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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 2, 2018: If Animals Could Talk

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:05pm RAWisROLLIE:

yo yo yo
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:05pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:05pm Justin:

Whats up?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:05pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:05pm All out Scott:

Hey yall
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:06pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:06pm dale:

hey weirdo ladies. and weirdo gents.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:07pm Justin:

Hi Franny, Hi Michele
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:07pm Just Ted:

Guilt made me do it.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:07pm robyn:

this reminds me of the classic Far Side cartoon where the professor finds a way to hear what dogs are saying and all they're saying is, Hey! Hey! Hey!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:07pm Andrew S:

You should let the opening theme go for like 25 minutes someday
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Cat: "It's time for Shut Up, Weirdo!"
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:07pm dale:

geesh just ted - don't try so hard!!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:07pm northguineahills:

It's taken me over a decade to say so, but you have one of the best theme songs on WFMU, and that says a lot (but yeah, the skip annoys me too)..
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:07pm Just Ted:

I knew I was taking a chance on the address.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:08pm Tome:

cat says "Mew" ...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:08pm RAWisROLLIE:

Wine of the Hour Club
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:08pm common:

let's drink them all
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:08pm Carmichael:

You're setting the bar kinda high, Ted ...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:08pm robyn:

i took Frangry for an Alizé woman
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:08pm geoff mcq:

evening all
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:08pm Just Ted:

@robyn DEFINITELY!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:08pm dale:

that would be so hot having a barren girlfriend - no pulling out an making a mess.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:09pm queems:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:09pm Honeybear:

had no idea it was that serious, Michele
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:09pm Tome:

....hasenpfeffer ...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:10pm Carmichael:

I would have bought them sixteen BOXES of wine.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:10pm RAWisROLLIE:

Wait, are animals going to call in?
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:10pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Can you get pregnant from getting peed on in the shower???
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:10pm Jeff Moore:

Seagulls are assholes.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:10pm dale:

carm - nothing wrong with box wine. stays fresh forever.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:11pm Just Ted:

Anyone watch "Animals" on HBO? That show freaks me out.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:11pm Nicholas:

Seagulls are vigilant.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:11pm Carmichael:

Hekyll and Jekyll can already talk.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:11pm Fizzy:

Dogs are like mentally disabled 4 year old kids who will never grow up.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:11pm All out Scott:

Im sure Rooster will call
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:11pm slowbear:

salt brain
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:11pm Nellie:

Seagulls are actually very sweet
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did all that breathing underwater affect Michele’s fertility???
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm common:

my cat talks to me all the time. she is always asking for mushy food and then warning me that if I don't stop talking she will strike me. she is the viper. I also speak out loud for her all the time with a cat voice. and I have conversations. ok, I'm insane.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm Carmichael:

No no, they're assholes alright.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm slowbear:

butterflies have that sexy probiscus
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm sim:

seagulls can be eaten. When Captain Bligh was thrown off the Bounty with a few other crewmen they made it over a thousand miles in the open sea and an open boat and they did eat captured seagulls.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm dale:

you go crazy because you can't poop over the side because your boat tips and you don't want to poop in the boat and shovel it out.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm robyn:

butterfiles sound like Minnie Riperton right before the chorus
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm Just Ted:

Yes you go crazy from dehydration. Human kidneys can only make urine that is less salty than salt water. Therefore, to get rid of all the excess salt taken in by drinking seawater, you have to urinate more water than you drank. Eventually, you die of dehydration even as you become thirstier.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:12pm Tome:

thpbft ..
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:13pm Aharon:

Squirrels 100% sound like they are on coke.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:13pm RAWisROLLIE:

Baby chickens would be the cheepest
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:13pm giraffe-o:

Nazis are cats.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:13pm robyn:

@common dramatizing the inner life of our pets is one of the best things about having them
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:14pm chris:

elephants would be, "hey, you remember that time in kindergarten when you stole my apple juice? i still fucking hate you for that."
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:14pm Just Ted:

Is Andy going and will there be hotel sex?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:14pm dale:

drink 12 bottles of wine before you go
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:14pm Carmichael:

My dog wears a backward Raiders hat and a gold necklace.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:14pm common:

@robyn: I would like to think so. but when I see people looking at me when I'm talking for their dogs or cats...I feel insane. oh well. it's fun!
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:14pm Dr. Doolittle:

The pushmi-pullyu was kind of a jerk.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:14pm northguineahills:

I've have yet to denounce Satan in a church, and I grew up in an evangelical family.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:14pm robyn:

@Carmichael ew.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Hey, FRANNY - don’t get any Holy Water on you - it will burn you!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:15pm robyn:

@Carmichael is your dog one of my neighbors
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:15pm RAWisROLLIE:

Turtles would always take forever getting ready to go out
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:15pm six:

sea gulls would definitely be the rudest
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:15pm floating goblin:

Donkies are smart as heck!!! that's why they're so stubborn
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:15pm dale:

kim novak - super hotty
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Bloody Romans...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:16pm queems:

i feel like peacocks would be super bitchy
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:16pm dale:

why didn't they name this guy rikki tikki tavi?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:16pm Carmichael:

@robyn, is your neighbor named Sir Barks A Lot?
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Rudyard, you dunce...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm dale:

this guy just went up in stature in my mind.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm spacecowboy:

Brooklyn hipster
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm geoff mcq:

Rudest animal is the camel. Even if you forget the whole hump thing their mouths are a world of disgust.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm robyn:

@dale or Burden
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm Rebecca Castellitto:

My 9 year old says a bull, because they snort, charge and look mean. 2nd choice a cat cause they ignore you.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Play “Lady of Spain”
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm Aharon:

I don't know how pigeons would sound but they'd definitely stand a little too close when they spoke, like bad waiters.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm chris:

oakland in the house!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm joe mulligan:

do not miss the SRL show.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:17pm spacecowboy:

uber hipster
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:18pm dale:

I'M 58!!!! I'M 2 BETTER!!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:18pm Carmichael:

Bet this guy is wearing a fedora.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:18pm robyn:

this guy is definitely not my neighbor. Carmichael, your dog, maybe.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I think Ring Tailed Lemurs would be like ‘FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!!!”
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

56 in April!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:19pm northguineahills:

Man, I need an accordion. (I'm about to splurge on a bunch of instruments, thanks to a bonus I got from my job).
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:19pm robyn:

@carmichael my dog was originally named Sir also... Sir Sherman
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:19pm Carmichael:

Man, you guys are young ...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:20pm robyn:

i think our hosts were just aroused
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:20pm Carmichael:

I have a squeezebox that I occasionally force into making noise.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:20pm dale:

we have a couple of accordians. me and my hot rich wife kyle.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:20pm RAWisROLLIE:

Jackasses can be real jackasses.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:20pm common:

horseys are fuckin' smart! wish I wasn't allergic.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:20pm MISTER JOHNNY:

That Son of Sam Dog was pretty rude...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:21pm dale:

they were so nice to scott - when he was on the inside.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:21pm robyn:

@dale do you keep them in the foyer like a grand piano
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:21pm lawrence:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:21pm Carmichael:

@robyn, I had a dog named Sherman, because he looked like the talking dog on Sherman and Peabody.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:22pm six:

Rats would sound like old women from brooklyn who chainsmoke and meet up weekly for mah jong
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:22pm dale:

no, i have an old firestone outboard motor in the foyer.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:22pm floating goblin:

horses basically conquered the world on various occasions, they're terrifying beasts
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm dale:

....and a 40s shelby bicycle.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Has Scott ever steak knifed a baby at THE SIZZLER???
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm Just Ted:

Thats not cheating thats "Thinking behind the fence."
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm medson:

Screw those kids
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm slowbear:

horse legs are the sexiest part tho
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm robyn:

one of the only things my mom can draw are horse heads. horse heads and flowers. her phone doodles are disturbing.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm spacecowboy:

this dude i knwo named turner fell off a horse in college now hes visually impaired
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:23pm sim:

I think turtles and tortoises would sound more and more like Mel Brooks the older they get.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:24pm andyplants:

Whales would sound like the dude from The Goonies
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:24pm robyn:

@dale firestone outboard motors look like they could talk.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The rudest animals would be the carriage horses in Central Park...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:24pm dale:

if i was an animal i'd be all 'dude - why do you want to eat me? what did i ever do to you? would you like it if i chopped your head off and skinned you? of course not, you stupid fuck!'
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Sleipnir is the mythological horse of Odin. It has eight legs. How's that for terrifying?
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm sim:

What would Chewbacca sound like if he spoke English?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm All out Scott:

Yup i think im going back in. Im on my way to sizzler now
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm common:

agreed, dale
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm Chud:

Hell yeah you can eat a rooster. Coq au vin is delicious!
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm MISTER JOHNNY:

You have to boil roosters...
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm Kahtee:

I think caldo de gallois rooster
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

If polar bears could talk, they'd say "Please send more seals!"
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm dale:

clay pigeon was talking about his grampa's caponizing tools.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:25pm Kahtee:

  Fri. 2/2/18 6:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Was Michele force feeding herself last night???
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:27pm common:

there were roosters next to where I was in Mexico and they woke me up at 3 every morn. I'm not a fan.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:27pm All out Scott:

Well that settles it im eating my siamese fighting fish for supper
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Does he castrate the deer first???
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:27pm dale:

sim - chewbacca might sound like donald trump. it's the hair.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:27pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:27pm spacecowboy:

  Fri. 2/2/18 6:28pm 79:

Michele did it again - hun"T"ing
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:28pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How many barrels of wine arrived?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:28pm All out Scott:

Dont insult chewbacca please
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:28pm CORVIDs_R_US:

Ever known Primates who are officially the 'owner' of animals, but clearly the animals own and dominate every aspect of the Primates lives??
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:28pm Jeff Moore:

"play scrabble with myself"
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:29pm sim:

Dale - Or maybe a young John Travolta.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:29pm robyn:

Frangry sitting there waiting on the "y" so she can put down filet minyong
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:29pm dale:

QAT and QI are huge points. but they mean shit.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:29pm Frangry:

Michele loves a hard "T"
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Self-Scrabble sounds like a cool Friday Night
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:29pm JakeGould:

There is a mildly smelly homeless person on the subway right now. Does that count?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:30pm Frangry:

And I don't mean that in a "dirty" way
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:30pm northguineahills:

i want to score some qat, to chew. But my Yemeni bodega guys never hooked me up.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:30pm dale:

ha ha - YES sim! i can see him saying 'hey' like he did in kotter.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:30pm Frangry:

LOL @robyn!!!
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:30pm CORVIDs_R_US:

New Topic:: Let's hear it from the Animals who own the Primates please?
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:30pm 79:

I know Franny............you're a good pure girl
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele cheats at Scrabble by putting a hard T in EVERY word...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:31pm All out Scott:

Za jo qi good scrabble words to know. Dont play scrabble for money against an excon trust me
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:31pm dale:

robyn - HA HA HA Ha ha haaaa haaaaa!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:31pm RAWisROLLIE:

Wrong Ted, everyone knows Canadians are the most polite
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:31pm dale:

how is camel an answer for the topic?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:32pm robyn:

@frangry just working on my candidacy as Rudest Animal.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:32pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What about DROMEDARY???
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:32pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Which would net a better Scrabble score? 'Franny' or 'Michele'?
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm common:

goddammit I wanna swim in the warm ocean
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm Just Ted:

@RawisROLLIE thats one of the things that makes it weird. When I was think of it I was wondering if the geese would say "Eh" and "Soory"
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm JakeGould:

I don’t know what my post has to do with anything.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm Jeff Moore:

The rudest animal is the dingo. It would talk like a gym teacher who sometimes had good days and sometimes had insanely flipped out bursts of 'roid rage.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm geoff mcq:

Wish I’d thought of saying camel
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm 79:

Michele - Naked AT NIGHT is the best!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm All out Scott:

@ken whichever one is more drunk
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:33pm Jeff Moore:

Mister Johnny is correct.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:34pm Just Ted:

I wonder what it would be like to swim naked (or at least mostly naked) in a tank full of those little fish the used for pedicures.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele would swim naked in a pool of hot human blood
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:35pm six:

why is everyone so into horses?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:35pm RAWisROLLIE:

A porcupine would be the rudest animal because it is such a prick.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:35pm Just Ted:

I have to give it up to know-it-all That was pretty good.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:36pm robyn:

i think if horses could talk they would just be like other professional athletes. they'd talk about God, their faith, and how hard they worked, and how much it meant to them, and how much they just went out there and ran, then God some more.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:36pm Jeff Moore:

Starlings are flying kudzu.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:36pm six:

a group of starlings is called a murmur
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:36pm Just Ted:

So were pigeons, they were introduced as a food source.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:37pm dale:

she stuffed a cab?
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Castrate all the Starlings...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:37pm All out Scott:

Scotts stock down knowitalls stock up. I m gunna be an ostrich and bury my head in the sand. Call me when its summer
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:37pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Some dork wanted all the birds named in Shakespeare's plays to be flying around in Central Park. Hoo boy.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:37pm tw2sheds:

Many invasive birds were introduced by a misguided literary buff who brought over some of every bird mentioned in Shakespeare
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:38pm spacecowboy:

its frangry not franny
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:38pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Rats are very affectionate
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:38pm tw2sheds:

DOH U beat me to it
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:38pm Just Ted:

A girl in my college dorm had a pet rat, I never knew her name but we called her Vampira.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:39pm CORVIDs_R_US:

starlings and crackles are evil. They displace our natives.

