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Parlor Walls
Sunday, June 4th, 2017, 3am - 6am
on Spin Age Blasters with Creamo Coyl

On their new debut album, Brooklyn’s Parlor Walls display a rare grace in balancing visceral rock power with methodical intention. Released by NYC avant-rock label Northern Spy, Opposites contains eleven songs of goosebump guitar and rhythmic churn courtesy of singer/guitarist Alyse Lamb and drummer/keyboardist Chris Mulligan. Joined by Jason Shelton on clarinet and electronics, the band were kind enough to come down to the WFMU studios and record a set for Spin Age Blasters. Expertly engineered by Ernie Indradat, Parlor Walls serve up a potent brew of stuttering drum figures, snaking guitars and dustclouds of treated horns and synths. Lamb’s breathy vocals walk the edge between warning and threat, the music shadowing close behind. Tune in to Spin Age Blasters at 3 AM on Sunday, June 4th to hear Parlor Walls before they head out to the West Coast for a tour.

Joe Frank - "Karma Memories"
Wednesday, May 31st, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesday afternoons at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. May 31st, we'll present "Karma Memories" from Joe's "The Other Side" series. Joe visits his mother and stepfather in Florida, where he observes how their marriage has spiraled into a Hellish cycle of hypercritical nagging and alcoholism. Larry offers quotations from literature that define his failed life. Debi is disappointed that a long phone conversation with Joe was left out of his program. Larry ponders his own obituary, and David provides a mocking eulogy.

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017, Noon - 3pm
on 100% Whatever with Mary Wing
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
Having formed in 2010, siblings Trevor, Jaclyn, and Allie Blumas began to explore trance and electronic beat making. Their shared fascination with dance culture, rhythm, and the unknown, along with their lifelong immersion in the arts, began to manifest as a collective ethos. Before long, Doomsquad had mushroomed into a full-scale music and art project in Toronto. Their second album, “Total Time,” was released in April 2016 on Bella Union, and features tribal chanting, worldbeat percussion and ethereal psychedelic atmospheres meant to evoke the wonder of the natural world and elevate your consciousness to another plane. You’ll find yourself dancing with abandon when they play live on 100% Whatever on Give The Drummer Radio on May 31st at 1 pm! Then see them live on June 8th as part of the three-day Northside Festival in Brooklyn, and later in the summer at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn on August 11th.

Mandy Hoffman (The Lovers / I Love Dick)
Tuesday, May 30th, 2017, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Mandy Hoffman joins Devon in the studio to discuss and take a listen to her most recent scores for director Azazel Jacobs' "The Lovers" (starring Debra Winger and Tracy Letts) and Jill Soloway's Amazon series "I Love Dick" (starring Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Hahn). "The Lovers" soundtrack has been released by Milan Records.

Fletcher C. Johnson
Monday, May 29th, 2017, Noon - 3pm
Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock
Hailing from Southern Vermont and now based in Brooklyn, Fletcher C. Johnson writes catchy guitar-pop. He was been a member of King Tuff, The Weight, and other bands before carving out his own career with three albums on Burger Records.

The Mighty Manfred (of the Woggles) PLUS Tiger! Tiger! (Matt M. fills in for Todd-o-phonic Todd)
Saturday, May 27th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
What's Happening?!?! with Matt Clarke
While Todd-o-phonic Todd is soaking up the Jersey sun, Matt continues the cavalcade of stars! He welcomes The Mighty Manfred of the legendary Woggles for a chat about their upcoming local shows. Also on the show will be a live set from Atlanta garagers "Tiger! Tiger!" who will be playing at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn that night.

Put The Needle On "Hip-Hop" Creator: LoveBug Starski
Friday, May 26th, 2017, 7pm - 8pm
Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam
Among hip-hop's first generation of core contributors, genre pioneers who helped shape the Bronx born urban culture from its 1970's beginnings, LoveBug Starski was a central figure. The MC's name is not only synonymous with the influential South Bronx club Disco Fever (that recently celebrated its 40th anniversary) and its spinoff label Fever Records (as well as Epic for whom he later recorded), but this hip-hop MC's legacy includes being credited with creating the very term "hip-hop." Now living in Las Vegas where he DJs but seldom does interviews these days, the Bronx hip-hop pioneer born Kevin Smith phones into WFMU to talk hip-hop history with Billy Jam.

DJ Jedi and Prince Klassen
Thursday, May 25th, 2017, Midnight - 3am
Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
DJ Jedi is a another longtime NYC selector that's way overdue to guest on Nickel and Dime Radio. from early Konkrete Jungle days to his longtime Sunday night residency at Fat Buddha in east village, he's always bring it.

Originally from San Antonio, Prince Klassen is a resident of NYC's The Rub, host of his own Wild Combination radio show on The Lot Radio, former marketing director for New York's cultural landmark Turntable Lab.

These two excellent club DJs keeping you moving in the wee hours on WFMU.

Tom Wilson's Music Factory #17 - The Beacon Street Union
Wednesday, May 24th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
In 1967 and '68 the charismatic record producer Tom Wilson hosted a free-form radio program called "The Music Factory," sponsored by MGM-Verve Records. The series has been gone from radio ever since, but Irwin is airing episodes on alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern). On the marquee for our May 24th episode is the Boston-based psychedelic outfit the Beacon Street Union. Wilson welcomes to the Factory … no one from the band. Instead, he talks with their producer, Wes Farrell, about the studio techniques used to record the first BSU album. Along the way, Wilson spins tunes by the Cowsills, Jim & Jean, Ultimate Spinach and Every Mother's Son. Elsewhere in the show, Wilson and Pauline Rivelli, editor of Jazz & Pop magazine, discuss the 1967 jazz & pop winners of the publication's annual "Jay" Awards.

