Damn, I'm not too fast at uploading this site, but I am good at rockin asses, so go check out the most recent shows!!!

Anyway, I'm proud to be announcing my first Adv. D&D Remix contest!!!!!!! Really, you HAVE to enter. I don't care if you haven't ever done any music, or have released 20 albums this year, I want YOU to join in and get crazy (or not if that's your thing...) Deadline is Feb 24th.

Also, Drop The Lime comes in Jan 6th to do a live set, then on Jan 13th I'm pleased to present the "Am Gold" special with Guest DJ Alan from No More records.

As always, send a mail and say hello.


Cool! Emails are already coming in... first 2 shows have been recorded, and will air in the next 2 weeks! Expect tracks from all your favorite 800BPM assholes, like Drop the Lime, Dev/Null, and DJ Rupture, as well as all sorts of other stuff (Prince? yeah yeah.) Way more to come!


Holy fucking shit!!!

The Advanced D&D is back on the radio to bring you all sorts of the rock and roll musics! WOW!!

So the design of this new site is "Girls and Cars", cool, right? Also the show is just an hour now, but that's because I moved to Berlin, and have to record it there and then mail it to NYC. But that's all cool, because you can still email me about what you like, etc, and all that. Certainly I appreciate anything you have to share at all.