WFMU Blue Volume 1, with The Dirty Duck

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A freeform forway into words and sounds that federal language regulations forbid us from broadcasting over the airwaves, now legally brought to your ears through the miracle of webcasting. For adult ears only!

All archives are in RealPlayer G2 format. Download RealPlayer here.

Hear this show!

Pussy Galore: "Cunt Tease"
Phone Crazy: "Barkless Dog"
Tiger Lillies: "Hamsters"
Raymond & Peter: "I Am a Killing Motherfucker"
The Frogs: "Hot Cock Annie"
Maggie Jones (w/Louis Armstrong): "Anyone Here Want to Try My Cabbage"
Marianne Faithfull: "Why'd Ya Do It"
T. Valentine: "Hello, Lucille, Are You a Lesbian?"
Adam Green: "Steak For Chicken"
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis: "The Caddy" (promo outtakes)
Elizabeth Taylor: Bloopers from "General Hospital"
Tommy Lasorda: outtakes
The Troggs: In-studio bickering
Great Phone Calls: "I'm In Your Band"
Howlin' Banana: "Learn That Parrot to Talk pt 1"
Necro: "The Most Sadistic"
Raymond & Peter
Icon: "Those Were the Days"
Great Phone Calls: "A Special Request"

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