Nikitov, PLUS an interview with Phillip Johnston of The Microscopic Septet
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
Irene Trudel's show
Keeping Yiddish music alive and vibrant is very important to Nikitov's lead singer Niki Jacobs. Over the course of fifteen years, four albums and an EP, Jacobs' Netherlands-based ensemble has been keeping the Yiddish tradition of music alive. Nikitov is touring the US with a new album, "Mameloshn" and they play live on WFMU.

Then, notable as an ensemble that defies categories, The Microscopic Septet describe themselves as a wickedly clever, raucously fun jazz band. The Micros have a long, tale-filled library of tunes dating to the 1980's, almost innumerable performances and a number of great albums, most recently on the Cuneiform label. One of the two bandleaders, Soprano Saxophonist Phillip Johnston, chats about the Microscopic Septet and their new album, "Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down to Me."

John Massari (Killer Klowns From Outer Space)
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017, 7pm - 9pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

John Massari joins Devon to discuss his 35-plus year soundtrack career with early opportunities to orchestrate and compose for episodes of "Little House on the Prairie" and "Hart to Hart" which lead to the Hanna-Barbera "Johnny Quest" 80's re-boot and cult classics such as the Lorenzo Lamas' "Snake Eater" franchise, Puppermaster 5, Mike Jittlov's "The Wizard of Speed and Time" and, of course, the Chiodo Brothers' "Killer Klowns From Outer Space," for which the long-awaited sequel has recently been announced (sort of). Mentored by Jerry Fielding, David Rose and Mark Snow and studying with the legendary David Raskin and Leonard Stein, John has composed for over 100 film and TV productions.

Cool Ghouls
Monday, May 22nd, 2017, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

The San Francisco quartet responsible for one of 2016's best albums, the scary-good "Animal Races" brings its jangling guitars and great songs to WFMU.

Five bands! So What, Holly Macve, RMBLR, Bash & Pop, and Bob Mann and Rolling Thunder
Saturday, May 20th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
The Big Combo Series mounts a comeback as three bands appear on the Todd-O-Phonic Todd Show:

So What are a brand spanking new glam and high energy power pop band from the Bay Area. Their first full-length on Just Add Water is an explosion of hooks and melodies. Heavily influenced by The Equals, it is fitting that they are Equals' vocalist Derv Gordon's backing band for his shows at Monty Hall on Friday 5/19 and Baby's All Right Saturday 5/20. They will also be doing their own set each night.

In their four star review of her eponymous debut, Record Collector says Holly Macve is like "an ethereal offspring of Nick Cave blessed with the stark musical backdrop of Johnny Cash's American series, 21 year-old Macve turns country music on its head." Check out her new album on Becca Union and see her perform at Rough Trade on May 17th.

RMBLR is the rambunctious brain-child of former Dino's Boys frontman Chase Tail. Beer soaked and gin fueled rock'n'roll is what you would expect and what you get and you'll be damn happy about that. These good ole Southern Boys have a sizzling 7" EP on Fat Possum and will be playing with So What, Daddy Long Legs and Derv Gordon at Baby's All Right on Saturday 5/20.

"Anything Could Happen," the recent album by Bash & Pop is one of 2017's best albums and rivals front man Tommy Stinson's work with The Replacements. Look forward to hearing songs from this great release performed live and perhaps some stories of rock'n'roll debauchery. Bash & Pop perform at The Bell House on May 18th.

Rising from the ashes of Hector's Pets comes one of the rowdiest bands on the Brooklyn scene. Bob Mann and Rolling Thunder's debut cassette, "Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget" displays these righteous dudes in all their rock'n'roll glory. Find out for yourself at Union Pool later the very same evening when the boys play The Real Cool Time Festival.

Steve Keene
Saturday, May 20th, 2017, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael chats with Brooklyn based Steve Keene, who for many years has been selling his paintings at WFMU Record Fairs for under $5, and has been called "The World's Most Prolific Painter." They'll discuss why & how Steve does what he does and the details behind his show at New York's Marlborough Gallery, whcih opens May 25th.

Put The Needle On The Video Stream
Friday, May 19th, 2017, 7pm - 8pm
Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam (on WFMU stream & FM radio & Video)
WFMU's weekly one-hour "Put The Needle On The Record" will present a simultaneous live video stream of the radio show this Friday only when turntablist guest DJ ALF will do an in-studio showcase performance and host Billy Jam will play music video versions of all the songs in his hip-hop themed mix.

Nappy G and DJ Stylus
Thursday, May 18th, 2017, Midnight - 3am
Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
Nappy G is one of the main folks involved with Turntables on the Hudson alongside Nickodemus, and a founding member of Groove Collective. He's both DJed and played percussion for over 25 years, plays a great mix of classics and global sounds.

DJ Stylus is an audubon expert and DJs in between bird watching tours that he leads, and has thrown a number of loft parties in NYC. Expect some top notch funk, disco and hip hop selections.

Joe Frank - Work in Progress: "Dreams of the River"
Wednesday, May 17th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air every other Wednesday at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. May 17th we'll air "Dreams of the River," from Joe's WORK IN PROGRESS series. The episode chronicles a promising college student admired by his classmates for his wit and mischievous pranks. But his sense of invincibility begins to fray as he ages and drifts through life, hired and fired from menial jobs, lacking any sense of purpose, and envying the freedom of the homeless.

Shulcoth! A Celebration of Citizen Kafka
Tuesday, May 16th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

As the the planet has completed another revolution around the sun, it is once again time for Shulcoth! This celebration in song and comedy pays tribute to the dearly departed, unrepentant force of nature known as Citizen Kafka, a.k.a. Richie Shulberg. Edward Haber and Kenny Kosek and a cast of dozens of characters join Irene in celebration of the Citizen.

