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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options July 14, 2011: failure battle: DJ battle w/ Clay Pigeon + Fabio, Part I I

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Koivistolaiset  Jättiläinen (Mr. Giant Man)   Options   0:00:00 ()
Annette Peacock  I'm the One   Options I'm the One  0:03:19 ()
Wishbone Ash  Blowin' Free   Options Argus  0:10:11 ()
Goblin  Suspiria (Main Titles)   Options Suspiria  0:22:56 ()
Bobby Goldsboro  Summer (The First Time)   Options Love Songs  0:36:43 ()
Scott Walker  Jackie   Options 2  0:37:07 ()
Jose Feliciano  California Dreamin'   Options Feliciano  0:38:13 ()
Yardbirds  Still I'm Sad   Options   0:46:54 ()
Spirit  Natures Way   Options Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus  0:47:19 ()
Guido & Maurizio de Angelis  Goodbye my Friend   Options   0:50:19 ()
America   VEntura Highway   Options greatest hits  0:54:43 ()
Serge Gainsbourg  Bonnie & Clyde   Options   1:10:32 ()
Nat King Cole  Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup   Options Th Nat King Cole Story Vol. 2  1:11:06 ()
Moody Blues  See Saw   Options In Search of the Lost Chord  1:15:08 ()
brigitte bardot  Contact   Options   1:20:08 ()
Beach Boys  Surf's Up   Options Surf's Up  1:23:56 ()
T-Rex  Soul of my Suit   Options Dandy in the Underworld  1:33:40 ()
The Cult  Wild Flower   Options Electric  1:35:52 ()
Cromagnon  Caledonia   Options Cave Rock  1:41:17 ()
Ennio Morricone  Navajo Joe   Options Navajo Joe  1:50:23 ()
Paul McCartney  Goodnight Tonight   Options   1:58:43 ()
Kraftwerk  Computer Love   Options   1:59:08 ()
Isaac Hayes  Shaft   Options Shaft   
Fame Gang  Spooky   Options   2:27:22 ()
Thin Lizzy  jail Break   Options   2:27:36 ()
Black Sabbath  Black sabbath   Options Black sabbath  2:28:03 ()
Boston  Don't Look Back   Options Boston  2:49:02 ()
Kinks  I'm on an Island   Options   2:49:17 ()
July  Dandelion Seeds   Options Dandelion Seeds  2:50:20 ()
Move  Message from the country   Options split ends  2:54:33 ()
Klaus and Uschi  Young Stud   Options   3:25:35 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:05pm Matt from Springfield:


And you can't fool me Fabio, that "Mr. Giant Man" was played in English on your show by James Last, opening your "Failure of Set and Setting" episode, one of my favs!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:05pm Ike:

I LOVE the Finnish Mr. Giant Man! +10 points! (Does that count in the battle?)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:06pm Julesberg:

I was just saying that but I don't think so
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh, shit, it's one of THEM days!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:07pm Julesberg:

Clay is arming himself with a yellow highlighter and a red pen, he insists on keeping score again
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:07pm Handsome Harry:

FAILURE BATTLE. Hot damn it is my lucky day.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:07pm hubba:

Let the FAILURE begin!!

Hello everybody.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:07pm Van:

Not sure what this battle stuff is, but let the war rage on
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Julesberg! Are you in a SWEDISH mood today? :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:08pm BSI:

There is a place in Valhalla for both of you. But one must be limping something fierce when y'all get there.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:08pm BZ:

Do I stay or do I go?
(Fabio, please destroy as is your wont)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:09pm Julesberg:

@Matt Clay insists on calling me that
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:09pm pierre:

Bonjour Fabio and Clay !

I love sequels
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:09pm Handsome Harry:

Are point deductions allowed/encouraged in today's battle? Or are we only going for positive additions, preferably between the integers of 1 through 10?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:09pm hubba:

Die Hard: Through Failure
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:10pm Julesberg:

Clash of the Titans
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:10pm hubba:

Man... this is quenching the soul spot... +6 magi
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:10pm 12539:

Are there rules involved? Do we get to know what they are?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:11pm octy:

LOVE this Annette Peacock song, 10 points to Fabio right off the bat here.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:11pm Das:

This is very cool
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

0 points for "connection error"
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Bonjour Pierre!

@Jules: Well, if I ever discover a mountain feature in Antarctica or the Moon or someplace, I promise to name one of them "Julesbergen"!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

7 points for the Peacock...5 points for Wishbone Ash
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:12pm Handsome Harry:

+7.5 on the Annette Peacock. Ring modulation gets me every time.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:13pm hubba:

+2 for good-timey driving harmonized jam
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:13pm Matt from Springfield:

I think Handsome Harry has an excellent point: to encourage a workable point count, how about scoring integers 1-10. Maybe allow for negative subtractions, but also just -1 to -10.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:14pm phillip:

clay and fabio both dueling?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:14pm No Chauvinism:

Julesberg should be battling too.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:14pm Ike:

I agree with Matt @3:13. Whole numbers from -10 to +10. Good idea.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:14pm Julesberg:

Eventually they may let me in to their boys' club
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:15pm Matt from Springfield:

+5 for Wishbone Ash, this one is particularly sweet.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:16pm Julesberg:

I'm not letting Clay keep score this time, so it might be fair
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:16pm phillip:

has anyone ever met crispin glover?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:16pm Equality Now!:

Sexism is not freeform!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:16pm Sven:

These f'n lyrics... they're the David Lynch of lyrics.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:16pm seang:

well I was going to go to the gym after work but I can't miss out on the duel
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:16pm hubba:

ponts may continue to be accrued during the track, yes? +2 more dual overdrive indulgence
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:16pm Matt from Springfield:

No Chauvinism: Oh don't worry, the Triumvirate battles three ways!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:17pm Julesberg:

2 for?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:17pm Handsome Harry:

+3.7 to Wishbone Ash
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm not going to get any work done the rest of the day. Thank you!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:17pm TJ:

Nice on the wishbone. +3
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:18pm Matt:

That's Neu in the background? +2
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:18pm Wild Neil:

What is a failure war? 10 words or less if you can! Please? People? Ludzie? Proze?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:18pm BZ:

-10 points for hijacking Fabio's show
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

their first album is their best though.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm hubba:

-1 for colonization... colon-eyes-nation
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm Ike:

So, are the duellists agreed re: scoring? Is it -10 to +10, or just positive numbers?

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm Julesberg:

Battle of the Dj's, give points for the songs you like
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: Works makes you Free...form! And Freeform frees you from work!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm ASB:

My dad has that Wishbone Ash record. He is also responsible for all of the Bread and the Firefall.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm woj:

wishbone ash were great but annette peacock wins that round for sure!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm hubba:

sets right foot... gets in crouching position
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:19pm Julesberg:

No deductions...if you don't like it they get nothing
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:20pm phillip:

goblin already gets at 10
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

-10 for Julie for no deductions rule!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:20pm hubba:

+2 for hushed space garble
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:20pm Handsome Harry:

I can agree to whole numbers if it comes down to that. Goblin scores a 9.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:20pm andymorphic:

susperia theme!!!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:21pm Julesberg:

As the resident accountant, I'm less likely to screw up with just addition.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:21pm Dave B:

you'll get nothing, and like it!
Judge Smails
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:21pm Matt from Springfield:

I score "0" for the no deductions rule! And that complaint'll get me...nowhere.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:21pm phillip:

can't believe clay doesn't know any goblin
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:21pm Julesberg:

I already want this to use as bed music
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:22pm Jack:

Julie, you get a "10" just for "being Julie"
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:22pm pierre:

@Julesberg : are you Julie ? (ok it might sound as i'm just waking up here but its 09.21 pm here) > +8 for goblin.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:22pm BSI:

Suspiria is good for 10 points immediately.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:22pm Julesberg:

Yes it's me...Clay was calling me that
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:22pm hubba:

+1 for no zone head change
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jules: But only after a long, spacey set.

60s French singer bulletin: Have you heard Annie Philippe? I followed your advice and listened to Trouble's French show (Bastille Day TODAY!), and I loved this song by Annie Philippe.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:23pm octy:

Clay- driving around at night in Iowa in the 70s, did you ever listen to Beaker Street? I did...and until now, it was the only place on God's green earth where you'd hear Kevin Ayers next to Robin Trower, or Annette Peacock next to Wishbone Ash.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:23pm Julesberg:

@Matt nope. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I shall.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I'm gonna have to do 9 for Goblin, though I missed part of it...came back to my desk and it's going WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:24pm phillip:

What does Clay think of Goblin?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

but if this is gonna work, gotta keep that playlist accurate
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:24pm hubba:

Just playing something doens't get points... it has got to be good through out, the perfect track... Not the biggest Argento fan here, sue me!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:25pm ASB:

9 for Goblin.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Suspiria? Uh guys, the playlist (not the comments, but the actual song listing) is not updating here...and there it goes, "Suspiria" is BY Goblin! Just to remember to update that thing.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:25pm Van:

That was +10
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:26pm Wild Neil:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:26pm Ike:

+10 for Goblin! ZERO for Wishbone Ash, that was some of the silliest stuff I've ever heard.

Suspiria is on my DVR but I haven't had a chance to watch yet.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:26pm hubba:

a total of 3 for me... I mean, come on...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:27pm phillip:

Holy Mountain was one jaw dropping film
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:27pm Matt from Springfield:

9 for Goblin.

I love how Clay keeps saying "Vikes"--it makes me want to start a band called "Fabio and His Vikes"!

"I'm gonna wait/till the midnight prescription..."
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:27pm Matt from Springfield:

NO!!! Don't unseal the Badfinger! Those are very valuable!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:28pm BSI:

CLAY! DUDE! I'll trade a quart of plasma for one copy of that El Topo LP
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:28pm hubba:

Fando Y Lis is preettty cool
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:28pm Handsome Harry:

Didn't expect to hear "GOBLIN COCK" spoken aloud today on-air.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:28pm andymorphic:

el topo and suspiria are NOT the same director!!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:28pm phillip:

Man those records are worth something big!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:28pm ASB:

"This is so retarded"
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:29pm Cecile:

Forgot about this...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Holding hands in the studio! You guys REALLY need a UStream camera in the studio during these battles!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:29pm phillip:

el topo and holy mountain are same director
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:29pm bruceleh:

el topo sealed are running between $50 and $80 on e-bay
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:29pm hubba:

+1 for suspended seagull effect
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm thisisamazing:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm BSI:

The Jodorowsky DVD box set did contain soundtracks for Topo & Holy Mountain (essential for the Don Cherry stuff) but having the vinyl would be great...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm Cecile:

bobby goldboro and his helmet hair.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm Sven:

Man, Clay is awesome.. minus his musical taste!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm Matt from Springfield:

That is, because there are so many reissues, CDs and digital files of Badfinger since the 90s--you can listen to Badfinger without unsealing a potential antique.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm Julesberg:

Hubba I dont know that that means :/
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm hubba:

oh geeze...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm phillip:

Lucky Clay, and you found 3 still sealed too?!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm ASB:

This would be a sweet instrumental.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

+5 for underage sex
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:30pm CenterDivider:

man thats some sweet smooth redneck jive. like scott walker from texas!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm hubba:

A summer classic for the zoloft crowd
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm andymorphic:

oh dusty....i love you but this is never going to cut it against goblin
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm Is this OK?:

Reptiles allowed in the studio?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm J J:

smoooooth rock.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm MD:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm Matt from Berwyn PA:

funny coincidence we were talking about jodorowsky in my avant paris class yesterday he make a tarot book it is insane.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm Matt from Springfield:

+2 for Bobby...I don't like him, but these arrangements are good, and the lyrics aren't as bad as I expected from Bobby Goldsboro, so partially credit to you Clay!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm pierre:

+ 8 for that piano,a dn the sound of this guitar.
+ 3 for the bass
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:31pm TJ:

+5 for the AM gold
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:32pm hubba:

I'm giving points based on things that interest me in the tracks, not jsut a band or artist or because it is Fabio... I'm trying to be objective through subjectivity. "BS, cough"
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:32pm Handsome Harry:

+7 for Bobby. Perfect track to follow up the Suspiria theme.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:32pm Matt from Berwyn PA:

the vocals are weak as hell but the instrumental is great
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:32pm Cecile:

-5 for the skeevy cougar vibe.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:32pm YES W from Austin:

"I saw the sun rise as a man."
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm bb:

"i will chase the boy in you away" ?!!! is this a weird cousin to gary puckett's "young girl"?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm Barnowl:

I saw the sun rise as a man!! +8
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm CenterDivider:

im doing a two step symphony smooth country disco boogie right now
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm Van:

+6 (3 for music, 1 for vocals, 2 for record pops)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm ASB:

I hate the vocals and the lyrics so much that I can just barely stand to give that sweet piano/guitar sound combo a 4..
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm phillip:

+7 for Bobby
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm Cecile:

YES, bb.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm pierre:

imagine getting funky with that bass, on this violin…
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:33pm Matt from Berwyn PA:

they need to play some scott walker right about now
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm bruceleh:

Jackie +10 !!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm Julesberg:

Fabio demands water if anyone upstairs is watching
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm CenterDivider:

nice sleazy follow up!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm Matt:

Did somebody say Scott Walker? +12
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm hubba:

zebra print all the way baby...

