Brian Turner
Laura Cantrell
Belinda Miller
R. Lim
Charlie Lewis
Donna Summer
Mike Lupica
Monica Lynch
Mr. Finewine
Michael Shelley
Rich Hazelton
Dan Bodah
Eva Neuberg
Frank O'Toole
Diane Kamikaze
Chris T.
Henry Lowengard
Joe Belock
Dan Mackta
Bob Rixon (DJ Rix)
Bill Kelly
Douglas Wolk
Bob Brainen
Andy Waltzer
DJ Jesuspants
Terre T.
John Allen

JOHN ALLEN (Tuesdays 9:00 AM - Noon)
Rob Mazurek-Silver Spines
John Fahey-Red Cross
Electric Birds
Doug Martsch-Now You Know
Neil Michael Hagerty-Plays that Good Old Rock and Roll
Jan Jelinak-/Computer Soup
Miighty Flashlight-ST

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BRIAN TURNER (Tuesdays 3:00 - 6:00 PM)
Noxagt - 7"& CD
Dogtown & Z-Boys
Laura Cantrell - When the Roses Bloom Again (Diesel Only)
John Wenderoth "Letters To Wendy's" book/CD
Burning Star Core - Brighter Summer Day (Thin Wrist)
Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice (Swami)
Deerhoof - C 7" (Cool Beans)/Reveille (KRS) + Live
Fog - Fog (Ninja Tune)
Beta-Lactam Ring 10"s: Aranos/Miroslaw Rajkowski/Charalambides etc.
ESG - Step Off (Soul Jazz) + Live
Interpol - Turn On the Bright Lights (Matador)
Burmese - Treaties of Greed & Filth 7" (Scenester Cred)
Joan of Ass - 10" (555)
Jay Munly - Jimmy Carter Syndrome (Smooch)
Rene Lacaille & Bob Brozman / Digdig (Riverboat)
Sunn O))) - Flight of the Behemoth (Southern Lord)

Les Rallizes Denudes - Double LP (boot)
Royal Trux - Hand of Glory (Drag City)
Black Sabbath - Sabotaged 4LP Box (No Label)
Various - Ou Revue Box (Alga Marghen)
Rhys Chatham - Compendium (Table of Elements)
Johnny Cash - Live Madison Square Garden (Legacy)
Various - Memphix (Memphix)
Various - Death Mix (Landspeed)
Bob Dylan - Live 1975 2cd (Legacy)

Oh-so-enjoyable in-studio visits: Khanate, Soft Boys, Koonda Holaa & co., Zmrzlina, Acid Mothers (Cotton, bring back our kitchenware), Ghost, Virginia Dare, Sightings, Ron House, Temple of Bon Matin, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Infidel? Castro!, Anti:Clockwise, Deerhoof, Sigh.

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LAURA CANTRELL (Saturdays Noon - 3:00 PM)
Fashionably Late, Linda Thompson
Halos and Horns, Dolly Parton
Twilight, Caroline Herring
Jerusalem, Steve Earle
Live At Madison Square Garden, Johnny Cash
Blood On The Tracks Arlene Grocery NYC, Mary Lee's Corvette
My Favorite Record, Asylum Street Spankers
Blacklisted, Neko Case
18 Again, Amy Rigby
Numbers Add Up, Neal Cleary

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7. Lana's interview (GKS 11/9/02). I realized again after a really dark week that politics may make the world suck, but life is sweet and children are amazing.
1. Buffy: The Musical (2001) - I was a reluctant Buffy fan, but now am a complete nut about it, and this episode was so fun I even requested (and got) the soundtrack for my Birthday!
1. Seeing the Mekons in Portland with my brother - he totally loved them and had never heard them before, and it was a rare, symbiotic moment for us.
3. Finally not worrying about being cool. OMIGOD, did I say that? That is so uncool. Never mind.
6. Plopping down in a bean bag chair on lazy Sundays and listening to entire albums with my best friend.
9. Rooting out at least one miracle a day.
1. Getting to put out a professional Greasy Kid Stuff CD with so many of our favorite GKS hits, and having people like it!
10. The agonizing and invigorating realization that I belong on the West Coast. This happened while driving through the mountains and pine forests, and I burst into tears out of nowhere. It's a part of me I have missed so much, and it made me sad and excited to re-discover it and need it.
5. The power and pull of WFMU, the community that emerges every marathon and the crazy sounds of the Hoof-n-Mouth Sinfonia.
1. The Dress Lodger - This is a slimy, sweaty, fetid book, and it's such a great and vivid story of medicine and living, and yes, love in the time of cholera.
8. Laura Cantrell at the Arts Center in Newark. She was a star - lovely and charming, and the venue was really cool.
4. "Getting the Love You Want" by Harville Hendrix. A timeless classic with a dreadful name. Actually it's a dreadful read, too, but very helpful for anyone in a committed relationship.
2. People who aren't afraid to eschew cruelty, irony and sarcasm and who really live by the golden rule just because it's a good thing to do.

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R. LIM (Wednesdays 2:00 - 6:00 AM)
Charalambides, "Spring Leaves Fall" 7" (Time-Lag, US)
Gate, The Lavender Head, v. 3 (Precious Metal, NZ)
Hrvatski, Swarm & Dither (Planet Mu, UK)
LSD March, Untitled pink box set (White Elephant, JP)
Mainpal Inv., "Inverted Brand" series of 7"es (Mainpal Inv, DK)
Bernard Parmegiani, La Memoire des Sons (INA GRM, FR)
Pure, Noonbugs (Mego, AT)
The Rapture, "House of Jealous Lovers" 12" (DFA, US) and "Olio" DFA Remix 12" (Output, UK)
DJ Shadow, The Private Press (MCA, US)
Various Artists, Improvised Music From Japan 10CD box set (Improvised Music From Japan, JP)

Top Ten (Reissues/Archival)
Berrocal / Coster / Ferlet, Musiq Musik (Fractal, FR)
Blame, "Music Takes You" 2x12" (Moving Shadow, UK)
Dando Shaft, Anthology 2CD (BGO, UK)
Vincent Gallo, Recordings of Music For Film (Warp, UK)
The Golden Cups, Return of The Golden Cups Vol 8: Fifth Generation LP (P-Vine, JP)
Hiroshi Kamayatsu, Monsieur- The World of Hiroshi Kamayatsu LP (P-Vine, JP)
Royal Trux, Hand of Glory (Drag City, US)
Masayuki Takayanagi, Theme for Qaddafi (Jinya Disc, JP)
Various Artists, Revue Ou box set (Alga Marghen, IT)
Various Artists, Studio One Story 2CD (Soul Jazz, UK)

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CHARLIE LEWIS (Mondays 9:00 AM - Noon)

- Making it through another year without getting blown up or gassed or whatever here in the metropolitan area around NYC.