R.I.P. Alessandro Alessandroni (2014 Interview Re-Broadcast)
Tuesday, May 16th, 2017, 7pm - 8pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
True soundtrack legend Alessandro Alessandroni left us on March 26th in Rome at 92. The prolific Italian multi-instrumentalist, composer and leader of the I Cantori Moderni rose to fame with his signature guitar and whistle on the Leone/Morricone spaghetti western classics A Fistful of Dollars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West. His I Cantori Moderni's wordless vocals would become synonymous with the 60s/70s Italian sound. While his most enduring impact on pop culture might be his and wife Julia De Mutiis' vocals on Piero Umiliani's "Mah Na Mah Na," Alessandroni had even more impact on the avant-garde as a leading figure of the Italian library movement and composing over 50 soundtracks on his own in addition to collaborations with Morricone, Umiliani, De Masi, Macchi, Trovaioli, Brugnolini and Braen Machine. Devon will re-broadcast his discussion with Alessandroni from February 2014.

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Brian Turner
In what Brian hopes to be the kickoff of a series of live guests named after Russian dogs, today's program welcomes the trio known as Borzoi out of Austin, Texas. Kicking up a blitzkreig of noise combined with a more subtle leaning towards hooks, the band's fast and furious squall has made itself evident on 7" singles on Pau Wau and most recently 12XU Records. See them live May 20th at Pet Rescue, on a bill with Language and Rathaus.

Scarlet Sails (Julie fills in for Gaylord Fields)
Sunday, May 14th, 2017, 8pm - 10pm
on Dark Night of the Soul with Julie

Scarlet Sails are the creation of singer/songwriter Olya Viglione and her husband, Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione – a career musician who has also worked with Violent Femmes and Nine Inch Nails. Their high energy sound straddles the border between contemporary alternative and 70s glam, with Olya's haunting vocals as the centerpiece. An exceptionally hard-rocking early evening edition of Dark Night.

Live from Barbes in Park Slope - Global Sounds of NYC!
Saturday, May 13th, 2017, 6pm - 9pm
Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg
Join Rob and illustrious co-host / tech guru Irene Trudel at Barbes, the music-lover's haven at 9th St and 6th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn for a jam-packed four-act evening of NY-based ensembles inspired by music from around the world. Admission is free of charge!
- Seyyah opens the show with a fresh take on music from Turkey
- Songwriter Ilusha Tsinadze explores his roots in the Republic of Georgia and life in NYC
- Navatman Music Collective re-imagines South Indian vocal music
- and Rosa Tatuata closes the show with stirring sounds from Southern Italy and Sicily.
Join us at Barbes or via the airwaves for three solid hours of music. And if you do make it to Barbes: If the great music (free of charge) isn't enough, we'll be doling out free FMU swag too - but get there early before we give it all away!

White Hills
Wednesday, May 10th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
Brooklyn-based heavy psych duo White Hills return for their third appearance on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show, and fourth appearance on WFMU overall! Their latest album Stop, Mute, Defeat (Thrill Jockey) was mixed by Martin Bisi and finds the band in a somewhat more experimental/industrial place, and still every bit as vital and compelling than their previous records. They're playing at Union Pool on Thursday May 11 before heading off on a European tour, to be followed by US dates later this summer. Tune in Wednesday night, May 10, to hear White Hills live on WFMU!​

Tom Wilson's Music Factory #16 - Appletree Theatre
Wednesday, May 10th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
In 1967 and '68 the charismatic record producer Tom Wilson hosted a free-form radio program called "The Music Factory," sponsored by MGM-Verve Records. The series has been gone from radio ever since, but Irwin is airing episodes on alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern). On May 10th, Tom Wilson welcomes to the Factory John Boylan, one-half of the two-brother band Appletree Theatre. In addition to presenting tracks by Appletree from their album "Playback," Wilson spins tunes by Jimmy Smith, Ultimate Spinach, the Blues Project, and Pat Williams. Also in the program, Wilson and Pauline Rivelli, editor of Jazz & Pop magazine, discuss the increasing confluence of jazz and rock, name-checking Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, Zappa, Sun Ra, and John Coltrane along the way.

Ora Cogan
Tuesday, May 9th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

With a wispy, haunted voice, Ora Cogan picks out her psych-folkish-americana influenced tunes on guitar, sometimes embellished with synths and multi-layered percussion. Starting out in the Vancouver music scene, Cogan recently added a couple of darkly beautiful and poignant songs from her forthcoming album "Crickets" to her bandcamp page. Ora Cogan performs in a stripped-down setting for WFMU.

Jed Kurzel (Alien: Covenant)
Tuesday, May 9th, 2017, 7pm - 8pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
Jed Kurzel discusses his most recent score for the sixth installment of Ridley Scott's Alien series "Alien: Covenant," the soundtrack of which will be released this month by Milan Records. Jed is the singer/guitarist of Australian garage duo The Mess Hall, getting his feature length film scoring start on his director brother Justin Kurzel's true crime drama "Snowtown." He also scored the critically-acclaimed directorial debuts for Jennifer Kent's horror thriller "The Babadook" and John Maclean's western "Slow West."

The Amazing Kreskin, Will Miles, Patti Harrison, Tim Platt, Special Surprise Music Guests and More!
Saturday, May 6th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
Saturday May 6th marks the return of Pat Byrne's Prove It All Night! variety show to Montgomery Hall. This show will feature talk show legend and famous mentalist The Amazing Kreskin! Comedy from: Will Miles, Patti Harrison, and Tim Platt! Plus, live music from TWO very special surprise musical guests! Check the WFMU homepage and the Prove It All Night playlist page for live video of the show starting between 9 and 9:30. If you're local, swing by Montgomery Hall for fun starting at 9pm with Primitive Sound System! $10 suggested donation with all money going to benefit WFMU radio, but if your feeling cheap, $5 will still get you in.