Would've gone with a Shaun Harris
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm andymorphic:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

uggh...no points for Scott Walker
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm Matt from Berwyn PA:

this sounds like scott though? is it?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

worst governor ever!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:34pm bruceleh:

would've been +100 if you played the BFB version
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm Cheri Pi:

The theme from ABFAB Wins!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm Matt from Springfield:

+6 because I remember this from the show "AbFab"!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm Cecile:

a 1 for the idea of Scott Walker. -2 for the actuality.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm hubba:

either way.. this is gonna be a slippery slope...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm Matt from Berwyn PA:

it's raining today is one of my favorite songs of all time
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm Van:

+8 for "virgins" reference
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm phillip:

nice and gallupy scott walker. +7
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm paula pc:

100 points for Scott...it's an FMU Classic Hit if there is such a thing here...but I needed it so badly today...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:35pm MD:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:36pm Barnowl:

-8 for the toilet language
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:36pm andymorphic:

should have played night flight
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:36pm Handsome Harry:

+7 for Scott Walker. -999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 for Wisconsin's governor of the same name.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:36pm phillip:

we can go higher than 10?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:36pm pierre:

(just a Hint, it is Bastille day, so a french song could give something like 10pts just for fitting perfectly in the theme)

S. Walker : +9
for the Jacques Brel's song that i think it is : +50
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:36pm ASB:

Yes, the AbFab episode with Patsy's sister who turns out to be 72! 7.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:36pm Julesberg:

nope..10 is the limit
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:36pm Cecile:

I've been listening to too much old Chicago house of late. What are all those extra notes? So many notes...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:37pm hubba:

no points... I can't fit in these pants.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:37pm phillip:

acu playlist is exploding!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:37pm Ike:

@Pierre, re: that perverted song, does 8 and 3 from you average out to a 5 or a 6? No decimals. Or was that supposed to be 8+3=11? Nothing over 10 allowed. Not sure if scores above 10 will get knocked down to 10, or if it will simply NOT COUNT. Jules?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:37pm Cecile:

nice Jose cover of mamas and papas. 5 points.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:38pm pierre:

ok then 10, sorry referee ;)

AND 10 also for this cover by Jose
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:38pm Julesberg:

I am knocking down huge points to 10
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:38pm Van:

+7 for dreamin'
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:38pm Cecile:

Do you have any Chicago house?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:38pm hubba:

oh snap! +8 because it makes me want to leave work and feel the delta breeze
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:38pm phillip:

felacio gets a +8 cause its good
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Jose Feliciano? +8 points! I love this song, and I never heard this before. Like that soulful and SMOOTH delivery.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:39pm Listener Bill:

I just tuned in. I can't say I expected Bobby Goldsboro.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:39pm Cecile:

Jose's vocal phrasing is like a trumpet. It's pretty cool.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:39pm TJ:

+3 california dreamin cover
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:39pm Handsome Harry:

+6 for this one. Clay's bringing the 'ol A Game today.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:39pm Robert:

This is hard to follow without a playlist with one column for each DJ. But the music's good, anyway.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm Julesberg:

@Cecile yeah it is!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm pierre:

@ Ike : yeah i'll stop getting so emotional and try to stay focused on the important part.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm Dave B:

+9 for it NOT being Chico and the Man
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm hubba:

subdued yet soars
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ok +3 for the Spanish verse
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm ASB:

I think I gave Jacky extra points for AbFab. It is kind of a greatest hit. This, meanwhile, givin' it a 5. Kinda sick of the song, but I like "Yes he knows 'cause I told him so."
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm Cecile:

he's saying "Please play something to jack your body to. Thanks."
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm Wild Neil:

OK, Jose, 2+
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm hubba:

what, -1 point for talking over the track...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:40pm pierre:

@ Robert : "Jose Feliciano" would be Clay, right Julie'S ?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:41pm Robert:

You mean blacklisted, not blackballed. Common error.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:41pm Julesberg:

yeah you can usually tell, but vote for music not the DJ
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:42pm hubba:

Streaming... 30th Century...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

he might have been black-balled as well.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:42pm andymorphic:

this combo is now the best show on fmu
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:42pm pierre:

(i give 10 to both Clay and Fabio for being wfmu djs, but that hardly the subject)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:42pm BSI:

I'll give it a 4. I dig the unique take on a familiar tune but totally not a fan of that rambling soul-ish style of singing. Always sounds to me like someone running around the studio in bare feet on a bunch o' carpet tacks.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:42pm Robert:

"California Dreamin'" beats whatever the other 5 DJs on this show have played the past 20 mins.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Robert, ??
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:43pm ASB:

"Do you like Type O Negative? We were wondering."
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:44pm Dave B:

Here's his blacklisting story:

Jose Feliciano
Oct. 7, 1968
Puerto Rican blind singer/guitarist Jose Feliciano stunned the crowd at Tiger Stadium in Detroit, and the rest of America, when he strummed a slow, bluesy rendition of the national anthem before Game 5 of the World Series between Detroit and St. Louis. The 23-year-old's performance was the first nontraditional version seen by mainstream America, and it is generally considered the Lexington and Concord of Star-Spangled Banner controversies. The fiery response from Vietnam-weary America was not surprising, considering the tumultuous year for American patriotism. Good or bad, however, Feliciano's performance opened the door for the countless interpretations of the Star-Spangled Banner we hear today.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:44pm Handsome Harry:

More Scott Walker impressions! Clay you've got him nailed.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:44pm hubba:

kick down some Vikes Fabio
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:44pm Sven:

Ahh.. love Type O! Play 'My Girlfriend's Girlfriend'...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:44pm hubba:

and now the black-balling story?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:44pm Robert:

"Blackball" means veto as applied to a person. It refers to the ancient practice of requiring unanimity for acceptance of a new member into a club. Voting was secret by white or black ball. A single black ball was enough to disqualify a new applicant.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:45pm Julesberg:

@Robert thank you
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh JESUS Clay!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:45pm hubba:

+3 for the Gregorian intro meets lion sleeps tonight
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:45pm Cecile:

+3 for the period kitsch.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dave: Wow, thanks for the history. Hats off to Jose for opening the door, to Marvin Gaye and countless other interpretations!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:46pm J J:

in the jungle the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:46pm hubba:

further allotment of points depend on whether Clapton is involved...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:46pm pierre:

+ 4 for the yardbirds (because they have the name "birds" in their name)
and + 2 (so 6) for the nice (never heard before) tune.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm phillip:

Yardbirds +5
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm TJ:

-2 this yardbirds song is lame
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm BZ:

+8 for rarely played Yardbirds jam!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@hubba: I was thinking more like a Tuvan "Lion Sleeps Tonight"!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm Dave B:

+6 for not being the Blackmore rip off of the riff...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I don't know, this song doesn't do much for me. Plus 1.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm ASB:

Neat. 6.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:47pm andymorphic:

the worst yardbirds song -10
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm BSI:

5 for the Yardbirds.
It's decent but not top-shelf Fabio.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm hubba:

dude, Axelrod's Prunes...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm Matt from Springfield:

TJ: No negative points in today's game.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm Robert:

Meanwhile, a "black list" is a secret (hence "black") list of people who are excluded. It shares with blackballing the idea of exclusion of someone, and procedural secrecy. However, the black LIST is never acknowledged, while black BALLING is always revealed -- you just don't know who put in the black ball. A black LIST requires much more cooperation than a black BALL.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Spirit, however, plus 7.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm Spankyflop:

Sounds like the Lion Sleeps Tonight to me. weemawop
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm Jack:

+10 for Spirit, although not one of their best songs
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm Julesberg:

I like it when you say which band because the board isn't quite in time with the songs
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:48pm Wild Neil:

natures way=5
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm Cheri Pi:

these last 2 songs are depressing.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm Van:

Clay thinks Julesberg is updating playlist. Julesberg thinks Fabio is updating playlist. Fabio thinks Clay is updating the playlist.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm ASB:

Whoa, 8 for Spirit. A smoking by Clay.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm hubba:

+4 for keeping it in the family
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm Jack:

And +10 for anything by the Yardbirds
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm Cecile:

+4 for Spirit.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm Matt from Springfield:

+5 for a different version of "Nature's Way", originally Guess Who.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm phillip:

Sorry Clay +2 for Spirit
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm andymorphic:

i'm diggin clays clasical guitar trip today...plus 5....and it is a total smokin by clay
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm Listener Bill:

+5 for today's song about death
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:49pm Julesberg:

I know the This Mortal Coil version of that one
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:50pm Wild Neil:

That was the WORST Yardbirds song EVER.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:50pm Cecile:

play some Guess Who.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Van: That's probably what it comes down to! Everyone's responsibility is No one's responsibility.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:50pm Ike:

Yardbirds +4. Never thought I'd give any points for the Yardbirds, but that had a nice ominous mood.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:50pm Van:

I really love This Mortal Coil! +10 to Julesberg for the mention :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:50pm Julesberg:

Fabio is in control of the playlist
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:51pm Handsome Harry:

+5 to Yardbirds; +4 to Spirit
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:51pm pierre:

+ 5 for the slithly feeling of guilt in the Spirit song
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:51pm phillip:

Clay didn't bring any Killing Joke?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:51pm Wild Neil:

The Animals?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that's not one of Fabio's strengths (the playlist)...hand over the reins today!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:51pm Dave B:

+3.33∞ for whoever updates the accu-playlist
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:51pm Cecile:

this kind of bites. 1 point.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jules: You're right, from the '91 TMC album Blood. And check this out: "7. "Nature's Way" (Vocals by Alison Limerick & Deirdre Rutkowski) (Spirit)". Coincidence?!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:52pm Wild Neil:

Arthur Brown?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:52pm hubba:

okay, give Fabio another 3 points on the Yardbirds for the Beck... it was Beck not clapton.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:52pm Van:

A free piece of pi (3.14159265) to whoever updates the playlist :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:52pm Handsome Harry:

+6 for Guido & Friends.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:52pm Wild Neil:

This song=7
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:53pm Jack:

Clay, some other DJ played Bloodrock the other day...
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:53pm phillip:

+ 7 for Guido and Maurizio
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:53pm hubba:

and, now, + 4 for the ominous vocal hovering and organ interlude
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dave: Does not compute! Award a collective 10 by the end of the show! BUT, I love your method of typing a repeating decimal!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there was like 0 guitar in that Yardbirds song though, so who cares who it was?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:53pm ken:

10 points for zee Guido, period bombast at it's finest!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:54pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:54pm Das:

Who would win in a slap fight, Jeff Beck or Eric Clapton?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

7 for Guido, 6 for America
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:54pm hubba:

Bad trip at a contemporary Clapton concert when I was a teenager... it does matter, laurels bro, laurels... arrangement as well.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:54pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:54pm pierre:

someone play a very very short, but very very good song good, to see how much poit it can make. Would that represent a risk in this battle?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:55pm phillip:

eric slapton
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:55pm hubba:

Ventura Highway!... +4, but this is not okay, just so you know
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:55pm Van:

Well. This would be the aforementioned pi, 3.14159265, rounded to 3
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm BSI:

Oh, how the Pigeon has falllen.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm phillip:

Clay! -1 for Ventura Highway
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm ken:

Oye Vey, wrong turn Clay,,,,
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm pierre:

america + 7
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm Listener Bill:

-1 for rhyming alligator lizards in the air
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm Jack:

I always get America confused with Seals & Croft. But they both suck.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm hubba:

Turqoise ragtop, so my hair can flow
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm ASB:

6 for G & M. Wouldn't turn it off. 4 for Ventura Highway, although I would have given it a 6 if I were on the highway in the sun instead of in the office.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm Listener Bill:

another -1 for rhyming purple rain with train
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh YEAH! +9 for America! "Ventura Highway"!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's a great nostalgia trip for me...my folks played this all the time
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:57pm Dave B:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:57pm Cecile:

they played it all the time when Jesse the Body became gov. He took his name from this song.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:57pm Van:

I was just about to say +3 to my score (for 6) if talkover)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:57pm marc:

AWW, i like Venture a Highway.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:57pm Handsome Harry:

+4 for the Solid Gold America.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:57pm Jack:

Why do you hate America?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:57pm hubba:

Clay... I'm with you vibe bro... got any nose candy?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh come on you guys! First recording of the phrase "purple rain"! That acoustic riff! Harmony vocals! Dewey and Gerry are shaking their heads at you as you speak!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:58pm ken:

Denture A Highway
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:58pm Das:

  Thu. 7/14/11 3:58pm Cecile:

pull out the Corgis. Or Maggot Brain.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:58pm Das:

WHo would win in a slap fight, America or Bread?
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:58pm pierre:

+ 2 (because america isn't really loved apparently)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:58pm Dave B:

World Police!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:58pm hubba:

like i said... slippery slope
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:59pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

I would never choose to hear Ventura Highway ever again, but I like it now I hear it. Did you know Neil Young sang Horse with no name?!
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:59pm TJ:

america +5
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@ken: That would be a funny take on an aging rocker!
@pierre: Thanks for showing some love to America! :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:59pm J J:

No more AM Gold. Leave the Time Life comps at home, Clay.
  Thu. 7/14/11 3:59pm ASB:

Oh, Clay, Horse With No Name is the worst. You know the Randy Newman line about that one, right? He said it's about "a kid who thinks he's taken acid."
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:00pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I don't think so
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:00pm Little Rudiger:

I digged that America song. True mellow gold.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:00pm hubba:

Muskrat Love
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:00pm ASB:

Seals & Crofts? What was their hit? What wasn't their hit!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:00pm Kurt:

I like America and Seals and Croft.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jules: "Tin Man"!! No clue what it means, but that's a fantastic one! I like that Philip Steir Remix of "Summer Breeze" from the "What Is Hip?" project, 2004. That's a creative re-working.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:01pm phillip:

type o negetive covered summer breeze
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:01pm Kurt:

and Iron Maiden
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:01pm Dave B:

Muskrat Love!

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:01pm jtm:

Holy Cow, Julie and Klay have terrible taste in music! Can I do a show instead of them?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

keep it going!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:01pm Handsome Harry:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:01pm Cecile:

Play a crowd pleaser like Ghezalia Tartares.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm Kurt:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm cod:

Isley Brothers covered SUmmer Breeze to great effect. better than original
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm marc:

This is the 2011 WFMU Marathon II
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm the one fan:

This is the real best show on wfmu. And you just described me to a T
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm hubba:

quit peeking in my windows!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

socre a quick 10 w Fille Qui Mousse
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm popo:

less banter, more cowbell
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm Cecile:

cod, that's a great cover. Play the Isley Brothers.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm jtm you suck stop sucking:

jtm stop sucking you suck sucker
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

socre bleu!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:03pm marc:

THIS IS GREAT! keep it up.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:03pm Van:

@popo - lol
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:03pm Kurt:

The three of you together are what this station is all about
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:03pm Cecile:

and Lou Doillon is his daughter, too.

but NO.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:03pm ASB:

Appeals to authority don't improve America, Clay
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:03pm cod:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:03pm hubba:

I think David Hasselhoff was #1 in 18 countries
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

take a call, let Julie tally, and catch her breath
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:04pm jtm:

I suck? I wassnt the one who played Ventura Highway!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:04pm pierre:

OK FRENCH SONG ON BASTILLE DAY (specially Gainsbourg) = 10 direct !
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:04pm Matt from Springfield:

All right!! Public support of Black Tape For A Blue Girl! Keep 'em comin'!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:05pm MORE:

Yes, more back and forth nonsense
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:05pm Van:

I really like that Black Tape song...it was new to me
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:05pm phillip:

i wish fabio was this nice to me on the phone!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:06pm pierre:

(and i think, Jacques Doillon and Jane Birkin are Lou Doillon parents)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:06pm Detroit Mac:

Love the triple threat DJ effort... where the sum is less that the total!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:06pm Cecile:

play Daft Punk on Bastille Day.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:06pm TJ:

yeah today, july 14, is bastille day!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:06pm Cecile:

pierre, you are right. Whoops.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:06pm cod:

today is bastille day
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:07pm Van:

Don't give Julesberg a segment or you two will both lose :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:07pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

New Vandergraaf-album for 3 people in the world and a million in Italy.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:07pm Kurt:

It is Bastille Day.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:07pm Jim in SF:

It IS Bastille Day! Let's burn something!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:07pm MD:

MIGHTY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:07pm marc:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:07pm pierre:

nooooo come on!
IT IS BASTILLE DAY ! every 14th of July, we took down a prison remember ?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:07pm human family:

I'd like to teach the staff to sing...in per-fect harmony....
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:08pm Julesberg:

and I brought no French music with me
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:08pm Handsome Harry:

You three are the tricolor cockade of WFMU.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:08pm Detroit Mac:

make that "Than" on Bastille Day. Smoke your Gauloises if you got them.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:08pm Cecile:

kees, ain't that the truth. Italy, the prog and power metal capital of the world. The only place where Porcupine Tree are Top 10.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:08pm hubba:

Nice... +6... hot track..
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:08pm BSI:

9 pts to Fabio. I have spoken.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:08pm Dave B:

is that one of brazilian drums, or somebody getting tickled?

either way +8 for OH AH OH OHOHO
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm popo:

happy bastille day!
the mc solaar track is way better
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm jb:

bonny and clyde = 10!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm Carmichael:

Tuned in late, but here nevertheless.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm Cecile:

okay 2 points for quaint.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm Julesberg:

I love this!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm TJ:

bonnie and clyde +5 ... good stuff
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm pierre:

i love this song = 10 ! all over.
(listen to this bass, and there is a young Brigitte Bardot singing)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm Handsome Harry:

+10 for Serge & Company.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm cod:

what is the deal with Gainsbourg? A filthy, smelly drunk with minimal talents
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:09pm Cecile:

popo, yeah MC Solaar!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:10pm Listener Bill:

+10 for Bonnie and Clyde
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:10pm Cat:

hot track, but lotta talk before. +9/-6 = +3
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:10pm Carmichael:

Can someone update the songs so we know WTF is playing?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:10pm Detroit Mac:

Harley Davidson - son of a bitch
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:10pm phillip:

this song is a definite 10!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:10pm Cecile:

cod, that's pretty much half the people on the WFMU playlist.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:10pm bruceleh:

sounds like she's saying "Bernie and Clyde"
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:11pm DSK (not that one!):

This sound could have been written last year, it's so beyond time. +10
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:11pm phillip:

bollock brothers! detroit
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:11pm still b/p:

Translate some of these jewel-like stanzas for us, Pierre.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:11pm octy:

one of the most gorgeous songs ever, 10 points and a basket of orange roses to Fabio.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:11pm Listener Bill:

@cecile and the other half have some minimal talent
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:11pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:12pm pierre:

@ Cecile : :)
@ cod : you'll love that movie then ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKn_LQLslwM
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:12pm bruceleh:

Nat King Cole is a trump card!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:12pm Matt from Springfield:

+5 for playing Nat King Cole.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:12pm Swami:

Hey, this Nat Cole song was my wedding song!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:12pm still b/p:

8 for Nat.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:12pm hubba:

Jesus... -2 for lowering my blood pressure
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:12pm Listener Bill:

Nat Cole +7
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:13pm TJ:

Nat +8
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:13pm phillip:

wow sweet nat king cole, 10 too clay
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:13pm Cecile:

I'm more of a Johnny Mathis girl. Still, 2 points.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:13pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:13pm popo:

assuming the gainsburger was fabio...fabio 10, clay who could have killed it to follow that up, 0 for a bad sense of context
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:13pm BSI:

7 for the N.K.Cole. It's sweet but without the saccharine.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:14pm Carmichael:

Thank you, songlist person.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:14pm Handsome Harry:

+9 for NKC.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:14pm still b/p:

Fidelity ain't what we'call exactly high on that record or turntable though.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:14pm phillip:

johnny mathis would be great to hear right now cecile
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:14pm Robert:

I didn't like either of these.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:14pm pierre:

@ still b/p: its complicated, but they're basically telling the story of Bonnie and Clyde from their point of view (usefull, no?) i'd love to, but it takes to long…

+ 8 for the charming use of french on that song
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:15pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:15pm Van:

+28! :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:15pm hubba:

Moody Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +10
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

OK, I was on the phone during the last 2 tunes. Moody Blues gets a plus 7. Great band, overplayed song (just a bit).
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:15pm Jack:

Moody blues! Good night Irene!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:15pm Carmichael:

In the negatives.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:15pm Geo:

Moody Blues! Wow!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:15pm BSI:

6 for moody blues, only because it brings to mind the Bongwater version, which is much, much better....... even though they played it pretty close to the original...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:16pm cod:

only a matter of time before the Edith Piaf comes out now, right?

Pierre- that movie looks interesting. I still don't get 'the man' though.

