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Related to WFMU Radio Programs:

WFMU Homepages -
The ever-growing list of pages written by WFMU DJs .  

Beware of the Blog -
WFMU's Blog features the ruminations of many of our DJs, plus MP3s, links, WFMU news, listener comments and much more.

Irene Trudel's recommended listening list -
Artists that matter to her--she knows.  

Doug Schulkind's links -
A truly freeform list links Doug-style.  

Kenny G's links -
More avant links than you can shake a megafundum knockonacow at!  

Perfect Sound's WFMU Interview -
with Station Manager Ken & Music Director Brian!!!  

The Way Back Machine - WFMU-style -
An incomplete archive of the WFMU homepage, 1996-2002.  

Blast Of Hot Air -
Subscribe to WFMU's monthly newsletter!  

Freeform Partners in Crime:

90.3 FM Newton, MA  

Tufts University freeform  

Resonance 104.4fm -
Eclectic experimental programming from the people behind the London Musicians Collective. Former hosts of London Underground, which aired on WFMU 1999-2000.  

Free 103point9 -
Brooklyn's free-pioneers host great live events and offer a wealth of info on the NYC underground.  

WREK 91.1 FM -
Georgia Tech's freeform station with a heavy accent on free jazz.  

John Peel -
The late BBC godfather of radio greatness inspired us by playing music to please no one. He will be missed.  

KDVS, Davis, CA -
UC Davis Freeform Radio  

WPKN, Bridgeport, CT -
Long-running independent freeform voice that spawned WFMU's Irwin and Dave the Spazz  

KALX, Berkeley, CA -
UC Berkeley Freeform Radio  

KFJC, Los Altos Hills CA -
San Francisco Bay Area radio  

WCBN-FM Ann Arbor 88.3 -
University of Michigan Freeform Radio  

Freeform Radio, WESU Middletown -
Wesleyan Freeform Radio  

All Mixed Up -
WBAI's freeform radio show with Peter Bochan  

Noises We Like:

Alan Watts -
Source for the Zenmaster's recordings, literature.  

Outsider Music Mailing List -
To hold you over in between listening to Incorrect Music archives.  

Soulful Detroit -
Dedicated to documenting Detroit's 60s and 70s soul scene.  

Sonic Youth -
Lots of good info, links, archives, and catch their studio webcam at the right time and you'll see one of 'em cooking up some dinner.  

Dokaka -
Japanese acapella great, taking on Iron Maiden, Slayer, Stevie Wonder, and more, multitracking all vocal and instrumental parts.  

Go Home Productions -
The home page for Go Home Productions, one of the most prolific and inspired remixers out there.  

William S. Burroughs -
A web memorial.  

Chris Morris -
Brasseye/Blue Jam/The Day Today UK comic genius's site with MP3s and excerpts of the radio shows that got many Brits, well, really upset.  

The Conet Project -
Spotlight on the mysterious Shortwave Numbers stations.  

Funk45.com -
Funk45.com contains over 2000 audio clips of rare funk and soul 45 rpm singles recorded in the late 60s and early 70s with regular contributions fro the world's top funk DJs and collectors.  

Patrick's Disco and Funk Page -
Serious history and photo gallery of disco mixing and editing, disco mixer bootlegs, and acetates  

Soundquake -
Dancehall and reggae specialist.  

American Song-Poem Music Archive -
Wild results of set your poem to music.  

Burt Bachrach: A House Is Not A Homepage -
Our favorite schlockmeister genius. (No, really--seriously--Burt is God to us.)  

The First Viennese Vegetable Orchestra -
The first Viennese Vegetable Orchestra consists exclusively of vegetable-based instruments. This creates an autonomous and totally novel type of sound which cannot be achieved with conventional musical instruments.  

Costes -
Don't ask....  

Raymond Scott -
Bugs Bunny meets hot jazz. Edited by our own Irwin!  

Jaap Blonk -
Cross a duck with a transistor radio and what do you get? Jaap Blonk, of course! WFMU's favorite madman sound poet!!  

Takayuki Nakano -
You've heard him a million times on WFMU: the Japanese guy who recites James Joyce, while accompanying himself on drums! The avant-garde Sam Ulano!  

Om Kalthoum -
Egypt's Maria Callas. The greatest pop singer to emerge from the Arab world.  