Mokoomba: Electrifying New Sounds from Zimbabwe
Saturday, May 6th, 2017, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Mokoomba is an ebulliant young band from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe making a big splash on the international scene with an electrifying blend of Afro-rock, traditional sounds and lots more. On tour now in support of their excellent new album, Luyando (on Outhere Records), area gigs include a stop at Subrosa in NY's Meat Packing District on Wednesday night May 3rd as well as atThe Falcon up in Marlboro NY on Wednesday night May 17th. And we're thrilled to bring Mokoomba to the Garden State airwaves with a live session on WFMU!

Black Lips
Saturday, May 6th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show

Black Lips will make for an even more chaotic Todd-O-Phonic Todd show than usual. Atlanta's finest are releasing their latest opus, "Satan's Graffiti or God's Art?" the day before. Produced by Sean Lennon, the album is the group’s most musically evolved to date, while still staying true to their original blistering take on fuzzy, dirty rock n’ roll. Catch Black Lips at Webster Hall on Friday May 5th.

Don Bryant
Saturday, May 6th, 2017, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael chats with Memphis soul music legend Don Bryant whose recording career started in 1958 and includes classic recordings with Willie Mitchell on the Hi Records label, a songwriting catalog that includes titles recorded by Solomon Burke, Albert King, Fontella Bass, Otis Clay, Etta James and his wife Ann Peebles’ biggest hit “I Can't Stand The Rain”. Don’s upcoming album ''Don’t Give Up On Love” is out May 12 on Fat Possum, and features performances by The Hi Rhythm Section, and The Bo-Keys.

Thursday, May 4th, 2017, Midnight - 3am
Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
Liondub comes through Nickel and Dime radio. A longtime Brooklyn selector, his musical mindset was formed at the crossroads of major international bass vibrations originating from Jamaica, NYC and the UK. He runs Liondub International records, has a regular show on Kool London in the UK, and tours around the world pushing jungle, dancehall, reggae and beyond...

Joe Frank - "The Box" and "Third World Country"
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
Radio dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesday afternoons at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On May 3rd, we'll air two half-hour episodes. From Joe's THE OTHER SIDE series, we'll hear "The Box." Joe takes over the family business following his father's death. While working late one night, he's confronted by an enigmatic woman dressed in black holding a mysterious box. And from Joe's IN THE DARK series we'll hear "Third World Country." Wherever he goes, Joe is confronted by squalor, misery, and human suffering, and he reacts with brutal candor.

Barker Trio
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, 3am - 6am
on What Was Music? with Marcel M

The Barker trio plays free-jazz - and they do it damn well. The group clearly respects their roots but what makes them so exciting is their devil-may-care attitude towards tradition and the overwhelming sense that this is really happening NOW. Tune in to hear 3 totally improvised pieces from this explosive unit - not to be missed! Barker trio is: Andrew Barker on drums, Tim Dahl on bass and Michael Foster on soprano/tenor sax and electronics.

Janel Leppin with Anthony Pirog
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

Cello is multi-instrumentalist/composer Janel Leppin's main instrument, but she's equally adept at keyboards, vocals and guitar, creating lush sonic dreamscapes throughout her meditative music. Following last year's dual album releases, Leppin has a new one called "American God," filled with, as she describes it, "dream-pop vocal works, Persian classical glimpses, and psychedelic reveries." She is joined by guitarist Anthony Pirog, who weaves complementary sonics into Janel's music. The duo return to perform live on WFMU.

Michael Yezerski
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017, 7pm - 8pm
on Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins

Australian composer Michael Yezerski joins Devon to discuss his "ambient-doom-metal" score for horror film "The Devil's Candy," the soundtrack of which is receiving a vinyl release by Death Waltz Records in early May. "Devil's Candy" is writer/director Sean Byrne's follow up to "The Loved Ones". Michael's previous scores include Elissa Down's "The Black Balloon," Peer Pedersen’s "We Don’t Belong Here," Claire McCarthy's "The Waiting City," and HBO's "Only The Dead See The End of War."

Jon Glaser
Saturday, April 29th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
This Saturday Pat welcomes writer/ comedian Jon Glaser to Prove It All Night! Jon will be talking to Pat about his many TV shows including Delocated, Late Night with Conan, GILRS, Jon Glaser Loves Gear, and his brand new season of Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter! Tune in and be enlightened!

Riyaaz Qawwali interview: Sufi qawwali music and more, from the Lone Star State
Saturday, April 29th, 2017, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

You may know the late great Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, whose ecstatic Sufi qawwali music broke through to international audiences. That success paved the way for other qawwali artists from South Asia to go global. But now there is a top-notch qawwali ensemble right here in the US: Houston-based Riyaaz Qawwali, who are in town to play Sunday night at Roulette in Brooklyn as part of the weekend-long World In Trance Festival. Riyaaz, with two albums out - Ishq and Kashti - has an emigre twist: While much of the material is based in Sufi mysticism, this multi-cultural ensemble - with members from several countries - incorporate Hindu, Sikh and other themes as well. We'll learn about that and more on this week's show!

Atlantic Thrills PLUS Baby Shakes PLUS Ronnie Fujiyama ('s) - Live at the WFMU Record Fair
Saturday, April 29th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Atlantic Thrills, Baby Shakes, and Ronnie Fujiyama ('s) rock The Brooklyn Expo Center live from The WFMU Record Fair. For those whose spouses won't let them attend record fairs, check out all the action on the radio. Rhode Island's high energy Atlantic Thrills are part of the Almost Ready anniversary shows happening Saturday and Sunday at Union Pool and Shea Stadium. Baby Shakes wonderful third album, Turn It Up, will be out this spring. Be sure and catch Baby Shakes at Monty Hall on Friday May 19th with Derv Gordon (of The Equals) and So What.

