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Pledge $75 or more online or by phone, and be rewarded with one handcrafted premium from the DJ of your choice (check your selection on the pledge page). If you're pledging $180, choose any three of these items. Mouse of Today pledgers ($365) can select any seven of these items, and higher pledge levels merit even more -- details are on the pledge page. Any DJ premium level pledge also includes the other station swag listed on the pledge page. All items are full-length audio CDs, unless otherwise noted.

Monday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
FXO CD Frank O'Toole's Migratory Mixes
Find out what happens to mixing music when we change from one form to another.

9 AM - Noon
Surface Noise presents Outa Space, Outta Sight! - Sci-Fi Soul, Disco, and Funk, 1969-1979
Extraterrestrial lovers, funky UFOs, cosmic disco, galactic soul!

Noon - 3 PM
Joe Belock's In Any Other Language
Your favorite hits sung by the original artists in different languages.

3 PM - 3:01 PM
Jim Price CD Jim Price's One Minute Melodies
Shake your second hand to these songs performed by Jim for his Monday afternoon program. He is sometimes accompanied by Scott Williams and other members of the WFMU staff.

3:01 PM - 6 PM
Scott Williams' Nuts For Brazil
Tropicalia got all the attention, but it wasn't until the 1970s that Brazil got really nuts.

6 PM - 7 PM
Dr. Gameshow presents An Audio Game Show You Can Play Throughout Your Day
Listeners, you can now turn your daily activities into point-scoring challenges with this original Dr. Gameshow interactive life game!

8 PM - 9 PM
Infinite Distortion CD Infinite Distortion presents Analyzing The Horror: Live On Infinite Distortion
Only the most brutal, bleak, punishing, and electrifying live appearances from Infinite Distortion. Think you know carnage? NUH-UH, BUB. NUH-UH.

9 PM - Midnight
Dave Hill T-shirt Dave Hill's Goddamn Dave Hill Show T-shirt
Dave has blackmailed Danny Hellman into designing another shirt and this one is gonna be even awesomer than the last one. (Sizes available: Men's S, Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

Midnight - 3 AM
Hits From the Cloud The Frow Show presents Hits From the Cloud - A Frow Show Treasury of Endangered Audio
Songs and sounds never released in any physical or commercial form, from the internet age and beyond. Femmebots, kosmik country, deleted demos, and more.


Tuesday   TOP

9 AM - Noon
This is the Modern World presents The Trouble with Trouble
Reaching deep into the mystical stew of Tuesday morning, a CD emerges that is slimey and stinky and full of troubled goodness. You know it. Slinky sounds, punchy rhythms, new and old will merge as one and unicorns will rule the modern world. Or something like that.

Noon - 3 PM
Liz Berg's Found in Translation
Unfaithful covers that took flight from the originals and landed in alien territory. These artists failed the assignment brilliantly!

3 PM - 6 PM
Brian Turner's Budget Budokan Vol. 3
Another MP3 disc collection of complete live sessions from Brian Turner's program over the last few years including The Gizmos, Mudhoney, Doom, Good Throb, The Oblivians, Black Dice, and many more.

6 PM - 7 PM
Foam Finger Sportsy Talk's Foam Finger
Just like real sports fans wear! Although an impediment to onanism, this official Foam Finger will make even onanistic shut-ins feel sportsy!

7 PM - 8 PM
Devon T-Shirt Devon E. Levins presents the Morricone Island Original Soundtrack T-Shirt
For all you boppers out there in the big city, all you street people with an ear for the action...we've been asked to dedicate this 100% cotton tee to you. Can you dig it? (Sizes available: Men's S, Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

8 PM - 9 PM
Antique Phonograph T-shirt Mac and Mike the Barber present The OFFICIAL Ragged Antique Phonograph Program T-shirt
You love gramophones! Now let everyone know it while you also demonstrate your love of WFMU along with that preference for lo-fi audio. Crank it up! (Sizes available: Men's S, Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

9 PM - Midnight
Irene CD Irene Trudel's Thinking Outside the Music Box
More performances from the creative players on Irene Trudel's show.

Midnight - 3 AM
Wm Berger CD Wm Berger's My Castle of Quiet presents Raritäten Krautspieler
An all-Krautrock Castle collection. Live and studio rarities, many big names, some fringe weirdos. Original photography art sleeve by Ken Weaver.

3 AM - 6 AM
Garbage Time Presents Garbage Party
A compilation of songs about trash. Perfect for dumpster parties. Guaranteed to give your speakers stink lines.