- Rereading John Cage's book, Silence (1961), especially "Lecture on Nothing" (and "Lecture on Something"). Listening to Frances-Marie Uitti's excellent recording of "Lecture on Nothing," on her CD, Works for Cello/Lecture on Nothing (Etcetera Records). Going to the library, taking out Cage's book, A Year from Monday (1967), finding his dedication startlingly appropriate now: "To us and to all those who hate us, that the U.S.A. may become just another part of the world, no more, no less."

- Two inspiring documentary films: Scratch, on the history and art of turntablism, and Dogtown and Z-Boys, about the origins of modern skateboarding. Two fine films about fringe cultures making inventions, and art, out of necessity.

- Communities organizing to defend the Bill of Rights. Let the folks of Northampton, Massachussetts be an inspiration for your town! Visit the
Bill of Rights Defense Committee. "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." (Ben Franklin, 1759)

- "ALT DigitalMedia," (explorations of the digital moving image and interactive software-based art) at a.m.m.i. Included in the exhibit: "Mumblehop," a home-movie-screen-sized video game (with great music) controlled by stepping on floor pads. Go soon -- I don't know how long this exhibit will be there.

- Participating in anti-war marches in Washington D.C. I know that 200,000 people is a small fraction of our nation's population, but it's good to know, if only for a few hours, what it would feel like if everyone around you were for peace.

- As a music-info-geek, appreciating how many ways we have at 'FMU of getting music, and info about the music, out to the people. Streaming, archives, the playlist database, the playlist search function... Also loving the mp3 library, and the Traktor digital mixing program... And the great benefit concert at Southpaw... and...

- Oh yeah, there was lots of great new music too in o-two. I've put together a clickable list of my favorite songs from the past year for you to look at and listen to.

Peace o-three, out. - Chas

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DONNA SUMMER (Fridays 2:00 - 6:00 AM)
  1. Venetian Snares - Was it the fact that he had the 3 best albums of the year or that each individual record was so good?
  2. Being introduced to so many great unsigned musicians among them Duran Duran Duran, Dev/Null, Xanopticon, Ove Naxx, Mehmet Irdial, SickBoy, Hard Off!, Line 47, Enduser, L?K?O, and so many others!!!!!
  3. END - yes, he IS the best, it's sort of insulting to have him all the way at #3. As good a fellow as he is a musician and that says way way too much!
  4. Gardening in my backyard. Who would have thought that I'd turn in to a gardener?
  5. Thrift store pop and heavy metal records. This was the year that I really got back into Van Halen, Supertramp, and Pink Floyd!
  6. Vice magazine - sure they are full of shit, but they always amuse!
  7. Hrvatski finally releasing Swarm and Dither! Let the world knew in wonderment!
  8. Meeting so many of my musical heroes in Europe! Scratch Pet Land, Christophe De Babylon, Vert, Jan St. Werner, FX Randomize, SickBoy, Kids Return - and so many others!
  9. HP Lovecraft - yes, he's not really "current" but this was the year for me.
  10. Emperor, "Prometheus" I this came out way back early in the year, if not the end of last year, but it fucking rules and that's no lie!

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MIKE LUPICA (Saturday nights Midnight - 3:00 AM)
Top releases of my year, in the order I remembered them.

10. Outhud - STREETDAD
Try not to think about the way they dance, but man, did these guys ever endear themselves to me during the WFMU Spring benefit concert with ESG, Styrenes, and Brother JT. Or maybe I'm just making up for never having been into New Order when I was a teenager.

9. Radio Zumbido - Los Ultimos Dias del A.M.
A record that I've not been effectively able to describe to anybody outside of it moving like a film score to some noir-ish, futuristic gay western with a lot of high energy dance sequences in it. A lesser man might throw out a reference to "Westworld" right about now, but I shall refrain.

8. Country Teasers
Yeah, they put out a new record this year that was pretty good, but what really mattered was their insultingly excellent set at the Mercury Lounge -- an evening that was in many ways my return to rock clubland after a lengthy hiatus. I remember being appalled by the audience; most of whom were exceedingly well dressed young people all babbling into mobile telephones. Despite the pond-scummy crowd, the band lumbered through their lyrically caustic set unfettered, eventually clearing the room of the detritus to reveal only the diehards and a visibly hopped-on-somethin'-or-other Doug Mosurock. If the Fall embraced circus music (more than they already do), they might sound something like the Country Teasers.

7. Jimmy Scott - Falling in Love is Wonderful
This'll make your heart melt like butter in the microwave. "Falling in Love is Wonderful" is an album that physically slows time down to a single, desperate moment in which you reflect on the possibilities of that new flame, or the sad remembrance of The One That Got Away.

6. 50 Tons of Black Terror - UNT/The Drones - Here Come the Lies
The problem with having an interest in thuggish rock music, as I always have, is splitting the shit from the shinola, the wheat from the chaff, and otherwise knowing which records of this loose genre truly swing, versus those that are headed direct to the bananahead budget bin. So roll out the red carpet for these cretins by way of England and Australia respectively. The Drones tackle highway robbery, speedballs, murder, and betrayal before the first song is even over. Sign me up! Sign me up!

4. Stahhr tha F.E.M.C.E.E. - Rhyme Fluid 12"
Smart, unconventional, and seemingly straight outta nowehere, I gleaned more joy from this EP than nearly any other hip hop release of the year. (And there were a LOT of good ones, damnit.)