Ronnie Fujiyama from the's (a.k.a. Yoshiko) performs a special solo set live at The WFMU Record Fair. The's created an international sensation with their performance of "Woo Hoo" in "Kill Bill" but have been thrilling audiences with their Japanese interpretation of American rock'n'roll since 1986. The's are making two U.S. appearances, Friday 4/28 at Cafe Nine in New Haven and Saturday 4/29 at Music Hall Of Williamsburg as part of the power-packed Billy Miller celebration.

Bloodshot Bill
Saturday, April 29th, 2017, 1pm - 3pm
on Fool's Paradise with Rex

The Montreal mauler performs live at the WFMU Record Fair under Rex's nervous gaze. The Canadian crusher is so authentic he has his own brand of grease! Not only will he be performing hits from his Norton Records catalog, he'll also be performing later that night at The Billy Miller Forever Celebration at Music Hall Of Williamsburg alongside such greats as Reigning Sound, Roy Loney, Barrence Whitfield & The Savages and The's.

Live from the Record Fair
Saturday, April 29th, 2017, 11am - 1pm
Michael Shelley's show
Michel Shelley broadcasts live from the WFMU Record Fair at the Brooklyn Expo Center. On this all vinyl show Michael will welcome some WFMU staff members to share a treasured recording they've picked up at a past fair!

Eugene Chadbourne and Sunwatchers
Thursday, April 27th, 2017, Noon - 3pm
Imaginary Radio
Legendary improviser/re-interpreter Eugene Chadbourne teams up with the stunning psych-jazz-rock band Sunwatchers to perform a set of Minutemen and Doug Sahm songs. Incredible and unprecedented? Yes! They have an album coming out on Amish Records. The Sunwatchers have a residency at Union Pool on Tuesdays, April 11 - 24th.

Tom Wilson's Music Factory #15 - Orpheus
Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
In 1967 and '68 the charismatic record producer Tom Wilson hosted a free-form radio program called "The Music Factory," sponsored by MGM-Verve Records. The series has been gone from radio ever since, but Irwin is airing episodes on alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern). On April 26th, we'll hear Bruce Arnold, leader of the Boston-based soft-rock band Orpheus, and Alan Lorber, the band's producer and arranger. Lorber was the svengali behind the late 1960s "Bosstown Sound," which was an east coast counterpart to the San Francisco psych scene. Lorber and Arnold devote part of this Music Factory episode to illustrating the production and arranging process behind the Orpheus song "I've Never Seen Love Like This." This program originally aired in early 1968. More information about Wilson can be found at

The Mitchell Quartet
Tuesday, April 25th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
on Irene Trudel's show

NYC-based guitarist, composer, singer Robert Mitchell has traveled the world with his melodic music and says he remains ready for more. Mitchell's playing has a cinematic feel, not surprising since he's worked a bit in film scoring, with generous doses of jazz-laiden acoustic improv. Joining Robert are members of e'fessioux, who performed their own great set on Irene's show in January. The Mitchell Quartet plays live on WFMU.

Sampling the Seattle Mariners' finest spicy toasted grasshoppers
Tuesday, April 25th, 2017, 6pm - 7pm
Pig Talk with Bronwyn C.
The Most Trusted Team in Sports Talk Radio Today™ continue their hard-hitting investigative series on Ballpark Food by tasting the spicy toasted grasshoppers served at the Seattle Mariners' games, and then interviewing Steve Dominguez, general manager of concessions at Safeco Field. We have so many questions! First: Why? And second, what kind of beer does one serve with toasted grasshopper? We eat grasshoppers so you don't have to! On Sportsy Talk.

Leo Bud Welch
Monday, April 24th, 2017, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

The world's foremost gospel blues lumberjack comes to WFMU to play music and discuss his incredible career as part of the legendary fat Possum/Big Legal Mess blues scene in Mississippi. Leo is the subject of a new documentary "Late Blossom Blues: The Journey of Leo Bud Welch" which will be screened in Asbury Park NJ on April 20.

Reggae Day on Surface Noise
Monday, April 24th, 2017, 9am - Noon
Surface Noise with Joe McGasko
Long-time volunteer and avid record collector Bill Domanico drops by Surface Noise for an extended Single File featuring nothing but reggae 45s from the early-to-mid 70s. Expect appearances by folks like Delroy Wilson, the Heptones, Sugar Minott, King Tubby, and more!

Sounds of Kolachi: Rock meets Pakistani Roots
Saturday, April 22nd, 2017, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

They've been called "one of the more exciting music acts to emerge from the Pakistani music scene" by Pakistan's Dawn Magazine - and they're playing live on our show this Saturday! Led by musical visionary Ahsan Bari, Sounds of Kolachi deftly mixes raga with western harmony; counterpoint with South Asian melodic lines; rock instrumentation with sitar and bowed sarangi. Thanks to the US State Dept's Center Stage cultural exchange program, Sounds of Kolachi toured the US for the first time this spring, celebrating the release of debut album Elhaam. We're thrilled to host their Garden State debut!

Steven McDonald of Redd Kross
Saturday, April 22nd, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Steven McDonald of Redd Kross joins the ever-growing Todd-O-Phonic Todd Cavalcade Of Stars! Todd and Steven will discuss the fascinating history of this amazing band. Steven will also spin a set of his favorite music. Redd Kross hits the road April 15th and will be appearing at Bowery Ballroom on May 4th. They will also be performing at Burger Boogaloo in Oakland on July 4th weekend.

