Yep, It's simple really.You go here to grab the Let's Break MP3 :

It's 10 minutes long so there should be TONS of shit you can do with it. I am not concerned with style, do anything, Breakcore, Electro, Waltz, Easy Listening, whatever --really. Then when you are done, email me the final piece, and I'll try my damnedest to post them up here in a timely manner.

The winning entries will be on the Advanced D&D PRemium CD that is given away for the fundraiser programs in March 2005... But trust me, you will want to be on this CD, because then you can tell your friends how cool you are, and then you will score with the ladies. Unless you are a lady, and then you will surely be asked to the Prom by the head Football stud!

Deadline is Feb. 24th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GET CRACKIN CHUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!