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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 16, 2010: Prized Possessions

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/16/10 6:00pm Sean Daily:

First comnent! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:01pm Julie:

Okay what's Frangry wearing today? :)
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:06pm Elwyn:

My favourite things would be the underwear used in the cross dressIng month of the Sextastic calendar if I owned them. Just joking
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:06pm Johnny Muller:

The T-shirt Frangry sent me is my prized possession. I seriously contemplated having it hermetically sealed to preserve her essence and scent...
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:07pm cbk:

ever notice what happens when spike is the first call ?
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:08pm frangry:

no cbk: what happens?
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:09pm cbk:

the show usualy is not the best... : )
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:09pm Sean:

You know, the ghostbusters drove a hearse...
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:10pm Julie:

Andy needs a pimp hat to go with the cane...he's Stylin :)
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:12pm frangry:

@julie, no he is most definitely not
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:13pm Elwyn:

Hey Frangy,
hearses get bonus points because one was part of the story of the formation of Buffalo Springfield by Neil Young and Stephen Stills.

I wouldn't trust Andy with my Playstation 3!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:15pm ric:

It's gone all domestic!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:18pm Sean:

What if John McCabe's regular voice is actually the voice modulator voice, and his robot voice is his real voice?
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:18pm Sean Daily:

My most prized possession is this freshly-picked nose booger! No, wait, it's this freshly-picked nose booger! No, wait, it's this freshly-picked nose booger! No, wait, it's this freshly-picked nose booger! No, wait, it's this freshly-picked nose booger! No, wait, it's this freshly-picked nose booger! No, wait, it's this freshly-picked nose booger! No, wait, it's THIS freshly-picked nose booger! No, wait, it's...
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:20pm Paddy:

paul westerburg of the band "the replacements" sang a song "favorite thing"
its a good song.
every friday before work YOU TWO are my favorite thing!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:20pm Julie:

What if Andy Cohen was really a manifestation of all of Frangy's worst childhood memories?
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:21pm brin:

i have a cat named 'meow'
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:24pm Elwyn:

Shut up weirdo should distribute John McCabes's voice modulators to all fans next time they do a Confessions show again. It'd be the closest thing to a prize I'd ever get
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:25pm Johnny Muller:

Svetlana you serial killer!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:26pm Frangry:

@muller. Seriously. She's cuckooooo
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:27pm Johnny Muller:

oh, I know... takes one to know one.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:27pm cbk:

actualy Johnny Muller...if you look at the stats...your more likely to be the serial killer... : )
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:28pm Johnny Muller:

Objectifying human beings is a clear indication of serial killer tendencies.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:28pm ric:

She sounds pretty normal to me. We're all trying to make sense of the world around us and applying meanings and values to things/people/places.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:28pm Laura Ashley:

My favorite things are the stinky gasses that my body makes after eating Chipotle! No Joke!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:29pm bartleby:

my cat gets better mileage than some big station wagon for dead folks.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:29pm Johnny Muller:

Hahah cbk, you've infiltrated my mask of sanity!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:29pm Julie:

It is always nice to have someone around to rest your beer on.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:31pm rick:

i took acid that was in my freezer for 4 years and it worked just wonderfully. not as long as 35 years in the fridge, i know, but it seems to stay intact pretty well.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:31pm ric:

This is why we have facebook "friends".
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:32pm Laura Ashley:

In other words, the boom booms that come out of my "down there" room are my favorite "tings" as they say in Jamaica... BTW jerk chicken makes me poom poom real big as well.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:33pm Elwyn:

Next week's topic:
if you were a serial killer, what sort of people would you murder, how would you dispose of the body, and what would be your trademark.

PS it's Daniel JohnsTon with a T
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:34pm Laura Ashley:

What's the prize yo?
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:34pm bartelby:

My cat is cooler than Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung and Kim Yung Sam rolled together
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:34pm Daniel:

That last caller meant "Daniel Johnston" not Daniel Johnson.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:35pm MB:

  Fri. 4/16/10 6:38pm Laura Ashley:

Favorite Thing: My vintage Nuprin collection. Afraid to take them but they are yellow and cute! :) weeee!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:38pm Buddhist Monk:

Material possesions are a source of desire - hence a source of unhappiness - freedom from possessions mean freedom from the bindings that hold you down.. namaste.. but -MY- favorite possession is my orange robe
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:38pm Elwyn:

Next year's DJ premium: Shut Up Weirdo the Movie: the Movie to Please that Last Caller
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:38pm Johnny Muller:

Prostitutes, strangulation, cannibalism. If you decide to dump a body, you have to be diligent and make sure you gut the person; that way the gases don't build up and the body won't rise. My pronunciation my not be that great but I said Daniel Johnston.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:38pm cbk:

WoW...the calls just get better and better... : )
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:39pm victor:

My prized posession is a lock of my long passed away dog Snickers' hair from 1985. He died, hit by a snow plow that winter. He was a lhasa apso.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:39pm Julie:

@Johnny the problem was not your voice it was Andy's ears.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:41pm Johnny Muller:

Yeah, he still has borscht from his last visit to Russia embedded in his ear.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:41pm John McCabe in LA:

real time
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:41pm Daniel:

Fair 'nuf Johnny -- have you seen the movie - The Devil and Daniel Johnston?
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:42pm bartelby:

that muller guy is a bit eager there. You know pets help a person keep balanced. or as I am fond of saying

Baal -- anced
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:42pm Bryan:

~I'm milkin' da cowwww'
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:42pm Laura Ashley:

Next weeks topic: i would kill them by force feeding them pop rox and pepsi cola so they would snap crackle pop themselfs into oblivion!!!!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:43pm Bromeister:

McCabe is humanvise? Well I'll be.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:45pm Johnny Muller:

IT IS TRUE! Bodies rise because of decomposition gases that build up in the abdominal cavity. If you remove the innards, it eliminates the potential for organs to decompose. I actually went to mortuary school, then decided it wasn't me. NO JOKE!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:46pm Johnny Muller:

That is a great movie Daniel! I love when he breaks down and cries in the middle of a concert.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:46pm Laura Ashley:

these cawls are so booooooring! jeeze louise!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:46pm Bryan:

Yea - also they 'wheeze' when they're rolled over cos of the gas. remember that from Futurama
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:48pm Laura Ashley:

My fave posessions are Andy's goiters. Lol! JK! Visualize Whirled Peas!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:48pm Julie:

My favorite possession is the disemboweled corpse of Johnny Muller's first hooker kill.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:48pm TubaRuba:

Here's a Daniel Johnston performance with a WFMU tie-in. Can we just listen to this for the rest of the show? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r13_iYXXKRc
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:48pm Badz'a:

prize- cleaver
Homeless people..
dismemberment and distribution across city in small black plastic bags
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:48pm cbk:

Have Andy and Frangry lost the will to live ?
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:48pm bartelby:

you wouldn't be bored if my cat were there
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:49pm Johnny Muller:

If you intend on murdering anyone within your lifetime you have to remember three things: DNA DNA AND DNA!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:49pm Daniel:

Daniel Johnston is amazing. I'm going to watch that film again tonight.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:51pm Johnny Muller:

Julie! Stop calling me out! The Po Po don't know about that kill. It's called "Linkage blindness." Shhhh!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:51pm dolt:

i hate to say this but my iphone....it holds a lot of my music movies games and my wmfu app. good job frangry, i love you!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:51pm John McCabe in LA:

I love Daniel Johnston every time I hear "I'll do anything but break dance for you, darlin'" i think of Frangry
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:52pm ric:

I think the cyclist meant that the prized possession is subjective because so much of it has been replaced by new components.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:53pm ric:

...kind of a philosophical theme
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:53pm Johnny Muller:

Best Daniel Johnston's songs, Funeral home, Casper and Speeding Motorcycle, which was played live on WFMU in the early 90's.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:53pm cbk:

WoW...that call was the third best call ever !
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:55pm Julie:

Have a good one, Frangry and Andy. Miss you guys this week!
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:56pm joey:

Mine is a hobo tooth from my first murder
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:56pm Laura Ashley:

What do you do if someone farts in the booth while you guys are having a radio show?
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:56pm Steve:

THE BEST DEBORAH KERR NUN MOVIE IS BLACK NARCISSUS! My prized possession is the knowledge that the best Deborah Kerr nun movie is Black Narcissus.
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:57pm cbk:

What did I tell you about what happens when spike is the first call... : )
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:57pm Elwyn:

I love that Daniel Johnston & Yo La Tengo version of Speeding Motorcycle
  Fri. 4/16/10 6:58pm Sean:

This call veers pretty close to the serial murder trademark talk
  Fri. 4/16/10 8:08pm Jil:

Did I win?????
  Fri. 4/16/10 8:52pm Andy Cohen:

  Sun. 4/18/10 12:51am Scott B.:

ANy photos of the Brocklehearse??
  Sun. 4/18/10 6:45pm Andy Cohen:

Yes, take a look at shutupweirdo.com
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