Sun Ra -
Welcome to Saturn, the Web home of Sun Ra and his protean Arkestra.  

Survival Research Labs -
Builders of fantastic and dangerous killer robots.  

The Official Coyle & Sharpe Homepage -
60s Bay Area Pranksters. Audio, interviews, and transcriptions of the most outrageous man-on-the-street interviews ever!  

Electronic Music Studios (1969-1979) -
The EMS homepage traces the history, products and influential users of this eccentric and innovative UK-based synth lab. Includes specs and photos of of their now highly collectible whooshers and swooshers.  

European Free Improv Page -
From Robert Wyatt, Derek Bailey, Phil Minton to present-day masters.  

The Erik Satie Homepage -
The early Modernist who only ate white food, wore gray velvet suits, and wrote the first conceptual music.  

EVP Recorded Ghost Voices -
They may be dead, but they can still make mp3's.  

Some Labels We Love (and places to get their sounds):

Fusetron -
Chris Freeman's excellent outlet for various experimental/noise/improv ephemera in any format imaginable. Often the only place to find some really limited releases.  

Volcanic Tounge -
David Keenan and Heather Leigh Murray's UK mailorder for more sublime underground sounds. CDRs, Japanese undergound, nice guest-writing.  

Princeton Record Exchange -
One of the largest independent new and used record stores in the USA, and a favorite of WFMU staff and listeners.  


Tamizdat -
Great source for mail order for Eastern European avant-rock.  

Both Sides Now Discography Page -
Fantastic reference site featuring hundreds of U.S. label discographies and label stories.  

Tumult Records -
Black metal to Japanese & Finnish psych to earnest folk-country, Tumult has one of the most diverse and excellent rosters of the 21st century.  

Smells Like Records -
Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth's label puts out very cool SY releases plus tons of great singer/songwriter fare.  

Warp -
Premiere British electronica.  

AUM Fidelity -
Vital link to New York's free jazz underground, includes distribution of our own Sinners' Crossroads host Kevin Nutt's fantastic Case Quarter label.  

Atavistic -
No wave reissues, the Unheard Music Series of classic obscure free jazz, and more.  

Relapse -
Music from the pits of hell!  

Fylkingen -
Electro-acoustic & sound poetry.  

Eremite -
New England avant-jazz label.  

Soothing sounds for rabies.  

World Serpent -
Nurse With Wound, Coil, Current 93 et al.  

Dusty Groove -
Not a label, but a great store!  

Other Music -
A trove of treasures for both music and info.  

Breakbeat Science -
Unbeatable NYC D & B source.  

Lovely Music, Ltd. -
Downtown NYC's edgiest New Music Label.  

Arf! Arf! Records -
Hey--Lucia Pamela and 60s Garage Rock. Need we say more?  

Soleilmoon Catalog -
Spoken Word, noise and arcane Imports.  

New Albion Records -
A veritable New Music resource site and serious, serious label.  

Aquarius Records (Record Store) -
Great music and excellent descriptions of new releases in stock.  

Forced Exposure -
One of the greatest avant mail-order and distribution joints in the world. All sort of tiny and obsucre goodies for yer grabbin'!  

Mode Records -
The home of Berio, Xenakis, Cage, and Feldman.  

Megaphone -
Fred Frith, Jon Rose, Tim Hodgkinson, Henry Cow, Jad Fair. You get the drift...  

Thirsty Ear -
Home of the Blue Series Continuum where jazz finds a new identity.  

Descarga -
Latin music!  

Stereolaffs -
Home of the Best Show on WFMU's audio wares.  

Yod.com -
Byron Coley's mailorder gives you your hefty dose of hard-to-find free jazz/psych/folk/noise vinyl and CDs, plus a huge catalogue of independent underground literature.  

Quakebasket -
NYC musician Tim Barnes' fine assortment of experimental and improvised sounds, including Angus MacLise recordings.  

Film Score Monthly -
Terrific assortment of soundtrack releases and reissues.  

Norton Records -
Link Wray, Hasil Adkins, Flamin' Groovies and more in their amazing catalog. Plus hundreds of non-label distributed items for the fans of the wild and greasy.  

Daptone Records -
Great modern-day funk label based in NYC.  

Hyped 2 Death -
Chuck Warner's homegrown reissue label of classic US & UK 80s post-punk/DIY comps.  

