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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options June 28, 2013: oh its summer

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Brain C  Yojimbo (feat. Sinister Intentions) (Prod. by tShima)   Options   0:00:00 ()
Tweens  Rattle & Rollin'   Options   0:04:37 ()
Post Nasal Drip  Pretty Baby, Teenage Heart Attack   Options   0:06:06 ()
Pink Mexico  Shrub Fuse   Options   0:12:00 ()
Gnus  My Final Sacrifice   Options   0:12:10 ()
Venetian Snares  Good Jungle   Options   0:13:38 ()
ASAP Rocky ft. Lana Del Rey  Ridin' (prod. The Kickdrums)   Options   0:18:13 ()
Sela  sixone   Options   0:25:58 ()
Televisions  Harlem Shake (Baauer)   Options   0:28:17 ()
eartheater  put a head in a head   Options   0:32:48 ()
PO PO  Let's Get Away   Options   0:32:56 ()
Anamanaguchi  Endless Fantasy   Options   0:36:11 ()
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Despair   Options   0:42:12 ()
The Shoes  Time To Dance   Options   0:48:22 ()
Various (MishkaNYC)  Hyperbolic Chamber Music II   Options   1:04:14 ()
Hieroglyph Thesaurus  In My Lifetime   Options   1:28:58 ()
Penny  In Memory   Options   1:32:07 ()
Tia Nomore  Tha Wave (Prod. by Mustardseed)   Options   1:34:35 ()
Kali Uchis  Lean On You   Options   1:37:27 ()
Elliphant  Boom Your Head (prod. Ted Krotkiewski)   Options   1:38:32 ()
Ken Pronouncing Things!  Vol. 9   Options   1:42:12 ()
Abstract Artimus  Snakes   Options Happy Birthday Artimus!

Download his 2011 session on BTAwK FOR FREE on the Free Music Archive!:


1:46:32 ()
Friends  Va Fan Gor Du   Options   1:49:16 ()
Advaeta  Gold Thought Exit   Options   1:51:41 ()
Huge Pupils  '94 Nissan   Options   1:57:34 ()
Solid Attitude  Creeping Quilt   Options   1:59:54 ()
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options   2:05:28 ()
Sleepies  Cool Boy   Options   2:07:05 ()
TV Girl  My Girlfriend   Options   2:09:29 ()
Black Lips  I Wanna Dance With You   Options   2:13:37 ()
Bad Lovers  I'm So Down   Options   2:16:58 ()
The Vi-Tones  Kamikaze   Options   2:21:05 ()
Fuzz  You Won't See Me   Options   2:23:18 ()
The Feeling Of Love  Castration Fields   Options   2:27:12 ()
Rochelle Jordan Ft. Thom Yorke  Sleep [Chopped & Screwed By @Kpdatruth]   Options   2:37:23 ()
Opale  Sparkles and Wine   Options Check the crazy ass artsy video:


2:41:49 ()
Pigeons  Fade Away   Options   2:45:49 ()
Straight Arrows  Never Enough   Options   2:49:09 ()
Los Vigilantes  Me Siento Azul   Options   2:53:53 ()
English Singles  Ordinary Girls   Options   2:57:01 ()
Connections  Cindy   Options   3:00:10 ()
The Hot Nasties  The Secret Of Immortality   Options   3:02:17 ()
Mark Lanegan  Same Old Man   Options   3:08:01 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:02am Ken From Hyde Park:

Yeah! Beast them airwaves!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:02am Cheri Pi:

Beast me!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:02am Toots:

Mama in da HAUS!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:02am fred:

Good morning Keili!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:03am amEdeo:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:04am amEdeo:

Also, Yojimbo!
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:06am common:

good friday everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:06am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:06am Cheri Pi:

Cincinnati's finest-Tweens!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:12am Keili:


let's get this weekend started
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:13am Cheri Pi:

Black beastin' metal!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:14am Cheri Pi:

This sound llike Devo's "Social Fools" too
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:14am common:

my brain hurts.
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:16am amEdeo:

  Fri. 6/28/13 9:16am Bong Rip:

How's everyone's morning! Feeling fantastic here!
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:17am Wm.:

Hey, you played Gnus! I turned on my radio, and there it was. Cool beans!
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:18am tombom:

HEC, yes
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:18am Keili:

Yay glad you liked it!
Avatar Fri. 6/28/13 9:18am fred von helsing:

whoops / late bastard
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:19am Lonious Monk:

bonjour bonjour wfmu, keili and listeners !
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:19am Cheri Pi:

  Fri. 6/28/13 9:20am Wm.:

Hi Cheri!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:24am sinister dexter:

greetings from grand rapids michigan
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:24am Wir M.:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:24am sinister dexter:

greetings from grand rapids michigan
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:25am sinister dexter:

oops .... hi twice
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:25am Berg:

@amedeo got rid of that hangover? :)
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:27am amEdeo:

Woo! Let's rewrite 2003!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:30am Keili:

indie harlem shake
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:31am amEdeo:

WHOA what is this?!
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:36am PWNED:

No comments right now, cuz u r mesmerized, yo!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:36am Keili:

I had to play it again, guys. I couldn't go another week without it.
anamanaguchi title track 5ever
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:37am tim from champaign:

Howdy folks.

@Sinister Dexter - I grew up in GR.
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:38am Keili:

Hi Timmmmm
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:39am trafficjam:

İt is my duty to tell all of you that first world CAN revolt without an economic collapse or natural disaster.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:39am tim from champaign:

Righteous jams, Keili!
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:41am trafficjam:

Resist to power in any form, anywhere, anytime. This is Your friendly revolt organizer, reporting from the Streeets of istanbul
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:41am trafficjam:

Resist to power in any form, anywhere, anytime. This is Your friendly revolt organizer, reporting from the Streeets of istanbul
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:41am Keili:

@trafficjam - wut about the eleventieth world?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 9:42am rsj:

this show is the best thing to happen to friday for a long time
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:42am trafficjam:

@keili No future. :p
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:43am Keili:

@rsj - wow thank you so much! you rawk!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:43am sinister dexter:

yeah! yeah! yeah!
Avatar Fri. 6/28/13 9:46am fred von helsing:

O, Karen
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:48am Super Mario:

Play Again?
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:48am lauren:

hey girl hey! what a nice surprise this morning! ps sorry about barcade :'(
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:49am Nate:

LOVE Shoes!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:50am KevinfromBayRidge:

Keili flys agin!
  Fri. 6/28/13 9:54am Nate:

Dancin my feet off at 6am!!!!!!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:55am Keili:

@Lauren - OMG UR HERE. Iss ok I had show prep to do anyway, it was an opportunity for me to pour all my emotions (because I have so many) into my show. hahaha. grrrl power.
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 9:56am Keili:

  Fri. 6/28/13 9:57am Nate:

Aerobics with Keili!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:04am amEdeo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 10:07am rsj:

great rappers!
this is awesome, and nice editing
  Fri. 6/28/13 10:10am Nate:

@amEdeo I like that! Nater-Tater-Cize I call it! Had to run in place during mic break. Now side-side shufflin'. . . Loved rave night btw! Big shouts to Eyepatch Fox!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/28/13 10:14am fred von helsing:

U B Kiddin' ? It's BEASTERCISE !
  Fri. 6/28/13 10:18am Nate:

Just Cabbage Patched the nozzles at the gym! You been PWNED bustas! Beastercize ain't no joke! True! True!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:21am Toots:

I love this.
  Fri. 6/28/13 10:21am common:

gary coleman statue! man, that's good!
  Fri. 6/28/13 10:23am tombom:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:25am amEdeo:

WHOA, did that dude just say my name?
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:26am amEdeo:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:28am Keili:

AAAAAND just like that its over
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:30am tomasz.:

aargh i'm on my lunchbreak but only the archive streams work on these computers, not the live one. maybe i'll listen to an old BtA and then comment about this one next week
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:31am Keili:

@Tomasz - that'd be hilarious!
  Fri. 6/28/13 10:42am CRueD THuNDaR:

Morning Keili! I'm Beastin' your stream in Minneapolis! Now gimme some of that *NEW* Abstract Artimus! Please!
  Fri. 6/28/13 10:43am AMC:

This has been a great show! Haven't heard of most of these guys, will check them all out. 'cept for Ken.
  Fri. 6/28/13 10:44am common:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:44am Toots:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:48am Keili:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:49am Toots:

Happy Belated Birthday, Artimus!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 10:49am Toots:

Gotta go to work, DJ. Thanks for a great morning! xoxoxo
Avatar Fri. 6/28/13 10:51am fred von helsing:

Saw Friends. GREAT STUFF so much fun.
  Fri. 6/28/13 10:54am CRueD THuNDaR:

Thanks for skinning the new Artimus! Friday @ work sucks a little less now. Rock on, Keili!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/28/13 11:08am Negative Eclipse:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:09am lauren:

thanks for killin it this morning! been crazy stressed busy at work!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:14am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Hey Beasters!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:14am Keili:

Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:15am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:24am Whosondephone:

  Fri. 6/28/13 11:25am Nate:

OH HEWELL YEAH! Love myself some Ty. . .FUZZZZZZZZZZZ!
  Fri. 6/28/13 11:26am Ahmad:

Ty Segall's voice got lower. ;)
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:26am Keili:

i think he went through puberty three times
  Fri. 6/28/13 11:27am Ahmad:

It sounds more metal at this speed.
  Fri. 6/28/13 11:28am Nate:

Third time's the charm!
  Fri. 6/28/13 11:28am Timbo:

Hey- how can I "favorite" a tune I hear on FMU if I am not using the mobile app?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:29am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

@Timbo: click the little star next to it.
  Fri. 6/28/13 11:29am Ahmad:

You need to make an account.
  Fri. 6/28/13 11:31am Timbo:

Ah ha! Thanks! (knew I would find helpfulness here)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:33am Mike East:

we did Fuzz backline a few weeks ago. Easy stuff. Good rock n roll.
Avatar Fri. 6/28/13 11:34am Pine:

Liking the new schedule, fell asleep to dum dum woke up here
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:36am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I wish I could volunteer...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:48am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

@Keili: Have you seen this? www.noisetrade.com...
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:49am Lonious Monk:

hey keili, thanks for playing Opale, I co-released the album recently through my label (stellar/heiasun) and you can all find it here : stellarkinematics.bandcamp.com...
very happy to hear it on your show !!
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:50am Lonious Monk:

(and yes the video is crazy !)
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:51am Keili:

WOOOO AWESOME! @LoniousMonk Thanks so much!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:51am Mike East:

I totally forgot I gave my coworker money to get me an Ice Coffee from the corner. he just got back...now I have a surprise Ice Coffee. That just made my day.
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:52am Keili:

@Mike that's the best ever
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:53am dc pat:

Now if you would have forgotten to give him/her money too that would be perfect..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:55am tim from champaign:

Thanks for playing the whole record at the wrong speed! I like it better with the 33 bummer vibe.
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:55am Lonious Monk:

(by the way, @Keili, I sent last month an email to Liz/Ken to see if there was any way for Opale to play live at Wfmu. It'll be so so great ! Liz answer me to get in touch with Brian soon. The grirls will be tourig US/Canada august/begining september and will be in NYC august 15 to 18th ! i do hope we can set something up ! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:56am Mike East:

Well, I actually did forget that I gave him a fiver, so when I got 2 bucks change, that was kinda like surprise cash, too.
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:56am dc pat:

that Straight Arrows tune was something else..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/28/13 11:57am Mike East:

I think my brains not workin right this AM...but for once, to my benefit.
Avatar    Fri. 6/28/13 11:57am dc pat:

curious about the proper speed...
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