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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options December 10, 2010

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Ravi Padmanabha & Ed Chang  Uhtan   Options Elephant Calls  Utech Records  0:00:00 ()
Ravi Padmanabha & Ed Chang  Avatar   Options Elephant Calls  Utech Records  0:12:47 ()
Michael Vorfeld  x + x + x   Options Bowed + Popped  Nur/Nicht/Nur  0:22:09 ()
Tod Dockstader  Raga   Options Aerial #1  Sub Rosa  0:32:42 ()
Tod Dockstader  Dada   Options Aerial #1  Sub Rosa  0:36:42 ()
Pierre Henry  Grande Virtuosité   Options L'Homme à la Caméra  Mantra  0:40:53 ()
Darius Dolat-Shahi  Sama / Shabistan / Hur   Options Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar  Folkways Records  0:46:59 ()
Flower-Corsano Duo  The Main Ingredient   Options The Four Aims  VHF  1:07:27 ()
Henry Flynt  Double Spindizzy   Options   Recorded  1:24:55 ()
Sun Wen-Ming  A Shiny Qin   Options Special Collection of Contemporary Chinese Musicians  Wind Records  1:31:04 ()
  Harmonics in the Wind / Sonic Landscape / The Legacy of Ancestors   Tuva, Among the Spirits  Smithsonian Folkways  1:34:15 ()
Sainkho Namtchylak  Early Steps   Options Lost Rivers  FMP / Free Music Production  1:46:21 ()
Sainkho Namtchylak  Tovarishi   Options Lost Rivers  FMP / Free Music Production  1:52:50 ()
Makigami Koichi & Anton Bruhin  Tokujo   Options Electric Eel  Tzadik  1:59:57 ()
Joe Jones  [track 1]   Options Solar Music  ? Records  2:09:51 ()
James Blackshaw  Transient Life in Twilight   Options O True Believers  Important Records   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/10/10 12:06pm Pidgy:

cooo cooo coooo
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:07pm βrian:

Feeling sub-continental again, are we?
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:08pm northguineahills:

Holy Shemoigans, I'm around on a Friday to listen to Bryce, it's been months!
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:08pm Turkey:

cob a lob ah lob ah lob ah.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:08pm bryce:

flap flap flap flap flap poop flap flap
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:09pm tim:

What did the farmer say when he saw the cows coming over the hill?

"Here comes the cows".
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:09pm bryce:

NGH, wow!! where *have* you been??
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:10pm Small brown bird:

eeeep, eeeeep. peck peck

  Fri. 12/10/10 12:10pm aaron in chicago:

i have to put together some maps of lesotho today. do you have any music for that
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:11pm Vicki:

oh hi
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:13pm Carmichael:

Blizz is lizznin to yo rekkids.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:15pm northguineahills:

My job ended in September, and my next job has yet to start, so, on most Fridays, I've been out and about or out of town.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:18pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/10/10 12:18pm bryce:

liz berg is listening to my records?
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:20pm Cecile:

Bryce, this is great, but I would love to have you do another robo-apocalypto-disco show
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:23pm bryce:

it's been a while!

i just have to get liz off them.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:24pm stefica:

beautiful beginning!
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:25pm bryce:

hi, stef!
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:25pm Vicki:

I'd never wash up to this, it would end in tears
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:28pm bryce:

can i put on something a little boingier?
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:29pm Vicki:

yes, you can
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:30pm bryce:

all right, i'm filling the dat machine with linguine
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:31pm Vicki:

  Fri. 12/10/10 12:31pm tim:

Shove that fucker full of meatballs.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:34pm still b/p:

Ragu Against the Machine.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:34pm Carmichael:

OK, the food discussion has officially begun. I had the best channah (sp) in the world last Friday.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:35pm Vicki:

I'm eating what I had last week
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:36pm Vicki:

Bryce is crawling around the bottom shelves looking for something boingy
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Carmichael, channa dal, perhaps? basically split yellow peas served any number of ways...
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:38pm northguineahills:

I'm about to make some ziti w/ soy chorizo, roasted garlic (in my oven now), crushed smoked naga jolokia, agave nectar, fresh basil, onions, black pepper, white pepper, and cortija queso grated on top.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:39pm Carmichael:

That is exactly it, DCE! In a creamy reddish sauce and hotter than a mofo.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

aw dudes all's I got is PBJ and lentil soup and a hard lifeless pear.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:39pm tim:

Bryce, can you play some donkey basketball jams?
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:39pm northguineahills:

oh, yeah, there's also tomato sauce in there....
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:40pm The Stinky Whistler:

Funny you guys should be talking about food. I just finished eating a delicious whole wheat wrap with spinach, red bell pepper, onion, bacon, goat's milk mozz. cheese, and Sriracha.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:40pm Carmichael:

That and some vegetable pakora and I'm blissing out.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that heat'll bring on the psychedelic bliss, yassir
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:41pm tape hiss:

Dockstader FTW!
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:47pm northguineahills:

I've never heard this Pierre Henry, nice!
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:48pm bryce:

holy crap, it's 74 minutes of this!
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:49pm Carmichael:

You can take the Mother of all bathroom breaks.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:52pm Mike V:

Beatiful stuff....
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:53pm Mike East:

I ate my lunch for breakfast, so I still have to figure out what I'm gonna order. Breakfast was leftover fusilli w/ broccoli and sausage.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:53pm joe voltage:

Havin' soup with lots of cayenne to decongest.
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:54pm Mike V:

that Pierre Henry induces typos I think
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:55pm stefica:

geez, it's almost 1! couldn't figure out why people were talking about lunch so early in the morning. (hi, bryce!)
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:57pm OM:

nerd overload: I'm currently running a backup at my desk and the pulsing sound of the tape drive seeking forward and backwards just sounds so right with this track
  Fri. 12/10/10 12:58pm bryce:

:) that's what it's all about
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:01pm Bas, NL:

Hello Bryce! Excellent.. i found the track Sama by Dolat-Shahi is on Ubuweb. It's fantastic!
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:02pm Vicki:

I thought the hokey cokey was what it was all about
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:02pm pseu:

Let's party like Miley! http://tinyurl.com/34gf3zg
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:02pm stefica:

Thanks, Bas! Great tip!
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:05pm Vicki:

did I just hear a turkey?
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:08pm Bas, NL:

An e-turkey? Or iTurkey..
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:08pm steve:

@Cecile: WHEN was this "robo-apocalypto-disco show"?? must... find... archive...
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:10pm joe voltage:

Nice clip Pseu. Think people will buy it was salvia & not pot. She would be flippin' out if it was salvia.
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:13pm lauren:

bryce! you have speak in your 'voice over' voice
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

watch Miley put out a drug-crusted psychfest for her next album...
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:15pm bryce:

l, i just had a vicks vap-o-rub hot toddy
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:22pm Joe:

Oh, it's toddy this an' toddy that
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:22pm Joe:

you geezahs
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:24pm Vicki:

this is great
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:26pm bryce:

the two of them are really really really something
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:28pm Carmichael:

Should be the vein ingredient.
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:30pm aaron in chicago:

  Fri. 12/10/10 1:32pm Vicki:

I am just acquiring them
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:34pm henry flynt:

  Fri. 12/10/10 1:34pm i was here but now am gone:

this is all excellent! i don't want to go! appointments,, sheesh!!
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:36pm BSI:

in my ear is a teetering squad of boneless geese.
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this makes me crazy happy...will have to become more familiar with Henry Flynt
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:36pm BSI:

...and then they were gone...
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:40pm aaron in chicago:

flynt's backporch hillbilly blues is one of my go-to workout albums
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:42pm Joe:

Alexander Scriabin was a pianist and composer with a rather eccentric streak. The composer wrote “I am God” in a journal, experimented with tone and harmony in his compositions, and designed a special organ that created projections of colored light instead of music when played. His final work was to be the Mysterium, a grandiose piece which would last seven days and be played at the foothills of the Himalayas in India. Scriabin believed that bells hung from clouds would gather people to this location and that the Mysterium would usher in an armageddon, transforming the earth into a world of total bliss. Alas, the earth kept spinning as usual because of an ordinary razor blade. Scriabin died at age 43 after nicking himself while shaving and becoming infected with sepsis or blood poisoning.
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:52pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/10/10 1:54pm aaron in chicago:

need a lozenge?
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:55pm Vicki:

I like a bit of Namtchylak on a Friday evening
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:56pm bryce:

i'll smash that centipede yet
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:57pm BSI:

no....... that's a TYPEWRITER, bryce. You've been in Interzone too long...
  Fri. 12/10/10 1:59pm Bob Dylan:

hey Bryce - answer the studio phone
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:00pm Sainkho:

I'm on hold too
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:00pm bryce:

don't know how
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:01pm Sainkho:

  Fri. 12/10/10 2:01pm bryce:

sainkho, your blood sausage soup is in the micro
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:01pm Bob Dylan:

OK will call you cell phone then
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:04pm Sainkho:

I'm waiting for you Bryce, with my utensils
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:04pm joe voltage:

I've got a record by a band blood sausage. They're good!!
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:05pm mike noble:

weren't you supposed to be doing something while standing on one foot?
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:05pm bryce:

joe, have you met sainkho? she has a 19-octave range
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:05pm Vicki:

this would go very well with Carl Stalling, you know.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:06pm bryce:

oh shit, master noble, YES! totally forgot
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:06pm joe voltage:

I was diggin that.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:07pm ms_a:

centipede paramedic is here
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:08pm Vicki:

  Fri. 12/10/10 2:08pm bryce:

through the wormhole! the giraffes are BUGGIN
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:10pm joe voltage:

male giraffes battle hard over their female counterparts
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:10pm Vicki:

The aunties are going to play this in two weeks time, with Carl Stalling
Hang on, what's that under the carpet?
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:38pm bryce:

i take it everyone's digesting.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:40pm Mike V:

Yes...and I think this is helping
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:40pm Mandible Eck:

I'm digressing
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:40pm Bas, NL:

I just woke up again...
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:40pm bryce:

it's magical digestion music
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:41pm stefica:

i nominate today's show as a perfect show. thanks very much, bryce.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:41pm Vicki:

I'm wining and roasting
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:44pm northguineahills:

perfect soundtrack for my food coma.....
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:45pm Gerard Leckey:

Hi Bryce. Its Gerard in Montreal. I am listening to your show before going to a soundcheck. I am an elf in a Gong Show.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:46pm bryce:

WHOA, gerard!! you just melted my brain...
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:47pm zombie:

melted brains are also more tender and delicious
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:48pm zombie:

since we seem to be discussing food.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:50pm bryce:

it is a cooking show on the food network
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:51pm Mandible Eck:

Oh, I thought it was a smoking show
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:52pm bryce:

no no, come back
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:54pm Vicki:

I want to have Electric Eel, please. I want to be an elf in a Gong show too. Well it is the season of wanting things, thought I'd ask
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:55pm Drummer Some:

Thank you for a lovely afternoon Bryce.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:56pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/10/10 2:56pm northguineahills:

a bang, *burp* up job, Bryce!
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:57pm Vicki:

Yeah, BURP, thanks.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:58pm zombie:

i want to eat lady gaga's brain.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:58pm Bas, NL:

Two thumbs up for the show!
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:58pm OM:

Excellent show, Bryce, thanks!
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:59pm Parasitic Paul:

Electric Jawharp!! Fantastic show today.
  Fri. 12/10/10 2:59pm still b/p:

Hoo...I couldn't eat another Wen-Ming.
  Fri. 12/10/10 3:00pm bryce:

have good weeks!

don't throatpunch shoppers
  Sun. 12/12/10 3:00am johnc in tacoma:

Awesome show, BRYCE! as usual.. i feel like i am taking a class in cultural anthropology at Berkely when i hear your show... ty for your research! cheers:)
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