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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 20, 2012: River of Love (with special guest Eve Beglarian)
~ Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
Juice Newton  River of Love   Options   Capitol  1981  45     
Robert DeGaetano  Souvenir de Havane   Options DeGaetano Plays Gottschalk  Crystonyx  1998  CD  Composed by Louis Moreau Gottschalk   
Aldo Ciccolini  La Belle Excentrique, Fantasie serieuse pour piano a quatre mains   Options Satie: L'oeuvre pour piano, vol. V  EMI  1987  CD  Composed by Erik Satie in 1920  0:08:44 ()
Art Zoyd / Musique Nouvelles  Après presque rien   Options Visage 2; Après presque rien; Madame de Shanghai  Mode  2011  CD  Composed by Luc Ferrari in 2004  0:20:03 ()
Alfred Schnitkke  Hymn No. 4   Options Chamber Works  Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab  1989  CD    0:51:39 ()
Sentieri Selvaggi  O King   Options Zingiber  Cantoloupe  2011  CD  Composed by Luciano Berio  0:55:18 ()
Eve Beglarian / Mary Rowell  I am really a very simple person   Options BRIM: Songs From the River Project  EVBVD  2011  CD    1:14:56 ()
Eve Beglarian / Mary Rowell  I'm worried now, but i won't be worried long   Options BRIM: Songs From the River Project  EVBVD  2011  CD    1:16:31 ()
Eve Beglarian / Mary Rowell  The Flood   Options BRIM: Songs From the River Project  EVBVD  2011  CD    1:51:31 ()
Eve Beglarian / Mary Rowell  Wayfaring Stranger   Options BRIM: Songs From the River Project  EVBVD  2011  CD    1:48:42 ()
Phill Niblock  Four Arthurs Superimposed With Two Octaves and a Fifth   Options From the Kitchen Archives: New Music, New York 1979  Orange Mountain Music  2004  CD  Four Arthurs (1978) superimposed with Two Octaves and a FIfth (1975)  1:50:36 ()
Radu Malfatti / Keith Rowe   Solo with Accompaniment   Options Φ  erstwhile  2011  CD  Composed by Cornelius Cardew  2:02:09 ()
Steve Reich and Musicians  Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ   Options Phases: A Nonesuch Retrospective  Nonesuch  2006  CD  from 1973  2:29:52 ()
Robert Craft Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion  Hyperprism   Options Music of Edgar Varese  One Way Records  1996  CD  Composed in 1924  2:46:23 ()
Robert Henke  Layer 006   Options Layering Buddha  Imbalance Computer Music  2006  CD    2:51:39 ()
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD    2:56:04 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/20/12 3:04pm kiemzi:

yous guys is good at simul-talk
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:04pm silvio u.:

Got any Floyd?
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:05pm Cecile:

B-side of King of Hearts? That was quite nice, actually.
Avatar Fri. 1/20/12 3:08pm DJ KG:

silvio: yes i do.
cecile: you win!
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:08pm Bread Fan:

That graphic looks like Steven Segal in Aladdin Sane make-up. Is it?
Avatar Fri. 1/20/12 3:08pm DJ KG:

(and thx, kz)
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:09pm Carmichael:

I like anyone named Juice. Or Skeeter.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:09pm Hank XVI:

Or Merle
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:13pm joe:

As someone who has a very strange attraction I'd say almost fascination with the Mississippi and life on it I am very excited for todays guest.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:13pm Cecile:

ah, I have several albums of Aldo's renditions of Satie. A good interpreter of his music.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:14pm Hank XVI:

Lorne Greene: He's an Aldo dog. Look at him! 16-years old! Ha ha.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:16pm joe:

Graphic is Pro Wrestler Bill Eadie as his charachter AX also well know for his time as the Masked Superstar.
Avatar Fri. 1/20/12 3:17pm DJ KG:

cecile wins on juice newton and erik satie!

hi everyone.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:17pm G:

@joe: I thought it was Mitt Romney with indigestion.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:17pm northguineahills:

@Cecile, I was just listening to Ciccolini's Satie albums (on vinyl and cassette yesterday.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:18pm Bread Fan:

TY Joe. I am a big Sir Oliver Humperdinck fan, but those days are long past. These days I tend to my small acreage near Indianola, and keep to myself mostly, though I do venture out to the Hinky-Dinky or to Arby's now and then.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:19pm Cecile:

nice, ngh!
Now Juice kind of sounds like Anne Murray with a cold.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:24pm Variants:

Fig Newton-Isaac Newton-Newton Gingrich-Eye of Newt-Full-frontal Newtity
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:25pm Pamela A.:

I'm sure I'm the only one on this page who ever had the full frontal newtity operation.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:27pm joe:

@ Bread Fan I was always more of a Percy Pringle or Gary Hart guy my self.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:28pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Are there any recordings of Amish music? I never thought of it....do they allow music? They'd have to record it without electricity, I guess.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:28pm Ivan Koloff:

Cowboy Bob Ellis - Mad Dog Vascon - I'm dating myself. No one else will.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:28pm joe:

I will always associate Juice Newton with Yogi Bear as when I was a wee one that had a video of Yogi Bear running away from Cindy Bear with Queen of Hearts playing
Avatar Fri. 1/20/12 3:29pm DJ KG:

k from hp - that is an interesting question! i suppose sheet music is possible.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:30pm He Who Walks Among The Rows:

Ken, I'd imagine it's fairly dulcimer-intensive.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:31pm joe:

ken - you would have to use a hand crank wax cylinder or something wouldn't you as all recording equipment would be off limits
Avatar Fri. 1/20/12 3:31pm DJ KG:

maybe oxen-powered drum machines?
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:31pm still b/p:

B-B-B-Buggy and No Jets.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:32pm Amish:

God hates electricity. He would kill me with lightning bolts if I ever used it.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:32pm joe:

G- Dosen't Mitt Romney always look like he indigestion though?
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Ten seconds of internet search shows some hymns and harmonica recordings. Some CDs for sale. Who'd have thunk it?
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:34pm Malachai:

  Fri. 1/20/12 3:35pm G:

---> BINGO DINGDINGDINGDING that's probably why the thought occurred to me at all...
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:36pm Kenzo:

@joe: That Yogi-Bear-running-with-Queen-of-Hearts-playing thing sounds very familiar.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:36pm Malachai:

Mennonites are more prog than Amish.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:36pm Roxy goes Amish.:

Virginia Really Plain
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:38pm Cleaver:

Amish Unplugged Series - Rhino
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:39pm BSI:

I shall be a Kobaian Mennonite when I grow up.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:40pm Mandom:

Best thing ever ...
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:43pm Mandom:


Greatest Charles Bronson commercial ever.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:43pm joe:

Malachai-I've heard the Amish have more of Kraut background though.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:49pm Cecile:

I have to say Mittens was quite gracious to Stephen Fry when the latter was driving around the country on his TV quest to visit all 50 states.
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:51pm Kenzo:

@joe, ready to relive your childhood? Juice Newton and Yogi Bear:
  Fri. 1/20/12 3:56pm joe:

Kenzo I tip my hat to you. I just did a quick search for it and came up dry thank you very much.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:00pm JacaPwalAdamu:

got any rare Trent Reznor?
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:04pm Cecile:

Eve, are you familiar with the photographer Alec Soth, who does enormous posed photographs (like 12 ft x 12 Ft). He did a series on the Mississippi from MN to NOLA as well.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:13pm Dude:

  Fri. 1/20/12 4:21pm from Italy:

loving this. Thank you Eve (and Kurt)
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:27pm jonathan:

those sounds were amazing.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:28pm glenn:

if anyone can tell me why the amish and mennonites eschew electricity while burning more diesel than anybody except for maybe the queen mary, i'd love to hear it.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:30pm Cecile:

the mennonites acutally don't eschew it. They use it as little as possible, but they have electric lights, sewing machines, etc. They are about appropriate technology, at the lowest level possible.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:31pm Cecile:

YES! I saw it too.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:35pm glenn:

yes, you're right. i misspoke. or mistyped.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

We sang the worried song in third of fourth grade. That's the last time I've thought of that one.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:38pm Cecile:

Would Eve be offended if I said she sounds EXACTLY like my favorite therapist?
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:38pm Cecile:

She's an extremely nice lady.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:39pm Mike East:

The worried song brings to mind the DEVO version for me. It will now be stuck in my head the rest of the day.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:43pm Cecile:

There are a lot of Native people in the Twin Cities. Many powwows and even a mall of all Native-owned businesses.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:45pm Cecile:

Where in Michigan?
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:49pm suea:

she reminds me of laurie anderson. but better (at least nowadays)
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:52pm channeling Lou R.:

@suea: OK, I see how it is now. Just b/c I cancelled 7 Second Delay. And made Lulu. Jeez.
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:54pm G:

@Cecile: wikipedia: "Eve Beglarian (born Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S., July 22, 1958)"
  Fri. 1/20/12 4:59pm Cecile:

Ha! I went to university there.

thanks, G.
  Fri. 1/20/12 5:02pm G:

I was born in AA myself in the late 50s, heart operation there 1961, college there late 70s early 80s. my roommate was in administration at WBCN... small world alert...
  Fri. 1/20/12 5:04pm Cecile:

I DJ'd at WCBN for four years, starting in '83!
  Fri. 1/20/12 5:05pm G:

yeah, just as I was hitting Send i realized that I had reversed two letters, "welcome to life..."
  Fri. 1/20/12 5:13pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Kurt and all the listeners.
  Fri. 1/20/12 5:19pm JJ:

Well, finding Radu's Malfatti an Keith Rowe's "Phi" Album without Megaupload is difficult! ;)
Avatar Fri. 1/20/12 5:23pm DJ KG:

ha! meet the new world, same as the old world.
Avatar Fri. 1/20/12 5:23pm DJ KG:

hi richard!
  Fri. 1/20/12 5:24pm JJ:

No problem! I miss the old one, and I can rely on you KG.
  Fri. 1/20/12 5:25pm Mark in VT:

This stuff is messing with one of our cats. I have this dog whistle app that is fun to use. You can change the frequency. Sometimes the cats respond to that.
Avatar Fri. 1/20/12 5:28pm DJ KG:

do the cats prefer percussion?
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