Wednesday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
John Allen's Making Love to Mosquitoes
Celebrating 50 years of the Thin White Duke's influence on those less fortunate. Features iron-on by sound artist Matt Krefting.

9 AM - Noon
Ken's Visual Radio
Scads of the craziest animations, sampletastic video collages, surveillance music videos and more from the last year's video/radio shows. (DVD)

Noon - 3 PM
Duane Train CD Duane Train's Boogie Down Breaks
The Duane Train massive have spoken, so here are 10 beloved disco/boogie tunes. All requested by many Duane Train faithful and all loving edited by "Devin Dare" and all "Funky Like a Train" WHOO-WHOO!

3 PM - 6 PM
Irwin's T-shirt Irwin's WFMU Radio Alphabet T-shirt
The wearable version of WFMU's book reprint. Cool flying DJ illo and WFMU defined as "Flypaper for Misfits and Malcontents." (Sizes available: Men's S, Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

6 PM - 7 PM
7SD portrait Seven Second Delay's Framed Celestial Portrait
A beatific Andy and a bejeweled Ken beam universal joy and contentment in your direction in this framed full-color spiritual photo montage.

9 PM - Midnight
Evan "Funk" Davies' Greatest Stiffs
The world's most flexible premium CD, catalog number PLEDGE 1. Twenty lesser-known and rarely-comped singles from a punk-era label you know and love, sourced from one-time employee EFD's personal stash! A few of the artists might be familiar, but these songs have been specifically chosen because they are NOT readily available elsewhere. Pledge now and get your hands on these prime cuts!

Midnight - 3 AM
Nickel and Dime CD Nickel and Dime Radio presents O.P.P.
You down with OPP (Yeah you know me!). $mall change gets past guests to dig deep in their collections and choose their favorite jams and rarities. A compilation of 100% heat at nickel and dime prices.

3 AM - 6 AM
Joel St. Germain's Rolling Motion Vol. 1
Higher consciousness electronics and vintage obscenities; including re-created disco DJ demo + higher quality rare record rips!


Thursday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
Organ Donor The Long Rally presents Organ Donor
You donate money, we give you organs. Choice freeform cuts of organ-filled dub, jazz, and other bohemian jams.

9 AM - Noon
Imaginary Radio presents Captivating Friends
Taped field recordings with WFMU DJs on hangouts with Chris M that sometimes went awry. Laughs, awkward silences and soda.

Noon - 3 PM
Diane's CD Diane Kamikaze's Vandalism
Diane takes the listener on a ride through a disruptive musical landscape. Bumps and bruises not included!

3 PM - 6 PM
Fabio's CD Strength Through Failure presents The Sounds of Failure (A Personal Account)
What we have here is a FAILURE to engage with sounds that take you out of your daily world/routine (as I hear them!). Here's your chance to get in close and hear something new...

6 PM - 7 PM
Clay's Classics 7even The Dusty Show presents Clay's Classics 7even
Makes air itself seem non-essential. Plus, and extra-action BONUS CD filled with 7even 7ecret 7omethings!

7 PM - 8 PM
Miracle Nutrition presents Hearty White's Radio Video DVD
A one-hour video of Hearty doing an unaired Miracle Nutrition. See every clap and eye roll! No imagination necessary!

8 PM - 9 PM
Sinner's Crossroads presents The Gospel Funnies!
Ride shotgun in the Christian Automobile with 18 humorous, satirical and topical gospel tracks that let The Lord rest an extra day and give the rest of us a Holy Laugh. Voodoo-isms, white face gospel send-ups, atomic bombs, stuttering gospel singers with Tourette's, and bass leads sangin' from the bottom of their heels. 18 track CD that will (at least temporarily) relieve you of the anxiety of Christian Existentialism. Doo-dah, doo-dah.

9 PM - Midnight
Spazz disc Dave the Spazz presents Monkey Fever Deluxe
Over 60 meticulously selected knuckle-dragging, banana-fueled monkey/chimp/gorilla rock n' roll favorites guaranteed to make you go ape! (MP3 disc)

Midnight - 3 AM
Nick Name's CD Nick Name's Now That's What I Call Music! 1979
Nick Name appropriates the chart hit compilation "Now That's What I Call Music" with his alternative take on 1979.

3 AM - 6 AM
Stan's Vaporize
The sound of numbers for soaking in soft dreams. Sweet moments and private notes making a rhyme into a habit.


