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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options February 11, 2011

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Archie Shepp  Coral Rock   Options Coral Rock  Prestige Records  1973  written by: Alan Shorter  0:00:00 ()
Cecil Taylor  Unit Structure / As of a Now / Section   Options Unit Structures  Blue Note  1966    0:21:56 ()
Globe Unity  Reflections   Options Compositions  JAPO  1979    0:39:46 ()
Globe Unity  Worms   Options Compositions  JAPO  1979    0:49:33 ()
Mark Charig  Bellaphon   Options Pipedream  Ogun  1977    1:00:29 ()
Heiner Goebbels / Alfred Harth  Rezitativ   Options Vom Sprengen des Gartens  FMP  1979    1:16:24 ()
Martin Theurer & Paul Lovens  Traum Der Roten Palme / Wilder Honig   Options Der Traum Der Roten Palme  FMP  1982    1:19:53 ()
Yoshi Wada  Off the Wall II   Options Off the Wall  FMP  1985    1:42:04 ()
Pascal Comelade  Mouvement Decompose D'un Coup De Marteau   Options Paralelo  Parasite  1980    2:02:55 ()
Ilhan Mimaroglu  Fragmentation   Options Music For Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazar  Finnadar  1973    2:13:09 ()
Ilhan Mimaroglu  Motors   Options Music For Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazar  Finnadar  1973    2:19:00 ()
Ora  Parting   Options Aureum  Streamline  2000    2:22:26 ()
Yannick Dauby  La Rivère Penchée   Options [track A1]  Alluvial Recordings  2004    2:29:38 ()
Jonathan Coleclough  Gate   Options An Uncommon Nature  Anomalous Records  2001    2:43:05 ()
Mike Shannon  Alki   Options An Uncommon Nature  Anomalous Records  2001    2:47:58 ()
Philip Corner  at Cambridge, MA   Options Metal Meditations  Alga Marghen  1997    2:52:07 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/11/11 12:05pm Vicki:

hello, typing this from the bus
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:07pm bryce:

that's not possible
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there you are
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:08pm bryce:

i'm doing my show from inside a pomelo
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:09pm Vicki:

just went over the thames
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:10pm BSI:

  Fri. 2/11/11 12:11pm bryce:

are you listening over the bus' speakers?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:12pm April 18, 2083:

typing this from the future, one of my favorite archived shows
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:14pm Vicki:

no i'm listenimg to myself. I just sung a little bit cos i forgot i was on the bus. Gettimg off bus now
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:15pm bryce:

the future, does vicki survive?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:16pm adam:

Was that Archie screaming in the beginning of the track?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:16pm April 18, 2083:

Only for so long...
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:16pm basil:

I'm an optical illusion
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:16pm bryce:

that was station manager ken.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:17pm Handsome Harry:

This is a keeper right here. FREE the Jazz!! Unleash!!
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:18pm basil:

Optical illusions hate free jazz
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:18pm April 18, 2083:

uh-oh, have to run, the Morlocks are coming.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:19pm basil:

Optical illusions like Krautrock. Give me krautrock.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:20pm adam:

hehe - tell ken he's got a throat of gold
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:23pm President Mubarak:

Stop this track now! Enough!
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:25pm President Mubarak:

OMG. More fucking free jazz.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:28pm Vicki:

  Fri. 2/11/11 12:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you done the right thing, Hosni. for once.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:29pm bryce:

are you on a dolphin?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:30pm Handsome Harry:

I had a hunch that Cecil might show up and kick over some pianos.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:30pm President Mubarak:

One more free jazz track and thousands will die.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:32pm bryce:

I CAN have it all!
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:33pm Ben Ali:

nobody cares about me anymore
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:38pm Vicki:

well that was bizarre
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:38pm coelacanth:

just turned on. PERFECT. been into Cecil lately. i'm not home and have none here- but HERE IT IS! Real jazz for real people. Thanks,Bryce!
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:39pm Scottm:

  Fri. 2/11/11 12:41pm Keith Jarrett:

Free Jazz is ok once every year for seven minutes. No more than that.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:42pm BSI:

finally found a copy of Taylor's New York City R&B, old vinyl in great shape. Mega hip.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:42pm President Mubarak:

You have blood on your hands, Bryce.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:44pm Vicki:

I've got a headache now
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:45pm coelacanth:

it's pomelo juice. makes my dogs flail about. if it were blood they'd lick it.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:45pm Woim:

For what crime are we being punished?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:45pm bryce:

not being deaf
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:47pm WHAT?:

Scott bringing bread?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:50pm bryce:

  Fri. 2/11/11 12:51pm MOM:

I'll eat your head off once I've finished this dolphin sandwich
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:52pm Kim Yong-nam:

Why are all the notes in the wrong order?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:52pm Parq:

The Worms composition went all too well with the homepage picture of the day as I opened up the site.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:53pm Chuck E. Jesus:

typing from the past...missed last week's show, friggen great!
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:54pm Cecile:

there is a dolphin in this iPhone game I play called Ramps that is pissing me off. It keeps swatting the ball in play into the Arctic Ocean.
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:55pm bryce:

you have to activate HAARP
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:55pm mark:

Incredible piece - "Worms" is Lacy comp, right?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:56pm Cecile:

Bryce, can you play something from "Wildflowers" those loft jazz sessions that Sam Rivers curated in the late 70s...?
  Fri. 2/11/11 12:57pm bryce:

yes! yups, it is :)
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:00pm MOM:

I'd loik to hear some bagpipe music
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:02pm bryce:

  Fri. 2/11/11 1:03pm MOM:

Your dinner's mouldy and we've given your bed to the goat
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:04pm MOM:

your marbles are safe though
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:04pm bryce:

  Fri. 2/11/11 1:06pm MOM:

we found a big pile of magazines under the bed when we were giving it to the goat
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:06pm Dad:

Play some Skynryd, boy
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:06pm bryce:

cecile, have a couple of them, but not here....
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:07pm .!.:

Magazines? Bryce, I'm shocked at your use of frankly outdated media.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:08pm Beavis:

"givin' it to the goat".. heh-heh, heh-heh..
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:08pm Basil:

Hey Bryce, ever heard The Great Pretender by Lester Bowie? Now, that's a track
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:09pm bryce:

ah yes, we like mr. booey
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:09pm MOM:

you ought to be ashamed of yourself. National Geographics are very expensive
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:10pm Hugo:

Pipedream. Beautiful, with Keith Tippett on the church organ. On Ogun.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:11pm bryce:

  Fri. 2/11/11 1:13pm President Mubarak:

President Mubarak likes this.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:14pm Butthead:

uhhhhhhhhhh... ok.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:14pm Kim Yong-nam::

It's a 70s night. Some KC next me thinks.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:19pm Cecile:

Cool, Bryce. Some other time, then!
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:24pm BSI:

more food.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:29pm Michael Caine:

Dark Magus is the greatest jazz album of all time. Not many poeple know that,
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:30pm margot d'amour:

ultimate pot smoking music
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:30pm MOM:

Bryce dear, pass me my glasses, I can't see a thing
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:31pm bryce:

get your own weed, mom
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:31pm Dad:

When's the Skynryd coming on?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:33pm bryce:

tell pierre croissant i said yo
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:34pm margot d'amour:

he's too busy killing zombies
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:34pm MOM:

Dad, we'll take it to the station for him. We can take his hammock and rocking chair in too while we're at it, he's been asking us for them for ages.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:34pm .!.:

  Fri. 2/11/11 1:36pm Dad:

Son, did you know that the idea for the name Lyrnyd Skynyrd came from Van Zant's PE teacher, Leonard Skinner, who hated long hair.

And free jazz, too, probably.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:37pm MOM:

Son, don't listen to your dad, he's talking nonsense
now play me some bagpipes while i pack up your hammock
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:38pm Dad:

Is this track, Sweet Home Alabama?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

not even in an alternate universe, daddio
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:38pm margot d'amour:

did you ever get that review done?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:38pm MOM:

No, it's Home On Derange
and I keep getting the maths question wrong.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:39pm Cousin:

Hey Bryce, remember that New Kids on the Block poster? Can I have it back yet?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:40pm Johnny Van Zant:

How come no-one remembers me?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:41pm Aunty:

Get back in the garden and move that heap of mud, cousin!
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:42pm bryce:

aw hell, i love xmas
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:42pm Great Grandmother:

  Fri. 2/11/11 1:42pm bryce:

margot, i did! brain is MOOSH
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:43pm Vicki:

  Fri. 2/11/11 1:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I can't tell if this music helps rejuvenate brain cells or helps to rid them
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:44pm Vicki:

oooooooh, nice
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:44pm tomasz.:

hell yes, the bagpipes!
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:45pm MOM:

thank you dear
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:45pm just askin':

Will you do a fandango?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:45pm Great God Father Nieces:

thank you my child
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:46pm coelacanth:

there's a good boy.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:46pm President Mubarak:

Oh no, Harpo's been let loose on the piano
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:46pm Beelzebub:

I have a devil put aside for you, son
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:47pm BSI:

Filet of Yoda please, with orzo and DMT chips. Thanks.
The table-side pipers can stay. It drowns out the sound of growling stomach.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:47pm egypt:

that's FORMER president mubarak, doofus.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:48pm President Mubarak:

F*** you infidel
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:49pm Kim Yong-nam:

  Fri. 2/11/11 1:50pm Johnny Van Zant:

I've got the maths wrong 3 times now
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:50pm glenn:

hey dickwad, you're 82 years old and the army doesn't listen to you anymore. so why don't you meet me outside?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:51pm Bagpipes:

Och Aye!
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:52pm .!.:

Duelling bagpipes!
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:52pm Trapper:

Och Aye Pierce?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:52pm President Mubarak:

Meet you for what? Bumbum?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

bumbum, yes, LOL
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:53pm Archibald Mctaggish:

Hoots Mon!
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:53pm Vicki:

what's bumbum?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:54pm Johnny Van Zant:

when a man loves a another man and they make a baby
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:56pm glenn:

i think it's arabic for ripping one's head from one's neck.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

over tea and dates
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:57pm Johnny Van Zant:

I tell you what, Yoshi Wada rocks
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:58pm Hugo:

Time for a single malt?
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:59pm glenn:

and then placed up one's bumbum.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:59pm still b/p:

Deviant interference with a sphinxter.
  Fri. 2/11/11 1:59pm tribal chief:

bunga bunga
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:00pm Vicki:

  Fri. 2/11/11 2:00pm President Mubarak::

My people, you have made a grave mistake!
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 2/11/11 2:02pm Kim Yong-nam:

Say what?
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:02pm BSI:

Hugo: make it an Islay, please, no water. Bowmore Cask if you've got it.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:03pm President Mubarak:

I'll have an Oban.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:03pm kava kava:

glenn careful. your blood pressure.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:04pm glenn:

it's up in the paints, as damon runyon would say.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:05pm still b/p:

I liked that track, but it left my tartan in a tangle.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:06pm Yikes:

prana breathing.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:09pm glenn:

namaste, motherfucker.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:12pm Freedy Fredloader:

  Fri. 2/11/11 2:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

electronic crickets and frog circuitry
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:15pm Wayne Newton:

That was premium ear-pleasing licks right there.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:18pm BSI:

pleasing ear ticks?
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

droid sex talk
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:19pm Hugo:

Waiter, there's a bug in my single malt ...
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:19pm Joe voltage:

Hey Bryce was wondering if you woodbee my valentine. : }
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:21pm BSI:

Headphones pushing woodworms into heart valve.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:22pm Waiter:

Och, ick...makes my skin Glenfidditchy.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:26pm BSI:

Don't be Laphroaig. It's only an hallucination.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:32pm Vicki:

log fire?
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:33pm Vicki:

they're all I hear every day now I have my log fire dvd playing in the background of everything
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:38pm Hugo:

Sounds of/for beavers ...
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:40pm Vicki:

the log fire dvd is for beavers?
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:43pm Joooooooooooe:

[see the playlist]
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sounds for junk dealers
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:45pm BSI:

Beavers are fat stoats with surrealist buttocks. No?
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:46pm Beaver:

  Fri. 2/11/11 2:47pm Hugo:

sounds of dying industries ...
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:48pm Hugo:

undermined by beavers ...
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:49pm Beaver:

"Tree w/Rain + Wind + bumbum"
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:49pm Angry Beavers:

Some respect, plz.
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:50pm Joe voltage:

used to love the angry beavers cartoon. via 90's
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:50pm BSI:

Have you seen someone about that buttock thing?
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:53pm Chimp:

  Fri. 2/11/11 2:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

if you google "beaver buttocks" you get this
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:54pm Rev. Feedback:

Never has such a microscopic goldmine delivered so much shiny ecstatic noise for so many continuous seconds
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:55pm Vicki:

la la la time to wash up
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:55pm bryce:

hail satan!
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:56pm Vicki:

I've never been to Russia
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

but I've been to Oklahoma
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:57pm Vicki:

my mac battery runs out in exactly 3 minutes
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:58pm bryce:

pleasure, as alwayssssssss...........
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:58pm Jean Michel Jarre and a Hobo:

Just made it! What did I miss?
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:59pm Vicki:

ta ta
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:59pm Angry Beavers:

You missed outrageous beaver baiting
  Fri. 2/11/11 2:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you didn't miss Bryce gargling
  Fri. 2/11/11 3:01pm Bill F.:

What's up Michele!!!???
  Fri. 2/11/11 3:01pm BSI:

  Sun. 2/13/11 8:49pm Pat:

Great Show! Shepp, Taylor and Globe Unity. Thanks!
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