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Southern inspirational dada.

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Options November 27, 2012: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White

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Hearty White      0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
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Annette Hanshaw  I Like What You Like   Options The Twenties Sweetheart  0:50:26 (Pop‑up)
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Listener comments!

  Tue. 11/27/12 7:00pm Danne Duckcaller:

Hiya Hearty Humans :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:02pm Mike East:

anybody else only gettin' one channel of Mr. White?
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:02pm Matthyou Springwater:

Well hi there, Mr. Duckcaller! Glad to see you back! :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:02pm Mike East:

Whatsup DD!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:02pm Honey U. Kettlwater:

Yo, Mr. Duckcaller!

Hey, Mr. East (congrats, new papa!) and yes, we're getting some really soft volume.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:02pm Matthyou Springwater:

Actually yes, Mr. Eastfeather. Just the left channel.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:03pm Honey U. Kettlwater:

Hey, hey, Mr. Springwater! Soup's on?
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:03pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Greetings, the lot of y'all.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:04pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Oops. Missing an "e."
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:04pm Danne Duckcaller:

I'm only getting the right channel - but my headphones are on backwards.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:05pm Matthyou Springwater:

Greetings, "Watercorns"!
Just about to move to the galley and turn up the heat!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:05pm Devin Gristlewater:

Whoa. Weird. Hold on, let me see if I can fix it.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:06pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

If Philo and I can prep, eat AND type at the same time, no less is expected of you, Matthyou.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:06pm Devin Gristlewater:

Hmm.... any better for anyone?
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:07pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Danne: I wonder if there are competitive "duck calling" events in the South? Maybe a live action "Duck Hunt", the winner has to call and shoot the most ducks.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:07pm Mike East:

Is it right and left if you're looking at the speakers or from the perspective of the source? I always get confused.

Hey Honey, thanks much!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:07pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Monsieur Gristlewater! Long time.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:08pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Honey: The problem being the iPad keyboard! I can touch-type like a pro on regular, but can't lug my desktop downstairs! :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:08pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

I was on self-imposed furlough when your blessed event was announced, but I did see it. Wonderful! And October 21st happened to be the most gorgeous day in the Louisville area.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:08pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Mike: I always say the "left" speaker. Otherwise, it would have to be specifically the "stage right" speaker...
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:09pm Doug S.:

There are 5,280 feet in a mile and WFMU is only $5,218 away from climbing the mountain!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:09pm sweet cheri:

hey what's up everybody? happy holidays and how was everyones thanksgiving?
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:10pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Devin: We have the volume really cranked up. I can't ascertain channels, but it seems softer than even the usual FMU program level.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:11pm Mike East:

@Honey U. - ironic since my daughter's middle name is Rain :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:13pm Devin Gristlewater:

Hi Honey U. Kettlewater! Hi Matthyou! Hi DD! Mike East! Doug S! sweet cheri! Everyone everyonewater!

Trying to ascertain the source of our ear woes. Hold tight!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:13pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Mike: Yeah, I know! :) Philo and I spent that lovely 10/21 at the Muhammad Ali Center locally. Truly the best day we'd had in weeks before and after.
So how's she doing? Are you getting any sleep?
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:13pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Mike I was glad the next week that she arrived before the Hurricane! Otherwise you might have had to attend to your first birth without power or utilities!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:14pm Mike East:

@Devin - if it helps the case- I think the music that was playing when Hearty first came on was coming through in stereo, but his voice was only in one channel.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:14pm Matthyou Springwater:

Donovan: "Wear Your Love Like A HAZMAT Suit" :D
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:14pm Danne Duckcaller:

Love the line about waiting in line :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:15pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Poems are my armor. Rhymes are my sword and rhythm my shield.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:18pm Matthyou Springwater:

I like how, on those old tabulators, it really WOULD have taken longer to plug in "2+2" than it is to count fingers!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:19pm Mike East:

Some nights are better than other for sleep...last night, not so much. Otherwise she is perfect. Really beautiful baby.
We were very lucky with the hurricane, though 3 days with no heat or hot water made for even less sleep than we otherwise would have gotten with a newborn. Also, cramming the four of us into a small hallway to "sleep" because we were terrified of the giant tree looming outside the window is definitely a memorable experience.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:19pm Matthyou Springwater:

SCALE!!! Go geography!! :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:20pm fred:

The great thing about drugs: It taught Americans about the metric system.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:20pm sweet cheri:

hi there mike & danne
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:22pm Matthyou Springwater:

@fred So are you gonna sell me that kee-lo or not?! :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:22pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Wow, Mike. Well, we're so happy to see you've made it through to the other side. Luciana will shine with an indomitable spirit coming through Sandy and the aftermath!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:23pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@fred too bad NASA people didn't take those drugs before that Mars probe mishap.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:23pm Matthyou Springwater:

Mr. Hilter is running for office in England somewhere...
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:23pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Yes, we do!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:23pm fred:

only have grams
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:25pm Mike East:

@HW - its so true. she's going to be a strong woman. I gotta get her a "I Survived Sandy" onesie.

hello sweet cheri
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:25pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