Friday   TOP

9 AM - Noon
Marty McSorley cassette Marty McSorley's Now, Usually, I Don't Do This But...
The Pied Piper of R&B as heard through the meat grinder of Marty McSorley. This compilation of all compilations is a tribute to one of the greatest hit machines that has ever existed. On this compilation you can hear exclusive recreations, or maybe just butcherings your favorite Kells cuts by some of Marty McSorley's favorite artists. (Cassette + digital download)

6 PM - 7 PM
Shut Up Weirdo T-shirt Michele and Frangry present Shut Up Weirdo: The T-shirt, 2015
Your favorite hot nerds do it again with another bad-ass-must-have-mind-blowing T-shirt. (Sizes available: Men's S, Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

7 PM - 8 PM
Billy Jam's Put The Needle On The 4 Guest DJs (2015 Marathon Mix)
Special Mara2015 remixes of the four guest DJs ALF, ADA, Loop Skywalker, and Steinski. Plus bonus SUW ReMIX Project tracks.

8 PM - 9 PM
Downtown Soulville presents The Intros Are Spoken; the Records Are Smokin'!
Rare soul 45 gems on which the singers have a little something to get off their chests before they start singing.

9 PM - Midnight
Daniel Blumin CD Daniel Blumin's Me and My Rhythm Box
Hey kid, you like drum machines?
Well, get yourself these wondrous exclusive tracks featuring rhythm boxes, Tenori-ons, electronic rattles, synths, sequencers and an itinerant guitar from:

Fistpost (Ilpo Väisänen's new post-Pan Sonic project with Tomi Kosonen of Aavikko), Oren AmbarchiSaturn and the Sun (a new duo feat. Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander of Skull Defekts), Cavern of Anti-Matter (feat. Tim Gane of Stereolab and Joe Dilworth of Th' Faith Healers), EkoplekzNick Forte (Christmas Decorations & Raspberry Bulbs), Andrew Pekler (Groupshow), Kh'lulu, Ulaan Khol (aka Steven R. Smith), Peder MannerfeltDominique GrimaudRashad BeckerDamian Ponce battling Timo Reuber (Klangwart), Jeremy Novak, and Zero Gravity Thinkers (feat. Peter Principle of Tuxedomoon and Dok Gregory).

Midnight - 3 AM
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass presents Dream
...waking, lucid, wet, day, states, perhaps a nightmare or two, as interpreted by a variety of artists via music (mostly)...

3 AM - 6 AM
Stashu Super-hits CD Dance with Me Stanley presents Das Beste aus den Charts: Stashu Super-hits DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!
Euro-hits comp jam-packed with fun! Favorite DANCE Euro-hits compilation jam-packed with happy trance, '90s, emo, punk, jazz-era, ultra-drive, hard-rock and boogie-styles. Power into the stars via the diamond-encrusted space-ships and discover the interplanetary dance sound spanning all time. Hold onto your hearts and be swept away into the DANCE storm!


Saturday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
Shrunken Planet presents Another Backward Circle
A collection of overlooked and neglected songs that deserve another listen, by a suitably obscure but deserving batch of musicians.

9 AM - 11 AM
Bob Brainen's CD Bob Brainen's Free Form Faves
Twenty-five lovingly cherry-picked gems spanning decades and genres from rare to recent that belong in your collection. See:

11 AM - 1 PM
Michael Shelley's CD Michael Shelley's Even More Super Hits of the Seventies!
A collection of great songs from the 1970's re-recorded exclusively for WFMU by your favorite artists of today. CLICK HERE to see the full list of artist & songs, watch the amazing video and download the 16 page liner notes!

1 PM - 3 PM
Rex CD Rex presents the Fool's Paradise Feedbag
A hearty helping of '50s/'60s rock and soul odes to edibles. Pizza, pork chops, tacos, and hamburgers. No substitutions.

3 PM - 6 PM
Todd-O-phonic Todd presents Spanning The Globe With Todd-O-Phonic Todd!
A pulverizing 30 track compilation of crazed '60s sounds from around the globe! Some you've heard and many you haven't!

6 PM - 9 PM
TSP CD Transpacific Sound Paradise presents Groovy Globe-World Music 1960s
Swinging international '60s sounds: Ska, boogaloo, Tropicalia; psych and soul-tinged gems from Bollywood, Cambodia, Turkey, Ethiopia, South Africa and beyond!