Bulb Records -
One of the premier purveyors of US bizarro-rock.  

Telstar -
Hoboken's home of garage, punk, R&B, surf, soul and just good old Rock N Roll.  

Dark Beloved Cloud -
Enigmatic and esoteric pop-rock-miscellaneous.  

Tigerbeat 6 -
Kid 606's electronic explosion.  

Soul Jazz -
Premier UK reissue label for Jamaican, No Wave, post-punk, Downtown Disco and more.  

Load Records -
Providence art-noise attack!  

Carpark Records -
Great NYC electronica label, with side releases of classic 80s downtown/ art/electro-punk.  

Diesel Records -
Brooklyn's finest merchants of trucker tunes, plus our own Radio Thrift Shop hostess Laura Cantrell's music.  

Delmark Records -
Contemporary and classic sounds from the Chicago avant-jazz, bop, and blues spheres.  

Tuff City -
NYC label with soul/funk/R&B reissues, including the Funky Delicacies and Night Train imprints. Some of the best New Orleans obscurities out there as well.  

Menlo Park Recordings -
Twisted NYC label, home to Bunnybrains, Deerhoof and more.  

Hip Hop Slam -
Billy Jam's collective showcases some of the best in West Coast MCs/turntablists, compilations with great concepts as well.  

Stones Throw -
Peanut Butter Wolf's mad mix of West Coast new-funk, turntablists, obscure soul reissues and more.  

Cherry Red -
Home of vintage UK 70s punk reissues, plus the RPM catalog of fantastic 60s pop, garage, and psych chestnuts, and Rev-Ola's obscuro vault-digging.  

Ersatz Audio -
They were electro before you were electro  

Jewelled Antler -
West Coast producers of beautiful, handmade CDs and CDRs of all sizes for the true connoissuer of drones, field recordings, and miniature sounds of all types.  

Eclipse Records -
Arizona psych-mailorder that has grown into one of the most prolific exponents of interesting underground sounds.  

Gemm -
Premiere search engine for finding that special record out there amongst the many stores dialed into its database.  

Downtown Music Gallery -
East Village's best spot for hard-to-find improvised music, prog, and more. Distributor for John Zorn's Tzadik label.  

Crypt -
Paint-peeling punk, great soul and funk reissues and a massive non-label mailorder bonanza for your pickin'.  

Mimaroglu Music -
Hrvatski's excellent electronic music mail-order site.  

The WFMU Recommended Brain Twisting Reading Room:

Feral House -
CDs and books in true underground style. Reads on bubblegum, black metal, kooks, snitchy neighbors, hardcore, true crime and more.  

Ptolemaic Terrascope -
Heaps of interviews with bands WFMU loves.  

Adbusters -

Weird New Jersey -
Finally! Our home state zine online!  

Perfect Sound Forever -
The web's most intelligent music zine.  

Fantagraphics -
Home of Jimmy Corrigan, Robt. Williams, and Peter Bagge. Our kind 'o comix.  

Essential Media -
Thousands of books from Beat poetry to Betty Page pinups.  

The UbuWeb Insane and Found Poetry Page -
A trove of found gems off the streets of NYC!  

Disinformation -
Canadian-based culture web-zine, tons of great links.  

The Baffler -

Trouser Press -

Stay Free -
Engaging, often funny views on commercialism and American culture.  

Arthur -

Detritus -
Dedicated to recycled culture.  

The Wire -
The outer bounds of music explored in depth monthly.  

Illegal Art -
Freedom of expression in the corporate age examined.  

Dusted Magazine -
Otis Hart's swell music-zine, full of reviews and great favorite-listening lists from artists weekly.  

Last Gasp -

Roctober -

Grunnen Rocks -
Great database of modern day garage & punk, and where to find it.  

Sound Projector -

Signal To Noise -

BB Gun -
Great read from onetime Sonic Youth/Pussy Galore/Knoxville Girls stickman Bob Bert, whom we see at the Post Office in Hoboken all the time. Sometimes they give us his mail by accident, but we give it back.  

Head Heritage -
Julian Cope's psychedelic site for his furry freak brothers.  

Future of Music Coalition -
The Future of Music Coalition is a not-for-profit collaboration between members of the music, technology, public policy and intellectual property law communities, seeking to educate the media, policymakers, and the public about music/technology issues, while also bringing together diverse voices in an effort to come up with creative solutions to some of the challenges in this space.  