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:16pm still b/p:

Sounded like the "Wipeout" laugh at the start of this, and I think there's a ripe mashup waiting there.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Gee, which one of the DJs is playing this? :)
+7 for Moody Blues, even if she's played this particular one before! It has an amazing riff, and may be the best MB to dance to in their collection.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:16pm Austin, TX:

My Dad loves this song.... MY DAD.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:16pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Bongwater version? I gotta find that!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:16pm pierre:

(apparently songs about road, trips, highway don't get lot of points)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:17pm hubba:

Julie kills it in one track... watch out boys.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:17pm pierre:

@ cod : yeah the man himself 's complicated, i totally get your uncomprehension
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

how could anybody not like this song?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:17pm phillip:

hey austin tx, have you been to pinballz in austin?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:18pm Cecile:

LOL, LIstener BIll.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:18pm TJ:

+7 great moody blues track
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:18pm cod:

I was going to suggest Plastic Bertrand, but they was belgian, apparently
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:18pm Cecile:

it's pretty damn easy.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:18pm Cecile:

close enough, cod!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:19pm Austin, TX:

Nope. Fraid not. Killer pinball joint?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:19pm Handsome Harry:

+3 for Moody Blues
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:19pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Ha the Booka Shade mix!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:19pm Matt from Springfield:

IS this Brigitte? +4 regardless, this is good French pop.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:19pm pierre:

Brigitte Bardot again !
allez + 8 (i love this song)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:19pm phillip:

yes indeed, but i still need to check it out myself
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm Julesberg:

one of my favorite BB songs
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm hubba:

You can tell it is Fabio... Kraut inflected... +5
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm Van:

Ooooh. It heats up. +10
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm pierre:

yeah belgium is good, cod !
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm Cecile:

4 for Booka Shade, -2 for Bridgette.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm Bonnie PB:

wild track. totally wild.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm Listener Bill:

This is great. +8 for French pop
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm ASB:

Aw yeah, Surf's Up, it's a 9.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:20pm Carmichael:

Odd enough for me. +5
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm BSI:

7 to Fabio. He's holding out the super game-winners, I can tell...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm cod:

+1 for Bardot getting a Sea SHephrd vessel named after her. -1 for being aligned with fascists
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm Cecile:

Yes. ASB. 9.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm hamburger / london:

howdy - just tuned in / whattsa happening? voting on clay v fabio tracks?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm Robert:

"Contacte" beats this cacophony by miles.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm Eric:

play something by Charles Aznavour
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm jb:

keep the french songs coming 10!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm Carmichael:

This is an abolutely perfect 10! Great song from a great album.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

I spent the nineties in a time-loop, because listening mostly to Bongwater. When is Jacques Dutronc?

The Vandergraaf is mostly short songs. It's excellent.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Is this the Beach Boys? I like the arrangements and vocal.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:21pm Handsome Harry:

+8 for Brigitte Bardot
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:22pm cod:

surfs up 10
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:22pm Dave B:

+7 for the faint French Horn blast
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:22pm TJ:

+7 to whatever this is
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:22pm octy:

Fabio, you're hittin' on eight, 10 points for BB! Holy crap, you are stunnacious today.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:22pm hubba:

Who is the one on vicodin? +4
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:22pm Carmichael:

Yes it is, Matt. Buy every album of theirs. Today, if possible.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:23pm B Wilson:

ALL! Search for the Leonard Bernstein clip where he introduces this Beach Boys track.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:23pm Listener Bill:

surfs up +9
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:23pm Mike East:

I'm staying out of the scoring debate, but very much enjoying the show. With Clay, Fabio, and Julie, everyone wins!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:23pm douglas in the district of columbia:

Bee Gees, from Odessa. That would be the logical next track.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:23pm Van:

+7 in general...-2 for "surf's up"....so 5
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:23pm Julesberg:

BB can be bardot or beach boys
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:24pm Robert:

Did Julie throw in this "Surf's Up" dreck?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:24pm pierre:

i think "brigitte bardot's contact" was written by Gainsbourg as well.
but cod you are right about the dangerous frequentation of BBardot.

+8 for surf's up
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:24pm hubba:

I'd reach for Billy Nichols
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:24pm Julesberg:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:25pm Handsome Harry:

+8 to the Beach Boys
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:25pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

The Beach Boys are underrated ...in the US??
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:25pm still b/p:

+6 for surf.
In tangential voting...I think I say no to Brian Wilson's Gershwin stuff, based on what I heard so far.Too bad.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:25pm Dave B:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:26pm northguineahills:

I love Surf's Up!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:26pm ASB:

Julie, there's only like one comment here that's anti-Surf's Up!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:26pm Geo:

dreck? Beautiful!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:26pm Van:

Well that commercial by Kate was better than the Fuitopia ones ;)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:26pm ASB:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:26pm Eric:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:27pm Cecile:

Clay, you did well. Kees, the Beach Boys are in a bubble that consists of their work up until 1967.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:27pm pierre:

(by the way people, you can watch lightworks for Bastille day on here http://14juillet.paris.fr/ while listening to Fabio Vs Clay the best ost ever ! !)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:27pm Robert:

Then what was in the middle between Contact and Surf? You sure the list is in order?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:28pm Cecile:

Smart people know the Beach Boys are more than surf songs, but unfortunately, regular people see them as an oldies act and the band John Stamos moonlights with.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:28pm Robert:

Whatever, Contact beat whatever was around it.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:28pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

isn't that the bird where you eat the whole baby bird?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:28pm Carmichael:

LeBeau had a minor radio hit with a jazz version of that song.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:28pm pierre:

+ 10 for "Alouette by Clay"
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:28pm hubba:

John Stamos was in Moonlighting? Just saw Booger at the mall yesterday.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:29pm cod:

Steamboat by dennis Wilson on Holland, I believe, ca. 71 ?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:29pm fishmonkeystew:

An alouette is a skylark.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:29pm pierre:

an alouette is this : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alouette_(oiseau)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I used to have a '65 Alouette then
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm still b/p:

Johnny Carson did have a line of suits, by the way.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm Van:

Well, you could throw on some French language Kate.... Ne T'Enfuis Pas / Un Baiser D'Enfant if you want.... :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm Rattattat:

Less talk, more rock!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm ASB:

Pls post tattoo pics
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm Listener David:

I'm a long time fan of both of you guys (Julie too), and I like all the tastes in music here. I give both guys 1 million points!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm Robert:

As before, I go by medal play. No points to add up, just each pairing goes to either Fabio or Pigeon, margin irrelevant, unless they tie.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm BSI:

I want to hear all three of you singing in French about plucking the feathers off Todd Rundgren.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:30pm BZ:

Radio needs no web cam
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:31pm cod:

was Django Reindhardt a French National ? or was he a 'stateless gypsy' ?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:31pm Carmichael:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:31pm ScottC:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:31pm Robert:

Don't fall for Pigeon's trap, Fabio!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:31pm ASB:

Radio needs tattoo pics
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:31pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:31pm Navy Davin:

Best. Show. Ever.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:31pm hubba:

4 on the floor
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:32pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

big score for BSI's Todd Rundgren feathers comment
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:32pm Robert:

It's like basketball. You control your own tempo; don't be railroaded into playing either up-tempo or slow by the opponent.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:32pm ScottC:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:32pm hubba:

18 and life!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:32pm ASB:

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Warrant?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:33pm ScottC:

L.A. Guns
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:33pm hubba:

-2 for that tid bit
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:33pm pierre:

@ cod : he was born in belgium person
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:33pm Cheri Pi:

I would not be averse to hearing the Warrant...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:33pm Carmichael:

"Sounds like a bowling alley." HA HA HA!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:33pm Van:

-7 both contestants for no music
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm guessing that 1/2 inch of $1 bills would be less than $20
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:33pm Cecile:

ASB, it'stheir bad version of a The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia story.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:34pm jeremy the listener:

"once bit twice shy" by great white is a favorite of mine
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:34pm Navy Davin:

Salmon P. Chase is on the $10,000
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:34pm Cecile:

-2 not my favorite T Rex.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:34pm ASB:

10 for this particular T. Rex song and for many others.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:34pm pierre:

Does anybody that Clay PIGEON singing "Alouette" is kind of ironic ?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:34pm Rattattat:

Great White, "Save Your Love" http://onion.com/a9XVMB
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:35pm Carmichael:

If you're gonna play Once Bitten, then play the Ian Hunter original.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:35pm hubba:

+6 for Bolan, not for Rob Thomas at the bowling alley
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:35pm cod:

t-rex with no bongos ?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, this is kind of what spawned Ace Frehley songs...no points.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:35pm Carmichael:

I love T Rex, but I'm kinda halfway on this song.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:36pm Julesberg:

@carmichael agreed
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:36pm Carmichael:

I'm just a bongo for your love.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:36pm jeremy the listener:

i've not heard the original, but will find it posthaste
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:36pm BSI:

+6 for T-Rex, for reasons that Carmichael outlines above...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:36pm Van:

T-Rex = +7
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:36pm TJ:

+10 t rex, love dandy in the underworld, my fave t rex album
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:36pm jamison:

1/2 a vote to fab,for the music.1/2 a vote for clay, for being clay.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:37pm hubba:

is this The Cult?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:37pm Cecile:

completely neutral on the Cult.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:38pm hubba:

+3, sorry but he can not replace Jim Morrision
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:38pm Van:

Cult! +9
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:38pm still b/p:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:38pm Carmichael:

Pffft. Shwee. Hnnnhn.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:39pm Handsome Harry:

T-Rex +5; The Cult +1
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:39pm Cecile:

Ian did well doing a few songs with the MC5. And he's OK with Boris. I'm not drunk enough to dig this song right now.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

doesn't matter, every one of their songs IS THE SAME
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:39pm Jack:

I think this is Kiss.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:39pm BSI:

Never "got" the Cult thing. Always sounded empty and insincere to me. Like a seven year old kid playing rock-star in a bathroom mirror.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:39pm BodegaMan:

too distracted at work to tell what the hell is going on here today. what's the deal with points? I can't catch up.

Love Removal Machine though that's + something.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:39pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

1 single by Southern Death Cult is okay. The Cult is camp rubbish. It's a Free rip-off.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm Geo:

Cult's best tune1 Great! 9
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm ScottC:

-5 because I can't tell the difference between the two... It must be the Cult.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm ASB:

Cecile: my mind is blown re: Warrant and their use of "Uncle Tom." Must repair to the love removal machine.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm Sasha:

WHY did you take off Wildflower? i secretly love that song and now i feel ashamed.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm ASB:

2 for the Cult, btw.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm andymorphic:

how about an all canadian set! redeem this!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm cherry paisano:

welcome to the coke snorting portion of the show
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm hubba:

My shirt happens to cover my entire torso, otherwise I might be swooning.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:40pm Sasha:

i notice that it is all dudes who are hating on The Cult! i'm a girl- GIVE ME THE CULT!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:41pm jamison:

sorry i did not realize there was a point system, 7 points for you, 14 points for me.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:41pm Cecile:

last time I checked, I wasn't a dude.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:41pm hubba:

Come on Black Crowes!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:41pm Van:

@cherry lol
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:41pm Cheri Pi:

@BSI-I'm with you on the Cult...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:41pm Dave B:

background fanfare +10 for warbly sound
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm Julesberg:

@cecile dude has become unisexual
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm ASB:

I'm a girl and I'm hatin'. On the Cult, not on these death bagpipes or whatever.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm Robert:

I've got a 78 Little Golden Record of Jack Mercer singing Popeye The Sailor Man.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Cro Magnon...plus 3...again, good in theory....
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm BSI:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm jamison:

more popeye music
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm hopey:

Cult= 0
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm pierre:

bagpipes + 9
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:42pm Chop Scott:

Fabio wins with this one...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm Cecile:

Cheri is also a girl.

The black metal bagpipes are awesome. +8
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Oops, I was called away there! Add a +6 to that Beach Boys belatedly!

