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Irene Moon
Wednesday, August 17th, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
Do or DIY with People Like Us
Irene Moon and the Auk Theater love drama, insects, crime, and examinations. All of these elements make great theater and all occurred at Princess Ann High School documented in the yearbook created to archive the 1963-1964 school year. Irene found the record in a thrift store in early 2011, but had no idea the demon she uncovered! Of course, these elements could only be discovered in the recording by reading between the lines, backmasking, and interviewing people who know a lot about many things. The new historical drama is filled with music from Nine Fingered Thug, Juules Trakker, Yellow Tears, Secret Boyfriend, Kites, Kevin Blechdom, and, naturally, Lawrence Welks. 

Irene Moon is an entomologist at North Carolina State University who participates in music and theater. She has the duel focus to advance appreciation of art in the halls of science; as a means of connecting the public to entomology and increasing awareness of the art and creativity intrinsic to the scientific process.

Find out more information about Irene Moon, Auk Theater and the Begonia Society at

Michael Barclay
Wednesday, August 17th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Nardwuar The Human Serviette Show
Interview with author Michael Barclay (Toronto, ON) about his book "Have Not Been the Same: The Canrock Renaissance, 1985-1995!" Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

Gaye Advert of the Adverts
Tuesday, August 16th, 2011, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Gaye Advert, original bassist of the Adverts, and punk icon will be presenting a set of music, talking a bit about what music she finds inspiring nowadays, and life as an Advert then and now! Tune in to this edition of "Peer Pressure," heard weekly on Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine, and get on the live comments board and tell Gaye how much you adore her!!!

Eurock founder Archie Patterson fills in for Tony Coulter on Give the Drummer Radio
Tuesday, August 16th, 2011, Noon - 3pm
Tony Coulter's show (on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Archie Patterson's Eurock, founded in 1973, was the first U.S. music magazine to cover the then-new krautrock scene, as well as the music of then-unknown progressive and experimental acts like Heldon, Lard Free, and Urban Sax. In the early '80s Archie formed Eurock Distribution and the Eurock label, which put out classic cassette-only releases by the likes of Ilitch, Pascal Comelade, and the Plastic People of the Universe. In 2009, Tony Coulter interviewed Archie for Beware of the Blog. Now Archie returns the favor by filling in during Tony's slot on WFMU's alternate stream Give the Drummer Radio. Tune in as Archie spins music by some of the artists he helped discover.

Joe Bataan
Tuesday, August 16th, 2011, 6am - 9am
Marty McSorley's show
Latin Soul legend Joe Bataan takes time before his Summer Stage show in Central Park to talk about his over 40-year carrer that took him from Boogaloo to Disco Rap and back again.

Dark Night of the Dusty Soul featuring Clay Pigeon
Tuesday, August 16th, 2011, 3am - 6am
Dark Night of the Soul with Julie
After a year of Julie's frequent visits to The Dusty Show, Clay Pigeon finally gets payback by invading Dark Night. Will he be able to tolerate the bursts of "upside down bat music?" Will she be able to tolerate his non sequiturs? How many '70s metal records will she have to wrest out of his hands? Will he heckle her "girl with piano" staples? Will their friendship ever be the same?

Monday, August 15th, 2011, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

Drawing comparisons to dark pop masters like Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley, Icelandic singer Kalli (aka Karl Henry) is releasing his 2nd solo effort in August, which he travelled to Nashville to record. Kalli, the former frontman for Without Gravity (formerly Tenderfoot, who played live on WFMU March 1, 2004), had always wanted to record in Nashville.  He says, "Far from being traditional country songs I really wanted to mix them up with certain country music elements."  The resulting work is a dreamy melding of dark folk and alt country. Kalli plays live on Irene's WFMU show.

High Places
Monday, August 15th, 2011, 9am - Noon
on Liz Berg's show

The duo of Rob Barber and Mary Pearson drop by WFMU to play a set of sparkley electronic songs perfect for a Monday morning wake-up call. From sparse and beautiful compositions to haunting and textured dance tracks, High Places will appeal to fans of Animal Collective and the Human League alike. Their new album is entitled "Original Colors" (Thrill Jockey) and is slated for release this October. Catch them live at Tammany Hall in NYC on 8/13, in St. Louis on 8/20 or Chicago on 8/21.

Ivan Julian
Saturday, August 13th, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T
The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T is honored to welcome the legendary Ivan Julian to the WFMU airwaves on Saturday August 13th! Ivan Julian was an architect of the '70s punk scene - he played guitar with Richard Hell and the Voidoids, the Outsets, the Lovelies and even the Clash! This is the guy who came up with the opening to "Blank Generation"! He's got a great new album out called "The Naked Flame" on the 2:59 Label, and whether you've been a fan of him for thirty years or this is an introduction to his amazing talent, you have to tune in to the Cherry Blossom Clinic to hear Ivan Julian do his thing LIVE!

