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Options December 29, 2010: Aunty Pat & Aunty Ellen fill in for Ken

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Dondero High School   Satellite Of Love   Options 0:00:00 ()
Yamasuki   Yamasuki (Listen: )   Options 0:04:00 ()
David Darling & The Wulu Bunun   Ku-Isa Tama Laug (Listen: )   Options 0:06:53 ()
Mexican Institute Of Sound   Sinfonia Agridulce (Listen: )   Options 0:08:53 ()
Broadcast   Before We Begin (Listen: )   Options 0:12:44 ()
Brigitte Bardot   Bonnie and Clyde (Listen: )   Options 0:15:56 ()
Vashti Bunyan   Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (Listen: )   Options 0:20:04 ()
  (Listen to your DJ: )
Bruce Broughton   Outdoor Interlude (Listen: )   Options 0:25:11 ()
Christoph Heemann  Magnetic Tape Splicing (Listen: )   Options 0:30:27 ()
Ramon Sender   Desert Ambulance (1964 version) (Listen: )   Options 0:34:00 ()
Koichi Makigami   Inside Out (Listen: )   Options 0:35:15 ()
Len Ranle   Going Cuckoo (Listen: )   Options 0:35:35 ()
Ramon Sender   Desert Ambulance (1964 version) (Listen: )   Options 0:36:48 ()
Len Ranle   Going Cuckoo (Listen: )   Options 0:36:58 ()
Flanger   Music To Begin With (Listen: )   Options 0:39:00 ()
Len Ranle   Going Cuckoo (Listen: )   Options 0:39:22 ()
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock   Das Fest (Listen: )   Options 0:40:40 ()
Hall & Oates  Maneater (Listen: )   Options 0:40:43 ()
Nihilist Spasm Band  Going Too Far (Listen: )   Options 0:40:50 ()
Nihilist Spasm Band  I Have Nothing to Say (Listen: )   Options 0:41:00 ()
Mighty Mike   Life In Teen Spirit (Listen: )   Options 0:42:16 ()
The Boredoms   Anarchy In The UKK (Listen: )   Options 0:45:36 ()
Blood Brothers   Under Pressure (Listen: )   Options 0:47:20 ()
Modular   Femme Fatale (Listen: )   Options 0:50:00 ()
Die Fabulösen Thekenschlampen   Ja Herr, Ich Kann Boogie (Listen: )   Options 0:51:56 ()
Die Fabulösen Thekenschlampen   Ich Mag Rock 'n Roll (Listen: )   Options 0:55:30 ()
The Oath   We Are The Champions (Listen: )   Options 0:58:24 ()
Bernt Dahlbäck   Jag Väntar (Listen: )   Options 1:00:40 ()
The Social Skills Centre   Jingle Bells (Listen: )   Options 1:01:21 ()
Caninus   Locking Jaws (Listen: )   Options 1:02:42 ()
Oggy   Kangaroo (Listen: )   Options 1:03:33 ()
Gwilly Edmondez   Good Music Is Where You Hide It (Listen: )   Options 1:03:35 ()
Bruce Nauman   Work, Work (Listen: )   Options 1:04:30 ()
BBC Radiophonic Workshop   Christmas Commercial (Listen: )   Options 1:04:35 ()
  (Listen to your DJ: )
Irene Moon   Branching Out On The Tree Of Life (Listen: )   Options 1:13:55 ()
  (Listen to your DJ: )
Petra Haden   I Can See For Miles (Listen: )   Options 1:32:27 ()
Gwilly Edmondez   It's Gotta Be Magic (Listen: )   Options 1:36:31 ()
Electric Coconut   Live And Let Die (Listen: )   Options 1:36:36 ()
Broadcast & The Focus Group   I See, So I See So (Listen: )   Options 1:39:13 ()
Anatoli Kulaar And Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg   Xöömei on Horseback (Listen: )   Options 1:40:00 ()
Paul Giovanni   The Wicker Man (Main Title) (Listen: )   Options 1:41:43 ()
Anatoli Kulaar And Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg   Xöömei on Horseback (Listen: )   Options 1:44:00 ()
Makigami Koichi & Anton Brühin   Electric Eel (Listen: )   Options 1:44:22 ()
John Williams   Main Title (Theme From "Jaws") (Listen: )   Options 1:46:35 ()
Electro Keyboard Orchestra   The Fire Dance (Listen: )   Options 1:47:53 ()
Eel   If It's Fake (Listen: )   Options 1:50:53 ()
Paul Dutton   M's 'n' M's (Listen: )   Options 1:53:14 ()
Alvin Curran  Toto Angelica (Listen: )   Options 1:53:48 ()
Gordon Easton   The Drunken Piper (Listen: )   Options 1:54:03 ()
David Shea   Screwy Squirrel (Listen: )   Options 1:54:09 ()
Jaap Blonk   Lautgedicht (Listen: )   Options 1:54:42 ()
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock   Das Fest (Listen: )   Options 1:55:29 ()
Klaus Nomi   Lightning Strikes (Listen: )   Options 1:56:03 ()
Ergo Phizmiz   White Light White Heat   Options 1:58:38 ()
Cassia Eller   (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction   Options 2:00:51 ()
Wing   Hallelujah   Options 2:02:37 ()
Akufen   Deck The House   Options 2:13:18 ()
Don Augusto   Pop!   Options 2:14:28 ()
Yann Tomita and the Doopees   Doopee Time   Options 2:16:31 ()
M'Lumbo   I Dream Of Jeannie   Options 2:19:01 ()
Black Lodge Singers   Kids Pow-Wow Songs   Options 2:21:41 ()
Systema Solar   Crees Que Soy Sexy?   Options 2:24:39 ()
Apollo Zero   Workin' Hot Techno Pop   Options 2:26:32 ()
Systema Solar   Crees Que Soy Sexy?   Options 2:28:53 ()
Joel Gordon   Tuvan Round-Up   Options 2:29:29 ()
Fennesz   Paint It Black   Options 2:29:36 ()
Ron Geesin   Ambling Antics   Options 2:31:44 ()
Meredith Monk   Procession   Options 2:33:54 ()
Sainkho Namtchylak   Sainkhonia   Options 2:34:54 ()
Americo Rodrigues  A Espera   Options 2:37:02 ()
Dariush Dolat-Shahi   Shabistan (Sehtar and Electronic)   Options 2:37:46 ()
Ball 2000   Martha My Dear   Options 2:48:43 ()
The GTOs   I'm In Love With The Ooo-Ooo Man   Options 2:51:06 ()
Peter Cook   Bedazzled   Options 2:54:18 ()
Bruce Forsyth  I'm Backing Britain   Options 2:56:41 ()
byeee :) happy 2011    2:58:53 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/29/10 9:00am The Aunties:

Good Day To You
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:01am Dan B From Upstate:

Aunties! Good morning, Vicki. I love this Lou Reed Cover.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:02am Vicki:

Good Morning!
Yes, it's better than the original almost
Just so you knows, I am the show's producer and it is presented by Aunty Pat and Aunty Ellen. With guest Irene Moon.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:04am MIKE VL:

  Wed. 12/29/10 9:04am Uncle AnAnonymousParty:

Hey it's MST3K's ship's namesake!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:05am The Aunties:

How are we all today?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:07am gerardo:

¡Hola, Vicki!. ¡Qué tal, tías!.
Glad to be back to the 'fmu, and happier listening to you!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:07am tim:

Super righteous!! Where have the Aunties been all my life?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:07am Vicki:

Herro Gerardo!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:08am The Aunties:

we've been here, dear.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:08am pierre:

Bonjour à tout le monde ! Good to hear you across the atlantic, in Paris.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:08am Parq:

Welcome, ladies. This is going to be *so* cool. Hya, Vicki, lovely to hear from you, too, if only via comments.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:09am The Aunties:

Hello, Paris!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:09am Dan B From Upstate:

Always a good thing when Vicki/The Aunties fill in. I literally (not figuratively) have not stopped smiling since 9.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:10am The Aunties:

nor have we and we've been up since 3.30
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:12am gerardo:

it's 11:10 a.m. here in Santiago de Chile, and the sun is shyly coming out...
(love 'sinfonía agridulce' mariachi styley!)
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:12am ttttrs:

Enjoying the fill in already. Happy 29th one and all. Whatever special day this may be, or not.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:12am The Aunties:

are we all off work or are we in our boxes?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:13am Vicki:

Happy WFMU Wednesday
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:14am Herminio:

Good morning! Here I am in this really hot summer morning listening to you! Greetings from Natal/Brazil!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:14am gerardo:

btw, we're still in holidays season - new year's et. al. celebrations ahead
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:14am Joseph:

Wow! your show is great! I got a squeezebox from channukah harry and i been streaming WFMU ever since!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:15am gerardo:

the whole world is being touched by this show! :)
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:16am Vicki:

very nice to see people are saying hello from all around the world
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:17am The Aunties:

what's a squeezebox?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:17am pierre:

Ouais ! Serge Gainsbourg
cannot go wrong with this one
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:17am The Aunties:

and we love Brigitte Bardot
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:17am Parq:

Aunties, I am getting ready for the box, where I will be from around 10 ET on.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:18am Neg-guh-tor:

Good day from Raleigh, North Carolina. Too cold to streak! Does anyone remember 'The Streak'?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:18am Madame Chiang Kai-shek:

  Wed. 12/29/10 9:18am The Aunties:

we hope your box has holes and air in it
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:19am Chrisse Hynde:

Brigitte Bardot!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:19am pierre:

i love her to, although i'm not sure about what Brigitte has become.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:23am The Aunties:

oh listen, it's us!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:24am pierre:

lovely voices
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:24am Vicki:

that's Irene Moon in the background
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:25am McFeebee twins:

We love these gals!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:25am bryce:

is something happening?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:26am The Aunties:

no, dear.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:26am dei xhrist:

If my aunties were even a third as wonderful, I'd be tickled pink.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:26am KM:

only just tuned in 5 minutes ago but this is brilliant. going to have to listen to the april 1 archive later.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:26am The Aunties:

Yes, we would tell you where to listen but we have no idea what a slash is
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:27am JJZ:

I dig my Squeezebox Boom. Although I wish it had easy access to the archived shows.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:28am The Aunties:

Please someone tell us what a Squeezebox Boom is?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:29am Лeрмонтов:

Я люблю этих тетушек!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:29am The Aunties:

that's Jaws isn't it?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:31am irene:

i just woke up
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:31am Vicki:

what time do you call this?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:32am The Aunties:

Yes! We've been up since last week!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:33am irene:

i forgot i have to go to work...too much holidays.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:34am The Aunties:

no, it's the holidays, dear
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:34am KM:

this is making me miss Do or DIY on the schedule
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:36am matheus:

Great setlist so far, aunties!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:37am The Aunties:

now we've lost our place on the playlist
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:37am The Aunties:

thank you Matheus - are you from Barcelona?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:38am matheus:

Fortaleza, Brazil! where it's sunny all year long. :)
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:39am The Aunties:

Oh we knew it was something like that, Matheus. We would love to go to Brazil but they won't let us.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:40am maja NL:

thought for a moment seeing our queen in that bathtub.
Santé! i'll go for the 1 april show later today.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:40am matheus:

Just go to Florida, it's almost the same thing, haha
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:40am Vicki:

this playlist is just a rough guide...
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:40am Herminio:

Outro brasileiro por aqui. E do Nordeste também... Oi Matheus! Falo daqui de Natal! Another brazilian around... Great!
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:42am matheus:

Fala, Hermínio. Nordestinos mostrando seu bom gosto pra música, haha.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:43am The Aunties:

Oh listen, a tune
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:43am Unkie Munkie:

Dear Aunty Pat and Aunty Ellen,

Would you recommend a cup of tea for the pain and discomfort of a rlingering rlung disorder set off by a bout of tummo troubles, or is gin and tonic the better body balancer?

Sincerely syndromed,

Unkie Munkie
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:43am Herminio:

É isso aí! Nunca pensei que ia falar em português aqui pela WFMU e com alguém do Nordste ainda mais, hehe...
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:44am gerardo:

Sudamérica ruling!. ¡Bacán, hermanos!
(btw, how many 'smells like teen spirit' mash-ups are around?. i've listened to 30 or 40 al least)
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:45am The Aunties:

Oh dear, Unki Munkie. We recommend a swift walk around the block followed by a drinkie.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:45am ttttrs:

82! 64! 70?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:45am matheus:

This is definitely the best one I've ever known. What are the other songs included?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:45am Vicki:

Teen Spirit must have been one of the most mashed up, yes
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:47am The Aunties:

What are you Portugese voices saying? Do you think a walk round the block is the best solution for toilet trouble?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:48am irene:

humor already in the toilet?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:48am The Aunties:

we keep getting the maths competition wrong
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:49am Vicki:

give it half an hour and we'll be on the food
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:49am Parq:

No, Aunties, the best solution for toilet trouble is a plumber. It'll still be clogged when you get back from your stroll.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:50am gerardo:

so Teen Spirit would become a sort of mash-ups icon
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:50am The Aunties:

can you recommend a good plumber?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:50am pierre:

gerardo you are right
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:51am The Aunties:

we need some shelves putting up too
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:51am Dan B From Upstate:

The Sewage Treatment Plant: We know our duty.
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:53am The Aunties:

Is that where you work, Dan B? What is your company motto? Do you have special number plates on your lorries? Do you have lorries?
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:55am gerardo:

thanks, pierre. mash-ups have an classic, then :)

and since we're in Baccara's field, have you heard a Spanish version of 'Sorry I'm A Lady' by Chilean female trio Frecuencia Mod?. It was recorded around 1978
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:56am Vicki:

I would like a copy of that, Gerardo
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:56am bryce:

  Wed. 12/29/10 9:58am Vicki:

ha! Exactly my point
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:58am Kevin:

flera sådana låter tack
  Wed. 12/29/10 9:59am The Aunties:

Now That's What We Call Music Volume 724
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:00am Unkie Munkie:

Dear Aunties,

Thank you kindly - I’m gonna walk, walk, walk around the block!


Unkie M.

P.S. – I find a trumpet mute puts most dissonant toilets in tune again.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:00am The Aunties:

Kevin, there is something wrong with your computer
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:00am The Aunties:

Whistle a little tune, Unkie Munkie
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:00am gerardo:

looking it up for sending it to you right now, vicki :)
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:01am Herminio:

Matheus, você conhece a FAOT?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:01am Kevin:

ja på riktigt! vad är detta för nånting!!!?!??!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:05am The Aunties:

Toivomme kaikkien on hyvä putkimies tällä kaudella
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:05am irene:

good signal for christmas end...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:06am tim:

Legal ID noted. Aunties are FCC-compliant!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:07am Vicki:

Yes, very important for Aunties to be compliant
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:09am jimmy the greek:

Οι θείες είναι υποχωρητικές… αλλά μόνο μέχρι ένα σημείο.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:09am The Aunties:

we're on the radio
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:09am matheus:

Sim, sou da FAOT, Hermínio. Matheus Valente.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:10am Vicki:

ha ha
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:11am irene:

this was difficult...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:11am Vicki:

Irene Moon explains tapeworms to The Aunties. She didn't really want to do this
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:11am Vicki:

It was very funny from where I was sitting, which of course was the main thing
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:12am Igor:

HAHAHAH, faoteiros na WFMU. Essa novela que acabamos de ver começar
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:12am The Aunties:

Are red deer the largest land mammal in the UK?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:12am Dan B From Upstate:

It's quite entertaining indeed!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:12am Herminio:

Haha, Também tô lá! Lembrei de um tópico sobre a WFMU lá na FAOT!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:12am irene:

they were perfectly comfortable..it was me that was squirming.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:13am Herminio:

FAOT Rules the world!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:16am Vicki:

is anyone having problems viewing this playlist? Just heard it may not be functioning properly - please let me know
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:16am listener 108365:

in autobiography of Bienvenuto Cellini there is a report of starving a tapeowrm host person for days then putting salt on his tongue and grabbing the hungry worm when it came up to eat. True?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:17am Dan B From Upstate:

The playlist side of the screen isn't refreshing very often.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:17am irene:

i can see if just fine..might be a little slow.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:17am pierre:

by the way, i've been searching, and it is impossible to find Die Fabulösen Thekenschlampen with the song Ja Herr, Ich Kann Boogie. Difficult.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:17am Parq:

Aunties, Kevin: Nov shmoz ka pop. I must mush through the slush to work now.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:18am irene:

starving an adult tapeworm and then providing food externally will encourage a large tapeworm to come out.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:18am The Aunties:

see you at work!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:20am The Aunties:

since I wrote that my stream just started buffering three times...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:21am Kevin:

It's dead, Jim!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:21am Vicki:

ok, technical probs here... if we disappear you'll know why
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:21am Kevin:

Too bad, I was really enjoying that. She sounded like Emo Phillips!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:21am Lizardner Dave:

All streams except Flash appear to be down.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:22am Kenny G:

Listening with great joy! xoxox
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:22am irene:

well perhaps it was a bit much for breakfast
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:22am auntie m:

oh dear, bad buffering on the 128mp3 stream. ah, just came back and now just went dead again.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:22am maja NL:

too bad!!!!!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:22am Vicki:

128 messed up
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:23am Robert:

My 32k MP3 is back. Usually when it gets like this it's intermittent for a while.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:23am Vicki:

OK 128 is broken - please keep me up to date with this
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:24am BSI:

no flash either, it would seem...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:24am Vicki:

hi Kenny! The streams are a bit messed up, it's YOU, isn't it!!!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:24am Laura L:

It's broken still, boo hoo!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:24am Vicki:

ok 32k stream seems more stable.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:25am trapper:

playing flash and 32k streams together- recommended
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:25am glenn:

is fmu broken?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:25am Unkie Munkie:

OK Aunties -
I know, "There's No Towels in the Washroom." I usually just hum a few bars, but now that the stream's dried up, I'll go out and sing it in the rain, right after I whistle it in the shower.
Saying uncle,
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:25am Vicki:

Tim (board op) - can you contact someone please?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:26am paul:

flash stream working fine for me, and i really hope i dont have a tapeworm!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:26am Doug:

Mr. Rogers is talking about parasites ...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:26am Neg-guh-tor:

Stream down! A-ooooo-ga! Stream down! A-ooooo-ga!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:26am monica:

i just called mike adler about this ... he will call tim to follow up.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:27am irene:

a tapeworm puppet is a good idea
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:27am Vicki:

OK, streamed are messed up! Please stay tuned, er, untuned...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:27am Vicki:

Thanks Monica! I didn't know who to tell.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:28am dave in vermont:

you gals are gonna start over when the stream gets back up, right?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:28am Vicki:

Irene - could you please explain about tapeworms and parasites while we wait?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:28am Vicki:

Kenny broke the stream
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:28am Herminio:

I thought it was only here, but it´s really down, ha...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:28am Dan B From Upstate:

The Board Op / Enchanter will fix it. There are some who call him.... Tim?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:29am skip:

I was having problems with the stream until I switch to a Windows machine running the Flash player
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:29am irene:

erm well erm...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:29am Doug:

Except that it's puppety fur would get all stuck on your insides ...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:29am Vicki:

I thought it was me. OK Irene, please take it away!

NO really, TAKE IT AWAY!

Please explain.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:29am Laura L:

Kenny G, knock it off now! Oh, wait, you did knock it off--I mean, put it back now!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:29am bryce:

kenny's got cordyceps
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:30am Vicki:

OK the 32k is buffering less... hang in there peoples.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:30am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh, Vicki. If you're still updating the playlist, the next mic break has started.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:30am Vicki:

Irene and Kenny broke WFMU
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:30am maestroso:

FYI 128k Android stream is working.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:30am Doug:

... And there would be the rather uncomfortable business of the puppeteers arm stuck inside of you ...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:31am Vicki:

not here it hasn't! Oh am I on a LOOP? ARARGHGHH!!!! Mic break?!! ARRGHH!!!!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:31am Vicki:

Dan, is it really the mic break? I've still got a buffering Irene prattling on
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:32am doink:

the dj doesn't want to kill it's listener....
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:32am irene:

time warp...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:32am skip:

Petra just started
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:33am Dan B From Upstate:

Actually, the Petra Hayden track just started.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:33am Carmichael:

Well, well .... Hello Aunties. What an interesting playlist.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:33am Doug:

You mean I'm not supped to be hearing Mr. Rogers prattling on endlessly about parasites ... .? Oh no, it ended ...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:33am Vicki:

OK hi Petra
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:34am Adler:

for now try the non-mp3 streams, like the flash stream.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:34am Vicki:

I'm running the flash stream now, thanks Mike
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:35am irene:

its good for meditation in your leisure time!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:35am Vicki:

  Wed. 12/29/10 10:35am Laura L:

Me too, using flash stream now--it's working.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:36am Vicki:

Irene, I just lost weight in OTHER ways.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:36am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Flash stream working here. Yay! Happy Santanalia, all!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:37am Carmichael:

You haven't played any Dokaka yet. They/he/she are/is a WFMU a cappella standard/litmus test/torch bearer(s).
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:37am irene:

My friend had to stop eating his breakfast.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:37am dave in vermont:

flash player is working now that i turned the mute button off
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:38am Vicki:

thanks for being my ears, listeners.
Irene, sorry about that piece you slaved over, it got MUNCHED
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:39am irene:

it did. the voice of tapeworms will never be truly heard!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:39am Doug:

Well, I really miss the buffered loop ... Can someone bring that back ...?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:40am The Aunties:

hello we're back on the FLASH stream! Flash! Ah ahhhh! Saver of the universe!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:40am The Aunties:

we were in a time tunnel, it was dark and full of tapeworm
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:40am glenn:

i can't get any of the streams to work. what was the song before petra haden?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:40am hy6y:

  Wed. 12/29/10 10:41am The Aunties:

Glenn - use the non-mp3 streams - like Flash
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:42am Doug:

Using flash would involve getting up and moving to another room ... That's a big commitment.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:42am Dan B From Upstate:

glenn - the playlist is accurate; before petra was a mic break.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:43am Carmichael:

Thank you for the Tuvan throat singing. Superior sound for a mashup with just about anything. Even bangers.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:44am BSI:

hmph. flash stream still no workie for me.
no WFMU = no life.....
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:44am Carmichael:

Bryce keeps claiming he'll play some, but you know how out of it he is.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:44am Adler:

we're rebooting a machine now. should we be concerned if we smell sulfur?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:45am bryce:

  Wed. 12/29/10 10:45am Carmichael:

Flash is rockin' for me. Keep trying, BSI.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:45am The Aunties:

oh sorry dear, we'll open the window
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:45am The Aunties:

it's your fault Bryce
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:46am The Aunties:

Bryce just talks about food on his show
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:46am Doug:

Oh ... Now,iPad is back at the parasite talk, and my desktop is playing throat singers ... This is ideal.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:46am Dan B From Upstate:

BSI - double check the volume bars on the right of the flash player are all blue. I've made that mistake too many times to count now.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:47am Vicki:

meanwhile a shark is coming
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:47am Mickey Mephistopheles:

128's back!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:47am Doug:

Think I'll start up a few more streams ....
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:47am The Aunties:

We're still here! Hooray for computers!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:47am Mickey Mephistopheles:

And you're gonna be in trouble. Hey, na, hey, na, 128's back.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:48am Ken:

Thank you for filling in for me Aunty Ellen and Aunty Pat. Tell Aunty Edna that I hope she recovers soon.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:48am irene:

  Wed. 12/29/10 10:48am The Aunties:

Yes, we hope she'll be out soon. As we hope you will as well, dear.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:49am BSI:

Dan B - neh, it was truly dead, complete with "connection error" message. But no matter! 128 is back and I'm gasping real sonic oxygen again...
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:49am Carmichael:

I have to go get tea. Please stop everything for a moment.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:49am Vicki:

this chaos is all rather fitting to the music
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:50am ttttrs:

'Alma con alma'
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:50am Vicki:

Carmichael, the whole station already stopped for tea
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:50am ?:

bloody miserable dreary soggy wet grey day here in the UK ladies. hope it's cosier where you are. no signal anxiety here, flesh(beater) is throbbing along nicely.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:51am The Aunties:

We have snuggies
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:52am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Uh oh! Stream was doing some really weird, amusing things before it died.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:53am irene:

I bet those snuggies are lavender with sparkles
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:54am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Now it is back.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:54am postmanpaul:

woops -? was me. snuggies are nappies here girls. surely you are not too far from a bathroom?! such devotion!
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:55am The Aunties:

the stream is running.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:56am postmanpaul:

just as well you're wearing those whatsits.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:57am irene:

well I have no idea what a nappie is except if you go to sleep in the afternoon you are taking a nappie.
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:58am tim:

So, I guess we think knickers are what professional golfers used to wear?
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:59am The Aunties:

we certainly wouldn't be seen dead with a fanny pack
  Wed. 12/29/10 10:59am harpoo:

And gouchos are marksman-wear
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:00am The Aunties:

Hello Harpoo
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:01am Vicki:

I'm surprised but the flash stream (wrote scream there) sounds better than the 128
who knew
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:01am Unkie Munkie:

  Wed. 12/29/10 11:02am Dan B From Upstate:

I have nothing but love for the flash stream. It gets me through my work day every day.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:04am Parq:

Back at my desk. had to spray fire hoses on a few things, but ready to resume my audience duties. I see it's Lou Reed Cover Day. Annnd, they shiould have used Wing's version of 'Hallelujia' for the sex scene in Watchmen.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:05am paul:

i never want to hear anyone other than Wing sing this song
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:05am Parq:

Oh, and Flash is working okay on my strangely Orwellian work puter.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:07am Doug:

Wing could not be less like Leonard Cohen
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:10am The Aunties:

thank you everyone for running around in all the chaos while we have our snuggies on
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:10am postmanpaul:

yeah Dan, me too. and it diplays archived playlists beautifuly, too.
aunties, you are a trip!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:11am bryce:

is something happening?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:11am The Aunties:

no, dear.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:12am The Aunties:

Thank you Ken and Bryce for telling us something was wrong and fixing it. We still don't know what was happening but we are glad it was over.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:13am OM:

Aunties, you love doing the station ID, no? And I love hearing it.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:13am The Aunties:

yes, we DO!!! We can't wait for another hour to pass!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:15am Vicki:

it's been quite eventful, hasn't it.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:15am dale:

a smile inducing show today. ms vicki - could you set me up with the aunties for a brandy tonight?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:15am The Aunties:

Yes, it has.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:16am The Aunties:

Gin and tonic
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:16am Torbjørn:

I hope we get so much more from the The Aunties, this is a great show.
Due to technical pedantry, I seldom touch the flash stream, but I can't stay away from these beautiful sounds.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:17am Nate in Detroit:

Did I hear the Aunties say that Ken is in Michigan?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:18am The Aunties:

yes, dear
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:18am Dan B From Upstate:

Doopee Time! If I'm lucky, tonight will be Doopee Time, too!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:18am The Aunties:

he's in a care home
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:18am Adler:

mp3 streams are back on for now
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:19am dale:

g&t's it is. i'll start grinding the peruvian cinchona bark now.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:19am Vicki:

  Wed. 12/29/10 11:21am gerardo:

great tropically stuff!

two links for frecuencia mod:


  Wed. 12/29/10 11:21am Vicki:

thanks! Will grab after!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:21am Carmichael:

Back with the Irish Breakfast tea. Thank God for Wing. And Vaclev Havel. And pizza.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:22am The Aunties:

What are we all having for our lunch and supper?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:22am gerardo:


(there are also other Spanish cover versions of other English singing sonx)
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:23am bryce:

get off my turf, aunties
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:23am The Aunties:

  Wed. 12/29/10 11:24am Vicki:

what's for lunch?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:25am Vicki:

See, look - they won't talk about food. Not on my slot
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:25am bryce:

i'll be finishing off my tree
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:29am bryce:

and your playlist comments
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:30am Vicki:

I'll go and sort out my lunch then
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:30am The Aunties:

We're having boil in a bag
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:31am postmanpaul:

am knocking back a large sherry to your good health aunties. happy new year and be careful crossing the road over there.
great show girls!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:33am The Aunties:

Thank you, cheers everybody!
Thank you clever people at WFMU for fixing everything that fell apart while we were on too. We should be on more often.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:33am Kenzo:

bryce is high fibre
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:34am The Aunties:

Kenzo, we didn't break the streams
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:34am Vicki:

they didn't break the accuplaylist either
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:35am The Aunties:

we don't even know what that is
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:36am Kenzo:

bryce ate your accuplaylist. he's so thin!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:36am gerardo:

aunties shaking everything around!. cheers for that!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:36am The Aunties:

perhaps he has a tapeworm?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:36am The Aunties:

yes we do cause trouble
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:38am dale:

who wants to start a facebook group to get the aunties to guest host on saturday night live - or a more permanent spot on the station?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:39am Carmichael:

Now now, dears. Things just happen whenever you're here. Very different.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:39am The Aunties:

we are very busy already, thank you
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:40am doubting thomad aquarius:

dale the aunties is just one person. its vicki bennett aka people like us so how would that work?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:40am bryce:

  Wed. 12/29/10 11:40am Vicki:

it won't, that's how
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:41am dale:

please - now you're gonna tell me santa clause and the easter bunny aren't real
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:41am The Aunties:

That's a lovely picture, for the kitchen
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:41am Dan B From Upstate:

Aunty Pat and Aunty Ellen combine forces like Voltron to become Aunty Edna, WFMU DJ Extraordinaire!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:42am The Aunties:

The Third Aunty
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:43am The Aunties:

When is this over? We need to move
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:44am Bad Ronald:

Thanks for the bang up show Aunties! You're all right. Nothing like my Auntie Grizelda, She's so proper judging others over her tea.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:44am fxo:

pheww. I've been listenin' all morning (but only on the webfor the last hour).. Typical Auntie fare.
Good to hear from you, again.
Happy hollandaize.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:45am The Aunties:

Thank you everyone in case we get caught short! Although we don't know what a typical aunty is.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:46am The Aunties:

Happy 2001!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:48am Carmichael:

Excellent Monkees reference, Ronald.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:48am bryce:

  Wed. 12/29/10 11:48am Vicki:

playlists and archives for this show will be at wfmu.org/playlists/xz - and if you subscribe to the DO or DIY podcast you will at some point get this sent to your iTunes inbox... once people come back from holidays and sort all this out. It will also be linked at the DO or DIY site - wfmu.org/peoplelikeus
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:48am Vicki:

  Wed. 12/29/10 11:48am Kind Widower:

Are the Aunties single?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:49am Dan B From Upstate:

Excellent show, Aunties and Vicki! Please come back soon! (Sooner than a year and a half, at least!)
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:49am OM:

Bye bye Aunties! I hope to hear more from you both soon.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:49am The Aunties:

no, there's two of us, silly!
thank you Dan B!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:50am Vicki:

DO or DIY will be back for the Summer if the station will have me and I'll be over for the marathon doing some co-hosting
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:50am Carmichael:

Seriously Vickstress, thanks for the bang-up playlist. Hey, this sounds like Magic Pretzel Hat!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:51am Vicki:

who's that? Oh never mind, about to fall off
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:51am Vicki:

301 comments. Mainly from about 3 people but whatever :)
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:52am vince:

Late to the party, but i'm hear now. Happy Hollidays from super PLU-fan....ME
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:53am Vicki:

we are all hear, yes
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:53am postmanpaul:

what a show! bobs your uncle aunties!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:53am Sir Lord Lady doubting Thomad aquarius:

it was a great show. thats something Sir Lord Lady Thomad Aquarius doesnt doubt.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:53am The Aunties:

Ta ta everybody!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:54am dale:

makes me want to drop a card to my english auntie, auntie agnes in the home.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:54am Vicki:

Tim, there's a station id at the end
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:55am gerardo:

happy new year, girls!
lovely playlist!
(keepin' in touch more steadily from now on - super hiper mega low broadband, but anyway)
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:55am The Aunties:

Aunty Agnes in the House, don't you mean?
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:55am Laura L:

Here's to you coming back for the summer, Vicki! Yes, please.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:55am Vicki:

thanks Gerardo :)
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:56am Unkie Munkie:

Beer Aunties,

You're the Agony and the Ecstasy Aunties!

Ale and farewell,

  Wed. 12/29/10 11:56am thrarpoo:

Thanks aunties
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:56am Vicki:

will do if I can!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:56am Carmichael:

This reminds me of my misspent youth. Oh, to be youg and randy again, chasing birds.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:56am Vicki:

byeeee in 3 minutes
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:56am dale:

her real name is agnes - she's actually called aunt pat. my uncle lester brought her home from the war after the blitz. for real. she's 92 years of energy and brilliance.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:57am vince:

Yes! Bring back the Do or DIY!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:57am Vicki:

All together now!!! Listen to the lyrics of this song...
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:57am Sir Lord Lady Doubting Thomad Aquarius:

in the future there wont be flying cars. i doubt that but i dont doubt powerful broadband for all. especially the starving deprived poor.
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:58am Vicki:

I look forward to finding a hole in a treetrunk, yes
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:58am vince:

The good times are blowing our way!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:58am postmanpaul:

Sir Brucy!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:58am tim:

We ARE all back in Britain! Wonderful show! Too bad about the streaming outage up in there, but the archive should work in toto. Pax vobiscum!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:59am dale:

let's all find ourselves in the arms of a black and tan tonite!
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:59am Vicki:

  Wed. 12/29/10 11:59am vince:

w/ less pay, of course
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:59am vince:

much love...
  Wed. 12/29/10 11:59am gerardo:


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