Fortunately when they go in the backyard, often they never leave, until the garbage men come to pick up the trash. :)
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did you get a bulk rate on the wine @Just Ted?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:39pm Just Ted:

She was really weird, but that didn't stop someone in my hall from having sex with her. Not Quimby though.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@tw2sheds - Sorry, I didn't know you were typing!
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:39pm CORVIDs_R_US:

starlings and crackles are evil. They displace our natives.

Fortunately when they go in the backyard, often they never leave, until the garbage men come to pick up the trash. :)
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:40pm 79:

@Franny - Would you agree that Michele has had a CHARMED LIFE??
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:40pm Just Ted:

I knew it was CANADA GOOSE (GEESE), but I didn't want to sound pretentious.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:40pm tw2sheds:

I'm just happy to be in a world where there can be a show called SHUT UP WEIRDO
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:41pm JakeGould:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:41pm Just Ted:

@Mister Johnny No, a few bottles were on sale, but the big savings were on shipping as one unit vs once a month.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:42pm All out Scott:

Canadian is perfecly acceptable also
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Chicken Soup for the Puss
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:42pm queems:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:42pm Just Ted:

Hi Donald.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:42pm spacecowboy:

sweet- an appearance by ken freedman
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm northguineahills:

well, llamas are camelids....
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm Carmichael:

Time for some ass kissing, people.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm six:

llamas are real pieces of shit
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm Jeff Moore:

Camels are mean and spit at you... but their toes look hot.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm queems:

swans are mean as hell
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm JakeGould:

  Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm MISTER JOHNNY:

LLAMAS have better aim...
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm slowbear:

i think the positive thinking thing is because your body is like way stronger when you're happy vs depressed
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm Andrew S:

swans can break your arm, they are nasty bitches
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:43pm All out Scott:

Swan bites can be pretty nasty
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:44pm Just Ted:

I was almost going to say flamingos, but that might have been offensive to Frangry.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:44pm robyn:

i'd expect Ken to have some animus against the deer tick (for good reason)
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:44pm unbearable:

I don't really know what they would sound like, but I bet if a swan was speaking to me I'd be like "What the f@ck are you talking about?"
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:44pm six:

swans are also real pieces of shit
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:44pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 2/2/18 6:44pm giraffe-o:

Swans and geese are awful people!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:45pm Just Ted:

I've been attacked by a pack of doberman pinschers
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:45pm Bootsie:

Swans are vicious, yes. But I have NEVER seen one in Lake Oscawana.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Look, Swans don’t take no shit, especially from nerds like Ken
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:45pm robyn:

Mainstream Princess with her flamingoes in the three-oh-fiiiiiive
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:45pm Frege's Nightmare:

Turkey vultures regurgitate on their victims as a defense mechanism
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:46pm giraffe-o:

Male black swans hold their mate's head under the water while they're going at it, on the opposite end...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:46pm Bootsie:

But there ARE little fish in Lake Oscawana that will nibble on you if you're not moving.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:46pm six:

my cousins gave me a sleeve of saltines when i was 6 to feed to some swans, most terrifying few minutes of my life!
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:46pm six:

swans are total dicks, and, evidently, so are my relatives
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:46pm Jeff of Fanwood NJ:

Frickin yellow jackets are bitches.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:46pm Sean d:

my buddy's gramps was pushed into a river and almost killed by geese
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:46pm ?:

my friend jousted with a swan on his jet ski and LOST
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:46pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What about PIT BULLS?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:47pm Carmichael:

Ostriches are a-holes, too.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:47pm Mr. Joe:

Crabs would actually probably be kind of rude, seem like they're always in a bad mood, maybe for some inferiority complex shit.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:47pm Jeff Moore:

Cats can be such assholes.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:48pm robyn:

wild hogs are probably pretty rude. back when I lived in NC, my brother's coworker rounded some up and put them in his truck, and released them in a gated community to take revenge on their hoarding of resources. not the hogs idea, but they did comply.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:48pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANNY and MICHELE will fight a flock of swans for their Marathon Stunt...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:48pm dale:

okay, cat chat is done.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:48pm Jeff Moore:

Most of the pit bulls I've met have been sweeties.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:48pm common:

@michele: same here! with the cds. get a ki tt en.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:48pm robyn:

is this the delicious kyle?
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:49pm wrongtube:

koalas are the dumbest animals on the planet fun fact
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:49pm queems:

probably an opossum
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:49pm Just Ted:

@robyn How very Mason Verger of your brother.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:49pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Goats have scary devil eyes...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:50pm Aharon:

Raccoons would be whispering very quickly about selling you a practically-new iPad.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:50pm jackie blue:

i have a duck for an uncle
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:50pm dale:

i've worked on dairy farms and milked cows. they're pretty much gentle and sweet. and 1000 pounds.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:50pm Jeff Moore:

I feel like the piranha wouldn't say anything because they'd always have their mouths full.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:50pm queems:

i heard about this staten island turkey problem
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:50pm giraffe-o:

cassowary (a ratite, like an ostrich or emu): the deadliest bird in the world.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:50pm All out Scott:

Turkey attacked my gfriends mom once. Died laughing that day
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:51pm Just Ted:

Theres a skunk in my neighborhood. He's pretty chill, but then again, people don't get in his way.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:51pm robyn:

my brother was innocent @ted! it was the other guy. who was technically his manager.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:51pm wrongtube:

yeah I heard there's a bunch of frickin turkeys on staten island know what i mean HEY-OOO
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Remember, a chimp will rip your face off.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:51pm Andrew S:

I think pandas would have wooden voices like in
70s dubbed kung-fu movies
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:51pm six:

i like pier 76
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:51pm dale:

are pubic crabs animals? cuz they are nasty!
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:51pm Old Dave:

Those non-migrating geese are flying rats and a big problem here in SE PA.
Your previous caller is not wrong.
Their message is "Screw you -we are here now as permanent residents. We come from another land
and will gladly shit on every place you step. We taste bad, too, so forget that thought."
Wild hogs taste better.
They say "ME. ME, ME!" all day long.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:52pm Andrew S:

geese are nasty, they will gang up on you if you are carrying food.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:52pm robyn:

yeah those people are called, Northern Californians
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:52pm Jeff Moore:

@wrongtube: I hear 90% of wild koalas have chlamydia.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:52pm MISTER JOHNNY:

When is MICHELE going to publish a PIZZA GUIDE TO NEW YORK???
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:52pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:52pm queems:

my boyfriend is a vegetarian but he hates geese so much he said he'd eat one just out of spite
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:52pm Just Ted:

@Ken Only if they're on Xanax
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:52pm wrongtube:

he's saying this like we're writing it down
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:53pm All out Scott:

Rudest animal on the planet... nyc cab drivers
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:53pm robyn:

oh i meant the people who run to HR. those people he was talking about are Southern Californians
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:53pm Bootsie:

@Jeff Moore same.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:53pm Andrew S:

I had a seagull rip a hotdog right out of my hand in stanley park once. It was hiding above the awning on the stand waiting for a sucker like me, knocked it right out of my hand then 10 of them attacked the hotdog
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:53pm dale:

what are you typing so much franny? to your twitter followers? ordering a pizza?
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:54pm Jeff Moore:


We need a field recording!
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:54pm Just Ted:

@Andrew S I was also attacked by a seagull. Most animals have it in for me.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:55pm Just Ted:

Thats a yes
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:55pm Andrew S:

remember, as much as we love our cats, if you die in your apt, your cat will happily eat you, they are void of sentimentality
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:55pm All out Scott:

I got bit by my alligator down in florida. Cant blame him though its what they do
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm robyn:

i guess you could like, watch porn on mute and listen to this
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm dale:

i knew a donkey named eleanor who ate cigarettes once. sure she'd dead now, don't know if it's smoking related.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm Sean d:

bats have 3D voices
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm Carmichael:

Crystal is self-scrabbling.
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm MISTER JOHNNY:

They gonna bbq that goat at the Hoof & Mouth...
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm Just Ted:

Crystal and Joy should have a show.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm All out Scott:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm robyn:

pretend frangry and michele are the penis and the callers are the butts
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm MISTER JOHNNY:

LOL @Carmichael
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:56pm Mr. Joe:

Zebras would probably argue with you a lot because they have very polarizing views, always feel the need to take sides and never a middle ground. They see every issue as black and white.
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:57pm Just Ted:

Yes, Octopi and Squid have beaks
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:57pm six:

octopi would constantly be rolling their eyes @ you
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:58pm dale:

robyn, so you think michele and frangry would bugger us if they had the chance?
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:58pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Are you sure you’re not a marine biologist who can breathe underwater???
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:58pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:59pm All out Scott:

Bye all
Avatar Fri. 2/2/18 6:59pm robyn:

@dale a double peg situation
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:59pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Send Andy some bottles of wine...
  Fri. 2/2/18 6:59pm slowbear:

Starling btw were released by some Shakespeare fan in Central Park. Disaster from just one mating pairs.
  Fri. 2/2/18 7:00pm 79:

Nice show ladies.......and nice commenting kids!
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