Friday, August 12th, 2011, Midnight - 3am
on Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet

Decimus is the name for the solo creations of Pat Murano, a sonic journeyman of many stripes. A long-time member of the No-Neck Blues Band, Pat also formed the outstanding two-man collaborations K Salvatore and Key of Shame, in addition to forming and fronting Malkuth (who played on The Castle in Jan. of 2010), one of the most important and highly original black metal bands in NY history. Here is a player with a lot to offer, the music apparently shuffling for position within and without him. The Decimus works are gloriously patient and long-form, not "noise" at all, but melodic, even "psychedelic" at times, the individual pieces ranging anywhere from 7 to 45 minutes in length. Were it not known that Pat was working multiple keyboards and a mixer from a tabletop vantage point, one might presume, based on the sound, that Decimus were some sort of progressive electronic ensemble of four-to-five persons. These pieces flow, surge and subside, with melody, counterpoint and polyrhythms bouncing off the walls, not unlike the works of Bianchi and Schnitzler. My Castle of Quiet is pleased to present a live, in-the-moment performance by Decimus.

Alex Hacke and Danielle De Picciotto
Thursday, August 11th, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
Strength Through Failure with Fabio
Coming this Thursday to WFMU to visit Fabio on Strength Through Failure will be very special guests Alex Hacke and Danielle De Picciotto. They will be coming out to do readings and discuss De Picciotto's new book chronicling her early years in Berlin when she moved there in the mid eighties, and the music, art and fashion scenes she discovered and took part in.

Mr. Len's All-Star Revue
Thursday, August 11th, 2011, Midnight - 3am
Coffee Break For Heroes & Villains with Noah
One night only, with the illustrious Mr. Len on drums & Kimani Rogers on keyboards; known to the world as Roosevelt Franklin! Invited guests: Jean Grae, Pharoahe Monch, BullyMouth, Breeze Brewin' of The Juggaknots and more!

Disco Dance Party 2011!
Wednesday, August 10th, 2011, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
Turn off the air conditioning, throw open the windows, and get ready to sweat! It's time for another Evan "Funk" Davies Disco Dance Party!  Once again EFD will be busting out the 7" AND 12" vinyl and spinning your favorite classic jams of the mid-70s and early '80s, along with some little-heard gems that will make you move your feet to the beat in the heat. Guaranteed at least one "I haven't heard this in 30 years" or "why haven't I heard this before?!" moment for every listener! The string sections and hi-hats get going at 9pm on Wednesday, August 10. See you there!

Jennifer Walshe
Wednesday, August 10th, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
on Do or DIY with People Like Us

On this week's DO or DIY it's Jennifer Walshe's turn to make a DJ mix for the show. "The most original compositional voice to emerge from Ireland in the past 20 years" (The Irish Times) and "Wild girl of Darmstadt" (Frankfurter Rundschau), composer and performer Jennifer Walshe was born in Dublin, Ireland. Her music has been commissioned, broadcast and performed all over the world. She has been the recipient of fellowships and prizes from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, New York; the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm, the Internationales Musikinstitut, Darmstadt and Akademie Schloss Solitude among others. Walshe has written a large number of operas and theatrical works, including "XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!!!" an opera for Barbie dolls, available on DVD from Mere Records.

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Nardwuar The Human Serviette Show
Interview with M.I.A (London, UK), plus Bepi drops by to play a few toons! Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

Psychic Paramount
Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner

Hard to believe Psychic Paramount have been around for ten years already, coming up out of the ashes of the late great Laddio Bolocko. Both on record and live, PP swerve between brutality and bliss: layers of textural distorto guitar action and color, throttling, mathy percussive pummel recalling great moments of This Heat gone into total in-the-red Japanese psych mode. Add Robert Fripp-like loops building and dismantling the songs themselves in bulldozer style, and you've got the makings of one killer progressive rock unit. Live today with Brian!

Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag, OctoberFaction, SWA, and more
Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
CHUCK DUKOWSKI of Black Flag, OctoberFaction, SWA, Wurm, Chuck Dukowski Sextet. In this week's weekly "Peer Pressure" segment, Diane's guest is Chuck Dukowski, best known for playing bass in Black Flag and being co-owner of SST records. Tune in to hear what he has to say about his musical influences, what he's doing now, and to hear 40 minutes of music he's chosen for listeners to check out! He'll be live, and will be open to questions on the comments board!!

DJ Assault + Religious Girls
Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, 6am - 9am
Marty McSorley's show
One show two epic live sets. First Oakland spaz pop rockers Religious Girls bring the party to the WFMU studios. Then legendary Detroit Booty Bass pioneer DJ Assault takes to the tables to turn the party out. This is one is not to be missed.

Inkubus Sukkubus Live at the Camden Purple Turtle
Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, 3am - 6am
Dark Night of the Soul with Julie
Finally, a live set from the headliner of that hot night in London. The veteran Pagan-Goth Band return to their home away from home with their tribal rhythms and electrifying vocals. This set is followed by an interview with Tony & Candia McKormack conducted in an English pub before the show.

Jozef Van Wissem
Monday, August 8th, 2011, 9pm - Midnight
Airborne Event
Jozef returns to the WFMU studios for another solo performance of his bewitching trance music for lute. His new record, "The Joy That Never Ends," came out recently on Important Records. He will also be performing live at Littlefield in Brooklyn on August 21st as part of a lineup including Christopher Willits, Leisure, Noveller, and Alexander Turnquist. Catch a preview on Airborne Event and hear some of Jozef's new material.