3. Twenty Years of Dischord 3xCD box set
Listening to this is like having high school come back like some kind of funky rash that I can't wait to show everybody. Confession: I went to Catholic High School in 1980s Trenton, New Jersey. In other words, not a real hotbed of punk rock, creativity, open-mindedness, or whatever else this music was ever supposed to stand for. Geographic proximity to famed punk dive City Gardens notwithstanding, releases festooned with the Dischord logo were even more hotly anticipated by my ears than late night episodes of "Night Flight." Not being old enough for the first wave of DC bands like Minor Threat, Void, and Government Issue, I saw the light through Ignition, Circus Lupus, Soulside, Gray Matter, Rites of Spring, and later still via Slant 6, Fugazi, and Jawbox. As antithetical as a "greatest hits package" might seem to Dischord's implied mission statement, this package gets my rock solid thumb held high in the air.

2. v/a - The Necessary Effect 2xCD compilation tribute to The Screamers
The Screamers wrote a lot of great songs, but taped them all on primitive recording devices that have yielded many historically interesting but aurally puke-inducing bootlegs over the years. So to that end, I gots not problems with a bunch of spooky, modern-day bands re-interpreting and re-recording the genius of Tomata du Plenty for a new generation.

1. Add N to X - Loud Like Nature
Now that it's become painfully evident that we all live in a government-sponsored video game a la The Matrix, it's important to pick out a soundtrack to the coming party/apocalypse.

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DIANE KAMIKAZE (Thursday 3:00 - 6:00 PM)
  • My niece, Charlotte
  • Wacken-Open-Air Fest, Hamburg, Germany
  • Mastodon- ALL releases, ALL live shows
  • Tattoo weekend: Hot Water Music, Thrice & Filip Leu
  • Sigh live @ WFMU and Northsix
  • THIN LIZZY!!!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!
  • Bad Religion instore at Vintage Vinyl
  • Rezillos @ Court Tavern & at WFMU
  • Tattooing Station Manager Ken - OK, actually making him bleed was the best part, but the fact that he went through with it was nearly as much fun.
  • Brothers of Conquest & Sourvein at Connections
  • Weekend in Richmond: Burnt By The Sun & Alabama
  • Thunderpussy @ 929, & seeing good friends!
  • TV Smith at WFMU & Maxwells
  • Melt Banana recent tour

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MONICA LYNCH (Fridays Noon - 3:00PM)
peggy lee (r.i.p.) - too many great albums to list!
anita o'day - again, too many to list!
hadda brooks (r.i.p.) - romance in the dark (ace)
cher - superpak vol. 2 (united artists) (vinyl find from the wfmu record fair)
meri von kleinsmid - chi-tape (american archive recordings)
the amazing wfmu library and the brand new wfmu mp3 collection
the bumper crop of great wfmu DJ marathon 2002 premiums

hard texas funk 1968-1975 (jazzman)
cherrystone's rocks (lo recordings)
shreveport high steppers: ram rockabilly and hillbilly (ace)
the entire stompin' r&b series (thanks rex and spazz!)
harlem world - the sound of the big apple rappin' (heroes and villains)
super rap: original rap and hip hop from harlem's P&P records (landspeed)
dj ivory from the P brothers/hear no evil (big daddy)
various tom moulton mixes and brian chin notes!
barry walters' private stock disco rarities (no label)
get up and move your body! roulette disco (westside)
sounds like 54 (smak)
disco juice vol. 2 (counterpoint)

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MR. FINEWINE (Fridays 7:00 - 8:00PM)
Mr. Fine Wine's Ho-Hum List of Favorite Non-Soul Acts, 2002 Edition (Which Is Identical to Every Year's Edition Since About 1990, When He Stopped Buying Non-Soul Records)
  1. The Kinks
  2. The Gories
  3. The Buzzcocks
  4. The Velvet Underground
  5. Big Star
  6. The Replacements
  7. George Jones
  8. The Rolling Stones
  9. Nick Lowe
  10. The New York Dolls

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REX (Saturday 3:00 - 5:00PM)
For everyone at Fool's Paradise it was yet another year of frenzied materialism. As the following list reveals, there were plenty of primo products to pick from.

1) A bumper crop of great music books to mention. Robert Gordon's Muddy Waters bio Can't Be Satisfied, Tony Glover's Little Walter bio Blues With A Feeling, and the essential Memphis Blues Again by Ernest Withers that gathers tons of B&W photos featuring blues and R&B heroes.

2) Another great year of reissue product from Norton. The 3 volume Northwest series packed with top shelf rockabilly and instros found a permanent home on our turntables. As did the inspired series of jukebox 45s, including The Jaguars "Railroad Drag" (best record ever), Paul & The Foremost "Chinese Slop" (some titles say it all), and Guitar Frank's monumental "Wild Track". The Sun rarities on 45 are all worthy spins.

3) Ace Records in the UK always does a great job with their reissues. Our pick for the year is the Stax Instrumentals comp that's full of all previously unissued and thoroughly hip sounds.

4) The Fool's Paradise approved book publisher is Dennis McMillan who's been putting out the best in low-down noir lit for the past 30 years. Dennis was the first to hip readers to celebrated sleazy scribe Charles Willeford and has published a load of Willeford to date. This past year he put out, The Walkaway, the latest from Scott Phillips who penned the amazing book The Ice Harvest (a winning tome about a corrupt attorney and his string of stip joints).

5) Another notable read was The Bad and The Beautiful by Sam Kashner. A sleazy history of 50s Hollywood complete with damning anecdotes about starlets and the stories behind fave films like Night of the Hunter.

6) This was the summer that I got hooked on sweet tea. Best BBQ experience was had at Wilbur's in Goldsboro, NC where the hush puppies and 'cued pork ruled the day.

7) Eating highlights in the city included the masita sandwich from Sophie's on Chambers St in NYC. It's a Cuban deal loaded with fried pork, pickled onions, and a wicked garlic sauce. Not recommended for those with heart disease or those who don't want it.

8) This year I became a full-fledged member of the DVD generation. Something Weird features like Bad Girls Go To Hell loaded with old trailers and lotsa extras have been in heavy rotation. The DVD edition of The French Connection includes a couple of great documentaries about this ultimate NYC flick. Fun fact revealed in Friedman's commentary: Hackman's favorite dive bar was named Smoochie's.

