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Options January 25, 2008: SPECIAL: WACK McCARTNEY -- A quizzical journey through highly questionable Solo Beatles filler tracks

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*********FIRST SET IS ALL THE GREAT STUFF!!!!!************

Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options pseu's theme 
george harrison  don't let me wait too long   Options living in the material world 
paul mccartney  too many people   Options ram 
john lennon  hold on   Options plastic ono band 
ringo starr  devil woman   Options ringo 
paul mccartney  every night   Options mccartney 
george harrison  wah wah   Options all things must pass 
john lennon  one day (at a time)   Options mind games 
paul mccartney  kreen -- akrore   Options mccartney 
george harrison  oo baby (you know that I love you)   Options extra texture 
paul mccartney  morse moose and the grey goose   Options londontown 
john lennon (with Yoko and plastic ono band)  attica state   Options some time in new york city 
george harrison  dear one   Options 33 3/3 
paul mccartney  i lie around   Options rarities (b-side) 
george harrison  sue me sue blues   Options living in the material world 
john lennon  crippled inside   Options imagine 
paul mccartney  smile away   Options ram 
ringo starr  early 1970   Options blast from your past 
paul mccartney (with Linda)  cook of the house   Options wings at the speed of sound 
john lennon (with Yoko and plastic ono band)  don't worry kyoko   Options live jam 
george harrison  it's johnny's birthday/plug me in   Options all things must pass 
paul mccartney  temporary secretary   Options (sorry bout the blips!!!!) 
paul mccartney  Arrow Thru Me   Options back to the egg 
john lennon  beef jerky   Options walls and bridges 
george harrison  baltimore oriole   Options somewhere in england 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/25/08 8:06pm pseu and gaylord:

Don't worry folks, we're starting with the GREAT STUFF first!
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:07pm zoe:

  Fri. 1/25/08 8:09pm Listener Michael W.:

Cool, yeah, I was gonna say, so far it's pretty good!
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:21pm Ike H:

Yeah, I was also gonna say that. Before I came to this page, I was listening and I thought: Huh? Wasn't all this supposed to be awful? Thanks for the explanation, P&G. Heh.

Would anybody have even known the difference if they'd slapped this stuff together onto one album around '72 and called it the Beatles even though it wasn't? Well, y'know, if you weren't paying really close attention.
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:23pm jackie burkhardt:

hiya pseu & gaylord,,,WHUTS SHAKIN?? its a real groooooovy show so far 2nite,,,maybe you guys could please play "MULL OF KYNTIRE" by paul, and "THE NO-NO SONG" by ringo,.,,thanks so much pseu & gaylord,,,,,,ohhhh pseu i resent you mail i sent last week but you never responded,,,see u later,,=) =)
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:27pm Ike H:

I keep going back and forth as to whether that's Irwin.
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:39pm Tom (The Bactrian Support Network):

When you listen to "All Things Must Pass" in its entirity you just know that George got the "short end of the stick" with the Beatles ...
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:41pm <-o->:

  Fri. 1/25/08 8:42pm Tom (The Bactrian Support Network):

yes great number Psue "Don't let me wait too long " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:45pm mace:

Much love from pHinland to WFMU and all the listeners! I loves you all!
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:51pm 5th. beat L:

so... once this show is archived I won't need the mop tops on the iTunes, luv.
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:51pm john:

I knew Kreen-Akrore was going to show up some time, if only for having a really stupid name and the sound of birds being kicked right at the beginning. As far as poor neurotic George goes, 33 1/3, though, may be the most beatley solo album of any of them, and certainly the most fun! And Crackerbox Palace pretty much sums it all up. Plus George had all those Bonzos playing with him then. Etc etc blah blah blah...rock and/or roll!
  Fri. 1/25/08 8:53pm culprit:

  Fri. 1/25/08 9:00pm <-o->:

the beat(les) go on

turn the beat(les) around
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:01pm <-o->:

drink every time Macca Cocker-scrowls
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:06pm <-o->:

Al Pacino's sweaty brows
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:07pm <-o->:

is this one about Gawd ?
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:08pm 5th. beat L:

dear one (culprit): even dead Beatles have more talent than you luv.
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:19pm ZippyD:

I'm still hear!!!!
What great and informative show. Keep going.
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:19pm <-o->:

Denny Laine is in yer ears and in yer eyes
Way beneath the Mr. Blue Suburban Skies

meanwhile back
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:20pm Mickey Mephistopheles:

Pseu & Gaylord:

You have successfully explained

"Somebody knocking at the door
Somebody ringing the bell
Somebody knocking at the door
Somebody ringing the bell
Do me a favour
Open the door
And let them in"
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:38pm timotato:

Great show! Refreshing.
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:39pm SF Spike:

kreen-akore are apparently an idiginous people of Brazil
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:40pm b:

err, okra knee

rank roe reek
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:42pm Mike Fun:

All this proves the theory that it takes a great songwriter to create a truly terrible song. There are so many examples of this: Burt Bachrach, Stevie Wonder, Brian Wilson, Etc.
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:44pm Mike Fun:

Got any of George's electronic Album? It really really belongs in this canon.
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:44pm Spazz:

Great show!
Are you gonna end with Free As a Bird?
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:50pm sekaer:

awwwww, crippled inside isn't so bad--1/2 ironic, right?
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:51pm <-o->:

~ ripple creek ~
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:51pm listener scott:

crippled inside?!?!?! what?!?!?!
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:52pm <-o->:

### dialing for Dylan ###
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:52pm jd:

Eeep. I forgot how long Sue Me Sue You Blues is. Yeesh.
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:53pm <-o->:

Pseu's Blues Clues
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:55pm <-o->:

Smiley Smile

Talky Talk
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:55pm b:

a star wars "tie fighter" is leaving you comments?
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:57pm Wormgod:

So "one the the all time best songwriters ever" drops a stinker about smelling feet. Brilliant!
  Fri. 1/25/08 9:58pm Mark:

Great show you two. As a Beatles know-nothing who has no desire to expand his knowledge, I must say I'm finding this show extremely informative and entertaining! You should link this playlist to some of the many fab-four Wikipedia pages -- the Beatle-literati fan base would rain down on you both like the END OF TIMES!
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:02pm Mike Fun:

that's not just any tie fighter, it's Darth Vader's personal tie fighter
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:03pm <-o->:

when the reign comes

reign down on you aural warriors !
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:04pm <-o->:

Billy Prest-on nails
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:05pm <-o->:

gimme the Beat boy
free yer soul
wanna get down
to yer rock'n'scroll
and smile away

under the boardwalk
boardwalk !
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:06pm Mike Fun:

Please tell me you're going to play something from "Electronic Sound"
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:07pm Mike Fun:

Godawful album artwork, too
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:09pm monica:

hey p & g ~
LOVE this to death! any chance of hearing wings' "rock show" from venus and mars?
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:11pm Mike Fun:

Krishna's only got 2 arms. But they are blue.
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:13pm <-o->:

8 blue suede arms to hold you 8
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:18pm Mike Fun:

Remember the isolated vocal track of Linda from some live show years back? Almost as hilarious as David Lee Roth on "Running With The Devil"
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:18pm <-0->:

sunny side up

easy over easy
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:18pm jd:

Mmm, sounds like bacon!
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:19pm <-o->:

smells like
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:20pm zoe:

well, maybe it's veggie bacon...
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:21pm <-o->:

we know that you'll feel better
when you write us a letter
and tell
the name
of yer
favorite vegetable
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:21pm jd:

it sounds like a song that didn't make it into the Rocky Horror soundtrack
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:21pm <-o->:

Tater Totz ! rock out y'all !
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:23pm john:

talk about vegetarianism, sounds like a stuck pig. the music sounds damn good though
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:25pm <-o->:

Star Wars bedsheets
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:26pm Listener_Paul:

The only real problem with this song is that it's a bit on the long side.
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:27pm ross:

HEY! just got home, i see you haven't played "Temporary Secretary" yet, and i thought i heard a reference to it a few days ago....

i'm waiting....
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:27pm john:

do stuck pigs keep changing the key they squeal in?
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:27pm A Rutle Maniac:

Thank you Pseu and Gaylord, Your analysis of this material is like the last, required step down The Long and Winding Road of recovery from my Beatle Mania.
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:28pm <-o->:

Uncle Piggly Wiggly

Belafonte's memory
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:28pm timotato:

Enough!!!!! You made your point already!
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:29pm <-o->:

Live and Let Pigs Fly

Piggy in the Mettle
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:29pm ross:

it's just getting good...
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:29pm jd:

  Fri. 1/25/08 10:29pm dave:

Temporary Secretary PLEASE!!!

