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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options May 12, 2011: The Failure of Confrontation: The Fabio - Clay Pigeon + Julie dj showdown!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Gianrt Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra  Raumpatrouille Orion   Options   0:02:53 ()
Liberace  Tico Tico   Options Here's Liberace  0:08:36 ()
Ennio Morricone   Dies Irae Psicodelico   Options Escalation OST  0:10:20 ()
CW McCall  Convoy   Options   0:12:59 ()
Yma Sumac  Remember   Options Miracles  0:22:06 ()
Pat Benatar  Shadows of the Night   Options   0:23:39 ()
Elias Rahbani & his Orchestra  From The Moon   Options   0:29:49 ()
starcastle  Elliptical Seasons   Options Starcastle  0:41:34 ()
Cult Hero   I Dig You   Options   0:41:55 ()
Hank Williams Jr  A Country Boy Can Survive   Options Greatest Hits  0:46:00 ()
Walker Brothers  Make It Easy On Yourself   Options   0:57:35 ()
Debbie Reynolds  Tammy   Options   0:57:50 ()
Terry JAcks   Put the Bone in   Options   0:59:29 ()
Peter frampton  I('m In You   Options   1:05:35 ()
Claudia Vita  Amame   Options   1:05:54 ()
Motley Crue  Shout at the Devil   Options Shout at the Devil  1:12:58 ()
Peter Covent  Immigrant song   Options   1:13:27 ()
Lee Greenwood  God bless the USA   Options   1:18:13 ()
Crystals  He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)   Options   1:18:31 ()
The Capital Steps  GOd Bless my SUV   Options   1:21:35 ()
Smith  Baby it's You   Options   1:35:57 ()
Styx   Grand Illusion   Options   1:37:09 ()
Osmond Brothers  Crazy Horses   Options   1:41:10 ()
Molly Hatchet  Bounty Hunter   Options   1:59:47 ()
The Normal  Warm Leatherette   Options   2:01:06 ()
Cocteau Twins  Wax & Wane   Options Garlands  2:06:40 ()
Fuka Vincent  Tempura Soul   Options   2:23:08 ()
Lionel Richie  Running with the Night   Options   2:32:53 ()
YMO   Tighten up   Options   2:32:27 ()
Can   I Want More   Options Flowmotion  2:45:17 ()
Robin Trower  Day of the Eagle   Options   2:58:23 ()
Roxy Music  Both Ends Burning   Options Siren  2:58:48 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:05pm pierre:

Bonjour Fabio
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:05pm Soulagement:

Ah, it's safe to return.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:05pm pierre:

Bonjour Clay
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:06pm Marmalade Kitty:

Bonjour!! :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:06pm BSI:

a duel to the depth?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:07pm nyoukis:

so Fabio reveals his sado masochistic personality
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:08pm other david:

I'm listening to WFMU and have Eurovision on mute for campy visuals/mashup, now all I need is beer
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:09pm Marmalade Kitty:

I really really hope wfmu archive is infinite unlike the world, 2012..
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:09pm Pantagruel:

I am excited in double time!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:09pm glenn:

oh god, i heard that jedward song on the cbc this morning, and i wanted to drive into an abutment.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:09pm Robert:

Heh. I can imagine them attempting to dance to that.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:09pm Dale from North Dakota:

Was that the "Mr Gianrt Man" with the silent "R"? Awesome first three songs, guys.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:09pm Vicki:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:10pm speaking of extra letters:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:12pm other david:

yargghh Jedward mentioned here! *washes eyes*

I'd like to apologise to you Glenn on behalf of the people of Ireland :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:12pm glenn:

just so i can plan my listening, what time is the rapture supposed to happen?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:12pm luuk:

el maestro
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:13pm glenn:

no worries. after bono, what's to apologize for?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:13pm Dale from North Dakota:

Convoy! The tribulation is imminent, lol
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:13pm Handsome Harry:

Damn it, I just missed the Liberace, Wisconsin' favorite son. But this tune more than makes up for it.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:13pm Bryant:

Looks like we got us a convoy. YES.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:13pm BSI:

somehow i suspected we'd have us a convoy before this thing was over...
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:14pm Ralphine:

Mannheim Steamroller!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:15pm Dale from North Dakota:

I heard a rumour once that Chip Davis (out of Mannheim Steamroller) was really C. W. McCall. True?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:15pm glenn:

honestly, wouldn't convoy be even awesomer if it was by liberace?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:15pm Jack:

Fabio, play something ambient for about 45 minutes or so...
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:16pm mito:

breaker breaker good buddy
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:16pm trish:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:17pm BSI:

@glenn: true... or better yet, Nick the Bard. Just imagine....
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:17pm Parq:

CW McCall, nyeah. After -- what was it, 2007? -- Chris T. owns that song.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:17pm Marmalade Kitty:

Yes, what a start to the show!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:17pm ted:

c.w. mcall was actually a record exec named william fries
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:18pm dc pat:

crap! Fabio vs Clay! Didn't know this was happening
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:18pm Handsome Harry:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:18pm glenn:

so, fabio and clay, together for a whole show. do we have to pledge now?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:18pm Swami:

Wow, so many comments for so early in the show! What a culture of commentary!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:18pm Vicki:

the series Raumpatrouille is AMAZING
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:18pm ted:

i KNEW clay had something to do with this bizarre start
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:19pm pierre:

a DJ Duel, who's your witness
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:19pm jojo:

the failure of COWBELL returns!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:19pm Parq:

Ah, so that's the deal. I thought maybe Fabio had lost a bet.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:19pm BSI:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:20pm chris:

dueling Bozo's
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:20pm dc pat:

you could do points based on comments per song??
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:20pm TJ:

You play a good straight man, Fabio!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:21pm other david:

BSI - preach!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:21pm BSI:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:21pm glenn:

awww. bsi, i think you just got slammed.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:22pm BSI:

Fabio gets 10pts right away for Sumac. Brilliant.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:23pm glenn:

somewhere, i have yma sumac's autograph.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:23pm other david:

this has high scoring draw written all over it
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my socks are getting overheated
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:23pm Dale from North Dakota:

Sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher on lead vocals, lol
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:23pm Ralphine:

Does the piano player in this video look familiar to anyone?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:23pm Ike:

I haven't knowingly ever heard Liberace. That wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it would be. In fact I'd give it a 6. But Fabio gets 10 each for PTSO and Morricone which were both brilliant.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:23pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Be careful Clay!! If you play the wrong song some of Fabio's listener's heads may explode.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:23pm Chris from DC:

@Glenn: The rapture's at 6:00 on the 21st.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:24pm dc pat:

Yma Sumac - 8
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:24pm pierre:

what can possibly compete with Yma Sumac?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:24pm glenn:

beyond all the kitsch, liberace was a great piano player.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:24pm Vicki:

who's going to play Aphrodites Child?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:25pm Mike Fun:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there goes the rest of the day
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:25pm J J:

This sounds like something Clay would be into except he'd want the singer from Bad Company or Foghat doing the vocals instead.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:25pm Julie:

I am loving this..points for Yma!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:25pm BSI:

Mike Fun: that's a game-ender right there. Whoever whips out the Trolololo wins immediately.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:26pm ex:

where is professor DD i ask ..
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:26pm Dale from North Dakota:

Actually, a better duel would be for Fabio and Clay to play something that they think the other one would like. Clay would slaughter Fab, though.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:26pm McJa:

Fabio's got this
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

uh oh
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm ex:

i feel like woman now
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm dc pat:

Pat Benatar?? c'mon clay, that's not even funny - 1 point

Dale: yer right.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm Ralphine:

I used to make fun of Liberace because he hit so many clinkers. Then one day I tried to play a song on the piano after having not played it for many years, and was promptly informed that I was worse than Liberace.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm other david:

oh dear god
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm glenn:

you guys need to include who chose which song on the playlist. never mind, i think we can figure it out.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm Hurting:

Please, please stop!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm nic:

You gotta be kidding me.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm Bill F.:

Morricone vs. Liberace, Yma Sumac vs. Pat Benatar. The score is: Fabio 547865; Clay: 2
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm McJa:

lordy god for satan's sake
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm dc pat:

hmm, maybe it is funny...
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm 67tele:

yma sumac would make a good wife for Giant Man...they would do some great duets.

It's fun hearing the 'team' DJ approach, y'all - keep it up! John Cage meets John Cougar
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:27pm Marmalade Kitty:

This is a war of music
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:28pm chris:

hate this song!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:28pm ted:

fabio, you might want to think about getting some tranqualizers...serious;y!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:28pm BSI:

Love ya, Clay, but this is negative-four. -4
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:28pm Parq:

Fabio says "wretched" like it's a bad thing.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:28pm Dale from North Dakota:

Yma Sumac - 7 pts. Pat Benatar - 4 pts. "Hell is for Children" would have been a better Benatar song.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:28pm Mike East:

banter over the top of this makes it an 8.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:28pm Vicki:

this is a lovely war
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm chris:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm Handsome Harry:

7.4 points for Yma Sumac; 0.8 points for Pat Benatar
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm pierre:

This Woman is not very famous in France
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm glenn:

wher did the cantaloupes send their kids for summer holidays?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Pat's husband Neil Geraldo on LEAD GUITAR! woo!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm Marmalade Kitty:

keep fighting you two!! Julie, make sure its a clean fight.. :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm seang:

some Loverboy would be good
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm glenn:

john cougar melon camp.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm Vicki:

" This Woman is not very famous in France " - HA HA HA
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm chris:

please stop
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:29pm McJa:

I surrender. Clay wins, but who really wins? WHo??
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm TJ:

Don't forget the starcastle, clay.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm ted:

this is actually so surreal it's like performance art
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm KevinfromBayRidge:

EEEKS!!! I'm more of a pop guy, but this hurts! My head is building pressure...
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm Julie:

France does not know Pat? Perhaps back in the 80s?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

all four of those are nouns
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm Party Poop:

Please continue forever
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm Ike:

Pat Benatar?!? Not half as cheesy as SOME things Clay plays, but still just 2 pts. Yma Sumac 8 pts. "Convoy" was 8 pts also. I'd give it more but it's gotten tons of airplay here already. @Pierre she's not famous here anymore either. She was big in the 1980s.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm glenn:

no loverboy would be better.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:30pm dc pat:

I think this is the perfect song to follow Sumac with--what could be more of a polar opposite?? Benatar - 9 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:31pm Vicki:

I\d say Convoy wins in both lands, I've played it tons
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:31pm Meghan:

Pat Benatar gets a 5 from me.... would have been more if it was one her better songs.....
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:31pm trish:

I'd toss points for some clash-induced giggles. Juxtaposition jiggle points.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:32pm Vicki:

Pat Benatar gets 10 so long as we don't hear another
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:32pm Dale from North Dakota:

This sounds like EBN-OZN, I bet both Fabio and Clay would like them though.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:33pm McJa:

squeak, whack, yeah mfers! Fabio's got this. +100
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:33pm glenn:

c'mon clay - poppy family!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:33pm Julie:

There is a naked woman on the cover of this record, point for that!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:33pm dc pat:

Rahbani - 8
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:33pm other david:

there's a woman on a unicycle and several men wearing 4 foot long conehead hats
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:33pm Marmalade Kitty:

each track choice has it's merits, but it's Fabio's show.. Hmm, home advantage fabio!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:34pm dc pat:

come OOOONNN Loverboy...
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:34pm ted:

Clay...play nice now.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:34pm Vicki:

next time you have an LP war you need to post pictures of the covers
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:34pm Meghan:

Now if you post album covers that becomes bonus points
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:35pm Handsome Harry:

Elias Rahbani & his Orchestra get 8.1 points by my count.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:35pm Vicki:

this goes great with Eurovision
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:35pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Fabio's on waaaay too good behavior.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:35pm other david:

Vicki you're watching too? :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:35pm Ike:

Elias Rahbani - 6 pts
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:35pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:36pm glenn:

it's because we love the fabio, clay 'n julie combo.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:36pm TJ:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:36pm Handsome Harry:

The nudie cover made it an 8.1. It would have bee a 6 and change with a "clean" cover.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:36pm McJa:

Mercy? Come now. That was killer. Tack another .5 point
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:36pm Julie:

awww thanks Glenn..I brought music too in case they get desperate haha
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:36pm Vicki:

Other David, I just know it's on - I don't want to watch
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:36pm Ralphine:

Phooey. When Clay said he had the killer lined up I was expecting Jerry Lee Lewis.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Clay wants his lasties
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:37pm other david:

Vicki - I'm watching it on mute... it's bringing the already surreal nature of this show to a whole new level
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:38pm Vicki:

I am tempted to go across the room and put Eurovision on, yes
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:38pm Robert:

Mr. Pigeon, you can't let Fabio get away with leaving that last selection hanging out there when you haven't had your ups.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:38pm Pantagruel:

Fabio, your hands are still clean. Just note in the playlist which selections are Clay's.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:38pm Chris from DC:

Elliptical Seizures is a great band name.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:38pm KevinfromBayRidge:

He's bitching bout Starcastle, then I say giv em Flash!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:39pm Bill F.:

Clay Pidgeon, for this selection, I award you -5 hit points.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:39pm Meghan:

Pantagruel.... I think it is very obvious who's pick is who's......
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:39pm Ralphine:

Wasn't there a TV show called Starcastle and McCormick?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

a WOOOOO goes the synthesizer
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:39pm Julie:

Points off for spelling Pigeon with a d
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:40pm TJ:

10 for the starcastle ... it was clay who introduced me to them!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:40pm 67tele:

won't be long till we hear some 4 non blondes or some ambrosia (brosia wouldn't be bad actu-ly)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:40pm Hurting:

Clay, try playing it backwards. Surely it'll sound better that way.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:40pm Julie:

TJ me too!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Yes...it's good stuff
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:41pm McJa:

:) Galaxy!! :) banana foreign shiiiirt. I love it. +2 for mr clay P
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:41pm Bill F.:

Holy literal album cover: http://ec5.images-amazon.com/images/I/51WYYAGFYAL._SL500_AA300_.jpg
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:41pm Julie:

everyone needs a li'l prog rock from time to time
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:41pm dc pat:

Starcastle - ( * )
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:41pm Dale from North Dakota:

Elias Rahbani & his Orchestra - 6pts. Starcastle - 7pts. Yes clones from St. Louis, to be sure, but still some smokin 70s symphonic progressive.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:42pm dc pat:

peeeeyuke I say.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I bet Fabio would like Starcastle if it was less upbeat
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:42pm Parq:

@Kevin-BR, 3:38 - I was thinking Gentle Giant. In fact, Megan McK already played a late-period track of theirs on her early-AM show.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:42pm Tom G:

I love the Pidgeon but maybe we can just talk about his tracks w/o actually playing them?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:43pm glenn:

i honestly think this is the first (and last) time i've ever heard starcastle. it's like bad yes.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:43pm ?:

Far out. I think I'd rather hear that than most Yes songs. It must get a high score.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:43pm Not So Hurting Now:

I dig it.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:43pm Ike:

Starcastle -- the music has its moments. I'd give it a 5 but I have to dock it 2 pts for the terrible cheesy vocals. Final score = 3.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:43pm Vicki:

I think you should find your common ground - I bet there is LOADS
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:44pm trish:

10 pts to Vicki
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:44pm Ralphine:

Their common ground is Tarkus.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:44pm ex:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:45pm Julie:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:45pm Handsome Harry:

Starcastle gets 6.2 points from up here in the lofty towers of Gotham.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:45pm dc pat:

Cult Hero - 4, be careful Fab.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:45pm Vicki:

both these tracks were terrible :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:45pm other david:

Starcastle 4, Cult Hero 8
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:46pm still b/p:

The Yes similarity is too pronounced and strange for me to give Starcastle a fair chance. Almost sound like they're gettin' spoofy widdit.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:46pm ASB:

I liked the beginning of Starcastle. 5 points. Cult Hero: 7. I dig it.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:46pm glenn:

have cult hero and max splodge ever been seen together?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:46pm McJa:

roar. i dig you. Fabio stomps and does a victory lap.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:46pm Parq:

I regret to say, I've never liked Starcastle. This round to Fabio, say I.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:46pm other david:

*awkward silence*
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:46pm Hurting Again:

No, please, no!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:47pm Julie:

this is painful
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:47pm KevinfromBayRidge:

@Parq, GG would be good but Flash like Starcastle was a YES-man band. Actually , I have a place in my 70's Prog heart for all three aforementioned.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:47pm seang:

I'd like to spit some Beechnut in that dude's eye
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:47pm ex:

america is big country
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:47pm BZ:

Is it Wednesday afternoon somehow?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm still b/p:

Speakin' of soundin' spoofy...
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm Dale from North Dakota:

Cult Hero - 4pts. Hank Wiilliams Jr - 3pts. There are lots of better choices for Hank.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm Meghan:

Fabio wins this round..... was not liking the fake Yes, errrr I mean Starcastle.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm mark:

GAME OVER! Fabio wins by default.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm seang:

and shoot em with my old 45--killer tune Clay
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm sissy spaceship:

10 points for a man who fell off a mountain and saw his own brain!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm J J:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm Handsome Harry:

5.6 for Cult Hero; 2.1 for Hank Williams, Jr.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm jaycjay:

That WAS painful. +10 for Julie for making that call.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm dc pat:

come on Clay, I'm pulling for you.
The Stupid Hank = -50 (that's negative)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:48pm Chris from DC:

And the ref takes away a point.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm Cecile:

I just tuned in. I forgot that was happening this week!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm Parq:

Starcastle and Bocephus on a double bill -- I'd rather go to the dentist.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm Robert:

I agree with Dale's assessment.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm ASB:

I say this is as an Oklahoma native: ZERO POINTS
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm joe:

minus 20 jesus christ clay
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm dc pat:

Julie, issue a yellow card!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm McJa:

10 pts for vicky. Clay p is in the penalty box for 2 mins
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm nic:

next song decides whether I switch this off or not
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:49pm jaycjay:

Damn it, I said WAS painful because I thought it was over.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:50pm Dale from North Dakota:

Just like the judges whinge on "American Idol" -- it's all about song choice. Both Benatar and Hank would score higher on their better work.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:50pm Cecile:

This is U.P. music, too.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:50pm Meghan:

Look, I like country.... that is BAD country
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:50pm βrian:

Not just any knife, but a "switchblade knife!"
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:50pm Robert:

Now see, because Hank Williams has already had his turn at bat and struck out, he doesn't get to come up again until you bat around.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:50pm blunt:

C'mon Clay. You can do better!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:51pm Carmichael:

So which of you DJ types is going to fly up to the heavens first?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:52pm Cecile:

Play "No Regrets"
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:52pm glenn:

does "the bear" still exist in the u.p.? great a.m. station.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:52pm Swami:

I only like HAnk Jr.'s more jingoistic topical songs.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:52pm Meghan:

WRONG Julie... WRONG! The only Hank Jr song that works is the F-word. It's funny
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:52pm Ralphine:

Should've played III instead of Jr., but you can redeem yourself with some Hot Hot Heat or Wet Wet Wet.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:52pm jaycjay:

Exactly, Julie! Like Benatar, plenty of decent Hank Jr songs that could have been worthwhile. That one was not.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:53pm Julie:

@Meghan Football is the only one I know haha
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:53pm dc pat:

Yeah, the Stupid Hank doesn't have any good songs.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:53pm Carmichael:

Make It Easy on Yourself
Don't Let the Sun Go Down
There Goes My Baby
I Kn ow my Ship is Coming In
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:53pm other david:

  Thu. 5/12/11 3:53pm TJ:

Hank +1 one for irony, even if it was unintentional
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:54pm Cecile:

I like Johnny Paycheck better.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:54pm jaycjay:

I really can not believe that Clay's math is correct.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:54pm BZ:

Fabio + 5
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:54pm Robert:

Clay, it's medal play. You don't get to add up all the points, it's just wins or losses for each hole.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:54pm Tom G:

Fab +3.4
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:55pm Cecile:

This is like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" scoring. I refuse to participate.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:55pm Not Hurting At All:

Yes, with this Fabio beats Clay at his own game!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:55pm jojo:

clay's blue oyster cult will blow fab away
cowbell does not fail
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:55pm BSI:

JEEEEEEEZUS. This was not a good time for work to explode. Now I will take a deep breath and put the headphones back on. .... where were we...?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:55pm dc pat:

Walker Bros = 2

Here's your chance Clay!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:55pm ted:

it says something special about the Walker Brothers when both Clay and Fabio can agree on it
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:56pm Marmalade Kitty:

How many points for: Foul/Penalty etc .. sin bin?sending offs..?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:56pm Julie:

@BSI congratulations on missing the Hank JR
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:56pm Dale from North Dakota:

Where's the droning organ on this song? lol
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:56pm Cecile:

Is he gonna play BOC? Play something cool like the Red and The Black. The Minutemen used to cover that. Plus, I like songs about bloodthirsty Canadian Mounties.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:56pm Ike:

Cult Hero: 5. Hank Jr.: 3. Not as bad I thought it would be, but went on waaaaay too long. Walker Bros. = 1. (I have mysterious dislike for Walkers; can't explain.)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:57pm BSI:

Thanks Julie, but I also missed Starcastle, which I was waiting for.... sigh...
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:57pm Carmichael:

That's the gorgeous (sounding) Scott Walker on lead vocals.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:57pm Cecile:

I kinda like Hank Jr. He reminds me of some of my in-laws.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:57pm dc pat:

Ike: I'm with you on the Walker Bros
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:58pm Cecile:

THIS ISN'T BOC! What is this hooty owl bullshit?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:58pm βrian:

Oooh. This is so corn pone. +2.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:58pm Tom G:

Walker Bros = Righteous Bros w/ cooler sunglasses!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:58pm Bill F.:

Clay, I can't take it anymore. Signing off.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:58pm still b/p:

Walker Bros., good song - 4. Like bicarbonate after Bocephus.