9) Bopkat on 5th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn continued to provide Rex with plenty of stylish 50s garb for fun and frolic. Little wonder it's become the official clothier of the Fool's Paradise Faithful.

10) Lastly, thanks to TV Land for rerunning Fernwood 2 Nite. My all-time favorite TV show.

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RICH HAZLETON (Saturdays 2:00 - 6:00AM)
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass Top 10 of 2002
  • 10. Krazy Kat reprints (Fantagraphics)
  • 9. Acid Mothers Temple - Univers Zen Ou De Zero A Zero (Fractal)
  • 8. Astro Boy reprints (Dark Horse)
  • 7. A Hawk And A Hacksaw (Cloud)
  • 6. William Parker - Raining On The Moon (Thirsty Ear)
  • 5. Spirited Away
  • 4. Stanley Myers' soundtracks to No Way To Treat A Lady and Kaleidoscope (record fair finds)
  • 3. The Cartoon History Of The Universe Vol. 3
  • 2. The Stork Roast
  • 1. My Life with Tamar - this has its own Top 10 including our marriage ceremony, honeymoon, etc.

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DAN BODAH (Fill-in DJ)
Dan Bodah's Favorite Records from 2002, in no particular order

Richard Youngs -- May
This is a gorgeous new Youngs record of actual songs, with lyrics and everything, that retains the trance vibe and naivety his past albums. There is a compelling spirituality to Youngs' music that he communicates here with mere raw voice and acoustic guitar. Good companion to his first record, Advent.

Paul Flaherty, Greg Kelley and Chris Corsano -- Sanyassi
Amazing free-jazz improvisations. Flaherty is strictly an improviser and has a finely-honed ability to move in ever-widening ecstasy with the sax. Kelley uses extended techniques on the trumpet, while Corsano is always a pleasure to hear giving a painterly pulse to the music. Also check out Flaherty and Corsano's duo release, The Hated Music.

Workshop -- Es liebt dich und deine korperlichkeit ein ausgeflippter
This German duo with an electronic music background explore the nylon-string guitar, mixing its soft sound into a careful and unique digital stew of idiosyncratic pop tunes.

US Attorney General John Ashcroft -- Let the Mighty Eagle Soar
You have to hand it to Asscroft, no one can make a person's skin crawl the way he can. This song, which Ashy broke into during a lecture in a seminary, provides a civics lesson on the dangers of the Christian right's infiltration of our secular government.

Joshua -- Gold Cosmos
Mysterious, breathy psychedelic folk gems. There aren't many out there making such dreamy music.

Throbbing Gristle -- First Annual Report
TG's previously-unreleased first album craps on Trent Reznor's face and eats Marilyn Manson's testicles like oversized caviar.

Blevin Blechtum -- Talon Slalom
A solo album by half of now-defunct Blechtum from Blechdom. This record is a great example of the organicization of digital music. Using computer software as the instrument, Blechtum crafts music with tangible warm humor, human expressionism, and quirkiness that separate it from the stacks of boring albums by cold electronica droids.

Michael Hurley -- Blueberry Wine
This new CD reissue of Hurley's earliest songs presents music recorded on the equipment used by Leadbelly himself. Bluesy folk gems replete with both stoner solemnity and stoner goofiness.

Fushitsusha -- Origin's Hesitation
Fushitsusha is here stripped down to a bass and drums duo, with Keiji Haino putting down his guitar and picking up the sticks. This shocking album completes the disintegration of rock and roll in the pulverizing rays of Fushitsusha's pure power.

Tom Waits -- Blood Money
One of his two new albums on a new label this year, Blood Money is a welcome step forward for Waits, who slid into self-parody on the unfortunate Mule Variations. While the themes and styles will be familiar to Waits fans, Blood Money is drenched in the genuine emotional intensity we heard on Frank's Wild Years, while still representing a welcome move ahead in Waits' musical development.

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The Beach Boys "Sunflower/Surf's Up"
Belle & Sebastian "Jonathan David"
Big Al Anderson at the Zipper Theatre
BOONIAY!!: A Compilation Of West African Funk (Tornado Records)
Tony Colton "I Stand Accused"
Disney World
The Escorts
Laura Cantrell "When The Roses Bloom Again"
Lee Dorsey "There Should Be A Book"
Los Shakers
Merry Go Round "Gonna Fight The War"
Nick Lowe at Joes Pub
NRBQ Tribute "That's Nice That's Neat"
Ricky Jay
Ron Sexsmith "God Loves Everyone"
Rufus Wainwright "Instant Pleasure"
Solomon Burke "Don't Give Up On Me"
The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale: Batman And Robin (Universe - City Hall)
Three Stooges Meet The Beatles
White Stripes "We Are Gonna Be Friends"
The Wildweeds
Wilson Picker at Metrotec

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EVA NEUBERG (Mondays 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM)
Amon Tobin - Verbal
Richard Hell - Time
Holly Golightly giving a heckler what he deserved at the Mercury Lounge (was this 2002 or 2001?)
Vinicius de Moraes Live in Buenos Aires
The Sunshine Fix Age of the Sun
Anti-Pop Consortium Arrhythmia
The Stars Today
Oakley Hall, live (not a release)
Iron and Wine The Creek Drank the Cradle
Oneida Each One Teach One
DJ/rupture Minesweeper Suite
Aaj Mau Sam Bada Beimann Hai, "Today the Weather Plays Tricks On Me", from the soundtrack to Monsoon Wedding

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FRANK O'TOOLE (Fridays 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM)

1. Most recent cool film, seen recently: "Frida". Very exotic, and the leads deliver.

2. Most recent DVDs bought: (okay, I finally got a DVD player, and the "most recent" are also "the only two" that I own):
---> A) "The Royal Tenenbaums" - I missed the theatrical showing, bought a 2 disc set for $10 (previously viewed). I love this film, especially as it gives so much extra stuff.
---> B) "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai" - purchased when I bought the player. A fave rave.

