Welcome to the former Audio Kitchen webpage

That's right, this is the OLD page for the Audio Kitchen. The show has returned to the air this summer, but you won't find the new archives here. Here's where to find the new Audio Kitchen webpage, with recent news and new archives.  So update your bookmarks.

However, if you're looking for the old archives, they're still here for a few seconds. I've left them up here because there's been some demand to be able to access these old shows. Listen while you can, and if you're really crazy and want to download these realaudio files, email me quick and I'll help you out. They won't be around for long.

But please do check out the new page. The new shows are organized thematically, and playlists are posted.

It's a new season of amateur noise and I hope you can join me. I'm on the air in my old time slot, Wednesday nights at 7, right after Seven Second Delay. And if you've been hoarding some great amateur audio, please consider sending it my way. Here's the address:

The Audio Kitchen
c/o WFMU
PO Box 2011
Jersey City, NJ  07303

I'm excited about this summer. Let's have some fun.

The Professor

All archives are in RealPlayer G2 format.    Download RealPlayer here.

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