Brian Turner's Playlist for January 16, 2001
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(*) denotes new cut

John Schnall "Baby Elephant Walk" (More Songs From Midnight Matinee)*
Third World War "Preaching Violence" (Third World War)
Koenjijyakkei "Avedumma (live)" (Various: Magaibutsu Vol. 2)

Mugo "Organise" (Various: Planet Funk 2)*
Oscar Noreiga's Play Party "Kashikoi Hito (Wise Old Man)" (Luciano's Dream)*
Death By Chocolate "If You Want To Sing Sing Out" (Death By Chocolate)*
Camper Van Beethoven "I Love Her All the Time" (II & II Plus)
Slapp Happy "Jumping Jonah" (Sort of)

Bunnybrains "The Jazzercist" (Kunnekt Thuh Kutz)*
Noisegate "Solar Eclipse" (Towers Are Burning)
Coil "Broken Aura" (Various: Emre/Dark Matter)*
Tied & Tickled Trio "DB Rmx 1/Max.Ernst Remix" (EA1 EA2 Remixes)*

Kenneth Rexroth "State & 32nd" (Various: Beat Jazz)*
Biz Markie "Make the Music With Your Mouth Biz" (Best of)*
Lightning Bolt "Untitled" (Various: Live from the Devil's Triangle 3)*
Gexa X "I Hate Punks" (You Goddam Kids)
The Gossip "Bones" (That's Not What I Heard)*
Orchester Wolf Gabbe "Swinging Nordwest" (Various: Pop Shopping 1)*

The Lowdown "Dance Punks" (Revolver II)
The Neckbones "Reckless Night" (The Lights Are Getting Dim)*
Larry Dirty "I Had a Girl" (7")*
Morphus "Highway Rocker" (-)
Destroy All Monsters "What Do I Get?" (Bored)

Matthew Shipp's New Orbit "Paradox X" (Matthew' Shipp's New Orbit)*
Celluloid Mata "Cinematic Haunts of the Intense Claustrophobic Goosander" (Mix Oscillations)
Trevor Wishart "Red Bird (excerpt)" (Red Bird)*
Frantics "The Whip" (Various: Louie's Limbo Lounge)
John Schnall "Go To Hell" (More Songs from Midnight Matinee)*
DQE "Halloween Songs" (Queen of Mean)*

Micranots "Preparations" (Obelisk Movements)*
Joe McPhee "Shakey Jake" (Nation Time)
David Tibet & Steven Stapleton "The Dead Side of the Moon" (Octopus)
Inu-Yaroh "Adapt" (Adapt)

Chicks on Speed "Strobe Light" (Chix-52)*
Kimya Dawson "Time To Think" (Knock-Knock Who?)*
Arthur Russell "Just a Blip" (Another Thought)
Cheval de Frise "Les Canaux Sanb Ouverts" (Cheval de Frise)*
Stickmen "Paralyser" (Insatiable)*
Brown Whornet "Ice Knife" (Brown Whornet)
Black Dice "Untitled" (Black Dice)

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