9 PM - Midnight
Pat Byrne shirt Pat Byrne's The Official Prove It All Night T-Shirt
You've heard the show! You've seen the show! Now own the shirt and complete the metamorphosis. ONE OF US! ONE OF US! (Sizes available: Men's S, Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

Midnight - 3 AM
100% Whatever presents Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five
Thirty years have passed; let's revisit some of the music that was released in the year following the 1984 that George Orwell and others envisioned. Will they sound horribly dated, or can they find any relevance in today's musical landscape aside from nostalgia?

3 AM - 6 AM
Blurred and Obscured CD Blurred and Obscured presents Sound Bites, Synthscapes and Field Recordings
A collection of absurd movie and TV dialogue, short field recordings from the streets of NYC, and weird synth music.


Sunday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
Burn It Down CD Burn It Down presents Sucrose, Sucrose Ad Nauseam
Twenty-plus takes on the sweetest bubblegum song of them all-from synth pop to trash rock; from the legends of yesteryear to the hottest stars of today.

9 AM - Noon
Reggae Schoolroom presents Reggae Fire
No water needed-every track a simmering blend of roots rock. Listen, don't touch.

Noon - 3 PM
The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns presents the 2015 T-shirt
Fantastic new, must-have IBJ T-shirt with Glen & X.Ray in all their glory, drawn by noted artist Peter Gallagher. (Sizes available: Men's S, Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

3 PM - 5 PM
Teenage Wasteland CD Bill Kelly's R-r-real Rock & Roll Volume 15-The Teenage Wasteland News
Trashy garage/pop to read supermarket tabloids by. Bat Boy, Fat Elvis, Bigfoot, Ed Anger and P'lod, the alien ambassador, all agree that this disc will lend a disturbing new meaning to the words "Mindless Teenage Brainrot." No guidos, hippies, folk singers, punks or hipsters were harmed during the production process. That wasn't for a lack of trying.

5 PM - 7 PM
Gaylord Fields' Working Out the Kinks
A komprehensive kornukopia of unkanny kopykat kuts katalogued and kulled on kompakt disk for komplete konsonance.

10 PM - Midnight
Dave Mandl's The World's 178 Best-Loved Music Tweets
A physical booklet containing 15 dozen of Dave's most hilarious aphorisms on music, as posted on the social network Twitter. Like Oscar Wilde meets Lester Bangs, if Lester Bangs had better taste in music.

"If Twitter is our spontaneous mind, then Dave Mandl is our Allen Ginsberg. #poetry"-Kenneth Goldsmith (aka Kenny G.)

Samples: - "Punk rock didn't prove that anyone who wants to can make a record. The new Kim Kardashian single did."
- "Pissed about the online application I just had to fill out. Name prefix choices were 'Mr,' 'Ms,' 'Mrs,' 'Miss,' and 'Dr.' But no 'Rahsaan.'"
- Only 1000 people bought the first Velvet Underground LP, but every one of them persuaded 10,000 other people to claim they'd also bought it."
- "Being forced to listen to Eric Clapton's 'Lay Down Sally': pairs boring White boogie rock with the classic 'lie'/'lay' grammatical mixup."

Midnight - 3 AM
Therese's Cup of Ambition
These songs will sail away with you, to another place. You'll rely on each of them, uh huh!

3 AM - 6 AM
The Avant Ghetto presents Green Minus Yellow II
A wintry mix of forlorn folk sourced from vinyl and delivered on obsolete, but loveable, media. (Cassette)


Give the Drummer Radio, Ichiban, and Podcasts   TOP

Night People DVD Night People present Relaxation Radio: The 3D Movie
Who are we? Where on the great spectrum will we be re-energized? Reality has always been electrified with adventurers whose third eyes are opened by karma. Our radio journey has led to this gathering of ten tranquil 3D atmospheres set to mystical New Age musical gems on one DVD, cosmologically sequenced to enter you into an infinite presence that transcends understanding. TWO anaglyph glasses included.

Ning Nong Radio presents Percussion Through The Ages
A mix of percussion-based tracks ranging from Modern Composition to Exotica to current Electronic music.

Aerial View Lighter Aerial View's Lighter, 4th Edition
The fourth in a series of refillable flip-top metal Aerial View lighters, the 2015 edition features a swanky gold-tone finish and "Ace Face" artwork by long-time WFMU supporter and all-around Titan of Two-Fisted Gusto Jack Taylor. Previous editions of the Aerial View lighter - with artwork by Jack, Kaz and Amedeo Turturro - are now retired and highly-sought collectibles. Don't miss your chance to get the latest version! Pledge to WFMU's first and longest-running talk show, Aerial View. Your host Chris T. covers the whole morass of human nature AND brings you Led Zeppelin karaoke! "See you next Tuesday!"

