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Options February 3, 2010: high fructose corn disco
like it or not, you'll get your dose today

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Darondo  Legs Part 1   Options 0:00:00 ()
Chanson  Don't Hold Back   Options 0:03:35 ()
Silver Convention  Save Me   Options 0:07:32 ()
BT Express  Peace Pipe   Options 0:11:27 ()
Evelyn "Champagne" King  Love Come DOwn   Options 0:17:25 ()
Risque  Starlight   Options 0:23:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Siilver Thrust   0:27:03 ()
Heat Wave  Boogie Nights   Options 0:30:57 ()
Rithma  Love & Music   Options 0:34:07 ()
New York MOving  Ahzzzzzz   Options 0:39:11 ()
Ecstasy, Passion and Pain  I Wouldnt Give You Up   Options 0:46:53 ()
Cerrone  Supernature   Options 0:50:12 ()
Eddie Cheba  Lookin Good (Shake Your Body)   Options 0:59:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
Linnie Hewett   1:06:52 ()
Cloud ONe  Dust To Dust   Options 1:10:25 ()
Trammps  Disco Inferno   Options 1:13:04 ()
Patrice Rushen  Haven't You Heard   Options 1:16:29 ()
The Donna Summer Special  Bad Girls   Options 1:23:08 ()
Cheryl Lynn  Shake It Up Tonight   Options 1:26:19 ()
Sister Sledge  lost In Music (1984 Nile Rodgers Remix)   Options 1:32:36 ()
Donna SUmmer  I Feel Love   Options 1:42:04 ()
Patrice Rushen  Forget Me Nots   Options 1:49:19 ()
Kasso  One More Round ( Frankie Knuckles mix)   Options 1:53:25 ()
Spyder D  Rolleskate Rap   Options 2:00:16 ()
Trouble Funk  Mister Magic   Options 2:07:20 ()
Florence Miller  The Groove Im in   Options 2:13:58 ()
Little Sister  You're The One   Options 2:16:44 ()
Odyssey  Who   Options 2:19:49 ()
Atmosfear  Dancing in Outer Space   Options 2:23:34 ()
Odyssey  Native New Yorker   Options 2:30:41 ()
Hot Chocolate  Disco Queen   Options 2:34:18 ()
Jody Watley  I'm Looking For A New love   Options 2:37:46 ()
Gloria Spencer  i Got It   Options 2:42:19 ()
Amanda Lear  Fashion Pack (studio 54)   Options 2:45:50 ()
Inner life  I'm Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair)   Options 2:50:41 ()
Klymaxx  Man Size Love   Options 2:55:43 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 2/3/10 12:03pm numbatwombat:

dear ms. levitsky: although not disco by any imagining, it would surely complete my day today if i could hear "dharma lady" by geronimo jackson on wfmu today! if this suggestion inspires catatonia or revulsion please cheerfully ignore, thanks!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:06pm numbatwombat:

i am in general agreement that the best kind of disco is the kind that induces sugar coma and/or deadhead-style hand tracery.
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:08pm BSI:

numbat: for me, that honor will always be held by GET UP AND BOOGIE by Silver Convention.....
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:09pm BSI:

holy crap, Silver Convention came up as I was typing that one.
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:10pm north guinea hills:

i'm digging this Maria,...., thanks..!

/needs to put on my disco duds...
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:13pm numbatwombat:

personal disco qualifier: could robots do the bump to it on buck rogers^21 cent./schxoid birdman? if so, let ai love flow unimpeded throughout the land!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:14pm numbatwombat:

disco conflict resolution via peace pipe is preferable to robots which do not dance but drop ordnance on stans.
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:16pm Nat:

Chanson: disco rebellion against repression.
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:26pm annie:

i can hear this all the way upstairs ... these skimpy laptop speakers.. word up!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:26pm numbatwombat:

this risque track certainly has robots getting frisky on many outer moons indeed! that synth sweep is awesome! thanks maria! happiness!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:27pm Carmichael:

Maria, I hope you have some Sylvester lined up for today.
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:27pm Patrick:

today is my Birthday, thanks for supplying a killer soundtrack!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:29pm PMD:

Disco rules!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:31pm Kat:

All Day Disco! woo hoo!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:33pm annie:

happy birthday patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:33pm paula:

you may not have it on your list, but...First Choice?? or "Best Disco in Town" by The Ritchie Family = the Partridge Family of disco? Those are bubblegum disco, right? THANKS in any case for such a great show!!!!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:33pm efd:

go Maria, go!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:36pm paula:

well, more like Sister Sledge of disco...but that's disco too!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:38pm BSI:

I know it's not exactly obscure, but me love some BOOGIE WONDERLAND by Earth Wind & Fire... probably because I think it came out same year as the movie PROPHECY, so I associate that song with seeing campers being ripped to shreds by a large mutant bear...
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:39pm volunteer Mike:

I am catching the fever!!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:41pm LizGig:

Speaking of fevers, what _did_ everyone think of the Jane Austen zombie mashup? Our shop thought there wasn't enough zombie action. And I second the Boogie Wonderland request. Hi Maria!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:41pm numbatwombat:

BSI - word up to prophecy! one of my favorite eco-nightmare films of the seventies! talia shire just rocks in that movie! see what unsustainable mining practices will get you! ripped open by an inside-out bear!

maria - could you totally play me some love unlimited orchestra off of the rise album? malfunctioning bug zapper tropicalia sounds help robots get swerve on!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:43pm patrick:

am i crazy or is this all you want to listen to sometimes?!?
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:44pm numbatwombat:

patrick - why either/or? happy birthday! let the disco cosmically therapize!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:47pm BSI:

time sho' flies when you MIDAS-ize!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:48pm patrick:

fire, pure FIRE!
  Wed. 2/3/10 12:52pm numbatwombat:

  Wed. 2/3/10 12:54pm numbatwombat:

how can disco be even better? when it is part of a sci/fi foldout narrative concept album! hell yes!
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:02pm numbatwombat:

BSI - this week in my netflix queue i just happen to have the manitou (1978) which is a canadian native american sploitation/spirit possession flick w/ tony curtis. not as good as prophecy but def. cheese-tastic. the book by graham masterton is probably better but sadly i never read it.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:07pm scott NY.:

  Wed. 2/3/10 1:09pm dale:

ol' skool booty shakers! love it! hey maria, any junior in the house, like 'mama used to say'? thanks!
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:12pm Stannerlee:

Ultimate disco toon - must be I feel Love by Donna Summer. All together now... dumdigadumdigadumdigadum......
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:15pm numbatwombat:

i feel love is indeed the apex of summer/moroder bliss. the longer the mix the better.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:15pm LizGig:

I will DEFINITELY be sharing the pleasures of this show will our shop patrons this Sunday.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:16pm numbatwombat:

cloud one is the skyskraping jam, too...
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:16pm scott NY.:

  Wed. 2/3/10 1:19pm jeremy the listener:

thanks maria for this disco. i've been on a disco buzz recently and this is a great show
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:25pm BSI:

numbatwombat: thanks for the lead on more great '70s film cheez. I think Manitou has been on my list for ages, sounds insanely familiar. .. but gotta dig out my copy of Prophecy now. .. Lots of associations between disco & '70s films in my brain. SCANNERS and SATURN 3 do the same thing...
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:29pm numbatwombat:

those are both most excellent flix!!! howard shore electronics on the early cronenberg scores are just so good!!! kietel as the hornet in the douglas/fawcett orbital love nest is worthy of some dystopic disco anthemz!
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:38pm texas scott:

day for night = disco explosion!
we like it.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:45pm dale:

anyone ever hear his soundtrack to metropolis? is it any good?
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:45pm numbatwombat:

dear maria: does wfmu have the new patrick cowley anthology yet? either way if you could play a track off of that or his mind warp lp that would be so neat! i feel love for the disco show!
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:45pm Tamar:

I am feeling this discorama!
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:47pm Nat:

The Sister Sledge ("Lost in music/caught in a trap") and Heat Wave ("Gotta keep dancin/keep on dancin''") songs are kind of uncanny...like they're being held hostage by disco.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:48pm Looms:

Hi Maria! Speaking of samples, this track by DS was reworked (tortured could be a more relevant term) by Barom One on a delicious split lp with Brezel Göring on Gagarin Records.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:48pm still b/p:

*blinks vigorously for strobe simulation*

Patrick: this playlist + that special dance floor at Bubba's. Now, THAAAAT's a boithdee!
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:49pm numbatwombat:

nat - i was thinking the same thing re: the sister sledge! like a vortex of disco! the niles rodgers remix was insane!
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:50pm numbatwombat:

disco is awesome cause it facilitates that hypnotic trance pull (among other things!
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:52pm one good pull deserves:

ya down with HTP?
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:53pm numbatwombat:

OTT yeah you know me
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:53pm another:

...yeah, blow-dry me.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:53pm annie:

ok city slickers, if i'm going to be on east 69th street on monday.. what's to do there? midtown
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:54pm numbatwombat:

feathered hair promotes cognitive liftoff
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:55pm dale:

@ annie: go downtown. seriously.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:56pm Jim:

Amazing how I now have fond memories of many of these songs despite having been anti-disco back in the 1970s.
  Wed. 2/3/10 1:57pm ?:

punk sucks
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:01pm BSI:

jeezus, feeling a little old here... Flashing back to saturday afternoon's with cute companion at the Wheel A While roller-skating rink in Laurel, MD... it was BAD GIRLS what done it.
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:01pm dale:

is this whodini?
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:02pm dale:

oops - it has a magic's wand vibe.
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:09pm numbatwombat:

thanks for the trouble funk! i requested some last wfmu show! how cool is that! ask and you shall receive!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:10pm BSI:

wheee! DC be represent herewith!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:10pm bryan:

yes! please more gogo!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:12pm Foreign Listener K:

Maria droppin the bomb
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:12pm C:

wind me up, maria!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:14pm Cecile:

I missed all the good stuff....
Just tuning in.
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:15pm Cecile:

DAMMIT, I missed that great Lost in Music remix.

Can you play Odyesssy's Native New Yorker?
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:18pm cosmic:

logging in for the last 45mins
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:20pm annie:

dale, i think i might just hop the subway and boot downtown further.. yeah
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:21pm Cecile:

aw, nice Maria
Odyssey deep cut!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:21pm Maria:

Cec-- that's what the archive is for-- heres the only Odyssey i cld get hnds on rght now
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:21pm numbatwombat:

so dreamy!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:24pm dale:

annie, I'd take the 6 to Houston and just walk around from there. have fun!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:25pm numbatwombat:

love atmosfear!!!! outer space in my office swivel chair!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:26pm Cecile:

that was a great song, but you're right, not the right Odyessy...
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:28pm numbatwombat:

it does have wheels, and i have terrazzo so i guess it is like roller office swivel disco! hooray!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:31pm Cecile:

  Wed. 2/3/10 2:33pm Daniel:

Oh wow Cecile, sweet request! I had no idea. . .
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:35pm PMD:

Annie, hope you're not enjoying the music. high fructose corn disco... tsk tsk.
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:35pm Cecile:

wow, this is such a flashback time to my teenage years.
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:38pm Cecile:

Does it seem like a lot of Hot Chocolate songs are cautionary tales? Emma, Disco Queen...
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:51pm Carmichael:

This sounds like Paul Williams singing disco.
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:53pm Cecile:

I believe Amanda was a transsexual.

I haven't heard this Inner Life in eons.
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:55pm Cecile:

She also posed on the cover of Roxy's For Your Pleasure album, which I didn't know.
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:57pm numbatwombat:

thanks cecile i did not know that about her and the roxy album! such great album covers! that inner life song is beautiful
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:58pm Cecile:

Klymaxx Golden Twins
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:59pm numbatwombat:

word! love cgt!
  Wed. 2/3/10 2:59pm numbatwombat:

great set maria thank you!
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