3. I finally GOT what's so great about the art of Anime. Thanks to prodding from "Haze", I saw "Spirited Away". In a

4. A whole season of baby-sitting the board for the "re:mixology" series, thereby being exposed to some of the top mix-masters & sound wizards...
---> A) of them being my old pal, Steinski, who eventually released "Nothing To Fear", his latest, and possibly best collection of sounds, in the ongoing "Rough Mix" series, and...
---> B) ...connecting, through the internet, with another "master-mixer-masher", DSICO, an Australian, who sent me a compilation of his work called "that no talent hack", some of which can be found in the great "Best Bootlegs In The World" series.

5. Seeing Roy Wood perform live, with his orchestra of women, at the Village Underground.
---> R. Stevie Moore making "Exodus" available to me on disc.
---> Anything released by The Bran Flakes and People Like Us.
---> "Murray Street" by Sonic Youth (a return to the halcyon days of Daydream Nation).
---> Hearing the Soft Boys perform on FMU.
---> Picking up the reissues of Rahsaan Roland Kirk's "Volunteered Slavery" and "Blacknuss" (as a two-fer), and listening to him, over and over, while on vacation.

6. Cool reads:
--->Any issues of "Mojo", passed on to me by my brother, who also gave me a copy of "Me Talk Pretty One day" by David Sedaris, which had me laughing my ass off.
--->"Sick Puppy" and "Lucky You" (and anything else) by Carl Hiaasen.
--->"White Jazz" (and anything else) by James Ellroy.
--->"Positively 4th St: the Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Farina, and Richard Farina" by David Hajdu.
--->"Sleeping Where I Fall" by Peter Coyote.

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STEFAN (Thuesdays 2:00 - 6:00 AM)
  1. Hammers of Misfortune - The Bastard (CD)
  2. Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II by William Blum (book)
  3. John Curran IV & The Acoustic Sun Shamanic Raga Band (self titled CD)
  4. Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem - Cocktail Swing (CD)
  5. Scorn - Plan B (CD)
  6. The Post Corporate World: Life After Capitalism by David C. Korten (book)
  7. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Movie)
  8. Bowling for Columbine (Movie)
  9. (Streaming Internet Metal Radio)
  10. Don't F**k With Us Digital Hardcore Compilation (CD)

Top 10 Misc Runners up:

Kompressor - Crush Television (CD)
Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera & Takes from the Twilight World (CDs)
Canon PowerShot A50 (Digital Camera)
The Great Kat - Wagner's War (CD)
Cephalic Carnage - Lucid Interval (CD)
Spooks - S.I.O.S.O.S. (CD)
Wall Street Journal (Newspaper)
Sun O))) - Flight of the Behemoth (CD)
Harakiri - Twilight Of The Idols (CD)
John Zorn/ Cobra - Game Pieces Vol. 2 (CD)
Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein (CD)
Iron Maiden - Brave New World (CD)

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Webhamster Henry's Top 10 Imaginary hits of 2002

1. Macskak / Katze (Privat Aufnahme - 1985)
In 1985, near the end of the cold war, the casts of the Viennese and Hungarian translations of CATS met at the train stop Nickelsdorf - Hegyeshalom and sang various songs together simultaneously. This privately reissued remembrance is best at the beginning, with the two casts shouting at each other in English, things like "I love Andrew Lloyd Webber!"

2. Spun dry! (Clacker 2001)
Soundtrack from an instruction video for the Galleria washing machine is mixed with the rhythmic pulsing of that machine, sound bites from the Laundromat on 16th and 6th avenues.

3. Done to a Turn! (Theatre In Progress 2002)
Tryout production of a musical about cannibalism in the '60s suburbs. I guess it's trying to get in on the coattails of HAIRSPRAY. Best laffs: "Conspicuous Consumption" and "Having the Neighbors for Dinner"

4. Rasta Round the World (Dreadworld 2002)
The pervasiveness of reggae is documented in this phenomenal survey of Musicians from Aleut tribes, Yeti-hunters in Nepal, mudmen in Papua New Guinea, octogenarian gauchos in Patagonia, as well as trained elephants(!) in Thailand, all pulsing to the reggae beat, colored by their own native cultures!

5. Forbidden Dance (Ethnomusicology dept of UC Davis, private pressing, 2002)
A collection of forbidden dance music across history, with copious notes on how to do them and why they were banned.

6. Two Pints of Winona (Thr'penney, Kyhber & Hampton, 2002)
Contemporary pop and punk songs in Cockney Rhyming Slang - Someone might get really insulted by these if they could figure out what they were saying.

7. Prosperity For You and Me (Dr. Hess, 2001)
The good doctor is meant to be heard on headphones - one channel is telling you that you are competent, loving, capable, etc, which the other is whispering sales promotion material for his multi-level marketing empire.

8. The All Music Sampler (DVDemon, 2002)
Using the enhanced storage capacity of a DVD, this disk has MIDI versions of everything that has ever been transcribed to MIDI.

9. I Am Sitting Near A Terminal (P. I. Didkovsky, 2002)
The 21st century equivalent to Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting In A Room": A simple phrase is encoded to MP3, then to Ogg Vorbis, then back to MP3 hundreds of times until it's just an indecipherable digital mush.

10. Songs of the open road (ExMI 2002)
Finally on disk! Grooves were etched on highways all around the country in the 80s until the grant money ran out. As you drive over them, the melodies are realized in the vibrations of the tires and other loose parts of the car. With occasional dropouts due to road kill, potholes, etc, the songs etched in the landscape change over time. Some are even in stereo with the left and right sides of the car on different "tracks." It's startling to be driving along in Death Valley and suddenly hearing a surround-sound version of "Horse with No Name"!

