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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options May 24, 2012: A Loving Cup of Failure

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Hildur Gudnadóttir  Leyfdu Ljosinu (excerpt)   Options Leyfdu Ljosinu  0:11:57 ()
Karlheinz Stockhausen  Gruppen for 3 orchestras (excerpt)   Options Gruppen - Carre  0:22:34 ()
Bernard Parmegiani  Matieres induites   Options De Natura Sonorum  0:43:17 ()
Lionel Marchetti  Porte De La Mort Et Des Lacets A Michel Chion   Options Knud Un Nom De Serpent  0:50:41 ()
Scott Walker  Jolson and Jones   Options The Drift  0:56:39 ()
John Berndt  Untitled #4   Options Occupation 1980-1990  1:08:59 ()
John Berndt  Untitled #7   Options Occupation 1980-1990  1:09:16 ()
Ghédalia Tazartès  Tazartes Transports #2 & 6)   Options Tazartès' Transports  1:11:22 ()
Led Zeppelin  Friends   Options III  1:29:41 ()
Alexander Tucker  Amon Hen   Options Third Mouth  1:35:09 ()
Seven That Spells  Aum (excerpt)   Options The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: Aum  1:35:45 ()
Plankton Wat  Shere within the Lotus   Options Dawn of the Golden Eternity  1:41:44 ()
Skullflower  Rotten Sun II   Options Last Shot At Heaven  1:42:37 ()
Atsushi Reizen  untitled #1   Options Reizen  1:54:50 ()
Skullflower  Celestial Highway IV   Options Exquisite Fucking Boredom  2:12:40 ()
Renegade Scanners  Hands On Future (excerpt)   Options Hands On Future  2:22:17 ()
Astral Social Club  Untitled #1   Options Astral Social Club  2:32:59 ()
Hala Strana  Fear of the land   Options These Villages  2:35:44 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/24/12 3:12pm BSI:

I approve vigo(u)rously.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:13pm dc pat:

MAN! Don't leave me hanging like that, must. comment! ahem, yes good sounds...
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:14pm hubba:

I think i had one of those "loving cups" this morning on my public tranist commute to work.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:14pm stefica:

what a lovely beginning...
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:14pm dc pat:

so...Icelandic eh?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:15pm hubba:

So, when can we expect a Hildur Gudnadottir and Helena Espvall colaboration? Dualing cellos!
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:18pm northguineahills:

I like the way hubba thinks.....
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:20pm BSI:

dammit, i know i should've gotten lunch by now. Definitely can't break the umbilical at this point... Somebody fetch me a samosa, fer crissakes.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

doesn't give me that "Memorial Day weekend" feeling, but yeah, it sounds great!
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:23pm hubba:

NGH - thanks! doesn't the pairing sound remarkable!?

BSI - I can "mama-bird" ya' some of my bahn mi...
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:25pm Cheri Pi:

I could eat 12 samosas right about now!
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

just had 1/2 piece of a week-old cheesecake. Still good.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:29pm BSI:

well the only option is the giant jar of dark-chocolate espresso beans (been hitting that heavily since Diane K started). So the "gently used" bahn mi is my road to salvation, seems like...
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:31pm Chris from DC:

If they would only fix the coffee machine here.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:32pm BSI:

  Thu. 5/24/12 3:32pm pierre:

Bonjour Fabio,
Bonjour listeners extraordinaires !
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:33pm northguineahills:

I'm lazy today, just made some ramen (not-so-instant) w/ scotch bonnets, ajecito peppers, wakame, worscestershire, sesame oil & seeds, & ponzu, w/ a raw egg at the end.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:33pm hubba:

Howdy pierre!
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:34pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 5/24/12 3:35pm hubba:

NGH - that sounds like some gourmet ramen if ever... keep the overhead low, the ingredients sublime, and gues what, ramen food truck comin' at cha'... i'm sure someone is on that, but not here.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:36pm NvdK:

Thanks for making this excel spreadsheet a better experience, fabio
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:36pm pierre:

oh it's food talk ! ^^
then, i'm about to diner, eggs + spinach + yogurt cake.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:37pm dc pat:

yogurt cake, eh?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:39pm northguineahills:

I forgot ginger, confabbit! I knew something was missing.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:39pm hubba:

what year was this composed Fabio?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:42pm pierre:

@dc pat: connoisseur ?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:42pm pierre:

Glad to see you guys.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:42pm tim from champaign:

For dinner I'm planning to make sauteed greens and refried mac and cheese (ie fried leftover mac and cheese) with a healthy dose of siracha on each dish.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:42pm dc pat:

must be a lot of Gudnas getting knocked up over there.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:42pm northguineahills:

-dottir is the female surname given to Icelandic women, taking, traditionally, their father's name. Just as all Norse cultures did before the middle ages.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:43pm dc pat:

pierre: not sure what yogurt cake is
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:43pm dc pat:

ahem, that's right, Gudna=dad, duh.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:44pm hubba:

NGH - as in Gudna's daughter?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:44pm northguineahills:

w/ just over 300,00o people, and isolated for centuries, everyone in Iceland is related to everyone else.

yes, hubba.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:46pm dc pat:

refried mac and cheese, eh?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:49pm hubba:

dude, dc pat, this one food entity here makes these deep fried mac n cheese hickory smoked bacon balls that are to die for... i felt a tinge under me ole rib cage... yummy but life threatening.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:49pm dc pat:

jeeze somebody just heated up some channa masala here and now I'm hungry all over again.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:50pm hubba:

vast library of weirdness in that noggin of your's, fabio...
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:51pm tim from champaign:

@dc pat, yeah, I made it up this afternoon while thinking about what's in the fridge. Still haven't had deep fried mac and cheese yet.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:51pm dc pat:

  Thu. 5/24/12 3:51pm pierre:

@ dc pat:
You take a yogurt (simple, without fruits, one) you put it in a bowl, and use it as measure. Then add two measure of flour, two of white sugar, three eggs, 1/2 of oil, yeast. And put 180degres for 30 minutes. Piece of cake.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:52pm dc pat:

thanks hubba, tfc, I know what's for dinner tomorrow night...
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:52pm dc pat:

thanks pierre!
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

pierre, sounds like a good accompaniment to some nice hot tea
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:55pm dc pat:

pierre: wait, "yeast"? Do you mean baking powder?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Scott Euro-Walker?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:55pm BSI:

Funny, this food talk: normally reserved for Bryce's show, but with tomorrow off, today is like friday, which means food talk on the board, but it's after three, and what's Fabio doing on Friday? Where's them coffee beans? [swoons, falls to the harsh industrial office carpet]
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:56pm pierre:

@Dead Corporate Eyes: it is, and with homemade strawberrie jam, It's combo time !
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:56pm hubba:

Pierre - I noticed you used oil in the recipe. In some cake recipes the use of pumpkin pie filing is an alternative to oil. Is the yogurt used in a this way? Does the cake come out like a bread pudding?
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:56pm pierre:

Yeah baking powder, sorry. It's just in French the two are called "levure".
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

since when did Memorial Day weekend turn into a 4 day extravaganza? report for duty, BSI, sir.
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:57pm northguineahills:

that sounds awesome pierre.

@dc pat, everything is a nice accompaniment to tea.

(although I tend to add scotch or mezcal to my teas.)
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:57pm hubba:

<fanning BSI with an empty pizza box>
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:58pm pierre:

@hubba: kinda, I guess. It that kinda of cake that you can experiment with, adding raisins, chocolate, pieces of apple and such. ^^
  Thu. 5/24/12 3:59pm dc pat:

ngh: ooo, you just initiated booze talk as well. I'm thinking about a nice hoppy beer or two after my 15 miler... SNAP OUT OF IT BSI!!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:00pm hubba:

Well, it sounds refreshing... will try it out and embelish a bit. Thanks for the delicious idea!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:00pm dc pat:

speaking of which, I'm cutting out early again, so have fun y'all.... I can't believe Scott Walker came up with one of the weirdest recordings ever. What a nut.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:01pm northguineahills:

at 5, I'm breaking open a negra modelo (can't afford the good stuff), and some maté w/ scotch (not the best, but will do).
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:01pm pierre:

Sticking to tea :) thanks to DCE.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:02pm elka:

Fab, Scott Walker perfect for today!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't let me constrain you, sir. I fully embrace everything.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

on another note...I got home from work yesterday and my 11 yr old had downloaded a new program and was remixing dance tunes. I was proud of him for doing it, but at the same time, pointed out that if an 11 yr old can do it...
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:07pm Carmichael:

Ya baby, Mr. Walker himself. Hiya Fabio and Fabians.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:10pm pierre:

@DCE: I should embrace liquids, ales, wine... But working late again tonight...
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:11pm Carmichael:

I will embrace enough barley pops for everyone, beginning at 3:30 PDT.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:12pm Looms:

  Thu. 5/24/12 4:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

agreed, Looms
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:15pm Mr Donut:

  Thu. 5/24/12 4:15pm Cheri Pi:

Yes Mr. Donut!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:17pm northguineahills:

Ghedalia Tazartes always hits the spot.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:17pm hubba:

Carmichael, vas happening? Mai PA? Gone!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:17pm BSI:

Will Satan provide snacks?
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yes, but they'll be MUCH TOO SALTY
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:19pm paula pc:

This Tazartès...yet another amazing record worth plunking down $$ for...THANKS, Fabio!!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:19pm Carmichael:

@hubba: I'll have to check on that this afternoon. New Thursday, new firkin! You seemed to have fallen off the FMU radar recently. Hope work is treating you normally. Are you soon to be a 5%-er?
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:29pm paula pc:

you tell em, Fabio! I totally agree!!! Just one small step to an Existenz for the head...
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:29pm hubba:

nice Fabio, i can see check-out lines where people are baching their heads against a scanner-like wall... "We're Not goin' To Take It" will be on overhead, the muzak version.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

now we're talking Memorial Day weekend music
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:29pm Led:

  Thu. 5/24/12 4:29pm hubba:

Led Zep? or a cover? lets find out
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:30pm john:

woah, zeppelin on fabio's show????
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:30pm Cheri Pi:

Good one Fab!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:31pm Carmichael:

Fab, thanks for the Walker info. You may already know this, but 30 Century Man is making the rounds on cable. Well worth watching, and producer David Bowie is prominent in his praise.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:31pm Mr Donut:

Led Zeppelin III, aka Satan's snacks
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:32pm hubba:

Only wanted one tat in my life; I was 16; it was supposed to be the Swan Song angel... still got my black light poster for the kid... hopefully when the kid s 16 she will bring home some killer buds
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:32pm Lou:

my favorite led zeppelin song. thanks. actually those three tracks on led III....awesome
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:33pm Lou:

no...no...don't fade it out...
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:33pm Her Face:

Is Cracked from Smilin'...
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

shoulda let that segue happen, man...mannnnnnnn!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:34pm Cheri Pi:

glorious seguage.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:35pm hubba:

Carm - increased workload. Plus, if I chatter away like i am today, I get zilch accomplished... don't know about others, but i look forward to three-day weekends... more ramen in the future, and with northguineahills' ramen ideas, it might be doable with a smaller budget.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:38pm paula pc:

I'm not saying anyone ever said this, but if anyone has ever thought this show doesn't rock HEAVY, they are wrong!!!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:40pm Cheri Pi:

7that spells!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:40pm Mr Donut:

ppc, I think I see your point
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:41pm Cheri Pi:

hell yes it rocks! All the Motley Crue I've ever heard on fmu has been on Fab's show
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I don't believe he'd take credit (?) for that though
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:43pm Sandy in Houston:

Fabio's in it to win it I'd say.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:44pm Cheri Pi:

As Cecile said earlier-we'd need a camera inside the booth to see proof of headbanging.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:44pm northguineahills:

Skullflower is perfect for this weather.....
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:45pm paula pc:

when you pull out the Skullflower, you are DEFINITELY in it to win it!!!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:47pm Satin Smoking Jacket:

Fez Rock!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:48pm nic:

i really like this_i'm surprised
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:49pm hubba:

There is a relatively new Mathew Bower project with Justin Broadrick - Valley of Fear... Skullfower is just what this late afternoon needed, some sonic defiance indeed.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:50pm steve:

  Thu. 5/24/12 4:51pm Cecile:

yogurt cake is awesome. It's pound cake, but using yogurt instead of tons of butter.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sure wish my speakers had some goddamned BASS right now
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:52pm Chris from DC:

Thanks I needed that.
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:52pm Cecile:

hi, all, BTW!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:53pm Sandy in Houston:

Hi Cecile!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:53pm Cecile:

hey, Sandy!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:54pm emmagineering:

Hello from cuckoo cloudland
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:54pm hubba:

howdy Cecile!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:57pm Cecile:

hola, hubba!
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:57pm Carmichael:

Hey Cecile ...
  Thu. 5/24/12 4:59pm Cecile:

hi, carm!

this sounds like Charade done sideways
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:03pm hubba:

Are you staring at Clay Pigeon when you say that? Play nice Fabio!
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:06pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/24/12 5:07pm mto:

Sunset Boulevard
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:07pm poji:

eeewwww, no one wants to stare at CP
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:07pm Denise in DC:

Hola all! I'm breaking my habit of listening to 'FMU only on Wednesdays.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:09pm Cecile:

actually, he's her houseman and ex-husband. Formerly her director. But the pictures got too small...
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:09pm hubba:

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING ON THE SKULLFLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:09pm Denise in DC:

yeah, it's Mr. DeMille that plays her director.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:09pm paula pc:

FABIO BLESS YOU FOR PLAYING MORE SKULLFLOWER...I think the word "bless" is appropriate here...
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:09pm RISKY:

  Thu. 5/24/12 5:09pm hubba:

Welcome to calamity Denise
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:10pm hubba:

er, failure...
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:11pm hubba:

You can here some of that Sunroof! magic threading through here... or is it just me?
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:16pm i-jop:

skullflower- on stage -one night only- with hawkwind and ,,,spocks beard
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:18pm northguineahills:

wasn't matthew bower in Sunroof!
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:19pm Chris from DC:

Yeah, definitely channels Sunroof, which was Bower.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:19pm Carmichael:

I would have loved to have seen Hawkwind in their heyday. I'm religiously devoted to their music via hindsight.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:22pm hubba:

NGH - he is... I'm not too sure, but Skullflower may be primarily him now, unless Stuart Dennison still plays... Samantha Davies was on one of the last releases and hse is palying with bower in Valley of Fear...
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:24pm dale:

this sounds like ralph lundsten, cosmic love i believe.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:26pm i-jop:

  Thu. 5/24/12 5:26pm Carmichael:

From good ol' Wikipedia: "At the close of 2011 the full band line up is Bower, Sokoe, Davies and West Yorkshire Patriot, George Proctor (Mutant Ape)."
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:28pm Did You:

Diddle the Moog Doodle?
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:37pm northguineahills:

Yes I did, lots of fun (Moog doodle).
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:39pm i-jop:

When the media began to catch wind of a program of secret government experimentation on American citizens, former CIA director Richard Helms ordered many records pertaining to MK Ultra destroyed. Thus, the full scope of the program and its abuses may never be known.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:42pm Denise in DC:

The Doodle is diddle-able?
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha, Fabio riffin' on Clay at the door!
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:49pm paula pc:

wonderful and where did this choice come from??
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:49pm paula pc:

I forgot how great the drums are on this
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:52pm Greg from VA:

On my 25th wedding anniversary, I can't think of a better song than "She's Gotta TV Eye On Me" by Iggy and the Stooges! Thanks Fabio!!!
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:52pm @ DiDC:

Get Chrome and diddle away on the doodle:
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

When you expect to Fail, you expect some Strength. Or, something.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:54pm sfrances:

There's always excitement for Clay's imminent arrival. (OK, might have to rethink that in light of the lack of Stooges in his life...)
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:55pm Cecile:

I have to agree with you, Fab.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

At least he read about them in Creem magazine, an esteemed publication to which Clay also has expressed his admiration. Now, if it was Mojo magazine, then he was reading it while rolling joints on it! :)
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

His Flea Market Finds Are Goin' To Eleven!
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:56pm Cecile:

It was GQ
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:56pm dale:

butt town is on brick by brick. pretty sad example of iggy. think it has that song 'candy' on it too
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Silent Nakedity, should be a song Clay would like.
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:57pm hubba:

These are precious moments...
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:58pm dale:

c'mon clay - this sounds like EST
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

No, don't say your famous "Bromance" is peetering out! You got a great thing going!
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:59pm dale:

your stallion stands in need of company
  Thu. 5/24/12 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@hubba: Precious moments indeed. Cue The Three Degrees "When Will I See You Again"...
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:00pm dale:

used to get records at the twin fair
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:02pm northguineahills:

darn, was in the shower for Hala Strana. Actually have that album.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Woooo! Amazing drum solo!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

And woooo! We start this off with a Diumvirate chat! Love to hear you chat!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:05pm Cecile:

One of the Moody Blues, John Miles was.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:05pm Cecile:

he wrote stuff for Barbara Streisand.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:06pm Soggy Bass:

  Thu. 5/24/12 6:07pm Jim:

You're probably thinking of "Timothy" by The Buoys.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:07pm Denise in DC:

I think my stream is way behind everyone else's. I just heard the Diumvirate comment.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Rupert Holmes did the song "Timothy" back in '71. I didn't hear of it until Brian Turner mentioned it, but it's about cannibalism and men trapped in a mine. Pretty gritty compared to his later career.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:08pm john:

Fabio never added his last set to the playlist! what was that Lee Hazlewood sounding tune??
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:08pm Denise in DC:

Rupert *Holmes* did "Timothy"? One of my all-time faves!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Rudy Ray Moore would say that song has too many "knots"--NOT disco, NOT funk, NOT soulful...
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:09pm Fredericks:

Re: John Miles- Two thumbs down, middle fingers in my ears.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:09pm sfrances:

Gotta get up with this get down feeling! (this does indeed rule.)
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:09pm paula pc:

please help me out...what was that Ornette track?
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:09pm dinatekno:

I love you Clay....but these songs are horrible. Exactly what I hated about the '70's.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: Yes ma'am! I was surprised to learn that the "Escape" guy had such a very wide range of material.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:10pm Ike:

That solo (in the not-quite-disco song) was almost hilarious enough to make up for the awfulness of the rest of the song. But not quite.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:10pm Cecile:

well, ghouls and buoys, talk to you later.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Have a good one, Cecile!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:11pm Cecile:

hi and bye, Ike. Good ta see ya.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:11pm Cecile:

sounds like 70s library music...
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:12pm i-jop:

isnt that the theme from hart to hart
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:12pm hubba:

Can't say I dislike the songs, but there is nothing "special" about these... jams usually work in clay's media mixdown... on their own, not a lot of gumption... i run through tons of bargain era-music to find things i like, but hesitate to share them...
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:12pm BZ:

Fabio, can you recommend some better thrift stores for Clay? Seriously.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:12pm Matt from Springfield:

For a disco song, this is a good arrangement.
Could work as a TV theme song.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:12pm Hippy Dippy Weatherman:

Time for the icepick lobotomy.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:13pm hubba:

i-jop - nice!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:13pm dale:

cecile, john miles was an original moody with denny laine? when dusty said london, i thought moodies, but they were on deram, then threshold which was a london label
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:13pm hubba:

Clay, your immaculate relativism is appreciated...
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:14pm hubba:

yeah, Africanism by the Congas is great... fun rockin version of Gimme some Lovin
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:14pm Phillip in San Antonio:

That last song sounded like a theme song for Neil Hamburger
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:16pm Coffee Cola:

That guitar solo is masking the FUNKY BASE
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:19pm hubba:

some of the other stuff was really light... listening music, but not a lot of substance... it comes through really quickly, like choices you have to make on bargain records based on label, players, cover... if you've got 15 ucks and the records are 1-2 bucks each, you've got to learn how to weigh your decisions... get lots of that stuff only to find something i've never ehard of, think is amazing, and then read-up that crate diggers have been using those samples for 30 plus years...
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Greg from Herndon!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:20pm hubba:

I'm out... The Zappa reminds me of West Coast gross rock a la Three Day Stubble... see everyone later.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:20pm Caryn:

Hello all! Yay, diumvirate time!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Getting pretty damn steamy and humid too!

Happy Anniversary Greg!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:21pm dale:

listener, are you wearing slacks or dungarees?
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:21pm Denise in DC:

This is Greg on the phone!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:22pm kat330:

Just tuning in, eating and listening. Trying to figure out the concept though!

Hi, all!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:23pm Julie:

Hi Clay & Fabio!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:23pm dale:

banking on the ONJ phenomenom
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:24pm kat330:

Hey, it's the guy's birthday!! Be kind! :)
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:24pm Denise in DC:

Okay, folks, I need to go listen to something that's less interesting. Trying to finish up my work and go home. See y'all on Wednesday, if not before.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 5/24/12 6:25pm Joe McG:

Cheryl Ladd sang on the Josie and the Pussycats records!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey there Caryn!
JULIE! A digital triumvirate!

Joe McGasko has played this song "Skinnydippin" on 45, except the artist was Ramona Brooks. Cheryl released a vanity record using this lesser-known current tune.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

JOE! All the folks are comin' in to party! Or leaving because the party's getting too distracting, like Denise! :)

I totally remembered "Skinnydippin" as something you played before, I went to look up the artist name.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:26pm Greg from VA:

Thank you one and all for the wedding anniversary wishes, and my wife and I plan to Skinny Dip once again in the next 25 years in honor of this song!
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:26pm dale:

i remember the country leanings of the cheryl ladd album cover. sort of like lynda carter's attempt
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:27pm Julie:

I have two Cheryl ladd records.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:27pm Caryn:

I was actually in a slightly 70s mood when tuning in, as I had just watched Sharleen Spiteri perform quite a lovely version of "Xanadu".
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:28pm sfrances:

Julie! Hooray! (& yes, I know this Snoopy sequel song)..
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:28pm joip:

i sense a ray stevens record coming up
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:29pm kat330:

@Caryn: We were more in a 60s mood as we just finished watching The Prisoner (Checkmate). But Charlie Lewis earlier had a very 60s grouping of tunes to put me in the mood for The Prisoner.
  Thu. 5/24/12 6:30pm Caryn:

@kat: ooh, "Checkmate" is an awesome episode!
  Thu. 5/24/12 10:47pm seang:

I don't see any James Brown on this playlist
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