Normally the office empties out by now, but there's a lot of stuff going on today.
@Carmichael: I do have "Pet Sounds" and some comps, but I really do need to get 20/20 and their later albums (today, if possible).
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm hubba:

Ghost version would've got a high point count as well
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

4by4 tekno grunt w./bagpipes?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm Julesberg:

man they have already said they're gonna veto my next song..they are so mean to me
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm Cheri Pi:

I'll take bagpipes over the Cult any day of the week.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm Matt from Springfield:

+4 for black metal bagpipes.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm Sean Daily:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm Handsome Harry:

+10 and THE WIN for Cromagnon.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm pierre:

is the singer screaming or whispering ?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:43pm hubba:

Yeah... between this and that Yardbirds track he slays...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:44pm Robert:

I'll take either the bagpipes or Popeye music over the Wild Flower.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Julie don't let them push you around. You go, girl!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:44pm Van:

I don't think he even had to use a microphone for those vocals. +4
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:44pm Barnowl:

Clay, I do believe it' time for the 'Knot
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:44pm Dave B:

+10 for Cromagnon!!!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:44pm BSI:

This has redeemed my faith in inhumanity. God bless Fabio immediately.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm Cheri Pi:

Oh-Popeye music ...now you've got my attention. Let's hear some Popeye Rock.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm andymorphic:

i was out to lunch today at st. Lawrence market and there was a asian mom looking woman in a nylon school girl kilt playing bagpipes totally out of tune! awsome!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm hubba:

I was with ya on wishbone Ash and Feliciano, but... it jsut doens't get any better than this. It is the dark arts at its best.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@pierre "black" metal almost always is the high-pitched "shriek" rather than the "death metal growl". I'm assuming the singer is screaming, but it's mixed down low.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm still b/p:

+8 for that bold MacSatan skirl.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm Robert:

What's this "veto" business? That would be black balling. You have some rule where you can pre-empt the other one's cut?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm jeremy the listener:

holy crap crogmagnon -- +10
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm ASB:

9, it ruled.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:45pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

That's Ivor Cutler form the beyond?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:46pm Jack:

Popeye - the movie - music was by Harry Nillson
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:46pm TJ:

+2 for popeye
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@andymorphic: Wow, sounds fun! Are you in Montreal? ("St. Lawrence" market)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:46pm andymorphic:

i am what i am....what a cop out!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Sister of Merde?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm BZ:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sounds like it would be right up Clay's alley
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm Carmichael:

This sounds like bad version of Spinal Tap.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm hubba:

is this the Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm Handsome Harry:

+2 to this.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm andymorphic:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm Matt from Springfield:

+8 for Julie taking her goth metal set-starters to the AFTERNOON! And another +2 for them trying to SUPPRESS this!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm Barnowl:

No no no no no no no CANADAMETAL NO!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm Van:

Incubus Succubus! I thought so. Love it! +10
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm Wimpy:

I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a throat-ripping concertina riff today.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:48pm ASB:

@Matt from Springfield: if you're looking for hard copies you can still get find most of those albums on twofers -- Smiley Smile/Wild Honey, Friends/20/20, and Sunflower/Surf's Up are all worth getting. Love You is insane and kind of rules, but the one that comes with it is arrrrrgh.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:49pm Van:

"Out of the darkness" lol (Dark Night...)
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:49pm Robert:

The Sandpipers did the music on the Little Golden Record of "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man", vocal by Jack Mercer.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:49pm hubba:

Is this what Chrissy Hynde doing these days?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:49pm Carmichael:

Clay used to sing for Dream Theater.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:49pm david:

you're in music court, Julie. defend!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:49pm pierre:

+ 10 for Julie for doing what she like.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:49pm Handsome Harry:

Clay nailed it!!!! Add +5
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:49pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

There is no beat here.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

no, she's running a vegan restaurant in Akron
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:50pm Close Listener:

How about a contest between Clay and Fabio to see whose choices can annoy us the most? Fabio can go as far out as he likes, and Clay can simply play his favorite songs.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:50pm Robert:

Use it or lose it, Pigeon.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:50pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm giving Clay +2 for at least singing along, and giving an AM DJ intro to InkSuc! That was cool!

And 80% of those were NOT MERCY points! Hmmph!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:50pm hamburger / london:

more clay ad-libbing theater rock songs!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:50pm hubba:

yeah, Clay +6 for that goth adlib
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm jamison:

olive oil music?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm BSI:

9.5 for crazy uncle Ennio.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, if you're gonna pull your Morricone out...10.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm powiva:

I've not heard a good thing since i got in the car until now.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm powiva:

I've not heard a good thing since i got in the car until now.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm Van:

Yeah, what Matt said.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm MD:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm Carmichael:

Here's where I expect Scott Walker to come in.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm Robert:

Whoever doesn't have a platter or cylinder or paper tape or whatever the kids play these days ready just loses a turn, and the round is a default to whoever gets a track up.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:51pm hubba:

+6... as Mr. Giant Man wlaks the Earth with his massive Thor's hammer demolishing all in its path.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:52pm pierre:

+9 for the cowboy soundtrack
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:52pm Handsome Harry:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:52pm Van:

The playlist just has no prayer really of being anything close to accurate at this point.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:52pm Cheri Pi:

yes-that was Olive Oil if I've ever heard it!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:52pm Handsome Harry:

The only thing that beats this is MACHINE GUN MCCAIN.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:52pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

powiva: "you are typing from aca ar?!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:52pm MD:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:53pm david:

@Carmichael seriously, there's some violations of open meetings rules going on here.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:53pm Cecile:

Morricone =7
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@ASB: Thx for the tip on Beach Boys two-fers! I'll listen to some track previews online and decide which albums to check out.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:53pm hubba:

it is not even fair at this point...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:53pm still b/p:

The front end sounded like the Bulgarian Women's Choir getting down with Morricone....then not so much.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:54pm Cecile:

Okay 3 for macca. I danced to this back in the day.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

disco smooth jazz bossa nova bottle taps...hmmmm.....
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:54pm Van:

Morricone - 5. This - 2
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:54pm Barnowl:

Nicely aged McCartney! +9
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:54pm pierre:

…of course it is Clay !!

+ 8 for that bass !
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:54pm hubba:

uh-oh... Clay... undoing the top button on his shirt... it is getting hot in here. +7
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:54pm Handsome Harry:

I hope Clay sings over this.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:54pm Listener Bill:

This is a great goddamn show. Sorry i have to leave.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:55pm don:

been smiling this whole program. this needs to happen more. +5 for ennio and +5 for paul.. still laughing about "i'll be the one in black.."
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:55pm Barnowl:

it's all about Paul these days
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:55pm BSI:

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:55pm Carmichael:

I'll blaspheme and say I'm tired of Sir Paul.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:55pm Robert:

Oy, Pigeon claims ownership of this one? "Navajo Joe", no contest. Looks like Fabio brought his game today; I'd thought Pigeon might slaughter him.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:55pm Das:

Wow, this song really induces vomit
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:55pm Kurt:

I've been tired of Sir Paul since I was 12
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Too bass-ey for my tastes, a bit too disco-tinged for the late 70s, but I'll give +4 for a lovely Paul McC song I just heard of now thanks to Clay.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:56pm ASB:

I tuned out for a second, but OMG I love this song. And yes I am talking about "Goodnight Tonight." 9.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:56pm c.o'd:

Not the top Mcartney song in my book = 5. wouldve preffered

'Comin up' live version

  Thu. 7/14/11 4:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what's the vintage on this--hard to tell w McCartney sometimes.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:56pm BSI:

That's not blasphemy, Carmichael. Or if it is, all us cool kids are going to hell. Either way, win-win...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:56pm still b/p:

I'm imagining Fabio in the suit working just a little knee and hip and shoulder thing and checking his cuffs to this.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:56pm hubba:

As long as it is not Clapton
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:56pm CobraDan:

Please make it stop.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm Droll:

Disco-era McCartney... sigh.... I just don't know what to say. AM Gold.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm J J:

+1 for trying
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm popo:

is this donald fagan? bring to a musky dive lounge...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm Carmichael:

Clay, are you doing the finger pointing thing while you're singing?
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm Cecile:

Yes. 10
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm Das:

Who would win in a sissy slapfight, Paul or Clapton
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm Handsome Harry:

+4 for Paul
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm BSI:

Not Kraftwerk's best, but I need a palate-cleanser after Paul..... 7 points...
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:57pm hubba:

Computer Love... I think i'm going to cry. +8
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:58pm Matt from Springfield:

"Computer Love"! +5 for selecting this, 0 points for playing the English and not German "Computerliebe".

-10 million points to Coldplay for ripping off this hook directly without admitting it!
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:58pm Mike East:

Sir Paul would of course...Clapton's got slow hands
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:58pm Van:

kwerk +6
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:59pm Carmichael:

Cold synth sounds. Love it. 9.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:59pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

I thought I just died during MacCartney, but I reawakened thanks to Kraftwerk.
  Thu. 7/14/11 4:59pm pierre:

+8 for Kraftwerk
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:00pm hubba:

D.A.R.Y.L. and Speak n Spells
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike East: HA HA! Someone's been brushing up on Clay-isms!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:00pm Dave B:

Computer Liebe

Don't touch my monkey
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:00pm jb:

kraftwerk 8
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:00pm still b/p:

Scott Traktored Lay Down Sally a few weeks ago, and near the end I thought it was getting into an Eric Klaptwerk kind of hook.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:00pm c.o'd:

Lite Brite
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:01pm Handsome Harry:

+6 für die kraftwork
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Well I hope you wouldn't go to the "Krakenhaus" for a mere "Kopfschmerzen"!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:01pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

This is a bit like Beaver & Buttheading along to the radio.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:01pm ASB:

6 more for Kraftwerk
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:02pm c.o'd:

Weird Science
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:02pm Jack:

Paul's hands:
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:02pm Carmichael:

And Dieter from Sprockets.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:03pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:03pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Walter Krankheit
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:03pm Ken:

You just passed 700 comments. You have to get 450 comments in the final hour to break the record. That's a comment every 8 seconds. Get going peoples!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:03pm hopey:

The lengthy comments board is making my iPhone app crash!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:03pm ScottC:

early 80's? I was printing MSG T-shirts
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:03pm hubba:

Weather Report
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:03pm ASB:

Whoa, Paul has elephant hands
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:03pm Van:

You want German play Nina Hagen
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm hamburger / london:

is this lovely xylophone melody from another song?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm M. Jordan:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm J J:

+6. Would have been higher if it was the German version.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ken: Well then, I'm not going to hold
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm Beavis:

Sucks to yer cheapass pieceashit iPhone.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Beaver & Dagmar Krause
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm Matt from Springfield:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm ASB:

For a second there I thought Ken meant we each had to post ever 8 seconds and I was like "this is going to be exhausting" "I'm supposed to be working"
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm hubba:

Where's the money Lebowski...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:04pm Jack:

Clapton might be Slow Hand, but Paul has elephant hands.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:05pm still b/p:

Michael Nesmith punched a wall after a creative freedom fight!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:05pm Carmichael:

Ve are showroom dummies.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:05pm c.o'd:

Greatest American Hero
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:05pm Cecile:

sooner or later. Oy. awful
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:05pm Cecile:

sooner or later. Oy. awful
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:05pm hubba:

Slapp Happy... these three
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:05pm Kurt:

Does a comment about commenting count as a comment?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:05pm depressed Persian cab driver:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm Dave B:

Bieber and Aschkopf!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm pierre:

comment !
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm hamburger / london:

well, I for one am not going to comment just for the sake of beating some record.. :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

You've got no time pikcing up the phone, having to read all this.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm Matt from Springfield:

I made it easier for you guys to break the record! The first time I wasn't aware you were having the battle and I didn't come in until 5:30 (keeping your first total lower). But I came in at the start today, giving you a higher total today! FULL STEAM AHEAD!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm Ken:

Yeah, what I meant was: you need a comment every 8 seconds from this point on to break the WFMU record of 1123 comments (from Clay vs Fabio Pt 1).
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm Gentle Giant:

Where's the prog, Clay?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm pierre:

comment !
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:06pm jb:

449 and counting
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:07pm Ken:

Yeah, what I meant was: you need a comment every 8 seconds from this point on to break the WFMU record of 1123 comments (from Clay vs Fabio Pt 1).
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:07pm pierre:

comment !
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:07pm still b/p:

+9 for Isaac.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:07pm Delusional as Usual:

Oh man... Isaac Hayes has about 137 better songs than this.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:08pm andymorphic:

you guys aren't listening to each other anymore
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:08pm Matt from Springfield:

I made it easier for you guys to break the record! The first time I wasn't aware you were having the battle and I didn't come in until 5:30 (keeping your first total lower). But I came in at the start today, giving you a higher total today! FULL STEAM AHEAD!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:08pm ScottC:

Strength Thru Failure Denial Of Service Comments Attack....
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:09pm Delusional as Usual:

Oh man... Isaac Hayes has about 300 better songs than this.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:10pm Van:

+6 Reminds me too much of playing this in HS marching band back in the day
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:11pm CenterDivider:

segue into lydia lunchs version!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:12pm CenterDivider:

segue into lydia lunchs version!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:22pm 12539:

The board is kind of back.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:22pm jeremy the listener:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:22pm Cecile:

8 points for Jailbreak.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:22pm Carmichael:

List is back, but looks like it's retired.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:23pm andymorphic:

looks back
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:23pm Handsome Harry:

And we're back.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:23pm BSI:

i want to comment but i'm a-skeered.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:23pm EzSezz:

Raise the playlist ceiling!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeah, the kinda back board!
NO, you will not veto ANYTHING! You silly pickles!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:23pm pierre:

+ 10 for the broken comment board !
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:23pm Geo:

Loved Shaft & Thin Lizzy! +10
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:24pm Carmichael:

I grew up on Jailbreak. Nothin' but a 10.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:24pm moE:

Bust out the jams, mofos!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:24pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

How am I going to break a record like this!! Was blaming my own computer.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:24pm jeremy the listener:

13 comments a min to get to the record
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:24pm moE:

I can't bang my head to this?!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:25pm bill:

clip you in the nose clown
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:25pm hubba:

What's going on?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:25pm Dave B:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:25pm BSI:

+25 for the confused digital spaghetti while Safari was trying to redraw the dead playlist.....
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:25pm Cecile:

yeah 10 for Shaft.

not good, Julie. -1
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm Jack:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Sorry, can't vote for this one
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm Matt from Springfield:

The story so far...
+4 For Theme From Shaft, it's good but overplayed, but it was the 12" version.
+8 Thin Lizzy! 70s Irish Testosterone Rock!
+9 For Eliza Rickman! Cinnamon Bone should fit in well at FMU, I love the toy piano-steampunk.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm moE:

This is not the time for girls clanking away on toys. We need more music with MUSCLE!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm hubba:

Is this Tori Amos?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm jeremy the listener:

julie, I like it. +10. her voice rocks. love the simple piano
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm Handsome Harry:

Doesn't really do it for me. Where's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Warrant?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm chris glenn:

i'm with fabio on this one with the toy piano...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm Dave B:

@BSI - yeah. I switched to Chrome (and Sanka)
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@pierre: Yes, +10 for the broken playlist! (And us listeners extraordinaires who MADE it that way!)
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:27pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

it has no groove. Not like Pascal Comelade
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:27pm hubba:

Joanna Newson?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:27pm Jack:

Is Eliza Rickman's father Snape?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:27pm Matt from Springfield:

@hubba: No, but I'm sure you just flattered up-and-coming Eliza Rickman!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:28pm pbushmil:

Liked the Thin Lizzy will give that a +7 or 8, Usually only Diane plays Thin Lizzy. A while back your comments board was just sprouting lines & empty white boxes like Piet Mondrain on meth
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:28pm hubba:

What is this that stands before me?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:28pm Portia Rock:

Many points were lost due to the digital spaghetti.
20 point for time lost in translation.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:28pm jeremy the listener:

mmmmmmmmmmm +10 for ozzy!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:28pm Cecile:

YES. 9!!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:28pm Handsome Harry:

YES. +10 for Sabbath.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:28pm Dave B:

+10 - SABBATH!!!!

\m/ (>_<) \m/

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm hubba:

Devil Horns pointed toward the sky... +10
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm pierre:

here comes the MEAT MUSIC
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm Jack:

Fabio wins!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm hubba:

pacing around cubicle waiting for the riffage to begin.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm BSI:

10 for Sabbath.
We're back in the game now, children...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm ASB:

+9 for Sabbath. (I'm saving the ten for something. Have I saved it too long? What if it goes bad, or the show ends and I have to use it on Firefall?)
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm hubba:

co-workers are gathering in food cubicle to discuss my curious behavior
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm Handsome Harry:

It actually works pretty well coming out of the toy piano.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:29pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Next: Shockheaded Peters?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:30pm hubba:

watch this... my eyes are going tor oll back in my head...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:30pm Dave B:

+10 for tubular bells
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:30pm Ike:

Aw, not this Sabbath again. This is more overplayed on FMU lately than "Hotel California" on other stations. Nah, just kidding, not that bad, but I'm still tired of it.

+10 each for Kraftwerk and Ennio Morricone though.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@hubba: Diddo here. I'm not familiar with this Sabbath one, so I'm waiting for it to get into full force before I vote.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:31pm hubba:

okay, I'm being asked to sit down... they cant' see the devil horns under my flannel.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:31pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

+1 This is slowing washing away the shame of that last song
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:31pm Carmichael:

Insert my above conment re: Sir Paul here.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:31pm hubba:

@Ike... the Hotel California of WFMU
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:31pm Cecile:

"PLEASE GOD HELP ME". I change my vote to a 10.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh, it's "Black Sabbath", by Black Sabbath, from Black Sabbath! I think it was Keili who said she likes songs that are the names of the band and/or album. Here's a three-fer!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:32pm Carmichael:

Could be days, Matt ...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:32pm ted:

how old is julie!!???
how does one not recognize ozzy osbourne's voice???
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:32pm moE:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:32pm Cecile:

Yeah, that groove that sounds like your arm stuck in a helicopter blade.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:32pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Black Sabbath rules over LedZepCrap.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:32pm Julesberg:

Fabio is pretty much banging his head
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:32pm silver:

girls is right, this is hust bad
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:33pm Julesberg:

@Ted (shrug) never got into Sabbath what can i say. I know the one or two hits
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:33pm hubba:

stack sof papers flying... dixie cups lining the halway... co-workers running for security.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:33pm hubba:

you know this par tis like The Misunderstood's Children of the Sun meltdown
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:33pm david:

is fabio or clay air guitaring?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:33pm Co-Worker:

@hubba: (eating a sandwich) Say, what're ya doin', pacing around like that? And what's that, the "devil's horns" sign?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:33pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Next: Pink Fairies!! Do It!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:33pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:33pm BSI:

Zeppelin is like Robert Goulet on an Ovaltine binge.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:34pm hubba:

My 12 sided di shoved in my nostrils
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:34pm Handsome Harry:

Great tune.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:34pm Wendy del Formaggio:

This Black Sabbath song makes me happy to exist. Same with "Computerliebe." Sorry Julie and Clay, but Fabio is kicking ass today.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:34pm Tony:

... and then Fabio brought in the big guns and laid waste to all the competition.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:34pm hubba:

I'm exercising the demons.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Eh, +5 for Sabbath. It starts up, but just doesn't take off. I am found wanting.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:34pm Dave B:

@Matt - would hocus pokus by focus count?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:34pm J J:

Venetian Snares did a strange dub version of that Black Sabbath song.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:35pm david:

"musical manhood" the Y chromosomes are coming out full force!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:35pm bill:

sabbath? not fair. gun to a knife fight.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:35pm hubba:

needs a fairies wears boots mash-up
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:35pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I also vote for Jailbreak. I love that song.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:35pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

He erected his anality?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:35pm Handsome Harry:

Yeah, the Venetian Snares version is pretty swell.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:35pm Jeremy:

10 each for jailbreak and sabbath. a fist jab and pound for each is ten.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:36pm david:

Clay, lead us through kegals.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:36pm hubba:

When I heard Wishbone Ash, I knew it was only a matter of time for Thin Lizzy... crown your king!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:36pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@ted: Julie doesn't like everyone keep asking her age! She was around in the 70s and 80s, though, and I believe she is the youngest of the Triumvirate.

AND, she is the only one of the Triumvirate (I think) who plays NEW, 2010/11 releases (goth as they might be).
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:37pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:37pm Julesberg:

LOL it's okay Matt. I'm not young I'm just cljueless. And I play lots of 60s pop too ;)
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:37pm Cecile:

Uh....the only Boston I like is More Than A Feeling. -1
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:38pm Carmichael:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:38pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:38pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Matt: Get Friends/20/20. Trust me. Just looked it up in my cupboard. The Classic Beach Boys Albums were never decently re-marketed.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:38pm ted:

"as God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly"
- Mr. Carlson
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:38pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Can we have this show every week?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:38pm Matt from Springfield:

+2 for Boston, this is overplayed, and it's BOSTON. But not as bad as other ones from Boston.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:38pm Julesberg:

10 points for the WKRP reference
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:39pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

When is MX-80 Band?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:39pm hubba:

calm down dude... it is jsut a show.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:39pm hubba:

waxing Camaro as we speak!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:39pm Cecile:

he was torn between both factions of Boston and was depressed.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:39pm Carmichael:

They're all the same song. Just on different albums.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:40pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I am neutral on this particular song. +0
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:40pm Hugh:

Fabio, Clay,
You two guys are like: oil & water, night & day, Mutt & Jeff, gin & tonic, salt & pepper, psych & pop, New Jersy & you---PERFECT TOGETHER!!! And Julie, the perfect foil
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:40pm Tony:

I'm about to gas myself
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:40pm J J:

That guy was awesome. Like an angry younger version of Fabio calling to complain that Clay is ruining his show.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:40pm Cecile:

yeah, but Mark I was probably the best. The element of suprise.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:40pm Carmichael:

98 Rock. On a good-lookin' Thursday.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:41pm jeremy the listener:

comment count?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:41pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

When is the boss-townsound? The Dictators!

Boston = rubbish Blue Oyster Cult rip-off.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:41pm Matt from Springfield:


Oh Clay, you got to me! +2 more points for your intriguing and informed technical commentary on the music's production!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:41pm Melisandre:

You can't have a shadow without the light.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:41pm Handsome Harry:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha, "Black Sabbath" is still showing up on the playlist as this plays!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:42pm BSI:

Jeff Lynne had a better 'fro.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:42pm ted:

i just threw up my lunch.
i'm dead serious.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:42pm hubba:

@Carmichael... you got your old 93 rock bumper stickered kick drum?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:42pm Carmichael:

Blue Oyster Cult is playing at the State Fair here next week!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:42pm Ben drunken:

thanks Fabio for recommending Once Upon a Time In the West watched it last night fab line was guy wearing suspenders and a belt and frank says you can't trust a man who can't trust his own pants and he shoots off his suspenders and belt
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:42pm Delusional as Usual:

Boston the band makes the city of Boston look even worse!
This isn't music!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Hugh: Fabio's the gin, Clay's the tonic! Julie's the tasty lime thrown in! And the listeners and callers are the ice, keepin' everything COOL!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:43pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Boston = counterrevolutionaries.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:43pm Jack:

Some 14 year olds once paid me $50 to teach them how to play "More Than A Feeling". I felt bad later.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:43pm hubba:

Can't touch this... but if you do, i wouldn't mind. Foreigner please!?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:43pm micro:

yeah, and that guitar sound is just awful
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:43pm david:

Clay needs to "defend" that one in Triumvirate music court.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:44pm Carmichael:

@hubba: I still have a KZAP bumper sticker.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@Carmichael: Bring along a cowbell (or coffee can) and a stick!

