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Ridgewood Radio features concert recordings by adventurous bands and experimental musicians and restored archival tapes from private and institutional collections captured at venues large and small across the five boroughs of New York. It is produced by David Weinstein and Outpost Artists Resources operating out of the Ridgewood section of Queens, NY, where you'll find more yellow bricks than on the road to Oz and the cemetery of your choice is never more than a few blocks from home.

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Options September 12, 2018: Flowers That Bite

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Love The Truth , Chromo-Lithographed and Published by L. Prang & Co., Boston, 1873

Flowers That Bite, performances that smell nice and also jump you from behind,
with Keiko Uenishi aka o.blaat, Chris Cutler, Andrew Neumann, Carl Stone,
and the Bushwick collective, Jantar. Lay back, enjoy,
and keep one finger on the pepper spray

Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
Hoagy Carmichael  How Little We Know   Options To Have and Have Not Soundtrack  Warner Bros.  1944  Lauren Bacall is smoldering (hear her strike a match?) and Hoagy is cooling in this snippet from the classic film. 
Malawi Mouse Boys  Kulira Kwambewa (The Crying of the Mouse)   Options Forever is 4 U  Omnivore Records  2016  Ridgewood Radio Theme https://lovesupportunite.org 
Music behind DJ:
David W 
Flowering   Options Ridgewood Noise Library  Beautiful Drummer  2018  Smelling the roses. 
Andrew Neumann  PowErBooK/pOwErBoOGiE (concert recording)   Options Roulette Concert Archives  Roulette Intermedium, roulette.org  7 April 2001  Solo improvisation for computer, drum machine and real-time sampling. Incorporating MAX and LiSa (LIve SAmpling), a Serge sequencer, an old drum machine and various sensors and peripherals. Excerpt. 
Chris Cutler  Concert Recording   Options Roulette Concert Archives  Roulette Intermedium, roulette.org  24 March 2001  Solo for extended and electrified drumkit. Excerpt. 
Keiko Uenishi  music of living beats (concert recording)   Options Roulette Concert Archives  Roulette Intermedium, roulette.org  7 December 2000  The artist known as o.blaat's electronic sound-making which integrates and interacts with the audience, using the MAX/MSP program and her infamous electrotap board effector. Excerpt. 
Carl Stone  Guelaguetza excerpt (concert recording)   Options Roulette Concert Archives  Roulette Intermedium, roulette.org  19 October 2000  An unreleased composition by the master, from a performance entitled Sampling Neurosis. Like most of Stone's work, this one is named after a restaurant (Oaxacan style in LA) and was dedicated to his friend and food critic Jonathan Gold. 
Jantar  Others, Who Will Follow Us (concert recording)   Options Roulette Concert Archives  Roulette Intermedium, roulette.org  16 Feb 2018  The Bushwick collective, on this day: Ryan Jahn – Singing Bowls, Harmonium; 
Tianna Kennedy – Cello; 
Chad Laird – Guitar, Electronics
; Kirsten Nordine – Keyboard
; Ted Robinson – Clarinet, Electronics; 
Kelly Rudman – Percussion, Electronics. Excerpt. 

Listener comments!

Avatar 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 3:04pm Sem:

OK, the Venus flytrap edition. I'm all ears (congenital condition.)
Hello, David, Ruth and Ridgewod Radio folk.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:05pm geezerette:

Ready, set,GO!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/12/18 3:06pm Webhamster Henry:

Hi David & Ruth!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/12/18 3:09pm Webhamster Henry:

I understand there was an autoharp played by Lucy Lucy Dhegrae at Roulette. #autoharpalert
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:09pm david w:

Hello Sem and geezerette and Henry, welcome.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/12/18 3:12pm Doug Schulkind:

Welcome back, Rigid Woodstein!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:13pm david w:

Doug! Yeah, I'm a mountain person now. Like not. Proved that a hundred times in the Tetons. But I can identify a glacier on sight now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/12/18 3:20pm Doug Schulkind:

If a glacier still existed, you mean.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:22pm david w:

There are 17 glacier-ettes in the Tetons, still on the move. Yep, I'm now an irritating geology nut.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 3:22pm fred:

Good afternoon David, Ruth and listeners
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:24pm david w:

Greetings, Fred. We have a few on the playlist today you might have seen live, yes?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 3:30pm fred:

@David: I think the only one is Carl Stone
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:36pm david w:

This is the Chris Cutler of Henry Cow, Art Bears, etc and RecRec and many writings and uncompromising activism.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 3:37pm Ike:

This is great! P.S. New Yorkers, don't forget to vote tomorrow.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:39pm david w:

Thanks, Ike. And ditto on the vote nudge.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:54pm northguineahills:

Been at the doctor's all day, I actually feel like I've turned the corner, but I still have a way to go.