Sunday, August 7th, 2011, 6am - 9am
Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keilidh
August 7th, 6-9 am, Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keili reunites with Grooms (formerly Muggabears) for a live session. Remember when Keili was just a wee 16 year old fangirl? Now she's got them on her radio show!

Sexteto Tabala de Palenque, Colombia
Saturday, August 6th, 2011, 6pm - 9pm
Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg
The music that Sexteto Tabala plays was declared "an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO in 2005: a century-old blend of cumbia and Cuban songs with influences from the Americas, Africa and Europe. We're honored to have the group in our studio on the eve of its Lincoln Center Out of Doors / CTMD Heritage Sunday free concert (on Sunday August 7th at 1pm along with two great local Colombian groups).

The Ettes
Saturday, August 6th, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T
Terre T is thrilled to welcome The Ettes back to the Cherry Blossom Clinic this Saturday August 6th! This hardworking Nashville trio has been busy as part of the garage super group The Parting Gifts but now they're back with an amazing new album called "Wicked Will" on the Krian Music label, and it's their best to date! If you've never heard the Ettes, think of Wanda Jackson fronting Thee Headcoats - or better yet, tune in this Saturday to starting at 3pm on the Cherry Blossom Clinic to hear them do their thing LIVE!

Lady Piss
Friday, August 5th, 2011, Midnight - 3am
on Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet

The band Lady Piss make their first venture northward, after dazzling local Baltimore audiences for some time, with their pummeling hooks and angular, infectious riffage. Progressive and wild, The Jesus Lizard is a fair sonic comparison for these B-more sensations, but only as a baseline -- their deft, intricate arrangements and great songwriting take flight into new, cascading zones that are uniquely the band's own. LP have an outstanding pedigree in their hometown, as the project features former members of Triac, Fight Amp, Carrion, Dactyl and Flowers in the Attic, and current members of Multicult, The Wayward, and Murder. Their debut 12" vinyl ep, "Streaming," has done quite well, especially for a first, self-made release, and you can pick up a copy and hear for yourself, as Lady Piss' Castle appearance coincides with a NY-area show, at The Charleston in Williamsburg, Saturday, August 6th, with Ancient Sky, The Catalyst and Tournament.

Interview with legendary Philadelphia disc jockey Jerry Blavatt (Todd-o-phonic Todd fills in for Joe Belock)
Thursday, August 4th, 2011, Noon - 3pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Known as "The Geator with The Heater" and "The Boss With The Hot Sauce," this summer sees the release of Blavatt's long awaited autobiography. You Only Rock Once is the wildly entertaining and unfiltered story of the man whose career began at the age of 13 on the TV dance show Bandstand and became a music legend. Lifelong friendships with the likes of Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra, a controversial relationship with Philadelphia Mafia boss Angelo Bruno that resulted in a decade-long FBI investigation, and much more colors this amazing journey from the early 60s through today.

Jerry Blavat was one of the early rock-and-roll deejays who revolutionized the profession and invented the "Oldies" format. He had national success in the '60s as host of the popular CBS-TV dance show The Discophonic Scene, but is best known as a high-energy oldies deejay on the air and at live events throughout the Middle Atlantic region. With a successful nightclub outside Atlantic City, NJ (Memories); regular radio shows on 88.5 FM WXPN in Philadelphia, 92.1 FM WVLT in South Jersey, and 98.3 FM WTKU in Atlantic City; and scores of sold-out live dance events every year, Blavat is as popular as ever. He lives in Philadelphia, PA. Please visit him at

One of his often overlooked contributions to American culture is the influlence he has had on Todd-O-Phonic Todd, who named himself in tribute to The Geator.

Daniel Menche
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
on Do or DIY with People Like Us

Daniel Menche presents "Acapocalypse," a 30 minute DJ mix of his hand-picked favorite vocal noise/singing/babbling/chanting songs. A full spectrum of the downright dumbest to the most beautiful voices brought to you from Portland Oregon's sound abuser: Daniel Menche. A lifetime supporter to the Do or DIY experience and someone who you likely would not expect to be a huge fan of Bronski Beat and Misfits. Who wudda thunk!

Queens of the Stone Age & Ice Age
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Nardwuar The Human Serviette Show
Interviews with Queens of the Stone Age (Palm Desert, CA) and Ice Age (Denmark)! Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

Cracked Latin
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
on Irwin Chusid

Cracked Latin will perform in trio format on Irwin's program Weds. Aug 3 at 3:30pm. Cracked Latin is fronted by two longtime friends, Lane Steinberg of New York and Luis Accorsi of Venezuela. The band conceptually hatched over leisurely afternoons of triple espressos listening to old Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco records. The idea was to fuse Latin-American elements with a heavy dose of late '60s psychedelia. Although Cracked Latin performs live as a ten-piece orchestra with horns, this WFMU performance will feature a relaxed summery approach with a focus on vocals. Veteran drummer Charlie Zeleny, who handles many of the band's arrangements, rounds out the trio.

Guest DJs: Daniel Collas & Sean Marquand
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011, Noon - 3pm
The Duane Train
The founders of the popular 8-piece NYC-based Psych/Disco/Funk Phenomenal Handclap Band drop by Duane's show August 3rd to play a few records, preview songs from their forthcoming new album as well as their upcoming projects with Bryan Ferry among others.

The Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich Special
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Pig Talk with Bronwyn C.
This Week on Thunk Tank, it's the Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich Special! Trillion-dollar coins, shotgun-shell cremains, and Hugo Chavez goes head to head with Vladimir Putin! It could be the most random Thunk Tank ever.

The Men
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner

(Postponed from a June date) The Men are a raucous four-piece post-punk combo out of Brooklyn whose new release "Leave Home" on Sacred Bones Records has cobbled together a pile of not-so-pounding influences (drone, Krautock, pop) and sets them into car-crash mode. Howling guitars, rocked-up Suicide references, this could be the great crossover Amphetamine Reptile spacerock band if they were around circa 1989. Seriously driving punk rock with intricate, layered structures amidst the raw power.

Aesop Dekker of Ludicra, Worm Ouroboros, and Agalloch
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011, Noon - 3pm
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Aesop Dekker of Ludicra, Worm Ouroboros, and Agalloch joins Diane for the first installment of the weekly segment entitled "Peer Pressure!" Diane invites members of the music community to spin some music and comment about it along with her; have a conversation about what's influenced them musically and personally and to pay homage to music they've been inspired by. Aesop is the drummer in all three bands, and promises to have an eclectic mix of music for the listeners to enjoy, comment on, and ask questions about!

She's Got the Power: A Girl Group Extravaganza
Saturday, July 30th, 2011, 3pm - 10pm
on Live Broadcasts and Special Events

WFMU will preempt its regular irregular programming for nine hours on this Saturday to bring forth the most stunning and comprehensive array of female vocalists ever assembled on one stage! Live from the Damrosch Park bandshell in Manhattan, Lincoln Center Out of Doors and The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation present She's Got the Power, a veritable cornucopia of feminine vocal and songwriting prowess, and WFMU has been entrusted to present every single blessed note to you, the listener, in return.

This five-hour-long stage spectacular, from 5pm to 10pm, is a roll call of girl group greats: Ronnie Spector, Lesley Gore, La La Brooks (of the Crystals), Arlene Smith (of the Chantels), Barbara Harris (of the Toys), Margaret Ross (of the Cookies), Maxine Brown, Brenda Reid and Lillian Walker Moss (of the Exciters), Peggy Santiglia Davison and Jiggs Sirico (of the Angels), Beverly Warren (of the Raindrops), Nanette Licori (of the Delrons), Baby Washington and Toni Wine.

The festivities will be hosted by WFMU boss jocks Rex, Dave the Spazz, Debbie D. and Gaylord Fields -- they'll be the ones in the matching gold blazers -- beginning at 1pm with a live broadcast of Rex's Fool's Paradise program. The radio proceedings continue with tunes and interviews, cranking up the anticipation till the ladies strut their stuff onstage at the 5 o'clock hour.

Rex broadcasts live from Lincoln Center
Saturday, July 30th, 2011, 1pm - 3pm
Fool's Paradise with Rex
Tune in for a special edition of "Fools Paradise," broadcasting live from Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center. Rex will warm up the crowds for "She's Got the Power: A Girl Group Extravaganza" from 5-10pm, when girl group greats take to the stage.

Rare Girl Group 45s
Thursday, July 28th, 2011, 9pm - Midnight
Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz
In anticipation of the Ponderosa Stomp Girl Group Extravaganza at Lincoln Center, Girl Group aficionado Billy Miller of Norton Records drops by Spazzville with a selection of rare 45s ranging from the Ronettes and Shangri-Las to Beverly and the Donuts and Tootie and the Boquets.

The Paperhead
Thursday, July 28th, 2011, 9am - Noon
on Talk's Cheap with Jason Sigal

The Paperhead are a group of teenage psychedelics from Nashville TN. Ryan, Pete, and Walker hit the road for the first time this summer, joined by Jeffrey Novak (Rat Traps, Cheap Time) on keyboards. Novak also produced The Paperhead's self-titled LP on Trouble In Mind, which also credits a fourth member named Matt with "colors, spiritual advice." Formerly known as The Looking Glass, The Paperhead previously released a 7" on Nashville's Dead, and a tape on local label Infinity Cat, "Focus In On... The Looking Glass." The sold-out tape is set to be reissued on vinyl by Trouble In Mind's TIM Records imprint, just in time for The Papearhead's national tour (dates here include Brooklyn's Death By Audio July 21st, Bruar Falls July 22nd)

Urge Overkill
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011, 9pm - Midnight
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

It would be impossible, or at least ill-advised, to write a musical history of the '90s without including a chapter on Urge Overkill. Now, nearly 16 years after their last album was released, original members Nash Kato and Eddie "King" Roeser along with Mike "Hadji" Hodgkiss (Gaza Strippers) and Brian Quast (Cherry Valence, Polvo) have released a brand new Urge album, Rock & Roll Submarine. The band just wrapped up a two-week tour that included a visit to the WFMU studios for a special acousti-lectric set of some songs from the new album as well as a few selections from their Geffen and Touch & Go releases. Be sure to tune in to the Evan "Funk" Davies show at 9pm on Wednesday, July 27, to hear this unique performance! 

