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Playlist for 25 April 2018 Favoriting | What Happens When You Let People Sing From Their Heart

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Images New Approx. start time
Cut Chemist  Home Away From Home (featuring Laura Darlington)   Favoriting Die Cut (clean) 
Fuxa  Our Lips Are Sealed   Favoriting Electric Sounds Of Summer 
  0:03:09 (Pop-up)
Brix and the Extricated  Moonrise Kingdom   Favoriting Part 2 
  0:09:23 (Pop-up)
the moles  Surfs Up / Europe By Car   Favoriting Untune the Sky 
  0:12:38 (Pop-up)
Juliana Hatfield  Magic   Favoriting Julianna Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John 
*   0:17:29 (Pop-up)
Funkadelic  Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow   Favoriting Title Track 
  0:22:20 (Pop-up)
Erik B & Rakim  Paid in Full (7 Minutes of Madness)   Favoriting The Best Of Erik B & Rakim 
  0:32:13 (Pop-up)
Steinski  Jazz   Favoriting What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective 
  0:41:04 (Pop-up)
Deichkind  Prost (f. Das Bo)   Favoriting Smashits (V/A Comp) 
  0:43:49 (Pop-up)
Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas  Vocal Arranger   Favoriting Sofarnopolis 
*   0:47:44 (Pop-up)
Schlammpeitziger  Club Sonnenbankwende (Andreas Dorau remix)   Favoriting Sonig Irregular Vol. 1 
  0:51:29 (Pop-up)
Station 17  Quiek Quiek   Favoriting Scheibe 
  0:55:10 (Pop-up)
Young Marble Giants  Zebra Trucks   Favoriting Colossal Youth 
  0:57:48 (Pop-up)
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra  Blue Pepper (Far East Of The Blues)   Favoriting The Far East Suite 
  1:01:41 (Pop-up)
Rockabye Baby  Kashmir   Favoriting  
  1:10:41 (Pop-up)
Harry Nilsson and Shelley Duvall  He Needs Me Rehearsal Demo   Favoriting Popeye: Deluxe Edition 
  1:13:10 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  Like a Rolling Judas   Favoriting SMK Remix 
  1:22:28 (Pop-up)
Flex Unger  Why Are We Fighting?   Favoriting  
  1:34:19 (Pop-up)
The Stooges  Dirt Dialogue and Take 4   Favoriting Fun House Boxed Set 
  1:38:57 (Pop-up)
The Beach Boys and Demon Daddy  Help Me, Rhonda Sessions!   Favoriting SMK Edit 
  1:46:10 (Pop-up)
Wreckless Eric  Rags and Tatters   Favoriting  
  2:06:59 (Pop-up)
Mamuthones  Show Me   Favoriting Fear on the Corner    *   2:08:28 (Pop-up)
The Limiñanas  The Gift (feat. Peter Hook)   Favoriting Shadow People 
*   2:13:15 (Pop-up)
Z-Rock Hawaii  Tuchus   Favoriting Self Titled 
  2:17:59 (Pop-up)
Hirokazu Tanaka  Track 3   Favoriting Poketta Monsutaa 
  2:22:14 (Pop-up)
Chaz Jankel  Glad to Know You   Favoriting  
  2:24:57 (Pop-up)
Fannypack  Cameltoe   Favoriting  
  2:31:12 (Pop-up)
Frenchbloke and Son  Sexy Model   Favoriting  
  2:34:19 (Pop-up)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  Live at the Roxy Tonight's the Night Excerpts   Favoriting  
  2:46:14 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:09am -Ken:

Morning everybody!
  6:41am Listener Robert:

Today, swing doggedly into the new wave of head activity. If you can bear it, an explosion of interest will get you onto your two feet as you kiss goodbye to old conflicts and blowups, and resuscitate your strings of enthusiasm.
Avatar 7:39am Wild Neil||Peace All:

I think I need physical therapy for my right hand. It really hurts and I cannot cut ham. I CAN start a snowblower however. I fell on the ice on 4/17/18, a tuesday at work. It is a workman comp claim. My boss will not dispute it.
  7:54am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Hello comrades Ken, Listener Robert, and Wild Neil!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:55am cory:

is that a Top Secret gif?
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 8:04am AnAnonymousParty:

GM all. Can't cut ham? That sucks. Can you still cut the cheese?
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 8:06am Ken From Hyde Park:

Good morning, Ken and HazMat-ics.
  8:24am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Welcome cory, AnAnonymousParty, Ken from HP. I was wondering where the hell you guys were.

Wild Neil,

So can you sue your company and get handsomely compensated? If not, you might try it as I always see in the news people in the USA suing the heck of the companies for millions of dollars for 'trivial' things like falling to the floor because of a banana peel (which is hilarious by the way).
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:29am -Ken:

Neil, sorry to hear about your hand. Cut Jello first, then move on to butter, then bread, THEN ham.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 8:47am AnAnonymousParty:

If you can start a snowblower, can you start a chainsaw? I can usually cut ham with a chain saw so maybe you can do that until your hand recovers its ham cutting abilities again.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:48am -Ken:

@AAP, exce illent point, He could also just use an electric knife, but it is true that chainsaws are more fun.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 8:51am AnAnonymousParty:

The nice thing about the chain saw is that in addition to slices it makes plenty of shredded ham for omelets, and fast.
  9:01am queems:

good morning!
Avatar 9:01am Vincent Nifigance:

God Bless us, everyone.
Avatar 9:02am Sem:

Hello, SM Ken, and all who float with him.
  9:02am Davy Gravy:

Love the Breeders! Thank you Clay. How about some Bongwater in the 8 o’clock hour tomorrow?
  9:03am ?:

Nothin' a little Stan Boreson couldn't cure.
Avatar 9:03am Linda Lee:

'morning Ken! beautiful opener!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:04am MD:

Avatar 9:04am Linda Lee:

dear me, you're on my wavelength today Ken! bravo!!
  9:05am melinda:

Sorry about your hand Neil. Have you seen a doctor?
Avatar 9:05am Sem:

Usually favour a Can opener, but Cut opener works well, too.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:06am Colin and Danie in Durham UK:

Damn, we were away with the fairies then heard the opening notes to Our Lips Are Sealed and realised Ken must have started, meaning we missed the pre-show gifs. again. it's been months now
  9:07am melinda:

I like hearing the lyrics to this song, it was a favorite back in the day but I didn't hear half of what they were saying
  9:07am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:07am -Ken:

Yes, where is Murakami with her early GIF cheat sheet?
Avatar 9:08am Linda Lee:

finally! the title of my bio: 'away with the fairies'. thank you Colin & Danie!
Avatar 9:08am Lixiviated Life:

return to start
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:08am The Oscar:

@Ɉɕfɕ I love that that's caught on :) Mornin' all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:10am Webhamster Henry:

Greetings Wednesday morning Timesluts!
Nice 'n' droney lip-sealing there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:10am geo in jc:

Hi Ken the pre-show gifs have been permanently burned into my memory thanks
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:11am BronwynB:

good morning ken and everyone
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:11am Colin and Danie in Durham UK:

Our pleasure, Linda x
Avatar 9:12am Linda Lee:

btw, Ken, found you twerking. finally.
  9:13am queems:

@linda omfg
  9:13am Ɉɕfɕ (:

I'm a bit scared of clicking on that youtube link, Linda Lee. Could somebody please check for me?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:14am Brian C.:

Anybody going to the rekkid fair on Sunday?
  9:14am Ɉɕfɕ (:

The Moles! Thanks, Ken! I knew you'd eventually play my request from 4 years ago.
Avatar 9:15am Linda Lee:

at long last, the tuchus.
  9:15am Gil:

Youtube video - Not entirely safe for work
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 9:15am NotARealDoctor:

@Brian C, I was planning to but I was informed that it's going to be held in a 28 sq ft box and I'm not sure I can fit in there with all the people planning to come.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:15am melinda:

I think that might just be pelvic grind as opposed to twerking. But what do I know?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:16am -Ken:

Damn Linda Lee, I didnt think ANYBODY would ever find that! I danced in Polish and everything. YES COME TO THE FAIR! COME ONE COME ALL! COME TO THE GLORIOUS FAIR!
  9:16am queems:

i’ve definitely seen that video before
Avatar 9:16am Linda Lee:

not bad, Ken! love the shorts.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 9:17am N.A.R.D.:

Ken, will there be a Clay Pigeon Chair Chucking booth?
  9:18am judy from croton:

Thanks for moonrise, ken. Will be my favorite song forever.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:18am melinda:

I like the halo gif
Avatar 9:18am Vincent Nifigance:

Yeah Ken, we really have to facilitate chair throwing, ignore Wild Neil's workman's comp horror story, Clay would wear his injuries as a badge of honour.
  9:19am jess:

I love this song
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 9:20am N.A.R.D.:

I was thinking have Clay in charge of a booth where people can come and pay five bucks to toss a chair against the pavement outside. If it shatters you get a free pick from a $1 bin of records.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 9:20am N.A.R.D.:

Proceeds go to buying new chairs at the station.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:24am ifeelfatnsassy:

Great set so far... Saw Cut Chemist last night and he closed out with Home Away From Home, so it's like I never slept.
Avatar 9:24am Linda Lee:

yes baby. free your mind & your ass will follow. yes.
  9:24am dei xhrist:

Oh yes Funkadelic. This calls for earbuds.
Avatar 9:25am Lixiviated Life:

ok, ok, you've done it. so now what?
Avatar 9:25am Wild Neil||Peace All:

The assflute is the epitome of bad taste. Well done, Ken!
I like the chainsaw idea. I have a Stihl owned by my late father. I will NOT sue Guardian Fire Test Labs as they are a family business and have been very good to me. They are merely footing the medical bill which is fair, I think.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:25am The Oscar:

Anyone see the Process Church documentary that came out a couple years back? Pretty entertaining-- I never realized just how involved Funkadelic were with that scene.
Avatar 9:26am Linda Lee:

wow .. the tuchustrumpet!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:27am -Ken:

Interesting how art from the Middle f'in Ages can still be considered bad taste today...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:28am rsj:

on mornings like this I think WFMU should have a spire on top, of some sort
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:28am Vivian:

Ken, that reminds me, have you seen 'Paradox', Neil's latest movie project?
Avatar 9:29am Linda Lee:

bad taste is eternal.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:29am -Ken:

Vivian, I have not! I generally try to avoid Neil Young's movies like the plague. How bad is it?
Avatar 9:30am Linda Lee:

he makes movies?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:30am -Ken:

@LindaLee Terrible ones, yes!
  9:31am Ɉɕfɕ (:

is it "ASS" as in the animal or as in the butt? Because when I hear this song I always picture my donkey following me. I just need some clarification in case I'm doing it wrong.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 9:31am AnAnonymousParty:

@Neil, just be sure to replace the chainsaw bar oil with olive oil.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:31am Vivian:

Oh Ken, it's terrible! The music is great but there is no plot. You wonder why someone just entered the picture.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am Vivian:

Linda Lee, the director and auteur is Daryl Hannah. Its over the top artsy.
  9:33am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Talking about Neil Young, why o why, KEN, you haven't played "Carnival" from his latest album? Perhaps my favourite Neil Young song along with the ones you usually play (except the T-bone one)?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:34am Webhamster Henry:

I actually had that "Journey Into Sound" record. And Ofra Haza.
Avatar 9:35am Linda Lee:

had no idea bad cinema was endangered ..
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:37am -Ken:

f0f0, The Funkadelic song is indeed about a Mule, not a butt. Thanks for highlighting that clarification.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:42am The Oscar:

Ha-- was not expecting a Firesign Theatre sample! My dad used to call me "youth" in reference to that bit.
Avatar 9:42am Linda Lee:

loved that Ken & Andy sample from the record library.
  9:42am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Linda Lee,

Bad cinema is not endangered. Netflix is taking care of it.
Avatar 9:43am Linda Lee:

indeed. :-L
  9:44am mrstrrCaz:

Ha haha
classic ! " jazz!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:45am -Ken:

Legal ID coming up: Here is the script:

WFMU East Orange, WMFU Mount Hope, in New York City and Rockland County at 91.9FM and online at WFMU Dot org. I need a volunteer to ride out
And bring us back some extra men"
And Billy's hand was up in a moment
Forgetting all the words she said
She said: "Billy, don't be a hero
Don't be a fool with your life"
Billy don't be a hero
Come back and make me your wife"
And as Billy started to go, she said
"Keep your pretty head low
Billy, don't be a hero
Come back to me"
  9:47am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Phew! Thanks for the clarification, Ken. Now, if you don't mind I'm instructing my imaginary mule to follow you whenever the Funkadelic song is played.
  9:47am JakeGould:

Ken! Wow, Kumamon knows CPR!