Andrea's Button Pack Andrea's Why Oh Why Button Pack
Tiny aphorisms for bathroom mirrors, cubicle walls, and to pin your cardigan closed. Six 1" buttons designed by Greg Harrison that feature Why Oh Why show mottos including "Grandma Phyllis," "Say yes to the party!" and a special contribution from Randy.

Knuckle Sandwich Knuckle Sandwich presents Magnet Sandwich w/ Dave Bombay
Magnets are great... even ones from Dave Bombay. Use it to ruin your boss's computer.

Dangerous for the Brain presents Kristallen in Kleur
Selections from the 1980's Dutch cassette underground.

Velvet Revolution #9 CD Miniature Minotaurs presents Velvet Revolution #9: Czechs Cover the Chlapci z Liverpoolu
Hot on the heels of last year's Your Ceský Hit Parade comes this second collection of '60s classics from the former Czechoslovakia.

Martha's Bend That Elbow
Songs about alcohol. Expect a high level of depressive content.

Destination Out CD Destination:Out presents Well, You Needn't (Cuz We Did)-The Many Moods of Monk
Monk wrote some of the most indelible themes in all of modern music. This compilation presents interpretations of an assortment of Monk tunes-many recognizable, others… perhaps not.

Tony Coulter's Tape Hiss Tony Coulter's Tape Hiss: Emanations from the Cassette Underground
Choice cuts from rare cassette-only releases aired on the biweekly "Tape Hiss" program - which is never archived.

Doug's CD Doug Schulkind's Mondo Animale
A mindblowing assemblage of tunes examining the peculiar human obsession with mimicking animals. No barnyard, jungle or petting-zoo left uninvestigated!

If the first word ever uttered by man was "ugh," then surely the second must have been "mruuuuuu!" How better to stop a wooly mammoth in its tracks than by speaking its own language. This Homo sapien urge to imitate our furry, feathered, and otherwise pelted friends - a sort of anthropomorphism in reverse - seems a natural ploy for hunting and gathering. But how about for picking and grinning? Mondo Animale presents a plethora of the finest examples of animalopoeia to occur in the realm of musical endeavor. We humans, it seems, have been squealing, clucking, and bleating to the beat ever since we put down the club and carried a tune.

Say What, Now CD Kaminsky Kamoutsky presents Say What, Now?
From sound poetry to house music, this mixed compilation of songs that involve vocal manipulation comes to free the word.

Nazario Scenario's Squeaky Feelings
A trove of songs with high-pitched vocals by mice, birds, insects and others-not just chipmunks!

Bodega Pop Live CD Bodega Pop Live presents XTREME JAPAN
Outrageous Japanese avant-pop, breakcore, jazz-punk, noise, psychobilly & more from the 80s-present. DJ Gary Sullivan has been collecting awesome & rare discs from the archipelago since his first visit to Shibuya in 2004. Here's some of his all-time favorite tracks.

Busy Doing Nothing CD Busy Doing Nothing presents There Will Be a Happy Meeting
You will be happy to make the acquaintance of these instrumental gems from the Busy Doing Nothing vaults, now and hereafter.

Matt Fiveash's Nobody's perfect
Vintage R&R/R&B celebrations of bow legs, speech impediments, obesity, bad breath, and various other physical imperfections.

Uncle Michael CD Uncle Michael presents the Hinky Dinky Time Cavalcade of Stars
The concert event of your dreams is more than fantasy. Never has so much star power appeared on one stage!

Crayons To Perfume! CD Crayons To Perfume! presents Frozen Felines
25 Purrrfect Canadian Kittens (mostly) never before compiled '60s frolicky frosty felines from the Crayons To Perfume! collection.

Fringe Factory CD Fringe Factory presents Fringin' Faves Vol. 1
Take a Trip to the Outer Universe of Your Inner Mynd with this collection of altered conscienced Fringin' Faves!

Live from the Admiral presents the Ichiban Sticker
Show your love for WFMU's Ichiban Rock 'n' Soul stream with this fabulous sticker.

The Eternal Now's Premium CD
An obtuse yet boffo compilation for 2015. Featuring today's avant-garde top talent! Thrills, chills & a mind-bending climax!


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