Check the count.. The ocmments are headed for a Ken-type big total. A record?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:58pm Cecile:

Bring your A-Game, Clay.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:58pm Carmichael:

Don't fear the Tammy.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:59pm dc pat:

uh, don't even know what this is = 3
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:59pm Robert:

Tammy takes it this round for whoever played it.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:59pm Meghan:

9 pts for cheese. Not the best cheese, but it's not as painful as the Hank Jr.!
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:59pm Dale from North Dakota:

Walker Brothers - 2pts. Debbie Reynolds - 3pts. For a second, thought it was June Christy, which would have been awesome.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:59pm Mike Fun:

What kind of rat-bastard
psychotic would play that song
right now, at this moment ?
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:59pm glenn:

100 points to the first guy to play connie francis - lipstick on your collar.
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:59pm other david:

draw, 3 each, +5 whoever just said "what the..." on mic :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 3:59pm nyoukis:

clay blew his chance, should have rolled out the deloris telescope
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm Cecile:

Tammy was some bullshit 50s movie. And this is the bullshit theme song.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm listener james from westwood:

Panic. It crept up my spine like the first rising vibes of an acid-frenzy.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm Handsome Harry:

Walker Brothers 8.9 points; Debbie Reynolds 8.3 points. Safe to say I'm alone on this.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm dc pat:

other david: crackin me up, man...

So Clay wins that round by a hair. Man you could have hit it out of the park...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm Carmichael:

Clay, you just body-slammed yourself.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm chris:

cool... Tammy... Clay yer an old softy
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm BSI:

...we're gonna need golf shoes to get outta here...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:00pm McJa:

I was asleep, what happened?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm Julie:

this is awful...worse than Tammy
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm new name:

Debbie, Cougar, Melons, Camp.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm Pantagruel:

This is from Fabio?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm Cecile:

COME ON CLAY. The Golden Age of Leather!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm KevinfromBayRidge:

@Cecile, Think a nerve was hit?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm still b/p:

Hearing Debbie sing makes me want to hear something better by Doris Day. 1 point.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm Carmichael:

We can't stop here. This is bat country!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm northguineahills:

Grading Fabio and Clay on their dj selections is like what's better, pyjamas or wrought iron?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm Marmalade Kitty:

sin bin for tammy! debatable..
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the meat from the pork is sweet
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm Ike:

You said it Cecile! Like, gag me with a spoon. "Tammy" = 1 pt. But I can't stand "Put the Bone In" either. Uck. 1 pt. also.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm other david:

no. stop this. stop this now.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm dc pat:

hoo boy, this is getting ugly. What ever the fuck this is = 1
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:01pm Dale from North Dakota:

At least its not "Seasons in the Sun". Still awful, though.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm Tom G:

the hell's goin on?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm Pantagruel:

Will Clay play the A side?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm jaycjay:

Oh god. Put the bone in. Really? Seriously, I think I'm gonna go listen to something from Fabio's archives.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm alternate title:

But the Earplugs In
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm glenn:

terry jacks. almost the poppy family. from sault ste. marie.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm ex:

make you be serial killer
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm Carmichael:

I think that's the point. You play lousy music, I play lousier.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm jaycjay:

This was the B side to Seasons in the Sun. My older sister used to have that 45 when I was a kid. and she'd play both of them about as frequently.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm Meghan:

-5 for Put the bone in.... and another -5 for spelling it OUT the Bone in
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:02pm Chris from DC:

Oh dear god, Clay went nuclear.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:03pm Dale from North Dakota:

Terry Jacks - 1pt. Frampton - 7pts. Clay picks up the fumble and runs it in for an easy score.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:03pm other david:

lol chris
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:03pm KevinfromBayRidge:

It can get worse... Pat Boone hasn't been pulled yet.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:03pm McJa:

makes you wonder what those two are up to in that studio?! I had no idea
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:03pm Carmichael:

Oh my God, here comes my sophomore year again.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:03pm dc pat:

Same key, same "in" theme, Clay gets 5 for this round.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:03pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:04pm Carmichael:

Or Debbie Boone.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:04pm Julie:

Clay is singing...Fabio is frowning
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:04pm ted:

i'm almost certain i will have nightmares tonight. terry jacks will be 'putting the bone' in pat benatar listerning to trucker songs
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:04pm still b/p:

This Frampton gives me a syrup seizure!!! Zero! Unless simpering awfulness is what's being celebrated.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:04pm suggestion:

Havin' My Bbay
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:04pm Cecile:

Fabio, you need to play some Keiji Haino on the hurdy-gurdy.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:04pm Ralphine:

I thought Kenny G was in DC, but I could swear that he was picking these songs.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:05pm βrian:

How about "From the one that cut you" ?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:05pm dc pat:

well, I've gone beyond judging the tune on its own merits. The rules are still developing...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:05pm glenn:

how about "shave 'em dry"?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:06pm BZ:

+7 for Walker Bros.!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:06pm reality check:

Frampton = not nearly humble enough
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:06pm sissy spaceship:

fred lane!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:06pm TJ:

+5 for put the bone in.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:06pm still b/p:

When Frampton fully became the rank Teen Diddler.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:06pm βrian:

This is like Calvin Ball.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:07pm Handsome Harry:

Terry Jacks 5.4 points; Frampton 1.1 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:07pm Julie:

10 points for the name sissy spaceship
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:07pm reality check:

points for fabio: anything by jandek
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:07pm Pantagruel:

What's the cover look like?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

heavy female breathing wins automatically
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:07pm Meghan:

Does Joe McGasko have this on his premium?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:08pm Parq:

Turning down the volume out of sheer embarrassment. It should also be noted that Joe McG put out a whole CD of this sort of thing as a 'thon premium this year.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:08pm Carmichael:

Funky Nassau.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:08pm reality check:

this is that heavy breathers compilation, duh!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:08pm dc pat:

Fabio's sex song = 8

Come on Clay, pull out the Zep.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:08pm Marmalade Kitty:

asthma orgasm
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:08pm McJa:

2.6667 points for making me think about mustaches
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:08pm Parq:

Sorry, Meghan beat me to it. "Huh huh - he said 'beat me'".
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:09pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sexy fun for the whole office!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:09pm mat stinson:

Wow just wow! I feel soooo dirty right now.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:09pm @brokenjames:

-1 for dirty tricks
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:09pm Cecile:

This Motley is only good for the video, which is hysterrically inept.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:09pm Single Guy:

Do you think Claudia Vita's on Plentyoffish?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm other david:

10 for embarassing Parq
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm Julie:

they are playing this sooooo loud!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm Carmichael:

100 points for the first DJ to name a famous 70s male pornstar (besides Holmes).
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm ted:

oh my god in heaven...help us in our time of need
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm Cecile:

Single, I think she's on Zoosk...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm @brokenjames:

20 points for mustaches!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm Meghan:

Just the same page Parq..... great minds and all! That got a 10, the motley, a 6. Looks that kill..... not what I would think Clay would pull
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm blunt:

YES!!! Good one Clay!! LOVE the Crew
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm Julie:

Clay is playing air guitar....
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:10pm Ike:

Heavy breathing stuff is too easy and obvious. I'd give it a 6 but for being NSFW it gets knocked down to 4.

Hate Motley. Zero.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm McJa:

Uh oh, Clay had a secret weapon.. +100
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm KevinfromBayRidge:

SHIT! I knew the BigHair stuff hadda come!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm The Grackle:

Bring the METAL Clay!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nobody has anything to say about the Crue?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm Dale from North Dakota:

Claudia Vita - 3pts. Motley Crue - 5pts. Should have gone Gilli Smyth for the ambient moaning.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm other david:

julie - pics or it didnt happen!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm dc pat:

sorry I just canNOT stand this crap = 0
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm sissy spaceship:

how about some mrs. miller?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm The Grackle:

Bring on the Deloris Telescope!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:11pm Carmichael:

Break out the Alvin Lee, Fabio!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm TJ:

+8 for the crue and for picking up the tempo a little
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm Marmalade Kitty:

Penalty award to Fabio team!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm Miles Long:

Yours truly.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm Cecile:

I do. This song sucks. But the vid is hysterical.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

damn I can't even keep up reading all these comments
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm ben drinken:

wow. i am sitting my bedroom at 12years old again blasting this record. motleycrue
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm ?:

Clay - hint... play something from the soundtrack to Last House on the Left (1972)
fabio - Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm Meghan:

Yes you do Julie.... Yes you do.....
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:12pm dc pat:

there's nothing I hate worse than one note bass hair metal tunes.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:13pm Chris from DC:

Clay loses 10 for the Sabbath comment!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:13pm Jeffersonic (DSK):

Phew, what a reek! This is the musical equivalent of durian. Go on, beat me enough, I'll get to like it. What is it with these reasonably unreasonable types, anyway? Save us, Fabio. Time to fumigate! Blecch!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:13pm matt stinson:

Motley Crue stole their look from the Dolls man... everyone knows that!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:13pm Pantagruel:

Can we give points for the banter?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:14pm Carmichael:

Clay's cueing up some Aldo Nova.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:14pm dc pat:

GOAL!!!! Zep cover = 10
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:14pm still b/p:

That Crue tune was like something lame you'd find in a cereal box and assemble and the dog would chew and leave under the couch.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:15pm Handsome Harry:

Claudia Vita +6.0 points; Mötley Crüe +0.3 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:15pm βrian:

-5 for the big-hair music. But this gets 3 points for pure goof.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:15pm dc pat:

everybody stole everything from the Dolls.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:15pm 67tele:

muzak zep cover = automatic forfeit
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:15pm Carmichael:

Ellen DeGeneres is boogeying to this.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:15pm glenn:

i kinda like this, then again, i liked dread zeppelin.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:15pm Marmalade Kitty:

Clay, you could have been sent off! for the Motley Crew, risky!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:16pm McJa:

aaAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA! I don't know whether to add or take away points...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:16pm jaycjay:

I bak up DCPat. Immigrant Song gets 10. I never want to hear this "cover" again, but it's perfect here and now.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:16pm Julie:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:16pm other david:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:16pm Party Poop:

10 Points for Clay and America
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:16pm Robert:

Pantagruel, I think the banter only qualifies for penalties. You get a power play if the other DJ is in the penalty box. But look out -- your extra play may actually bring you down.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:16pm Carmichael:

I STILL love Dread Zeppelin, Glenn.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:16pm Meghan:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm northguineahills:

oh....gawd, my father once sung this in church 21 years ago....
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm Cecile:

Oh, dear God.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm TJ:

+10 for freedom
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm ted:

i am now loading the bullet in my gun
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm BZ:

I'm less and less proud on this song and America.
+ 10 for Immigrants and Immigrant Song
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm ?:

the flag stands for millions of DEAD INDIANS. burn one today :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm Ralphine:

I guess it's time for Greenwood to make a comeback now that Bin Laden is dead.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yes, this one is making me look like I fit in here at work
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm Ike:

"Immigrant Song": 6 pts. I'd give it more but it's kinda frothy and formless.