Anyway, here’s an idea: WFMU should have a gallery of failed pieces of infrastructure and hardware. Like nicely displayed on plinths with wall text and descriptive text. Like any remnants of the Monty Hall carpet still around? Just show that off. Charge like $1 tro come in an see it. Like a sideshow.
  9:49am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Perfect master plan, JakeGould. I'd pay $10 the station for NOT coming in and see.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:54am Ike:

Good news: The Queens pirate at 91.9 doesn't seem to be around lately. So FMU's 91.9 sounds better in western Queens. The pirate moved to 105.5 where it harasses WDHA instead. And it also streamrolls right over the LPFM owned by (I swear I am not making this up) the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party and its timeshare w/the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:54am northguineahills:

If you meet anyone from Oz, don't mention the Great Emu War. It's something they rather not talk about.
  9:54am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Is that a peacock in that GIF? I have never seen a peacock without its beaitiful plumage. It certainly looks like a Kangaroo!
Avatar 9:55am Cecile:

Well, watching German cop shows, it looks like "schlampen" is pretty synonymous with "whore" or "slut".
Avatar 9:55am Linda Lee:

believe that's an emu. peacocks are blue.
Avatar 9:56am Linda Lee:

.. and shorter!
Avatar 9:56am Cecile:

Linda, and that makes perfect sense - NZ vs AUS

Avatar 9:56am Linda Lee:

must say i love the animal GIFs, Ken. they tickle my fancy.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 9:57am N.A.R.D.:

There's an albino peacock that lives not far from me, but still much shorter than a kangaroo.
  9:57am JakeGould:

@Ike: Why can’t you just call “Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party” Tuidang like this rest of us?
  9:57am queems:

@ike i love your pirate updates so much
Avatar 9:58am Linda Lee:

i was lucky enough to care for a friend's peacock while they were on vacation. a pretty impressive bird!
Avatar 9:58am tadpole:

An albino peacock sounds like something Andy Breckman could make fun of for hours.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 9:58am N.A.R.D.:

I think the image for Quiek Quiek is incorrect. I submit this as evidence:
  9:58am jan:

Ken: speaking of station ID, any thoughts on the passing of Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM- such an unsettling radio program found when twisting the radio knob during insomniac nights.
Avatar 9:58am Cecile:

Oh, and for the Germanically inclined, I recommend Ankathie Koi's album "I Hate The Way You Chew".

If you could play "Black Mamba", Ken, you will be treated to the line "I'm the cashew/You're allergic to."

She sings in English, but she has a certain Teutonically arty "not quite right" vibe around her. She is darling.
Avatar 9:59am tadpole:

@Jake something tells me they padded their numbers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:59am melinda:

Who did the monkeys w/fiddles gif? I really like it.
Avatar 9:59am Linda Lee:

Andy *wishes* he was that attractive.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 9:59am N.A.R.D.:

To be fair, it DOES look an awful lot like a turkey wearing a fancy hat:
Avatar 10:00am Linda Lee:

let's have the phone number with that script, Ken!
Avatar 10:00am Linda Lee:

our peacock had no use at all for pea hens .. but turkeys turned him on.
Avatar 10:01am tadpole:

Hm... legal id fail.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:01am -Ken:

WFMU East Orange, WMFU Mount Hope, in New York City and Rockland County at 91.9FM and online at WFMU Dot org. I need a volunteer to ride out
And bring us back some extra men"
And Billy's hand was up in a moment
Forgetting all the words she said
She said: "Billy, don't be a hero
Don't be a fool with your life"
Billy don't be a hero
Come back and make me your wife"
And as Billy started to go, she said
"Keep your pretty head low
Billy, don't be a hero
Come back to me"
Avatar 10:01am tadpole:

@Linda you had a pet horny peacock?
Avatar 10:02am Undead83:

Is Ken out of the building?
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 10:02am N.A.R.D.:

Another more turkier angle:
Avatar 10:02am Linda Lee:

our neighbor's peacock was sort of the community mascot. belonged to us all.
  10:02am queems:

a lady for once!!
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 10:02am Ken From Hyde Park:

Meets requirements!
  10:02am Ɉɕfɕ (:


Ken, before you backannounce let me tell you how to pronounce it correctly:

Schl - Sounds like saying 'Chisel'
Ampei - like 'Umpire'
Tziger - like 'Tsar'

So basically is like saying "Chisel-umpire-tsar".

Yup. And I know this because I did a German introductory course in '98 (with a specialization in Alphabet pronunciation).
Avatar 10:03am Roberto:

YES zebra is dancing in rhythm to Blue Pepper!
Avatar 10:03am βrian:

Pee hens? I don't want to hear any more.
Avatar 10:03am Cecile:

They had peacock food you could buy at the zoo in Bermuda. The peacocks just hung around the dispensers waiting to be fed.
Avatar 10:03am tadpole:

I wonder if there is a website for rejecting communistic peacock sharing. I hope not.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:03am melinda:

My ID's are boring but if I tried to be funny it would fail
Avatar 10:04am Linda Lee:

@Brian ~ them's the females. peacocks are the males. :-D
was that you, melinda? good job!
Avatar 10:04am Cecile:

One of my German conversation buddies said about "ch" was to just pretend you were a cat spitting out a hairball.
  10:04am queems:

way to go @melinda!
Avatar 10:04am Cecile:

Melinda, the FCC has no humor when it comes to them.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:04am melinda:

It was me, yes
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 10:05am N.A.R.D.:

I'll try to get the 11:00 one and do the lyrics to Tuchus
Avatar 10:05am Linda Lee:

Avatar 10:05am βrian:

Is Ike here today? He's gonna swoop down on that apostrophe.
Avatar 10:05am Linda Lee:

may we please hear the tuchus song, Ken?
Avatar 10:06am Linda Lee:

do it, NARD! :-D
Avatar 10:06am Roberto:

I'm always happy to swoop on an errant apostrophe.
Avatar 10:07am Linda Lee:

Ken, may we hear the tuchus song please?
Avatar 10:07am Roberto:

However, she pronounced ".org" correctly so we'll let this one go.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:09am melinda:

How does one mispronounce org? Is it dorky to spell it out?
Avatar 10:09am Lixiviated Life:

Is it not enough that we have to do our own checkout at the Walmart, now we got to do the station ID too?
  10:09am queems:

i’m going to the record fair on saturday probably
Avatar 10:10am Linda Lee:

28,000 square feet of pure fun! sounds incredible, really.
  10:11am queems:

i thought it was 28 square feet
Avatar 10:11am βrian:

My record collection is complete. But you guys go.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 10:11am Ken From Hyde Park:

Can one redeem the $2 coupon on the website? Fatal flaw?
Avatar 10:11am Cecile:

queems, I can handle 28 square feet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:11am Balls_Benedict:

Spackle that crack sailor!
Avatar 10:11am Lixiviated Life:

come o the record fair,
buy your own records,
play them at home.
then you don't need to listen to Ken
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:11am joe mulligan:

we need vid streams of the beschpackling
Avatar 10:12am Linda Lee:

@melinda ~ Rex says orgie (rhymes with porgy). i believe that's the way.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:12am !ke:

ROTFL on the spackle!!! PLEASE ACTUALLY DO THAT! There's always at least a couple of monumental cracks.
Avatar 10:12am tadpole:

I might go just for a free butt spackle. sounds intriguing.
  10:12am queems:

@cecile 28 square feet is plenty
Avatar 10:12am Lixiviated Life:

caulk not spackle
  10:13am queems:

i don’t need 28,000 square feet of butt cracks
Avatar 10:14am Roberto:

It's not dorky to spell out .org, just unnecessary and annoying. People don't say "dot see oh em" so they shouldn't say "dot oh are gee" either.
  10:14am Mark R:

AKA DJ Phil McCracken
Avatar 10:14am Cecile:

  10:14am FletcherNYC:

This is my favorite ‘favorite.’
Avatar 10:14am Cecile:

This is the only impression I can do. Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl. Very specific.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:14am The Oscar:

Aw, Shelley <3
  10:14am JakeGould:

Ladies choice at the record fair… That is if the lady likes butt cracks and getting her foot run over by tiny handcarts filled with records.
Avatar 10:15am βrian:

For a good seal, pound in the oakum.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:15am Tim 07030:

I'm bartending at the Record Fair Saturday noon-4, stop by and we can negotiate an exchange of money for beer!
  10:15am misterpickles69:

I loved Popeye as a kid!!
Avatar 10:16am tadpole:

Is it suggested to shave before getting spackled?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:16am -Ken:

Can anybody think of any other tracks that include studio voices, rehearsal sounds, etc?
Avatar 10:16am Linda Lee:

@Roberto ~ do believe we spell it out is so people get it right in the address bar. otherwise they might put in 'orb' or something.
  10:16am queems:

i’ll be wearing my best pair of high waisted pants
Avatar 10:16am Roberto:

Linda, those people don't deserve an internet :)
Avatar 10:17am Linda Lee:

was just thinking we need more rehearsal tapes. i do think there are a bunch from the Sun studios back in Elvis' day..
Avatar 10:17am Cecile:

Anything from Skip Spence's Oar?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:18am -Ken:

Clay Pigeon will be at the Fair Saturday afternoon. I will be working at the bar a good chunk of the weekend
Avatar 10:18am Cecile:

There are a couple of VU tracks that have Lou counting in and talking at the beginning.
  10:18am JakeGould:

Doesn’t The Pixies “Where is My Mind” start out with studio noises?
Avatar 10:18am tadpole:

Does that Dylan and Bette Midler have studio voice overs? or is that just the studio talking.
Avatar 10:18am Cecile:

All the Troggs Tapes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:18am tom from Glasgow:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:18am Vivian:

Ken, while on vacation last week, I listened to your show with my husband. After 2 hours, he asked 'can we listen to something else?". I have to mention, he watched Paradox twice - in one weekend.
Avatar 10:18am Cecile:

There's gotta be some Beach Boys stuff out there with studio arguments.
  10:18am still b/p:

Beach Boys and demon daddy.
Avatar 10:19am tadpole:

The Stooges Fun House session does I think. At least some before and after the songs.
  10:19am Ɉɕfɕ (:

The Popeye album is a Deluxe Edition. Yes, you heard that right. The other three deluxe editions that exists in the music industry are: Brahms & Bruch Violin Concertos; the Beatles White Album; and Miles Davis' Tutu.
Avatar 10:19am Cecile:

yes, exactly tadpole
Avatar 10:19am Whooda:

Harry got SO MANY starlets with that "let's sing together" ploy, no doubt.
  10:20am queems:

i feel like i’m at a creepy sex slave carnival
Avatar 10:20am Linda Lee:

-Ken, here's one:
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 10:20am Ken From Hyde Park:

There's some Van Halen song where the producer says "Give me a break."
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:21am tom from Glasgow:

why is Nilsson half-heartedly imitating a bassoon
  10:21am still b/p:

Shelley’s lucky Kubrick wasn’t directing the rehearsal.
  10:21am mg:

What a wonderful song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:21am -Ken:

@Tom, it's mouth trumpet!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:22am melinda:

@queems haha!
  10:22am JakeGould:

Didn’t Kubrick intentionally drive her nuts before that scene to get that performance?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:22am Tim 07030:

There are awesome outtakes from the Jerry Lee Lewis 'Southern Roots' sessions with lots of studio chat. Jerry Lee sounds like he may have had a few cocktails.
Avatar 10:22am Cecile:

Ken, that's Unchained.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:22am The Oscar:

I recall a version of "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" by the Cramps where Lux goes OFF on the producer, but I'm fairly certain it's not radio-safe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:22am tom from Glasgow:

@Ken it sure is!
  10:22am Ɉɕfɕ (:

I want to Google spackle but I'm scared. So could somebody please explain me what the phrase 'shave before getting spackled' means?
Avatar 10:23am Vincent Nifigance:

@JakeGould He ragged on her mercilessly throughout the shoot leading her to be such a wreck by the end. Good for the film, probably not so much for her.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:23am The Oscar:

Also the legendary Orson Welles outtake (which is sampled nearly in its entirety on "Jolly Green Giant" by Negativland).
Avatar 10:23am Cecile:

Robert Altman directed Popeye, so I don't get the joke.
Avatar 10:23am Wild Neil||Peace All:

@still-I think I read Ms. Duvall had some kind of breakdown doing that take multiple times-was it ten or twelve maybe? She was absolutely spent and exhausted and at wits end.
  10:23am Bill W:

Popeye did pretty well at the box office, it's just that the budget was extremely high (cocaine).
  10:23am still b/p:

Reportedly Kubrick was maximum mean and relentless on her.
Avatar 10:24am Cecile:

Bill W, I saw Popeye twice in the theatres!
Avatar 10:24am tadpole:

there's that Neil Young "Journey Through the Past" outake thing. not studio just the band working things out I guess.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:24am melinda:

At the Vimeo site there is footage of Clay Pigeon interviewing people at a previous record fair, including Matt Dillon. Matt seemed uncomfortable but cooperated. Clay was smooth.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:24am tom from Glasgow:

i think they're on about "The Shining" Cecile
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:24am BronwynB:

i like this a lot, but then im a real sucker for loud bangy piano
Avatar 10:25am Linda Lee:

clip i shared @10:20 has Yoko arranging a Beatles tune in the studio.
  10:25am sigrid sarda:

Thank You Ken!! :)
Avatar 10:25am Vincent Nifigance:

@still b/p there's a 30 minute documentary of the making of The Shining on most home video releases directed by his daughter where you can see him being 'frustrated' with her, and buddying up to Jack.
  10:25am Listener Robert:

Ah, I got you all beat. I have Jack Mercer singing "Popeye The Sailor Man" on a Little Golden 78.
Avatar 10:25am Cecile:

ah, OK, tom
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:25am tom from Glasgow:

@Bronwyn i kind of think of it as "saloon piano"
  10:26am FletcherNYC:

Led Zeppelin “let me get this plane out..” “No leave it” Black Country Woman
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:26am BronwynB:

i like this better than the original, kind of like how i like the loud bangy piano demo of old brown shoe better than the real thing
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:26am The Oscar:

I'm not sure how this happened, but Popeye was my family's New Year's Day tradition when I was a kid. We kept it up for *years*.
  10:26am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Wait. Did Kubrick direct Popeye?! I thought having a Deluxe Edition was going over the top already.
  10:26am Bill W:

You can see and hear Kubrick yelling at Shelley in the short making-of film on The Shining DVD. (btw The Shining is Kubrick's worst film.)
Avatar 10:27am Wild Neil||Peace All:

Kubrick was a raging workaholic. I read part of a memoir by his driver. He worked nights, holidays, weekends. And made other people serve him the whole time. Liked the art, not the artist. Just like Dali who kicked his sister in the head.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 10:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

I hope Moondog can make it to the record fair. Or maybe you could sell "autographed" pictures of Moondog. Folks would love to see a goat in Brooklyn.
Avatar 10:27am Sem:

Like listening to Bob, while watching Nicholson pogoing.
  10:28am still b/p:

To all the people who says stars are so overpaid they should never bitch about anything, I say yeah check out that particular treatment and tell me you’d give it a try yourself with only a chill deferential smile.
  10:28am JakeGould:

@tom: I’ve heard it called “Jangle Piano.”
Avatar 10:29am Lixiviated Life:

Kubrick driver wrote a memoir?
Avatar 10:29am tadpole:

@keninhp holy yes. that'd be great
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:29am The Oscar:

@Ɉɕfɕ No, but it was directed by Robert Altman. It was also written by Jules Feiffer and produced by Robert Evans, and Nilsson's songs were arranged by Van Dyke Parks. The amount of talent that went into it was kind of staggering.
  10:29am Hey Judas:

Nobel Prize wasted on Dylan -- when they could have awarded Mark E. Smith; and now now it's too late...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:30am The Oscar:

"Threw the dumbs a bime."
Avatar 10:30am Vincent Nifigance:

Kubrick's Driver's Memoir:
Avatar 10:30am thedunkel:

this is called - when Andy breckman makes a record with Dylan
  10:34am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Thanks, The Oscar. Now I know why a Deluxe Edition doesn't give justice. It should have been recorded in a 24Kt Gold Disc Deluxe Edition instead!
  10:34am middlebun:

Good thing I love this song.
  10:36am Ɉɕfɕ (:

still b/p,

"Chill differential smile".

If I ever have a band I'd have song with that title. I'm still looking for a band name though.
Avatar 10:36am Lixiviated Life:

"Why Are We Fighting" was my wedding song.
  10:36am Golden Protest:
  10:37am JakeGould:

@TheOscar: I remember being 11 years old at the time and going to see “Popeye” at the Oceana Theater in Brooklyn… I distinctly remember walking out into the lobby after the film and saying “That sucked!”
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:37am The Oscar:

I once went to a screening of “Gimme Shelter” and sat behind a drunk guy who yelled “Jagger, you prick!” every time Mick Jagger appeared onscreen. If you’re thinking, “But that’s every scene,” you are correct.
  10:37am foreign_listener_k:

A timely message of cosmic sympaths for the devil if we all just cool out
  10:38am JakeGould:

3 years later I would say, “This stinks!” loudly in the same theater when I cut out of school to see “Superman III”
Avatar 10:38am Lixiviated Life:

@TheOscar, thats why i no longer go to the movies
Avatar 10:38am Vincent Nifigance:

@JakeGould Superman III is a masterpiece!
  10:38am foreign_listener_k:

sympath, sympaths - no need to fight, Keith
  10:39am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Why everyone hates Mick Jagger in this song? I don't get it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:39am melinda:

I think I stopped at Superman II, same with the Star Wars series.
  10:39am foreign_listener_k:

We don't want to use the y key either, sisters and brothers
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:40am The Oscar:

@LL Honestly, that's part of why I *do* go to the movies! I once saw a literal fistfight break out halfway through Repo Man. I shit you not, it was during the "Repo Man is always intense" scene.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:40am melinda:

@Oscar no way! Was it a regular theater?
  10:41am JakeGould:

@VincentNifigance: There were 5 people in the theater… Me and 2 friends and some dad with his son… The dad heard me complaining and yelled at me to shut up… Then his son tugged at him and said, “Dad, this movie does stink…”
Avatar 10:42am Vincent Nifigance:

@JakeGould " Superman, you're just in a slump! you'll be great again! you can do it superman!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:42am The Oscar:

@melinda No, it was the Brattle, a little indie repertory theater in Harvard Square. It pretty much always draws the exact crowd you want for any given movie.
  10:42am David in London:

Ron was a bloody genius.
  10:42am Mark R:

I think "Dirt" is my favorite Stooges song. "I'm dirt and I don't care." Yeah, I know what you mean, man. Plus, I love the drums and the shimmering sound of Ron Asheton's guitar.
Avatar 10:43am Lixiviated Life:

@TheOscar ... a fist fight?
where are you going to the movies?
i may need to re-consider my previous anti-movie position.
  10:43am still b/p:

I almost never go to the pictures anymore and the mf-ing talkers is part of it. I don’t just want them stopped, I want them shamed, shoved out, pilloried and banned!
  10:44am Ɉɕfɕ (:

I think you were watching Repo Man 4-D version, The Oscar. In 4D movies actors seem like they are next to you. I once went to an obscure movie theater in the USA and I noticed PeeWee Herman sitting next to me doing something odd with his hands. that's the magic of 4D!
  10:45am Mark R:

As my friend Frank pointed out, you bought a 6-CD boxed set of an album that was only 33 minutes long!
  10:45am JakeGould:

I finally watched the original “Supergirl” a few years back… Wow! That was not good.
  10:45am David in London:

@Mark R, I second that emotion. Scott’s backbeat is stunning solid.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:47am melinda:

@Oscar I remember seeing it at the Varsity in Austin which was the main arthouse cinema at the time but can't imagine a fight breaking out in such a venue. I'd like to visit the Brattle sometime. Not for the fights, necessarily.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:47am BronwynB:

hey, the help me rhonda tape! this is, believe it or not, what got me into the beach boys.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:48am BronwynB:

poor al jardine just like "im tryin to sing my solo and this fucking family is fucking it all up"
Avatar 10:48am Vincent Nifigance:

@JakeGould Yes, that is a particularly weirdly realised film.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am tom from Glasgow:

wait, Mike Love is not fucking it all up for once?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am The Oscar:

@Melinda It's honestly one of my favorite places on earth. Fights are rare, but, generally speaking, the weirder the movie, the weirder the crowd.
  10:49am Ɉɕfɕ (:

LOOSEN UP AND BE HAPPY! See? People can be order to be happy and people become happy. This song proves it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am BronwynB:

@tom: he's not the biggest jerk for once, no. but there is a weird moment where at the end murry is scrambling for SOMEONE to be on his side and goes "mike you're on my side right?" and there's an awkward pause and then mike's like "...yeah"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:50am tom from Glasgow:

watch your ooze
  10:50am PMD:

What I wouldn’t give for a song that would just play through
Avatar 10:50am Vincent Nifigance:

Murry pretending to exert some creative influence rather than his own inimitable brand of mundane tyranny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:50am BronwynB:

@vincent: don't forget that he's a genius too!
  10:50am Dean:

Who in the hell is Rhonda Sessions?
  10:52am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Jeff Sessions' momma.
Avatar 10:52am Lixiviated Life:

just one Pepsi
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:52am melinda:

@Oscar I like that it has been around for so long. I live in Maine and occasionally check their calendar to see if anything seems worth the trip.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 10:52am AnAnonymousParty:

I think this guy tried to sell me a car years ago.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:53am -Ken:

When the Zebra Trucks comes on...

Call 201-209-9368

and say the following:

WFMU East Orange,
WMFU Mount Hope,
in New York City and Rockland County at 91.9FM
and online at WFMU Dot org.

and then say:

What's happening, baby
Did you miss me over the weekend
If you did, I'm sorry

But now that I'm here
I don't want to bore you
With an irrelevant conversation
But you see, darling
It's about time for me to
Get real serious about you

Because if someone was
To rip me off of you
I couldn't account for
My actions, after all
And knowing the way I feel
Knowing that you should
Be mine, all the time

But you see
I not only want you, baby
I need you

And the need is so strong
It's almost like that of a junkie
In other words, baby
I just got to have you
Listen to me, darling
Please, listen to me
  10:53am JakeGould:

@VincentNifigance: Matt Frewer (aka: Max Headroom) cast as a horny trucker rapist?
Avatar 10:53am Vincent Nifigance:

@BronwynB Mr 'Reflected Glory', himself...
Avatar 10:54am tadpole:

this is fucking hilarious
  10:54am Dean:

The comma makes my day.
Avatar 10:54am Lixiviated Life:

"I'm a genius too"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:54am melinda:

Poor Al, indeed.
Avatar 10:55am Vincent Nifigance:

@JakeGould Oh, I forgot about that! My enduring memories are of hte abandoned fairground villians hideout (original!) and Peter O'Toole in the Phantom Zone. Weird!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:55am northguineahills:

Growing up, for about two years, there was a neighbor w/ a peacock, it would jump the fence into our yard. It was fascinating.
  10:56am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Why people in Mount Hope feel so special that they prefer to call WFMU, WMFU?! What's wrong with that people!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:56am The Oscar:

They need help-- when's Rhonda gonna get there already?!
Avatar 10:56am (Murakami Whywolf))):

But did Murry have any good points?
  10:56am David in London:

Jesus, it’s like a group therapy session. It’s a bloody miracle they managed to get anything done.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 10:57am AnAnonymousParty:

I'll bet a dollar that in a few minutes we'll hear him complaining about the sandwiches, how the meat is too big and the bread is too small.
Avatar 10:57am Lixiviated Life:

Some species only eat their young.
Seems more humane than this
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:57am melinda:

@David a very ineffective therapy session
  10:57am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Sing from your tuchus and BE HAPPY!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:57am melinda:

time capsule of dysfunction
  10:58am Yvang:

Caller, do the ID from your heart!
  10:58am misterpickles69:

Murray hasn’t said anything productive this entire track. Constant complaining
Avatar 10:58am tadpole:

moved from hilarious to sad
  10:58am still b/p:

“Color him father...”
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:58am BronwynB:

@melinda: imagine being caught up in someone else's family drama, he must have just wanted to evaporate through the floor
  10:59am Mark R:

Isn't there some recording of the Troggs trying to record the follow-up to "Wild Thing" that's a total train wreck, also?
  10:59am Kenny rotten:

Loved that alternate take of "Dirt" Ken!
Avatar 10:59am Wild Neil||Peace All:

My PC physician refuses to see me until May 24th for a follow up. I am thinking of changing doctors.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:59am BronwynB:

poor fucking brian. "times are changing...times are changing..."
  11:00am Mr Chippy:

@Ken Can we get a status update on facegoat?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:00am BronwynB:

i've always wanted to do that tape as a play with nothing changed- just 6 actors reading the whole thing verbatim. you wouldn't have to change a thing. all the drama and strange unintentional comedy is there already.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:00am Mick:

Demon Daddy indeed. That was funny until it got really horrifying
  11:00am David in London:

@melinda, ha! Remind me never to hire him as my therapist...
  11:02am rw:

  11:02am Ɉɕfɕ (:

AAAAAnd this is what happens when you let people sing from the heart.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:02am The Oscar:

*slow clap*
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:02am melinda:

Nice job!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:02am tom from Glasgow:

that's a really good idea. the Chicago band Cheer-Accident once memorised the entire Buddy Rich tapes and spontaneously broke into a completely sincere re-enactment in the middle of one of their shows. obviously if you'd heard the tapes you'd get the bit, but if not your jaw would be on the floor
  11:02am FletcherNYC:

Yes @Bronwyn.. sign me up
  11:03am Bobby:

What is this not Friends of Dean Martinez background?
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 11:03am N.A.R.D.:

Oh man, I got cut off. I was only halfway through the lyrics!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:04am Passaic River Blues:

@Bronwyn: I second that idea.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:05am melinda:

NARD it was still good
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:05am BronwynB:

glad you guys like the idea, i might actually try and do it soon, stay tuned
  11:07am George St. Geegland:

Now that's an idea for a play I can get behind! My friend Gil would be perfect for it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:08am BronwynB:

@george: as who?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:08am Brian C.:

Inspired track selection, this!
  11:09am still b/p:

Good for a little Fringe show.
  11:09am misterCaz:

I like Sunday better too.
although WrecklessEric is sat.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:09am -Ken:

The last track suggested by BRIAN C!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:10am Brian C.:

I can't go Saturday, hoping to make it Sunday
  11:10am George St. Geegland:

The band wrangler.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:10am Mick:

@Bronwyn, count me in!
Avatar 11:10am Wild Neil||Peace All:

@Bronwyn-that sounds awesome, and I don't even know what you are talking about. Post a link please?
Avatar 11:13am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar 11:14am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Just in time for pre-clickied 'Thones!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:14am Dominick:

@Bronwyn - Oh yes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:16am BronwynB:

@neil: i'm referring to this tape of murry wilson abusing the beach boys during the recording of Help Me Rhonda: ken played some highlights earlier.
Avatar 11:16am Roberto:

Oh my, I just executed a search for "Mamuthones," having no idea what they were about. Yikes!
Avatar 11:19am Linda Lee:

thank you my dear! :-D
  11:20am Ɉɕfɕ (:

It's Tuchus time! Everybody stand up and show your tuchus whenever you are!
  11:20am queems:

thank god for tuchus
  11:20am kimzilla:

Tuchus! It’s like being at a Russian sex party with the teletubbies!
  11:21am Sam:

The Russian word for tuchus is popka
Avatar 11:21am Linda Lee:

@kimzilla ~ yes. with Jews. :-D
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 11:21am Beast of Boonton:

don't get 'crack spackled'
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:22am melinda:

@kimzilla haha!
Avatar 11:22am Linda Lee:

love you too Ken. :-D
  11:22am still b/p:

Sounds slightly like the dolphins talking to George C. Scott in Day if the Dolphin....”Pha loves Pa...”
  11:23am queems:

i made it through all the rehearsal tapes while shooting lasers at diamonds at work but i had to get up and walk away during tuchus because i couldn’t handle the stress
  11:23am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Ken's tuchus,

Don't forget to give credit not only to Ween but also to the Boredoms for that track !
  11:23am still b/p:

Day OF the Dolphin.
Avatar 11:23am Roberto:

I've been working really hard on my tuchus lately.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:24am melinda:

Tuchus is the ickiest word for ass. Too close to anus and mucus.
  11:25am Ɉɕfɕ (:

So, melinda, free your mind and your tuchus will follow? Is that grammatically correct to say?
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 11:25am N.A.R.D.:

I really dislike the word "hiney"
Avatar 11:26am Linda Lee:

but it's Yiddish, melinda! that makes it lovely.
  11:26am queems:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:27am melinda:

@fofo grammatically correct, yes.@Linda I know it's Yiddish but it still icks me.
  11:27am queems:

we used “dupa” in my house growing up
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:27am melinda:

Hiney is dorky but makes me laugh still. Fanny is worse.
Avatar 11:28am Linda Lee:

let's not get into the fanny thing ..
  11:29am Dean:

Trump's election tuchus by surprise.
Avatar 11:29am (((Murakami Whywolf):

How does 'You got a nice tuchus.' not set-off the alarm goat? Is the starry yahoodie talking to a sculptor, or someone selling prosthetic arses?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:29am -Ken:

Jaysuss. Did somebody use the word "Fanny?"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:30am -Ken:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:30am melinda:

@Linda here in the USA we can say fanny all we want! It dosn't bother me that it means something else in the UK, over here it's just hokey.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:30am -Ken:

The goat alarm doesnt speak Yiddish.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:30am melinda:

@Ken is it forbidden on your comments board? I'll stop if needed.
  11:30am Dean:

"Fanny" is one of the Bee Gees' sweetest tunes.
Avatar 11:31am Linda Lee:

anteater: 'whassa matter? alls i said was, you got a nice tuchus!'
  11:31am queems:

my sister’s preschool teacher used to say “bombosity”
Avatar 11:32am Linda Lee:

holy cow, that's bombacious!
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 11:32am Ken From Hyde Park:

Can we mention Franny from Shut Up, Weirdo?
  11:33am queems:

pretty sure you can’t see her uterus
Avatar 11:34am Rev. Turnip Druid:

  11:34am berbo:

shouldn't this entire song set off the lunk alarm?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:34am -Ken:

Its OK Melinda, too late. Fannypack already started.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am melinda:

This is hilarious.
  11:35am Cameltoe Annie:

I'm all over this!
Avatar 11:35am Linda Lee:

wow, that's just too sexy.
  11:36am jan:

It was difficult to make out the lyrics, can we read the libretto for Cameltoe?
Avatar 11:36am Linda Lee:

he shakes his little tush on the catwalk! meow baby!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:36am melinda:

I wonder if there are any hip hop songs about moose knuckles.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:37am drr:

"I can see her uterus" was just one hyperbolic lyric.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:37am melinda:

@jan that would be helpful
  11:38am still b/p:

You’re in a moose-rich state, Melinda. Compose one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:39am melinda:

@b/p haha! but I don't have the talent of Fannypack
Avatar 11:40am Linda Lee:

that's a good word for it ~ his 'son' ~
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:41am tom from Glasgow:

Kumamon! the mascot of Kumamoto, Japan
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:41am tom from Glasgow:

i love him so much, giant dorky sinister bear
  11:41am Ɉɕfɕ (:

People from the UK that plan to go to the USA,

Grab a cigarette, light it, smoke it, hail a taxi, and when inside the cab, ask the driver 'Can I get my fag's butt out of the window'? They'll love that phrase!
Avatar 11:41am tadpole:

I was just listening to a 7SD show where a lady tried to tell us that pokemon was japanese for a mother who has sex with her son. it was odd.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:42am melinda:

I like him too
  11:42am JakeGould:

Kumamon is still performing CPR?
Avatar 11:42am Linda Lee:

@tadpole ~ someone attempting to be funny. pokie, mom.
Avatar 11:42am βrian:

I never knew there was such a thing as camel-toe pants.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:43am tom from Glasgow:
  11:43am WEEN:

* mic drop *
  11:43am Ɉɕfɕ (:

Could somebody think about the Boredoms when giving credit to the creators of the Tuchus song?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:43am joe mulligan:

Pigmon from Ultraman is my favorite Japanese monster
  11:43am queems:

yeah they have underwear with built in cameltoe now
  11:43am jan:

@melinda, googled it-
amazing what inspires song writing
  11:44am berbo:

talking? with their mouth?
  11:45am queems:

lol threatened
  11:45am Dean:

After the Gold Rush wasn't stand-up comedy?
Avatar 11:45am Linda Lee:

that's the Beer Barrel Polka!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:45am steveo:

roll out the barrel -- near cousin to yakety sax
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:46am melinda:

Thanks jan
Avatar 11:47am Linda Lee:

if he sings i'll plotz!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:47am The Oscar:

Dance With Me, Shakey
Avatar 11:47am Linda Lee:

he didn't.
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 11:47am AnAnonymousParty:
  11:48am queems:

  11:49am David in London:

jcfc ( - next time you come to the UK, tell people you are into ‘gang-banging’. They will love that too...
  11:50am David in London:

Jesus, that Roll Out the Barrel is bringing out my inner Cockney.
Avatar 11:51am Linda Lee:

< how Neil looks when fans won't get off his lawn.
Avatar 11:51am βrian:

I can smell the piñon.
  11:52am queems:

ah yes country ham
Avatar Ken's Hellraiser 2023 Swag For Life Member 11:53am Ken From Hyde Park:

If you'll excuse me, the time has come for me to perfect my new product idea. It'll make butt cracks beautiful. I shall call it Gluter Glitter ®.
  11:53am Ɉɕfɕ (:

joe mulligan,

Pigmon has to be the least evolved of all evil monsters as anyone with a straw and a little pebble can defeat it just by pointing to and deflating its balloon hoovering its head.
  11:55am Ɉɕfɕ (:

I'm sitting behind you, David in London. I'm the ass that follows you. Just joking. I'm in London already. Ok. Gotta be frank. I wasn't joking. I'm really behind you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:57am -Ken:

The final exciting legal ID of the morning approaches!

When the Zebra Trucks come on

Call 201-209-9368

and say the following:

WFMU East Orange,
WMFU Mount Hope,
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and then say:

I was chopping down a palm tree
When a friend dropped by to ask
If I would feel less lonely
If he helped me swing the axe.
I said: No, it's
not a case of being lonely
We have here,
I've been working on this palm tree
For eighty seven years
I said: No, it's
not a case of being lonely
We have here,
I've been working on this palm tree
For eighty seven years
He said: Go get lost!
And walked towards his Cadillac.
I chopped down the palm tree
And it landed on his back.
Avatar 11:58am βrian:

Coming up, opposite Duane:

100% Whatever with Mary Wing:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:59am joe mulligan:

Ɉɕfɕ (: Love it!
Avatar 11:59am Linda Lee:

that legal ID is too sexy.
  11:59am David in London:

jcfc ( - is that you in the spaniel costume?
  11:59am queems:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:00pm !ke:

Was that the groovy Thatcher from Rancho Thatchmo? I dig that show. He does fill-ins sometimes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:01pm melinda:

@Ike I like his show too
Avatar 12:01pm Lixiviated Life:

ok... see ya everybody.
dont go geting your crack caulked.
Avatar 12:01pm Linda Lee:

that is tempting, Ken :-D
  12:02pm Ɉɕfɕ (:

thanks, Ken! Till next episode and...BE HAPPY FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE AND FOR F*CKS SAKE!
  12:03pm bobo:

Hello. Is the show over? Can I still request a song?
Avatar 12:05pm (((Murakami Whywolf):

Did Murry Wilson learn how to be drunk from old, bad, comedians…or maybe they weren't as inaccurate as I (and Lenny Bruce) thought?
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