Lord Lewis the Velvet Knight
Thursday, April 20th, 2017, Midnight - 3am
Nickel And Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
$mall ¢hange welcomes Lord Lewis the Velvet Knight. a veteran radio DJ and record collector who has been on the air at WESU 88.1 FM (Wesleyan University’s radio station) since 2002 hosting the Rumpus Room. The Rumpus Room is a specialty show that is unique for its deep musical selection and being the longest running radio show in Connecticut to primarily play underground vintage and contemporary funk, soul, jazz, reggae, dub, and afro and latin rare grooves.

Surfer Blood PLUS Terry Malts PLUS Business Of Dreams
Wednesday, April 19th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show
It's a live band tripleheader on The Evan "Funk" Davies show Wednesday night, April 19th!

ONE: Surfer Blood! They're currently on tour after releasing their fourth album, Snowdonia - their first since the death of original guitarist Thomas Fekete [rhymes with "spaghetti"] last year from a rare form of cancer. They bring their partly-sunny catchy pop to the WFMU studios ahead of their appearance at Music Hall Of Williamsburg on Thursday the 20th.

TWO: Slumberland recording artists Terry Malts return to The Evan "Funk" Davies Show! They'll keep the guitar-driven good times going with songs that might leave you imagining what would have happened if The dB's had gone more post-punk or Joy Division had been more power-poppy. Terry Malts are touring the US, and they play the Mercury Lounge on Saturday the 15th.

THREE: Business Of Dreams is the name Malts mainstay Corey Cunningham recorded under for his new solo album. The pop is a little darker, with some synthesizers added to the mix that OMD fans will particularly appreciate. Business Of Dreams is conveniently opening for Terry Malts on their current tour.

Don't miss these three great live sets beginning at 9pm Wednesday, April 19, on WFMU!

Joe Frank - "Caged Heart"
Wednesday, April 19th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesday afternoons at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. April 19th, we'll present "Caged Heart" from Joe's "The Other Side" series. On a bike ride in Seattle where he's performing in a play, Larry imagines abandoning the theater to find happiness working as a railroad laborer. We hear Joe Franks across America tell their stories. An old man recites a Psalm and discusses what he doesn't know about God. And Debi tells what happened with the handsome man who was addicted to women.

John Zorn
Wednesday, April 19th, 2017, 3pm - 5pm
Ridgewood Radio with David Weinstein (on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
The composer/producer/performer live in conversation for two hours with host David Weinstein reminiscing and prognosticating on Heaven, Hell, the Moon, the Stone, and of course music, all illuminated by tracks selected by the prolific and uncompromising master.

Kevin Bergeron of Waxwork Records, 2 Hours as Devon Covers for Bethany
Tuesday, April 18th, 2017, 7pm - 9pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
Waxwork Records' Kevin Bergeron (aka Kevin Dredge of New Orlean horror rockers She's Still Dead) joins Devon to discuss and listen to some of the NOLA-based classic and cult cinema, horror and sci-fi vinyl soundtrack label's catalog and upcoming releases. With co-owner Suzy Soto, Kevin has released an awe-inspiring number of records in the label's first four years, many on vinyl for the first time ever or from masters considered lost for decades, including "Phase IV," "Salem's Lot," "Rosemary's Baby," "Taxi Driver," "C.H.U.D.," "The Warriors," "Altered States," "The Howling," Popol Vuh's "Nosferatu" and namesake of the radio show's "The Thing." Announced upcoming 180g colored vinyl releases (with insane packaging) include Joe Loduca's "Evil Dead 2," Pino Dinaggio's "Don't Look Now" and Jennifer Kent's "The Babadook."

Little League hero Daniel Franko
Tuesday, April 18th, 2017, 6pm - 7pm
Pig Talk with Bronwyn C.
The Most Trusted Team in Sports Talk Radio Today™ interview Daniel Franko, the 10-year-old who named his Little League team "The Illuminati." So many questions for that kid! All the answers coming up, on Sportsy Talk.

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017, Noon - 3pm
on Liz Berg's show

Heads-up to fans of Delta 5, the Bush Tetras, and disaffected lady vocals: Lithics are coming to town from Portland, Oregon. Angular, herky-jerky post-punk for you head-boppers, the band's album "Borrowed Floors" was one of Liz's faves from last year. Catch them live at Alphaville in Brooklyn on April 16th and don't miss their set on WFMU!

Moral Panic
Monday, April 17th, 2017, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

No it's not a new show description for Three Chord Monte but a fantastic new punk rock band from Brooklyn, rising out of the still-smoldering cinders of the sorely missed Livids. Debut self-titled LP just released on Slovenly Records.

Hicham El Kebbaj on the Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essauoira, Morocco
Saturday, April 15th, 2017, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

For generations the Gnawa people, descendents of Sub-Saharan Africans, faced discrimination in Morocco. And their rich musical traditions were neglected. The smashing success of the Gnaoua World Music Festival in the beautiful Atlantic coast city of Essauoira has helped change that. This year's 20th annual festival takes place from June 29th to July 1st. Hicham El Kebbaj, one of the festival producers, joins us this week to talk about the festival and the music.

Trouble Boys PLUS Cheap Fur
Saturday, April 15th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
It's double trouble when two kick-ass rock'n'roll combos from Austin join forces with Todd-O-Phonic Todd. Trouble Boys bring their "street rock" to Montgomery Street! They are celebrating the release of their six song EP on Sweetheart Records. Cheap Fur's bad boy bovver boogie will be sure to delight rock'n'roll fans of all ages. Get loose with Trouble Boys and Cheap Fur (as well as Dirty Fences and Bob Mann & The Rolling Thunder) at Diviera Drive in Brooklyn later that evening!