Oh God. I agree with Other David on this one. Somebody RESTRAIN CLAY. Zero!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm dc pat:

jaycjay: exactly

oh, man. Red Card for Clay, send him off. Julie, you'll have to play songs you think Clay would play...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm glenn:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm Carmichael:

<Mute> Tell me when this POS song is over. I'd rather hear Sgt. Barry Sadler.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm jaycjay:

Errr... no negative points allowed? OK, 0.5 for "proud to be an american". Because I want to keep the math simple, or I'd go with 0.0005.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm Swami:

Geez, this show is ruining my rep at the cubicle farm. People are abuzz, and swarming my cube. Please play something angular and akimbo!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:17pm joe:

clay. dude. cmon man. i love you but cmon
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm Meghan:

-100 points for this. Dread Zepplin gets extra points, since I haven't heard it in soooo long!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm Parq:

Oh I'm sorry, I've got absolutely no use for these phony patriot songs. Not for irony, not for amusement value, nada. This round to Fabio by default.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm jojo:

minus a million, where's kenny G when you need him!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm βrian:

Yo. Pure Velveeta. Where's the singing Attorney General when you need him?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm trish:

it's the fondue show
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm McJa:

Banging the Head... God Bless us all! Clay has gone completely mad
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm matt stinson:

okay so this gave has devolved into which dj can play the worst song imaginable? lol this is fun though.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm Dale from North Dakota:

Peter Covent - 5pts. Lee Greenwood - 2pts. Weird political response to "Immigrant Song", but just terrible.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm Jeffersonic (DSK):

Maudlin goblins are attacking! Fumigate!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm duder:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm Meghan:

Yep, I think Julie should have to take over for Clay. This is painful!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:18pm ted:

I actually just threw up...no kidding!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:19pm Adriana:

Yeah, curious juxtaposition of the two songs.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:19pm Chicago Jeff:

Please stop with the joke music. It ain't funny.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:19pm Marmalade Kitty:

Go Fabio! Fabio Fabio..
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:19pm glenn:

huh. i've never heard that song before. ever.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:19pm Cecile:

Well-played Fabio...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm Cheri Pi:

Is this a Flesheaters cover?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm Handsome Harry:

Peter Covent +7.5 points; Lee Greenwood +0.0 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm sissy spaceship:

i love this!!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm McJa:

+ + + 1 infinity
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm Carmichael:

You are NOT respecting the radio. At all.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm nic:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm Julie:

I love this song, Clay says it is sick
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm Ralphine:

Getting Fabio to play songs with actual melodies makes Clay the winner.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

glenn, don't they have a version of that up north with "Canadian" dubbed in?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm glenn:

shangri las to thre rescue.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm @brokenjames:

Man this got to serious real fast.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm Parq:

Patriotic hypocracy versus battered women's syndrome. I think my cortex is on fire.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:20pm Sean Daily:

Oh. My. God. I just figured it out.

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm seang:

time for a smoke
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm kme in chi:

okay, i've been silent til now, but this one makes me want to puke into my boot
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm dc pat:

oooo, interesting play. This song disturbs the hell out of me but I still like it for some reason

He Hit Me = 7
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm Cecile:

Cheri, Phil Spector wrote this one. mmm hm
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm glenn:

oh. the crystals. ooops.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm other david:

So Clay is hitting us with awful tracks, because he loves us!

It's clear now
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm Robert:

I lost track...who gets the bottom of this inning? If "He Hit Me" is legally the rebuttal, it blows "God Bless The USA" away.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm Ike:

Oh God. This is a well-played move by Fabio but I don't know if I can give it a score. I'd feel guilty. It's deeply disturbing and kind of upsetting yet also catchy and lovely.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm Mike East:

This show is a TEN. All three of you win!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:21pm TJ:

hit me +5 for bizarreness
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:22pm Parq:

20 points to Other David for that insight.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:22pm 67tele:

Ralphine, I agree. Clay's pulled Fabio way over his line; out of his box; in tug of war they call that a win
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:22pm Julie:

I'm tempted to take over the cd player
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:22pm matt stinson:

whatever you do don't play White Power by Screwdriver!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:22pm glenn:

non americans are currently biting tongues.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm Carmichael:

If you would post separate playlists somehow, we could actually see which one of you pushed your colon harder.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm Robert:

If only Allan Sherman could've sung this one!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm Meghan:

Hmmmm, dead air sounds good about now....
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm jaycjay:

Do it Julie!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm duder:

clay +5 for tenacity
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm dc pat:

kind of funny, SUV song = 3
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm TJ:

Hey clay, i seem to recall you saying youd bust out some holger czukay
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm Edeson Weynley:

americans currently biting the tongues of others
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm Dale from North Dakota:

Crystals - 2pts. Capital Steps - 8pts. Both could be rated on message alone.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm still b/p:

Carole King and Gerry Coffin wrote the hittin' song, unfortunately.

re patriotism. I read that more than 30,00 people have been exposed for falsely claiming to be SEALs. Now more are popping up. How many commenters are SEALs? Me!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm J J:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:23pm Adriana:

Wasn't there a post-Osama Bin Laden song that just came out?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:24pm Sean Daily:

All snarking aside... it's kind of hard to rag on Clay's choices after his lead off with "Convoy". I like those 1970s trucker songs.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:24pm McJa:

my cat thinks this song is wretcheder than poop. Hack. I have to pretend today never happened
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:24pm slugluv1313:

ah yes! our *favorite* ode to domestic violence! and YES, @ dc pat -- TOTALLY disturbing in that "I-cannot-believe-this-actually-exists" *vein* (pun intended???)
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:24pm Bryant:

Adam Curtis made a great documentary on American power called "It Felt Like a Kiss." Well worth tracking down.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:24pm Robert:

If only Allan Sherman had been around to sing the SUV song....
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:24pm Bill Russel:

Finally, I'm getting play on WFMU!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:24pm Brian in UK:

Apologies folks, have not check the voluptuous comments. John Walker (Maus) died the other day. Bought MIEOY when it came out.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:24pm ex:

i am black and i dont care
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:25pm slugluv1313:

oh yes!!!!!! ALLAN SHERMAN!!!!! he would have TOTALLY rocked this!!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:25pm Robert:

"He Hit Me" beats both "God Bless" songs.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:25pm Handsome Harry:

Crystals +7.6 points; The Capital Steps +0.1 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:25pm Sean Daily:

Well, you know, I'm a SEAL. A harp seal. And man, is it hard typing with these flippers.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:25pm slugluv1313:

FABIO gets 10 points for "He Hit Me"
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:25pm Cecile:

You mean, Mark Russell, Bill Russel.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:26pm Marmalade Kitty:

If you look, you can see it coming. Generally this is true..
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:26pm Carmichael:

Shit, by those standards Mark Russell would get 100 points. Can you play Glen Campbell's Everyday Housewife?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:26pm dc pat:

I'm sorry Fab, but yes you are going to be doing this next week. You guys need a weekly show, serious.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

if I get to wear an apron I will play Glenn Campbell's housewife for a day
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:27pm slugluv1313:

whoever plays that awful "I don't know the difference between Iran and Iraq" song gets 10 points (isn't it called "WHere Were You"?)
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:27pm other david:

I love the banter +100000 points, despite the musical torture
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:27pm glenn:

so a baby seal walks into a club.......
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:27pm Parq:

Is anybody keeping count? I bet we break the record for comments set by Vicky's aunties. I've never seen the comments field refreshng with so many new comments each time.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:28pm jaycjay:

@ UK Brian, that was mentioned earlier.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:28pm still b/p:

Jack Jones, Wives and Lovers!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:28pm J J:

Measuring Genitals. Awesome joke band name.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:28pm ted:

nobody is calling because we're all in SHOCK!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:28pm jaycjay:

Yeah, let us hear Julie's song!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:29pm joe:

naked album covers and measuring genitals - next years premium title
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:29pm McJa:

I love you Clay. I love you. but Fabio turns me on.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:30pm Ike:

Capital Steps, silly and facile, but 4 pts for effort.

WE LOVE YOU CLAY! Just... um... not so much your music. Except when you play synthy stuff from the 80s.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:30pm Why it works:

What works about this show is that Clay's selections are made up of stuff that Fabio would play for its humor value.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:30pm Pantagruel:

I second Dale's suggestion that Fabio and Clay play something that they think the other one would like.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:30pm dc pat:

Julie's song = 2
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:30pm Cecile:

Julie, this is not so great.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Carmichael:

Did Julie say this is goth?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Dale from North Dakota:

Julie gets 10 points for being Julie, but Mary Hopkins sounds like she's sitting on a washing machine. 3 pts.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Edeson Weynley:

this song is so ladylike, my genitals are un-measuring themselves, uhhhhhhnnnnng
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Brian in UK:

Thanks jaycjay.
Yes Hairy Mopkin is from Wales.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm slugluv1313:

i third Dale's suggestion!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Cecile:

Yeah, Ike. Clay, play some Mi-Sex.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm sissy spaceship:

clay should get 5 points for having to sit throught this
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm McJa:

wow. minus 3.14 points. Dial tone gets 30 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Dj duel:

If there isn't a regular show with a dj duel there should be. This is funny and fun!

-Scarlet Mooseknuckle
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Handsome Harry:

4 sympathy points for this one.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Julie:

nooo not goth
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Carmichael:

A time to puke, a time to pass out.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm still b/p:

3 points, 'just 'cuz I saw her on British TV months before she broke in the US.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:31pm Parq:

Oh, we're refraining from embracing, all right.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm TJ:

Byrds version is better, but +5 for julie
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm βrian:

I've give 4 for turning.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm Party Poop:

Julie gets an 8.9 for singing!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm dc pat:

Edeson Weynley gets 10 point for that unmeasuring comment.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm jaycjay:

In fact Brian, Fabio played a Walker Brothers song earlier.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm Meghan:

Ummmmm, bad too. Ouch. Well, Fabio's title is obvious in today's show- Strength through Failure. We are all growing strong through this right?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm Swami:

General genital retraction
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm theme-appropriate lyrics:

to every song, turd turd turd...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm glenn:

mary hopkin should get 5 points for being the first person released on the apple label.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:32pm Ike:

"Mary Hopkins sounds like she's sitting on a washing machine" -- HA HA! 1000 pts. to that commenter!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:33pm slugluv1313:

noooooo not Goth at all, more like *white whine* (even though Mary Hopkins is not from California in the 1970s)
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:33pm McJa:

fabio, please do the dial tone again, my head hurts
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:33pm @brokenjames:

Well thats what the inside of her head looks like +3
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:33pm jaycjay:

Not what I expected from Julie, but +7 because she's Julie. And anohter +7 for singing along with it.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:33pm Marmalade Kitty:

Julie, It's not BAD, (not good bad, btw) It's quite nice.. 7
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:34pm Julie:

Hiya MK!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

slur slur slur slur Fabio slur slur
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:34pm Julie:

awww folks I'm feelin the love <3
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:34pm dc pat:

"one-legged blind robins" pure genius.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:34pm Robert:

I like that version of "Turn, Turn, Turn" better than the one we usually get. So who's up against it?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:34pm ex:

this is extacly what this music do to listener
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:35pm northguineahills:

laibach is slovenian.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:35pm Julie:

I looooooooooove Smith
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:35pm dc pat:

drunk guy = 10 points

oh thought it was blind robins
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:35pm Marmalade Kitty:

Fabio 10
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:35pm calling it:

CALLER IS DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm dc pat:

welp gotta go folks, great show. Fabio wins.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm Carmichael:

I have the video of this song. She's a blonde that's dressed like an Indian squaw.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm Edeson Weynley:

it was blind robin sanderson, blues extraordinaire and Patriot
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm Robert:

No contest. "Turn, Turn" beats this crap.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm BSI:

aieeeee, this "work thing" won't let me dig the duel properly. Why can't we just be paid to hang out? eh? EH?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm Marmalade Kitty:

Fabio wears the #10 shirt :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm Whosondephone:

10 Points,

Good Beatles Cover
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm Sandy in Houston:

10 for fabio!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm McJa:

wait, we're listening to actual music again? Fab +3.14
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm Julie:

She has a hell of a voice. Alas, her solo stuff is very country.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:36pm erik:


1000 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:37pm ted:

this is excellent! 50 pointer
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh wow
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm slugluv1313:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm Robert:

"Turn, Turn" beats "Baby It's You" by a mile. So why isn't the former even on the play list?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm ted:

of course, had to followed/RUINED by Styx
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm jaycjay:

Smith. +9. Conservatively.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm Scalet Mooseknuckle:

10 points to anyone that plays anything by God Bullies, or is this just a bad music show today? Can't have too many flag waving country songs.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm Das:

Whoever is playing styx gets -100,000,000
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this has all been a grand illusion, hasn't it?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:39pm slugluv1313:

aghhhhhhhh STYX!!!!!!!!! Clay Pigeon gets ten points for sheer PAIN!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:39pm jaycjay:

And then the end of our run of actual music, Grand Illusion. +1
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:39pm Dale from North Dakota:

Smith - 8pts. Styx - 10pts. "Grand Illusion" is a great album (for what it portends to be) but an even better song. Take it over "Sail Away" any day of the week, for the minor key if nothing else.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:39pm Parq:

I turn my attention away for *five minutes" and you guys are back to the low-rent prog thing!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:39pm George of Troy:

OH, COME ON!!!! Not this Styx trash on Fabio's show!!! Now I've got to go pour bleach in my ears . . .
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:39pm G:

grade b to grade c prog -- pidge's fave!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:39pm sissy spaceship:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:39pm Tom G:

Cmon Pidg, the jig is up.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm still b/p:

zero-point-one. Styx have annoyed me since the late 70s.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm ted:

Fabio is right now tieing a noose and eyeing the highest beam
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm Edeson Weynley:

you ain't the same as me Sticks
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm Robert:

Was "Turn, Turn" a ringer? Why is it not up there? If there was a 3rd party playing, it beats both "Baby" and "Grand".
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm bloopy:

What the fuck
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm Handsome Harry:

Smith +5.6 points; Styx +7.3 points. Clay takes this round.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm Adriana:

Styx! I just saw them play this winter (free tickets, why not), and it was heartwarming how earnest they and the fans were. I felt bad at my ironic attendance. But not too bad.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm G:

what's next? dust in the wind?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm Dale from North Dakota:

C'mon guys, it's a great bass song!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:40pm BSI:

Jeez, for grade-D prog there's always Triumvirat or something slightly less radio friendly...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:41pm McJa:

Pidg, you can't redeem yourself, not for a few weeks at least.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:41pm Julie:

@Robert Turn Turn was mine
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:41pm J J:

Clay always shoots himself in the foot when he plays Styx. A scornful look and no points.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:41pm Jeffersonic (DSK):

Terrible example of Fop Rock, how 'bout some Sparks? -15
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I have to admit, it doesn't sound bad after all these years
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:41pm Das:

I saw styx when I was a kid, I'd imagine it's what being a buggered altar boy would be like
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:41pm glenn:

this sounds like it's in b flat major to me. i think.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:42pm Cecile:

Adriana, I know Styx fans. They are lovely people. I just don't let them man the CD player.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:42pm Ike:

Smith 4 pts., Styx 1 pt. Some OK music in this Styx song esp. the march-y bits, but then it goes all silly, and the vocals are horrible. This guitar solo is masturbattery-and-assault.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

theremin goes AAAHHHH AAAAHHH
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:42pm glenn:

or maybe d flat. it's kinda all over the place.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:42pm BSI:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:42pm JT:

crazy horses - more like it. please no more styx
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:42pm Cecile:

YES. I actually love this song. It's hysterical. Sing it Merrill!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm Sven:

What's with the music today? : \
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

those Osmonds??
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm Parq:

Add "Buggered Alter Boy" to our list of band names. Wait, is this the Osmonds' bid for hard-rock stardom? That's it; my brain has officially turned to road tar.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm Ralphine:

That was a theremin? I thought it was Donny.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm βrian:

Wow. He can say "yeah" like nobody can say "yeah." Yeah.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm still b/p:

ten points for being vigorously funny.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm Adriana:

Osmonds channel Lemmy, with horns!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm SiouxFallsDave:

Crazy Horses!!!! Osmonds!!!! Yes!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm slugluv1313:

does anyone else remember The Osmonds doing "Crazy Horses" on their TV show?!?!?!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm Julie:

I can't believe this is the Osmonds
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my first band was the Dead Osmonds
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm G:

next up: I Think I Love You
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm jaycjay:

Ha! Nice, Ralphine!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Hahaha, Fabio, Julie, and Clay are CRAZY HORSES!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm Matt Stinson:

I'm drinking a Crazy Horse right now, been saving it since 1993!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm bloopy:

can u play some Judy Garland?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm Cecile:

Parq, yes it is. That record has become kind of legendary.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm Hopey:

Oh, how I love this song. The NWOBHM band Tank did a great version of this as well.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm McJa:

Fabio is ripping it up. +10 but at what cost?!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm Handsome Harry:

Osmond Brothers +9.2 points. I don't believe they used a traditional theremin on this tune. Some derivative instrument was used.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm jaycjay:

THe only Osmond Brothers song that would score anything, Crazy Horses +7.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:44pm βrian:

Crazy Hosses is what I hear.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:45pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

@ an earlier comment ( might have been before 3pm on JB show) ... YES , the Bactrian Support Network is an online virtual freakout tent ....
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:45pm Marmalade Kitty:

LSD does not wear off that quickl!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:45pm glenn:

do crazy horse have a song called the osmonds?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:45pm G:

The Osmonds trying to channel Aerosmith
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:45pm Scramboli Sam:

Osmond Bros.' "One Bad Apple," the 45 played at 33, would score. Totally.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:46pm ben drinken:

could be a comment record here. station mngr Ken I think holds the record or possibly shut up weirdo. seems like Clay never moved on in his musical mind beyond 11 years old.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:46pm octy:

20 points for Crazy Horses!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:46pm Ike:

"Crazy Horses": 9 pts. I would expect to hate it if you described it to me but it's hilarious. In the right way.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:46pm keira:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:46pm other david:

Back from the shop, *hands everyone beers* you'll need these
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:46pm Cecile:

Jay sang lead, and Merrill did some of the screaming.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:47pm G:

it got to about 2 or 3 on the US pop charts
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:47pm Ralphine:

Who can forget the destructive rivalry between the Osmonds and the Jacksons?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:47pm jaycjay:

Crazy Horses: 1972, got to number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:47pm SiouxFallsDave:

I actually have younger brother Jimmy Osmond's only LP. Damn that thing is bad.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:48pm Cecile:

there were two that were deaf - Virl and Tom.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:48pm still b/p:

If you go for an associative playlist, some Andy Williams could follow.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:48pm Robert:

So that was Julie with the "Turn, Turn" that didn't get on the playlist? She beat both Clay & Fabio that round.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:49pm Marmalade Kitty:

Osama Obama Osmond Oswald
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:49pm glenn:

i just remembered there's a band from toronto called lee harvey osmond.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:50pm david:

time for some deep breathing
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:50pm Parq:

As Osmond recordings go, I prefer Donny's rendition of "Make A Man Out Of You" on the soundtrack of Disney's "Mulan."
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:51pm G:

Crazy Horses got to 2 on the UK pop singles chart, which is where I was living then :-)
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:51pm McJa:

I'm afraid to call, what if I sound drunk?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:51pm G:

@McJa: we'll just make fun of you, you'll live
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:52pm Cecile:

I love fabio the man and the music.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, are you drunk?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:52pm BSI:

...a world without Fabio would be no world at all...
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:53pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

TMI ... ....
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

he's a nice guy but no one's ever happy to see him
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

poor fella
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:55pm glenn:

lagniappe, chai, gravy, mordida.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:55pm Edeson Weynley:

fabio is a nice concept that has been terribly corrupted over the last couple centuries, and the celibacy vow has caused nothing but trouble
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:55pm Rubble:

Clay Forever! Ringo Never! Oh.....I. mean Clay Forever, Fabio Never! Actually I mean Clay Forever, Fabio for a few hours before that.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 5/12/11 4:56pm Dale from North Dakota:

Surprised that Clay hasn't trotted out any Rush yet.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:56pm glenn:

wait.... i thought wfmu was the shark. does that mean it's jumping itself?
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:56pm darue:

happy days was on for five more seasons after fonzi jumped the shark. "jumping the shark" has jumped the shark.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:57pm G:

Tom Sawyer!!!!! (holding lighter aloft)
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:57pm Adam in Lynnwood:

Thank goodness for Julie. She's the glue.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:58pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

This is gotta be a Jersey Shore fan for sure (...we don/'t tawk lke dat ..)) oh yes you do !!
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:58pm FM 104.3:

Clay, can you send our playlist back when you are done with it? Thanks.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:58pm Adam in Lynnwood:

I'm riding this shark.
  Thu. 5/12/11 4:58pm βrian:

Like a poke in the eye with a Styx.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:00pm efd:

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is the first time a song that begins with "Hell yeah" has been played during Fabio's show.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:00pm Julie:

I would like to learn how to defend myself against a pointy styx
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:00pm Dale from North Dakota:

Osmond Brothers - 7pts. Molly Hatchet - 4pts. Lots of deeper Gator Rock choices out there.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:00pm Bz:

I always wondered what Molly Hatchet sounded like. I guess now... I know?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:01pm Handsome Harry:

Molly Hatchet +2.2 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:01pm Julie:

@Bz me too! never heard before
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:01pm ben drinken:

can now hear Fabio announcing as a local yocal dj that molly hatchet will be performing at the county fair sunday!!!sunday!!!molly hatchet!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:02pm still b/p:

Cutting off the shark's fin and making risky, turbid soup.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:02pm Ike:

Ugh! Put an actual hatchet in this record! Zero pts.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:02pm JT:

Warm Leather Tuscadero
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:02pm Adam in Lynnwood:

+500 for Molly Hatchet album covers. +5 for Molly Hatchet songs. Total = 505. +200,000,000 if Mike Watt ever covers a Molly Hatchet song.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:02pm BSI:

FABIO = 10 PTS for the normal. Well played.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm Marmalade Kitty:

The Scorpions Rock! What say you, Clay??
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm slugluv1313:

@ Dale -- right, i was thinking Black Oak Arkansas
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm Get drunk rock:

Molly Hatchet? What we have here is beer-drinkers' rock. VERY lowbrow. On the other hand it can be right when you're . . . drunk? OH, finally, WARM LEATHERETTE. YES.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm glenn:

molly hatchet followed by the normal. awesome. i still have this single.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm Quincy Hoist:

Love it all... as a Midwestern fan of the avant, the tension between Heartland cuts and mind reformatting pluck/scrape is a disconcerting aural stroll through my daily environment... Fab, go all the way deep w/ some Scelsi or some such. Clay, keep the county fair staples coming... Thanks guys.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm Quincy Hoist:

Love it all... as a Midwestern fan of the avant, the tension between Heartland cuts and mind reformatting pluck/scrape is a disconcerting aural stroll through my daily environment... Fab, go all the way deep w/ some Scelsi or some such. Clay, keep the county fair staples coming... Thanks guys.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm McJa:

Warm... Leatherette Should've done the chicks on speed vers. still better than molly f-n hatchet. +6.66
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm Meghan:

YES! Winner! This is the best song so far!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm c0NZ:

Warm Leatherette reminds me of my dad's old Vauxhall Victor. Not that we had sex in it or anything.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:03pm George of Troy:

Ahhhh.... The Normal. Thank you Fabio!!!!! +1,000,000 after that molly hatchet.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:04pm βrian:

What was this one?:

"Oh Anna. Anna"
"Let me in, let me out"
[ad infinitum]
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm andymorphic:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm McJa:

quick let's make love before you die
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm Meghan:

Dale from ND.... Hush! Don't give Clay any ideas about Rush......
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm Cecile:

Quincy, you put it very well.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm Ralphine:

I think the record's stuck.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm Julie:

@Meghan agreed! love Warm Leatherette
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm glenn:

i couldn't figure out why this wasn't in the soundtrack for crash.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm Meghan:

This is Julie......
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:05pm Dale from North Dakota:

Can't sing the praises of a song that seems to have three notes and five words.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm Adam in Lynnwood:

+1,000 for the Normal.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm jaycjay:

@cONZ, I hope that the "we" in that comment doesn't refer to... well, the only other person you were referencing.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm Handsome Harry:

The Normal +5.0 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm Cecile:

I like this one, too.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm still b/p:

Warm Leatherette had a vibe like My Sex by Ultra Vox.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm Julie:

@Brian that was Trio. I played that on my show!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm Meghan:

I can name a Cocteau Twins song in two notes
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm c0NZ:

@jayclay. Naw. It was my mum.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm GrammarGirl:

Hey, you can't "reference" a person.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:06pm Cecile:

I actually reall love this song. Good call, Clay.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:07pm Julie:

@Meghan :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:07pm Cecile:

Trio are way underrated.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:07pm Ike:

"Warm Leatherette": a bit overplayed on FMU over the yrs. but compared to Hatchet it sounds like yummy aural smoked tofu with metallic overtones. 6 pts.

Woah, Julie must've picked this Cocteau Twins. 10 pts.!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:08pm BSI:

I always preferred the flipside (TVOD) but hell, it's a great single.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:08pm Chris from DC:

Yes, and 10 more.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:08pm Dale from North Dakota:

The Normal - 2pts. Cocteau Twins - 8pts. A good mix of the stuff that made New Wave great to fans of prog -- elements of Numan, Berlin and Roxy Music.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm Adriana:

The Normal and then Cocteau Twins makes up for the Molly Hatchet. I feel better.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm still b/p:

Got a comment tally, vous?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm Sean Daily:

Guys, you can play Cocteau Twins all day as far as I'm concerned.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm Cecile:

Great choice, Julie!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm david:

+74 for cocteau
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm βrian:

I always remember them as the Cocktail Twins.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm Dollar Van Demos:

Fabio's got the best theme song on WFMU.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm other david:

Julie is in the lead by my count
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:09pm Handsome Harry:

Cocteau Twins +6.2 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:10pm Meghan:

Cocteau..... not cocktail. and Cocteau twins get 10 pts from me
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:10pm Kirsten:

I DO like the Cocteau Twins, Julie! Good to hear them today.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:11pm Julie:

thank you, Kirsten!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:11pm jaycjay:

I'd have left an hour ago if not for hanging on to the hope that Julie was going to play something great. 9 pts for Cocteau Twins.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:12pm Listener John from NJ who lives in NJ:

Wow! I bet there's never been a better radio program than this one EVER. (NB: I'm not trying to be ironic or sarcastic either.)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:12pm ursonate:

you guys should do this again for the next marathon
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm βrian:

I'd give points for Foghat. Heh.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm Ralphine:

Are you going to put in for a combined show on the summer schedule?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm Party Poop:

In jacksonville, molly hatchet are gods. I played a show with the bass player's band big engine. they played only flirting with disaster and were the only ones who got paid.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm kme in chi:

Agree with ursonate. The money will be flowing in.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm Kirsten:

And yes, I also like Loverboy. Turn Me Loose!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm Marmalade Kitty:

Cocteau.... not Thompson Twins, 10
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm jaycjay:

You guys should never do this again for any reason.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm Ike:

I love some of the music you play, Julie! Just, um, not all of it. It's a crazy pinballing love-hate thing.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:13pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ) ):

ELP Clay :)_::)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:14pm Robert:

Why should it be at all surprising that one would be more relaxed in studio than on the phone? In studio you have all the visual cues, while on the phone you're in the dark on that score and can have your line picked up or hung up on any time.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:14pm Julie:

@Ike thank you :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:14pm βrian:

Wrestling? Sounds like a D.H Lawrence novel.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:14pm andymorphic:

keep it up clay....fabio is going to loose it
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:15pm ben drinken:

sunday!!sunday!!!sunday!!! at the memorial coliseum!!!!!monster trucks!!!with special entertainment Fog Hat!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:15pm david:

don't worry, guys, this is just a dry run. 2-3 more triple duels and we'll have this down.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:15pm Edeson Weynley:

that caller was cool
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:15pm BSI:

It's always funny until someone loses a thigh.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:15pm glenn:

the virgin and the body slam.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:16pm Robert:

Dusty's show's hour is being sacrificed to this too, right? No fair otherwise.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:16pm Cecile:

this is hysterical.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:17pm glenn:

james naismith from perth ontario canada. we invent everything.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:17pm other david:

+9.75 for Clay, he's got spirit
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:17pm G:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:17pm david:

+7.9 for Iowa girls' basketball
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:17pm Marmalade Kitty:

I agree with Robert. But, clay is close to being sent off..
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:17pm jaycjay:

I don't know if it's still the case, but Iowa high school girls' basketball used to be unique in that it was 6 on a side instead of 5-on-5.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:17pm G:

what's next? "convoy"?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:18pm Handsome Harry:

This could be the worst thing yet.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:18pm Robert:

Does Iowa girl's basketball still play the 6-a-side rules?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:18pm Julie:

it's amazing how two guys can take up the whole board
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:18pm glenn:

except for the stuff the scots invent. like t.v.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:18pm Dale from North Dakota:

The Normal - 3pts. Iowa Basketball - 1pt. The Normal picks up a point after this aberration. Sounds like a bad ride at Disney World.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:18pm Dollar Van Demos:

-100 for running up the score. bitches.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:18pm BSI:

This spirit tune is so bad it's actually punctured some weird barrier & come around to positive 3...
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:18pm seang:

Bowie loves fanny
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:19pm G:

@Julie: some people type fast.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:19pm McJa:

hmmmm. Clay, damn you, I almost started to believe you can win. But no. Just no. Take all your points and shred them.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:19pm Marmalade Kitty:

Julie, use your elbows!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:19pm Meghan:

The only way that song would be good is if Bronwyn sang it!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:19pm Julie:

No i mean the dj board! I can't get a cd in haha
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:19pm SiouxFallsDave:

We've got warm leatherette! How bout you?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:19pm stefica:

how does this scoring work? how do i vote 0 for the basketball song?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:20pm jaycjay:

Robert, I just looked it up. Iowa dropped the 6-on-6 in 1993, Oklahoma was last to do so in 1995.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:20pm seang:

Did you bring the Shazz, Clay?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:20pm Robert:

The 6s game is interesting for its own reasons. Used to be a midcourt zone with 2-on-2 in each zone but then they made it 3-on-3 in each half court, which is more interesting IMO.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:21pm Robert:

Wow, I didn't realize OK was even later.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:21pm McJa:

Stop cooking the books, or you're gonna get served
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:22pm jaycjay:

I continue to question Clay's math. And maybe the scoring should be POINTS PER SONG PLAYED. Give Julie a shot!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:22pm ASB:

Clay, what is your strategy?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:22pm McJa:

play some Scorpions
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:22pm G:

@Julie: Maybe guys have more practice at slipping things in.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:22pm Cecile:

this is really groovy.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:22pm Julie:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:23pm Dale from North Dakota:

Clay, play some Beatles. Almost no one hates them, even the terrible songs.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:23pm Robert:

You didn't have people dribbling all over the place forever. It was 1 bounce and then pick it up, and you couldn't hold the ball for 3 secs. regardless of whether you were closely guarded.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:23pm lewis:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:23pm chris:

fabio rocks!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:23pm BSI:

I was at 7 points for this (fabio) until the tune kicked in. Full ten now.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:23pm Cecile:

Robert, that sounds a lot like netball as played in Australia.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:24pm david:

the guy shouting in the background of this track sounds like when fabio shouts down runaway clay...
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:24pm Meghan:

G..... all I can say is ewwwww
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:24pm seang:

totally groovy, yeah Fabio's pics have been incredible
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:24pm darue:

hmmm... not Kina Shoukichi but iut sure sounds Okinawan
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:24pm McJa:

Pander to me, Fabio! Pander to me!! + 9.967
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:24pm Marmalade Kitty:

Best song of the evening bonus, Fabio.. 10 x
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:24pm Robert:

Yes, it is like netball and I'm sure that's no coincidence.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:25pm G:

facts is facts.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:25pm other david:

10 fabio
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:25pm Ike:

"We've Got Spirit": UGH! Zero! Fuka Vincent = 10!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:25pm glenn:

disclaimer - i am not G.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:25pm david:

uh oh Fabio is re-defining the game... +7.8
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:26pm G:

yeah, don't blame canada.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:26pm Handsome Harry:

Fuka Vincent +9.0 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:26pm Dale from North Dakota:

Excellent Fuka Vincent. Playlist error - the Crue song was "Looks that Kill", not "Shout at the Devil".
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:26pm Cecile:

I understand "American basketball" has largely supplanted netball down there. Understandably, the travelling calls were insane in netball..
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:26pm Cecile:

OK, i love this song. Clay, this is great.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:26pm Meghan:

don't worry glenn.... I know!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:27pm Davice:

That was awful!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:27pm Cecile:

NO NO NO. I loved the Janet.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:28pm Robert:

OK, the rule is that if Fabio is leading at 6, then if Mr. Pigeon wants to cut to his show, OK. No fair cutting to Dusty's Show if Clay Pigeon is in the lead.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:28pm G:

who sucks here? janet jackson, or sly stone?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:28pm Whosondephone:

I liked the other track
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:28pm Handsome Harry:

Minus 5 points for a do-over.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:28pm Tristram in brooklyn:

Missing the beginning of the show when you tune in to WFMU often leads to brain freeze....
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:28pm c0NZ:

Young girls are his weakness
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:28pm Davice:

Lee Greenwood was better than this!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:28pm Dale from North Dakota:

Fuka Vincent - 10pts. Lionel Richie - 3pts. Janet Jackson would have fared as poorly. Adventure versus pop predictability.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm βrian:

Yo, Clay is double-dipping. You know what happens when you fly to close to the bird shot!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm Marmalade Kitty:

I agree with Cecile, that was a good one!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm JT:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm Robert:

But you can play netball outdoors on any surface.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm david:

+10 for Lionel
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm Handsome Harry:

A further -2.0 for playing "Suburban AOR." Good call, Fabio.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm Ike:

What happened to J.J.? I had to admit a fondness for that and would've given you 7 pts. for it but you pulled it off, Clay.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm glenn:

that said, did you hear about tempura house? it's a shelter for lightly battered women. told to me by a dyke friend of mine.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm other david:

I'm sorry clay, -4, cutting a song off, bad bad bad.

