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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options December 6, 2018

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr.Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Tallawit Timbouctou  Adernibah   Options Hali Diallo  0:11:41 (Pop‑up)
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt  She Punched a Hole in the Moon for Me   Options Brace Up!  0:13:58 (Pop‑up)
Oren Ambarchi & Jim O'Rourke  Hence (excerpt)   Options Hence  0:22:13 (Pop‑up)
Felipe Felizardo  ###   Volume VI: The Sun Rises In Your Tummy And Other Christmas Illuminations  0:48:48 (Pop‑up)
Messages  Within Whirlpool   Options Message Bag  0:49:19 (Pop‑up)
Zaimph  Landscape of Memory   Options Rhizomatic Gaze  1:03:03 (Pop‑up)
Catalogue  Je   Options Brussel Live  1:03:52 (Pop‑up)
Zaimph  Removing Bits of History   Options Rhizomatic Gaze  1:24:00 (Pop‑up)
Carlo Domenico Valyum  Estrazione Del Lotto   Options Cronovisione Italiana  1:27:11 (Pop‑up)
Mike Fazio  Traveling South By Southwest Just Me And My Baby In A Pink Cadillac (Big Hit Single)   Options The Vast Apart (A Collection of Arcane Scenarios-Volume Two)  1:32:17 (Pop‑up)
Hospital Patients  Etude pour un larynx écrasé (Study for a Crushed Larynx)   Options Historische Aufnahmen / Historical Recordings Vol II (V/A)  1:36:41 (Pop‑up)
D.F.  Bamboo Murder City   Options Snowshell  1:44:28 (Pop‑up)
Black Hat  Memory Triptych   Options Thought of Two  1:47:43 (Pop‑up)
Richard Youngs  Otira Gorge   Options This is Not A Lament  2:08:03 (Pop‑up)
Donato Epiro  Naja Nigricollis   Options Fiume Nero  2:15:43 (Pop‑up)
Kim Myhr  days   Options Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds  2:20:24 (Pop‑up)
Angus Maclaurin  What   Options Glass Music  2:26:59 (Pop‑up)
Buzzcocks  E.S.P.   Options Love Bites  2:38:43 (Pop‑up)
Buzzcocks  I Believe   Options A Different Kind of Tension  2:48:55 (Pop‑up)
Buzzcocks  Why Can't I Touch It?   Options Singles Going Steady  2:52:01 (Pop‑up)
Buzzcocks  What Do I Get   Options The peel Sessions  2:57:02 (Pop‑up)
Buzzcocks  Everybody's Happy Nowadays   Options Singles Going Steady  3:00:03 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:04pm chresti:

Hi ho!
Avatar 3:04pm βrian:

I have to give Giant Man wide berth. He keeps stepping on my feet.
Avatar 3:07pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Definitely give him wide berth when it's Potty Time in GiantLand.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:07pm Bas NL:

Hello Fabio & all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:08pm tim from champaign:

So why are Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton considered guitar gods? Bozos who think that have never heard Malian guitarists.
Avatar 3:09pm βrian:

Fabio's amanuensis is slacking today.
Avatar 3:10pm MacGuffin:

Good eeeevening...Why is it taking so long for the playlist to be updated? Is it just me? I want to know what is playing.
  3:11pm P-90:

Ciao Fabio! Come stai?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:11pm chresti:

et voila!
Avatar 3:11pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Strangely reminded of that collab LP between Bachir Attar & Elliott Sharp. Found a copy recently. Interesting attempts to program Moroccan beats on what sounded like an ancient Roland machine.
  3:16pm Brendan:

Fantastic natural distortion string buzz on that last track especially on the outro. Hi
Avatar 3:17pm βrian:

I'm embarrassed to admit I could dance to this. What an interesting racket!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:18pm Booz:

Orcutt does that Malian tuning (if that's what it is) really well.
Avatar 3:21pm V Priceless:

yo Fab!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:26pm chresti:

@Brian: good idea!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:27pm Booz:

Oh I see, so that's how it's gonna be huh? You'll cost me a fortune on Bandcamp (editionsmego.bandcamp.com...) and I'm just supposed to sit here and take it. OK.
Avatar 3:31pm uuee:

@Rev. Turnip Bruid; Just read about the Celts using a hollowed-out turnip, with a hot coal inside, as a lantern.Izzat how you came by the handle?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:34pm ⓘⓚⓔ:

@Mac, that always happens around this time on Thursdays. It must be rush hour in the Series of Tubes somewhere every Thursday. Needs more Data Drano.
Avatar 3:35pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Holy crap I must have a celtic turnip lantern immediately. But alas, the name came about some 30 years ago during a moment of absolutely HEROIC self-medication.
  3:45pm William Main:

I watched Rosemary’s Baby again after you mentioned it on your show last week. I noticed RB was produced by William Castle (director of House on Haunted Hill). The point of HHH is that there are no ghosts – the source of horror is the living not the dead. But in RB Polanski takes supernatural horror at face value – there really is a Devil and a witches coven. Castle deconstructs the horror film while Polanski (at least in RB) continues to take it seriously. Isn’t 20th Century Polish history far more horrifying than any supernatural horror film could ever be? Maybe Castle deserves credit as a more sophisticated director than Polanski. Just thinking....
Avatar 3:48pm MacGuffin:

I love this.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:49pm tim from champaign:

Astute analyses, William Main.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:52pm chresti:

I never thought Polanski took anything seriously
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:54pm tim from champaign:

I'm interesting in watching the Polish film The Lure. From descriptions, it's not quite horror but seems like there are horror elements.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:54pm Rich in Washington:

seeing word across social media that Pete Shelley has passed away. Hope it's not true.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:55pm Rich in Washington:

sorry to be a debbie downer, either way.
Avatar 3:55pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Not related to the krautrock MESSAGE, I assume (bacillus label) - There's one absurdly expensive LP of theirs that keeps popping up on Discogs (large skull+snake photo on cover) always something like eleven million dollars...
  3:56pm William Main:

What I mean is that Polanski does not deconstruct the horror film genera as Castle does.
Avatar 3:56pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

It would appear Rich is correct.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:57pm Rich in Washington:

I really love Rosemary's Baby for that very reason. It leaves you thinking that poor Rosemary is crazy, hysterical, then pulls the rug out from under us. It's like a parent revealing that there is indeed a monster under the bed. Polanski's 9th Gate is similar. So is that recent movie The Witch.
Avatar 3:58pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

No details apart from heart attack (and just 63 yrs old) but BBC is calling it real.
Avatar 3:58pm northguineahills:

Sorry, Rich, the BBC confirms....www.bbc.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:59pm Rich in Washington:

Somewhere I saw someone repost what looked like a message from his brother, but who knows?
Avatar 3:59pm Chris from DC:

Oh please no not Pete Shelley.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:00pm Rich in Washington:

I really loved both The Buzzcocks and his solo work. That's a shame. The punks are dropping like flies.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:00pm chresti:

psychological thriller more than horror
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:02pm chresti:

He seems interested in mental/emotional disorders
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:02pm chresti:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:03pm chresti:

63 is young!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:05pm Rich in Washington:

Sixty three is not very far off for a lot of us.
Avatar 4:05pm Fabio:

@William Main: Although you are right about the general plot of Rosemary's BAby, I would argue that Polanski was getting at something much more sinister than just plain ole Satanism, like the corruptibility and weakness of your average human and the lengths they will go to to be on top and get what they want -- How you get there is just the vehicle. As horror films go, it is genuinely disturbing -- even now. Whereas William Castle's movies, though entertaining, are sorta silly. Also, Polanski directed The Fearless Vampire Killers, which is a send up of horror/Vampire movies.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:05pm chresti:

The punks were dropping like flies in their 20s, 30s, 40s....
Avatar 4:06pm V Priceless:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:09pm Phillippe Bastille:

only 63. Time for me to get off my fat ass and exercise
  4:11pm Somebody:

What's that song that plays in the background while Fabio talks?
Avatar 4:14pm CDToaster:

@Somebody: Ditto Somebody's question...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:15pm Rich in Washington:

@Fabio, William Main: That's one of the nightmarish aspects of RB IMO. Her husband just shamelessly in the background when the full horror of her predicament is revealed. Being betrayed by someone who's supposed to love and protect you. That's real visceral horror.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:15pm Carmichael:

Heya Fabs and failures. I hope we're not talking age here, because mine also begins with "6" ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:15pm Linda Lee:

Farewell, Pete Shelley. Your voice had me bouncing into adulthood.
  4:15pm cluebucket:

show a pic of the characters - could figure it out!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:15pm chris:

hey, Fabio. Dig that Catalogue track. kept me saying to myself, 'picking up unusual readings on the tricorder, cap'n." also, i imagine that's the French word for I, pronounced something like 'zhuh
  4:15pm cluebucket:

Pete Shelley ... oh no :-(
Avatar 4:16pm CDToaster:

@Somebody: From what I believe, a song without lyrics is called a "piece." So the correct question is, "What's that piece in the background..."
  4:16pm Somebody:

Also why isn't there a clicky star next to felipe felizardo's track?
Avatar 4:17pm TDK60:

Linda Lee: Pete Shelley died? Buzzcocks'?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:19pm The Oscar:

I've been on a big noir/screwball kick lately-- always seemed to me like two sides of the same coin. Also, Pete Shelley :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:19pm Linda Lee:

yes sir. he's left us.
Avatar 4:19pm northguineahills:

@:the good Rev:I'm going to own you a truck full of beer by marathon time at the rate this is going (I should just drop one off in front of Monty Hall, as I'm being jinxed by everyone lately....
Avatar 4:20pm northguineahills:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:20pm The Oscar:

We know a remote farm in Lincolnshire. Every July, peas grow there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:20pm Linda Lee:

just a few years older than myself. yet another reminder: time is short.
  4:22pm Mister Eddie:

Hey....I'm walkin' here
Avatar 4:22pm TDK60:

I saw The Buzzcocks only once, 10 years ago. Great band.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:22pm tim from champaign:

Re: Third Man: The scenes filmed in actual bombed out Austria is so cool. Ratso Rizzo! The music from the party in Midnight Cowboy is killer.
  4:24pm William Main:

Thanks for your reply, Fabio. Yes, Polanski parodied the horror genera in FVK. In that sense RB is a “regression” because he’s taking horror tropes at face value again (at least for the sake of scoring a popular success). To see a horror movie that depicts the “corruptibility and weakness of your average human” check out Witchhammer (1970) by Otakar Vavra. It’s available on YouTube.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:24pm Linda Lee:

How great that you saw them! I just played their records til the grooves wore out. :-)
Avatar 4:24pm northguineahills:

One of my favorite movies (Midnight Cowboy)! Great sndtrk as well!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:26pm The Oscar:

I once nearly tagged along with some friends seeing Pearl Jam in high school because the Buzzcocks were opening, but they didn't wind up going so neither did I. Never thought I'd regret not seeing Pearl Jam :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:28pm Linda Lee:

a Buzzcocks set today will be nice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:30pm Linda Lee:

ngh ~ Midnight Cowboy is one of my favorite films a universal story taking place in a vanished city. fantastic.
Avatar 4:30pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

this audio, my friends, is yay.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:30pm Linda Lee:

one of my favorite films exclamation point!
Avatar 4:34pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

this too.
for those keeping score..
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:39pm chresti:

what RTD said!
Avatar 4:49pm Chris from DC:

Highly recommend this Black Hat record.
  4:50pm Davec:

Is this like a Jon Hassell mashup?im digging it...
Avatar 4:51pm northguineahills:

I already recommended it to myself!
Avatar 4:51pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

You people are making me spend the money.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:56pm Linda Lee:

love the black hat. everything about it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:58pm Linda Lee:

also have a sense it may remove the raccoons from my ceiling. let us hope.
Avatar 5:02pm northguineahills:

Reminds me I need to rewatch Hausu......
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:04pm common:

Fabio, all! Good Thursday to you!
Avatar 5:05pm coelacanth∅:

hello Fabio and Fabiettes
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:07pm common:

Oh man. Bummer.
Avatar 5:07pm coelacanth∅:

oh shit!
(oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit...)
Avatar 5:08pm coelacanth∅:

rest in peace, Mr. Shelley
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:09pm common:

Indeed, coelacanth
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:10pm chris:

Linda Lee, oh noes, raccoons! we had em living under the tub for a while, until i found where they were getting in and sealed it off one evening, after they went out to party in garbage cans.
Avatar 5:10pm northguineahills:

My favorite living Scotsman musician (and that says a lot, there is a lot of competition).
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:17pm Linda Lee:

under the tub! that's nervy. :-) i was just outside looking for an entryway. can't find it! i guess we'll see what happens this spring.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:19pm Linda Lee:

do have to make sure we don't seal them away from young. they give birth in January, apparently. why add injury to insult?
Avatar 5:19pm Chris from DC:

Really liking this Donato Epiro thing.
  5:20pm Jeff k:

Wrong do to have on with the sad news about Pete. KEXP is playing his songs
Avatar 5:21pm Chris from DC:

I'll be doing a lot of that shortly.
Avatar 5:21pm northguineahills:

Finally regained enough muscle since my illness so my ass fits on a toilet seat again (weirdest humble brag, evar!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:22pm Linda Lee:

that is good news.
Avatar 5:24pm northguineahills:

Digging this new Kim Myr.....
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:31pm chris:

i waited, too, Linda Lee. was a rough winter for the puppers who went bonkers every time they left and returned to their den.

ngh, yay for no more inadvertent butt dunking.

Fabio, this set is perfect. heart emojis.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:32pm Ken From Hyde Park:

In the spectrum of toilet failure ... could be worse!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:35pm mb:

this Angus Maclaurin is pleasent.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:37pm Linda Lee:

i don't see how they'll do harm staying warm. as long as they stay in their part of the house, i'm fine. plessing clouds plassing clowns.
Avatar 5:37pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

@Ken FHP: some project somewhere desperately needs the title IN THE SPECTRUM OF TOILET FAILURE
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:39pm Linda Lee:

listen to that. beautiful.
Avatar 5:39pm coelacanth∅:

  5:39pm xxoo:

Oh wow, Pete Shelley RIP This one made really choke up inside. I bought all the Buzzcocks records when they came out and saw the band live in 1979...changed my life.
  5:39pm spodiodi:

  5:39pm Orgasm Addict:

What do I get?
Avatar 5:39pm Chris from DC:

Thanks Fabio
  5:40pm sufferwords:

Pete Shelley - show me today’s equal ... doesn’t exist - peace
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:41pm Rich in Washington:

For some reason remembered this: When I was a teenager, taping Buzzcock's Singles Going Steady and it wouldn't quite fit on a single side of a C90, so 2/3rds of the way through Something's Gone Wrong Again, the tape ends.
I like to think someone planned that on purpose.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:41pm Carmichael:

Buzzcocks are new to me. Nice guitar riff here ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:42pm Linda Lee:

@Carmichael ~ just wait. ;-)
  5:42pm andrewb:

saw their reunion show at studio 54. Horrible sound and still one of the best things ever
Avatar 5:43pm Chris from DC:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:44pm Linda Lee:

gosh, will their music make me smile til i drop too? i suspect so :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:45pm Jeff Golick:

Tuning in for this...
Avatar 5:45pm coelacanth∅:

Rich (in Washington) i calculated that it wouldn't fit so i started from the 2nd song then put orgasm addict at the end since i didn't like it that much, thinking it'd get cut off; but it just made it.
(maybe it was a tdk sa100?)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:46pm common:

There is no love in this world anymore. Nice tribute, Fabio!
Avatar 5:46pm Chris from DC:

Their reunion down here at the old 9:30 was one of my favorite shows ever. "I Believe" was of course a huge highlight.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:46pm Rich in Washington:

Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  5:46pm andrewb:

Buzzcocks,maybe best band name and a group that lives up to it
Avatar 5:47pm coelacanth∅:

i play this one on the jukebox at the pub with some regularity. (well - i did anyway)
Avatar 5:47pm slugluv1313:

"I Believe' = quite possibly my favorite Buzzcocks song
thank-you, Fabio -- numb from the news of Shelley's death
  5:47pm xxoo:

Pete Shelley doesn't get enough credit for being a really innovative songwriter...great music/lyrics. If I recall correctly, he was into bands like Can before the Buzzcocks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:48pm Linda Lee:

just brilliant ~
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:50pm Linda Lee:

here comes a fave :-)
  5:51pm andrewb:

fuck. should have realized Fabio wouldn't be playing power pop for no reason
  5:51pm bore:

this works
  5:53pm Guy Walker:

The Buzzcocks were a big part of our lives downtown, every night. This is, out of all those nights, the track that continues to intrigue me. Thanks, Fabio. Truly bittersweet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:53pm common:

So brilliant. Sniff.
  5:55pm mrmikestandsir:

andrewb. first thing i thought too.
: ( bye, Pete.
Avatar 5:55pm coelacanth∅:

dude was only 63 years young
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:55pm Linda Lee:

@Guy Walker ~ yes. downtown living & the loft on walker st. you know it!
  Swag For Life Member 5:55pm Mikey_B:

first got into them after hearing yo la tengo's cover of "why can't i touch it" for the 2015 marathon. classic stuff...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:56pm Kudubundu:

Going to dig out Pete Shelley's XL1 with ZX Spectrum visuals!
Avatar 5:56pm TDK60:

Thanks so much for playing this Buzzcocks Fabio.
  5:57pm Guy Walker:

Thanks, this had to be played.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:57pm Linda Lee:

here it is now. the best best.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:57pm Rich in Washington:

I can't help hearing Porn Orchard's cover, with the characteristically clueless Larry King soundbites.
  5:57pm xxoo:

Singing along! The bands that came out of that early Manchester punk scene are still so inspiring: Buzzcocks, Magazine, Fall, Blue Orchids, Ludus, Warsaw/Joy Division, New Order, Durutti Column, A Certain Ratio, Smiths, etc etc
Avatar 5:58pm TDK60:

One of the great English bands from that wild late '70s period. And they were still a-goin'!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:58pm Linda Lee:

how is this not gorgeous pop? fabulous forever.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Fabio. See you around.
  6:00pm yi:

you get a glow in the dark moondog magnet
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:00pm Linda Lee:

just about to hop up & pogo here kiddies!!!!!
  6:00pm xxoo:

Yeah Linda, "gorgeous pop" is good way of putting it
Avatar 6:00pm TDK60:

Fabio, you're cool.
  6:00pm Guy Walker:

Had to play this, such a great album, such a great cut.
  6:01pm xxoo:

life's an illusion love is a dream
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:01pm mb:

Thank-you Fabio
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:01pm Linda Lee:

thank you Fabio. loved it.
Avatar 6:01pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Fabio
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:01pm Zetti:

Thank you
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:01pm chresti:

Thanks Fabio!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:02pm chris:

thanks, Fabio!
  6:02pm xxoo:

Thank you!
  6:02pm ?:

Is JB in here??
Avatar 6:03pm luca:

thanks fabio!
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