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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 2, 2011: Current Events (For All We Know)

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
The Carpenters  For All We Know   Options   A&M Records  1970  45    0:00:00 ()
Anne Queffélec   Avant-dernières pensées   Options Satie - Ravel: Piano Works  EMI  2004  CD box set  Composed by Erik Satie  0:02:33 ()
Phoenix Ensemble / Mark Lieb  Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet   Options Clarinet Quintets  Innova  2009  CD  Composed by Milton Babbitt  0:05:32 ()
Israel Sinfonietta  Chamber Symphony op. 110a   Options Shostakovich: Chamber Symphonies Op. 83a & 110a  Arabesque  1998  CD  Based on Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 8, transcription by Rudolph Barshai.  0:43:30 ()
              1:14:05 ()
Hossam Ramzy  Khai Khai (Brother oh Brother)   Options Zeina: Best of Mohammed Abdul Wahab  ARC Music Productions  1995  CD    1:13:45 ()
Hamza el Din  A Wish   Options A Wish  Sounds True  1999  CD    1:24:22 ()
Art Ensemble of Chicago  Tutankamun   Options Tutankamun  Black Lion  1994  CD  Recorded in 1969  1:36:31 ()
Sun Ra Akestra with Salah Ragab  Egypt Strut   Options The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt  Leo  1999  CD  Recorded in 1983  1:53:47 ()
Louis Armstrong  We Have All the Time in the World   Options On Her Majesty's Secret Service  EMI Manhattan    CD  Released in 1969  2:04:13 ()
John Barry  Hip's Trip   Options The Man With the Golden Gun  EMI Manhattan    CD  Originally released in 1974  2:06:54 ()
Propellerheads  On Her Majesty's Secret Service   Options Decksanddrumsandrockandroll  Dreamworks  1997  CD    2:10:17 ()
Rolf Julius  Song From the Past   Options Music for the Ears: Small Music No. 1  Western Vinyl  2010  CD  Recorded in 1979  2:24:26 ()
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD    2:57:04 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 2/2/11 12:03pm Cecile:

Ah, the Carpenters. The saddest band ever. Even as a kid, I got this dark, sad feeling from them. They still unsettle me.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:04pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

  Wed. 2/2/11 12:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what is with this font? is this 1942?
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:06pm Cecile:

I love it.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:06pm fleep:

Maybe the computer is a manual upright with a ribbon.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:10pm maja:

i'll be on board of this winter trip. Nice. p.s. Hello you all
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:10pm BodegaMan:

the start of the show sounds like Kurt just can't put up with winter anymore.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:11pm (tha') Kid Hougenie:

Every e in this font looks like a hyphen on my screen

th- Carp-nt-rs
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:11pm CheriPi:

Cecile-the Carpenters made me aware of my mortality when I was 5- a scary concept for a kid, they still give me the creeps.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:12pm DJ KG:

hi all - thanks for tuning in. yeah, it's gonna be a somber one today.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:13pm DJ KG:

with a bit of james bond, tho.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:14pm maja:

my e is normal
looking forward to it kurt
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:14pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

  Wed. 2/2/11 12:15pm yayson:

a perfect sonic landscape for our planet of ice.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:16pm Punxsutawney Phil:

Cheer up, folks, Spring is on the way.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:17pm BSI:

My e hasn't been normal for a long, long time.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:18pm Cecile:

Karen just knew she wasn't going to be around long, in retrospect. It oozed from every note.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

your e needs therapy, BSI
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:19pm DJ KG:

oy, sorry for the miscues friends.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:23pm BSI:

Punxy Phil: didn't we determine that you were a zombie?
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

no, no, not again!
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:28pm Robert:

I don't understand the logic of saying you'd put on the "wrong" track. "Wrong" meaning it didn't match the radio program in your head?
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:29pm fleep:

A composer like Babbitt starts out being called avant garde or radical or challenging, and now the music sounds totally coherent and structured.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:29pm Gavin:

Did someone say ZAPPA? I could have sworn i heard someone say ZAPPA.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:32pm BSI:

Punxy Phil: didn't we determine that you were a zappa?
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:32pm DJ KG:

robert - "wrong' means milton babbitt died this week and i meant to play something by him, but miscued the cd. and yeah, i do have things in mind ahead of time, although it can change as the show goes on, of course.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:33pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Drip, drip, drip......
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:33pm fleep:

@Gavin I have Lumpy Gravy on vinyl and you are correct, some of the passages are almost note for note
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:35pm DJ KG:

wait - are you saying note-for-note zappa to babbitt? really?
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:37pm fleep:

@KG No, the other way, Zappa was a fan of people like Cage and Babbitt, he imitated them.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:40pm DJ KG:

ah - interesting. i knew he was a new music fan, tho i'm not much of a zappa aficianado myself
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:43pm Cecile:

fleep, ITA Zappa loved new music. Varese was a huge touchstone for him.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:48pm Robert:

DJ LG, that's like Rich Conaty, who's always pointing out mistakes in his speaking before they even come out of his mouth, or so they seem. You're "composing" this show, so you can't play a wrong note.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:49pm Robert:

Unlike me, whose error was obvious in keying "LG" instead of "KG".
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:50pm miss v:

a big hello to Miniature Minotaurs !
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:50pm DJ KG:

thanks, robert. ordinarily i probably wouldn't fess up, it was just in the spirit of a bit of memorial that i felt bad for miscuing.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:51pm DJ KG:

is that miss v of the chicago v's, by chance?
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:53pm john:

Shostakovich is stressing me out!
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:53pm miss v:

Challa, KG.!!
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:53pm Gavin:

Lumpy Gravy is a great record and yes, even much of Zappa's avant Garde mothers stuff sounded like Babbit, Varese (obviously), et al along with more of his wilfully avant chamber pieces later in life but these, i think had little of the soul of the earlier pieces. My two cents.
  Wed. 2/2/11 12:57pm DJ KG:

  Wed. 2/2/11 1:07pm coelacanth:

Kurt, i was thinking what Robert said. Also- when you started confessing,i thought you could've just flipped from one piece to the other. As you explained i realized the interruption of the music was totally appropriate. (in fact welcome,as it clarified a few things!)
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:12pm Cecile:

Kurt, if you were on NPR doing classical music, I would be listening.
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:12pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

...or if you miscue a record..
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Bryce never miscues a record, according to legend
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:14pm Billy Badger Eater:

I feel today like Kurt felt last week at this time of the day. Keep 'em comin', Kurt.
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:16pm DJ KG:

aw, thanks cecile and coelacanth. and i could only hope to one day possess the grace of bryce, or be as adamant as ken or as annoying as kenny!
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:22pm coelacanth:

(variety is the spice)
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:23pm DJ KG:

not to mention the mellifluous laugh of joe mcgasko!
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:25pm kiemzi:

great show today, it's suiting iceamaggedowhatever perfectly.
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:26pm Jack:

Kurt, just now finishing "Re-make/Re-model" as per your recommendation a couple/few weeks ago. Thanks, very good book. I've always liked Eno; now I know why.
( love the music you're playing today! ) Thanks again.
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:27pm frenchee:

Tis middle eastern music is infinitely diggble, dj KG!
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:28pm frenchee:

or do I mean imminently?
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:29pm americanee:

  Wed. 2/2/11 1:31pm frenchee:

*not* eminently
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:31pm frenchee:

ha ha ha AMericanEE
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:32pm Gavin:

@Jack, there seem to be at least three books called "Re-make/Re-model" relating to eno/roxy, which one are you reffering to? Thanks, G.
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:35pm Jack:

Really? 3 books? This one is: "Re-make/Re-model Becoming Roxy Music" by Michael Bracewell. De Capo Press 2007

More oud music!
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:52pm DJ KG:

whoa! i just got a phone call from someone who wanted to know when all these bands with lame-ass beards are gonna go away. any predictions?
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:55pm Cecile:

the beards are often excellent. If the music was as good as the beards, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

The minute Ryan Seacrest shows up with a full beard - that's when the trend is over.
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:55pm TDK60:

Shostakovich shreds
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:56pm DJ KG:

cecile, ha!

and tdk60, yah!
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:57pm Billy Badger Eater:

The Beards may dwindle, but the Moustache will surely stick around for another few years thereafter.
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:58pm Jack:

Zappa did a piece called "Regyptian Strut" on the album "Sleep Dirt"
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:58pm coelacanth:

beards? (do i need to check out visual media to understand this?)
  Wed. 2/2/11 1:59pm DJ KG:

coel, no, it was a phone call.

jack, really? i keep playing zappa on accident?!?
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:00pm Cecile:

Actually, this Egypt Strut lifts quite heavily from "The Sidewinder".
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:00pm Cecile:

How did Zappa feel about Lee Morgan?
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:02pm Carmichael:

OK, well, meeting's over and beard is shaved. Hello everyone.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:03pm Ike:

I wonder if the caller meant bands full of hairy hippies like Devendra Banhart? I don't care about the beard, I just can't stand his squeaky-ass voice -- sounds like a warbling ferret being strangled. Or does the caller mean like Fleet Foxes? They can actually sing, and sound good, so I give them a pass on the silly dirty hippie look.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:05pm Billy Badger Eater:

Love this song. Now and forever.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:06pm DJ KG:

i think he was thinking of the devendra ilk
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:06pm Jack:

Didn't DJ John Allen have a thing about "beard rock"? But I thought it was in reference to early '70's rock music. Everyone in every band had some kind of a beard back then.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:09pm Steve O:

Nicely done, finding a somber 007 track. Because, of course, they had far, far less than all the time in the world. (When you said OHMSS, I thought for sure some Propellerheads were on the way.)
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:09pm Ike:

Ah yes, my old archnemesis John Allen. Every band may have had some kind of beard back then, but they only qualified for JA's show if he dug the eggshell-covered record out from under a landfill, and if only <500 were ever in print.

I'll get you NEXT TIME, Allen! [shakes fist]
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:09pm Carmichael:

Cool, it's theme music time. How about Mannix?
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:10pm coelacanth:

Where i live there was a trend toward a lumberjack look recently. I wouldn't necessarily know if that was more widespread. ,...pretty silly looking on some. beautiful on others.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:11pm frenchee:

lots of lumberjacks and Karl Marx-alikes in Williamsburg. OOOH, John Barry! DIG DIG DIG
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:11pm Steve O:

Are you hacking my Netflix queue, Carmicahel? That's all I've been watching lately.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:15pm Parq:

I always liked Mad's name for this movie --- "Her Majesty's Secret Shamus".
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:15pm DJ KG:

Steve O?!? i thought i lost you when i went daytime
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:17pm Carmichael:

Mannix was a cool individual. Black secretary, convertible, suave opening number. That's why he quit working for The Man.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:20pm fleep:

Lalo Schifrin did the Mannix theme, also Mission Impossible, Man from UNCLE, it was all so very cool and sophisticated compared to the rest of TV
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:23pm Cecile:

Bless the Beasts and the Children?
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:23pm Steve O:

Home with a cold today. Swell to see I'm still your program director, though!

I can get the station on my phone at work, but I have to use headphones -- and I HATE headphones. They aggravate my tinnitus, which I earned mostly from living at The Gallery all those years ago.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:25pm coelacanth:

i must take my leave...This show's so good,i may come back to it for the final 35 minutes of it! Thanks Kurt.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:25pm DJ KG:

ah - it's nice to have a souvenir from the gallery, steve-o
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:27pm Carmichael:

Yup, food break. I'll try to hurry back.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:27pm TDK60:

Hasn't that recent beard thing been around since maybe 2006?
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:29pm Ike:

Yeah TDK, the beard thing is pretty old by now. In fact I think JA moved on to rare 80s smooth jazz records a while back (I'm not kidding). Not sure what now.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:30pm fleep:

The beard thing has been around for several hundred thousand years.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:30pm lee:

Wow. This is the first I'm hearing about Julius' death. I knew him well in the early 90s in CA. and recently bumped into him in NY in a gallery. He was an amazing, kind and soft spoken person. I helped him put together some projects with suspended speakers, strange little clusters of sound producing objects...
Thanks Kurt.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:41pm still b/p:

I was sayin' "Hm," just the other day at my lame-ass beard in passport photo from 20 yrs ago. I dewhiskered about 7 yrs ago. A band could fully embraces the Lame Ass Beard signifier and be the LAB Four.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:43pm TDK60:

Yeah Fleep, I sit corrected. There was that ZZTop thing back then...
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:46pm wendy del formaggio:

I'm absolutely loving this Rolf Julius track. It's making me think of the spring time for some reason. It's lovely. Thank you, Kurt.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:47pm Jack:

somewhere - I think DJ JA did it - someone made a collage of all these "rock stars" from the early '70's - Clapton, Allmans, Jackson Browne, etc. - maybe 25 or 30 pics, and they ALL had thick bushy beards. It was the big thing back then.
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I can't grow one
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:51pm still b/p:

If someone today could get a full Gilgamesh/Hammurabi style and effect goin', that'd be most unlame and righteous. View G & H here (beards on a beer page!):
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:56pm fleep:

Great show KG thanks
  Wed. 2/2/11 2:57pm Jack:

Kurt, thanks again for your show!
  Wed. 2/2/11 3:01pm BodegaMan:

Thanks Kurt, great show
  Wed. 2/2/11 10:55pm m p:

this playlist kicks ass. i'm going to make a cd mix inspired by it. oh no, more math..........
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