Great show!
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:30pm Wormgod:

If I was Kyoko and heard Mommy sounding like that, I'd be VEEEERRY worried. BUt then again, the truest art comes from pure unselfconsciousness, no?
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:30pm mikey c:

i can hear zappa rolling in his grave now
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:30pm <-o->:

Johnny B. Toklas
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:30pm leanmeat:

one band that comes to mind that picked up where Plastic Ono Band eft of is Can. Certainly not pointless like some of the other tracks played so far this
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:31pm mikey c:

i can hear zappa rolling in his grave now
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:31pm Mike Fun:

Anyone seen that recent picture of Sean Lennon? He looks frighteningly like John Ca. 1969

  Fri. 1/25/08 10:32pm ross:

  Fri. 1/25/08 10:32pm <-o->:

LX Chilton rolling a Doobie
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:33pm <-o->:

Clapton Hands Say Wah
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:36pm ross:

i hate to love beatle hater lovers...

wait, uuhhh.....
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:37pm g:

the beatles could never jam--even back in '67; it's not like they were even good jammers in their heyday
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:37pm <-o->:

All You Need Is Move
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:37pm jd:

you can't beat a Beatle hater-lover, but you can hate a Beatle beater who love to hate
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:38pm <-o->:

wind jammer
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:38pm g:

  Fri. 1/25/08 10:38pm <-o->:

Beatle wifebeater
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:40pm Mike Fun:

Maybe it was fried tofu
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:40pm ross:

a fake limb makes a fine Beatle-Beater....
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:40pm <-o->:

Patti Boyd on castanets

Barb Bach on cave club
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:40pm Mike Fun:

Add Tamari and it tastes like bacon
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:42pm mikey c:

i can hear zappa rolling in his grave now
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:43pm g:

brandy alexanders . . . that brandy and milk, people . . .
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:43pm ross:

  Fri. 1/25/08 10:43pm J:

  Fri. 1/25/08 10:44pm Tom:

The perfect Beatle album goes llike this:
5 John Songs
4 Paul Songs
2 George Songs
1 Ringo Song
This means any Beatle solo album has this:
John: 7 fillers
Paul: 8 fillers
George: 10 fillers
Ringo, well let's face it: All RIngo's songs are fillers.
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:44pm ross:

oh yeah...here it comes...

i think he heard fad gadget...
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:44pm jd:

thank you!
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:45pm Mike Fun:

The Fireman stuff is actually kind of ok, as far as McCartney stuff goes
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:45pm Mike Fun:

Meaning, he got better at this.
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:46pm <-o->:

contemporary secretariat
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:47pm ross:

who's anita?
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:47pm b:

liverpudlisch amerikanische freundschaft
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:48pm ross:

fucking sweet!
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:48pm jd:

Bruce Campbell sang that song?
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:49pm <-o->:

Anita Lane Anita Pallenberg

"Arrow Right Through Me" = Stevie Wonder rip

Back to the L'eggs
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:49pm emily:

pseu, when michael told me that he was downloading paul mccartney tracks for you i replied "temporary secretary" or selections from "memory almost full"...i am so glad it was the FORMER...
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:50pm timotato:

I always thought this was the best song on that disc.
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:50pm ross:

i though Anita was his temp: "Anita! Anita! Temporary Secretary!"
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:50pm <-o->:

give the horn section some
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:51pm <-o->:

oh Juanita
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:52pm bob:

what ????? no THE GIRL IS MINE ??????
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:52pm ZippyD:

Run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:53pm No More Bong Hits:

Proof that cannabis is not neuro-protective:
"Everybody at EMI had become part of the furniture. I'd be a couch; Coldplay are an armchair," Sir Paul said.
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:53pm <-o->:

"Beer Jerky" influenced Foreignor

Savoy Brown Truffle
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:53pm timotato:

Juanita? That's Little Feat... "Fat Man in the Bathtub" "Juanita, my sweet torpedo."
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:54pm shawn:

Temporary Secretary, sure. Bought McCartney II when it came out and loved it's...uh...quirkiness. Hearing it again has taken that innocent feeling away, thank you. But Arrow Through Me?!? What's so bad?? How 'bout the masturbatory Rockestra Theme from Back To The Egg??
This Show is FANTASTIC, btw!!!
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:54pm ross:

Junita Hand-Release?
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:54pm monica:

"baby's request"!!! blue-eyed paul. gotta think george michael and paul young heard this...
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:55pm <-o->:

Rockestra > Olestra

up the Kampuchea !

my Bonita
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:56pm <-o->:

"Baltimore Oriole" = Sade minus Sade
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:57pm monica:

oh shit "baltimore oriole"!! unbelievable...
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:58pm bob:

great show btw.
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:59pm ross:

he wrote "something"...frank sinatra's favorite lennon/mccartney song...
  Fri. 1/25/08 10:59pm Mike Fun:

So much badness missed by this show. 3 hours just isn't enough. Here's requesting a part 2 and maybe 3. Love th show, hate the music. I
  Fri. 1/25/08 11:00pm john:

thanks so much, great critique and insight!
  Fri. 1/25/08 11:00pm shawn:

yeah, baby's request is pretty weak.

part 2 and 3 must be done!
  Fri. 1/25/08 11:00pm <-o->:

(bad solo) Beatles FOREVERS !!!
  Fri. 1/25/08 11:00pm jd:

thanks for the great show.
  Fri. 1/25/08 11:01pm ross:

billy preston was my favorite beatle...
  Fri. 1/25/08 11:03pm ZippyD:

Great show!!
Please do part2 sometime soon.
  Fri. 1/25/08 11:28pm Warren Camishen:

great show - never listened to WFMU before, but saw The Beatles promo and had to listen and I wasn't disappointed.

One big comment:

the female co-host needs to work on her "ya knows" and "ums" - after about the 30th "ya know" and 50th "um" I was about to turn off the station. A good radio DJ should speak somewhat smoothly without "ya knows" and "ums" - mostly because stammering on air is annoying.

thanks and I'll be listening again!
  Sat. 1/26/08 1:22am pseu:

Thanks for the tip, Warren and welcome to WFMU -- unscripted, unpaid and often unlistenable. Keep listening, you're bound to come across all sorts of stammering, stuttering yawning gaseous on-air behavior. This ain't no finishing school for DJs -- just ROLL WITH IT!!!
  Sat. 1/26/08 1:48am Warren Camishen:

Yeah, I figured you'd might respond along those lines, but I've listened to A LOT of unpaid public and independent radio people (mostly here in LA at KPFK, KXLU, ETC) over many years and I could barely deal with the "ya knows" and "ums" - it's just kind of tacky and numbskullish

Unpaid doesn't exactly mean unskilled - and a clear, concise speaking voice on radio (for good ness sakes!) is not much to ask for.

I guess three thousand WFMU listeners can't be wrong

thanks again and how about next time playing the Beatles solo stuff BACKWARDS? - there still may be some backwardly-masked secret Satanic messages in there somewhere.
  Sat. 1/26/08 4:41am foreign_listener_k:

Warren -
nice to see you find that a DJ should have a clear, concise speaking voice on the radio.

But some of us actually prefer a DJ with anything but a clear concise speaking voice - after all, thousands of people already do that, 24 hours a day, a non-stop soundtrack of meaningless blather delivered in a clear, concise speaking voice.

As for anticipating someone answering that your concerns about their lack of, an um, ya know, clear, um, concise, um, speaking style, ya know - who cares?

After all, the person we're listening to is Pseu, not you.

As for 3,000 listeners - well, that plus all the people listening on the planet, including the archives. I have to admit, to my eternal shame, that KPFK and KXLU lack a clear, concise presence in my life - I'm curious, how many people in Germany listen to them? And what it would be worth my time, since likely the DJs all have a clear, concise speaking voice - what a revolting recommendation.