Alex Drool and Zohar "NicoTeen" Shafir
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
Do or DIY with People Like Us
Alex Drool is an improviser percussionist-vocalist, and in the past decade he has established himself as one of the pivotal figures surrounding Israel's flourishing experimental scene. He has collaborated live w/ Blood Stereo, Adam Bohman, Fritz Welch & many others. He also co-curates Primate Arena - a platform promoting out muzak in Israel alongside Eran Sachs.

Zohar "NicoTeen" Shafir is a musician and performer based in Tel Aviv. In recent years she has been performing extensively in key experimental music events in Israel and abroad. With several beautiful independent EPs released, she creates charming catchy tunes using toy synthesizers, vocal harmonies and lo-fi recording methods. She is also part of the enigmatic duo Cassexxe Vibrato.

Casey Veggies & Cults
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Nardwuar The Human Serviette Show
Interviews with rapper Casey Veggies (Inglewood, CA) and Cults (New York, NY)! Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

Live from the UCB Theater with John Sayles, David Wain and Mike Doughty
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011, 6pm - 7pm
Seven Second Delay with Andy and Ken
Ken and Andy return to the stage of NYC's UCB Theater this Wednesday night, July 27th from 6-7pm for a live broadcast of Seven Second Delay. Joining Andy and Ken on stage will be David Wain, Director of the film Role Models and the Adult Swim series Children's Hospital, Novelist & Director John Sayles (Brother From Another Planet, Spiderwick Chronicles) and musical guest Mike Doughty (of Soul Coughing). Plus, Andy will be making fun of the congnitive impairment Ken suffered as a result of his recent head injury. The UCB Theatre is at 307 West 26th St in NYC, near 8th Avenue. Admission is $5.

Sportsy Talk: Pitchers' Duel
Tuesday, July 26th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Pig Talk with Bronwyn C.
The Brainiacs attend a classic pitchers' duel, as C.C. Sabathia and the Yankees take on Whats-his-name Shields and the former Devil Rays! Recorded live in Yankee Stadium on July 10, and edited into incoherence late yesterday afternoon, this will be a very special Thunk Tank indeed! 7 PM today, on WFMU.

Tape show
Tuesday, July 26th, 2011, 6am - 9am
Marty McSorley's show
Three hours of nothing but cassettes. Edan Wilber from Death By Audio and East Village Radio joins Marty McSorley to showcase some of their favorite walkman fillers.

Downliners Sekt
Monday, July 25th, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
on Mudd Up! with DJ/Rupture

On Monday July 25th, DJ Rupture will be joined by the mysterious duo of Downliners Sekt to talk about some of the myths that inform their "shattered electric soul music" -- all of which is available for free download from their site

Matt Bauer
Monday, July 25th, 2011, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

On his latest album, The Jessamine County Book of the Living, The whispery-voiced Matt Bauer has once again made a record that is an intimate, personal, and often fantastical interpretation of the natural world surrounding his native state of Kentucky. Matt said this was his most rewarding, fun album to create, but it's also the most complicated, logistically tricky, and expensive project he's attempted. It features a 4 piece band, 11 piece orchestra, 14 singers, and a number of other guest musicians who live in 10 different cities spread out across the states. Matt Bauer brings a live version of this beautiful album to WFMU.

Meghan fills in foir Keili this morning
Sunday, July 24th, 2011, 6am - 9am
Underwater Theme Park with Meghan

Times New Viking
Saturday, July 23rd, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T
Terre T is so thrilled to welcome Times New Viking back to the Cherry Blossom Clinic on July 23rd! This Ohio trio play a fractured brand of fuzzed-out garage pop evocative of Human Switchboard, Pastels, & The Bats! They are in the midst of touring in support of their new album "Dancer Equired," their debut for Merge Records, but you can hear them live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic on July 23rd.

Fountains of Wayne
Saturday, July 23rd, 2011, 11am - 1pm
Michael Shelley's show
Michael Shelley welcomes one of his favorite bands of all time, Fountains of Wayne, for an acoustic performance and interview. The band is currently on tour & has just released a new album "Sky Full of Holes."

Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up Trio
Friday, July 22nd, 2011, 9am - Noon
The Long Rally with Scott McDowell
Drummer/composer Tomas Fujiwara (pronounced Toe-muh) brings a scaled down version of his band The Hook Up to The Long Rally for a live session. The trio version, featuring Mary Halvorson on guitar and Trevor Dunn (from Mr. Bungle) on bass, will play tunes from The Hook Up's 2010 album Actionspeak, in addition to new material.  Tomas writes intricate, gnarly and adventurous post-bop; expect a modern take on the classic mid-'60s Blue Note sound of Wayne Shorter, Andrew Hill and Eric Dolphy.

The Sadies
Thursday, July 21st, 2011, Noon - 3pm
Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock
The fabulous Sadies - guitarist brothers Dallas and Travis Good, drummer Mike Belitsky and bassist Sean Dean - return to WFMU offering the band's signature swirl of alt-country, psychedelic garage rock and surf mixed with Dallas' somber and introspective lyrics.