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CHRIS T. (Fridays 6:00 - 7:00PM)
Chris T's Top Ten Crappy Things of 2002
  • 10: Ashcroft
  • 9: Commuter Tax coming back
  • 8. Dept. of Homeland Security becomes reality
  • 7. Poindexter
  • 6. Ralphie gets whacked
  • 5. WFUV trying to screw FMU again
  • 4. Goddamn cellphones with CAMERAS now
  • 3. Bush, George W.
  • 2. Stupid Democrats
  • 1. My last relationship

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  1. The Streets "Original Pirate Material" 2xLP
  2. Oneida "Each One Teach One" 2xLP
  3. The Fall "Vs. 2003" 7"
  4. LCD Soundsystem "Losing My Edge" b/w "Beat Connection" 12"
  5. Xiu Xiu "Knife Play" CD
  6. Edan "Primitive Plus" CD / "Sprain Your Tape Deck" 12" / "Fast Rap" CD-R
  7. The Rapture "House of Jealous Lovers" 12"
  8. Coachwhips "Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine" LP
  9. The movie "Adaptation"
  10. The movie "Jackass: The Movie"

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JOE BELOCK (Mondays Noon - 3:00 PM)
My list is here:

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DAN MACKTA (Sunday nights Midnight - 3:00 AM)
Laura Nyro reissue CDs (Legacy)
Hellacopters High Visibility and Cream of the Crap Vol. 1 (Gearhead Records)
Jimmy McDonough Shakey  (Neil Young book)
The Streets Original Pirate Material (Vice Recordings)
Bad Times Bad Times (Goner Records)
Cynics Living is the Best Revenge (Get Hip Records)
The Soundtrack of Our Lives live shows and Behind the Music (Universal)
James Luther Dickinson Free Beer Tomorrow (Artemis) and Dixie Fried reissue (Sepia Tone)
"24 Hour Party People" (movie)
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (tv show)
White Mana hamburgers, Jersey City, NJ (discovered by me during 2002)

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Yoshikazu Mera, countertenor, with Kikuko Ogura, piano. The sex is only in the sizzle; these lovely 20th Century song/poems, with their typically Japanese nature metaphors for love & longing hardly titillate the occidental imagination.

Schola Hungarica Chants are best presented in packages of themes or concepts, & this is a good one, music associated with the martyrs of various Rome churches, one of whom was roasted on a red hot grate.

City of Birmingham (England) Symphony Orchestra & Chorus Norman Del Mar, Conductor The marquee attraction is the title Toward the Unknown Region, - RVW's first big success (1908) - a grand choral song setting of Walt Whitman's "Darest Thou Now O Soul" from the "Whispers of Heavenly Death" section of Leaves of Grass. The Brits were the first to acknowledge Whitman's genius, & the first - I think the best - to give his poetry the broad musical wings it deserved.

Kurt Weill, Franz Schreker, Max Von Schillings, various German orchestras. A peculiar compilation from the Vox archives, but I like it for that. Weill: Suite from Threepenny Opera; the Mahoggony Songspeil ("Alabama Song"); "Quolibet" & the Concerto for Violin & Chamber Orchestra. Schrecker: "Mona Lisa," Von Schillings, a nifty ballet suit "Birthday of the Infanta."

Dorothy Dorow, Singer Rudolf Jansen, Pianists Who woulda thunk that over half of Der Kool Dodecameister's compositions are for voice? Or that beginning in 1926 a lovely poet-friend named Hildegard Jone would supply all his texts? Dorothy Dorow is the beautiful British songbird. 66 minutes, 35 songs.

Munich Chamber Orchestra, Cond; George Hlinka, Organ, Johann Biber Camerata Romana, Cond. Alberto Lizzio Handel was the only German talented enough to become a British pop superstar.

National Chamber Players Martinu, Jaroch, Villa-Lobos, Stravinsky, D'Indy Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, French Horn.

Shostakovich, Symphony #2, "A dedication to October, with final chorus to words by A. Bezymensky." Prokofiev, Cantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution. BBC Orchestra & Chorus conducted by Mark Elder. Even this 1937 score by Serge Prokofiev, a larger extravaganza than Alexander Nevsky, featuring accordion quartet, battle sound effects, bailalikas, words from Marx, Lenin & Stalin, failed to impress Stalin's Kulture Kummittee.

Austrian Radio Symphony Orchestra (ORF), Cond. Milan Horvat Incidental music for the play, "The Creatures of Prometheus." In the vinyl era, about 15 minutes were always cut from the score, which runs to 70 on CD.

Brant was a practical, amusing, & experimental composer. This recording shows all those qualities. His Hommage to the Three Marx Brothers is perfect.

Contemporary experimental vocal music from Spain. Altho I hardly understand a word (or syllable) of the texts, Abad's singing is gorgeous & occasionally astonishing.

Rimsky is generally known for Scheherazade & Capriccio Espanol & the Russian Overture & for his influence on Stravinsky. But he composed numerous operas, many of them fantastic stews of fairy tale & paganism bordering on surrealis.

13: MAHLER, SYMPHONY #7, "Lied der Nacht," CONDUCTED BY BRUNO MADERNA Hunt/Messaggeri Musicali A fascinating document- I'm not even sure I like. The great modern composer/conductor Maderna (d. 1973, age 53) wrestles with an unruly Vienna Symphony for the entire first movement before making them submit to his will (Recorded in 1967, mono, sounds like a decent aircheck tape cleaned up.

14. ARNOLD SCHOENBERG: ODE TO NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE OP. 41, for string quartet, piano & reciter (1943). Plus Anton Webern, String Quartet Op. 28 (1938); Igor Stravinsky, Three Pieces (1914), Concertina for String Quartet (1920). Nonesuch. The Claremont Quartet, Joanne Nickrenz / Piano, Bernard Jacobson / Reciter. A lost treasure for the old Nonesuch "bargain" catalogue circa 1970.