Thank you everyone for Beach Boys album recs!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:44pm Cecile:

Carm, they are not at their best anymore.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:44pm hubba:

how? Julie, go home.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:44pm Delusional as Usual:

Black Sabbath is the opposite side of the coin that has Boston on the other side
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:45pm hubba:

@Carmichael... nice! Like well aged cheese.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:45pm Handsome Harry:

The Ying and Yang.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:45pm Carmichael:

Cecile, I figured as much. But it will be fun to be there. Un-stoned.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:45pm Robert:

That last piece by Boston would be as good if I heard it twice a day. It doesn't wear out.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:45pm hubba:

He created something...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:45pm Dave B:

Make A Jazz Noise Here
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:45pm BZ:

Boston invented the sound of every exhausted "ultimate guitar" sound.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:45pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Make a jazz noise here
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:46pm hubba:

in the nicest way possible!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:46pm Dave B:

The Dave's have it!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:46pm BZ:

Fabio: can you stay and fuck up the Dusty Show?
(with a smile)
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:46pm hubba:

Julie... See saw was on point... I'll give you that.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Cecile: Probably not, with few exceptions most groups decline after a while. But I'd like to see them--they apparently used to play A LOT at the Jaxx club, right nearby the house I grew up. I was too young at that time (and hadn't heard of them). My parents like them though.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:46pm Ike:

Boston -- not so much saccharine as audio cardboard. Intensely artificial.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:47pm hubba:

Boston equals muscle shirts
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:47pm Carmichael:

Boston, Foreigner, Bad Company. All corporate.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:47pm northguineahills:

ha!, I was thinking Foreigner as well.....
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:47pm hubba:

Jukebox Hero
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:47pm Matt from Springfield:

"Corporate" and "commercial" runs very deep, don't call someone that just because you don't like them. Strictly speaking, Led Zeppelin were a corporate band. And The Beatles, before trying their hand at Apple.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:47pm david:

Excellent kinks tune. +8
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:47pm ted:

25 points for The Kinks
nice one Julie
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:47pm andymorphic:

hot blooded was the first single i bought
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:48pm Cecile:

Great Kinks cut. 8.
Matt, I saw them ten years ago and they were on the borderline. Alan Lanier left, and he was really a bright spot the times I saw them.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:48pm hubba:

This is a ringer... +10 for Julie!!!!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:48pm pierre:

+ 10 for Julie
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:48pm hubba:

Bad company is redeemable... Paul Rogers? Free?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:48pm Jack:

Bad Company's music = the end of the 60's
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Dave B:

@Hubba - Juke Box ZERO
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Matt from Springfield:

+8 for a new Kinks discovery! But the mix is kind of heavy (in a way that makes it hard to make things out, not the GOOD kind of Kinks heavy). But still very nice.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Carmichael:

10. Friggin' 10.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Handsome Harry:

+8 I think this makes up for any prior misses.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Boston, Foreigner, Dire Straits; set up by the New world Order to sabotage Television.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm jeremy the listener:

We Built This City by Starship, anyone?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Robert:

The on air commentary as well as the comment tack may be cute and funny and all, but there's a serious lesson here: No mechanical formula can reproduce, let alone predict, even a single person's music taste -- which is part of why WFMU is so great.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Michael From Elkins Park:

The Foreigner - King Crimson connection (Ian McDonald) has always bothered me.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm hubba:

Juke Box Gyro
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:49pm Carmichael:

Everyone should have a chunk of Kinks in their collection.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Can we get a comments count?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:50pm J J:

+9. Song is in my head in the summer when it's feeling tropical and it occurs to me that Manhattan is an island.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:50pm hubba:

What if this is Clapton? What if?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:50pm timotato:

Define corporate, please. I'm not sure what you're getting at...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:50pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Robert, I agree. That is why they should attempt to focus on one listener - me.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm Matt from Springfield:

@Carmichael: To allude to another 60s band, everyone needs at least "a double shot of the Davies' love"!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm Van:

@jeremy - think more Airplane vs Starship ;)
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm Julesberg:

You can't have any Kinks I have them all
we have 930 comments we lost time :(
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm Robert:

This goes until 7 EDT, right? Because it's both Fabio's and Dusty's shows?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

+1 I enjoy the leslie vocals
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm hubba:

+6 for this cerebral corker
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm Ike:

@Kees from NL: YES. Now that's MY kind of conspiracy theory!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm Robert:

Or does Fabio still have that appointment he needs to get to that makes him leave at 6:20?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:51pm hubba:

Time to blow-up the site.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:52pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:52pm Carmichael:

I've never heard this song before.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:52pm Handsome Harry:

+8 for July
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:52pm Fredericks:

No Sun Ra yet? "Outer Spaceways Incorporated".
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:52pm hubba:

comments are bleeding out the nose
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:52pm octy:

10 points to Julie! kurious Kinks choice that works.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:52pm Cecile:

I'd like to believe it, kees, but considering how much Lloyd and Verlaine have hated each other, they would have crashed anyway.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:53pm Cecile:

haven't head this July, but a 9 for it. Very Floyd-y
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:53pm hubba:

That was magical... dripping blotter paper... stupid late 90's
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jules: Sadly, we lost time and momentum back then. There can be too much a good thing at times!

+7 for Dandelion Seeds, this is another new discovery for me!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:53pm evi:

hi, great show!
great impersonation of the tortured soul! Sorry but like the boys I didn't like Julie's song. Who's it by? I can't figure it out from the list
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:53pm chris:

this is wonderful
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:54pm david:

ah, July! i have their s/t but didn't recognize it as them right off... +6
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:54pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:54pm hubba:

Stop it Fabio... now you're being mean. Bully!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

@Fredericks: If you're looking for Sun Ra, check out Irwin's show from yesterday. A special 2 hours of Sun Ra and discussion with Michael about his Sun Ra book. All the Sun Ra you can handle, and then some!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:55pm BSI:

July track = 9. Nice. ....oh wait, I hear the better 'fro....
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:55pm Handsome Harry:

+8 to Clay - an excellent counter-attack.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:55pm hubba:

Nice Clay! I think there was a Roy Wood conversation the other day...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:55pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:55pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Cecile: At the time when things are happening, one doesn't grasp those things. It was my idea at the time. But it's true.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:56pm Cecile:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:56pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:56pm Wendy del Formaggio:

The Move will always win with me. Points to Clay Pigeon!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm ted:

i think this is the best track Clay has ever picked!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm Tony:

... and Clay strikes with with a massive uppercut that brings Fabio to his knees
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm chris:

nice one Clay
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@evi: It was Eliza Rickman, who Julie has had on her show before. And you're correct: you need to ADD Eliza to the playlist guys!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm Carmichael:

Oh shit. This is the perfect song. Roy Wood!!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm Cecile:

the BASS.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

+8 as well, I like The Move and this is a fabulous cut!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm J J:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Two minutes to go.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:57pm david:

That is where the Pidge and Fabio meet: July... and this Move is excellent... new to me...
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:58pm BSI:

Not as up on Move material as I should be. But it's a sneak-attack by Clay...
Did I hear that the Idle Race LP was finally given a decent re-issue? Or was that hallucination again?
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:58pm hubba:

2 minute technicolor post
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:58pm timotato:

The bass player sounds like he was borrowed from Flash
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:58pm Van:

Wait. I missed Eliza while driving home and missing some of the show? GRRRRRRR
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:58pm octy:

10 points for the Move, love you Clay! loved this entire show.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:58pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Eliza Rickman may be okay, but didn't fit in.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:59pm david:

Clay was clearly keeping this Move in his quiver for end of show... +8.5
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:59pm moE:

  Thu. 7/14/11 5:59pm Dave B:

@ Cecile - The TROUT!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:59pm hubba:

I feel like everyone forgot to say goodbye at the greatest aprty ever thrown. picking up Sabbath spwen dixie cups, wiping away tears.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:59pm ASB:

Aw, I love this Hendrix. 9 for this, 9 for Kinks, 8 for Move, 8 for July, feeling mellow.
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:59pm Jack:

Fabio wins! Again!
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:59pm ASB:

how come there is work to do at work
  Thu. 7/14/11 5:59pm hubba:

Is this is an alt take?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:00pm hubba:

If it was Castles... +9
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:00pm Carmichael:

Nice comeback, Fabio!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:00pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:00pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

+1 hard to argue with this one
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:00pm hubba:

Why did people keep playing the guitar?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:00pm Julesberg:

I think we are going into the next hour, guys
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:01pm ASB:

BSI, there's a 47-track Idle Race album on itunes now. Is this a necessary purchase? I love Days of the Broken Arrows, like Hurry Up John, hate Imposters of Life's Magazine, know nought else.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:01pm J J:

I have an extra +5. Who wants it?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:01pm BSI:

Between Move & Hendrix, Move takes it by a nose. 9 to 8.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Fantastic show all around! We even had the "egregious technical error" that every FMU does/should have, but that didn't get me down!

I can't wait till the NEXT battle!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:01pm hubba:

I think you better... it is only 3 here.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:02pm Van:

Cool! Cue up Cinnamon Bone then :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:02pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Wot, there's more?!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:02pm ASB:

everyone at work can see me typing on this big maroon comments board. It is not one of my assigned tasks
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:03pm hubba:

It is one of my assigned tasks... research baby!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:03pm david:

Hendrix played with Arthur Lee too, no?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:03pm hubba:

whew, that was close... I thought you were goignt o play Madness
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes, Julie! I hope someone else on the station reuses that ID for their show!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:04pm hubba:

What does everyone do for a paycheck? Researching occupations...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:04pm 12539:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:04pm ted:

black garlic
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:04pm Jack:

blackberries? black beans?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:04pm david:

that charcoal people take to detox...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:04pm hubba:

What does everyone eat on Thursdays? researching food consumption...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:04pm pierre:

black beans
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:05pm hubba:

black balling
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:05pm pierre:

le radis noir !
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:05pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Two playlists are gonna run next to each other?
Inkfish pasta.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Hemlock Salad! Good name for a band!

Black eggs (caviar), black pudding (sausage/fried in oats), hemlock salad (actually potato with a morbid name...)
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:05pm Wendy del Formaggio:

There are quite a few cheeses with ash on the outside. Pecorino di Pienza Nero is painted black, so Julie can have that one as her food.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:05pm ASB:

"He's a nice guy, he's got diabetes"
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Brian Posehn: "CC is the BEST WORST guitarist ever." So who would be the "worst best" one then?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:06pm Snortley:

Boudin noir, blood sausage - mmmmm.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:06pm Van:

Sudden Death Overtime!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:06pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

ASB: Fine. You appear busy.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:06pm hubba:

get some vicodin Fabio!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

@hubba: I am going to eat black beans tonight! (Within chili.)
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:07pm Jack:

eproctophile= fart fetish
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:07pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Goth food: Eggplant
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:07pm Wendy del Formaggio:

What about black truffles?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:08pm Julesberg:

man they are making me so hungry i haven't eaten
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:08pm hubba:

I'm eating black beans and rice... can't miss me
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:08pm Marmalade kitty:

:)) a raison is black..? a black grape.. Blackberry blue berry!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:08pm Cecile:

it's good! An acquired taste, though. My friend used to bring it back from Finland.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

"Liquorice or licorice..(Glycyrrhiza glabra)...is native to southern Europe and parts of Asia"
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:08pm david:

yeah, I've like the salty licorice... it's pretty intense...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm Marmalade kitty:

black beetles etc..
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

This is more fun! Let's talk like this and take calls instead! We already had 3 hours of DJ battle!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm Carmichael:

BBQ chicken, spicy mango marinade.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Salty liqourice indeed. True. Vegetarians chew it all day.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm Jack:

Clay, I think you're thinking of isinglas?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm Cecile:

amber is the fossil. Ambergris is from wales.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm sudo:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm ASB:

Ambergris (play /ˈæmbəɡriːs/, Latin: Ambra grisea, Ambre gris, ambergrease or grey amber) is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull gray or blackish color produced in the digestive system of and regurgitated or excreted by sperm whales.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm kirsten:

Ambergris = whale cud
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm wiki:

Ambergris is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull gray or blackish color produced in the digestive system of and regurgitated or excreted by sperm whales.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm Cecile:

and they make it into perfume.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:09pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Ambergris is used in perfume. Like on Futurama.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:10pm hubba:

my baby balugahas a first name... uh... uh...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:10pm evi:

@Matt: thanks for the info man
Bardot's Contact...1968! thought they were Stereo Total, haha. Cromagnon, weird what a trip!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:10pm BSI:

I'm going to name my next seven children Ambergris.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm Robert:

Futurama is perfumed?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Liquid licorice from Finland.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm ASB:

69, dude!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm Marmalade kitty:

Black pudding! :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm Gentle Giant:

Where's the prog, Clay?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm hubba:

you got me at excreted
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Oh, and the ashed cheeses Fabio was thinking of: the French chevres? Valencay (truncated pyramid shape), Sainte-Maure de Touraine (small log), Le Chevrot (puck shape)...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm Michael From Elkins Park:

"Ambergris" is also the title of a song by the Died Pretty
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:11pm Dave B:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:12pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

He's not really wearing a bandana. But he cannot disprove it.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:12pm ASB:

Any song can become familiar and friendly, Clay.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:12pm Carmichael:

Amber Grease. Another great name for a band.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:12pm hubba:

Ambergris-Boy Dukes
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:13pm david:

Here's a Fabio and Clay fan from when they were on different days
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:13pm Donny:

Fabio = mainstream
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:13pm hubba:

Fabio did bring the hits... filtered... dude, you about had a riot with Ventura Highway
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

I "wouldn't be caught dead listening before 6!"...actually 5:45, to catch banter. And I do listen to Fabio, but it depends. I'm an Archive listener only (like the very 1st comment! I like to decide what to listen to).
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:13pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Fabbio, don't let him walk him over you.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:14pm Dave B:

Ambergris, Crombie & Fitch - Hipster Attorneys
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:14pm hubba:

turn it up... it sounds cool.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:14pm david:

wait, it was Fabio who played "Ventura Highway?" that's a surprise to me.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:14pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

When I hear 'Clay Pigeon', I reach for my gun.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:15pm hubba:

Ambergris of waves...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

But Clay, as much as you said Julie is the "rising star", leaving you behind, I only know about you BECAUSE of Julie! She referred to her "good friend Clay", and I found The Dusty Show and the Triumvirate!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:15pm Night Al:

What's up New York?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:15pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Who still calls a radio show with their radio on and then curses?!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:16pm ASB:

No way, Dave, Abercrombie & Fitch is for frat bros, not hipster bros
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:16pm hubba:

no... Clay played Ventrua Highway... and The Cult... and Boston.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:16pm Julesberg:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:16pm david:

aha. thanks.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

"Fon-gu" in Greek?
In Slovenian I know it's "yeh-bot-tay", or "yeh-vem-tay". That's the F-bomb equivalent.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:17pm pierre:

let's say "merde !" guys
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:17pm Dave B:

ASB - I stand corrected.

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:18pm Dave B:

FUGU is Blowfish
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:18pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

I was siphoned over, now I appear stuck.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:18pm ASB:

just wanted to say "bros" a few times, for reasons that elude me now
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Just walk AWAY, Renee!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:19pm Matt from Springfield:

What's the comment count now? We could go for a 4-hour-high!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:20pm Cecile:

I want a loop of Fabio going "ther's no Renee, there's no Renee..."
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:20pm Ike:

You HAVE discussed fighting before, I'm sure of it.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:20pm hubba:

Does fabio wear gold chains? big ones...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:20pm ASB:

"hucklebuck kind of stiff-arm"?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:20pm Julesberg:

@Ike yes I am sure they had this very conversation. their memories are not what they should be
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:20pm hubba:

like a one-button puch "there's no Renee."
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:21pm Dave B:

@ASB - as long as you aren't attackin the Bro'nies

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:21pm david:

fabio with a song at the 20 minute mark...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:21pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Some kind of holiday, this.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Was it Fabio who brought in that Tim Buckley "Lorca"? That was good for the Dusty Show, particularly with Clay narrating the circumstances of Tim's death over the song! It worked really well!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:22pm hubba:

is that Clay and Julie talking over the track?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:22pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

It's fun, all that talking. If it were with some music inbetween, to frame it.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jules: You're here to help straighten these old hippies out, youngster!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:23pm Marmalade kitty:

Clay v Fabio !!!:)
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:23pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

Google+ for this song
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:23pm hubba:

+3 for whatever this is
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:23pm Julesberg:

@Matt they are beyond help
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:24pm ASB:

@Dave: No sir. They give me hope for the future.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:24pm Cecile:

Okay. Someone needs to make take this track and put Fabio's and Clay's voices on it.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:24pm Night Al:

Always like the loungey organ music!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:24pm Marmalade kitty:

Fabio boy .. Clay girl :) love it!!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:24pm Van:

+6 for that last one
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:24pm hubba:

You so nasty...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:25pm Night Al:

Wasn't as bad as Donna Summer's "Love to love you baby"!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:25pm hubba:

I don't really like songs
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:26pm hubba:

new band name = financial AIDS
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:28pm tom:

kees heeft gelijk...more tunes. less gelaber
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:28pm dale:

clay has no boundaries. and is surprisingly prudish. and still sound like flloyd the barber.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:29pm dale:

clay has no boundaries. and is surprisingly prudish. and still sound like flloyd the barber.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:29pm david:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:29pm hubba:

Lucky Charms
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:30pm Cecile:

Bye! Have a great evening, you crazies.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:30pm moE:

Come on! Pick up the steam!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:31pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

-1 on the next song
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Bye Cecile!
I'm heading out after Julie's song myself! It's been a wild and crazy ride everyone!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:31pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Oh, well the phone call was authentic. Bye, Cecile.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:32pm Van Halen:

1984 intro, alternative version
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:32pm hubba:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:32pm kirsten:

Haven't heard Brendan in a while, Julie. Nice one!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:32pm david:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:33pm Night Al:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:33pm seang:

sounds like Fabio singing
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:33pm hubba:

Not too unlike David Sylvian
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:33pm Matt from Springfield:

I think you've played this one before, sounds familiar. That's why some of us like this music--it's wonderfully contemplative.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:33pm Kenzo:

Call Guinness Book of World Records. Move over Jonesy.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:33pm Ike:

I dig Dead Can Dance. And his voice is like Scott Walker's but, y'know, actually GOOD.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:34pm Van:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:34pm moE:

Makes me want to curl up with some chamomile tea and read Leonard Cohen by candlelight.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:35pm hubba:

I don't dislike it, but I'm not comfortable with it either... Japan's David Sylvian.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:35pm Jorge:

Reminiscent of Scott Walker?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:35pm Ike:

Dead Can Dance +9
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:35pm Robert:

Hey great, looks like Fabio didn't have to leave to take care of his grandkids tonight.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:35pm dale:

awww, milady be talking to the crew.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:35pm Matt from Springfield:

I'll call this the Clay+Julie talkover mix!
I also give a +9.

Good night for reals now!
Love to all!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:36pm Night Al:

Morrisoney, not Morrissey...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:37pm hubba:

+2... because it reminds me of David Sylvian... which I've said 37 times now.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:37pm hubba:

what is the comment count? not even close, huh?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:39pm Van:

Gone To Earth and Brilliant Trees = both great Sylvian albums. And Dead Can Dance does not really sound like Sylvian to me...maybe a tad I guess.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:39pm dale:

like i said, no boundaries.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:40pm dale:

the great gazoo! love it! harvey korman's best role.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:40pm Night Al:

I wiped out on my bike...had to go the ER and have my fingers put back in the socket. OUCH!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:42pm Night Al:

Dusty needs to do some more food guy...PIES! Brought to me by nubile young women!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:42pm dale:

"smell these' as heard on the radio could go either way.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:42pm david:

fabio smelling clay's records on the air
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:43pm Night Al:

easy Floyd!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:44pm dale:

an enema as part of love making?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:44pm hubba:

keeping it regular
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:45pm Night Al:

John Deuchstendorf
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:46pm freddy:

fabios defiant laughs make my day
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:46pm ASB:

Clay concedes nothing
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:46pm Dave B:

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:48pm JJJ:

The Illinois enema bandit! I heard he's on the loooooosse :)
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:48pm Night Al:

Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. Born, December 31, 1943(1943-12-31) Roswell, New Mexico, U.S. .. his dad was my dad's commander at Roswell AFB in the late fifties,
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:49pm dale:

awww, i'm flummoxed.....time after time was written by jules shear i believe.....
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:49pm frances:

Julie is awesome! So sorry i missed the party.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:50pm Night Al:

I remember my dad complaining about his spoiled son
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:50pm Jorge:

Also, I believe Rob Hyman of the Hooters (Philly pride) wrote Time After Time
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:50pm other david:

I hate myself, I came to this wayyyy too late!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:50pm dale:

glenn cambell was temporarily in the kingston or chad mitchell trio, no?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:51pm Listener Dave From Seattle:

I am going to suggest that you bleed over into Night People as well
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:52pm Tony:

And now, the sound of John Denver being strangled ...
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:53pm Tony:

Come on Fabio - play it.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:53pm kenny:

john denver was part of the chad mitchell trio
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:53pm Van:

Where is Cecile when we need her? "OH HELL NO" or something like that?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:54pm marty mcsorley:

really sad that to learn that robert hazard died. . . . one ofthe best vids ever:
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:54pm joe ray:

John Denver was heavily into coke
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:55pm Night Al:

My dad was stationed at Roswell AFB when he got back from Korea. He claimed he saw a Saucer one night while on guard duty. He took us there on vacation in 1967. He looked up a friend who was still there. His friend named his son and daughter the same names as my parents. Wierd coincidence.

Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., was born in Roswell, New Mexico, to Erma Louise Swope and Lt. Col. Henry John Deutschendorf, Sr.,[2] an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (who set three speed records in the B-58 Hustler bomber and earned a place in the Air Force Hall of Fame), was of German ancestry, and met and married his "Oklahoma Sweetheart".
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:55pm Dave B:

Is this John Denver as a kid?

  Thu. 7/14/11 6:56pm Kees, Nijmegen (NL):

Nobody ever looks after people when they become popular.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:56pm dale:

tom jones, wayne newton, charlie pride...my mother would SMACK you if you talked while they were singing. hated karen carpenter though.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:57pm other david:

rats love prog
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:57pm 12539:

Thanks to *all three* of you for a most effervescent afternoon.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:57pm Night Al:

So who one the triumverate spin-off?
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:58pm Marmalade kitty:

was that Robert De niro? sounded like him!
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:58pm Van:

Thanks you three. This has been fun.
  Thu. 7/14/11 6:58pm Night Al:

So who won the triumverate spin-off? Julie?
  Thu. 7/14/11 7:00pm other david:

I love you all <3
  Thu. 7/14/11 7:01pm david:

where'd we clock in comment wise?
  Thu. 7/14/11 7:01pm Robert:

Until they get off the air, it's still their show!
  Fri. 7/15/11 1:03pm Manuel:

@Mis-er Fawlty: Que?

Mis-er Fabio annoying the 2 people, I make him go away!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:09pm Joe's Garage:

Man that Cromagnon track is cool. +100, Fabio wins.
  Sun. 7/17/11 12:48am tahomajohn:

Clay and Fabio... yin and yang. And The Julesberg is our medium as we descend into the eternal battle of pop versus avant garde.. great show:)
  Sun. 7/17/11 1:53am tahomajohn:

but... Boston - Don't Look Back ... omg truly terrible from any and all perspectives...ack
  Thu. 7/21/11 5:59pm gunther:

putting down Ventura Highway, when you know you like it. How pretentious....The guitars rule on that song. thats right, play some more hipster music......Your sarcastic sets are better than your "real" sets.
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