Gwilly Edmondez
Wednesday, July 20th, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
Do or DIY with People Like Us
This special mix for DO Or DIY features new material from Gwilly, who continues to pursue a reckless collision of live vocals and collage, improvised wherever and whenever, alongside other stuff from Felt Beak posts and recent and forthcoming Kakutopia releases. Gwilly Edmondez is one of four artists in one person (he shares with Gustav Thomas, Virginia Pipe and Copydex). He performs and records solo, as well as in Falco Subbuteo (with Val Persona) and occasionally with Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain and Radioactive Sparrow (of which he was a founder member in 1980). Gwilly comes from Bridgend in South Wales and is now based in the Northeast of England. His most recent adventure has been the anarcho-thon Felt Beak, a profligate praxis bulletin that courts the flagrantly prolific. He gave up smoking in the '90s.

Chains of Love
Wednesday, July 20th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Nardwuar The Human Serviette Show
Vancouver, BC's Chains of Love will be doing the guest DJ thingie and talking about their debut 7-inch! So ummm, doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

The Old Codger fills in for Mac
Tuesday, July 19th, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
Old Codger with Courtney T. Edison
The Old Codger never fails to make an impression. In 1944 columnist Tilly Fleckstein called him "a surly curmudgeon whose behavioral spectrum consists of finely calibrated degrees of spitefulness." Fleckstein died under mysterious circumstances a year later, but the Codger parties on. He'll be making festive in WFMU's main studio on Tuesday night July 19, filling in for the Antique Phonograph Hour from 8-9pm Eastern. And he'll be around for years to come, long after you're tucked in a dirt hole you spent your entire life working to pay for.

Listener Dan from Project Appleseed
Tuesday, July 19th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Pig Talk with Bronwyn C.
This week on Thunk Tank, the Brainiacs welcome special guest Listener Dan from Appleseed. Project Appleseed is an educational project of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, teaching history and rifle marksmanship skills. We're so happy to have him on the show that we'll even take calls! So call us. This Tuesday, 7 PM, on WFMU.

Last July live at the Camden Purple Turtle
Tuesday, July 19th, 2011, 3am - 6am
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie

More music from a hot summer night in London. Cambridge-based darkwave/electronica band Last July rock Camden with their bouncy synth loops, driving guitar and energetic female vocals. Featuring former members of Rome Burns and Slamm.

The Left Banke
Monday, July 18th, 2011, Noon - 3pm
on Irene Trudel's show

Legendary NYC baroque pop band The Left Banke is back on the scene with upcoming shows at Brooklyn's Littlefield July 20th and in August at Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock. Original members Tom Finn and George Cameron have joined forces with singer Mike Fornatale,  Gripweed Rick Reil and a few other pals. The band held court for Irene in WFMU's studio B last Sunday, and Tom Finn along with longtime producer Ralph Affoumato drop by to let you hear the result and talk about The Left Banke's rich past, present and future.

Sunday, July 17th, 2011, 6am - 9am
on Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keilidh

Keili shares a live session recorded with Anamanaguchi. Employing traditional rock instruments with hacked NES and Gameboy sound creations since 2004, the guys of Anamanaguchi are the Kings of the chip tune scene.

Things We Did On Our Summer Vacation: Norway's Førde Festival
Saturday, July 16th, 2011, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Rob and frequent fellow traveler Tom Pryor of Nat Geo World Music report back on Norway's International Førde Folk Music Festival. The Førde Festival, running from July 7-10 this year, is the biggest event of its kind in Scandinavia. It's held in a breathtakingly beautiful village in Western Norway. The festival spotlights Scandinavia's vibrant traditional music scenes, and also features an array of visiting global artists programmed around a different theme each year. This year's international theme is "women's world" with stellar artists like Esma, Oumou Sangare and the Mahotella Queens among the luminaries coming to play among the fjords. Tom and Rob will share highlights from the experience and play music by favorite festival performers.

Raspberry Bulbs
Friday, July 15th, 2011, Midnight - 3am
on Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet

Over the course of two short years, several cassettes, and one full-length LP, Raspberry Bulbs has quickly established itself as a unique and powerful voice in black metal, a project to be reckoned with, and one of the best in the now quite extensive American black metal universe. Their lurching, screaming, mid-tempo anthems, insanely catchy and possessing, have rapidly set the project apart from what some may have originally viewed as a "Bone Awl spinoff project." He Who Crushes Teeth (long-time Bone Awl drummer) is a serious, cornerstone figure in black metal, also having established the excellent Seed Stock label, which has brought an admirable selection of new and older BM titles to the fans on vinyl and cassette. Raspberry Bulbs' My Castle of Quiet appearance marks the first RB live performance anywhere, as most of the cassettes as well as the LP were created by RB alone via multitracking, and only the most-recent RB Tries Again cassette was recorded by the newly formed combo which we'll hear on the air. MCoQ is proud as hell to present this absolutely live session, a long time in the making, and a milestone for black metal fans everywhere.

Future of Music Coalition & Public Knowledge on the new "Copyright Alert System"
Thursday, July 14th, 2011, 9am - Noon
Talk's Cheap with Jason Sigal
On July 7th, America's major Internet Service Providers, music, and film industries announced an agreement to cooperate on anti-piracy measures. They will establish an Orwellian "Center for Copyright Information" to monitor Peer-to-Peer networks, and to send out Copyright Alerts. The six alert levels start out as educational warnings, but may escalate to "mitigation measures" including the disruption of Internet access. 

