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August 1, 2020
Options August 1, 2020 The George Furth Memorial Playlist
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Artist Track Label Comments Approx. start time
Tom Carter and the Ramrods  Options Flyin' Saucer Twist   Northway Sound    0:00:00 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Scavengers  Options Speed Trap   Pharaoh    0:05:24 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Big Four  Options Outa Tune   Moon    0:08:29 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Royal Teens  Options Mad Gass   Power    0:08:54 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Rhythm-Addicts  Options If You're Square   Cee-Gee    0:13:58 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell   Options You're Gone   Starday    0:16:42 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Danny Ray  Options There Never Be Nothing   White Label    0:18:15 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Freddie Caddell and The Twirls  Options Gotta Big Fat Mama   Ardent    0:20:53 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Ray Vict and his Bop Rockers  Options We Gonna Bop, Stop, Rock   Goldband  Now available on Boppin' by the Bayou vol.22 on Ace Records!  0:23:54 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Jimmy Lee Prow  Options Shopping List   King    0:27:41 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Bill Dudley  Options I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail   Nashville    0:29:03 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Billy Garner  Options Little School Girl   Mojo    0:36:46 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Joe Benson  Options Rock and Roll Jungle   DeLuxe    0:39:17 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Jessie Pipkin and Band  Options Work With It   Noble    0:40:39 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Ace Holder  Options Wabba Suzy-Q   Vanessa    0:43:27 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Arthur Gunter   Options Mind Your Own Business   Excello    0:45:41 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Big Moose McDowell and his Tornadoes  Options Cross Hands - Part 1   Duplex    0:48:26 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Emperors  Options Hungry   Newport    0:52:39 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Robins  Options I Must Be Dreamin   Spark    0:55:45 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Invaders  Options Slop It Out   El Toro  A brand new teenage dance sensation!  0:57:49 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Dorsets  Options Cool It   Asnes    0:59:44 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The T-Birds  Options Taco Harry   Chess    1:01:49 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Buddies  Options Spooky Spider   Swan    1:05:30 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Donnie Charles and the Fairlanes  Options Jumpsville, U.S.A.   Smash    1:09:28 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Surfaris  Options I'm A Hog For You   Sundazed    1:12:34 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Surfer Girls  Options Draggin' Wagon   Columbia    1:13:54 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Jayne Mansfield  Options That Makes It!   Original Sound    1:16:16 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Elite  Options My Confusion   Charay    1:19:31 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Soul, Inc  Options The Alligator   Fraternity    1:23:15 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Gaylads  Options Ah So   Audan    1:25:35 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Tommy Long and the Varatones  Options D.J. (Disc Jockey) Joe   Bellwood    1:31:28 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Four Rogues  Options The Ralphie   Philtown    1:33:53 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Crazy Rockers Show  Options Mamma-Pappa Twist   Delta    1:36:39 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Fabulous Bachelors  Options Walking The Dog   Rick    1:39:14 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Musical Linn Twins !!  Options Indian Rock   Blue Feather    1:42:45 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Calvin and Clarence  Options I Don't Know (School Girl)   Fairlane    1:46:11 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Royal Entertainers  Options Big Bad Joe   Ho Jo    1:49:01 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
The Midnighters  Options Early One Morning   Federal    1:51:46 MP3 | Pop‑up)  
Buddy Guy and his Band  Options This Is The End   Artistic    1:54:15 MP3 | Pop‑up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 1:00pm Rex:

Please wait to be seated
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:02pm Alex of Chicago:

Sneaking in my big bag of sour candies.
Avatar 1:04pm Rex:

No outside food or drink allowed
  1:05pm davefromtoronto:

what's the sticky stuff on the floor...
  1:07pm MFlynn:

Big bag “O” Skittles!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:07pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Not saying what I'm sneaking in but if I laugh hysterically @ what're supposed to be scary bits - that's just gonna happen...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:08pm listener 126464:

Sorry, we're open
  1:09pm Senor Headache:

As I continue memorizing/ mastering the dialogue to the opening montage, my two sons have grown weary of me saying “the whole worlds gone cray-ze / this whole thing makes me sick, YOU make me sick...”

