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Options Otis Fodder    (Contact)

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Hosts these programs:

Options Friendly Persuasion with Otis Fodder

Options Xanadu: The (Unofficial) 40th Anniversary

Swag For Life Swag For Life Member!

Pledged support to:

WFMU's Marathon 2021
WFMU's Year-End Fundraiser 2020
WFMU's Marathon 2020
🎃 WFMU's Year-End Fundraiser 2019
WFMU's Marathon 2019
WFMU's Year-End Fundraiser 2018
WFMU's Marathon 2018

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Bagels, Books, Cats, Cheese, Coffee, Donuts, Family, Friends, Fruit, Kindness, Love, Pillows, Smiles, Tacos, Records, and You!


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