Casey Rae-Hunter of the Future of Music Coalition, and Sherwin Siy of Public Knowledge will join to discuss the Copyright Alert System's implications for musicians and for everyone who uses the Internet.

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
on Do or DIY with People Like Us

On this week's DO or DIY, it's the turn of Jon Leidecker aka Wobbly to do a 25 minute guest DJ mix. Since 1990, Jon Leidecker has performed appropriative collage music under the pseudonym Wobbly, aiming for extended narratives spun from spontaneous yet coherent multi-sample polyphony. In the Variations podcast series at Radio Web MACBA, Leidecker reconstructs the history of sound appropriationism by looking at examples from 20th century composition, popular art and commercial media, and the convergence of all these trends today.

Mac Miller & Justice
Wednesday, July 13th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Nardwuar The Human Serviette Show
Interviews with rapper Mac Miller (Pittsburgh, PA) and Justice (Paris, France)! Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

Seven Second Delay at the UCB Theatre with comedian Jon Benjamin, musician Don Fleming, director Andrew Rossi & others
Wednesday, July 13th, 2011, 6pm - 7pm
Seven Second Delay with Andy and Ken
Ken and Andy return to the stage of NYC's UCB Theater this Wednesday night, July 13th from 6-7pm for a live broadcast of Seven Second Delay. Joining Andy and Ken on stage will be Comedy Central's Jon Benjamin, Director Andrew Rossi of the NY Times documentary "Page One", Saturday Night Live's Cue Card Man Wally Feresten, and musical guest Don Fleming (of Half Japanese, Velvet Monkeys, Sonic Youth, Alice Cooper, more). Plus, a very special, super secret guest. The UCB Theatre is at 307 West 26th St in NYC, near 8th Avenue. Admission is $5.

Michael Anderson (AKA WFMU's Good Doctor) Sun Ra special
Wednesday, July 13th, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
Michael Anderson of the Sun Ra Music Archive will discuss his new book, THIS PLANET IS DOOMED: THE SCIENCE FICTION POETRY OF SUN RA, on Irwin's show Weds. July 13 from 4-6pm. The program will feature tracks from Ra's albums and rare selections from the archives. THIS PLANET IS DOOMED was published by Kicks Books, a Norton Records affiliate. Anderson worked with Norton on vinyl releases of three volumes of unissued Sun Ra spoken word poetry and polemics, entitled STRANGE WORLDS IN MY MIND, THE SUB-DWELLERS, and THE OUTER DARKNESS. Anderson, a longtime WFMU DJ known as "The Good Doctor," will be reading from his book at New York's Lakeside Lounge on July 17 .

Experimental Cassette Culture (Round 2) with RYAN MARTIN of DAIS RECORDS
Tuesday, July 12th, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner
For a second year, Brian is joined by Ryan Martin of Dais Records/Robert and Leopold Tapes to dig out dusty boxes of rare cassettes old and new, discussing cassette culture starting in the late '70s post-industrial / synth realm and going through the '80s and '90s up until the deluged tape scene today. Last year's show highlighted an incredible array of sounds, some handed over from Genesis Breyer P-Orridge's own personal trove; expect more rarely-heard sounds once again!

Bastille Day Celebration + live music from Manouche Bag
Tuesday, July 12th, 2011, 9am - Noon
This Is The Modern World with Trouble
Bastille Day comes but once a year: time for tricolor and more French music that you can shake a french/english dictionary at! On July 12th from 9 -noon This is the Modern World with Trouble celebrates with a truly wonderful live band: "Manouche Bag". Making the trip all the way from a 1930's gypsy jazz houseboat floating on the Hudson, this eclectic, mostly acoustic combo thrills and delights. Those years you spent in the French Resistance will come oozing back like the soft lick of a Bouvier des Flandres.  Share in the live fun of the ensemble who roosts at cafe Madame Claude, named after the most memorable "madame" in French history.

In Isolation live at the Camden Purple Turtle
Tuesday, July 12th, 2011, 3am - 6am
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie

On London's hottest day of the year, Julie joins a club full of black-boot-clad sweltering goths for a music line-up just as steamy. First on the bill: Nottingham's 21st century post-punk band, In Isolation. Their songs feature powerful guitars, angst-poppy vocals, tight rhythms and great lyrical moments like "I'd risk my ass for you." The band features members of Die Laughing and Every Dead New Ghost.

Blissed Out
Sunday, July 10th, 2011, 6am - 9am
on Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keilidh

Live session and conversation with Alex Winter, who creates a collage of original material mixed with random, surprising samples. Who knew Britney's latest could be worked into an actual listenable piece of art?

Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams
Sunday, July 10th, 2011, Midnight - 3am
Surface Noise with Joe McGasko
You can't have too much Swamp Dogg! After an appearance earlier in the day on Michael Shelley's program, legendary soul singer, songwriter, and producer Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams returns to the WFMU airwaves for a short live set and some chat in advance of his New York City-area concerts on July 14th and 15th.

Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams
Saturday, July 9th, 2011, 11am - 1pm
Michael Shelley's show
Michael chats with soul music legend (and self described "music genius") Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams, whose been making #1 hits in various guises since 1954.