The Arbitrary Guide to Urban Popular Culture:

The Arbitrary Guide to Popular Culture -
WFMU's weekly updates of live events in/around NYC/NJ.  

Tonic -
Smart, adventurous and cozy NYC club.  

The Knitting Factory -
The Knit Fac features lively improvisors, odd little shows in their AlterKnit space, special events and festivals.  

77 WABC -
The Greatest Top Forty Music Radio Station of All Time!  

The Roadside America HomePage -
Thinking of hitting the road? Check this site for FMU-style places 'cross the country.  

The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository -
The Authentic Aircheck Museum of Top 40 Radio. Nearly 1,000 airchecks of vintage recordings celebrating the golden age of Top 40 radio, 1955 to 1975. Includes broadcast segments, jingles, commercials, newscasts, occasional vintage pop hits and hyperspeed patter.  

Anthology Film Archives -
NYC's cinematic treasure-overseers.  

Maxwell's -
Hoboken's hot spot.  

Museum of Television and Radio -
Home of endless archives, and sometimes host for WFMU live specials.  

Roulette -
Showcase for international composers from around the world.  

Film Forum -
New York nonprofit house of independent premieres and repertory programming.  

Our Type of Oddness:

Otis F. Fodder: 365 Days -
The Bran Flakes' Mr. Otis F. Odder collected a new MP3 for every day of 2003 for download; musical, spoken-word and 100% strange.  

The Art of Art Frahm -
A curious second-rate pin-up artist from the forties and fifties who was obsessed with fallen panties and celery stalks.  

The Covers Project -
A database of cover songs, including cover "chains" (a set of songs in which each song i s aover of a song by the band who covered the preceding song). Includes over 21,000 songs (over 11,000 unique) and over 8,300 artists.  

Hillbilly Music -
Loads and loads of bios and photos of Hillbilly artists and DJs from days gone by.  

Neoism -
The United Akademgorod Data Cells of Neoism  

Boombox Museum -
A detailed walk through boombox history, from the Seventies through the Golden Age of the early Eighties, when giant ghetto blasters roamed the streets, on to the sad, puny models of the late Eighties.  

Urban Legends -
Alligators in the sewers, Deaths at Disneyland... They all live here.  

Something Weird -
Video Sexploitation Flicks, Grade B Horror Vids, Drivers Ed Car Crash flicks: the strangest collection of videos anywhere!!  

120 Years of Electronic Instruments -
An incredible resource listing + cataloging all sort of electronic instruments. Pictures included!  

Incredibly Strange Religous Records -
Ho boy! With titles like I Am Lucifer and God's Message To A Fast Dying World, you know it's gonna be trouble!  

Shut Up Little Man! -
The twisted gay adventures of Raymond + Peter. We'd love to play this on WFMU but the FCC won't allow it...  

Interesting Ideas -
Your one-stop shop for commentary and examples of outsider art or eccentric ideas. Tributes to ruins and signage on the American roadside, Ernie Bushmiller, the genius of Don Knotts and Tony Franciosa, Your guide to Semi-trailers and likewise links. Presented with fond reverence and enthusiasm rather than a wink and a nudge.  

Famous People with Mental Illness -
NAMI, the mental illness advocacy group, has compiled a thought-provoking list of famous people, mostly artists, who lived with mental illness. Bipolar? Not the end of the world; you could be another Beethoven. Depressed? Cheer up; you could be a great playwright like Eugene O'Neill.  

John Kendall's Vintage Electronics -
Tons of other fine vintage electronic goods (tube radios, TVs, walkie-talkies, aviation communications equipment, etc.) can be found here at reasonable prices, and the stock is updated almost daily.  

Conelrad -
The site devoted to ATOMIC CULTURE past and present but without all the distracting and pedantic polemics. The Day After Trinity is now and forever more and the men behind CONELRAD will reflect that reality here.  

The Skeptic's Dictionary -
If you're puzzled or fearful about chupacabras, Occam's razor, trepanation or zombies, this is the place to go for reassurance that there's a rational explanation for everything.  

Language Removal -
A most overdue service to society.  

Bizarre Record Covers -
Tons of crazy album graphics grouped by theme.  

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