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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options September 23, 2011

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
Milford Graves    Options Bäbı  1976!!!  0:00:00 ()
Joe Morris Ensemble  Plexus   Options Elsewhere  1996!!!  0:12:22 ()
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra  Straight Up and Down ~ Will Be Back   Options Plays Eric Dolphy's "Out To Lunch"  2005!!!  0:20:38 ()
Müller · Voicecrack · O'Rourke  Coat Cooker   Options Table Chair and Hatstand  1996!!!  0:48:29 ()
Repeat  [track 7]   Options Select Dialect  1999!!!  1:11:04 ()
Jason Kahn  [track 1]   Options Fields  2005–6!!!  1:16:14 ()
Masaoka · Chen · Grüsel · Nagai  Dialing   Options Masaoka · Chen · Grüsel · Nagai  2009!!!  1:21:49 ()
Takagi Masakatsu  Harmony   Options Opus Pia  2002!!!  1:34:05 ()
Hildegard Westerkamp  Beneath the Forest Floor   Options Transformations  1992!!!  2:02:56 ()
Christina Kubisch  e-legend II   Options Five Electrical Walks  2006!!!  2:20:47 ()
Ryoji Ikeda & Carsten Nicolai  [excerpt]   Options Cyclo    2:38:52 ()
Frank Bretschneider  Construction Shack   Options Rhythm    2:45:44 ()
Frank Bretschneider  The Moon Is A Hole In The Sky   Options Rhythm    2:49:54 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/23/11 12:15pm northguineahills:

What time is it?
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:15pm Barry Lyndon:

  Fri. 9/23/11 12:17pm still b/p:

ngh - http://tinyurl.com/3tt5czr
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:18pm pierre:

Oh Bryce !
vous ici ?
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:19pm BSI:

..... is THIS the afterlife?
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:19pm bryce:

mais oui!
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:20pm bryce:

6 tons of satellite
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:23pm still b/p:

Got your catcher's mitt and mask on?
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:25pm bryce:

i dipped my lips in chipotle-lime smoked sea salt
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:25pm Hugo:

Thought I heard some Arthur Doyle (and so it was).
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:26pm bryce:

ah yes! mr. doyle was on that graves. mr. mcdowell pulled that from the library -- NO idea it was in there!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:29pm NASA:

This is weirdly similar to the sounds that crashing satellite is making just prior to re-entry.
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:30pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/23/11 12:31pm NASA:

OK, OK, after lunch hour maybe, if we feel up to it.
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:33pm bryce:

UK householders will be encouraged to know that most household insurance policies are likely to protect against any damage caused by the flying debris in what the Association of British Insurers called "a very unlikely but possible event". These cover against incidents "involving aircraft or flying objects including articles dropped from them", said a spokesman.
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:35pm northguineahills:

Thanks still b/p, nice article!
I must have been time tripping, that or sleeping.
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:35pm still b/p:

Splashdown soup with beryllium bits!
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:37pm still b/p:

It's CRISIS time, he says.
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:37pm bryce:

UN agreements oblige governments to return any parts of a satellite that are found to the owner, in this case Nasa.
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:39pm NASA:

Yeah, you don't get to keep our hurtling carbonized life-threatening spaceshit, you loser countries. Thanks in advance.
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:41pm bryce:

l'eggo my plutonium
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:43pm northguineahills:

Perfect rainy day for a bbq. (seriously)
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:56pm Looms:

Hello to all eggos and satellites around
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:57pm bryce:

hey, you!
  Fri. 9/23/11 12:58pm BSI:

what's this about 20 year old cellulite falling from the sky? I must fetch my wellingtons...
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:04pm bryce:

cottage cheese from heaven
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:09pm Carmichael:

Good day Bryce and fellow sky watchers. Waiting for the Satellite of Love.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:11pm northguineahills:

  Fri. 9/23/11 1:11pm Ike:

  Fri. 9/23/11 1:12pm Dull Unhappy Person:

Shut up. We know or don't care.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:13pm bw:

what is REM?
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:14pm northguineahills:

The one song that REM detests, awesome!
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:14pm Looms:

rapid effect mushroom
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:14pm Cecile:

I would have preferred Auctioneer (Another Engine)
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:15pm Cecile:

And as legend has it, REM LOATHED Shiny Happy People and tried to never play it live.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:15pm Cecile:

LOL ngh, great minds.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:15pm bryce:

oh no!
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:18pm Cecile:

My favorite album is the one that was so trying to make it almost broke up the band. If they quit after Fables, they would be legends. But as it was, they ended up really rich and popular. LOL!
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:18pm perrin:

I remember being scared of skylab falling. Now I just thing it woudl be a really cool way to go, much better than being hit by a bus.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:19pm Ike:

@Cecile, yeah, was "Shiny" an ironic joke song gone horribly awry? Or they just got sick of it when it became a huge hit? At least in "The One I Love," their intention was clear due to the lyric bomb "a simple prop/ to occupy my time."