Rob Sonic
Thursday, July 7th, 2011, Midnight - 3am
Coffee Break For Heroes & Villains with Noah
Hail Mary Mallon is Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz. They just released a pretty damn great rap record on Rhymesayers titled "Are You Gonna Eat That?". Tune in as Mr. Sonic tells us all about it...

Brian Joseph Davis
Wednesday, July 6th, 2011, 8pm - 9pm
on Do or DIY with People Like Us

On this edition of DO or DIY Brian does a guest mix "30 Shortest Tracks in my iTunes" and gives some exclusive tracks to play.

Davis worked at Blocks Recording Club for several years, then lived in the Mojave desert in 2010 where he experienced perfect, terrifying silence. Mornings included the grilling of hotdogs and deadpan announcements of "und meine Ohren sind Wunden." Since that time he's settled in Brooklyn and concentrated on text and writing. Recent works include adapting 300 pages of The Pentagon Papers into Star Wars fan fiction, publishing a short story collection, and running the literary magazine Joyland.

Fat Mike & Dimmu Borgir
Wednesday, July 6th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Nardwuar The Human Serviette Show
Interviews with Fat Mike of NoFX (San Francisco, CA) and Dimmu Borgir ( Olso, Norway )! Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

Milk Music
Tuesday, July 5th, 2011, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner
Hailing from Olympia, Washington, Milk Music are a killer electric rock trio that conjure up the downstroke punk attack of Greg Ginn with the pop hooks and Bigmuff stylings of Greg Sage & the Wipers (who are clearly a spirit looming large over the Northwest USA these days). Liberal doses of early Dinosaur and Thin Lizzy floating around as well in this, the band's first ever radio session. No-nonsense, simple, buzzed-up American rock for your afternoon listening pleasure.

John Maus (DJ Set and Interview)
Tuesday, July 5th, 2011, 6am - 9am
on Marty McSorley's show

Bedroom recording dream boat John Maus stops by the WFMU studios to spin some of his favorite tunes and chat with Marty McSorley about Quantum Leap and the current political climate in America.

The Hussy Performs Live
Sunday, July 3rd, 2011, 6am - 9am
Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keilidh
The Hussy from Madison, Wisconsin will blow your mind and then your speakers as they blast the WFMU studios like a hot guy you meet at a party - singing sweet garage pop, but then stepping on the effects pedals and ramping up the UNF as if they were pulling back your hair and planting a sonic kiss on your neck and ear.

Jason Soliday
Friday, July 1st, 2011, Midnight - 3am
on Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet

One might be tempted to refer to Chicago musician Jason Soliday as a "real electronicist," inasmuch as his staggering and prolific talent bears out evidence of a driven and unstoppable artist, with more projects and side projects than one has appendages. Hell, the guy has a project called "I <3 Presets," he's won Wm. Berger over already. Wm. first heard Jason's music through their mutual friend Steve Witchbeam, and sometime later through a collaborative mini CD between OPPONENTS' Joshua Slusher and Winters in Osaka, another of Jason's (or J.'s) impressive branches of activity. So, he's had one degree of separation from the My Castle of Quiet show for a long time, and a live, on-air visit was more than simply inevitable, much closer to "pre-ordained by the gods." Sonically, Soliday is a pro, his recordings and style melding apocalyptic pounding and drone with multiple, sudden bursts of concréte-style collage and psyche-clearing power electronics, without the messy "I had a bad day" vocals that often tether such a journey to the solid ground. Visit Jason's site for a lot more info. His latest full-length work, Shivering Disorganizer, on a par in both complexity and power with his many other releases, is available for free download at Soliday's soundcloud page. Jason's Castle visit comes at the end of a round of NY-area appearances, including the Ende Tymes Festival at Silent Barn (6/26) and Port d'Or (6/29.)

Shooter Jennings + Jonny B from The Dirty Pearls
Thursday, June 30th, 2011, 6pm - 7pm
The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon
Clay Pigeon welcomes Shooter Jennings to The Dusty Show tonight at 6pm. The son of country legend Waylon Jennings holds forth on music, politics, his dad, Bocephus and Minnie Moore. Also, Jonny B from The Dirty Pearls, and The Pidge' most recent thrift store acquisitions... The Electric Eleven! 

Jared Black Lips, Katy La Sera, Ben Rayner, Two Door Cinema Club & Hunx & His Punx
Wednesday, June 29th, 2011, 7pm - 8pm
Nardwuar The Human Serviette Show
Interviews with Jared of the Black Lips, Katy of La Sera/Vivian Girls, Photographer Ben Rayner, Northern Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club & Sand Francisco's Hunx & His Punx! Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011, 3am - 6am
Nat Roe
Most well known as the drummer of spazzy noise rockers Afrirampo, Pika (aka Pikachu) has just finished a tour of the US in a duo with Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple. On the tail end of her time in NYC, Pika played the first solo guitar material Nat has heard from her as well as some characteristically nutty drum solos.

Bob Forrest
Tuesday, June 28th, 2011, 6pm - 7pm
Aerial View
Bob Forrest (Drug Counselor, Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, Musician, Thelonious Monster and Bicycle Thief) will join Chris T. to discuss the Medford Pharmacy Massacre, Oxycodone abuse and a new documentary about his life, Bob And The Monster.

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