I met Keiko Uenishi my 2nd week in NYC. She's still a great friend of mine today. She got me gigs at the Kitchen for god knows why. She also runs the amazing experience Share.dj that is hosted every Sunday 7-12 at the old Paint Factory (where Issue Project Space used to be in Brooklyn). Any one is welcome to play or do visuals, whatever, or just hang. She also set up satellite Shares all over the world. Check it out!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:54pm northguineahills:

Holy crap, I was at this show! (a young ngh back then).
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 3:56pm david w:

Thanks, ngh. Keiko is super important to the scene here, as you point out. And each o.blaat performance reveals another aspect of a deep curiosity into the conceptual.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 3:59pm doctorjazz:

Hi David and you all out there !
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:00pm david w:

Hello djazz! We're out there...
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:02pm northguineahills:

@ike:Unfortunately. my wife can't vote yet....(but she protests)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 4:03pm chresti:

Hello everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 4:04pm fred:

@ngh: great to read that you feel some improvement. These past weeks didn't look remotely like fun
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:05pm david w:

Hello chresti! The cats are prowling...
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:07pm david w:

Yes, feel better, ngh!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:10pm northguineahills:

Share also usually have performances by artists and bands, some rather famous (at least to us), and it's free!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:14pm northguineahills:

@fred: Than, fred. I had been unable to sleep, limping, forcing my bloated feet/ankles into my shoes. At least I'm good at ignoring pain/discomfort.

(no longer limping, and the inflammation seem to be very slowly decreasing)
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:15pm geezerette:

Carl Stone, beautiful.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:16pm david w:

Yeah geez, and wait til you see where he takes it!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:18pm northguineahills:

Once the infection is taken care of, the psoriasis should be able to heal. But that was psychosomatically triggered, and my wife got laid off w/ half her design team yesterday on her birthday. So.....
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:19pm northguineahills:

Oaxacan cuisine is my favorite Mexican cuisine!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:21pm david w:

I'm glad I can bring you some virtual culinary pleasure, ngh. Whoo.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:25pm northguineahills:

Woo indeed!

Actually found an authentic Vietnamese restaurant on the way back from the hospital, The best pho I've had since Chinatown! (actually, it matches it).
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:25pm geezerette:

:u] (smile for space conductor Stone.)

NGH. ugh, sorry to hear that! Eat and watch funny movies.
W.C. Fields and silent Laurel & Hardy movies work for us.
Yep, get silly and eat good food!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:26pm northguineahills:

Will probably watch a short before bed, gonna work late so I don't use too much sick leave (and I have finish this project my tomorrow afternoon).
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:29pm geezerette:

Hope you're better soon & wife finds an even better job.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:32pm geezerette:

David, you're right, didn't expect this morph into rock!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 4:33pm fred:

This is great (meaning Carl Stone's set, ngh's wife losing her job definitively sucks)
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:36pm geezerette:

Love Carl Stone.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 4:39pm doctorjazz:

NGH, glad you're finally improving some, hopefully get all the way there .
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:40pm geezerette:

Jantar is new to me.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:40pm david w:

Roulette is starting to post these archival concerts and you should be able to search and find the full concerts there. The full Carl Stone recording is superb.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 4:42pm doctorjazz:

My wife's bed-ridden past set days, right sided bacterial pneumonia... Doing a little better but boy was she sick as a dog (would hate to see my dog that sick, actually ..)
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:42pm geezerette:

ooh, thanks!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:43pm david w:

Jantar is a fascinating project. Each member only does something small, additive, delicious.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:43pm northguineahills:

Four years ago my wife lost her job a week before her bday (Something about her and her bday).

Scheisse, doctorjazz, glad she's recovering, that's a painful one!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:45pm geezerette:

Doc, glad she's on the mend. When she's well there's a vaccine you can both get.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:48pm geezerette:

Jantar concerts must be fantastic to watch. Gotta find one in L.A..
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:48pm northguineahills:

Tianna Kennedy is on this!
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:48pm david w:

Good juju to all these suffering drummerstreamers and partners! Yipes! Get healthy and wealthy (you're already wise).
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 4:48pm fred:

This is indeed a fine set
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:50pm david_:

Avatar 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 4:51pm Sem:

Rapt, riveted, frozen in place w/ the density of ideas and singular sounds I am taking in here. Once again, two hours of immersion in what is entirely new to my ears. Thank you, DW, and the Ridgewood team.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:53pm david w:

My pleasure. And welcome to alt david_! This will ease us nicely into Kenzo eh?
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:54pm geezerette:

Flew by, as always! Really needed the tranquility.
Thans, David and Ruth!

..and what Sem said. :)
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:56pm geezerette:

Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:56pm david w:

Thanks, geez and everybody for listening and scribbling!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 4:58pm fred:

Thanks David
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:58pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Here comes a dream! wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:58pm david w:

One dream into another...
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:58pm still b/p:

For a second I thought the image said "Love the Mouth."
Which we are keen to do...sometimes...if it speaks the you-know-what. And sometimes cuz we just can't help it.
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 4:59pm david w:

Ha! Sloppy 19th C. calligraphy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 9/12/18 5:00pm doctorjazz:

Thanks, David, enjoyed the show !
Avatar Wed. 9/12/18 5:00pm northguineahills:

Thanks david!
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