I really like "Harborcoat" and "Moral Kiosk."
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:19pm northguineahills:

Although, REM did play Shiny Happy People for Seasame Street.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:21pm glenn:

i'm pretty sure that should be a simple problem.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:21pm Cecile:

I dunno, Ike.. I stopped caring about their motivations around that time. it could have them just screwing around in the studio. As many have said, "the song you hate the most will be your biggest hit."
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:22pm perrin:

gosh, I leave for like two months, and YOU FORGET THE YEAR. I like the year. holding back the years.. YEAR YEAR
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:23pm Carmichael:

If I worked at the phone company, I would hear this all day long.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:23pm Baby On Fire:

REM conversations this afternoon? They did one good song.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:23pm bryce:

hahaaa :) hey, perrin!
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:27pm Cecile:

Three good albums. And some cool covers. And a great live band. More than a lot of people had. They worked hard and brought good bands on tour with them.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:28pm Cecile:

They talked up loads of other indie bands in interviews every change they got.
it's sad they're not around to do that anymore as a unit, but Stipe and Buck I'm sure will be dyed in the wool music fans until they pass.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:29pm Cecile:

There are people in my life who learned about Patti Smith, Television and Big Star by being REM fans.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:30pm bryce:

yup, all true!
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:30pm Baby On Fire:

I wished I shared those thoughts, Cecile. I realize that mine is only an opinion. I just thought that they, like Nirvana after them, simply were at the right place at the right time. I don't have anything against them personally. I don't know them. I know the guitarist for an old band of mine worked with Peter Buck when she was in Atlanta and had nothing but good things to say about him. And hey...I catch hell from my wife when I groan when she listens to 'em. :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:31pm Cecile:

No, they worked really really hard to make the right place at the right time. They toured non-stop for years. Even if they would have never got the big hit, they still would have had respect. And that they managed a little after they got huge, well, they did some things right.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:33pm bryce:

getting pulled through the super-mega-mainstream industry wormhole is a pretty odd thing. i can't ever imagine wanting that experience
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:34pm Baby On Fire:

I can agree w/ that to an extent, but it's worth noting the momentum of publicity and how that effects buying habits, media attention and public opinion. As for liking their songs, well, that's just a matter of taste...and hey! There's no accounting for that. I mean, Hell, I like Supertramp. I'd rather listen to Braxton, but I'll take Supertramp. Go figure. :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:35pm glenn:

i agree with cecile, although i'd put the number of great albums at 5 or 6.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:35pm Baby On Fire:

affects, rather. I've had friends, bryce, who, say opened for Chemical Brothers and they don't do majors at all anymore. And that was just Astralwerks.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:35pm Carmichael:

I never settle for, nor even tolerate, what the radio gives me. That's why I'm here.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:37pm Baby On Fire:

(and no, not Toni Braxton..before someone makes that crack) lol
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:37pm glenn:

and besides, why should i have a problem when somebody gets rich doing something they love to do, as long as they're not douches about it?
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:37pm Cecile:

Sure it does. But it says something than they still talked up Big Black records, even when Steve Albini voiced his loathing of their music. And they took the Minutemen and Replacements on tour.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:38pm Cecile:

exactly, glenn.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:39pm Ghost of REM:

Are you goofin' on our work, hey baby, are you havin' fun?
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:40pm Baby On Fire:

Cecile...I'll not fault them for that. But I will say this....it's the least they could do to give back. While not every band who makes it to that vaunted level from indy status does pay lip service to other bands, really, that doesn't much enter into the equation of whether or not I like their music. I'm happy, damn I'm even shiny, that they got to do the rare thing and turn a buck.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:40pm Baby On Fire:

Ghost, I'm obviously losin' touch.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:42pm glenn:

well, baby on fire, brian eno ain't exactly hurtin', financially wise.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:43pm Eno:

Hey, just have your people call my people and we'll do lunch.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:43pm bryce:

i'm with you, glenn, re why not! just personally can't imagine being able to enjoy myself while dealing with those kinds of pressures. but i can barely get myself dressed in the morning....
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:44pm Cecile:

You don't have to like their music. I'm not trying to convince anyone of their artistic merit. But for a popular band, they were good citizens of the music community.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:44pm glenn:

and i'm not even sure he likes music, not the way the r.e.m. guys do, anyway.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:44pm Baby On Fire:

Exactly. I won't fault someone if they make some money doing music. That's not the thrust of what I'm saying.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:45pm Cecile:

You were wondering why everyone still was talking about them. I outlined some reasons why.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:45pm Baby On Fire:

Cecile: agreed.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:45pm What's Your Frequency Kenneth?:

is yo ben zah dreen UH HUH
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:47pm Carmichael:

Where's the harmony, Bryce? WHERE? You promised.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:48pm Cecile:

Do you have that great record of pygmy women washing clothes and singing? I love that
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:48pm Cecile:

it's figurative harmony, carm. Harmony with nature.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:48pm golden Eno insight:

Disappearing cocoa forests flash and die
Fortunes crumble all demolished in the bay
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:49pm Carmichael:

I was hoping for doo-wop.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:49pm Baby On Fire:

Cecile, I think that our conversation got a little chopped up in the flow there. REM don't make me uptight. I just noted the conversation.

As for Eno...I ain't gonna' speculate on what he likes or doesn't. I certainly don't like his entire discography, either, but then, that's another topic.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:50pm bryce:

hello my baby, hello my darlin, hello my ragtime GABABBBABADOOBABBEEBAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:50pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 9/23/11 1:51pm glenn:

the music business is a funny thing. bands will kill themselves for years to make it before they give up. then, if they do make it and get signed, their label kills them to keep putting out product and tour etc. it's not much wonder musicians have issues.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:51pm Michigan J. Frog:

Hey, bub, I'm workin' this side of the street.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:51pm Exclamation Pointless:

He hates harmony. He can't dance. He likes to put his head on railroad tracks, he likes the sound of his thoughts, the sound of people tasting air, feeling wet dreams, doing remedial tasks...
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:52pm Baby On Fire:

Glenn, have you ever read "Confessions of a Record Producer?" It will make you never, never, never, never want to work w/ a major, submajor, subsubmajor. It will make you want to make breakfast instead of records.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:54pm glenn:

i've read confessions of an english opium eater. i've read confessions of a political hit man. i've never read confessions of a record producer, though i just finished al kooper's memoirs. that was kinda fun.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:56pm Cecile:

baby on fire, i think the only way it would work is if you owned the label yourself. that is one job I have never had any desire to do in the music business.
  Fri. 9/23/11 1:57pm Training Brah:

Does anyone still think they can make it big with any shred of integrity anymore? Would you really want your band to be in the same category as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blink 182, Coldplay?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:00pm Baby On Fire:

Cecile, I've done that and it was a miserable experience, imo. Of course, I was going it alone, but just dealing with distributors was enough hassle to make me quit doing it. I'm glad there a plenty out there who DO like it, though. Thankfully.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:01pm Cecile:

I think you can, but you are a self-contained solo artist.

I think the Chili Peppers were the first band I can remember that were marketed to the indie audience that really succeeded - that were on a major from day one.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:02pm Cecile:

I liked the record fine, but I saw them live, and it was the most macho,unfun cock-rock I'd seen. And I like metal! At least with metal, there's some silliness.

But I'd have a non-alcoholic beverage with Flea and talk to him about Detroit and jazz if I had the chance.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:03pm glenn:

red hot chili peppers - now there's a band i simply loathe.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:03pm glenn:

although they make a mean arrabiatta sauce.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:04pm Nate in Detroit:

Loving this "Harmony"...I need to get myself a field recorder
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:05pm Cecile:

yeah. well. I have to agree. But i was amazed - all these "sensitive" guys were howling at the stage, and all these "feminist" girls were practially throwing themselves at the band. It was crazy.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:06pm Cecile:

The scales really fell off my eyes re: the brains and hearts of a lot of that particular rock scene. And I'm quite hedonistic by nature, but this was just kinda ugly.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:06pm RHCP:

Give it away now
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:07pm Looms:

Bryce: I love the way you talk but I don't know the way you walk.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:07pm Looms:

Yey! Westerkampf!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:07pm Baby On Fire:

Feminists? We probably shouldn't go down that road, but it IS funny that the subject was raised in context of the RHCP. Seems like the demographic of feminists at a RHCP show are probably just beginning womanhood. It takes a little while to wrap your head around that alone, much less theorizing on the myriad forms of masculine hegemony. Most times...just an excuse to screw as many men as you can get away with, a la Lisa Carrver. Go ahead...let the Hell rain on in on me. Ah...I love Fridays. RHCP...naw, not so much.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:08pm Training Brah:

Like this quote from Scott Miller (Game Theory): "I'm utterly serious about music, I just respect the buying public's judgment that it's not what I should do for a living."
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:08pm Baby On Fire:

oh dear...i can feel the tsunami! :D
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:08pm Cecile:

The funny thing is that the Peppers were packed, and earlier that night, Odean Pope played a really sexy, funny and great show down the street to about 20 people.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:09pm Cecile:

The tsumani of agreement.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:10pm Cecile:

And these were 20 somethings that would get in a huff when you'd say "girls" by accident, but were drooling idiots. Anthony Kiedis's junk = the great equalizer.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:10pm glenn:

hormones will kill feminism any day of the week.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:12pm Baby On Fire:

rofl...Kiedis' junk
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:12pm glenn:

you mean junk habit?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:13pm Baby On Fire:

Damn you Cecile...I usually turn any channel where RHCP reside. But now, you bring a new theoretical dimension to the subject. Ha!
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:13pm ?:

the only good thing about the chili peppers is/was John Frusciante
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:13pm Cecile:

No, more like "oh, my, that's a nice package!"
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:13pm Cecile:

ITA, ?
His solo albums are often quite nice.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:13pm A.K.:

Let's just say they crave an injection.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:14pm Baby On Fire:

Well, I suppose the old double-standard had to be turned on men someday.
Junk habit...this is nice.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:14pm glenn:

oh. his "unit", if i may steal from wayne's world.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:16pm Cecile:

BOF, I was just SO naive in the 80s. I thought you could appreciate male attractiveness and yet not completely subsume yourself and whatnot. You know, get out there. Play on the equal playing field. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:17pm bryce:

i was in the audience for an MTV game show taping the week that RHCP were contestants. at a break they dumped hundreds of bell peppers on the audience.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:17pm Baby On Fire:

check and check.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:17pm Cecile:

did you grab a lot and make rataouille?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:18pm Looms:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:18pm bryce:

i put one in my mouth like a suckling pig, and the camera craned in to my face.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:18pm Baby On Fire:

Bryce, The Very Mild and Slightly Bitter Peppers? BAM, indeed.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:19pm still b/p:

If i had to choose between hot satellite scrap and cold peppers falling on me....I don't know.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:19pm Cecile:

Sorry! I should be flogged not spelling that right.

LOLOLOLOL, Bryce, do you have pix?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:19pm bryce:

i wish!!! there's a tape in a mountain somewhere.........
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:20pm glenn:

will this flogging occur on the equal flaying field?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:21pm Cecile:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:22pm Ike:

Wait... so you mean we men are not the only ones who can become total slack-jawed gaping idiots when faced with attractiveness?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:23pm Looms:

Go Ike! Bite their teeth!!! ;)
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:24pm northguineahills:

this is anti-horse music.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:24pm Baby On Fire:

I love this.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:25pm Cecile:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:25pm glenn:

i hate to break it to you ike, but that is the case.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:26pm Cecile:

We especially become uncontrollable at screenings of 2001: A Space Odyessey. That's a secret they don't tell you in health class.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:26pm Looms:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:27pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:28pm glenn:

odyssey. does it have anything to do with the "obelisk"? or is it keir dullea?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:28pm Baby On Fire:

Funny that you mention that Cecile. An ex girlfriend, feminist 20 something and constant self-proclaiming intellectual, looked vexed while watching 2001...It's all starting to make sense.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:28pm Cecile:

It's HAL. He's friendly, yet unavailable. He's a challenge.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:29pm Cecile:

A "project" as it were.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:29pm glenn:

read the book "sex at dawn" it'll explain everything about women. i guarantee it.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:30pm Cecile:

Hell, I don't understand women half the time. And I are one.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:31pm Baby On Fire:

Women are just like everything else. As you get older, you realize you know less and less and finally come to the conclusion that the best path forward is to simply shut up. Asceticism...the other white meat.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:33pm Looms:

@BOF: agreed
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:33pm Baby On Fire:

Is it ironic that I'm writing copy for plumbers right now?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:33pm Cecile:

unless you like puzzles. Then old age is a bonanza.
"Where the hell are my keys? Who the hell is Katy Perry? How can MOJO keep putting the Beatles on the cover every month?"
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:33pm glenn:

they're so inscrutable.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:34pm Baby On Fire:

Cecile...[smirk, laugh, lol]
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:34pm glenn:

that's not true. neil young's been on a copy of mojo this year.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:35pm Baby On Fire:

MOJO...proving you can lose a copy of it but not lose it simultaneously.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:35pm Cecile:

put a picture of a wrench next to it. They will love it. I kid you not. When I do stuff for trades types classes, if I put things in military stencil lettering or include some kind of deconstructed picture of a gear or wheel, the response is incredible.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:36pm Cecile:

I mean for your plumber copy, BOF
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:36pm Baby On Fire:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:36pm glenn:

plumbers are like the red hot chili peppers of the trades. they make a lot of money and deal with shit.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:37pm Baby On Fire:

Glenn, you have a practical world view.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:37pm Cecile:

I would date a plumber before I dated Anthony Kiedis
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:37pm RHCP:

And plumbers have women checking out their units, too, wondering, "What if...?"
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:38pm Cheri Pi:

Now Hals junk... a proper christian lady like me will seem possessed by the devil, if I'm near it.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:38pm glenn:

i have a fantastic plumber. i've learned all my greek swearies from him.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:38pm Cecile:

All the hip kids are going to trade school now, anyway. You can't make a sculpture out of plumbing pipes if you don't know how to weld.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:39pm glenn:

solder. welding is different.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:40pm Cecile:

That thing...with the torch and the flamey stuff and the mask. That's what they go to school for.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:40pm Looms:

@Bryce: love this Kubisch piece. Reading it's a pretty peculiar work; really beautiful.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:40pm nic:

this is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:41pm Cheri Pi:

If hot glue gun was a major I would be a PhD...
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:42pm Cecile:

I am a Masters of crochet.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:42pm glenn:

yeah. plumbers solder. pipe fitters weld (as do welders).
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:43pm Baby On Fire:

You can make a lot of money doing deep sea underwater welding, but you'll probably be working for the likes of BP.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:44pm Cecile:

the big sculptures of metal slabs those hot sculptor guys have at the art crawls I go to are soldered or welded?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:44pm bryce:

there's great pictures in the CD of folks standing around wearing her big headphones, staring at concrete walls :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:44pm glenn:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:45pm Looms:

I'll see this picture soon...
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:45pm Baby On Fire:

I've been told, however, that the subset of "underwater hipster" is the preferred variety of hipster. They usually wear headphones and stare at large underwater metal beams and such. I guess that's what they're called. I don't really know. I'm not a welder.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:45pm glenn:

and for what it's worth, blacksmiths don't shoe horses. farriers shoe horses.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:46pm JT:

damn, now that i'm hearing this on good headphones, i have to go back and listen to ryoji ikeda that i have
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:46pm Baby On Fire:

Blacksmiths DO make the shoes themselves, right?
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:46pm raga:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:47pm Tuesday Weld:

You don't know what hot is, brother.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:48pm JT:

ow this part hurts, the low freq. in my ear
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:49pm glenn:

no. farriers make horseshoes.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:50pm Baby On Fire:

well, learn a little something everyday.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:51pm Brass Knuckles:

This song has a beat. Cool.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:52pm bryce:

if you could only see me dancing
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:54pm glenn:

it's a good philosophy. i have no trouble learning about a hundred new things every day. remembering them, now that's a different story. see cecile's comment in re: where's my keys.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:55pm Cecile:

You have beginner's mind every day, glenn. It's very Zen.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:56pm Baby On Fire:

Y'all take it easy. Obviously, I'll never get this work done if I stay on chat. Have a good wknd.
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:56pm nic:

  Fri. 9/23/11 2:58pm bryce:

hey nic!

y'all have great weeks :)
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:58pm Looms:

Bye Bryce!
  Fri. 9/23/11 2:59pm Cecile:

yea, have a good weekend!
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:00pm Brass Knuckles:

how I picture bryce dancing: http://chzgifs.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/funny-gifs-never-stop.gif
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:01pm RHCP:

Kurtz'll Jerk
  Fri. 9/23/11 3:01pm Ike:

@Brass, I believe that's 100% accurate.
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