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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options August 27, 2010: Musical Power To Part More Than Just The Sea (SPECIAL GUEST: UFFIE)

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Oh, to be a musician, To have an instrument to play, To pour one's soul into each note, To let the music have its way.

To release one's pent-up passion, Be it anger - be it love, To play with true compassion, As a gift from God above.

To express one's inner joy, To let one's spirit soar, To free one's self to dance, To sing loudly from one's core.

To tease and please one's inner child, To relieve and ease one's aging mind. To soothe and smooth one's secret hurts, To trap, to free, to lose, to find.

To allow one's heart to burst, To seduce with notes of love, To communicate with angels, To slap the devil's glove.

To do all this with music, What an awesome, wondrous feat! Such power in one's fingers, In one's voice, in one's feet! To command the world's emotions, What an international rush! Just by playing music, Or ... is the music playing us?

Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Magnum  Rays   Options       0:00:00 ()
Diamond Bass  Roda   Options       0:04:48 ()
Frikstailers  Bicho de Luz (EP)   Options       0:09:31 ()
HumbleDinosaur  Bravado   Options       0:13:45 ()
Actraiser  Mysteries of the Universe / Lone Wolf / Apocalypto / Star Chaser   Options       0:17:32 ()
Frikstailers  Dancehallete   Options       0:31:05 ()
Sabbo  Oy Woy   Options       0:35:14 ()
Tipanic  Tribawl   Options       0:39:26 ()
HumbleDinosaur  She's Gone / Snakes (VIP)   Options       0:45:37 ()
Outer Space Bass  Life Step   Options       0:57:26 ()
Tipanic  My back, my neck (tipanic ghetto edit)   Options       1:11:28 ()
J-Trick  My Kneck My Back (J-Trick Re-work)   Options       1:15:48 ()
Douster  Zandunge   Options       1:19:52 ()
Jason Latino  Make Love Tonight (feat. Grew)   Options       1:25:28 ()
Jay Jay  Sommerzeit rmx (Kokaburra Version)   Options       1:27:55 ()
Crystal Fighters  Xtatictruth ( Douster rmx )   Options       1:32:26 ()
Berou & Canblaster  Terrence Hill (Club Cheval All-stars Remix)   Options       1:38:40 ()
Zafrica  Metal Chest Plate   Options       1:42:29 ()
Datsik  Gizmo   Options       1:46:28 ()
Datsik & 12th Planet  Texx Mahrs (Open Your Eyes)   Options       1:52:02 ()
Excision & Datsik  Boom   Options       1:56:52 ()
UFFIE & HOTROD          2:08:35 ()
Uffie  MCs Can Kiss   Options Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans  Ed Banger Records    2:20:23 ()
Mr. Oizo  Steroids (feat. Uffie)   Options Lamb's Anger  Ed Banger Records    2:23:22 ()
Uffie  Pop the Glock   Options Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans  Ed Banger Records    2:25:46 ()
Sebastien Tellier  L'Amour et La Violence (Boys Noize Remix)   Options       2:29:31 ()
Acorde On  Rigo vs. Daft Punk   Options       2:36:34 ()
Munchi  Vamo A Darle Slow (Toma Essa Porra VIP) / Soltero Y Sin Compromiso   Options       2:45:08 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:10am Pierre:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:11am HotRod:

Ca va? :)
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:12am sinister dexter:

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:24am HotRod:

Can you feel it?????????????
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:25am Dave B:

Rise and Shine!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:27am sinister dexter:

i feel it !!!!!!! good morning HotRod ^_^~~ woohoo UFFIE!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:31am HotRod:

The ascension has begun...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:32am Topher:

Simply Wonderful grooves!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:33am HotRod:

The skies are open...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:35am HC:

Good morning all. Ugh love it... Sound dope HR..
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:39am HotRod:

Dance with me...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:43am HotRod:

Raise the vibration of the planet and advance human consciousness...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:44am Dave B:

Here's a fitting video:

Civilization by Marco Bramibila. Just kill the sound on the clip and crank up HotRod.

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:45am HotRod:

How appropriate...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:46am HotRod:

have you seen the video he did for kanye's "power"?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:47am HotRod:

Always pay attention...the signs are there...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:47am Dave B:

not yet... but I shall seek it out...
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:50am annie:

morning hotrod... slow-as-molasses chrome just now brought the webpage up.. good to be here, and been listening since 6!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:52am HC:

I'll dance with you HR. I love dancing to your beats. <3 <3
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:53am Deeeeeeeeeee:

1... 2.. 10!

  Fri. 8/27/10 6:54am HotRod:

Live not in the yin or yang for they are both moving currents. Live in the middle...the fine line.
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:58am HotRod:

Are you listening?
  Fri. 8/27/10 6:58am HotRod:

Open your mind...
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:00am HC:

Living in the middle is also having everything balanced and under control. Couldn't agree with you more....
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:04am Marco D Argento:

HotRod? Do you twitter like the rest of the FMU DJ's???
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:11am Marco D Argento:

HotRod I'm listening to you via my iPod touch thru my wifi connection:)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:11am HotRod:

Communicate your ideals by example.
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:11am Deeeeeeeeeee:

Broooklyyyyyynnnnnn over here!!