But, you know what? That’s too goddamn bad, they’ll just have to deal with it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:09pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Afternoon, Rex & Fools!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:09pm spodiodi:

is there a seat ready yet?
aloha, Rex and all
lowbrow here, checking in
Avatar 1:11pm Rex:

Senor Headache - Fool's Paradise has creating family strife for over 25 years!
  1:11pm davefromtoronto:

that guy in my aisle in the raincoat is NOT social distancing...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:11pm dave wuz here:

i got here as soon as i could
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:12pm spodiodi:

you don't like my raincoat is all
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:15pm ChrisB.:

If I had a nickle for every time I've said, "Would it bother you if the radio played?"
  1:15pm MFlynn:

Wow!! I’m square!!!!
Avatar 1:16pm Mailman Tom:

Senor Headache: "The whole world's gone crazy" is taken from an episode of Kolchak the Night Stalker
Avatar 1:16pm Rex:

Chris B- "Why, no, not at all..."
  1:16pm Papito:

I had a girlfriend named Emiko and when we went to the movies she would sneak in fancy little cakes she would buy at the fancy little bakery next door to the theater. Man she was way too cool !
  1:16pm Senor Headache:

I like your raincoat, Spidiodi.
  1:16pm gene sculatti:

'If You're a Square' killer!!!
  1:17pm David in London:

A lunkhead in London here. Admittance for one please Rex.
Hey spodiodi. How are you mate?
  1:17pm phil.vas1:

Hello from SI, NY. Too damn hot!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:17pm common:

Rex, all
  1:18pm MFlynn:

Yay Rockabilly!!!!
Avatar 1:18pm Rex:

Spodiodi - Your table for two is ready...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:22pm Alex of Chicago:

I finally got around to looking up the definition of ramrod.
  1:23pm The Butterman:

Senor Headache, my son feels exactly the same!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:23pm spodiodi:

*gathers up juju bees* thank you Rex!
*settles in*
*removes top hat*
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:26pm spodiodi:

aloha, David in London! eating as much candy as possible. easing into Saturday... how are you??

Senor Headache, thank you! got it at the army navy
Avatar 1:27pm Rex:

Welcome aboard, Gene Scullati! Everyone get your copy of Gene's essential tome Catalog of Cool and have him sign it! I'm sure he'll include a warm dedication...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:29pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Wait - is this a Matinee or a Restaurant ??
(...this *is* good sh*t...)

Free love & nickel beer ?!?!
Avatar 1:30pm Rex:

Fool's Paradise: In the tradition of free love and nickel beer.
  1:30pm David in London:

Spodiodi, ha ha, that’s the way to start the day. All good here. A pleasant afternoon in the sun, and now preparing to take caps off the beer bottles and put in a shift on the barbecue. Spirits good.
Avatar 1:31pm Rex:

Rev Rabbit - Maybe dinner theater??
  1:31pm phat:

George Furth!
  1:31pm Senor Headache:

Butterman- hopefully, this’ll make the kids stronger in the long run.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...oh...Thanks. I was *freaking out*...
Avatar 1:34pm Mailman Tom:

I have a short stack of Boppin' by the Bayou CDs. Didn't know they were still making them!
  1:35pm davefromtoronto:

i'm savin my clams for the "bop slop and shlock" comp!
  1:35pm phat:

Furth was on every TV show when I was a kid and Company is brilliant. My mom loved him.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:36pm dave wuz here:

Stang was the mang
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:36pm Greg from ZONE 5:

I used to watch The Munsters Today every Sunday afternoon between Mass and This Week In Baseball.
  1:37pm phil.vas1:

Love American Style. I seem to remember the screen going snowy after that. Or was that Love Boat...?
  1:38pm P-90:

Have to see ANYTHING called “Witchcraft A-Go-Go”
Avatar 1:38pm Rex:

Greg- How I miss TWIB notes!
  1:38pm phat:

@phil.vas1 didn't Love American Style have fireworks?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:38pm spodiodi:

mmm crawdads
Avatar 1:39pm Mailman Tom:

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour ran from 1962 thru 1965. Over 90 episodes and available for viewing on YouTube. I've been binging on them for the past couple of weeks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:40pm spodiodi:

sounds good, DiL!
  1:41pm RevPhil:

I remember Broadside. It was set during World War Two. It was the female version of McHale's Navy starring Connie Stevens.
  1:42pm phil.vas1:

@phat Yes! One of those shows ended pretty late. Then the national anthem and snowy screen. Back in the mid-70s when broadcasting ended at like 2AM.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:42pm Alex of Chicago:

Dipping into the orange crates down in the basement.
  1:44pm David in London:

Mailman Tom. Good shout there. I always loved Hitch’s monologue to camera. He was so acerbic and jolly and sinister.
  1:44pm Papito:

The Happy Days pilot was aired on Love American Style before the Fonz and the gang was a regular show !
  1:46pm davefromtoronto:

is "babacue" equivalent to "sangwich?"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...just realizing I was probably in love with Connie Stevens when I was single digits...
  1:50pm davefromtoronto:

what a raggedy-ass band...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& I've had housemates who weren't like Furth - but one of his characters perhaps...
  1:53pm P-90:

...someone say “brisket”?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:54pm spodiodi:

#1 fave song today = Hungry
  1:54pm Papito:

Connie Stevens played Criket on Hawaiian Eye !
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:55pm spodiodi:

i'll say it, P-90: brisket!
Avatar 1:56pm Dave the Spazz:

I taped the Munsters Today at the time because I'm stupid.
  1:56pm P-90:

Cricket AND brisket. Always a party at Fool’s Paradise.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:57pm spodiodi:

  1:57pm P-90:

@Dave: but go you still have those tapes?!
  1:58pm phat:

Connie Stevens... sigh
  1:58pm David in London:

Papito. I’m guessing that was about a private eye on Hawaii..? A proto Magnum? I like the sound of it anyway.
Avatar 2:01pm Rex:

Music to Spazz By...the Munsters Today of radio??
  2:02pm RevPhil:

THE ROBINS did "I Must Be Dreaming" in a Universal movie short titled "The Robins Sing" from 1955.
  2:06pm Papito:

Yeah, it was a detective agency in Hawaii ! Warner Brothers had a bunch of this type of private eye show like 77 Sunset Strip, Surf Side 6 and Bourbon Street Beat !
Avatar 2:08pm Dave the Spazz:

@P-90: *sigh* Yes.
Avatar 2:10pm Dave the Spazz:

@Rex More like The Nude Bomb of radio
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:10pm efd:

Hey, there's brisket smoking going on at my house as well!
Avatar 2:11pm RevComX:

Smokin' along with ya, Rex
Avatar 2:13pm Rex:

EFD- If the world ever returns to normal, we shall have a brisket competition!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Life's a beach & then you frug on one...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:14pm efd:

I will pass that on to the household brisketeer! (It's not me.)
  2:16pm Jett:

Talking 2 subjects I love, around here. Beef Brisket, and Connie Stevens.
  2:17pm Jett:

Connie was great on Hawaiian Eye.
Avatar 2:17pm Rex:

FYI- That was Connie asking "Who Am I" right before Jayne...
  2:18pm davefromtoronto:

all i can say to that is ( .)( . )
  2:20pm Jett:

I wish WB would release DVD Complete Series sets on "77 Sunset Strip," "Hawaiian Eye," "SurfSide 6," and "Bourbon Street Beat."
  2:21pm Jett:

Ever hear the original version of "Betcha By Golly Wow" which was actually titled "Keep Growing Stronger" by Connie Stevens?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:23pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

....moved from the beach to the garage methinks
...& still no Mansfield death jokes ...nope ...not gonna...
  2:25pm Jett:

Jayne Mansfield's daughter is Mariska Hargitay of "Law & Order SVU"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...which is reason enough...
Avatar 2:26pm Mailman Tom:

House of the Hatchet!
  2:27pm The Butterman:

I have this one on Mondo Frat Dance A go go - I think.
  2:27pm Jett:

Funny you played The Dorsets earlier, I listened to "Pork Chops" by them yesterday.
  2:27pm Papito:

No Brow and No Class ... Time To Dance !!!
Avatar 2:27pm RevComX:

Rapid lunkheadedness has set in
  2:28pm P-90:

Are we gonna hear Ling Ting Tong today? Seems like that direction...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:28pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Has Dr. Fauci said anything about stomach distress bags?
  2:28pm sufferwords:

this fool is indeed in paradise albeit one that is on lock down and dystopian but fuggit roll with what ya got
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:28pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The No Brow look is good for hot summer time days.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...if I can't see any damn Comets I might hear some...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:30pm spodiodi:

sweat in the eyes is more of an issue, but it looks cool, and that's all that matters, kfhp. i agree
  2:30pm Jett:

Fauci wants us to wear Goggles and butt plugs.
  2:32pm P-90:

These streams are overloading me with too many choices...
  2:32pm Sylvia's Mother:

Fauci has not said that.
  2:32pm David in London:

Spodiodi, as every teenage schmuck who has ever tried to emulate Bowie’s Ziggy era look has discovered....
  2:33pm davefromtoronto:

RRN63 - don't lose your head over it...
  2:33pm sufferwords:

goggles I ain’t got
  2:34pm P-90:

Unfortunately I’m probably a little too old to name my new band “Teenage Schmucks”
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:35pm spodiodi:

No Brow and The Teenage Schmucks could work though
  2:36pm Andres:

Can't quite put my brow on what's familiar about this Ralphie.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:38pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Jumping In the Night by Flamin' Groovies ?
  Swag For Life Member 2:39pm CHRISBUTLER:

REX!!!! Working on my motorcycle and diggin' the show here in Akron, o-LO-o. Best/CB
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

davefromtoronto - & there it is...
Avatar 2:41pm Rex:

Chris- Great to hear from you! Say "hey" to the Rubber City for me!!
Avatar 2:41pm Mailman Tom:

The Groovies covered "Walking the Dog"
  2:42pm davefromtoronto:

strange though just yesterday i was reading about her and the car crash
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:43pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Dog on debuts by Stones & Aerosmith. So Rufus Thomas's pooch put some miles on his pads...
  2:46pm P-90:

Every week I feel a tinge of depression when Rex says “waning moments of the program”
  2:46pm P-90:

Like I’m being abandoned somehow
  2:47pm Jett:

Thought you might play Hop-a-long Wong during your Asian set.
  2:48pm Jett:

@Sylvia's Mother, look it up, I saw him on tv.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:50pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...ah would be remiss to not dogwhistle to The Sonics' walking duties...no goggles without sufficient proximity
...in my day social distancing just meant you told people you liked Star Trek...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:51pm spodiodi:

live long and distant
Avatar 2:51pm Little Danny:

The Royal Entertainers sound like Elmore James's band on "Rollin' and Tumblin'." Love it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:52pm listener 126464:

Thanks Rex and crew.
Avatar 2:53pm Little Danny:

Thanks Rex, loved the whole show while making bread.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:53pm spodiodi:

thanks, Rex!
sorry for messin the place up
Avatar 2:53pm Rex:

Little Danny- Yes! that record is a glorious mess!
  2:55pm P-90:

Can’t beat Buddy Guy
  2:56pm Jett:

Avatar 2:56pm Rex:

Thanks once again for tuning in! And special thanks to Ruth back at WFMU Master Control for beaming all this bop, slop and schlock out into space...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...have to find him 1st with that long cord...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:56pm spodiodi:

=skeleton salute= thanks, Ruth!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:57pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Thanks Rex & Ruth!
  2:58pm Senor Headache:

“Good bye cosmic man.” Need to add that to my verbiage.
  2:58pm Jett:

Great show Rex, thanks!
  2:58pm P-90:

“Thanks, Rex.” And Ruth at the board. And goodbye, Cosmic Carradine...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Move along !
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