@Matt Geography is wonderful. Both Honey and I have a love of maps old and new. That news about the undiscovered island reminded me of all the old stories about mythical islands on old maps that nobody could find again....
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:25pm Matthyou Springwater:

Trying times Mike...glad you all are okay now.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:26pm Danne Duckcaller:

Hi cheri
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:27pm Matthyou Springwater:

Fight National Bocialism!!!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:28pm Devin Gristlewater:

Alright, I think I fixed it. Let me know.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:28pm dcp@:

Mr. Bimmler?
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:28pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Hey, Devin, just got louder!!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:28pm Danne Duckcaller:

seems like the stereo is back
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:28pm Matthyou Springwater:

"Magister" Jekyll, M.A.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:29pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Should be a guarantee of time machines and multiple lives.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:30pm Matthyou Springwater:

You gots it, dcp@!
Sound sounds sounder indeed. Thanks!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:31pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

You can demystify colons, but semicolons and commas still puzzle me.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:33pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Philo, dear, our punctuation's clear as rainwater compared with Finnish grammar.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:34pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

In time travel, Safety's Not Guaranteed.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:36pm Matthyou Springwater:

Floridian travel, OTOH, is in an alternate dimension (to ref an earlier show :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:37pm Racharoo:

I have the same ring tone! Hoorah for Hartnell!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:38pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Driving along the Tamiami Trail on Christmas Eve is most def an alternate dimension.

A grand gesture to the Grand Jester.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:38pm Devin Gristlewater:

Reading about semicolon usage is one of my favorite pastimes.

More than welcome, that is why I am here! But BIG BIG THANKS to Scott W for explaining how to restore order to everyone's ear canals.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:39pm Matthyou Springwater:

Buddy Ebsen! Another Apr 2nd b-day!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:40pm Matthyou Springwater:

TYM SW! Scott W can restore order to my eardrums anytime.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:40pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Devin: I was having terrible stream troubles during Brian's show and gave up. GTDR was fine 6-7, so I don't know if our FMU sound woes have been all afternoon?
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:42pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

"Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college." Kurt Vonnegut
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:42pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Devin: Is elocution another one? Heard the archive where you offered a t-t-t-terrific t-t-t-t-t-tongue workout at about 1:56:00 and another Super one around 2:28:00. :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:42pm Matthyou Springwater:

ChildWATER! :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:43pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Gee, I've always hoped to find out I *was* adopted. [You'd have to know my family.]
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:43pm Devin Gristlewater:

I doubt that the two were connected. This was something file-related, stream *should* be fine.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:44pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Honey Hmm, BT's show was fine on my end. Maybe the main stream is a bit iffy today.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:45pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Our stream is gone -- no water, Kettle, Spring, Child or otherwise....
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:46pm Mike East:

WFMU: redefining mainstream
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:46pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Back now. Hmm.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:47pm Matthyou Springwater:

I hope, nay, I PRAY Don Pardo's voice has been completely digitized.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:47pm Devin Gristlewater:

Hah! How did I know you heard it?! Many thanks for listening, it was a good/fun night/morning/day. Will probably do more T-oungue T-eeth workouts in the future.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:47pm dpcd:

@Philo- I want to think Pynchon is an FMU fan.
Bless Kurt.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:48pm Matthyou Springwater:

Wonder if that's your connection, Honey.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:49pm Devin Gristlewater:

From what I understand since Don Pardo is a replicant, his voice is always digitized.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:49pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

It's said (Kurzweil says, anyway) we will all be able to upload our entire consciousness in a couple of decades. Immortality in the ether.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:49pm Devin Gristlewater:

No comma! Stay put! Stay in place!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:50pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

@Matthyou: My connections are tenuous all 'round. :)

@Devin: You are a Clay in the making. You even have his exact cadence and style from soundbite to soundbite. :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:51pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Devin Hopefully I can DL DP sooner rather than later ;)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:52pm Matthyou Springwater:

Another great APMP transition!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:53pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

I'll take Kurt over Kurz, veil or not.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:53pm Danne Duckcaller:

Have a good night Hearty folks :) And good just Mr. Gristlewater in fixing the stereo :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:54pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

  Tue. 11/27/12 7:55pm Mike East:

Good night, internet friends :)
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:56pm Devin Gristlewater:

@Honey: Aw thanks, that means a lot. I do like him quite a lot, didn't know you could hear the influence though!

@Mattyou: Just make sure it's actually Don and not some mislabeled digital announcer.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:56pm Matthyou Springwater:

Nice chatting with all you Heartyfolk!
Have a good night!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:56pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

Night, Mike!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:56pm Devin Gristlewater:

Good night friends and all! Stay full of liquids, they're important!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:56pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Detergents should be "free" or "clear" or "pure" -- no fragrances, please.
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:57pm Devin Gristlewater:

Unscented we stand!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:58pm Philo C. Gristlecorn:

G'night, all!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:58pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

Bah-bah, all you alls! Sweet dreams!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:58pm dpcd:

@Honey- I always assumed Clay recruited Hearty and they have a past connection in Florida. The story telling and spontaneous stuff is too similar to ignore. I like them both, of course!
  Tue. 11/27/12 7:59pm Honey U. Kettlewater:

There is a very strong Florida connection in all things FMU. w
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