I was playing one of yr sets during my movie shoot setup yesterday, it got us all in our modes!
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:12am HotRod:

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:13am Marco D Argento:

Should it not be visualize your ideas from a mental picture. Then convert it into words?
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:13am sinister dexter:

my neck ~ my back ~ woohoo!!!!!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:15am Marco D Argento:

It's how I was fought to remember something, by mental picture:)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:18am Marco D Argento:

Excellent App for the touch the wfmu app. I even can access and down load shows from the archives:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:18am HotRod:

Magical, isn't it?
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:20am Marco D Argento:

Shame I didn't have this 20 years ago:( I'd have an archive of fmu shows of my own
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:21am Marco D Argento:

Next mr freedman and mr turner should consider a live webcam of the dj's on air:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:22am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/27/10 7:24am Marco D Argento:

I'm just that way. Curious about the face behind the voice:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:25am HotRod:

Aren't we all...

  Fri. 8/27/10 7:27am HC:

I really want to dance. My frail bones need to move.
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:28am Marco D Argento:

HotRod? Do you by any chance have chesnut brown hair short with curls?
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:29am HotRod:

Marco, I'm sure you already know the answer to that...
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:30am Marco D Argento:

It's this strange talent I have in guessing a womans hair after I hear her voice:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:31am HotRod:

I like your intuition...
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:35am Marco D Argento:

Yep:-) I'm thinking chestnut brown maybe a tad lighter and short exaggerated curls. I'll say less than shoulder length:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:36am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/27/10 7:39am Marco D Argento:

I guess I'm the only male on planet earth who thinks it's important what a woman does with her hair:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:39am Deeeeeeeeeee:

HotRod: She's what's fer breakfast. In my ears. Brain melty morning goodness mmmm!
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:41am Swiss Toni:

Listening to HotRod is like making love to a beautiful woman
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:42am Marco D Argento:

I consider my self lucky hair wise. I'm 43 and I still have a full head of dark hair. In my family at 30 your like kojak:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:45am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/27/10 7:47am Marco D Argento:

And there is one lesson I learned early on. You can't ask a strange woman if you can run your hands through her hair:-(
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:47am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/27/10 7:47am Dave B:

@marco depends on how strange the woman is!
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:48am Dave B:

did my computer just freak, or did you flip the color scheme on the accuplaylist?
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:49am Marco D Argento:

I was on the M train coming home and there was the woman with a thick full head of dark hair. She must have spent two hours on it getting it to shine like that:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:50am HotRod:

Why hair, Marco?
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:51am Marco D Argento:

I said to her "wow that's the best head of hair I've ever seen before,how did you get it to shine with no split ends"
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:53am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/27/10 7:54am Marco D Argento:

I have no idea HotRod:)
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:56am HotRod:

Alien sounds never sounded so familiar...
  Fri. 8/27/10 7:56am Marco D Argento:

Her hair was 7-8 inches away from me. I almost reached out and touched it. I'm glad I didn't
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:00am HotRod:

Next level...
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:00am Marco D Argento:

Good selection of music HotRod. Expermental. Etherial. With some Trance:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:01am Swiss Toni:

Marco, I think I may have seen you on that M Train, I remember your own full head of dark hair, I almost reached out and touched it...
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:02am Marco D Argento:

If this is what every show sounds like. I'm going to keep tuning in:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:04am annie:

this is a wendy's training video from the 80's using rap music...
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:05am Pierre:

oui ├ža va bien, merci ; )
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:05am annie:

sorry the url is so long... i took it from a blog and not youtube
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:13am Dave B:

HR - here's a silly animated gif for ya.

  Fri. 8/27/10 8:24am Cheri Pi:

Great Uffie expose!
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:27am Dave B:

I gotta admit and thank you HotRod for opening my ears to some good stuff. Months back it was Peaches, today it's Uffie. Now to seek out more.

Information Is Not Knowledge...
Knowledge Is Not Wisdom...
Wisdom Is Not Truth...
Truth Is Not Beauty...
Beauty Is Not Love...
Love Is Not Music...
Music Is THE BEST...
~Frank Zappa
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:29am Pierre:

is Uffie popular ?
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:30am HotRod:

She is now...
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:35am Pierre:

thanks for playing several tracks, it gives a wider view on her music. She seems pretty aware about what she does as a MC as well as a certain representation of herself.
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:39am david from ks.:

,,,,,,comin straight outta kansass,[yeh-okay],,,,hay yall,,,,,Peace 2 everyone,,Luv U HR,
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:42am texas scott:

great show,DJ!
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:47am anne:

awesome show HotRod. and love the fox!
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:49am HotRod:

My friends...it's been REAL.
  Fri. 8/27/10 8:51am HotRod:

BIG THANKS TO UFFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Fri. 8/27/10 8:54am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/27/10 8:58am david from ks.:

,,,,HR Im fallin in Love with You!as we speak,,,
  Fri. 8/27/10 9:00am HotRod:

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