John Schnall’s Midnight Matinee returns to the airwaves
Saturday, April 15th, 2017, Midnight - 3am
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton
At the stroke of midnight as April 14 turns into tax-day, the Inflatable Squirrel Carcass welcomes John Schnall back to the airwaves. John will be presenting a brand new Midnight Matinee for your edification. This episode will feature the film Moe Mento, documenting the short-term memory loss that is a direct result of being hit on the head with a hammer, gouged in the eye, slapped in the cranial area and otherwise Stooge-handled. Featuring extensive research from the NYU College of Konks Squared (aka NYUCK NYUCK).

Gospel of Mars
Thursday, April 13th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Strength Through Failure with Fabio
Gospel of Mars is a three piece band from Brooklyn. They make music that has the ability to sonically tap into your cerebral cortex. Tune in to Strength through Failure with Fabio on April 13, 3-6pm to hear YOUR mind give in!

Tom Wilson's Music Factory #14 - Ultimate Spinach
Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
In 1967 and '68 the charismatic record producer Tom Wilson hosted a free-form radio program called "The Music Factory," sponsored by MGM-Verve Records. The series has been gone from radio ever since, but Irwin is airing episodes on alternate Wednesdays at 4pm (Eastern). On April 12th, we'll hear Ian Bruce-Douglas, leader of the baroque-psyche band Ultimate Spinach, and Alan Lorber, the band's producer. With titles like "Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess" and "Mind Flowers," Ultimate Spinach was one of the hippie-est bands ever. But Bruce-Douglas brought 11 years of classical training into the studio, and echoes of Bach, Mozart, and Gregorian chants reverberate thru the recordings. Bruce-Douglas and Lorber devote one section of the Music Factory to explaining the production process behind the song "Pamela," passage by passage. This program originally aired in early 1968. More information about Wilson can be found at

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, Midnight - 3am
Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet
Wm. Berger's My Castle of Quiet is excited to present NJ's IDES, a great hard-punk band making their second live visit to The Castle, this time debuting their new full length "Born To Run In Place."

Viking Moses and Hamish Hawk
Tuesday, April 11th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
Irene Trudel's show
For many years Baltimore-based Viking Moses (aka Brendan Massei) has been releasing lyrical songs performed with gruffly delicate vocals, accompanied by various configurations of solo rhythmic electric guitar, simple piano or a full band. Viking Moses has also championed a number of Scottish musicians. Hamish Hawk is his latest find, and they've been touring the US together. Edingurgh-based Hawk's solo shows are described as "a colourful and confident display of wit, charm and sensitivity as a songwriter-- A natural storyteller. Schedules being what they are, a WFMU session didn't work out with the duo while they were in the NYC area, so they recorded a special set in Brendan's home studio. Viking Moses and Hamish Hawk "perform" for Irene's show tonight.

Vinnie Favale on the 3rd Annual Asbury Park Music & Film Festival
Tuesday, April 11th, 2017, 7pm - 8pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
Vinnie Favale of the Asbury Park Music & Film Festival (and VP of CBS Late Night Programming) joins Devon in the studio to discuss the Festival's third year on April 20-23 in Asbury Park, NJ. The Festival kicks off in the Paramount Theater with an ultra rare performance by Daniel Johnston & Summer Moon (feat. members of The Strokes and Janes Addiction) after a screening of "The Devil & Daniel Johnston." Other highlights include a screening with Q&A and all-star jam of "Just Before The Dawn" (a documentary on the Upstage Club where Springsteen met future E Street Band members) and performances by Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies, Robert Randolph and Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul, amongst others. The finale includes a performance by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the Paramount Theater. Go to for the schedule and tickets.

Samantha Fish
Monday, April 10th, 2017, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

Jersey City meets Kansas City. This blues guitarist has made a name for herself shredding at blues festivals all over the world. Her next move was to go to Detroit and make a soul record with Bobby Harlow from The Go. Tune in to hear how it turned out!

"The Airwaves Belong to the People!" - A Tribute to David Peel
Saturday, April 8th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
This Saturday, Pat pays tribute to the radical, free-thinking, non apologetic, yippie, three chord rocking, self-proclaimed "King of Punk". David Peel was so much a part of the counterculture alternative fabric of New York City that the quilt now has a huge hole in it. Hear Pat pay tribute to his late friend by sharing some personal recorded moments from him, great tracks from his numerous records, stories, and maybe even some thoughts from his many friends and collaborators. As Mr. Peel often signed off with: "Rock N Roll forever, and forever Rock n' Roll!".

Mark Eitzel
Saturday, April 8th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show

Mark Eitzel hangs out with Todd-O-Phonic Todd. Mark is touring with Howe Gelb in support of his great new Merge album, "Hey Mr. Ferryman". The former frontman of American Music Club will play a few songs, shoot the breeze and discuss the time Todd and Scott McCaughey took him to see Johnny Z. and The Camaros at The Gold Dust Saloon.

Keith Colley
Saturday, April 8th, 2017, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael chats with Keith Colley who spent the most of the 1960's in L.A. writing 700+ songs and garnering covers by Rick Nelson, Gary Lewis, Gene Vincent, Tom Jones, Skeeter Davis, The Newbeats, The Knickerbockers, Jackie DeShanon, The American Breed, The Browns, Gene McDaniels, Ray Baretto, Keely Smith, Pat Boone, Glen Campbell, Bobby Vee and Gary Puckett & the Union Gap just to name a few.

Louie Louie Palooza
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017, 7pm - 10pm
Bodega Pop Live with Gary Sullivan (on Give the Drummer Radio stream)
In advance of International Louie Louie Day, we honor the most recorded rock song of all time with three solid hours of covers from around the world.