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BILL KELLY (Sundays 3:00 - 5:00 PM)
  1. The Crybabies "How The Other Half Lives"
  2. The Coffin Daggers (eponymous)
  3. The Manganzoides "Sobredosis De Horror"
  4. The Riviera Playboys "The Wild Untamed Sounds Of..."
  5. Ghoultown "Give 'em More Rope"
  6. The Charms "Listen To..."
  7. Sahara Hotnights "Jennie Bomb"
  8. The Greenhornes "Dual Mono"
  9. The Queers "Pleasant Screams"
  10. Joey Ramone "Don't Worry About Me"

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FABIO (Thursdays Noon - 3:00 PM)
N.A.D.M.A. - Uno Zingaro di Atlente con un Fiore a New York (1973, BMG/Ariola; CD 1991 RCA re-issue)
PHIL MUSRA GROUP - CREATOR SPACES (LP -1974 ORIGINAL, with PASTE-ON COVER) (INTEX rec.) [no re-issue to date]
VARIOUS - Ou Review (LP Box set, Alga Marghen, Italy, 2002)
RL - A collection of pieces by Rune Lindblad as well as interpretations of his work by other artists. Limited Edition set with booklet, LP and CD, Conceived by CM von Hausswolff (Frgfrabriken/Fireworks edition Record 2001, Stockholm)
ELIZABETH CLARE PROPHET & THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL AND TRIUMPHANT, INC. - The Sounds of the American Doomsday Cults, Vol. 14 - lp (Faithways)
RUFUS HARLEY - Re-Creation of the Gods lp (Ankh)
LCD Soundsystem - Loosing My Edge - 12" (DFA)
HENRY FLYNT - C-Tune - CD (Locust Music)
SUN RA & HIS SOLAR MYTH ARKESTRA - Solar Myth Approach 1 & 2 - CD (Fuel 2000, re-issue]
GEINOH YAMASHIROGUMI - Akira & Other Soundtrack Excerpts - CD, Japan
VARIOUS - Sapera: Snake Charmers of India - CD (Bona-Fi)

FILMS (in no particular order)
The Russian Ark - Directed by Alexander Sokurov
Songs from the Second Floor Directed by Roy Andersson (Sweden) [US screening, spring]
IL Posto - Directed by Ermanno Olmi (December US. re-release, original release 1961)
Adaptation - Directed by Spike Jones
Solaris Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky [Re-released early fall (Orig. release: 1972, (USSR)
The Secretary - Directed by Steven Shainberg
Punch-Drunk Love - Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Dark Passage - Directed by Delmer Daves, 1947 [with Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall]
Bowling for Columbine Directed by Michael Moore
Far from Heaven Directed by Todd Haynes
Talk to Her - Directed by Pedro Almodovar (Spain)
The Trials of Henry Kissinger Directed by Eugene Jarecki
Nine Queens Directed by Fabin Bielinsky (Argentina, 2000)
Gangster No. 1 - Directed by Paul McGuigan (video release in 2002, theatrical release in England in 2000 and briefly in the states in 2001)

Art and other stuff:
James Terrell Show at Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh (Summer/fall)
Doug Aitkin and Per Kirkeby shows at Louisiana Museum, Humlebaek, Denmark
Finnish Licorice
Adbuster Magazine
Chris Burden!!!
The Book of Tiki by Sven A. Kirsten (Taschen)
Danish Marzipan
Philips 423 portable record player
Paul McCarthy Show - Chelsea (fall)
Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park - Copenhagen, Denmark
David Bowie film/video retrospective at the Museum of Radio & Television in Manhattan
Recently discovered mid-sixties era William Eggelston Photos (on Scalo Books - Show to follow in 2003)

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1./2. James Schamus, "Seeing Narrative/Narratives of Seeing" and Coco Fusco, "Theories of Perception" (tie). Exactly what academia is for.
3. David B., _Epileptic 1_ (L'association). Best graphic novel ever? A strong candidate, anyway.
4. LCD Soundsystem, "Losing My Edge" (DFA). The soundtrack to my entire aesthetic experience of this year.
5. Melt-Banana, "Monkey Man" (Fork In Hand) and live. The older they get, the weirder, faster, stronger, tighter and more joyful they get.
6. Grant Morrison et al., _The Invisible Kingdom_ (Vertigo). The world's weirdest comic book writer explains his personal cosmology.
7. Wire, _Read & Burn 01_ and _Read & Burn 02_ (Pink Flag). "Concept first, then song" has never rocked this hard before.
8. Rachel Hartman, _Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming_ (Pug House Press). An "amateur" graphic novel in the best sense--I found myself rooting for the author.
9. Out Hud, "Dad, There's A Little Phrase Called Too Much Information" (Kranky) and live. Brittle, retro, yes, absolutely: they have T.H.E.G.R.O.O.V.E.
10. David Best, "The Temple of Joy." Wow. Just wow.

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BOB BRAINEN (Saturdays 7:00 - 9:00 PM)
01. Wildweeds-No Good to Cry: The Best of... (Confidential Recordings)
02. Beth Orton-Daybreaker (Astralwerks)
03. NRBQ-Atsa My band (Edisun)
04. Erica Smith-Friend or Foe (Listen Here)
05. P.J. O'Connell-Happy-Go-Lucky (Edi-sun)
06. Chad and Jeremy-Of Cabbages and Kings (Sundazed)
07. OH OK-The Complete Recordings (Collector's Choice)
08. Various Japanese Bands-That's Neat, That's Nice: Tribute to NRBQ (My Satelite-Japan)
09. Richard X. Heyman-Basic Glee (Turn Up!)
10. Creedence Clearwater Revival-Box Set (for finally giving us the Blue Velvets and Golliwogs stuff, including unissued Golliwogs!) (Collector's Choice)

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ANDY WALTZER (Occassional DJ Out to Pasture)
Halloween this year proved to be the finest and most celebratory holiday I've ever experienced. Throughout the week there was pumpkin carving, pie eating, scary movies, dark stories (I wrote my first short story ever), a bonifre, a beautiful Legendary Pink Dots show, and a party where I won a $100 gift certificate for scariest costume, although I was aiming for sexy (I was a bible carrying mormon lady evangelist).

Having moved from the city (NY) to rural Minnesota, it is trying when you feel alive and anxious for adventure. Head to the bar and it's the same folks as every other day, except for those in camouflage during a deer hunting break. However, through boredom the natural attributes of the area opened themselves up to me. It might be nice at the local bar in NY or NJ, but once in a while you should experience getting drunk at the foot of a waterfall.

Coming to FMU after being deprived of it for so long, is so much fun, and I plan to visit (& hopefully do a show or several) at least once a season. Also, the Sept. 11 time span shows were brilliant; getting through all the fucked-upness to the joy of being able to listen to and love excellent music.

While I'm not sure I could handle it myself, I have lots of respect for my friends out here who live way out apart from town, and exist without electricity. Lots of hard work is involved (mostly growing produce for local 'subscribers' in what is called a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture) but then there's the swimming hole, the beauty, and the satisfaction of carving your own way apart from the definitions of others.

