or just burnt-out?!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:57pm Clay fan:

Are you standing and rockin' to this, Clay?
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:57pm Droll:

I just got out of the shower, turn on FMU, hear RATT, and I already feel like I need another shower.
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:57pm Erstwhile listener.:

All cheese; no meat.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:57pm sFrances from VA:

Have a super awesome weekend full of future memories, y'all !!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Have a great one, kat and Philo!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:57pm glenn:

well clay, thanks for playing all the music that made people inventt punk rock.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm sFrances from VA:

@Matt: she is BOTH ; )
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm BigLankyGeordie:

Outstanding show tonight Clay. Really enjoyed every second. Thanks man.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm davex:

Thanks Clay - good night everyone!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm kat330:

Byeeee, 'Mat Matt! :)
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm Philo Gristle:

Holadios! Great show!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm Night Al:

Fire!! Fire!!
  Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm Clay fan:

Awesome! You rule, Clay!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm Whosondephone:

Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:58pm sFrances from VA:

aw glenn: i share the love of punk rock, but i also can't rain on Clay's musical parade, some gems! gems!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Clay, for an informative and delightful and RAWKIN show!
Have a great weekend Frances and davex and glenn and ALL you Pigeonnaires out there!

Promise to Remember...Future Memories!!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:59pm sFrances from VA:

night Kat & Philo!
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

And Holadios, Philo! :)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 7:00pm glenn:

love grand funk. hate van halen.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 7:01pm sFrances from VA:

yeah, i only liked VH's first lp, and saw the Clash the same year so.....i like music. love music. in various mutations...
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 7:02pm sFrances from VA:

(ok, i scamper out & offline, cheers y'all!)
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 7:03pm glenn:

byeee. happy canadian thanksgiving, y'all.
Avatar Thu. 10/10/13 7:03pm BigLankyGeordie:

Jolly Hockey Sticks all!
  Fri. 10/11/13 12:31pm 12539:

Your show is always a pleasure, but these operettas are pure joy.
  Thu. 10/17/13 6:30pm Steve:

I love Todd. But I never heard the old stuff at all. I like the new stuff. Liars, from about 5 yrs ago I great.
Like 2nd version of Utopia, never heard the first one.
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