Joe Frank - "Emptiness"
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Irwin Chusid
One-hour dramas by Joe Frank air alternate Wednesday afternoons at 4pm (Eastern) on Irwin's program. On Weds. April 5th, we'll present "Emptiness" from Joe's "The Other Side" series. In a phone conversation with Joe, Larry, whose acting career is foundering, dreams of escaping from New York to Los Angeles. He explains to Joe why he envies the comradeship of gay Broadway dancers he sees in line at a credit union. In another phone chat, Debi explains to Joe why she can't get comfortable with her boyfriend Malcolm, a talented musician who, despite financial setbacks, is always brimming with affection and optimism. Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield explains his own troubled family background.

The Gershwin Brothers (Lane Steinberg & Dave Foster)
Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
Irene Trudel's show
As Lane Steinberg describes their fateful meeting, "Dave Foster and I first met in 2015 when we did the Beach Boys' 'Wild Honey' album with Murderers' Row, a musical collective we're a part of. We started bouncing around song ideas and found we had a good collaborative relationship. Our pal and colleague, Erica Smith, dubbed us the Gershwin Brothers and the name stuck. Steinberg has several underappreciated albums to his credit, the most recent being another pop gem, 8X8's "Infloresence." Foster is a longtime member of Bubble, and contributes sweet Beatlesque guitar riffs to many friends' collaborations. The Gershwin Brothers will be joined by members of Murderers' Row to premiere some of the songs that will be on an upcoming album.

Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon" Live Score Producer Joseph Berger and Transcriber Frank Cogliano
Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, 7pm - 8pm
Morricone Island with Devon E. Levins
Producer Joseph Berger and transcriber Frank Cogliano join Devon to discuss their upcoming world premiere screening of Stanley Kubrick's " Barry Lyndon" with live score by a 50-piece chamber orchestra conducted by Ryan McAdams on Saturday, April 8th at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre in collaboration with Wordless Music and Warner Bros. Pictures. Much has been written about the cinematography and production design of "Barry Lyndon" but very little about its Oscar-winning soundtrack with Leonard Rosenman interpretations of Schubert, Handel, Bach and Mozart and traditional Irish folk songs recorded by The Chieftains. The orchestra will include piano trio, male vocalist, fife, drum corps and six-piece Irish folk band.

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner

Uniform is the NYC duo of Michael Berdan and Ben Greenberg, whose latest release "Wake In Fright" raises their game as dealers of riff-mongering, relentless jackhammer destruction. Equal parts Big Black, Slayer, Young Gods, Killing Joke and more, the band appeared at Brian's Monty Hall showcase gig a couple years back with Obnox and The Wilful Boys, where witnesses watched them lay waste to the room with simple aggro vox, guitar, and programming. This new release on Sacred Bones is by far one of the most punishing records to come out of NYC in a while and we are excited to unleash them onto the airwaves today.

Monday, April 3rd, 2017, Noon - 3pm
on Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock

These Minneapolis maniacs deliver maximum R&G (yes, rhythm and glam!) with a healthy dose of Mad magazine flexi influence. Check out their debut album, "You Ain't Gonna Rock And Roll No More."

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017, 5pm - 8pm
on Hello Children with Faye

NYC's #1 Arabic-language hardcore band brings you all-powerful punk from the silt-gilded pages of the Toxic State catalog. Haram rages against oppression, racism, & discrimination by wielding the spiky flail of punk. But Haram is way more than just a cultural artifact, they're a damn good band. A bit of influence from Euro hardcore + a big dose of NYC grit. Don't miss it, creeps.

Sleaford Mods
Sunday, April 2nd, 2017, 3am - 6am
on Spin Age Blasters with Creamo Coyl

The duo of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn chat with WFMU on the night of their return to NYC with a gig at Warsaw.Their latest release English Tapas is out now on Rough Trade.

Saturday, April 1st, 2017, 9pm - Midnight
Prove It All Night! with Pat Byrne
This Saturday, Pat welcome's the opti-mystic glam-grunge trio, Sharkmuffin to studio B for a special live session. The band will be hitting the road this May and have a new record on the way. Pat also celebrates the 100th episode of Prove It All Night!

Pakistani Singer Sanam Marvi's Stirring Sufi Songcraft
Saturday, April 1st, 2017, 6pm - 9pm
on Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg

Pakistani singer Sanam Marvi is bringing new light to a beloved South Asian repertoire of mystical Sufi poetry and qawwali music, as well as folk songs and more. She'll be in town to talk music and culture - and perform a bit too - at the Asia Society on Wednesday April 5th, and for a full-on concert at the BAM Opera House on Thursday April 6th. But first, Sanam Marvi and her ensemble join us on the WFMU airwaves!

Dave Davies PLUS Cut Worms
Saturday, April 1st, 2017, 3pm - 6pm
Todd-o-phonic Todd's show
Dave Davies, the legendary guitar player of The Kinks, joins Todd-O-Phonic Todd for a pint or two of Guiness and some no doubt insightful conversation. Dave's influence on genres ranging from garage rock to heavy metal is incalculable. He wrote and sang great songs with Kinks such as "Death Of A Clown" and "Love Me Till The Sun Shines" and has been a successful solo artist for many years. Dave's new album is entitled Open Road and he is touring in support of it. He will be performing at City Winery on April 12th.

Cut Worms released one of 2016's most indelible 45's, the pop masterpiece "Don't Want To Say Good-bye". Head honcho Max Clarke joins Todd-O-Phonic Todd to perform songs in advance of Cut Worms show at Monty Hall on Friday April 7th which also features Miriam and Nobody's Babies and Saint Pè.

Elvis Costello
Saturday, April 1st, 2017, 11am - 1pm
on Michael Shelley's show

Michael Shelley's welcomes Elvis Costello to the studio to chat about his recent autobiography “Unfaithful Ink & Disappearing Music,” his 30 studio albums and to play unplugged versions of some of his classic #1 hits.

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