Sin bin sir.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:29pm Dollar Van Demos:

-1 its terrible.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:30pm BSI:

You WERE on a solid three, Clay, but this U-turn puts you in the cellar of some really bad place....
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:30pm Sven:

Play some Falco!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:30pm Bz:

-700 points for Lionel!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:30pm McJa:

0.05 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:30pm Davice:

Play some Zeppelin!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:30pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:30pm Whosondephone:

for failing to play a song all the way through.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:31pm Ike:

I admit that Lionel song reminds me of being 5 years old, so I like it. It's well-done smooth pop cheese. +6 pts.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:31pm Davice:

Sounds like Clay is being pigeon holed!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:31pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:31pm Cobra Kai guy:

Yeah, haha! Put him in a body bag, Fabio!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:31pm McJa:

Clay: play the Scorpions
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm Dollar Van Demos:

+75 cuz this is dope
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm Cecile:

But you just want Chromeo to get a'hold of it.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm david:

+9 for japanese tighten up
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm darue:

clay's thrift store records aren't so bad if one done some habitual mal-stalgia huffing.
+ 5 to clay for making some oddly tasting lemonade out of something that may or may not have once been lemons.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm LP:

I think I need some Mental Floss
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm Parq:

Turning it up for YMO. 10 points, say I.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm Marmalade Kitty:

How ever bad you think the Fabiovision song contest show is, ( personally I think It's great fun!!), It is no where near as pooooooor as the Eurovision song contest, coming up in May folks!! :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm woj:

clearly, it's time for "basketball jones"
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:32pm Dale from North Dakota:

Sounds like a Nintendo 64 game soundtrack...
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:33pm slugluv1313:

Lionle Ritchie's "Hello" would have been infinitely more *cringe inducing* and therefore more point worthy . . . although on second thought, "Running with the Night" gets ten points simply b/c Mr. Ritchie would not know what running-with-the-night is like if it came up and slapped him upside the head . . .
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:33pm Cecile:

NO, the paydirt was for YMO
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:33pm Adriana:

Mickey Mouse on vocals. Hey don't talk over this one, Plus points I give it 15 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:33pm slugluv1313:

@ woj -- YES!!! and "BLOAT ON" too!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:34pm Davice:

Are you playing Mario Brothers? I give it a 5 - it's ok.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:34pm Anulka:

Tighten up! +20
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:34pm McJa:

Do the tighten up. Don't be such a sore loser clay. +5
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:34pm Davice:

Play some Goth!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:34pm Ralphine:

Joan Rivers was on David Letterman's show a while back, and the CBS Orchestra played "Skin Tight" for her intro and "Tighten Up" during a commercial break.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:34pm jaycjay:

YMO: 9 pts. The track keeps getting better.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:35pm ASB:

Bond him to the wall!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:35pm Cecile:

this sounds lke Clutch with horrible vocals.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:35pm Davice:

Hey, I like this! 9.5 points for that!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:35pm andymorphic:

this is why people slow down to look at accidents
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:36pm Dollar Van Demos:

Clay is cool but this is straight garbage -1
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:36pm Handsome Harry:

+7 to Clay for "This is the wrong track, right?"
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:36pm Guglielmo Marconi:

I invented radio for this??
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:36pm other david:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:37pm jaycjay:

Later tonight, after I go to and come back from work and will be drunk (because I'll be drinking heavily while working), I might go back through this comment list and calculate what the score actally is. Because drunk Jay clearly can do math more accurately than sober Clay.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:37pm Davice:

6 pm is the point cut off!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:37pm Whosondephone:

+60 Yeah babby!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:37pm CK:

Can you run through the objective again? I'm just tuning in.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:38pm Davice:

I love Julies show - I listen to the archives all the time. 10 points for her great show!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:38pm Dale from North Dakota:

Fluxious? Apart from being a bit off key, not too bad. Another 10pts for being Julie. 5pts for the song.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:38pm Marc:

Ah! All the comments crash the iPhone app.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:38pm Alan Turing:

Hey, Guglielmo, you think you got it bad.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:38pm Julie:

@Davice thank you!!I feel better now
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:38pm Anulka:

Don't like the singing. -100
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:39pm Ken:

Closing in on One Thousand Comments people! Long since passed the commenting record for a WFMU show...
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:39pm other david:

OH... Fabio just got served....
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:39pm Dale from North Dakota:

All fans of Prog are snobs. It's our most endearing characteristic, lol.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:39pm Handsome Harry:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:39pm jaycjay:

"They're very trying."
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:39pm Dollar Van Demos:

it's okay not to like something but don't be a dick about it
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:39pm ted:


  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm Ike:

A BIT off-key?!? Yikes. Sorry Julie, zero!! Snobs unite!! And hey, Clay disrespects Fabio's music all the time and shows contempt! And Molly Hatchet doesn't deserve any respect. None! ;)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm jaycjay:

I am feeling contempt for the caller. Even more when he answered "pi".
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm Tristram in brooklyn:

Fabio is a snob, but in the best way...
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm Davice:

Tell Fabio to loosen his shorts.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm G:

let's you and him fight
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm McJa:

You're in contempt!! What's with the contempt snob?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm Meghan:

Caller, you have to respect that Fabio has a voice. We all don't have to play well!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm Listener John from NJ who lives in NJ:

I bet Clay's saving Shazz for his last song of the show, because that will let him pull ahead by at least a million points and win the game . . .
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm glenn:

i can see both sides of this argument, to be honest.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:40pm BSI:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:41pm Handsome Harry:

-100 points for this guy.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:41pm Anulka:

Contempt, I love that movie!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:41pm Robert:

He was such a hippie he can't even remember.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm Marmalade Kitty:

H I P P Y :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm Adriana:

Caller is making me nervous. 50 points to Fabio for his composure.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm Davice:

Let the beatings begin - smack him around!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm Tristram in brooklyn:

Fabio's a hippist....
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm Edeson Weynley:

contempt for a sound =/= contempt for what went into making it
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm McJa:

I don't follow your line of reasoning, objection! sustained.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hippie :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm Cecile:

I get tired of forced politeness. Rag on, Fabio.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:42pm andymorphic:

100 points to fabio for hating on hippie
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:43pm Hippie:

stop saying the H word
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:43pm jaycjay:

10 points for Fabio for putting up with that caller.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:43pm Dale from North Dakota:

The Filthy Hippies, best shirt ever... http://shirt.woot.com/friends.aspx?k=9235
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:43pm G:

Play Bobby Womack, "Harry Hippy"
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:44pm BSI:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:44pm Respecter:

Respect the Unrespectable
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:44pm jaycjay:

No more phone calls!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:44pm ben drinken:

bizzaro lionel richie
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:44pm Davice:

Most of that overproduced stuff is crap and you know it
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:44pm Cecile:

G: great call
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:44pm Critic:

Discrimination is not a crime!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:44pm mick:

fabio = positive contempt
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:45pm erik:

Judge yourself not others
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:46pm Critic:

Judge oneself _and_ others!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:46pm Davice:

only calves can judge udders!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:46pm slugluv1313:

opposite of Lionel Ritchie = UNDOR!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:46pm mick:

this can song is crap ... haha
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:47pm Critic:

My udder contempt is showing.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:47pm sissy spaceship:

can!!!! 4 points
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:47pm BSI:

Definitely not Can's finest flower, but good to hear 'em. +5.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:47pm other david:

This show shall live in infamy
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:47pm Dollar Van Demos:

this is the song FMU deejays play when attempting to seduce new female deejays.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:47pm incredibly precise robot:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:48pm Anulka:

I think it was their only #1 hit in Germany.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:48pm glenn:

meghan, julie, what do you have to say to that?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:49pm Julie:

@glenn, i'm sorry, say to?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:50pm Yvonne E.:

everything's alright yes, everything's alright yes...
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:50pm glenn:

dollar's comment re: seduction.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:50pm Davice:

Fabio is working the Clay!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:51pm Cecile:

This show was a mess, but it's been hilarious.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:51pm Julie:

@Glenn..it didn't work
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:51pm Tristram in brooklyn:

Brain Freeze...
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:51pm Ken:

928 comments people! Break ONE THOUSAND!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:51pm Cecile:

I do want Fabio to do an all-pop show.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:52pm glenn:

un grande poutine.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:52pm Robin Trower:

Play some Robin Trower.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:52pm 930:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:52pm ASB:

Ask him how much he weights
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:52pm Listener John from NJ who lives in NJ:

Play the Shazz! Play the Shazz!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:52pm Wicked Witch:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm Cecile:

Music, please!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm Cecile:

I love that Priest song.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm other david:

Ok Ken, we're gonna give it our best!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm Ken:

Jesus Fabio! You mispelled Clay Pigeon's name in the title of the show! 15 points off!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm SiouxFallsDave:

Waiting to hear Cage's "3:13."
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm Cecile:

DAMMIT. Play Priest, you nimrod.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm Ken:

58 comments to go and 7 minutes.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm woj:

square root of -1 points for everyone
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm cheri:

hiya julie how was your day?? mine was just great
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm Wicked Witch:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:53pm Marmalade Kitty:

Music Monopoly.. get out of jail free card
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Dollar Van Demos:

-2 for whoring for points!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Ken:

Pidgeon? Really?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Anulka:

Play the Shaggs!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Robin Trower:

Yeah! Thank you!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Ike:

NO! No Judas Priest! Ugh. Ugh!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm glenn:

bridge of sighs woohoo!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Marc:

That Can song was great.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm jaycjay:

Or, Ken, maybe Clay misspells his name all the time... +15 for Fabio for finally catching the error!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm SiouxFallsDave:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm other david:

CLAY +10
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Tristram in brooklyn:

Ken get's 23 points....
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Dale from North Dakota:

Can - 3pts. Robin Trower - 5pts. "Breakin the Law" would have been a stone cold solid 10pts, Clay.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:54pm Parq:

10 points for Trower! We've had our fake Yes, now it's tme for fake Hendrix.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm ben drinken:

i always imagine them saying" rakin the lawn rakin the lawn"...then the rake sound...instead of brekin the law
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Julie:

hello cheri..um...this IS my day
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm sissy spaceship:

holy shit!! that radioman voice intro puts you ahead 62 points!! ha!ha!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm erik:


the listeners
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Scott S.:

give Clay a point for his spiel
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Wicked Witch:

COMMENT = DRAWING FOR FREE SCOTCHEROOS (exceptions: only comments in lithuanian are eligible)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Cecile:

You couldn't play Hendrix, Clay?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm ASB:

This should've stayed all intro
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm ted:

teh best thing Clay has played all day...this is cool shit
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm steve:

If Clay talkes over the whole track...he wins.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Anulka:

Ugh, - 200 for this crap
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Ken:

I just want to see if the comments database supports four digits.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm dale:

i need a six of genny cream to go with this judas priest
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Cecile:

That's right, Dale.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm woj:

+10 points for clay for, i'm assuming, short-circuiting station-manager ken's neural pathways.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm erik:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm david:

maybe this is a mess, but it's a beautiful mess
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Ike:

@ASB, that's true of half of the stuff Clay played today! LOL. :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:55pm Julie:

I actually LIKE this
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm Cecile:

I now know where Stevie Ray Vaughn got his vocal style from. :/
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm steve:

talks that is.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm Ken:

19 comments to go!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm Whosondephone:

Riot On, Babby!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm Wicked Witch:

type faster you goofuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm ASB:

I've been putting off lunch for like an hour. Please don't talk about Scotcheroos.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm other david:

epic show, love the three of you and the comments!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm pheezy:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:56pm Unclear on the concept:

These are really unusual tracks for Fabio to be playing.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm Wicked Witch:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm crowd meter:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm SALLY:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm cheri:

hi ken
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm Stanley:

Can I join in?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm woj:

cut'n'paste comment
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm Marc:

Happy 1000!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm johN:

This is party, no?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm Wicked Witch:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm pheezy:

+20 points for the rock,
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm Sean Daily:

This is what freeform's SUPPOSED to be: an unholy mess.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm dale:

krautrock fabio. krautrock!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm 67tele:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm Robert:

Other than Clay's pitch for it, that was merely something to be endured. Feh.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:57pm trish:

This playlist would look good with a background that goes the show.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Ken:

67 Tele is the 1000th comment!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm dale:

trowel on the trower!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Anulka:

When will this song be over! Another -100 for it being too long
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Wicked Witch:

  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Dale from North Dakota:

Great show, guys. I think you've made some magic today :-)
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Molly:

I thought Clay + Fabio both played great songs but Fabio's is a bit more obvious in an elitist sort of way and I liked that Clay could find pleasure in anything. I was driving. Can i give 10 points for lionel?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm glenn:

fab, clay and julie need to put together a premium c.d.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Edeson Weynley:

i blame the heat for it all
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Julie:

@Sean you got it!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Ken:

Hi Cheri! Hi Trish!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm <eyes closed>:

Ni sjos sldfmlwjre zojjsodijjd fngfiope!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm ASB:

oh god, not the meat and potatoes
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm SiouxFallsDave:

What do I win if I'm the thousandth hit? More love for and from 'FMU. Great show.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm McJa:

Clay, can you do my taxes next year?
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:58pm Robin Trower:

Actually, I prefer you'd use my first name, too. Otherwise, folks confuse me with my brother Walter.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:59pm jaycjay:

And what a perfect 1000th comment that was!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:59pm Wicked Witch:

whew, that was a close one.
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:59pm Julie:

woohooo mega comments
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:59pm sissy spaceship:

clay wins in my book!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:59pm Anulka:

Roxie!!! ++++9000 for this song! Love it!
  Thu. 5/12/11 5:59pm Cecile:

  Thu. 5/12/11 6:00pm woj:

accuplaylist lag
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:00pm ScottC:

do I get a iPad like last time I won something WFMU?
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:00pm pheezy:

Onwards to 2,000!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:00pm Anulka:

oops, meant Roxy
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:00pm jaycjay:

+16.1 for Roxy!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:00pm Robert:

Maybe 67 Tele meant it the French way, with an implied question mark.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm johN:

did they play boot scoot boogie?
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm Wicked Witch:

comments overload ---> posting lag. duh!!!!!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm Dale from North Dakota:

Whoever picked this gets 10pts for not going for an easy Roxy choice.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm slugluv1313:

  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm other david:

+8 for Roxy
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm chris:

Retro +50 Lionel--> runin' with clay
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm ScottC:

oh wait that was Trent just fucki'n with me....
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm Robert:

Yuch, this is just as bad. A draw for this round.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm Ken:

Great show you dumbasses!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm Ike:

9 pts. for Roxy Music!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:01pm pheezy:

We all win.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:02pm Bz:

Comment of the day!:
@ScottC: do I get a iPad like last time I won something WFMU?
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:02pm steve:

Top this Clay!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:02pm dale:

yay for roxy.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:03pm Wicked Witch:

@ken: we couldn't do it without your leadership, head dumbass and dumbassness mentor! :-)
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:03pm Michael Molanphy:

Genius 10 points for Roxy Music
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:03pm strength:

through lollygagging
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:03pm McJa:

Enron accounting up in there. Independent audit requested
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:03pm chris:

just cliche compared to "God Bless my SUV" +100
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:03pm andymorphic:

-1000 to clay for dissing roxy
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:03pm woj:

is that contempt, clay?
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:04pm jaycjay:

Clay's contempt for Bryan Ferry is saddening.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:04pm pheezy:

Strength Through Dumbasses
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:04pm ASB:

Why doesn't Clay like Roxy?
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:04pm Wicked Witch:

clay is not fond of ferrys.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:04pm Cecile:

I'm out of here. I'm exhausted. Also, I have dinner waiting.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:04pm slugluv1313:

ah!!!!!! hearing "Both Ends Burning" . . . NOW i totally realize from where that sax riff from "Baker Street" was lifted! :)
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:05pm ASB:

Is Clay averaging points when time Fabio plays a song and adding up all the points when he plays a song?
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:05pm Julie:

Thanks for listening, Cecile!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:06pm other david:

I honestly havent laughed this much in a long time
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:06pm glenn:

i think baker street was first. maybe.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:06pm jaycjay:

I think you may have the system figured out, ASB.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:06pm J J:

Measuring Genitals debut album "Hard Dumps"
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:06pm McJa:

Fabio's points have much higher market value
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:06pm trish:

Julie wins.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:06pm david:

↑ Clay fan caught dead every week listening to Fabio... or is it the other way around? (it's a tie!)
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:07pm frances:

aw man, i'm so sorry i missed the last 3 hours. Good choice with "crazy horses" by the Osmonds
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:07pm ScottC:

is this the ultimate "Jock Block" show???
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:07pm darue:

it's Fabio for the win, but only by failure, so technically clay has more points, (it's just that many of them are negative points). funny show. EVERYONE'S a WINNNER!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:07pm Anulka:

I don't think Clay counted any of my points for Fabio, I call shenanigans!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:07pm Dollar Van Demos:

Julie Wins!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi all you guys!
I wasn't caught dead listening before 6!
Or, 5:50 actually, so I can catch the banter. I'll have to go back and listen to all this later! Many of those comments were "God Bless The USA" rants!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:08pm steve:

Please do more DJ tag team showdowns. Great radio!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:08pm pheezy:

  Thu. 5/12/11 6:08pm Dale from North Dakota:

Best song from Fabio - Fuka Vincent; worst - Crystals.
Best song from Clay - Styx; worst - Iowa Basketball
Best song from Julie - Cocteau Twins; worst - the out of tune one
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:08pm jaycjay:

It's different hearing Julie's song choices while wide-awake and sober.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:08pm Robert:

Seriously, this is a wonderful thing. Somehow beginning a few months ago, these 2 guys' very disparate programs that happened to wind up in adjacent time slots mixed into a beautiful thing. Wherever Julie came from, I think she might've found a home too.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:09pm pheezy:

No, she asked if it's "nude."
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:09pm awww:

i love clay and fabio and julie, every week, but this is the most fun i've ever heard from all of you....
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: You use your "chirpy afternoon" voice on Fabio/Clays shows! A Robin Quivers counterpoint indeed!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:10pm dale:

i had to post that roxy song on my facebook page. not so much for cw mccall.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:11pm Julie:

@Matt Chirp chirp!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:11pm jaycjay:

That she's 23 explains why she assumes everyone has an iPod.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

"Screw the Dusty Show"? THAT'S what she's technically calling!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:12pm jaycjay:

Screw the Dusty Show! That was hilarious.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:12pm woj:

i kinda want more solid gold am hit radio voice...
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:12pm Julie:

@Matt she was confused
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:12pm dale:

combine all three deejays names and you have Clabiolie
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes, spelled "Mama Weer All Crazee Now".
@Clay: When, and where did you see them?
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:13pm pheezy:

¡ Screw the Dusty Show !
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:13pm Marmalade Kitty:

It was almost a freudian slip..
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: I realize, that's why it's so funny!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:13pm Robert:

Well, the highlight bar on the home page has moved on to the 6-7 PM slot, but the "Now Playing" does not acknowledge.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:13pm Wicked Witch:

or "Juclafab"
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:14pm Dale from North Dakota:

Best offhand joke was Fabio asking if the Starcastle song was called "Elliptical Seizures".
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:14pm glenn:

clara bow was from prospect heights.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:14pm david:

drinking water on the air
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:14pm jaycjay:

WOW! Think about that: she hasn't listened to radio in ten years or whatever it was, and THIS is the first thing she stumbled on... she now thinks that this is typical radio in 2011.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:14pm glenn:

  Thu. 5/12/11 6:14pm Julie:

@jay I was thinking the same thing
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:15pm Stanley:

Er, how are we for time? Have I just got a min-
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes Clay, you DISAPPOINTED us by taking the Archive off the site!

But, ONE-SIXTH of that show remains in the Archives, thanks to the end of Fabio's playlist and Julie's clip of "California Dreaming".
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:15pm other david:

Julie's show is great, it's at a perfect time for us Euro listeners

This show tonight is an all time classic

Worst thing, WFMU changing Dan Bodah's timeslot :(
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

@Fabio: D&G pour homme. Joop! from the Netherlands is also great men's cologne.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

It's difficult for us listeners to count comments--the timestamp should indicate every 100th comment, so we have a ballpark estimate of how many there are.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:18pm david:

I think you guys owe Julie a solid set right now...
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:18pm Dale from North Dakota:

Actually, I think that if scores are being averaged, Julie stomped on both Clay and Fabio.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:18pm Fredericks:

Strength Through Dusty!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:19pm Scott S.:

play story
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:19pm Robert:

Strength Thru 7!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:20pm Kirsten:

I take offense to that hovel comment, Fab.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:20pm slugluv1313:

HAI KARATE! mens cologne from 1960s
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:20pm dale:

i used to LOVE the hungry man - he chicken was extra crispy and greezy and salty!
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:20pm pheezy:

Only hippies leave early.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:21pm Robert:

Usually we get this sort of thing only during the marathon.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:21pm Faust Gertz:

That is my new blow-off line. "I'm sorry, I need to de-pimento some olives." now replaces "I'm sorry, I need to rewind my cassette collection."
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:22pm Wicked Witch:

I need to retag my itunes.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:22pm Robert:

Come to think of it, how are you going to top this for the 2012 marathon? You could do the same thing, scoring in pledges, but then...you'd be doing the same thing.
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:24pm pheezy:

¡suoıʇɔıɹʇsǝɹ ou ¡ǝsuǝsuou ǝɹoɯ
  Thu. 5/12/11 6:27pm Listener John from NJ who lives in NJ:

All hail the Triumvirate!!
  Sat. 5/14/11 2:15am tahomajohn:

hahaha... what a great show.. wish i could have listened live and voted. ...cheers! Fabio - Clay Pigeon + Julie ... you guys were great :)
  Sat. 5/14/11 5:10am tahomajohn:

btw.. everybody has different music tastes for wildly different reasons...what is poop to you is essence to me ,,,, tolerance and respect for others seemed to be the message of this show...cheers!
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