WFMU - where dead air lives.
  Sat. 1/26/08 5:08am J.H. Boo:

Shame on you Blue Meanies for including the terrific "Wah Wah." A handful of the others aren't too bad, but "Wah Wah" is objectively great.
  Sat. 1/26/08 6:42am John:

I'm not sure it's possible to quantify just how much you don't get it (unless this was a stealth commercial for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting). You want smooth and oily, turn the dial to the right.

As far as your examples go, you may have kneecapped your own case. I spend a lot of time in LA, and I love KXLU, but if there's a station that scores higher in giggling sophomores, snippets of the track after the one just played, and the kings and queens of dead air, I've yet to hear it. It's basically a high school station with a transmitter that reaches beyond the woods at the end of soccer field where kids go to get stoned before fifth period.

If listener numbers are the gauge of success, try Party 105. Just out of curiosity, do you use the word "professional" as a descriptive or a compliment?
  Sat. 1/26/08 1:20pm Gaylord Fields:

J.H. Boo -- The first set of music is the good set of solo Beatles, played as a contrast to the filler to come and to demonstrate that we're not playa hataz. I know it's not marked as such on the playlist, but we agree that "Wah Wah" is one of George's best.
  Sat. 1/26/08 3:21pm Warren's Busted:

Oh Lordy look what happens when you google "Warren Camishen". Someone has been very very busy....
  Sun. 1/27/08 12:12am mike:

This is one of the greatest sets I've ever heard on WFMU. Which is saying a lot.
  Sun. 1/27/08 11:28am MikeSin:

Best line during the broadcast from Gaylord -- in reference to Denny Laine: "He shaves Paul's sheep!"
  Sun. 1/27/08 8:53pm Kevin K.:

WCOZ-FM in Boston used to play a minute or so of "Beef Jerky" when they were short of time before the news. I never knew it was Lennon 'til I bought the album. By the way, I don't even know if WCOZ exists anymore.
  Mon. 1/28/08 7:27pm Jimi:

It was just like John Lennon HATED his fans!
  Tue. 1/29/08 4:05pm Keith:

Let's not forget all the great Hindu gems from George's "Dark Horse" LP. Now some of those need to be heard!!
  Wed. 1/30/08 4:52pm Cynthia:

Oh my...I like Baby's Request! And Back to the Egg has Spin it On! Love that one.
Wanna hear some godawful dreck he intended for the gloved one? I don't recommend you do. But if you simply must... it is 'Girlfriend'. Londontown. Just thinking about it hurts. Thank you both for a great show.. so funny and entertaining! Kudos galore.
  Wed. 1/30/08 4:58pm Cynthia:

Hey wait a macca pickin minute! Wasn't that Arrow Thru Me???? Something's rotten in Denmark! I just realized I typed out baby's request but I don't think I heard that.. I can't even remember Baby's Request! I think I heard Arrow Through Me! Maybe listening to too much McCartney has damaged MY brain cells- by association...!? Curious, curious indeedy!
  Thu. 1/31/08 7:03am Listner Robbie:

I'll give you "Morse Moose" as a stinker, but I guess my brain must be missing, because I actually like most of those songs you played. Then again, you could have included all of "Ringo The 4th" or "Bad Boy" and had a complete show. Thanks. Please do part two soon.
  Thu. 1/31/08 8:26am magic alex:

The bit where the bass comes in towards the end of Smle Away surely exempts it from inclusion in the awful list! It's just so good. Love the show, loved every um and ah and y'know... more por favor
  Thu. 1/31/08 8:35am Walter Brennan:

Do the much later/more recent solo Beatle works not really count? Where's the cutoff point I wonder: December 1980, or Anthology 1995 perhaps? Is it mainly in the aftermath decade where the worst offenders of questionable Solo Beatles fillers dwell? All these questions and more...
  Thu. 1/31/08 8:38am Pete Best:

Grrrreat show, I never got the cold turkey/beef jerky "joke" until just now.
  Tue. 5/20/08 8:44pm rob:

fantastic show, but...let me get this straight: "arrow through me" and "temporary secretary" are supposed to be BAD??? ;)

love the "y'knows," - is "warren camishen" a pseudonym for "casey kasem" -?? take it easy on us, mr showbiz....
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