Brian Turner's Playlist for February 20, 2001
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(*) denotes new cut

Los Dug Dugs "Make It Now" (Los Dug Dugs)
Love Live Life Plus One "Facts About It All" (Love Will Make a Better You)
Bus Driver "Everybody's Stylin'" (Get On the Bus)*
The Avalanches "Frontier Psychiatrist" (Since I Left You)*

Job's Daughters "(Unknown Cantonese film theme)" (7")
Bevis Frond "National Drag" (Vavona Burr)
Prolapse "Fob.Com" (Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes)
Suicide "96 Tears (live)" (CBGB 1977)
The Mometers "I Gotta Walk" (Meet the Mometers)

Lightning Bolt "13 Monsters" (Ride the Sky)*
Desperate Bicycles "I Make the Product" (Desperate Bicycles)
Spoon "Take a Walk" (Girls Can Tell)*
Soulive "Uncle Junior" (Turn It Out)*
Giofranco Plenzio & Volunteer Vinay "Grigioperla" (Various: Easy Tempo 1)

Debra Petrovitch "Dislocated" (Various: Extreme Music From Women V.1)
Seth Josel "Go Guitars" (Go Guitars)
Kyle Bruckmann "Track 12" (Entymology)*
Pete Brown & Piblokto "Flying Hero Sandwich" (Things May Come and Things May Go, But the Art School Dance Goes On Forever)

Rick Benson "Love Serenade" (Live on Tom Scharpling's Show)*
Senor Coconut "Upper Mambo/Lower Funk" (El Gran Baile)*
AK Klosowski & Pyrolator "China First On Mars" (Home Taping Is Killing Music)
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys "Night Driving" (Surf's Up)*
Carnival In Coal "Baker Street" (French Cancan)

Delarosa & Asora "Wiffle" (Agony Pt 1)*
Burning Rome "We Gather Much Noise Here" (Whistler's Bombardier)*
Nico "Ari's Song" (Marble Index)
024C "Untitled" (Live at the Sweatshop)*
Sun City Girls "Bustin' Up Mogok" (Sumatran Electric Chair)*

Thai Elephant Orchestra "Rainforest" (Thai Elephant Orchestra)*
Fushitsusha "Magic I" (Allegorical Misunderstanding)
Granfaloon Bus "Believers" (Good Funeral Weather)*
The Frogs "Bad Daddy" (Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise)*
Asmus Tietchens "Dau 45" (7")*
Q-Electronic "Excerpts" (Drum Buddy Volume 1)*
Groove Robbers "Flashback" (Various: Turntables By the Bay V1)*

Matmos "California Rhinoplasty" (A Chance To Cut Is a Chance To Cure)*
Bomb the Bass & Lali Puna "Recut" (Clear Cut)*

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