I considered the story of Dracula to be a little too familiar to actually inspire the fear and tension of the stage version I attended (and attended again and again). The pulse racing, the (literal) gasping, and the unease I considered the story of Dracula to be a little too familiar to actually inspire the fear and tension of the stage version I attended (and attended again and again). The pulse racing, the (literal) gasping, and the unease I experienced come down to a nearly inhumanely powerful performance by Leanna Hieber. A stirring and stunning performance from a brilliant actor, it's become permannently lodged in my senses.

It's easy to feel self conscious before letting loose at a dance club, but if you get over it- god damn, the results are worth while! And, one night while completely in the throes of the music, someone came up to me and yelled "you dance like a fucking queen". Which made it all worthwhile.

...or whatever word can be used for anyone with a brain and/or heart who opposes the bullshit the government is trying to force feed us. It's easy to feel like there's a big boot aiming to crush us these days, but there's an inspiration in not being alone, and doing what you can.

It feels really good to play piano, whether or not you know how (just hit every other key to start with). Sometimes playing with your fist on the keys is nice, sometimes with the pinkie.

There's a giant statue of a green trout in the neighboring town to mine (Preston, MN). Perhaps I've been out in the country too long, but I've sorta started thinking of it as my friend. In a related bout of mentally questionable behavior, baby food has been tasting excellent lately (it's textures are very nice and soothing when you are stoned, by the way).

Here are some of my favorite cd or lp releases of last year: 1) Baby Dee: Love's Small Song, 2) Safe Home: Safe Home, 3) Linda Smith: Emily's House, 4) Scarlets Well: Alice In The Underworld, 5) Current 93: Sleep Has It's House (released earlier then last year, but I just got it and fell in love), 6) Rebecca Hall: Sunday Afternoon, 7) Bows: Cassidy, 8) Azure Ray: Burn and Shiver, 9) The Iditarod: The Ghost, The Elf, The Cat and The Angel, 10) Faun Fables: Mother Twilight

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DJ Jesuspants (Re:Mixology)
Top Ten Remixes of 2002:
Lisa's Got Hives by Conway
Marshall Got Snookered by Freelance Hairdresser
The Theme I Love by Soundhog
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby - Rae & Christian
Close To You by DJ Jesuspants
Rawhide by Lutajuci DJ Zdena
Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk by Stark Effect
ESG - Moody (Spaced Out version)
Add N to (X) - Invasion of the Polaroid People
Push It / No Fun by Soulwax

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KEN (Wednesday Mornings 9am to Noon)
Barra Barra by Rachid Taha (Black Hawk Down Soundrack)
Mr. Ed by Ralf Paulsen
Otomo Yoshihide Plays The Music of Takeo Yamashita
American Livestock Auctioneer Champions 1963-2002
American Family Radio Public Service Announcement: Grandpa
Mum - Green Grass of Tunnel
The Suzie Trio
JesusChristo Superstar
Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Akira and other Soundtracks
Ake Sandin - Forlorad | Toner

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TERRE T (Friday Afternoons 3pm to 6pm)
Best Faves for 2002
1.COBRA VERDE - riot industry + 4 ep (self-released; coming out in april 2003 on muscletone)
2.ROGERS SISTERS - Purely Evil (troubleman)
3.IMPERIAL TEEN - on (merge)
4.REIGNING SOUND - time bomb high school (in the red)
5.LO-HI - say it more (tigerstyle)
6.BEEHIVE AND THE BARRACUDAS - plastic soul with the white apes (swami)
7.KO + THE KNOCKOUTS - self-titled (sftri)
8.GREENHORNES - dual mono (telstar)
9.LOST SOUNDS - outtakes and demos volume 1 (hate (italy))
10.PIRANHAS - erotic grit movies (in the red)
11.CHINO - Living Room (
12.THE MODEY LEMON - s/t (A-F)
13.SPOON - kill the moonlight (merge)
14.ALLEN CLAPP - available light (march)
15.SOUL JUNK - 1957 (sounds are active)

THE KILLS - black rooster ep (dim mak)
DEERHOOF - reveille (5RC)
TIGER MOUNTAIN - Analog Heads Gone French (Lucky Cat)
LAURA CANTRELL - when the roses bloom again (diesel only)
COMET GAIN - realistes (krs)
LADYTRON - light+magic (emperor norton)
A FRAMES - self-titled (ss/dragnet - to be reissued on CD)
PEELANDER-Z - p-bone steak (
QUAILS - atmosphere (inconvenient press)
BLANK STARES - self-titled (blank stares)
ADD N TO X - loud like nature (mute)
JASON LOEWENSTEIN - at 6s and 7s (sub pop)
MR AIRPLANE MAN - moanin (sftri)
LIARS/ONEIDA - atheists reconsider (arena rock)
ERASE ERRATA/NUMBERS split 3" cd (tigerbeat 6)
ELF POWER - Creatures (spinART)
TINA + THE TOTAL BABES - she's so tuff (sftri)
PAYBACKS - knock loud (get hip)
HENTCHMEN - 3 times infinity (norton)
HOT HOT HEAT - make up the breakdown (sub pop)

HOMEWORK VOL 8 (hyped 2 death)
20 YEARS OF DISCHORD (dischord)
TROY GREGORY - sybil (fall of rome)
LAGUNA TUNES (Blackheart/Mercury)

FLAMING GROOVIES - 1971-73 slow death (norton)
A CERTAIN RATIO - early (souljazz)
CRUSHED BUTLER - uncrushed (dig the fuzz. orig '69-'71, cd reish)
DANCING CIGARETTES - collection 1980-81 (gulcher)
ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS - day the earth met... (smogveil)
MUMMIES - never been caught (telstar)
THEORETICAL GIRLS - theoretical record (acute)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - hot charity/cut+play (swami)
MIRRORS - hands in my pockets (overground)
BLUE ORCHIDS - darker bloom (cherry red)
HIGH RISE - best of (psf)
STYRENES - it's still artastic (roir)

ESG - step off (soul jazz)
CONSONANT - self-titled (fenway)
WIRE - read+burn (pink flag)

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